Tuesday, October 31, 2017

"Exploring the nervous system"

This Kinda Stuff  (exploring it is doing it***)
  • is not for the faint of heart,
  • is not for weekend warriors, who usually miss most weekends, and show up late and leave early,
  • is not for disinterested sightseers, who are easily distracted by irrelevancies, and side-trips,
  • is not for negative nellies, always finding the downside, the ugly side, the dangerous side, 
  • is not for those who hate the hard-stuff: mathematics, neuro- and cosmic-science, physics, objective art; favoring the soft stuff: like religions, philosophies, psychologies, and all the various kinds of pulp fictions, and new age pap,
  • is NOT for those who love dogmas, doctrines, holy writs, sacrosanct bibles, rigid and strict regulations, arbitrary and confusing punishments, and structured rule-based methodologies...
This Kinda Stuff
  • IS for explorers and travelers who are more interested in going upstream than floating downstream, being fully capable of paddling up the narrowest streams and tributaries, without tipping over time and time again, 
  • IS for those whose explorer is awake, active in their "A-Game", and ready to rumble,
  • IS for those willing to do whatever it takes to continue at whatever cost, never giving up,
  • IS for those who love the hard-stuff: mathematics, neuro- and cosmic-science, physics, objective art,
  • IS for those who don't mind going it alone, knowing full well it will be difficult or impossible to find suitably-prepared journey-mates,
  • IS for those who would rather invent and discover the New and previously Unknown and Unseen, than go where any others had gone before... to be like J.K. said: "Be crazy dumbsaint of the mind"...
None of this is fact, of course, only opinions gathered over years and years with many many people who claim to be "explorers."

Explorers of the higher ends of the narrowest streams and tributaries of the nervous system, can not be afraid, in advance, of their new experiences because they can NOT be observed directly, only by the manifestations which are produced. It is not unlike hearing sounds and seeing lights far off in the jungle growth surrounding one - up, down, left, right, inside, outside, "Which IS it!?!" - but not allowing yourself to get unduly afraid, and scattered, and fractured to the point of backing off and turning around in fear. Fear and imaginary Fantasies are one's worst features, whereas Bravery and direct Observations are one's best features.

One must have overcome - and the earlier the better - their innate fears and repulsions of the "denizens of the deep, wide, and faraway", especially the "uprights of various hues" who carry with them bushels and bagloads of beliefs, theories, supposed facts and figures, and all sorts of nonsense and silliness regarding "What's Up!" Other's ideas about the world are of no enduring concern unless and until you can personally verify them. Till then, it's all just talk, talk, talk. Also, if they personally have traveled up the tributaries and rightly experienced "what's up there", you will know them "by their fruits", or if you can't tell, then just disregard it.
Do The Work!
A child can understand growing up only by DOING IT, no matter how many times he might ask his parents, "What's it like?" A would-be vagabond cannot understand world travel simply by reading about faraway places while ensconced in the familiarity of home. And you, no matter how talented or brimming with life you currently may be, cannot know what it is to become even more alive, until you actually DO IT! And continue doing it.
***Exploring It Is Doing It***
Human Brain and structures directly connected
This exploration is organized around the development of precise methods which would accelerate a person's rate of experience and intensify the sensation of being more alive, to begin using your own experience simultaneously as a scientist's laboratory and an artist's studio - a process that invigorates all parts of a person, "from tip to toe" as it were.
Again...none of this is fact
only opinions gathered over years and years 
with many people who claim to be "explorers."

Monday, October 30, 2017

Wax on, Wax off

All who visit here know by now, or should, that the "I" and the "self," are not Things, but aspects of a Process that requires a brain in the head. Without that brain in the head, that is functioning at least normally, "I", and "self", though still a Process, could be seen as a faulty process, that sometimes requires imprisonment, internment, confinement, detention, custody, captivity, and/or restraint, if not untimely termination.

Consider a Slinky at the top of the stairs: with the proper impetus applied at the right place - in this case, near the top of the body - it will begin its decent down into the Process we have all come to know and love (expressing its slinkyhood), which in the case of people is called the personality, and usually includes various routine and standardized by habit, movements, thoughts, and feelings. Fred himself, Mary herself, (their brain, that is) interacts with the cold, silent, dark universe of photons, neutrons, electrons and all the rest of the quantum particles we can neither see, feel, experience directly but call, "the universe." That is, Mr. or Ms. Slinky reaches yet another "tipping point," and "Ooh, ooh, I see a cloud in the sky," and "I hear a bumble bee buzzing," and "I feel the sunlight on my face," and all the other "I-statements" we know and love.
But, hey, Who Said That?
And Who knows and loves that?

