Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Consciousness is all about Originality and Creativity

Animals apparently "do" original and possibly even creative things, but they can not be ascribed to consciousness, whereas in man it most definitely MUST, although with several caveats.

In man, consciousness is all about originality and creativity and story-telling as strange as that must seem to those who might not realize this instantly. Language actually has a way of constructing stories quite unbeknownst to the brains which "compose" them, and even more so as to their LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION. But, of course, those brains did not "compose" them at all! Life composed them all long before it seeded human DNA with the capacity for language - specifically its location, and therefore reception, and therefore translation. (Keep these terms in mind as you continue...)

People simply do not and quite literally can not comprehend the connection between the "stories in their heads", how they got there, where they now (apparently) live, and the apparently external events that "SEEM" to have preceded, or even triggered them.

For example, someone might tell an amazing story of "lost and found" (pet, trinket, sibling, whatever), and their telling is so odd, weird perhaps, out of the ordinary, that in their view "must be believed" because of that oddness. The number of similar re-tellings** - and, believe me, they are ALWAYS re-tellings - is incalculable to say the least! Including, but not limited to alien visitations, after-death journeys, conversations with gods, angels, dead people, etc., etc. Yet, a few here and there can always see through the ruse, the wily subterfuge, the deception, always intended to deceive**. (Life is the DECEIVER!)

Nothing is ever lost and Nothing is ever found.
Everything is Everything.

Human consciousness is directly wired into the language that constructs realities they perceive, "after-the-fact", sometimes even in reverse order, the way dreams are recalled, in reverse order. Time is the culprit, AND the effect, in all these misunderstandings, and those who deliver such odd stories to themselves, their friends, even more publicly, are not indicating - by any stretch - they are "more conscious" than ordinary standard-issue humans, but JUST AS or even LESS THAN. JUST AS, because everyone alive is subject to this subterfuge, just as almost everyone is subject to believing them; but LESS THAN, because the more and longer people fail to realize what's actually occurring, the more they become deluded. Dismiss them quickly, one an all!

"WTF did you say?"

Story-tellers are not Creative nor Original - not in the sense I discuss herein - just clever and capable reporters of language-based sentences strung together, not unlike the strings strung between tin cans of friends in their bedrooms "having conversations"...

...strings (threads of thought), strung between tin cans (head brains), in their bedrooms (imaginary worlds consisting of all the other threads - their "neural webspace").

"WTF did you say?"

Just this, nobody who actually IS more conscious than ordinary humans, would ever fall into such TRAPS that, like pools of tar behind the eyes, keeps the extinct animal (the clueless squared) TRAPPED in a goo-field, who never knows it - EVEN AFTER more conscious persons might remind them of their entrapment.

The MOST MOST MOST favorite and easily accessible "stories" are called memories, and reported memories are called anecdotes, and all such often recalled and retold (ad nauseum) stories, and all such TRAPS are designed by LIFE to confuse Humanity into believing they are... ready?... SPECIAL!

Humans are NOT SPECIAL, any more than bugs are particularly special. Oh, the SPECIES is special to be sure, well, until it is no longer necessary and quickly extincted. Same for all other life forms on this planet! The only thing that is NOT extincted, is consciousness, because it is not alive the way life forms are alive. Oh, it is ALIVE, but at the same time, non-materially containable in matter. It is free-flowing energy filling the Universe, and only occasionally "coagulating" into "clumps" of physicality that in some unknown manner attracts consciousness to it.

Here is what Real I can DO (without quotation marks) that ordinary brains can not do: Create an Original "take" on what the entire planetary human species "believes" is going on here, inside them, and outside them, that literally BLOWS THE SOCKS OFF all prevailing Earth-bound (Tar-Pit bound) "beliefs". Creativity and Originality in that LOCATION, where such is available to all who discover the hows and wherefores, can blow one's OWN MIND, surprising in such a way that one will never return to that TAR-PIT one discovers one has been dwelling for so damn long! Call it, the END of memories, anecdotes and personal story-telling... (not that anything is forgotten, ONLY THAT it is not re-TOLD!)

**re-telling: No memories or anecdotes were destroyed in the out-flowing of this highly energetic transmission never ever TOLD before... hope your tin-can telephone picked up something!

ps- Always "IN FOCUS, IN TRANSIT"... so that nothing sticks, not even "you", and the tar-field behind your eyes always remains VIRGINAL, having TRAPPED nothing whatsoever, allowing the "Blessed One" the power to escape when ESCAPE becomes possible.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

A turn of the screw

(or, "Turn, turn, turn" - as does a radio dial - can you hear it now? can you hear it now?

If you are not consciously trying to determine what's going on - within you, without you, all around - then your mind is being used by Life to receive a poorly-reproduced AM radio station, and chances are great that your lips and tongue and even fingers are operating as the speakers, but sounding more like what is heard by the neighbor kids with their Tin Can Telephone strung between their bedrooms after lights out
Just another form of the "telephone game"
Poor transmission, even poorer reception, even much poorer translation.

(Can you hear it now? one paragraph and counting...)

Your "i" is the constant and unwilling receiver of an "am" radio station (har, har - notice the lowercase and quotation marks) broadcasting 24-7-365-70+ to a worldwide audience (humanity), and "you" take what is broadcast through you as "[insert your name here - usually in BOLD UPPERCASE]".

