Thursday, September 16, 2004

People are funny

You know, people are in a similar relationship to themselves (individually), as the mass of humanity on earth today is to the planet earth they live upon. That is, neither has a clue, nor any tools whatsoever, to effect meaningful changes, though it certainly appears otherwise, both to the individual, and to humanity in general.

Some obvious examples.

Hurricanes. They do, and threaten to do, tens of billions of dollars of damage every year, yet humankind - and of course we're talking about, scientists - have no, even foreseeable possibility of controlling them; they can't keep them from forming, can't keep them from growing, can't alter their course once the engine is up and running, and can't protect themselves once they make landfall (except, like the little cowards they are, to run away.)

Need we mention, earthquakes, volcanoes, tornadoes, epidemics, plagues, floods, etc., etc?

Same with oneself.

Bad moods. They do, and threaten to do, considerable damage to one's life - if not physically, though they do affect one's physiology, as they are generally due to one's physiology - and one's relationships, since they are most often expressed in angers, tempers, outrages, outbreaks, hostilities, and other sorts of "hurricanes, earthquakes, tornadoes, and afterwards (in many cases) floods (streaming from the eyes in faux or real "sorrow for what I've done").

Get the picture?

People are funny.

They think they can start or follow some religion, some teaching, some guru, some psychological or philosophical system, and effect real and lasting changes within themselves, but it's a joke, and nobody realizes it. Their "inner scientist" (the one following the religion, teaching, system - the one, "in the know") is virtually at a total loss, as regards changing anything about themselves - and that includes physiologically as well as psychologically, and especially (the really Big One), their consciousness.

Oh sure, medical doctors "seem" to have gained a handle on certain illnesses, and people DO live much longer than they did 200 years ago, but they still can't cure a cold, and also can't cure your bad temper, and also can't cure your constant, continual (day-in and day-out, whether standing, sitting, reclining or sleeping), dreaming (daydreaming, and nightdreaming.)

The changes doctors have made have been, almost at best, simply cosmetic, "of the body". But as to any changes, "of the mind", people are today exactly the same as they were 5000 years ago: that is, they are asking the SAME QUESTIONS today, as they were asking 5000 years ago!!


"People are funny." (Art Linkletter, 1954)

Sunday, September 5, 2004


From the viewpoint of humanity, or even one human, 'civilization' is the crown of creation. There is no such thing, in thought or speech or reality, as 'civilization' for only one man, or even a couple of men, or even a small group of men.

'Civilization' becomes a word, concept, form-of-reality, only in the midst of much larger groups of humans, and then the definition of that word, 'civilization', evolves and evolves in much the same way that ordinary life-forms on planet earth evolve. Survival of the fittest, strongest, meanest, baddest, hungriest, and most powerful, and the overarching will to live, to survive, is literally hard-wired into the DNA of all life-forms.

From the viewpoint of humanity, physical evolution on planet earth has culminated, so far, with the invention/creation of Civilization (both as a word, and as a reality).

Now, from the viewpoint of that same civilization of humanity on earth, what is evolving, is Civilization It Self.

Life on Earth, has evolved into, believe it or not, Civilization.

Now, there are 4 Forms of Civilization, which can only be extrapolated from the information presented above, because as such a form, we, our civilization, are still only at Form 0 - that is, we are more like a New Born, than as an Adult (Form 3).

The 4 Forms of Civilization

Form 1, 2, 3 Civilizations: and the relationship to the planet upon which each emerges, the star system in which it exists, and the galaxy within which it is but a minor part.

Form 1 – this civilization harnesses the energy output of an entire planet.

Form 2 – this civilization harnesses the energy output of a star, and generates about 10 billion times the energy output of a Form 1 civilization.

Form 3 – this civilization harnesses the energy output of a galaxy, or about 10 billion times the energy output of a Form 2 civilization. (10,000,000,000 X 10B = 100,000,000,000,000,000,000 - 100 quintillion times the energy output of a Form 1 civilization.)

A Form 1 civilization would be able to manipulate truly planetary energies. They might, for example, control or modify their weather. They would have the power to manipulate planetary phenomena, such as ****hurricanes****, which can release the energy of hundreds of hydrogen bombs. Perhaps volcanoes or even earthquakes may be altered by such a civilization.

A Form 2 civilization may resemble the Federation of Planets seen on the TV program Star Trek (which is capable of igniting stars and has colonized a tiny fraction of the near-by stars in the galaxy). A Form 2 civilization might be able to manipulate the power of solar flares.

A Form 3 civilization may resemble the Borg, or perhaps the Empire found in the Star Wars saga. They have colonized the galaxy itself, extracting energy from hundreds of billions of stars.

By contrast, we are a Form 0 civilization, which extracts its energy from dead plants (oil and coal). Growing at the average rate of about 3% per year, however, one may calculate that our own civilization may attain Form 1 status in about 100-200 years, Form 2 status in a few thousand years, and Form 3 status in about 100,000 to a million years. These time scales are insignificant when compared with the universe itself.

Humanity (the civilization which IS Humanity) is like these Form 1-3 civilizations.

Humans are Form 0, in that they can't control their natural energies, nor their weather. (these are symbols - energies: blood, hormones, neurons; weather: emotions, feelings, passions)

Humanity is on a similar course (as it is a major part of the evolution of civiliation) though it can only be seen - witnessed - in and by individuals, here and there, in every generation. For example, while the rest of humanity was still at Form 0, Jesus was a Form 2 or Form 3. And earlier, while the rest of humanity was still at Form 0, Buddha was a Form 1 or Form 2.

Thus, the New Man, who has not emerged yet, while the rest of humanity is still at Form 0, New Man will be a Form 3, and "may resemble the Borg, or perhaps the Empire found in the Star Wars saga. They have colonized the galaxy itself, extracting energy from hundreds of billions of stars."

Now, of course you must understand, the descriptions above of the Form 3 New Man, would read quite differently and resonate quite differently in other Form 3 Men. Thus, the word "Borg" above - signifying to Form 0 humans, a "bad thing" - really just suggests, an integrated form-of-life, where ALL parts of the being, toes to nose, are conscious, aware, and participate in the entire life of the life-form.