And who is it, anyway, who waxes on poetically about the bliss of being, and pure awareness, and emptiness of self, and on and on, apparently enjoying the sound of the words in their ears as they roll off their neurons, tongues and fingers... and then waxes off the message, a little bit here and a little bit there, only to do it again next time? Same Message, Different Day.

And what is the brain, anyway, that thinks and mouths and writes these facebook-messages, blog-posts, group-emails and skype-videochats, about whatever is being investigated, deconstructed, resurrected, and discussed - this time - only to forget a little bit here and a little bit there, only to do it again next time? Same Message, Different Day.

Could it be that same Local Process, interacting with the Universal Process that is the quantum universe unfolding, producing a "light and sound show" for no one in particular, but the
One Who Observes it, 
Revels in the Experiential Observation of it, 
and then Proclaims it to the Universe
Talk about Good Karma!

Friday, October 13, 2017

In defence of... God

If you read any cultures' religion, viz. "God" (or some other name) - used to signify a monotheistic or ultimate Supreme Being from which all other divine attributes derive - and substitute, "Mind", that's what they were really talking about... but of course they didn't know it, and still do not.

No reasonably civilized human nowadays believes that great nature and the seasons are caused by gods or goddesses - you know, river deities, forest deities, weather deities etc. - or that there are ghosts and goblins living in their own home sweet home, or demons and other devils living in their next door neighbor's ramshackle abode. Such thoughts have long ago abandoned the dream and fantasy worlds of the more educated and sophisticated humans... well, save for the ONE BIGGEE that refuses to retire: "God" with a "capital G (now that humanity, in general, has already abandoned all the lesser, small "g" gods and goddesses). Even those who say they don't have an interest in religion or "God"- having no particular attraction to religions or the idea of "God", even to the point of calling themselves atheists - when they hear someone else talk about the characteristics and attributes of their "God", it affects them too... they have no choice. Because in those moments, it is the brain talking about itself, and everyone is immediately affected by that.
Why can't the brain realize what it's doing?
It's impossible for it to do so!

When the brain is talking about "God", it is talking about itself. It's realized what it's doing regarding the lesser gods - of mountains, trees, rivers, animals, seasons, etc. - but regarding the greater big G "God", the supreme Power... no way. And there's no evidence whatsoever that human minds are changing in that regard - certainly not in the last 6000 years. The only answer must be, that the human brain (and emergent "mind") is literally incapable of thinking/talking about itself, while knowing it's thinking/talking about itself. Some kind of schism occurs, a division between "talker" and "listener", or between the "lower" and the "higher", such that one might imagine there being "lips" and "ears" in there.

Interesting note: you usually can't talk believers out of belief in their "God", although the better educated, and more sophisticated can more easily be swayed, often using good science and good logic. But you never find semi-aboriginal, uneducated, unsophisticated peoples who are atheists or agnostics, so firm is their inbred belief in "God".

Now, even though practically no one believes in small "g" gods, almost everybody (85% or so) still believes in a big "G" "God" of whatever name they give it. Why? Remember, it's their brain talking about itself. Of those who say they believe in "God", it's not so much that you can't talk them out of it... you can not make them see that when they talk and think about "God", it's their brain talking and thinking about itself, and describing its own attributes. If you tell believers or non-believers that, you'll likely get no reaction whatsoever, as though they didn't even register the statement. But, when you tell them this to their face (their brain), be sure to look higher up on their forehead than where the eyes are - because that's where they are processing your statements, up in the frontal lobes. (In the attic, so to speak, seriously/dangerously close to the.... "escape hatch"... but that's another story.)

Perhaps Life and the Universe, are two different (separate) things. Life is controlling the thought-generating brain, and the Universe is controlling the non-thought-generating universe.

Lips and Ears, perhaps?

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Wednesday, October 11, 2017

In defence of...

LOTS of silence
interspersed with 
LOTS of speaking.

Clearly, not everyone has been designed by Great Nature to do what is being done here. Which, when you start thinking about it, is really strange. From one view, it is almost anomalistic. Life creates a species that can think, speak, and write with a degree of consciousness and awareness quite unknown in the rest of organic life on Earth, and yet - with all that preparation and sophistication - fewer than a few thousand humans (or maybe it's five thousand, or fifteen - but really, who cares... it's not a large number!) are even INTERESTED in the kinds of questions and concepts being pushed and shoved around here, and a scant few other places. Clearly!

