Thursday, July 28, 2016

The Big RED and BLUE Beast

It should not come as any surprise that ALL the news organizations on this here little blue planet - on the "left", "right", "middle" and elsewhere - exist for three main purposes: 1) Sell advertising 2) Sell advertising 3) Sell advertising; and ALL of them, the people - whether mainstream or off-mainstream, or off-off-off-mainstream - are just creamin' their shorts right now, and every single time a Major News Event takes place, and for the last TWO weeks it's been the...
Republican and Democratic
Nat'l Conventions
This includes ALL the reporters, and support people on the sidelines who help to create and disseminate the reports, as well as ALL those on the side of the sidelines criticizing and commenting upon those reports, ad nauseum and ad infinitum long into the next DAYS. They are not interested in distributing or sharing "Breaking News" to "educate the audience" (they only SAY they are), but to attract more eyeballs and earholes to their particular outlet, so that they (balls and holes) watch the next several commercials being queued up right now, plus the next few stories on deck which are always teased just prior to breaking away... thus increasing their audience numbers, and thus their advertising revenues. And one more thing, of course: to keep the internal chatter revved up in all the participants as close as possible to the red line.

The side issue, that is never talked about, and scarcely even realized by 99% of those engaged in that line of work, or any other for that matter - and this is the main focus of this piece and all others in this here little blog - is that during these events, The Great Ones, and the not-so-great ones even, the amount of TALK increases to a level absolutely unseen at other times, and in most other lines of work. There is just more to TALK about, more details to spin, twist and turn, comment, re-share, re-tweet, like, love,  dislike, hate, and yada yada yada, in the heads of more people, and everyone wants to share in that activity, because, frankly, it makes their little gray BRAINS tingle, almost orgasmically. The ENERGY of these great events moves around the planet, from head to head to head, across the airwaves, and in just a few short minutes, damn near everyone on the planet who CAN be aware, IS NOW aware of what has happened, and they all have become suitably GLUED to their "news sources of choice", like any addict to his pusher. And more importantly, they discover thoughts, beliefs, theories, speculations, comments, criticisms and all sorts of other noises bouncing around in their brains about the EVENT in question. JUST LIKE THEY ARE MADE TO DO.

The human species, when thought of as a gigantic BRAIN surrounded by several billions of appendages - your entire body is one, his is one, hers is one, mine is one - is pulsating, undulating, and shining brilliantly on this planet (which, by the way, can only be fully appreciated off-world with elevated senses) like some monstrous, semi-intelligent organism of trillions and trillions of interconnected neural structures (just as YOUR brain in your head is, though on a comparatively nano-scale), sucking and fucking, eating and shitting, and talking a BIG BLUE STREAK about tens of millions of things, every second of every day (what a cacophony!) And you might think, this is for the primary purpose of "smartening up" the Being being discussed, and perhaps that is true, but perhaps not. That is, in all those who continually "take a side" - having a dog in the fight as it were - it is NOT so true, but in all those who can STAND ASIDE, and watch... observe... LOOK... LISTEN... always trying to comprehend and understand what is going on... IN LIFE ITSELF... and in the minds of the people who continually take sides...It Does.... and does that includes YOU?
Oh yeah... who are YOU going to side with this November 8, 2016?

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Thinking about "thinking"

It is a very rare person indeed who seriously thinks about their own thinking. Most (the 99%) take it all for granted. Their brains itch a bit, their throat tickles, and the next thing you know words are pouring out their mouths and/or fingertips, and they don't wonder about what happened. Not even a little bit. They do, however, completely identify themselves with those thoughts. That is, they say, "Those are my thoughts; I am responsible for those thoughts; I thought them, and that's what I think right now."

But that is not "thinking about their own thinking". That is taking them completely for granted, as if their thinking is good, and proper and has a point. But the sad fact is, they are 99% wrong. Their "thinking" is NOT real Thinking in the sense that it can be known in some few individuals (perhaps 1%). It is more like the sounds of scratching on the walls while you are trying to sleep... like there is something trying to get OUT, or worse, get IN, and because they can't comprehend that possibility, and can't perceive the "entity" responsible for the noise in their heads, they believe the "entity" and themselves are ONE and the SAME. But the sad fact is, they are 99% wrong.

