Friday, March 28, 2014

Power and Intelligence

It is clear to some what Life has been doing, and continues to do through humanity, unlike what it has been doing through the rest of organic life on Earth. Clearly the one (humanity) serves a different purpose than the rest (of organic life.) In only a hundred thousand years or so, it has evolved human brains up to the point that, in just the last 100 years or so, ONE MAN - or woman - having achieved Real Power and Real Intelligence beyond that of their peers, could rule the entire globe more completely than any, compared to them, small-time Genghis, Alexander, Caesar or Napoleon who tried before. No dinosaur, no elephant, no whale, no dolphin, no turtle, no insect could do that - although from a slightly different perspective, one virus or bacterium could "rule the entire globe" by infecting every other thing in a seriously negative way... but that's another story nobody wants to hear about.

Carried further, "Enlightenment" is simply the next step in the orderly evolution operating through our species, up through flesh and blood (about two hundred thousand years so far,) up into brains (about sixty to a hundred thousand years so far,) up into the newest circuits of those brains where language, thought and reason have become the dominating force in the life of that species (about the last ten thousand years so far,) and then up into the highest ends of those newer circuits that can apparently access "higher worlds," also named "spiritual worlds," (about the last couple thousand years so far,) which will, quite likely, remain only theoretical for 99% of any generation, including the present one, while being "known" (which means accessible, being possible to "live there") by just 1%. THAT (sentence, and this entire paragraph, if not the entire message), is unknown and unknowable of course, since the only thing that can be known, is one's own particular circumstance...
Either you ARE, or you are NOT... 
and it can't be proved either way.
In any case, most of our present generation is "capable" of accessing "higher worlds," (the physics do not preclude that,) but clearly they don't want to, and they lack the tools necessary to accomplish it in any case, and that is why 99% of their activity while alive remains tied to, glued to, the physical world of things, objects, places, and people in their environment. But as for what is actually going on between their ears, and behind their eyes - the hidden world, "the quantum physics of the situation" - 99% have almost no possibility of finding that out for themselves, on their own, but there are always people alive who CLAIM to know, and are ready and willing to talk about it, and a few of those who charge large sums of money. Just ask Oprah or Deepak or Eckhart among hundreds, even thousands of others. Hey, "You cannot find yourself in the past or future. The only place where you can find yourself is in the Now."

Whether someone who CLAIMS to know, actually DOES know, again, can only be known for oneself. Anecdotal "evidence" from others is all but meaningless and should be discarded as non-useful information. That is where your OWN Head/Brain/Reason/Power&Intelligence starts coming into clearer and Clearer and CLEARER focus, like a large fogbank rolling across the internal landscape (that's the case for the 99% most of the time) that may finally turn into a Great Enlightened City right before and behind your eyes. First, you don't know what it is...
Then you absolutely do know. "VoilĂ !" and "Eureka!"

Enlightenment is simply the next natural stage in our evolution, even though only 1% or so will achieve that before they die, while the rest will only read stories and make mindless chit-chat on Twitter and Facebook and Yahoo for decades, never making the LEAP into the State of Emergency that is this Life or Death Experiment being conducted through our species. Right now, in this moment, as your eyeballs are literally being DRAGGED across this screen (and at the same time, simultaneously, thousands of other impressions are crossing your "foggy internal landscape") you have another OPPORTUNITY for Presence in the Moment. "Extending that moment for Eternity," is the kind of statement that ignites certain nervous systems ABOVE the fogbank, and when so ignited - time and time again - the Enlightened City peeks thru the foggy topside and you find yourself "Ruling the Entire World."
"VoilĂ !" and "Eureka!"

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