Having known personally about fifty humans, or a little more  who claim to be interested in This Kinda Stuff, only a handful at most have ever pushed their own intellect, willpower and creativity in this way... which is the strange thing being pointed to here. Why so few, and WHY NOT MANY MORE?

Everyone - by the time they are on their own in life - should have the nearly perfected ability to speed read, speed think, and speed write, yet the overwhelming quantity of mostly junk they read, mostly nonsense they think, mostly silliness they write, including damn near everything they say out loud, proves - even to weekend "Pursuers of Truth" - that NOBODY is interested in ANYTHING WORTHWHILE, so consumed are they by the desire for more money, more entertainment, more power, and more bad behavior.

Everyone - simply by being born in a HUMAN body - has the "Gift of Eternal Life" wired into their DeoxyriboNucleicAcid yet, by their own extreme inattentiveness and uncaring attitudes about everything truly meaningful, they manage to squander their gift, and usually long before they reach middle-age (the fabled "35ish") when it becomes (almost) TOO LATE to start on the Way that leads to Permanence, or Consciousness, or Enlightenment, or Nirvana, or whatever term they like best by then... yes, you get to pick your own.

It is not true that humans don't know WHAT to do, 
or even HOW to do it, or even WHY to do it.
That IS the "Gift of Eternal Life"

How is it Squandered? That's pretty easy: 
not enough Silence about everything, 
not enough Thinking about what really matters, 
not enough Speaking One's Own Truth;
(not parroting, copy/pasting someone else's) 

Question from the bleachers:  
"Why do you persist in calling 'us' HUMANS instead of PEOPLE?" 
---Simple... 'People' are the fully evolved state of humans, in their own time and place.
                    Be thankful we don't refer to humans, as "walking nervous systems." 

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Unnecessary Talking

Humans everywhere so enjoy their talking, both quietly under their breath and inside their heads, and noisily over their breath and into other's heads, that they have made a "second career" out it. Whatever day-job or life-style a person has, including lone workers (artists, craftsmen, laborers, etc.), there is almost continuous discussion (again, to remind: inside the head and outside the head) about something or other, and they almost always enjoy the hell out of it. Too bad people in general are not "paid by the word!"

Humans everywhere understand from an early age, that talking to other people brings more pleasure and satisfaction, than pain and suffering, so their nervous systems (up there in the membrane) have learned quite well how to continuously engage in this verbal activity - inside their heads and outside their heads - even to their OWN detriment.

"Detriment? WTF you say? 
You just said, and I agree, 
people enjoy it a lot, it's pleasurable, so... 
how could that be detrimental?"

Good Question: for the masses, it's quite necessary, and most won't ever see or realize what is detrimental about too much unnecessary talking about mostly nothing at all (nor should they), so this message is not intended for them anyway (no biggee, since they are not even reading this!) This message is only for those who are interested in achieving something special, even extraordinary, about the Gift of Life they were given so many years ago.

"Schools and Teachings" were even established in order to reveal clearly what is so "detrimental" about it. Some (particularly in the East) even suggested NOT talking outwardly, in order to reach a state of NOT talking inwardly, so as to ultimately "reach enlightenment", and they have a place in the annals of "Schools and Teachings", but there is another way to look at ALL OF THIS.

Humans everywhere don't talk ENOUGH, and that is because they don't THINK ENOUGH, and that is because Life - out there in the world - stifles such activity second by second, minute by minute, from an early age. 

 "Stifles? WTF you say?"

Parents, Teachers, Friends, and almost everyone else - out there in the world - demand that you "BE QUIET", "Don't speak unless spoken to", "STFU would you?" et cetera and Et Cetera! You Know The Drill! This behavior was drilled into every living human from the-beginning-of-talking-humans so many millennia ago, and their descendants - being smaller, younger, submissive - obeyed well! The "problem" is that nobody realizes nor understands properly what this does now, and did then, to the development of the higher ends of the nervous system where conscious, intentional thought occurs. It doesn't just "stifle" growth there, it cauterizes the growth of those few neurons that might be able to peek above the level of ordinary, standard-issue, routine thought so common in the masses at the time. That is - if you see it - the younger are always forced to behave like the adults, and this goes all the way back (remember?) Adults are nothing more and considerably less than older, larger, more domineering children with more baggage, confused thinking, corrupted concepts and ridiculous beliefs than children.