This, by itself, causes almost no one any great concern - since almost no one can even accept the premise let alone the possibility of it being an unknown FACT, not even for a second - certainly not your mother, or father, or sister or brother, or bosses or friends, just ask them as I have so many over the years, even quite recently.

After all, they might say, "What difference does it make, my life is humming along quite nicely, I'm in control of my life and destiny, or at least GOD is, so that can't be a bad thing?" Or, conversely, "What can I possibly do about that, if true; in any case my life is a shambles?" In other words, they know they are as Sheep (and not just "sheep", but sock puppet sheep) who are not able to change the situation, and at the same time have quite given up for all intents and purposes.

People are not concerned that they are mere mouthpieces for a greater, worldwide transmission being played through humanity, that they not only can not quite hear, but certainly do not understand - sounding more like some dead ancient language than their favorite "mother tongue" - just garbles, and gurgles, and creaks, and groans, and mere whispers when detected at all. People are like puppets, entertaining puppets, sometimes handsome/beautiful puppets, but puppets nevertheless, and if they are ever (lucky enough to be) informed about this, they will immediately doubt it, or feel offended taking it as an insult against their (presumed) "humanity".

It's only the occasional person here and there that is "rightfully" disturbed by this condition, that considers this ongoing, seemingly unceasing, barely-even-heard, and hardly-even-comprehended transmission to be, let us say, irritating in the extreme. ("Yeah, I do get that! But what can I do?!?"... good question friend... can we talk?)

Such people, while feeling irritated about something as unnoticeable as this by everyone else, can sometimes believe they are wasting their time trying to "do anything about it", because try as they might (utilizing whatever "tricks" of the "enlightenment trade" they become privy to - like meditation, repeating the name of God, chanting a meaningless word or phrase, self-remembering, self-observation, meditating, sensing their fingers and toes), even after decades of knowing the truth about their ordinary minds (that their minds have been taken over by an apparently "pirate radio station" - could it be, WDNA? - since they can no more locate it, as shut it down!), puppets they remain - still churning out the same nonsensical "i-am" muzak they remember (if they're particularly alert) from their early youth!

Usually, those who try to do something about this, never ever discover the secret, never ever discover there IS a secret to discover, because - and this is a biggee, if you're still listening - they think they've already... FOUND the secret, but it's not THE secret, it's just the call letters of the particular "am" station they're listening to, and they then believe they KNOW something. But, alas, just knowing the call letters of the radio station their inner device is tuned to receive, is still knowing nothing.

Some stations call themselves, W-BUDDAH, and others call themselves, W-JESUS, and still others call themselves, W-4THWAY - but one thing remains the same about all the stations: each has a particular, let's call it, genre of music (it's particular "twist" or "twang") that is played 24-7-365-70+, and each person who is wired into receiving that station, "resonates" (as it were - or, "so they say") with the doctrine (the playlist), yet nobody can "control" (in advance) which station(s) they resonate with.

All righty then, wrapping up; ask yourself honestly, after all your decades of studying the broadcasts of W-4THWAY (or W-XYZ or whatever), and all your morning sensing and weekend dance classes, and occasional - but no more than 2 or 3 minutes PER day, if that - observing your "self" and remembering your "self", and all your reading of copious books and papers about the Laws of This, and the Rules of That, and all your hit-and-miss "participation" on various "spiritually-based" Email Lists, have you learned how to control the radio, to even turn any of the knobs this way or that or OFF, and have you finally discovered how to take back control of your OWN MIND from the "evil pirate radio station out there" (he said, smirkingly)?

