Thursday, March 20, 2014


"Global Entertainment Conspiracy Kills Optimism"

This Global Conspiracy is perpetrated through the brains of what are called "writers" and "producers" to produce "Shit Programming" for one purpose only: to keep the masses quite asleep and unaware of what is going on around them. Of course the "writers" and "producers" are unaware of this purpose as their purpose is to make more money - but they are equally caught up by it. Whatever their reasons for participating in the game, the results are the same: "Shit Programming."

This Programming fills their heads with incorrect, sometimes even malignantly ridiculous nonsense of all kinds, which fills just those parts of the brain where ordinary optimism would grow and prosper and flower were it not for this modern phenomenon which is even spreading to the rest of the world as it slowly becomes "modern enough" to get plugged into it.

The current list of "shit programs" available on American and European Television is enormous, and increasing - and it is easily obtainable by the rest of the worldwide audience having the capability to receive it: electricity, a television set, and possibly an internet connection, or even a smartphone over WiFi - and yet the willing watchers do so without realizing the negative long-term effect of this nonsense, nor what it is doing to their "higher parts", seeming to prefer the stimulation of their "lower parts." Most entertainment programs - including news shows - are filled with negative images and impressions and ideas, which supplants one's tendency for Optimism and Reasoning. After a few short years, or a decade or more of this "junk food for the mind," people begin to think and believe the world actually IS as they perceive it to be on the tube-for-boobs.

Shades of "Reverting to the mean,"
in both senses of that word.

Obviously (or it certainly should be), this is NOT about the "quality" of entertainment programming - primarily television, movies, etc. - but the tendency in human beings everywhere, young and old, to be mind-numbed on a regular and continuing basis by willingly participating in the "game" being perpetrated upon them. And, what is worse, the Internet has become even worse in so many places, though, as always and everywhere, there are some very important exceptions. Those "in-the-know" find those places/exceptions and they can benefit greatly by gaining access to that which the rest of the world - NOT "in-the-know" - has no interest in pursuing.

Mental and Emotional manipulation is the "name of this game", and most people actually enjoy being manipulated - while "believing" they are making choices. The same thing occurs in many areas of modern human life, and some of the worst examples are in the Marketing Game, where the producers construct short scenarios that hook the ordinary mind and without letting go even for an instant, push their message into the weaker minds who haven't learned to avert their eyes and ears in time. The consumerist societies around the world have become pessimists, lacking any chance of objective reasoning, because the Conspiracy is so pervasive. It comes into their homes, into their bedrooms, their kitchens, their bathrooms, their automobiles, everywhere. It covers the globe like a dense FOG, and that FOG fills the brains of the otherwise unsuspecting, who have given up hope for this world, this Planet, our Species, even their own Self-Perfection.

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