Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Regarding "The News" and "The Yous"

If you don't think there is a direct, causal relationship between the NEWS out there that is pushed directly into the nervous systems of billions of humans every single day, without fail, and the gradual, but quite definite AWAKENING of our species over time, then you simply are NOT paying attention (which means, not availing yourself properly, correctly, of that HELP FROM ABOVE.)

Furthermore, whether these humans want the "fix" (daily, and sometimes even hourly injection) or not, they are going to be injected, because - by NOW - most of those billions actually LONG FOR their daily fix... "Hey, I can't live without it. That's why the first thing in the morning till the last thing at night, I am feverishly checking my various News Sources for IT ('Him') to speak ('His words') to me."

Now, what is still quite unclear for all those billions, is precisely HOW their daily/hourly injections HELP/AID their Awakening/Enlightenment process. In fact, on the contrary, many would incorrectly suggest that all that CRAP going on out there in the ordinary world ("The News"), and being pushed into their neural/hormonal/sensory pathways, is making people, generally CRAZIER, not SMARTER. In some ways that seems true enough. But, what is not seen is the EFFECT the injection has on their "thinking and feeling circuits" which is directly related to their possibilities of becoming, both CRAZIER and SMARTER, but they only become SMARTER when there is something (some certain "process") GOING ON IN THERE - at that very point of injection, where the "outside" is pushed INTO the "inside" - that can THINK "properly" about everything, rather than simply reacting in a knee-jerk, routine, ordinary as hell "me too" way, which is so typical of the masses (yes, the masses... who actually are becoming somewhat crazier thereby.)

Let's just say/write it right now for all to see and judge harshly: You (one of "The Yous" out there who still gets their daily/hourly injections) don't need Gurdjieff, or Buddha, or Lao, or Maharshi, or one of the Krishnamurtis (J., or U.G.), or Niz, or any of the supposedly greater, and probably much lesser dudes/dudettes preaching their own particular/peculiar/nutso brand of "Wake Up People!" But... All you need is your own nervous system (body and brains; skin, blood, bones and connective tissues... you know.... YOU, the one reading this right now) and what it can do, and does naturally - particularly, the forebrain, since the entire body is made to SERVE that special three pound lump of white and gray matter, at all costs. (You will gladly relinquish every part of your body, BUT the brain, that can Think, and be aware of its life and present existence.)

All that is "needed," from one particular viewpoint being taken today, is FIRST to become "Psychedelicized" (as soon as possible, and with or without hallucinogens, and other "mind altering drugs"), because when one IS psychedelicized, they have become aware at a genetic, chromosomal, cellular, blood and guts level, that:
  1. one is an almost infinitesimal part of the human species on a planet of 
  2. billions and billions of stars, many with planets that may have thinking creatures living there, HOWEVER, and AT THE SAME TIME...
  3. the entire universe literally MADE you and everyone else; you are "star stuff" through and through, and 
  4. you were made to arrive at THIS moment, sitting there in your chair reading THIS and THIS and THIS word.... so make best use of it, please, so it doesn't go to waste, like so much of the rest of your day, and life has gone to waste!
Now, I can "literally" hear some readers thinking something very similar to...:
But - BUT! - finding and following a WAY, an established WAY, one that has generations, if not thousands of years of history behind it, CAN (though certainly may not of course) SHORTEN the amount of time someone has to remain outside the "Awakened/Enlightened State of Being."

