Tuesday, January 28, 2014

The Big Two

If two things were different, very different, things would be dramatically different between people, and if these two things already were different several thousand years ago, who knows how far humanity might have progressed, and where humanity would be now. Perhaps we'd have already reached the stars by now.

And what are those two things? First - or second, because they can be reversed - all people would need to KNOW what they think about all that they talk/write about with others. Second - or first, it doesn't really matter - all people would need to actually CLEAR their mind of all that personal noise going between their ears AS they hear/read and consider what others are saying/writing to them. (See how they can be reversed?)

This has been the ongoing problem for most people who've ever lived, even those alive today, even those writing and reading this bit today. Usually the person speaking or writing does not KNOW what they think about all that they talk/write about, and usually those listening or reading have not actually CLEARED their minds of the internal noise of associative language bits and pieces popping up - the agreements, disagreements, approvals, disapprovals, arguments, criticisms, complaints, etc. - which makes communication and understanding between people very difficult at best, and entirely absent at worst. 

Unfortunately, neither of these skills, or capacities, or talents - who knows what to call them? - can even be taught. EITHER, you know how to KNOW what you think about what you talk and write about, or you don't. EITHER, you can CLEAR your mind of all the associative noise-making going on in there as you listen to or read others' offerings, or you don't. The only "teaching" that can be offered, really, is contained in the expressed observation that people generally do NOT know what they think about things, and they also can NOT clear their minds when listening to and reading others' offerings. THAT observation should really be enough for most sane and reasonably well educated people (either by Life itself, or from books - it doesn't matter so much), but what usually happens, is just more of the same knee-jerk reactions to whatever is presented, rather than full and complete reception of all that was offered.

The Big Two are here to stay, I'm sorry to say, though that is certainly not the end of it for those few who have "progressed" beyond the situation outlined above. For those few, a new level of communication can proceed, both internally, as one thinks about and considers new and interesting ideas, and externally, as they attempt to share them with others and hear and understand what others are saying. But, just consider for a few moments how these two things would have changed EVERYTHING for humans. One person could "advise" another person about something, and they would understand that "advice" and perhaps even be able to use it. One person could "instruct" another, and they would Get It, and perhaps be able to quickly use it. Instead, what do we always see, everywhere? People arguing, fighting, and going round and round the same point in the ground year after year, and in the end be worse off than they were before. 

Check it out. 

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Big and Small

The human body is just about the most complex thing on this planet, and many times more complex than anything he can build. That may soon change, of course, but most reading this will not live long enough to see it. But there is something that is more complex than that, and it is said by some that it is the most complex thing in the known universe. Perhaps, but it can't be verified of course.

The human body is finite and quantifiable, of known size, shape, function, longevity and many other things like that. And, it can be mapped into words and diagrams filling tens of thousands of pages in books, and now webpages, so that everyone on the planet who can read, can, at their leisure, read all about it! But, it is not the human body that is doing that, or understanding all that of course, it is that other thing.

The human mind is infinite and non-quantifiable, of unknown size, shape, function, longevity and everything else one could mention here. And therein lies the mystery that has captured humans from their first day here even until today. We are quite literally no closer to understanding the mind than our ancestors were many thousands of years ago. Babies, who have just learned how to talk, and communicate fairly intelligible passages to other babies. But of the mind, we know almost nothing at all.

The Human Species - We Are - the sum total of our ancestors before us, embedded in our genetic code, the DNA. All that they were then, we are today, and more. We are cave dwellers with fancier clothes and nicer haircuts who conduct ourselves in a way that is just a little more civilized than our earliest ancestors, but no where near as civilized as we WILL be many hundreds of years hence.

Thanks to the mind of man. And that mind, that infinite mind, is still evolving day after day, for 30,000 days in one lifetime, and 3,000 generations before that, and very likely - if the species does not obliterate itself, or the planet is not eaten by a large rogue body out there - for 3,000 generations into the future.