ps- I know in advance most will not get this post, will perhaps find it be accusatory, or critical of humanity, or that it "has nothing to do with anything "spiritual". But, shouldn't you also know in advance... they'd be very wrong? Very, very wrong.

~~~~~~~~end of transmission~~~~~~~~now get back to work~~~~~~~~

Monday, February 25, 2013

"Objective Reason"

But what do those words even mean?!?

Two little words, not unlike those other two little words people so enjoy hearing and saying ("Enlightened Mind") and perhaps even the same as, but on another level, eh? Just "in another context."

If it is even possible - Objective Reason, presumed by some to be a state of mind above/beyond simple, ordinary subjective reason common to everyone, yes including you and me - then perhaps it might mean Understanding what's going on with Life on Earth, Mankind in general, and you personally in particular. (Like Russian Dolls, one within another, within another... and so on up the scales.)

That Understanding would necessarily include such "mysteries" as, let's say, "ESP", alien visitations from extra-terrestrials, ghosts and gods appearing in the bedroom, out of body travels to other planes and planets, and even becoming negative to the point of physical illness due to some words written on a webpage by some person you've never even met, you know, stuff like that and so much more I could, but will not mention.

But, again, HOW TO? Ah yes, that damn question that keeps tapping one on the shoulder, leaving one totally at a LOSS of great proportions, yet the brain will always "fill in the void" by making unproven claims, theories, facts, even including certain "Truths of Higher Order", but alas, as always, emptiness pouring into the same void. No wonder people everywhere feel empty, and unfulfilled.

What we have here, is a FAILURE to COMMUNICATE, an achievement that Elephants, Chimpanzees and Crows and so many, MANY other non-humans species achieved for themselves so long ago. Humans talk and talk and talk, yet there is no Real Understanding about anything! Then they argue, criticize, condemn, and sometimes strike out angrily to the point of MURDER (of crazies!)

How do we attain a state of permanent, or very near to objective reason and enlightened mind? Well, have you actually tried this? On a regular basis - which by your active count should have reached at least a couple by now since opening this little message to you - realize that you exist, and are vibrantly alive and well here on Earth in the moment without thought - with valiant effort and recurring inextinguishable intent - and with all the attention and intensity and endurance of which you are capable.

Not like somebody doing grunt work but with quickness and almost predatory opportunism - aliveness and passion - 160 times, today and everyday (about 10 times/hour, each time anew and not just a thought or fantasy - that's only once every five minutes or so, as in reading this message.) Count them, (and do realize for yourself that clusters count as one attempt) and if you do not find some permanence, some real objective reason, some enlightenment, you will at least learn it's co-ordinates.

Think on these things MORE THAN YOU CAN - more than you have to, and certainly more than Mr. Dummy, who always responds to these posts herein with (your version of) "Sheesh, I already know all that, and more", or "Sheesh, I know better so let me tell you all about it", or "Sheesh, that's just crazy!"

ps- Thoughts are tools, in several senses of that word - multi-layered, multi-threaded, long-and-longer threads of consistent meaning and intent - and can be, literally, USED by those whose minds can contain them. Why do you think we gather into small groups on a regular basis and "bullshit" with each other. Only the strong and deft survive, the rest are losers.

Saturday, February 23, 2013

"Consciousness Is Everything"

But what do those words even mean?!?

Three little words, not unlike those other three little words people so enjoy hearing and saying ("I love you") and perhaps even the same as, but on another level, eh? Just "in another context."

So, perhaps consciousness (everything) is a "shifting of frames." Whereas the "lack of consciousness" (some call "sleep") is being STUCK in only one frame and locked in sequential time, "being in consciousness" (some call "awake") is being UNSTUCK from any frame and experiencing non-sequential time - seamlessness - and thus able to see, hear, taste, touch, and smell other frames simultaneously. Some call this, "relativity", or "higher being bodies", but let's go with "getting unstuck" for the sake of discussion.

HOW TO? Ah yes, that damn question that keeps tapping one on the shoulder - hasn't it caused bruises by now? - forcing the one tapped to remember their existence (if only for an instant, without thought) in the equation: I + Not-I = Everything. Without such (as close to continual as possible) remembering/realizing, there are just disembodied, fragmented, sequential thoughts, each without the force and power of raw emotion and heightened sensation, and thus all but worthless.

See the problem here?
"I (is the same as) consciousness."
"You (is the same as) love."
"Everything (is the same as) Everything."
See the problem here?

One can not approach ANY OF THIS via words alone, and their supposed definitions, for there ARE NONE. Everything is Everything.

The problem here, is that you (people) can not remember this, moment by moment, and this fracturing of one's essential being into millions of randomly arising "I's" (which themselves have no sensation, no power, no force, and no useful definition), which perforce makes gathering oneself back together more difficult than herding cats (...maybe that's why we have 'em at all... to SEE THAT... and then to "shift frames" from the weirdness of out there, to the desired stability of in here. (Waking up IS LIKE herding cats, but these are cats you can't see, hear, taste, touch, smell, and have wings - jeez!)

"After all, what's the point of talking if you don't have something important to say?" Kitt, the 1982 Pontiac Trans-Am.

Friday, February 22, 2013

"I want to believe"

Nothing draws people "into the fold" like being told by someone they respect, or even love, that they are now "part of something BIG". Religions and teachings, political movements and parties, revolutionary groups, spiritual sects, and all sorts of other straggly conglomerations of "just people of all kinds, shapes and sizes", all seem to grow in this way. Once there is a center of gravity, an "inner circle" who hover around the leader, more and more will quickly be assimilated into the fold.

Such is the life of "I's" that circulate within the "mind of man". The more one can say about a particular topic, the more they BELIEVE in their topic, and the more they believe in it, the more identified they have become. It is a very slippery slope. Then, it is much harder to move away from that magnetic center, as in "leaving the group". They have become just like Br'er Rabbit, the more Mr. Rabbit fights the Tar-Baby, the more entangled they become.