To that I am now saying/writing something very similar to...:
HOWEVER! Nearly every one of the so-called "teachings with a history" that you know about, or have read something about, or even studied to some degree, did NOT have access to the message I wrote here, just two short days ago, where was linked an entire page of YouTubes detailing - for a reasonably sane/insane person - just about everything they OUGHT to know by now about their entire physical organism from the skin in, and if you were to continue scanning "Crash Course" for other RELEVANT" YouTubes, you would find details regarding our entire Solar System, our Galaxy, and the Universe at large, AS WELL AS, the quantum world from the tiniest particle that can be seen under a high powered microscope all the way "down/into" the quarks and electrons and neutrons and protons and photons that "live, breathe, and have THEIR existence." We live in a RARE couple of decades, people; more advanced than any previous decade, and it is only getting better and better by the minute! If you ARE Psychedelicized - "not necessarily stoned, but Beautiful" - then you already understand all of this and can talk about it, without Shame, without Guilt, with a Straight face and a Light heart, and with Conscious Presence.
If not... shame on you!
(what are you waiting for?)
By the way, for those who have never thought about this before, "Being Psychedelicized" simply means:
1) Do you actually believe/know there are Higher Beings in this universe, galaxy, solar system, and/or planet?
2) Do you believe/know Higher Beings exist here on Earth, and though you may have never met one, nor they you, you certainly live your life AS THOUGH you are looking/seeking for them and their guidance in some form?
3) Do you believe/know that you, personally, ARE IN FACT a Higher Being, even though you may forget that most of the time, and virtually/actually nobody else in the world believes/knows that you are (they are) such a being? Not Yet Anyway! Eh?

The Answers, of course, are "YES!" and absolutely do not require someone ingesting hallucinogens of any kind (even though the term - "psychedelicized" - might suggest that to some.)

Or, to put the questions above a little more succinctly, into statements: Being psychedelicized means: Belief in the higher; Belief in higher beings; Belief that "I personally" - a mysteriously vague phrase signifying "me" or "you" or anyone, really - might BE ONE, WHO can accept the fact that "I am God (a higher being)", and understand what is meant by that rightly, including understanding that Speaking (which is the highest form of thinking at this level) is "Speaking the Word of God," understanding quite clearly that each of those three capitalized words have a Higher Than Ordinary meaning.

Monday, June 22, 2015

Puppets play, as feathers flit

Another day, another gift left at your door.

Let me now tell you what is about to happen, as you have picked up that gift and are now beginning to unwrap it - within eyeshot of your seeing, and earshot of your hearing - and now are just beginning to experience that gift as you see, hear, touch and taste it, perhaps even with a smidgen of smelling. Energies from the external physical world - mere waves of unseen particles dancing before you - have already entered the front of your frontal lobes and kicked up a certain amount of "dirt" (that is, "you") and that "dirt" is beginning to cloud your perceptions of all the rest of the potential pleasures of that gift you just now found.

Most people, of course, can not observe any of this - not even as they are reading it now - because the "dirt" was kicked up long before even opening the door, and reaching down to the object at their feet. That is, they turned off - or more precisely, their higher circuits turned themselves off, i.e., went just a little bit, or a lot o'bits, dimmer - and now they are experiencing things as they always do.
"Gift!?! WTF you say?"

Then, it is just more of "YOU" being sensed by "you", and none of the Gift that you very likely have never even experienced before. Without the ability to observe inner functioning dispassionately, objectively, one is like puppets on strings, or feathers in the wind, being jostled and tumbled uncontrollably, from this emotion, to that thought, to that sensation, and after hundreds of thousands of such inner movements - that only take a few short instants - one imagines that their Reactions/Responses are Themselves (i.e., "Hey, that's ME!")

That is, just like the reader of this written page out there - nameless, faceless, cartoon characters in an unknown, unwritten play - the bit player "steps up" and voices his/her thoughts about the gift at the door. That voice takes many forms, of course. That voice, right now, is the Puppet, "thinking and believing" (a very, very complex set of conditions arising from the "dirt" being kicked up by incoming impressions) that what it Thinks/Feels and Says/Writes is its own work. What that voice does NOT ever realize, is that it is just a miniscule part of the human race as a WHOLE, consisting of a myriad of thoughts, feelings, and sensations, and particularly of the online human membership of this place where the gift was found, and that ALL brains are connected - in a way and manner that really can not be proved, only KNOWN - and ones thoughts, feelings, and sensations are really not ones own Work, but the "results of the collective, being collected and distributed, in real time."