From one view, humanity has descended from the heights that could have been reached had the parents NOT pushed the children into the dirt almost from the moment they could compose coherent sentences. Out-of-the-ordinary thinking and speaking is frowned upon by all, because it is outside the views of the masses who know - without actually knowing - what such "revolutionary thought" means for them. Fear and Trepidation in the adults, always leads to quickly putting an end to it, even forcibly.

Some humans here and there either lucked out, or got out in time, before their higher order potential was prematurely terminated, so that their capacity for Independent Thought, Objective Reason, Enlightenment in one life time, might actually flower later in their lives such that nothing and no one could turn them off their Aim, their Desire for the Higher. Nothing in life cures the ordinary "unnecessary talking syndrome" than "rolling the DICE": Discovery, Invention, Creation, Exploration, particularly up in the higher ends of the nervous system that you may have never experienced before (due to a severe lack of nourishment), which by the way is closest to the "escape hatch" - as if standing in the portal between cosmoses, an Awakened Witness to creation itself. One can't stay there forever, of course - not yet anyway - but until then...

Find others with whom to share your findings.

When one finds other people who can think and speak from this Aim and Desire, not only can the real fun begin in earnest, but real time and relative dimension in space travel throughout the cosmoses... but that's another story For Your Friends Only.

Rolling the DICE:  
Discover something is possible,  
Invent a way to proceed, which is always uniquely your own,  
Create a launchpad, or starting point, or jumping off ledge, or crack in the ceiling...and  
Explore your new environment and surroundings...
....and by all means pay attention, and don't talk.

Sunday, October 8, 2017

Clear Thinking, a near-term "final frontier"

No one thinks their OWN thinking is faulty, but everyone thinks others' thinking is faulty, and will, usually, be glad to point it out, sometimes without even being asked. That is what people are doing in the Facebook, Twitter, Youtube (non-material) world, and elsewhere, in the Day-to-Day, Face-to-Face (material) world - without realizing it, of course. THAT IS... they are observing (looking at, and listening to) their own, and other people's thought processes - up close and personal - ostensibly, to make some sense of it all, and also, to make (internally, but not expressed, as well as externally expressed) comments about it, as if that is a suitable way to hold up one's end of the conversation... yeah right!

This is particularly true on all the so-called "consciousness raising" venues, especially those with a slightly, or even greater emphasis on spiritual, religious, esoteric thoughts and ideas. People are generally NOT THERE to find out how to throw better clay pots, or build faster racing engines, or paint prettier pictures - hey, there are tens of thousands of places one can go to learn all about those things. No, they are there to discover something useful about THINKING - particularly, their own thinking.

Obviously, the first thing one will discover - if one is reasonably adept at observing themselves in real time without theorizing (commenting, criticizing, condemning, complaining, etc.) - is that they only believe, only imagine, they are in complete and total  control over their thinking processes. Frequently, relatively well-constructed thoughts can be created and spoken, and sometimes even written, without one's knowing in advance what was going to come out. It often seems as though thoughts think themselves, while using your brain, mouth, hands (gestures, pens, keyboards) to communicate them in some way. It seems as though, thoughts MUST BE EXPRESSED, and from a very young age, which is getting younger and younger as the technology becomes even more pervasive, and the means to communicate becomes easier. Just look at the proliferation of smart phones, worldwide, in the hands of the very young, from preteens on up!

Clearly, there is "something afoot!" and it is increasing every day. Humans have been talking to some small degree for a little over a hundred thousand years or so, increasing somewhat during the last couple thousand years, but in the last several hundred years - from about the beginning of the 18th century, and the increase in literacy - the amount of talk between people has obviously increased, and in the last few short decades, with the invention, growth and expansion of the Internet, primarily, it has increased exponentially.

The graph of all this looks like a classic hockey stick, and (curiously) mimics the apparent rise in Temperature and CO2 in the atmosphere, especially in the northern hemisphere... which, also curiously, is where microchips, computers, the Internet, and geostationary satellites were invented, and deployed successfully around the Earth, and matured into the worldwide behemoth it has become today, enabling manned and unmanned space travel throughout our solar system!
Who knows (for sure), that as Temperature and CO2 rise... the capacity for more and more complex thought also increases in human brains, so, the "something afoot" could be seen as "A Very, Very Good Thing," eventually enabling humans to SOLVE, and successfully IMPLEMENT, the overwhelming environmental and exploding population issues, and to fulfill the ambition the species has for space travel, including beyond this solar system, and not only to do serious scientific explorations, but also to re-locate entire populations off-planet, should that become absolutely necessary.

Who knows?
Or, to put that another way...
Who can even THINK clearly about it?
And... how many BRAINS will be required
to achieve all of that... in time!?!