Desire, "wanting something to be true", "I want to believe!" is the hot center (the chemical flow of blood and hormones, the connection to the blue circuit and the red circuit) that the yellow circuit (thinking center) totally lacks, but needs to gain the power and force that such groups of I's actually require for their little bit of "life", if even only "a taste", it so lacks.

What most people (read: ordinary consciousness) lack as well, due to their mechanical and associative thinking on overdrive (read: formatory apparatus), is the capacity to discern false, fake, and phony from real. They don't know how to question their own thinking about their favorite beliefs, but can only reinforce them at every possible turn. All their thoughts serve the "larger group" (of thoughts - the BELIEF.) Those few people who, let's just say, learned how to question everything, believe NOTHING, never join groups (never get "joined up") - NEVER! Not out there, nor in here. They are, in effect, without a country (read: belief systems consisting of stuff and nonsense that only seems to matter to the MASSES... gods, religions, extra-terrestrial aliens, extra-sensory powers, ghosts, goblins, Santa Clause and the Easter Rabbit... haha, he said "rabbit".)

It is NOT that most people are stupid, and clueless, looking simply to fit in and become "larger by association" (though that certainly is involved.) It is, however, that most people have never actually TASTED the Real - not even once in their lives - which seems to be only possible in times of extreme crisis, and states-of-emergency. (Something I would highly recommend all people "look into.")

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

The tip of the spear**

There is only one thing of which you can be conscious: consciousness itself. But there are two states of it: 1) the ordinary state of distracted, clouded awareness of a personal "you" having personal thoughts and interacting with its objects, or 2) unadorned consciousness of consciousness.

(Thought experiment: at what age could you have read the above and it "seemed to make real sense to me"? Consider that even a 7- (or even a 10- and sometimes even a 30-)year old could read the above, but have no personal connection to it at all. "WTF does that mean?!?" Also, how YOUNG one was is of no importance at all! Only, that one finally feels the "tip of the spear".)

Ordinary consciousness is full of collective concerns, the on-going never-ending business of the bunch that keeps them quite occupied mentally, emotionally, physically, for their entire lives, but which are ultimately of no real direct consequence to the individual's higher nature - his "essential being", "what he IS" - and so, living always at the superficial level of distracted, clouded awareness, life, for humans everywhere today, is just "one damn thing after another!" And, "oh yeah, then you die!"

What more needs to be said, REALLY? All the stuff about forces, and energies, and features, and centers, and circuits, etc. - just to name a few in a list that numbers in the many hundreds if not thousands - are just things to focus attention upon, to think about, but what can be gained in the ordinary state of distracted, clouded awareness? (The state often termed, "sleep".)

The simplest statement that could be made here, perhaps, is that if there are OBJECTS, THINGS, involved in one's conscious perceptions, and there is nothing conscious of that consciousness, then one is ASLEEP. Stay AWAKE to the running of the machine throughout its daily activities, and stop always justifying, rationalizing, and becoming negative at apparent failures. Begin again. Simple.

**Tip of the Spear. The sharp pointed part that does not necessarily do all the work but, without it the spear itself is not a spear but a blunt stick. The tip is the first to go in, the part that starts the process for the rest of the spear to do its job and bring down the prey.

Teaching by example

All of life on Earth teaches by example, from birds to bees and all the rest with the sole exception being humans. Humans can just barely teach by example, so to fill in the gap, they developed/evolved language. But, even with all that, although the rest of life on this planet is very successful passing on what is necessary to those coming up from behind, humans don't pass on what is necessary to others of their kind - especially children - except in very rare cases. At best, usually, they can hardly even teach themselves, and so most of the time cause more confusion in others and themselves than they ever alleviate.

What is scarcely known by the masses, and just barely even by the few of the few, is that the loss of the ability to teach by example is precisely what allowed the rapid - and it was exceedingly rapid compared to the rest of the life forms here - evolution of those parts of the brain that learn and use coherent language. Humans lost one powerful ability but gained an even greater ability - exponentially greater - so that they became masters of this planet in just a few short years, perhaps just a couple thousand.

Do you know what this kind of accelerated evolution means for us humans today? Hmmm? By giving up something, on purpose, intentionally, we might acquire - which means ACTIVATE - another part of the nervous system that can experience Reality much more directly, if not actually directly. Call it the "Direct Way" if you need a hook to hang you hat upon. Now, what do you imagine that "something" might be that one must intentionally "give up", so as to allow higher energies to flow freely into those presently un-activated areas? Hmmm?

Well, don't look for answers here because if you don't already KNOW, then very likely you will NEVER KNOW. It's the math and physics of the situation, and humans are wholly embedded therein... that being their "problem" without available solution. You see, Life does not NEED everyone to acquire these "higher capabilities", just a few, and because of the way Life has constructed humans, the few are already "seeded" with the senses - or "extended senses" - necessary to shift the balance from "not possessing" at all, to fully possessing it all.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

The Problem of Imagination

The Problem of Imagination is that it isolates one from the rest of the world. There is simply no way to verify someone's imagination, leaving most sane, intelligent people to conclude the other guy is either lying or very confused. What is actually worse for that confused person is to locate others who say they have verified it. Then the silliness gains in force and strength and like a magnet, draws others into the web of deceit or confusion.

