Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Looking for "inspiration"

Where do most people nowadays go for "inspiration"? That's easy. The Internet, TV, Radio, and sometimes, if they absolutely must, physical books. But there is another place, a better place, and most have no idea where it is.

What IS a better (if not actually the BEST) place? That's obvious. Behind your eyeballs, and between your earholes, at a place that only you can know when you eventually DO KNOW IT, if ever. Until then, most people look out there for something to cause their thoughts and feelings to fire up to the degree they can even be noticed above the general background noise that is typical for people in this century.

Look to yourself. The background noise that has been going on all day long, up to this very moment, can't even be remembered in detail, even though it happened... TO YOU, and, even if there was someone holding a gun to your head demanding answers: "At 10.45 a.m. this morning, what were you thinking, and what were you feeling?" You see (if you are properly HONEST, as too few ever are or even can be), it is all just like soapy water down the drain during one's daily shower. You don't notice the droplets of falling water and soapy bubbles - nor should you, it's totally unnecessary - and you don't notice the flailing thoughts and soupy feelings - but you should, you absolutely should.

Why should you or anyone bring more attention to their moving thoughts and feelings? For the same reason one should bring more attention to their movements in the external world. PLUS - and more importantly, and interestingly - there is INSPIRATION there. Hell, there is inspiration EVERYWHERE can you but notice it, unlike that which passes for such out there in the world of Internet/TV/Radio/and most/all books, which - if you can notice this at all - are all After-The-Fact reports from somebody else, rather than - more importantly, and interestingly - In-The-Moment observations/realizations from yourself. That is, they are YOURS.

Inspiration of a certain kind - and one could even say, the Best Kind - always leads to action, and the movement of energy into and around the "point" (a very variable and expandable thing) being observed. Time slows down - sometimes a little, sometimes a lot - so that something New (for You) can actually be seen (thought, felt, sensed) that is usually missed and not even noticed.

Do you know WHY you didn't write something on YOUR BLOG (or wherever you would do that) today, or yesterday, or the day before, etc.? Do you know WHY you can't carve out 10 minutes of "quiet time," "intentional thinking/feeling time" - at least DAILY - to find something New (for You) and then Activate Yourself in that particular way? Do you know WHY - instead, as usual, ho hum... - you respond with such silliness as, "Oh, I could do it if I wanted to, but I don't want to... I have better things to do!" Like, but not limited to, scouring the Internet, watching TV, listening to the Radio, reading my current book, and updating my Facebook Status... yada, yada, yada.

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Life is Great TV

People in Life, who are not at least conscious ABOVE THE LEVEL common for the masses (a fairly low level once you notice it rightly), will usually miss the juiciest parts, the tastiest parts, that offer levels and degrees of entertainment that only Life can. Humans, in fact, do not really have a clue to what is possible, UNTIL someone discovers this and tells someone about it.

Life plays ping-pong with one's thoughts and emotions with absolutely NO LET-UP. People in Life who are living at the common level do not notice this at all, as it has already become their normal/ordinary state-of-mind-and-heart to be so unrelentingly bashed and battered. People in Life are continually manipulated to think this, think that, feel this, feel that, do this, do that, and although - in general - everyone at least suspects "something is up," if not "seriously amiss", they also feel powerless in every way to do anything about that. And so the Game continues, and they are the ball-in-play.

The result of this worldwide dissatisfaction with Life in general, and one's own life in particular, has contributed greatly to the increase in thinking, talking, and writing about it. Life even had to invent/evolve some human brains to the degree necessary that electricity could be put to some use other than simply being one half of the thunder-and-lightning show it puts on daily. On Earth, the lightning frequency is approximately 40–50 times a second, every hour and every day of the year, or nearly 1.4 billion flashes per year. What a resource!!! This was always true, of course, but only in the last four hundred years or so (a mere millisecond in Earth Geologic time), did Life/Humanity have even the possibility to eventually create computers and the Internet, and not until that was accomplished - and both became available almost everywhere to almost everyone - could this thinking, talking, and writing begin the inevitable, by then, exponential increase that Life, apparently, was going for.

Why, you might ask? Because Life on Earth is at a crossroads and almost everybody knows it without actually knowing it - or, put another way - everybody is overly stressed out, and dissatisfied in the extreme with practically everything, and it is harming humanity in a general and quite noticeable way. Life has needs, and apparently they were not being met before the use of electricity and the growth of systems - including personal systems - that utilize it. Why? Again, more thinking, more talking, and much, Much, MUCH MORE writing about every damn thing and then some.