To put this in a slightly different frame: rather than continuing to TELL other people WHAT to think, and HOW to feel, about this or that topic, person, place or thing (in your peculiarly non-subtle passive-aggressive way - which it certainly is, and everyone can see it, even if they don't mention it) better to, first, discover for oneself how to NOT THINK and NOT FEEL in any particular way to any and all topics, and second - if you must, if you have to - perfect that discovery into Actions that can subtly Awaken those around you who might still be willing and able.

Unfortunately, those who are not willing, and not able, will not understand, and not comprehend anything anyway, whereas (fortunately) those who ARE willing and able become almost instantly known to you, and therein lies the Real Possibility that is Thinking, or put the right way in this context, Speaking.

Speaking is the highest aspiration of man on earth - though very few know that - and NONE of the other creatures that have ever been known to exist here, could Do That. Speaking, is absolutely, a thing which must be DONE . If it only happens - usually by the accidental arrangement of forces and circumstances that motivates the brain into action - then it is all but worthless, just little mouth noises amounting to no more than well-articulated (sometimes, hopefully) grunts, groans, whines and whistles, with the occasional sniff, snort, and cough for emphasis... conveying nothing meaningful in any case.

The next great discovery (after NOT thinking and feeling - automatically, mechanically - about any thing, evolves into Action) is how to elevate all action, into True Performance, or put the right way in this context, Acting - always and everywhere.

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Sheeple, Hummers, People: "Who AM I?"

Esoterically speaking, if you are not on a path to "enlightenment" (in reality - not just imagination - which demands understanding the term, and forging your OWN path), then you are living in the realm of the temporarily dark and dank (for 70 or 80 years or so, if you're "lucky?"), at least until all the rest of your molecules become food for tiny bugs, plants and organisms, and what remains is mostly indeterminate.
This is certainly an Unsuitable path for Real People.
The temporarily dark and dank is good enough for hummers (who still have some options) and sheeple (who have none) - both of whom living their entire lives as others dictate, who think what others suggest, who do as others demand, and remain clueless about any of this - but for people... REAL People who are Aware, Conscious, Possessed of will, Real I, Capable of long thought, Deep meditation, High contemplation (and other probably imaginary-for-most things like that)...
Not on your LIFE!
Hummers and Sheeple don't know REAL People for "who and what they are in reality", and the first CLUE is that if they are asked to "define real people", they will instantly demonstrate their total ignorance by claiming TO BE ONE.
Sheeple are not REAL People. They are like children - day and night crawlers living in a dream world, whining and complaining about themselves and their lives - forever rooting around sniffing for an ass or hand to kiss, and always trying to satisfy their basest instincts and desires like there is no tomorrow! Tomorrow for them, is maybe moving to Hummerville.
Hummers are not REAL People either. They are like young teenagers - the fakes, phonies, wannabes, who, just like sheeple, are all dressed up, in their proper "People Suit" (with a sampling of race, creed, color, gender and national origin) but who don't understand or comprehend their Primary Features and Characteristics having to do with Consciousness, Awareness, Will, Meditation, Contemplation - and like sheeple, are mostly occupying their short time here just trying to satisfy as many of their basest instincts and desires as possible, like there is no tomorrow! Tomorrow for them, depends upon Today!
REAL People - are the few who are still walking around and healthy enough to be seen and observed by anyone who can find them, but only REAL People can recognize them for who they are. And, as the sage once said - several times on several occasions -
"You cannot leave a place until you know where you have been; 
you can't say goodbye until you know the place."

Sheeple, Hummers, People - Static Triad

After many years of observing our "human world" - me, in IT; and IT, in me - I have concluded, tentatively, that there are at least THREE DISTINCT levels of what are called, Homo Sapiens, (human beings) having to do, not so much with genetics, but regarding basic, day-to-day, walking-around levels of consciousness.