How do you think Bigfoot became so popular? Or ships from alien worlds and abductions with anal probes? Or ghosts of dead family and non-family members? Or existence of life after brain death into "heaven" or "hell" or better or worse? Or someone speaking directly to God and God speaking directly to them?

People don't KNOW the truth, so the brain concocts possible "truths" and then convinces itself of the validity of those imaginary beliefs. And then to make matters much worse, it broadcasts the confusion into the world hoping to find others who believe it, and together they can "form a group" of "like-minded people" with an agenda. It is an enabling system and it works very well. (Do you know how many people actually believe in a PHYSICAL God in Heaven? A bunch!)

The solution to this problem is simple. Believe NOTHING that anyone reports about anything, and be SKEPTICAL at everything you think and speak, and don't stop. If you hear it, then you have thought it, and if you have thought it, then it can't possibly be true or correct. Perhaps a pointer, or a signpost, but NOT the destination. Don't Stop Moving Forward.

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Thought is a structure

Thought is a structure, and the more dogmatic it is, the more rigid that part of the topology (topology studies properties that are preserved under continuous deformations, including stretching and bending, but not tearing or gluing).

"This" - going on herein on a daily basis - is about the creation of a new, more dynamic structure that you WILL into existence - first from desire, then from necessity, thread by thread - and this new vigorous base becomes the warp and woof of your "new understanding."

Ordinary "thinking" is rigid, nearly fixed in concept and definition. It conforms to "known neural pathways" (usually forced, enforced, and reinforced by, parents, peers and educational systems), and melds (blend of melt and weld) seamlessly with the fabric of "the already known." It is "thinking with examples."

"This" is about thinking with energy alone, not words, concepts, ideas, definitions, examples. It is completely dynamic and fluid, and "seeps out and in" osmotically, rather than being absorbed into the fabric. And, rather than being an effortless often unconscious assimilation, it is an intentional and creative act of will.

"This" is about remembering, without thinking about it.
"This" is about thinking, without remembering about it.
"This" is a completely UNKNOWN process which is the literal shortcut you've been seeking, but did not know it.

Friday, February 15, 2013

Who let the dogs out? (again)

"I have tried logic, embarrassment, name-calling, criticism, still you guys won't settle down on your own. So, now I'm going to have to move into direct verbal attack mode!"

Or, so someone said who finally just got Tired, with a capital T, listening to all the crap that passes for "self-observation", "thinking", "considering", and all the other noise going on there. Someone, who realized the dogs barking and yapping in the yard all day (which is really nothing more than "yard-games"), simply MUST be quieted, "SO I CAN HEAR MYSELF THINK!"

And there's more than one way to do that, several even, nay, dare I say it - hundreds. OK, I'll go out on a limb here - there's billions of ways to awaken (about seven so far and counting). Not one, not 4, especially not Four - but billions. And, suddenly the yard is quiet, and you're there composing your "Great American Operetta" for the London Symphony Orchestra playing the damn thing in real time, to a  silently appreciative audience - of ONE.

One Thing. Silence.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

The New class of state-changers

Dreams are primarily a visual experience - visual expansion.
Psychedelics are primarily a sensory experience - sensorial expansion.

Conscious evolution, if it exists/occurs, would mean that the nervous system - that which makes a human viable, moving around, and talking (not really much more than that) - evolves from the conditions under which it is genetically tied to the planet, to a new species/being.

The new species/being would be like an alien on this planet, because the fully functioning new species/being would be a resident of the solar system, not just a planet, even though it would look identical to all others of the human species (being tied to this planet). The new species/being would be infinitely (or at least, a whole lot) more complex than the simplistic creatures among which he would live.

But, it would require a new class of state-changers, as dreamtime is the most simplistic state, expanding only primarily the visual experience; psychedelia is more complex, expanding the sensorial experience. But they both lack the expansion of the intelligence, and consciousness of the new class.

Complexifying linguistic neural involvement is primarily an intellectual experience. The ability to control attention - not just the ability, but the knowledge of place and time and sequence and perception - complexifies the nervous system. Like doing three things at once, or five things at once. Doing Thinking, that is. Not, doing "things".

Could a person ACT the five "thingkings", at ONCE, he would already have to be conscious - DOING IT, as opposed to thinking about it, or talking about it. There is only one profitable way to think about this activity that is not metaphorical. And sticking to only that one, will most definitely clear your head, calm the voice, and reveal the secret.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

SARS Alert! SARS Alert!

(Sequential Awareness of Reality Syndrome, that is.)

Yes, folks, it's a worldwide, all-pervasive set of symptoms, that, unfortunately for those so infected, exhibit no symptoms that can be detected by anyone else, precisely because everyone is infected.

Life can be viewed as an infinite comment - mere pieces of which are constantly being heard, and perforce of that hearing, expressed by all the living humans of the day, as their own.

Ordinary awareness, being fragmented and sequential, claims ownership of each little piece, and that ownership is the personality (property) called, Fred, or Mary, or Jane, or Aloysius - though it hardly matters, since all are simply squatters on the same plot of ground wherein everybody lives, and again, unfortunately for those so infected, it's an out-of-the-way leper colony on an out-of-the-way island, on an out-of-the-way planet, etc., etc., etc, that is populated by pompous, pretentious, little kings, queens and paupers, all trying to dominate the place with their "view of things" reflected in their own tiny mirror (between ears and behind eyes) - whereupon they are the most beautiful creature alive.

Funny? Sad? Who's to say, but those so infected who discover the truth about where they live, before they die.

ps- oh yeah, there are a few (probably millions, really) symptoms
which begin to develop at different times, in everyone -
1) refusing to believe the syndrome exists
2) refusing to believe you're actually infected
3) denying the, according to you, "poor choice of words" (sequential,