And, as has been said here a hundred times in recent months - and ten times that in recent years - if you can't yet (after all these years and perhaps decades) realize and perceive and observe for yourself, dispassionately, objectively, what is going on in your own nervous system, just engage - on a regular basis - with several other people you do know, personally, as you discuss subjects and topics and ideas that are "meaningful" to you, and them, and notice how their "dirt" dusts up the place, and turns them into Puppets playing at being human, and/or Feathers just flittin' in the wind.

Some would do well to RE-READ (dispassionately, or even quite passionately - if you are, as you really should be, "into all of that") "the Letter to my friends," wherein was referenced the study of the science of the body and the brain (soles of the feet to crown of the skull and everything in between and at the edges, AND from the top of the spinal cord to the frontal lobes and everything in between and at the edges - especially #8, #9, #10.) It is well-known that 99% of those who actually could have read this little ditty, will NOT bother to even OPEN IT, let alone, 1) arrive at this last paragraph... let alone 2) avail themselves of the absolute abundance of worthwhile, useful, and quite entertaining material found at the two links above... because (though certainly NOT limited to that) 3) they are NOT serious about The Work - however they define it... if they even do, or try to. Such is life on Planet Earth - the Puppet Planet, as it is called by a few... (and we won't even indicate some of the other - perhaps a bit more caustic, biting and direct - names overheard here and there recently.)

Thursday, June 18, 2015

"I see Dead People!"

It is interesting what gets certain people's brains to activate the arms, hands, fingers and attention span just long enough to construct a few short sentences that seem to be "on point" (according to them), while completely missing the Actual Point that is behind their own eyes and between their own ears (that they still haven't located because it seems to always be "on the move") where the WORK is now and always shall and must be, even in all those so-called by some "dead people walking around" out there.

Focus on the real point of This ("being alive in a Human body on Earth") Thing and turn away from the simple-minded chit chat, and ongoing running commentary between people (and more importantly, between you and your internal sounding-board) and you won't need to be continually reminded by external world examples that, "I see Dead People!"  You will Realize your ordinary, every hour, every day, state of Walking Sleep (i.e., one might as well be dead!)

One IS that image in the reflection in that mirrorred-sphere-of-spacetime surrounding your head, and wherever one looks - here, there, and everywhere - it is all YOU perceiving YOU perceiving YOU talking about YOU talking about YOU. One IS asleep and does not realize it until after-the-fact and then, just as suddenly goes right back to sleep. Even as they are feverishly checking and rechecking their Yahoo, Facebook, Google and other social chit-chat groups to see what's "new" (but of course, NOTHING is ever New, but the old rehashed) that they can (awaken just a tiny bit and) reply to, they miss this glaring example of being asleep. 
As many others have said,
- even before you were born -
and many others will say again,
- even after you are dead -
First... WAKE UP!
Suggestion for those who keep missing it (including here, for months and months and years)... stop chattering to anyone who seems to appear in that short-duration time-bubble around your head at all times, especially when it DOESN'T matter to them, OR to you (and learn to see that, realize that, sooner than, as usual, NEVER), and Start Speaking in real time with those few on Earth who DO matter to you, and you to them. Get over your inborn, innate fear of the unknown, and jump in with both feet, and Experience - in a higher sensory way - the Real Feeling of Falling - it is Freeing!