Thousands of observations, and hundreds of experiments were made and gathered within my own extended family (parents, siblings, and surrounding genetic similitudes); various cliques and social groups (with whom I spent a couple "interesting/depressing" decades); a few so-called (by themselves alone) "Conscious Groups/Schools" (that were mostly unsatisfying to say the least); and ONE "Group of Friends" (only one) which made no such claims about themselves, but turned out to be the "Best of the Bunch".  Thinking and writing about all of this for a couple decades, has indicated to me that there are these THREE DISTINCT levels, and I have been using them for quite some time, and will be sticking to them until conditions or observations require a change... to wit:  
Sheeple, Hummers, and People 
And it is a Static Triad
Sheeple and Hummers don't know about or recognize People, while People do know about and do recognize those below them. Yes, this is a value judgment, but what is Life without a little Judgment?
The percentages of Sheeple, Hummers, and People are changing almost week by week, if not month by month, but that distinction depends upon one's "Powers of Observation and Non-Attachment". 
Sheeple are "dead asleep" and don't know it, acting and appearing more like the walking dead, than simply sleep-walkers who can be found making sandwiches at 3am without realizing it, or even driving cars to bars without accident, also without realizing it. Both versions are the great unwashed and unlearned masses that eat, fuck, shit, watch TV, go to one or more day/night job(s), complain about their lives and everything else, while saying "the world OWES me a living!", and repeat until death, without having even the faintest idea that there is MUCH more to life than satisfying their instinctive desires.  
Percentage 65%, give or take.

Hummers are those who are caught between "dead asleep" and "half awake", but have awoken SOMEWHAT (somehow, some way) to their dismal plight-on-earth just enough to KNOW that other life forms (family, friends, enemies, strangers and everyone else) are NOT ALWAYS the cause of their misery and stupidity, but NOT ENOUGH to know what to DO about it. So, they spend their lives talking out their asses about things they really know nothing about, as if they do.  
Percentage 30%, give or take.

People are those who have awoken sufficiently to realize there are actually "Ways and Means" to raise their level of being above that of the dim-witted tools and fools with whom they share this planet, but NOT ENOUGH to have fully actualized that new, desired state of "Conscious Mind", and "Realized Being".  
Percentage, 3%, give or take.

PeopleREAL are those few remaining 2% or so, whom we don't know (most likely), have never met personally (most likely), and don't have their private cellphones numbers or home addresses, but if presented with an "opportunity" to visit one, having discovered a flyer on a telephone pole for instance, or a pop-up message on a weird or strange or even mainstream Webpage, would RECOGNIZE the clues and signs (which would most definitely be there), and most importantly the "inner signals (voices perhaps, visions perhaps) screaming
 "Do It!"


Monday, July 11, 2016

"Hummer Lives Matter"

There is an increasing drumbeat in America these days for all the "senseless killing" to CEASE, NOW, and all those calling for it feel totally justified, even righteously indignant about the whole topic. "I mean, WHO in their 'right mind' could want other than that?"

Okay, you asked... there is another view some can and do take and it is this: Things in America, and the rest of the world, are occurring in the ONLY WAY they can occur, and when seen as a major river flowing downhill from the highest mountain (call it higher worlds, the future, or whatever), to believe that the course of THAT river can possibly be changed, even a tenth of a degree, is to believe that the deuce of clubs can be turned into the ace of clubs simply by conscripting (or guilt-tripping) enough protesters to gang up on the sidelines and chant:
"What do we want?" - "Course change!" 
"And when do we want it?" - "Now!" 
"HLM!" (Humdrum Lives Matter!)

The problem is IDENTIFICATION** in 99% of hummers in the world, particularly of their race, creed, color, gender and national origin - and this has always been the case, for thousands of years. Those who engage in crimes AGAINST others (for one, though the downside effects of identification are far and wide, and too numerous to mention here) are simply not thinking properly, and nothing interferes with the ability to Think Properly than Identification. A non-identified mind is an Awakened mind, an Independent mind, or at least a more highly evolved mind than the lowly state of the rest of the Hummer Species, running around screaming "Black Lives Matter" while ignoring conditions in Chicago, or shooting up a late-night Orlando Gay Bar, or stalking and sniper-killing a handful of Police Officers in Dallas, etc., etc.
All of this is becoming the New Normal.

Since this problem (identification) is what dictates the Flow and Direction of the Great River from the High Mountain, it should be obvious what a Properly Thinking, Awakened, Independent Mind is up to. Having overcome the mechanical tendency to identify with absolutely everything - especially race, creed, color, gender and national origin - and now being quite able to be Selective and Discriminating in all things, engaging in group think/chant protests - either internally in a group of identified I's, or externally in a mob of identified hummers - would never again be considered.