awareness, reality, syndrome - hey, words in general)
4) wanting to argue about those words, ad nauseum
5) thinking everything is just "all in your head"
6) thinking everything is just "too obvious to think about further"
7) DUH!! ("Damn U Homey! Time to die." as in "kill-the-messenger")
8) syndrome, sin-drome, sin-drone, droning on about syndromes, it's
what fuels the leper colony - and, don't you just love it?

Monday, February 11, 2013


The only "sin", which is not the only appropriate word here, is to mistake Entertainment for Seriousness.

There are hundreds if not thousands of directions one can go, in order to pursue/acquire the holy grail, or locate/enter shangri-la, and they are all without exception interesting pastimes for genetically-motivated explorers/travelers, but when they are pursued too seriously, "as if their lives depended upon it", one can miss the essence of the experience. People can get so invested in their oh-so-serious pursuits, that small, inconsequential, even quite silly things can knock them out (of the group of explorers from whom they used to find certain strength.)

Without exception, all directions require movement, from where one presumes/believes one is now (in their head/body/life), to where one presumes/hopes to be in the future (in their head/body/life). Without exception. There is no possibility for arrival anywhere, without the aforementioned movement, and so the mind must conjure for itself, a journey - from "here" to "there".

Without this possibility to think about action that has not yet occurred, one might as well be dead. From this point-of-view, non-humans (animals, insects, plants, etc.) are dead. They don't move from where they are born - they die exactly as they are born. For them, life is serious - from birth till death.

Only humans have the possibility to think about action that has not yet occurred, and that innate capacity exists in one, quite well-known place - in the head, in the cerebral cortex, in the frontal lobes. The only movement possible, whereby one may not die exactly as they are born, is up there, and can occur in only one way - the pushing of energy into virgin, un-yet-populated gray matter. Sounds just a little too clinical for most, yet, only in today's time zone, can it even be stated that way - and only today, can it even be heard, and enjoyed.

Funny, huh?
And Fun, too!
Serious entertainment?
Perhaps it is true.

Nexus Plexus

A s y o u l o o k a t t h e s e l e t t e r s a p p e a r i n g o n e a t a t i m e a c r o s s y o u r s c r e e n o f c o n s c i o u s n e s s a n d s i m u l t a n e o u s l y h e a r i n g t h e q u e s t i o n - W h a t i s t h e o n l y t h i n g o f w h i c h y o u c a n b e c o n s c i o u s ? - o f w h a t a r e y o u n o w c o n s c i o u s ?

The only thing you can be conscious of is consciousness being conscious, short of that, it's all just shadows on the wall of the endarkened cave wherein you are chained to the four walls by all four of your limbs.

The ordinary consciousness in your brain, the state you are in right now... and right now... and right now... is the only thing of which you are or can be conscious, and it is the thing that entirely constitutes what you call you.

You are not conscious of the CRT screen; you are not conscious of well-formed, well-ordered, serially-running black dots on that screen; you are not conscious of sensations resulting from the visual impressions falling upon the nerve endings deep inside your endarkened brain cave wherein you are chained to the...; you are only conscious, or you are not, of consciousness - either your are, or you are not.

When you look up there, in there, to see what consciousness is doing inside your brain cave, you will eventually discover that what it's doing, almost FULL TIME, for your entire life, is not knowing what to do, and then, doing everything it can to keep from having to face it - it will talk to people to find out what they think, it will read books to find out what the author thinks, it will even watch tv to find out what tv characters think, etc.

When you are reading, or listening to other people talking, your consciousness will listen to their talking/reading, and it will temporarily >>replace your consciousness<< - their talking replaces your consciousness - because consciousness does not want to be by itself, which is, if you want a particularly close-to-the-bone definition: being awake.

That is, you look up at consciousness and you see that it is doing anything but simply being conscious.

Friday, February 8, 2013

"Don't talk about Fight Club"

(no, not that fictionalized gang of ruff-n-tuffians looking to make a name for themselves...)

This one:
There is a fight going on minute-by-minute and you know where, though the noise of it only rises to a level that "YOU" actually become aware of it when circumstances are such that the noise can be heard by the conscious part of the brain - you know, that tiny part "that knows and sees all", that "YOU" call "me", and sometimes "I". The "know-it-all" in charge-of-the-moment.

Since everyone lives deeply embedded within this "fight club", the struggle to survive involves lots and lots of talk. There is the useful kind that enables one to get along out there in the relatively important physical world - pay bills, buy foods, take baths, fill out forms, create lists, and appear almost sane and smart to other people - and the not-so-useful kind that keeps one quite asleep and as clueless as yesterday about the vastly more important internal world - arguing over the meanings of words, conspiracies, life-after-death, gods, devils, angels, ghosts, aliens, etc., and do they or do they NOT exist - and since each yesterday is qualitatively approximately the same as the one before, well, how is tomorrow going to be any different? (And, does "tomorrow" even exist?) Guess what, it isn't going to be any different, and it may not even actually exist! In general, everywhere, people are just as bad (dumb and stupid and clumsy and asleep) as were people thousands of years ago, only about different matters, and most of the same ones.

So, what's all this talk about "Don't talk about it" actually mean, and in what ways can this one simple "task" (if one discovers HOW to accept it for oneself - NOT as easy as you might think) make every tomorrow qualitatively better than the one before? Ah, there it is. (The meaningless question, that is.)

There is a substantive difference between KNOWING and THINKING-ABOUT-SOMETHING (which is just another way to suggest ACTION and thinking-about-action), and isn't this what the "fight club" (of "I's", "me's", each calling themselves "MYSELF") does all day long (thinking-about-stuff)? I.e., "I's" talking at/to/with other "I's", fighting the same battles, struggling with the same pseudo-questions of presumed importance, day-after-day for decades.