Again, what is Life going for? More thinking, talking, and writing. And what is the Internet - in all its aspects? Thinking, talking, and writing in quantities that could not even be imagined just 20 years ago, and that quantity is increasing day by day: today there are over One Trillion unique URL's, and in just a few short years from now, there will be 100 times that number.  Remember, always, what it requires to create a URL. One or more humans (with activated brain cells) thinking, talking, and writing the contents that are published for the rest of the world to find, read, think about, talk about, and write about, only to add even more content to the already bulging Internet. You might ask, "What the Hell is Life up to here?"

Honestly, this can be known to some degree, but not by the masses - NEVER by the masses. They will always only BE USED by the Internet, and thus will never rise above the game that is being played on them. Which is... moving the energy of Life Itself around the globe at the speed of light, moving thoughts from brain to brain to brain. The end result of all this movement of energy, apparently, is NECESSARY for Life to achieve its purposes.

(Post Script: which may be to provide for a solution to the massive problem even some humans have discovered and now call, "the next great extinction level event"... which some of them now realize may be the deleterious result of actions and inactions - mostly unconscious and unknowing - of the human species itself. Life knows, just as some humans know, that it needs to get off this planet BEFORE the (quite likely next) E.L.E. forces yet another multi-million or more year delay. How would YOU feel if you were "this close" to Real Success, and then lost damn near everything?!?)

Thursday, April 24, 2014

"Pay it forward"

Everyone nowadays has heard of this idea - and if you haven't, look it up - but (from one viewpoint) the reason this world (this planet, this country, this government, this state, this neighborhood, this whatever) is so screwed up, and seems to be getting worse and worse every year, is precisely because people everywhere do NOT "pay it forward," but expect everyone else to "pay me first, and pay me NOW!" This is connected to the Chinese proverb: "Give a man a fish, he eats for a day; teach a man to fish, he eats for a lifetime." Unfortunately for our species in general, people are satisfied doing the easy thing - giving away their unwanted scraps (fish) - but not the hard thing - learning how to fish, learning how to teach fishing, and then actually Teaching Fishing.

A person could start a whole teaching just on these two ideas (and come to think of it, some already have been), assuming of course they had actually become more conscious, more self-aware, more enlightened, than the many hundreds of millions who are totally satisfied with just giving lip-service to all of it. Dropping off a couple cans of soup and day-old bread you wouldn't eat anyway to the neighborhood monthly "food drive," is NOT paying anything forward, nor is it teaching someone to fish, but since doing the easy thing has become typical - i.e., always taking the most simplistic view on everything (or, to be even more precise, the simple-minded view) - most people never discover for themselves WHAT these two ideas are really about.

The self-centeredness of ordinary humans all over the world has reached a pinnacle that WILL BE surpassed next week, or next year... you can almost set your clocks by it. Sure, many people - who think of themselves as, "more conscious, self-aware, enlightened," and many other similar notions - say they "pay it forward" but in most cases they are talking about the most mundane and ordinary examples - like soup cans and loaves of day-old bread - but of the Extra-Ordinary examples, most can't even think of one.

ALL people - simply by being born a human being - were given The Huge Gift (huge not in size, but in significance), but few there be who realize that, or understand how they must pay it forward, or have the slightest clue what teaching a man to fish really means in the esoteric sense (it's not about physical stuff... but you guessed that, right?) This could be - for some who still need one - a place to start their "spiritual journey." One should not just think or say the easy thing: "Hey, I already understand all about that," for that is the simple-minded view. One must start by realizing that as one is right now - even while reading this bit - they Know Nothing at all, and maybe the only purpose of human life is to Investigate this Huge Gift... of Ignorance.

And, for those few who have actually made some progress in this, they can already hear those four little words that God, Life, Reality, Existence (or whatever you call your Higher Being) whispered many, many years ago... you tasted it, you smelled it, you heard it, you touched it, and you saw it... but Do You Remember It? Investigate!

Friday, April 18, 2014

"The Brain is the Ultimate Mystery"

Everything about the external world (real and imaginary), including what seems to be going on inside your skin as you know it (real and imaginary), is ultimately about the Mind - the same mind that can and just did write this sentence and the same mind that is reading it for the first time now, and the same mind which can comprehend the general meaning and almost automatically produce some kind of comment - (your comment goes here) - and then we (our Minds) can discuss it if we are so inclined.

This is not true of non-humans, of course, and this should be obvious to all those who can understand such things. Non-humans do not have a mind, even as some more highly evolved do have a brain (even if it is tiny and rudimentary.) For non-humans, the external world is all there is and all there can be. Period.