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Starting Over, an update

Once upon a time, in a land far, far away (well, depending upon where YOU live, for others it is/was/and always shall be just around the corner - hell, you can almost see/hear it from where you sit, but that's another vision unseen, story unheard, until you expand your higher sensory perception capabilities... oops, was that a hint?) there was a Laboratory, a kind of "research facility," where an experiment was being conducted over the course of several years, decades in fact. It was known "in the beginning," that the participants in that experiment would necessarily change - be swapped out - due to a variety of factors, but it was also known that the experiment may have to be shut down from time to time to regroup, to gather up all the information gained so far, in order to re-establish a new Lab (experiment) elsewhere... Fresh... New eyes and ears... New Energy to begin again.
This is never easy for those left behind, with mouths open, and minds, once agog, but now aghast ("Hey, what gives here? What's UP wit dat? And, by all means, LET ME TELL YOU WHAT I THINK ABOUT IT.")
But the experiment, from the very beginning, in the planning stages and even for quite awhile after that, was NOT to explain to each of the participants every detail of what brought them there in the first place, nor what is happening to them RIGHT NOW, but for the participants to Hang Out/In There, and ask questions if confused or concerned about something, without expectation (like "prayer" perhaps?) Unfortunately for most participants at one time or another, they think they know better about everything, even how the experiment should be conducted from now on.
Have you ever been involved in a "Conscious Work Group?" And by that is meant, an Organized Experimental Group, wherein someone actually understands the plan, and can execute the plan, with suggestions to all that sometimes appear as Rules and Agendas - which they are not (although there ARE some unbreakable rules: NO NEGATIVITY, NO HOSTILITY.) The group is very small at first, then larger perhaps (though not necessarily,) whose primary Work is Understanding by Observing and Experiencing first-hand what is going on there (you know... see it and hear it for yourself at the time) NOT by reading/hearing about it either from third-hand or even second-hand Gossipers, Commentators and Criticizers. In all too many cases, some participants simply want to be the one in charge, to "School the others." This is when the experiment starts to become un-WORK-able, and unwieldy - not in physical size, but in the overabundance of Irrelevant Ideas from the participants - and decisions must be made quickly before those personalities overtake the progression.
O ne time, a participant demanded to BE HEARD, asked everyone to mute their microphones so that they could "school us" on Elon Musk, the Tesla guy, and why we simply, and most emphatically NEEDED to value him as highly as our short-term ad-hoc impromptu "teacher of the moment." We listened, but did not respond or reply to any of it, and they actually got pissed off at our unwillingness to discuss the guy and all the wonderful things he's doing.
Another time, a "teacher of that particular moment" proceeded to push their current favorite idea that the Zoroastrians were most definitely "on to something" and we were fools for not seeing that "I have studied Zoro's and they were definitely on to something thousands and thousands of years ago, and I am a modern-day Zoro, and I am on to it now." Again. Just TWO of at least a hundred times that number of fairly recent instances where Irrelevance came into the room, all dressed up as something Important.
Secrets are known by some, but never by all... obviously, for that would simply up-end the organism. And there is NOTHING very strange about that. Just consider for a moment your next door neighbor's top floor hall closet, next to the bathroom (no... not THAT one... the other one you have never even met before.) You have absolutely NO IDEA what is in there, where any of it came from, how much it cost, how long ago, its meaning and significance to the owner - NOTHING - and you never will. NOT without committing some kind of crime (and then you will only get the most superficial knowledge, at best, and a jail sentence, at worst), OR be invited to look around and be all "touchy feely" in there (but again, only superficial knowledge.) However, Secrets are always accessible to some, but only those who seek them out, make certain efforts over an extended period of time, and eventually (little by little, with occasional big leaps) activate their Higher Sensory Perception Capabilities. One of those HSP's, for example, is to now (having just finished reading this entire message) can you HEAR the one word rattling around in your little brain, perhaps around the corner somewhere, which indicates WHAT this message was actually about... top to bottom?
That is, WHAT are the participants in the experiment? 
Those who reply with that ONE WORD 
will receive the CA$H PRI$E 
recently offered 
but never distributed.