The Human Species is a Large Body of many parts, there is no denying that. But as large as it is, it pales in comparison to the infinite size and scope of just one Human Mind - yours, mine, or the other guys - not to mention the many billions of others that live here too. "What lies behind you and what lies in front of you, pales in comparison to what lies inside of you." - Ralph Waldo Emerson. It is larger in there than anyone can grasp, but that will never stop someone with the interest and desire to investigate and explore as much as they possibly can before they can no longer do that anymore.

That someone - you, me, or someone else - has possibilities that can not be known except by the ONE who realizes them, and lives them, and then a new possibility emerges.

That is, finding other similar creatures who have discovered they are on the Same Path, and have picked up many trinkets along the way, and are willing to share them.

That can be a strange and wonderful thing

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Responsibility and Expansion

AnimalsNOT of the human kind, are not responsible for anything, nor are they responsible to do anything, but live every moment like it is their last moment out there in the Animal World.
  Procreation is the primary law: 
Re-population of the always-dying species. 

AnimalsOF the human kind, ARE responsible for much more, and they are responsible to DO much more, but the main thing they are responsible for, and to do, is to Increase the Conversation worldwide. Their entire nervous systems have been created by Nature, or Life, to as quickly as possible, ignite the highest ends of the nervous system, particularly in the head, specifically just behind and between the eyes and ears, where thoughts and language "live, breathe and have their being." This is why, worldwide, people talk so damn much, much more than just 50 years ago, and much, much more than 100 years ago, but not as much as 50 years from now.

We can thank the needs and requirements of Great Nature - Life Itself - for evolving human brains far and wide, fast and loose, such that all the needs of the majority can (and certainly should) be satisfied with less and less physical, labor-intensive work being required by those who have the "responsibility" to produce that which everyone alive needs to survive well, and prosper, so that all of them - young and old - can think and talk and write much more than they do now. 

Look at how Computers, the Internet, Smartphones, and Social Networking have literally altered the face of the planet... in only the last 50 years, but especially in the last 25 years, and most especially in the last 5 years. Just wait 5, or 25, or 50 years from now! You won't recognize this place.

AND, that's a really good thing, because more thinking, and more talking, and more writing, requires more neural connections in the ONLY PLACE THAT MATTERS (when you come right down to it), the Mind of Man. However, it must be noted that it is mostly "horizontal", and not yet "vertical."

Horizontal Expansion of the nervous system, is what we all know already: learning to think, and talk, and write; acquiring skills, abilities, and expertise in various things; entering the Adult Workforce at some level, and becoming a reasonably responsible and qualified member of the society; and then working for years and years to support the family unit, and hopefully perhaps even a wider group out there in the world at large. That is Horizontal Expansion of the nervous system, and does NOT require any kind of "New Information" that is not easily accessible and obtainable in libraries everywhere.

Vertical Expansion of the nervous system, however, is something else entirely. ENTIRELY! New perceptions, impressions, feelings, sensations, experiences, that - in general, and as far as you can tell - other people do not know about, and do not even suspect. That is, you simply can't go to libraries anywhere, and discover the kind of "New Information" that leads to this Vertical Expansion, anymore than you would expect to go to the Prison Library to discover the Secret Escape Hatch out of the prison in which you now find yourself, "living, breathing, and having your being", however minimal it has become due to that unfortunate confinement.

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Short and Sweet

In general, under most conditions, if you do NOT accept/believe that which you hear, see, feel, sense (either from "out there" or from "in here") as being "Real/Correct", you may be able to "come up with" a more intelligent response mentally, emotionally and physically (and yes, of course, all three do have an "intelligence" that can/should be improved.)

Usually, you have to EXPERIENCE this for yourself, before you can DO IT naturally, most or all the time, because it is not natural. Just look around at others, and at yourself internally. First reactions (thoughts, feelings, sensations) are quite the NORM (read: ordinary, and we've all heard it all before.) What that means is this: humans are made to process impressions ONLY UP TO A POINT, and no further, because it is not required for NORMAL (read: ordinary) life.