And, hopefully, you DO GET that the "fight club" referred to herein (that dare not be mentioned) is YOU, all those dueling "I's" seeking momentary, transient, supremacy. And, that nothing - NOTHING - keeps one's potentially ascendant spirit chained to the concrete floor of the dungeon, wherein one carries on these interminably inane conversations with oneself ("I's" dueling "I's", to some imaginary, though quite presumed, "death", that is no "death" of course, as "I's" have the power of re-incarnation; no, not "re-in-car-nation", but coming back again, even after months or years or more.)

Finally - at least this time (thanks be to the Big Guy) - some may realize that all of this is about "anecdotalizing" one's life (and the esoteric "need" to cease that activity once and for all time), which means "hanging onto stories about yourself" and then willfully repeating them back to yourself and to others (so you don't FORGET THEM, and so you don't TRANSCEND "who and what you are"). NOBODY repeats stories they don't remember, or value enough to repeat - they usually just fall away like so much dead skin in the morning shower. If one could free oneself from the "fight club", they would ascend to the status of King of the Kingdom, or better, King of Kings, leaving the "fight clubbers" to waste their time and lives down in the depths of the dark dungeon, he said perhaps overly alliteratively.

ps- there are NO FACTS here, just a mind out of control, on daily spin duty, trying this, trying that, seeing and feeling and sensing (in real time) what "works".

Disconnection from the wall socket

Vacuum Cleaners (humans) will ONLY work when the cord is plugged into the wall (alive), and since the on/off switch is always stuck at >>ON<< (hey, NOBODY plugs it into the wall, without switching it >>ON<<), it sucks up everything in its path (through the five senses). That's what Hoovers (Humans) do!

(sub-heading: Don't be a damn HOOVER!)
(sub-sub-heading: Disconnect NOW for even more FUN and PROFIT!)

Since everyone's "bag" (brain bag) is nearly full by now (well, full enough; Jeez!) - after decades of sucking up the detritus of living (you know, stuff left behind, shit that no one wants... well, except YOU!) - that V.C. has become so heavy, bulky and awkward to move around from place to place (concept to concept), that now even the power-to-properly-suck has become minimized, and nothing new can get in there.

If only the V.C. could get unplugged and the bag flushed entirely of the dust-of-living, it might allow the device to attract/suck new and even more tasty SHIT that YOU might actually WANT, could you but get unplugged and fully flushed. (Yeah right, like that's gonna happen any time soon, eh?)

Thursday, February 7, 2013

The Mystery that is "The Secret"

Perhaps it is the same in all human languages, but the mere mention of the word "Secret" causes certain noticeable changes in the nervous system, distinct from most other words (though that is highly subjective). Though the word can NOT be satisfactorily defined, beyond the most simplistic terms - such as: "kept from the knowledge of any but the initiated or privileged", just to name one - and given the one just described, leads to other difficult terms, like "initiated", and "privileged", and so it goes.
"The Secret" is really just a circularity-of-wordforms posing as something more substantial; that is, something you can "put your finger on", which of course no one can, but isn't that the FUN of it?

"Well, now that you mention it, you betcha!"

Let's say "Waking Up" out of the almost permanent "sleep-mode" in which all humans appear to dwell - most of whom don't even know about the concept, let alone the techniques that might actually lead to it - is "The Secret" that can never be satisfactorily detailed, only experienced for oneself, and then almost immediately forgotten, kind of like a touch on one's shoulder that causes one to turn and LOOK AROUND, but that one can never adequately tell anyone how to "Feel the Touch that Awakens".

Let's say "Waking Up" is being aroused from slumber not by a touch on the shoulder but rather by an ITCH that can never (thankfully) be SCRATCHED, and the effort to tell others "How to wake up" is a fool's errand, and the AWAKE know this, while the ASLEEP never can.

Let's say "Waking Up" requires WILL of a kind that can never be transmitted through a book, or someone else's voice or writings, but was in fact ALWAYS there anyway, but never recognized for what it is. After all, consider this: why would anyone EVER gather the force of WILL necessary to actually awaken, if their rooms are full of rare and not-so-rare books written by people they (say and think and believe wholeheartedly) admire? Do you realize that the "will" they need is not in the books, but in themselves. The pseudo-will in the books is seen as, felt as, sensed as, "good enough", but of course is not. That pseudo-will is a sham, and the AWAKE know this, while the ASLEEP never can.

Better to burn the books, and stop asking others "What should I do to awaken?" and start LOOKING AROUND for the SECRET WILL that does exist within all humans - really, from birth, as if "whispered into each and everyone" (by Mother, God, Life, Universe?) - and nurture that need/will which is really a Life-and-Death Deal struck with oneself. I.E., Get On With It!

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Spider-Men (some thoughts)

Humans are Spiders, and their thought is the silk.

Spiders do not exist in the world from which they draw their sustenance. That is, they don't "catch" others of their kind, except the really retarded ones perhaps.

Spiders build their Webs into which falls suitable prey - all those hapless followers of their attractive scent, shine, sound, smell, movement etc., emanating from the Spider's Web.


In reality, humans bear much more resemblance to Spiders than they do to Primates. Spiders are unique in nature - no other creature creates similar webs of silk in which to capture prey. Humans are unique in nature - no other creature creates similar thoughts of language in which to "capture prey" - though, due to just that language, both these words have slightly different meanings. Thus, Humans are "Spider-Men", spinning their conceptual webs around themselves Alone, perched there on some quivering thread, a mere strand or filament but of extreme "stickyness". These neural threads, which humans call thoughts and ideas, concepts and theories, facts and fallacies, are spun out across time and space as "truths" and "lies", to form even larger Webs of Influence, capturing even more humans, just like Spiders do.

Spiders catch insects and humans catch followers. What happens NEXT - after the capture - is the only thing of which humans differ with spiders (well in this impromptu flight-of-fancy). Spiders kill the captured for food, but humans "kill" their followers for attention. This neuro-electrical frequency of vibration (attention) acts like a cyclonic vacuum cleaner, the more dominant thoughts cleaning up the more submissive thoughts.


