Thursday, April 10, 2014

The "Escape Hatch"

"There is only one escape hatch that will fully help 
those trapped by this Law - and that is full repeal."

The author of this statement is easy to discover, but the IDEA is larger than he even dreamed when he said it. He THOUGHT he was talking about one thing in particular, but actually he was talking about EVERYTHING. 

There IS only one escape hatch that will fully help those trapped (here on Earth) by the LAW (which binds them to it.) The LAW is grander in scope and more powerful in operation than people know or even suspect. Even those who know about the LAW are still bound by it, but there is often something very different going on "in them" - hour by hour, minute by minute - than in those who have either never realized anything about the LAW, or never made any real effort to get free from it.

The escape hatch could be thought of as the (apparent) "interface" between the (subjective) "in here" and the (objective) "out there", which are, in fact, NOT two "things," but ONE, but for the "process" which continually fragments the seamless flow running throughout all of Creation. 

The Flow is unbroken and unbreakable. It just IS.

Humans are bound by the LAW. It preceded our birth and extends long after our death. It includes everything. The LAW is ONE, IMMUTABLE. Humans, of course, have something which makes constant realization of this virtually impossible, and for very good reasons. Were it not for this limitation, everything would run together in the seamless whole that it IS, and we could not function. The mechanics of our ordinary operation would freeze up, like a high-performance engine (that we are genetically) that had been machined with no tolerances (that we have become due to personality.) There must be tolerances built into it in order for its gears to be able to mesh and to move - in order that any change is even possible. There cannot be a perfect fit; there has to be a certain amount of looseness. Humans are just "loose enough" that they can evolve and change to some appreciable degree even in one short life time. THIS is the escape hatch, having more to do with our built-in "open-endedness" and possibilities for change, than to any particular "place" that must be "found" and then crossed, like some kind of "Bridge to Nirvana."

Humans have the unique possibility to BECOME NIRVANA - liberation from the cycle of rebirth - by transforming their inner perceptions of chaos and confusion typical of their species, into clarity and certainty that is not typical at all. This is the Goldilocks Zone: where everything that is required of one is within certain tolerances - not too little, not too much, not too long, not too short, not too hard, not too easy... "Juuuust Riiiight!"
This is the Escape Hatch. 
The Repeal of one's ordinary experience
in favor of this Extraordinary Realization.

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