Friday, June 12, 2015

For all my "friends"

Like you, I have many friends in "This Thing" being written about week after week for YEARS! Some are Buddhists, some are Advaitists, some are Christians, some are Atheists, some are Philosophers, some are Scientists, some are Psychologists, some are Psychonauts, some are Gurdjieffians, some are a bunch of other unnamed-here whatevers, yet very few of them truly understand that unless you have, right now, a firm foundation in various scientific endeavors, perhaps mentioned below, you are really just "playing at" whatever you THINK your "spiritual" or "psychological" or "philosophical" (or whatever you call it) tradition proposes for all those who get interested in, and at some point begin following it, "seriously," by reading all the "work books" (multiple times,) "commentaries of followers" (perhaps only a few times, if that,) and even some of the "stuff and nonsense that grows up around all that" (hopefully, just quickly scanning/skimming, or better yet, avoiding entirely, and then putting all of it into its rightful hierarchical place.)

People can spend their entire lives, reading, hearing and viewing books, magazines, transcripts, audios, videos, and delayed-reaction email/message Internet groups, etc., and yet get NOWHERE with all of This, and never understand the truth - both about their own lack of growth, and the Whys and Wherefores of that lack of growth. It is quite well understood that, unless you have gathered around yourself an "Active Community" (however large or small) of "like-minded" (hard to define, but you will Know it when you Meet it), semi- or actually-conscious people who are at least as interested as you are in OUR endeavors, then you have missed the most important line of work for those born to "This Thing" whatever it might be called. Some people DO know and understand this, YET, even today, they have never sought out, found, or gathered their OWN Active Community. That is, they were led up to the doorway of Something Real, but never gathered the strength of character to Break on through to the other side.

There are people who will read this and argue with something or other (that's "natural," i.e., expected, and mostly mechanical) but consider what has occurred in just the last 60 years of human development - out there in the world of the masses - particularly in the SCIENCES (particularly Math and Physics), and more particularly in the science of the body (soles of feet to crown of skull and everything in between), and the brain (from the top of the spinal cord to the frontal lobes - and that 1/8" thin, 2.5 square feet when laid out flat, surface of gray matter that is reading and comprehending this right now, and has an abundance of reactionary thoughts about all of it very likely - and everything in between), as well as the solar system (moons to sun), the galaxies, the universe(s), as well as a reasonably learned understanding of the Quantum World - as strange as it all might seem to you. For one to even imagine they are progressing in "their thing (of apparent choice) without a firm foundation - knowledge, and hopefully some non-imaginary understanding - in all of these areas at least, and more if you can handle it - is like putting the brakes on the rocket bike/time machine that We Are... once you can Grok that notion without a smirk on your face.

By the way, there is sometimes a need to LEAVE one's previous group and search for, or START another, for there is always a need to move beyond what may have worked before, in order to acquire the New.

Friday, June 5, 2015

Passions - what's your top-most?

I don't really care, only YOU can, when you CAN.
Sure, most people alive will claim to be "passionate" at something or other. One person is "passionate" about "saving the planet", or about "saving the darling homeless and abused animals", or about playing their favorite guitar, or tending their garden, or... well, you get the point. YOU probably even thought of your own, while reading this extremely short list of the possible multiple millions that could be written down if you could somehow get everyone to write theirs down.

BUT - there is one passion less than 50 or 100 or maybe 200 people would write down (unknowable number of course, but a very small number indeed), and that is because there are no clues out there in the world of "things to get all passionate about", and so nobody would ever think of it on their own. It would be like someone saying, "Oh, that's easy. I am MOST PASSIONATE about splitting into four pieces along specific lines, and reassembling into a different being of quite different shape, form, features and functions, in order to personally investigate certain caves and caverns inside the deepmost innards of Tamu Massif, an undersea mountain on the Shatsky Rise, in the northwestern Pacific Ocean, to gather specimens of a certain ambrosian delicacy, which in one form is an extraordinary meta-temporal aphrodisiac, and in another form, an astonishing hyper-spatial psychedelic, apparently known ONLY TO ME, because there is so much of it still there!"
To which, one might reply, 
"Yeah right dude... you go do that! 
Have a blast!"
SO, hopefully, a couple of you have already "jumped to something" somewhere in that tangled neural network wherein reading, thinking, writing, and speaking occur.... (giving you a bit of time here, so you can attempt to compose a reasonably recognizable sentence summarizing where YOU think this post might be going from here...  but you'll definitely need to get OUT of the tangled web you've weaved...  and actually THINK, clearly and coherently, about something you've never even thought about before... and, with that same PASSION you most likely haven't grokked as of yet... oh well, time's up!)