The course change desired or demanded by the masses will NEVER HAPPEN, certainly NOT until the mechanical tendency to identify with everything is all but eliminated, precisely in those DEMANDING IT! But that is not going to happen overnight, or over the next month or year, or even decade. The change would be too abrupt and too extreme. This kind of change takes generations, and must ALWAYS begin with you, yourself, in this moment. Short of that - if you can't do that, and stop complaining about the world as YOU perceive it, but START SPEAKING about the world as a CONSCIOUS BEING perceives it - then nothing will ever change.

One last note: The UPSIDE effect of all this increased whining and moaning and complaining and criticizing in the masses (due mostly to identification) is the Neural Activity in all brains is on the INCREASE. That is a very good thing, actually. The main effect of being asleep at the wheel, is a DECREASE in thinking often to the point of running the same couple/few words, phrases, sentences at most, over and over in a LOOP. Increased neural activity - meaning, more and more of the masses are actually beginning to THINK about these issues confronting the world - will naturally result in a FEW of them, here and there, accidentally Waking Up to the FACT that they are quite asleep at the wheel most of the time, and suddenly desire to STOP IT! NOW!

That is a change than CAN occur, and that change would not be too abrupt or too extreme, but quite the opposite.... just what the Doctor (WHO?) ordered.
**"When we begin to observe emotions particularly, but really all other functions as well, we find that all our functions are accompanied by a certain attitude; we become too absorbed in things, too lost in things, particularly when the slightest emotional element appears. This is called identification. We identify with things." PDO

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

"Humming past the graveyard"

The Hummers on this planet (no longer referring to them as Peeps - for that would imply something I no longer believe) continue to MISS the most important thing about "knowing", "understanding", "intelligence", "evolution", "consciousness", "awakening", "sleep", etc., and that is NOT only because they don't really understand each of those words - having only a rudimentary, dictionary-based, partially-conceptual view about each of them (and practically all other non-tangibles out there) - but because all that enters them from their senses, particularly the eyes and ears, is almost immediately VOMITED out onto their idiotic Facebook and/or Twitter streams (hoping to what... impress their pseudo friends?) before proper digestion, absorption, transformation and further refinement can occur. Yes Fred & Mary, where do you think "food for thought" came from?

ONLY after such has properly proceeded, fully, can one achieve that degree of Knowing, Understanding, Intelligence, Evolution, etc., they believe they achieve now, today, as they are. This is a false belief, based upon no real evidence, just faith. "Hey Bob, I read a few paragraphs of that webpage, and watched a few minutes of that video, so I Know what's up, I Understand all of it, I'm Intelligent enough, and therefore I am probably/properly Evolving!" Really Fred? Really Mary?

All one has to do is spend 20 minutes (or less, which is usually quite enough - phew!) scrolling DOWN their Facebook and/or Twitter stream - usually consisting of mind-dumps from your friends, pseudo-friends, strangers and their re-shares, re-tweets, and re-plys, with a scant few actual "thought pieces" from their OWN Brain (having done some ACTUAL Work in there) - to realize that the Hummers are just doing what Hummers do (humming past the graveyard to keep their "smiley faces" intact).

This behavior of those who comprise our world of Humanity - such as it is - is simply LAZINESS in the extreme. They are, generally, not stupid, disabled, broken, dimwitted, damaged - though some certainly are, that's obvious - they are just LAZY, plain and simple. And this laziness has not suddenly come upon them like a cold or flu from out of nowhere, but has developed over decades of misuse and underuse, leaving their brain's capacity for Real Thinking & Consideration reduced to blather, and more blather, about nothing that PEOPLE ("my Peeps") care anything about... and the hummers don't care, even if it's pointed out them. If it is, they will instantly explain it all away... as if to say, "Hey Bob, what I'm doing... that's a Good Thing... you just don't get it!" Really Fred? Really Mary?

Any advice, here, would be unnecessary, because what can be said beyond, "More Effort! More Effort!" which only a stupid hummer would fail to realize anyway. Those who ASPIRE to something more, than what the hummers want - sex, drugs, alcohol, caffeine, nicotine, money, fame, popularity, and all the other such intellectual, emotional and spiritual depressants - know what to do, and they are DOING IT NOW.
They are Our Peeps and worthy of help
 from wherever it may arise.