Animals are not moved to go to war with others of their kind, or even other species just because they don't have the same body type, markings, or vocal sounds. Their extremely low-level form of war - when it does occur, which is extremely rare since "flight" usually prevails over "fight" -  is all about defending themselves from a purely instinctive motivation. Minds are not necessary for this at all. Humans, on the other hand, engage in many sophisticated forms of war, and they have been doing this for several thousand years. Why? The Mind, of course (which is the newest part of the nervous system - higher up - though quite often with considerable influence from the oldest parts of the nervous system - lower down.) The same Mind that just completed this sentence you are now reading and comprehending. Simple.

Humans - having a Mind, even if tiny and rudimentary - have the unique ability to "eat the world" and then digest it, transform it, and reproduce/represent it inside the virtually unlimited confines of the Mind - i.e., their neural landscape, i.e., Words and Memories. When very young, the internal world is infinitesimally small, compared to the external world which is infinitely large. When older, the internal world is much larger and the external world is much smaller. By the time one is in their late teens or so, their internal world is much larger than the external world, and when quite old - past 45 or so - their internal world is many times larger than the external world, which, by that time, may only consist of a handful of stores, gas stations, neighborhoods, theaters, bars, and a few other places, while their internal world includes galaxies, stars, planets, oceans, mountains, countries, states, cities, buildings, institutions, stories, scripts, movies, tunes, and countless (well, very hard to quantify) other places, people, animals and things including detailed descriptions and memories of personal encounters with each of them. The paradigm shift is due to the Evolving Mind - the Ultimate Mystery, to say the very least - i.e., the Black Box that everyone "has" (by a certain age,) but no one completely understands, or even needs to if you want to know the truth (which is the ordinary definition of a black box.)

Since EVERYTHING about human life is 
ultimately about the Infinite Mind, and 
NOT about the large world
Higher Teachings point there first and forever.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Surprise, surprise... and then some!

Hopefully, nobody reading this will be shocked or surprised by what is about to fill their neural pathways, so if you are easily offended, put off, upset or angered by that which enters your eyes and ears, then change the channel right now. You can't say you weren't warned, so here goes...

Nobody knows a damn thing about themselves or the world. (Remember, this post is about YOU, reader, so try to feel some kind of offense, won't you?) What people think or say they know, is just imagination, and most likely amounts to nothing more than what they read or heard. To say that people are clueless - like little children - about the external world, and even more so about the internal world, is a monstrous understatement. People (yes, including YOU) know NOTHING!

(Here is where YOU come to your own aid and supply numerous "proofs" of that which you DO know - usually nothing more than personal anecdotes, and written examples found in books - and all it takes is being alive and ordinary... can you hear it, can you see it, can you feel it, can you sense it?)

Whenever someone says they "know" something, it is just fantasy. The main reason is that the senses necessary for such "Real Knowing" (also termed, Understanding, Wisdom) have not yet become fully activated in anyone. Partially, yes - simply by being born into a human body. Fully, no - more work of a special kind is necessary for that. Ordinary seeing, hearing, tasting, smelling, touching - like yours and mine and everyone's - are not the senses organs necessary for KNOWING, UNDERSTANDING, WISDOM, but only for rudimentary "data collection" at the grossest level.

But for the subtler, finer levels of energy, they are not even tickled (stimulated) by such. For example, though we all can "see" visible light - between infrared and ultraviolet - we can NOT see: radio waves, microwaves, infrared, ultraviolet, x-rays, gamma rays, nor thermal and electromagnetic radiation as a form of heat. Similar phenomena exists regarding the ears since we can only perceive 20Hz to 20kHz, which is just a sliver of what is out there. These higher and lower frequencies can NOT be seen by eyes, nor heard by ears, but only "KNOWN" by the higher sense organs that are not active in anyone, even if they are partially active in someone here and there. But even then - such as those who "see dead people" or "feel the presence of angels" or "hear the voices of ghosts" and many other examples such people report - they are only 1/3 correct, and more likely 1/6 or 1/12 or less. That which is only partially perceived is always perceived as something else entirely.

Humans everywhere WANT to know and understand how the world works, how we personally work - it is what drives our every thought, feeling, action - but we know less about all of that than our cats and dogs do about their realm. In non-humans, everything necessary is built-in at an instinctive level, and since their nervous systems are closed-ended, there is nothing more they NEED to know and understand. Humans have a different trajectory, however. We have what it takes to live the life of an ordinary mortal human, but nothing even close for what is extraordinarily possible. And yes, much more is possible than what people imagine, including all the strange imaginings that have little or no basis in fact.

Friday, April 11, 2014

The No-way Way

Our nervous systems seem to be configured to observe the external world at an extremely high degree of resolution - way beyond the 1900-by-1200, or 1680-by-1050 you are looking at right now - and thus are able to come to certain understandings about how things are put together and how they operate. This is partially because we can see them "from the outside" and "from the inside" and keep both views in mind at the same time. It is Science, and includes all the hard-disciplines. There are obvious limitations, of course, but nothing like what occurs regarding the internal world.