Actually, the only way someone starts becoming almost PASSIONATE about This Thing (until nurturing and developing and later maturing that passion for oneself) is... you guessed it, didn't you?... to first be reminded of it by someone with that particular PASSION, usually over and over and over again, and usually in several different ways and means, UNTIL the person catches a glimpse of it, around the corner of their rigid, routine, ordinary ways of thinking about everything, and even then, they only catch the tail, or wing, or hind leg of the mysterious "passion thingy" as it scampers out of sight and sense.
("Wait! Really? 
THAT's possible? 
You can DO THAT?")

For a long time it appears as just the merest wisp of something, somehow outside that 180° to 360°, and spiraling around and out to 720° arc that limits your internal peripheral vision about such unknown UNKNOWNS. (Has anybody circled in on something yet, some PASSION that almost nobody would ever think of, let alone write down when asked "What's yours?")
(I won't actually SAY, "I thought not!" 
so you didn't read that, 
I was never here!)

BUT - once noticed full-frontally, FACE to FACE, eyeball to eyeball, earhole to earhole, mouth to mouth, "so to speak", and most particularly nerve-endings to nerve-endings, "so to think in a New Way" (shape, form, feature and function) - everything becomes for you, PASSIONATE, at least in the way you experience the ordinary world of known knowns, on your way to the unknown unknowns.
Go ahead, unpack that Gift.
I dare ya.
We'll be lounging about with that wispy thingy 
on the morrow, 1pm, GMT, again.

Thursday, June 4, 2015

Let's Get Real, okay?

Language, and the organ that acquires, processes, stores, retrieves and ultimately uses it for fun and profit (hopefully), tends to think/speak/write in concepts that have almost NO connection to anything REAL - as in, material, that can be touched or held or felt up - and therefore, whatever is thought/spoken/written can be argued, criticized, condemned, belittled by SOMEONE... including yourself.

As usual, there is always SOMEONE (maybe you, if not now then when?) who will argue with my current, consistent, and oft-presented Theme/Thesis of the last NINE, count 'em, NINE months: which is this:

If you are not presently engaged with, involved with, a FACE-to-FACE group of some kind, as an active member and contributor whether that group is in your physical area (that you walk, bike, drive to... or, hey, they all come to your house, lucky you), OR it is on the Internet (that you simply login to with your computer or smartphone,) but in both cases, you SHOW-UP (and, that means, necessarily, not "part time", not "once in a great while", but) REGULARLY, and hopefully, a few times per week, or at least once a week - then you are not doing what we are still, and have been doing for those NINE months and even quite a bit longer for some of us (years.) Simply, if you are not speaking with Friends (not in quotes) at the highest level of intelligence and presence of which you are capable (i.e., you bring your A-GAME) often, and for quite some time at least, then you have NO CLUE at all about what is, or can be possible.

This bit is being said again, and again, NOT to pump ourselves up, nor to push yourselves down, in any way, shape or form. You must understand that to even hear what is being said here (and we know few even can, let alone will.) It is meant as an ALERT, that there is something being missed by at least 99% of people alive on the planet today, due to the very fact, which can be observed and verified for oneself, that SPEAKING is actually a function all people take for granted, without seeing/perceiving/realizing the SACRED**aspect that connects one to All and Everything, and to Higher Being on Earth and elsewhere.
("Hey, that's far out!") or... 
("Hey, that's bull shit!")  