But, do know this: all humans are certainly made to be ABLE to experience this - to process all impressions beyond the ordinary level - and to DO IT naturally. Then, the whole world opens up. One can see, feel, experience the Whole World AS Oneself, and isn't that really the most Natural Experience for a Natural Man?

So, what is stopping people from discovering this
sooner than later, or worse, never?

Ahhh, that is the Short and Sweet part of this bit, like the punchline in a joke you don't get at first. Ordinarily you have to see, hear, feel the entire JOKE ("take in" the entire "message") before you GET the joke, at least until you no longer have to wait so long. Being able to DO THAT, consistently, requires activating the higher ends of the brain that thinks in words, thoughts and ideas, in order to "peek through" that which was offered up initially, to SEE THE NEW.

Consider: that which is offered-up-initially, is a WALL, but there are many "points/holes" through which one can SEE THROUGH that wall, which means "getting small", a concept that may require yet another "message" to begin to fully appreciate, but - as suggested - don't accept/believe it as being "Real/Correct", until you can come up with it on your own.

Don't give up, make another effort, and then another. 
Think before speaking/feeling the first thought/emotion that arises.

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

New Years Realization

There is almost no one alive on this planet, who is satisfied with their own form of government - neither the believers nor the followers, neither the haters nor the revolutionaries. Thus and therefore, almost everyone wants to change it, and usually in significant ways, and usually the sooner the better. Some advocate the total overthrow of the government, even the country, or even the entire planet. And today, it is not only possible, it is approaching probable.
Welcome to the early 21st Century!

There are tens of thousands, if not many more, Websites, Blogs, Feeds, Pages, Radio and TV channels, etc., that have been set up specifically for the purpose of "Spreading Our News" regarding the "Hows" and "Whys" and "Wherefores", and there are millions and millions of people on this planet who read/listen to one or more of them religiously (which is the correct term here, when you think about it - they would no sooner allow someone else to criticize "My Source of News", than they would allow them to criticize "My God"), and then to "Like", "Retweet", "Repost", "Share", etc., those sources... even as most of it is made up, and not even all that credible, but it does "feed the beast" in every one of the "religious followers".
You get that, right?

It is quite obvious WHY, at this time in human history,  this is happening, and seen correctly it is even appropriate, "right order". When the greater populace that claims strong affiliation to established, and known by the masses, Religions (Christianity, Islam, Judaism, and others) stand up and take sides with the primarily secular bunch (Politicians, Politicians, and more damn Politicians, and others), you know that the shift has become all but irreversible, and will continue to strengthen in power and force as the years turn into decades and longer. The 21st century is a crucial time in human history... you can see it, you can feel it, you can sense it, and more importantly, you can - if you are "my kinda guy/gal" - UNDERSTAND what this means personally.

It means this: to EXPAND your own consciousness, as quickly as possible; to see the WHOLE World AS ONESELF, and to stop thinking only of your small, personality-based self, and your own questionable at best "evolution." That means, to begin to understand for yourself HOW your REAL, ACTUAL Evolution (without quotation marks) impacts the WHOLE World, but not from the nonsensical lip-service found in the Websites, Blogs, Feeds, Pages, etc., but from EXPERIENCE, that you can discuss with others, some of whom are even more conscious and aware of all of this than you are - even on your "best days" - without being, literally, laughed out of the conversation, or worse, asked to sit down and STFU, or worse yet, told to leave, permanently.

This particular Blogspot has over a decade of discussing, writing about, peering into, making observations about, personal enlightenment (whatever THAT means, eh?) but since the last 18 months of "one on one", "one on five", "five on one", videoconferences, it has become even clearer, than it was ever before, what the future requires of each one "Doing This Thing".
Welcome to 2014 and beyond.