Friday, October 24, 2014

Flightless or Soaring?

Are you a barnyard chicken, or a soaring golden eagle
Are you still running with the herds, pecking around on the ground for bits and pieces of this or that for your meager "nutrition", only to be culled from the herd in the prime of life when one of your masters sees fit to have a chicken dinner?

Or, do you soar the high heavens, wandering where and when you will? Always scanning far and wide, while looking for only the choicest prey for you and your "family?" If so, you have no masters, and can escape almost all manner of attempts to capture you - but one.

Well, if you are the latter, and NOT the former, we have been looking for you. We have ALWAYS been looking for such as you - scanning the environment, poking here, prodding there, pushing, pulling, twisting, turning, whatever it might take to rouse them from their hapless sleep, their apathy, and their inner resistance to everything new.

Or, perhaps you are an "eagle-in-potential," but still see yourself as merely, "chicken."

You've heard the call, 
and you will hear it again... 
but will you ignore it forever?

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Ten Days and counting...

If "it" responds in the ordinary way and you believe "it", then you have made very little progress in your supposed "search for the something" that got this whole thing started so many years ago. People always start rather well, with ample energy in most of the right places to make some small movements, but over time - from many months, to many years rolling into decades - most people start retreating from their imaginary goal without even realizing it...

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Experience is The Thing

There is a belief in most people that they have to read books, watch videos, listen to audio tapes, join groups, talk to their priests, rabbis, gurus, parents, teachers, friends, and many other things, to "discover/learn" precisely what is required to Evolve in this lifetime (or even to become Enlightened, if that term is preferred,) primarily because they don't know what these words even mean. So they have to ask others to explain everything to them. But... good luck with that. It rarely works. Most people just become more confused about everything, not less so. Those who ARE evolving, KNOW it and probably know WHY and HOW, and they do so in spite of all that supposed "preparation" - which is, more often than not, nothing more than distraction at best.
In every cosmos containing living beings, there are the "beings" (the many), and there are the "super-beings" (the few, of which there may be only one). The "beings" are stuck on their home planet for the duration, but the "super-beings" can and will leave under their own power. "Beings" have some small or even great amount of focus and/or attention and/or awareness, but no consciousness - certainly not like the "super-beings" which ARE Consciousness. Of course, all things being relative, "super-beings" in one part of the universe could be insects, or germs in another.

On planet Earth - you know, the lucky one, a "Goldilocks Planet" - homo sapiens sapiens, also known simply as human "beings", are the "super-beings," albeit in gestation. Most of them are, presently, only at the level of "beings" - which means they are not much more evolved than dogs, bears, lions, elephants, etc., and in far too many cases, even less evolved. In any case, what is necessary for a human "being" to evolve during its life to the level of a "super-being" is part of its genetic code - which means, no particular teachings from "out there" are specifically required. Each human "being" can achieve their true level of being just by living, experiencing life, and paying attention to all things. Some (a few) attain the status of "super-beings."

In the case of Earth-bound human "beings," they are only partially wired up to become "super-beings," so very few of them actually do. What that means is, that only certain connections have been completed, but many, many others have not yet been. Hence, the need to acquire, and remember, and think about their "life experiences," in order to complete those connections for oneself. Only then can the "being" begin to discover those Great Secrets known only to "super-beings", by extracting them from the noise going on, inside and outside, that masks them. This world - in here and out there - is VERY noisy to say the least, and it requires attaining, and maintaining, a high degree of inner silence to even begin to hear those secrets, let alone to put them into continual, daily, hourly practice.

And what does "attaining silence" (in order to hear the secrets) actually mean? That's simple. Stop thinking about what you've read, or heard, or seen - from out there in the world of ordinary "beings" - particularly in the way of descriptions, methods, instructions regarding your OWN Evolution. (And while you're at it, stop talking mindlessly, to yourself and others, about personal nonsense and silliness to the best of your ability; make THAT a habit.) Ones' OWN evolution is one's own responsibility, and one does NOT need advice from other people on this. Reach that necessary level of silence; dwell there for awhile hourly, daily, and repeat; and the secrets will come, do come, and soon you may be able to Speak them coherently to yourself, and to others. That is when the FEAST of a lifetime can be shared with all your Real Friends.

What people have never understood rightly, is that hearing and reading and watching youtubes and television and movies does NOT evoke those secrets from the core of their being which contains them. Only Speaking from Silence can do that. Not chit-chatting with your office mates, not talkin' trash with your bro's, and not conversing with your friends and families about your day or your job or your life in general. That's a start, sure, because it trains the mind to form, at least, semi-coherent sentences and paragraphs that may actually convey something useful. But there is a long way to go from that which any middle-school person should be able to do, to that which could be called Speaking one's Truth.

The bottom line here is this: one's OWN experience while living an ordinary life on Earth (sans all the nonsense and silliness from others who think they know MORE than you), is more than sufficient to provide the user with all that is necessary to EVOLVE, if they can just see what's going on, connect-the-dots, limit all their unnecessary talk (inner and outer) about almost everything, and of course, THINK! But, in reality, evolution of consciousness - or, conscious evolution - is the work of "super-beings." Everything else is simply the ordinary life of the ordinary "beings."

There are few who can, or will "get" anything from this story - which admittedly sounds almost "made up," right? - because what people can "GET," of any enduring value, is that which they unlock, discover and HEAR rumbling around and bubbling up from the depths of their OWN inner being, such that they - sometimes later perhaps - can formulate into something useful for a Friend in This. And of course, SPEAK!

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Blogging is fun; Hanging is funner.

Does anyone really believe they are accessing their own higher centers, or others, when interacting on the "facebook thing" (a catchall for all the delayed-reaction email/message social media groups on the Internet)? Most likely, nobody even cares about such a thing given the rather low-energy level of people nowadays, especially those who have become part of the "facebook thing". On the other hand, those who prefer to increase and expand access to their own higher centers - or senses, or circuits, or powers - have already found better outlets for their intellectual and emotional creativity, and probably see the "facebook thing" as something they do NOT do anymore.
It goes like this: 
"Been there, done that!"

You see, one thing This is all about is enabling greater and more frequent access to higher centers, because it is NOT one's lack of finding the "right book," or the "right Youtube," or the "right picture-with-words-on-top" that is holding one back in This. It is one's own inability to access their own higher centers.
It goes like this: 
"Without that, you've got nothing. 
With that, you've got everything."

When one is functioning from their ordinary lower centers - particularly the mechanical, automatic, routine, standard-issue aspects of thinking and feeling - they can NOT understand "higher ideas" even if they come packaged in beautiful wrapping paper. That is, even with all of that, one can't understand enough about the idea(s) to benefit one. Generally, though they may "sound right," they do not produce consciousness in the hearer/reader. However, when one is functioning from their higher centers - Thinking and Feeling - they not only can understand "higher ideas," they can start producing them... at will... which means, they have learned where Creation, Discovery and Invention live. These three terms are thrown around in conversation all the time, but almost no one has a clue how to get from Here (total inability) to There (mastery).

There is no way, really, to verify any of this except to observe what ordinary thinking and feeling does to your capacity to understand - what you think and say, and how you think and say it - and then to make certain kinds of efforts that result in increasing that capacity to understand - i.e., activating higher centers. This is like sticking your entire body in the fire, so that the nonsense and silliness are burned away, leaving an intensely heated core of consciousness capable of escaping the gravity of ordinary human functioning.

This is Freedom, and if it was easy, 
everyone would be doing it, 
but sadly, almost nobody is.