To clarify just a bit, when you get several semi- or actually conscious brains in the room (don't argue with yourself about whether "consciousness" is "of the brain", or "not of the brain"... just try to UNDERSTAND) someTHING can happen that does not happen outside of that room. For example, seven people meet for brunch occasionally at some local Denny's restaurant, and during that 90-minute or so meeting (ostensibly to eat food, and "catch up") they discuss all manner of subjects, topics and casual chit-chat with the usual bit of gossip thrown into the mix, of course (a model/mode of human behavior that occurs, probably, hundreds of millions of times per day worldwide), but the someTHING being referred to above (i.e., in the room), does NOT occur there at Denny's or the many millions of other similar occurrences, and CAN NOT occur there, and you should be able to understand - immediately, without having to have someone explain it to you - What and Why That Is.

Take all the following on face value, not as being right or wrong. When you get a few semi- or actually AWAKENED (conscious) brains in the room (physically, and otherwise) who can leave their personality AT THE DOOR (jeez, it's not that hard, once you know what is being referred to!), they can harmonize, synchronize, connect, at a higher frequency of vibration, perhaps even at a higher level - i.e. all systems are GO! - and attract, and become aware of higher perceptions of reality that one may never have achieved while alone, or at office meetings, or lunch gatherings, or weekend blowout parties with "friends" and strangers (i.e., NOWHERE ELSE.) It is then, that some may be able to dip into the 1000 gallon drum of knowledge which is completely out of reach for almost everyone. The most "talented" in the room (experienced, trained, capable... a variable quantity/quality, of course, which CAN include all the members present, or very close to that) can wrap their brains around those higher perceptions of reality, and share them into the room for the FIRST TIME EVER... They are as GIFTS to those who can receive them, to be unwrapped and experienced with higher senses being turned on, perhaps, for the first time for everyone! When somebody can do that - the perceiving, the wrapping, the unwrapping, the newly experiencing - there are actually fewer words involved in the process, even though it seems to some (the bystanders, the eavesdroppers, the "un-talented") that there are more. One soon acquires the understanding that, at higher/faster/more expansive levels, there are actually many fewer conceptual words being expressed, or even need to be expressed. We speak in a "kind of" short-hand, or code. And, the Wrapping is "of an order of magnitude more efficient" than in ordinary conversations one has with "friends", "family", "work mates", etc.

THAT, is why we call these gatherings **SACRED, because we regard them with great respect and reverence, and we no longer see as valuable, or worth our time at all, the delayed-reaction email/message groups like Yahoo and Facebook, primarily. THEY are for the masses who are not interested in their higher possibilities, but wasting as much time as possible while believing they are benefiting themselves and others. One view: the joke is on them! In fact, the huge increase in "social media proliferation" - started a couple decades ago, and in the last five years has reached a certain extremely NOISY crescendo - now, today, drowns out in the hapless droves who've become trapped by its expanding wave-forms, even the possibility of what is being pointed to herein (Kick your social media ADDICTION, cold-turkey if necessary, and find, join, or start a very small group of "just friends" you can learn to treat as Real Essence Friends, and discover the Joys of Enhanced Neural Activity in a group setting.)

Do you see that the hundreds of millions of daily, sometimes HOURLY users no longer see any particular value in reducing their overwhelming tendency to lie, tell stories, make up silliness and nonsense about everything - even the "important, significant, extremely pertinent stuff" - with complete impunity... AND, most of them are doing this while walking down the crowded sidewalks, or driving cars on the crowded highways, on their way to who knows where, or at their workplace when they should be "working for the man", or lounging about in their underwear, or less, behind their computer screens in the bedroom. Mr. and Ms. Anonymous and Don't Give a a Shit Anymore about consciously, actively improving the quality of conversation they have with People that they DO give a shit about... i.e., Real Friends on the same path that they are. Do you, Does anyone actually SEE and KNOW how very, very rare that is on Earth anymore? Hmmmmm?