Tenuous is one's connection to the many stories out there, encircling the globe, some as old as our species is old. Religion is such a story, most being older than old, with many characters, plots, sub-plots, side-plots, and filler, lots and lots of filler. But that connection is also as strong as any spider's silk - the strongest tensile strength fiber in nature - and in Men it is really stronger than strong. Sometimes a spider's prey gets free. In the case of most humans, once caught by some religion, they are caught for life, and the connection becomes stronger - although in this 21st century, that is becoming less so, thankfully.

These fibers of neural connections are like nuclear strong-force fibers of speech, bits and pieces of language (words) weaved together by the "Hand/Mind of...", well, ...nobody really knows, for purposes nobody really knows, and like a nuclear web of interacting forces, nouns, verbs, punctuation, and all the many other parts of speech, create a neural web capable of strongly attracting millions of the otherwise quite unsuspecting, across time and space. Like flies to the spider, and moths to the flame.

The thing about spiders and flies, is that spiders do not have to go looking for flies - that's what the web is for. Flies, on the other hand, go looking for it, like a lover seeking its beloved - that's what the spider is for, to provide a suitable landing place, which for them is usually final, and permanent. And spiders have perfected their attraction almost as well as humans have perfected theirs. But humans can do MUCH MORE than spiders, including taking over this little blue planet in only about 250 years!

the scientific stuff: here
this message is simply my ad hoc spin on part of that story.

In the beginning, the real beginning, was "The Secret"

That is, that which was known by one was systematically conveyed to all - one by one by one - including you. This Secret was transmitted at a time of its choosing, not yours or anyone's. Today - every "today" since the beginning, the real beginning - everyone knows ABOUT "The Secret", but practically nobody KNOWS "The Secret."

Therefore, although everybody knows ABOUT "The Secret", but can't discuss it, or won't, they become satisfied being one of some named group that SAYS they know "The Secret", even if the Head-Guy doesn't know a damn thing about it. People can be convinced of ANYTHING once told a thing - like "god exists", "angels are looking out for you", "aliens once visited this planet and seeded the population", etc., etc. - and, if there is some NAMED GROUP (across our local time and space) who actually codified their "The Secret", to some extent, and made it available to generations that followed, large groups of people WILL be convinced of it - and two or three is "large enough". (Talk can convince people of ANYTHING once the thing is actually spoken.)

What's of most importance here is that practically EVERYONE believes there is some "The Secret" out there, and given that basic, general acceptance, will STRONGLY desire to know it, and know it well. Then, some people here and there - it never fails - stand up and declare loudly enough so that it can be heard over the NOISE that is the "mind of man" common for that locality, "I KNOW THE SECRET", and "LISTEN UP, I WILL TELL IT TO YOU!" and so, he does.

Well, "The Secret" starts with - written on the wind, the stars, the lakes and rivers, the dust and dirt, and the deep-blue sea - "Nobody knows the secret, and Nobody can tell you or show you how to know the secret." The inference being, you are completely ON YOUR OWN about this, and the best anyone can do is refer to "The Secret", and then quickly pull the carpet out from under anyone who might hear it, so as to leave - at most - a mere impression that, "Hey, wha' happened?!?", but that impression was so deep and wide that they want to return "there" once again, and won't give up trying, since they now know it's a "life and death" Deal they have struck with themselves. Love is for pussies and for most everyone a huge distraction. The Deal can only go down, when "YOU" are not around. The deal can only be done, when "YOU" are no more than... ONE.

ps- you do get that, this bit herein was NOT "The Secret", but a mere reference to it, in words only, only words. The REST is up to you.

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Humans are Fucked

Now I don't want this to be taken the wrong way, in some kind of negative or hostile way, or confused as just another rant from the Head Ranter-on-Deck - who's clearly had lots of practice.

Animals are NOT fucked - no way, no possible way, they're perfect - for the exact same reason Humans ARE fucked, imperfect, so go figure.

Shall I "show my work?" Ok.

There is only one possibility for these hapless humans. (Hapless means one is lacking hap, "good fortune, luck"; the words happy and happiness also have the root "hap.") To be SO VERY DESIROUS of escaping their fate, that they gather the strength and stamina to seek out and locate the "escape hatch" (the one and only "escape hatch" - same for all humans, though non-existent in non-humans {as there is no need for it}, which of course is why Animals are NOT fucked, but humans are, for not knowing about the "escape hatch", not believing it can exist even when told about it, and not wanting to locate it on their own even if they do.) You see? Fucked.

This is the Ultimate Escape Hatch for those so-inclined to squeeze through.
[As first reported in several other places some years ago, and then continued herein daily, mostly.]

This U.E.H. is personal for everyone - one size does NOT fit all, one location does not work for all, one direction does not work for all, one method does not work for all - so your mileage WILL vary, wildly, and whatever you might (be able and willing to) "reveal" about your U.E.H., do know that it will be met with resistance, but of course, as the Borg would say, "Resistance is futile."

One "way" to think about this, is that it is the attempt to crawl OUT of your body (which connects you to this planet due to the constant and almost continual identification with "being alive"), "just-in-time", before it - the body, or vessel - finally falls away into some dumpster, back alley, grave, urn, or whatever becomes of it at the end of ITS journey. This is one spin on the "just-in-time escape" method.

Another "way" to think about this, is that it is the attempt to crawl UP into higher mind (which connects you to the cosmos due to the Life's ongoing evolution of the human species), "just-in-time", as it - the cosmos, or upper light - gathers those who succeed at this, Really Succeed, into the Clear Light of the Universe. This is another spin on the "just-in-time escape" method.

Another "way" to think about this, is for you to consider on your own, get identified with, learn to live and die by it on a moment-by-moment basis, and then finally disengage with it, so as to be set Free, finally Free.