No such capability exists in the ordinary human brain/mind/consciousness (taken as one thing.) Sure, we can say we understand what we are, and how we are made, and how we are put together and how we operate, but we are really just making all this up as we go. It is usually much closer to storytelling and poetry, than to anything even close to scientific, though some inroads are being made these days. In general - that is, for the general public at large, the masses - we don't and can not know these things, even as we can know the intricacies regarding the manufacture and maintenance of:
a fine Swiss Watch,
or a High-performance Racing Engine.
We simply can not see ourselves "from the outside" and "from the inside," and keep both views in mind at the same time.
Simply asked: What is "I"?

If one could learn how to DO THIS (see outside/inside simultaneously) - and there are people out there who will gladly tell you all about it, just run a Google Search - one would be capable of real magic. As we are, we can only "dream about" magical/mythical creatures with fantastical/mystical powers, and perhaps (he suggested with a wink and a nudge) that is a very, VERY good thing - given the fairly low level of "Power and Intelligence" of most people. Imagine your rowdy, noisy, argumentative and ill-tempered next door neighbor being able to do to you what Vampires and/or Werewolves could. What a fearsome world that would be.

Fortunately, there is a requirement in the natural, organic world that with great power and great intelligence, even Greater Compassion and Greater Understanding must always be present, lest the two overcome the world, one or more persons at a time. What a fearsome world that would be.

And so, we have storytellers of all kinds, weaving their tales this way and that, covering all possible (at our rather simplistic level) plot lines, though - as has been suggested elsewhere:
There are only about SEVEN basic plots:
            1. Man against man,
            2. Man against nature,
            3. Man against himself,
            4. Man against God,
            5. Man against society,
            6. Man caught in the middle,
            7. Man and woman,
and about SEVEN basic sub-plots
all of which can be mixed and matched:
            1. Overcoming the Monster, 
            2. Rags to Riches,
            3. The Quest,
            4. Voyage and Return,
            5. Comedies,
            6. Tragedies, 
            7. Rebirth. 
Our Minds are able to imagine almost anything - within certain limits of course - even as our physical bodies can not actualize one word of it (thank "Goodness n' Greatness" for that little bit of foresight.) Well, except in one particular area that has special significance for people like "us" (whoever we are? eh?) 
The Way that is No-way. 
"No way!" 

Thursday, April 10, 2014

The "Escape Hatch"

"There is only one escape hatch that will fully help 
those trapped by this Law - and that is full repeal."

The author of this statement is easy to discover, but the IDEA is larger than he even dreamed when he said it. He THOUGHT he was talking about one thing in particular, but actually he was talking about EVERYTHING. 

There IS only one escape hatch that will fully help those trapped (here on Earth) by the LAW (which binds them to it.) The LAW is grander in scope and more powerful in operation than people know or even suspect. Even those who know about the LAW are still bound by it, but there is often something very different going on "in them" - hour by hour, minute by minute - than in those who have either never realized anything about the LAW, or never made any real effort to get free from it.

The escape hatch could be thought of as the (apparent) "interface" between the (subjective) "in here" and the (objective) "out there", which are, in fact, NOT two "things," but ONE, but for the "process" which continually fragments the seamless flow running throughout all of Creation. 

The Flow is unbroken and unbreakable. It just IS.

Humans are bound by the LAW. It preceded our birth and extends long after our death. It includes everything. The LAW is ONE, IMMUTABLE. Humans, of course, have something which makes constant realization of this virtually impossible, and for very good reasons. Were it not for this limitation, everything would run together in the seamless whole that it IS, and we could not function. The mechanics of our ordinary operation would freeze up, like a high-performance engine (that we are genetically) that had been machined with no tolerances (that we have become due to personality.) There must be tolerances built into it in order for its gears to be able to mesh and to move - in order that any change is even possible. There cannot be a perfect fit; there has to be a certain amount of looseness. Humans are just "loose enough" that they can evolve and change to some appreciable degree even in one short life time. THIS is the escape hatch, having more to do with our built-in "open-endedness" and possibilities for change, than to any particular "place" that must be "found" and then crossed, like some kind of "Bridge to Nirvana."

Humans have the unique possibility to BECOME NIRVANA - liberation from the cycle of rebirth - by transforming their inner perceptions of chaos and confusion typical of their species, into clarity and certainty that is not typical at all. This is the Goldilocks Zone: where everything that is required of one is within certain tolerances - not too little, not too much, not too long, not too short, not too hard, not too easy... "Juuuust Riiiight!"
This is the Escape Hatch. 
The Repeal of one's ordinary experience
in favor of this Extraordinary Realization.