Thursday, August 16, 2012

One's "world view"

If you want to KNOW where the stupidity in the world lives - and I mean TRULY KNOW - then you only have to look in one place!

(I should stop right here, because those who already KNOW need no further explanations. But since some may need a little nudge - I will say a little more.)

I understand that the WORD "stupid" causes great internal stress for most, especially when writ large on their own bathroom mirror, like this: >> S T U P I D << but if you can focus consciousness upon the POINT in your own head where "stupid" falls, each time you hear/read the word and it disturbs your imaginary "peace of mind" - particularly when applied to >> YOU PERSONALLY << - you might be able to SEE SOMETHING about where the "stupidity" lives in the world. It lives in only one place! Not in the trees, in the caves, in the oceans, in the mountains, in the animals, in the birds, in the clouds, NO WHERE ELSE on Earth or off-world can "stupidity" be found! (That's the good news.)

The "other bit of news" some of you, surely, should be realizing, is that I am not just RIGHT, I am CORRECT. What none of you here can yet DISCUSS with any clarity is what that means? That is, what does it mean that STUPIDITY exists in only one place... between YOUR EARS, and no where else, like it or not.

The WORLD is not stupid.
LIFE is not stupid.
YOU are stupid, because you are alive, and still talking - after all these years - about the three-dimensional world in which you have been imprisoned without your prior permission, where the inmates run free and piss all over the place without regard for anyone else! And, what is more revealing about that is... you are not even PISSED ABOUT IT! How do I know you are not pissed? Because you continue TALKING, instead of becoming Way Smarter than you ever were. (Talking about the ills of the world, about things you personally have absolutely NO CONTROL OVER - except in your deluded imagination, also called stupidity - is NOT "being PISSED". What that is, is pissing away your birth-right without even realizing it!)

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Walking and Falling

People who already know something, or just a little bit about the concept of (take your pick) [Awakening, becoming Conscious, achieving Enlightenment], as either Walking or Falling. That is, most people are Falling, in the sense that their forward motion has already ceased, and they are now in a slow-motion tumble into that big hole in front of them. A few are not only not Falling, they are not even Walking, they are Jogging if not Running, because, just like the Red Queen told Alice "Now, here, you see, it takes all the running you can do to keep in the same place". Or put another way, stop running and you're just one step from FALLING behind or worse below.

It is extremely EASY to determine the walkers from the fallers, in that the walkers continually surprise you, while the fallers have already, long ago in some cases, ceased surprising anyone. That is, they have become worse than predictable, which in the world of MIND is early onset terminal stupidity with morbid rigidity.

That is, rigid thinking, same-old thinking, predictable thinking, is that which can not let go of the past, in any sense, but must continue to repeat old ideas, from old sources, and the oldest source everyone has almost compulsively immediate access to is their own genetically-configured neural memory ("my story"). "My Story" has absolutely NO CLUE whatsoever regarding the New, the Original, the Creative, and in that sense they are FALLING.

It absolutely requires constant vigilance to keep one step ahead of the falling which is always pulling one back, like gravity, so... you see...

It takes all the running you can do
just to stay in the same place
and even moreso, FASTER - like Usain Bolt! - to get anywhere 
Wunnerful, Wunnerful.

Anyone having considerable experience on Yahoo Groups (and now Facebook and Twitter) knows quite well, when the Original (and hopefully Creative) AIM is misplaced - when people "take their I off the Goal", even for a day or two, or weekend or two - everything will start descending into commonality, sameness, chit-chat, links to you-tubes, and then the mindless anecdotes (one after another for no particular reason anyway), take complete control of the place.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

"Fact Pushing", and other questionable acts

Having become thoroughly "weened" off this particular human trait many years ago - which evolved over thousands of years, really, as a necessary means for >>physical<< survival, particular in small and larger groups - it continues to AMAZE me, that literally NOT ONE PERSON I know has become so "weened", and apparently can't even INVENT for themselves, or UNDERSTAND why "getting weened" is a Really Good Thing! Realize I am NOT talking about >>physical<< anything, but ONLY (as always!) about the intangible world between the ears, behind the eyes, that can't be touched.

So, the MOST MECHANICAL of mental activities - Fact Pushing - continues to dominate their intellectual death-march, or as they would prefer to hear it said, life-march. Get it?

I could write reams about this "weening" (as in, disconnecting from the NIPPLE... once and for all!), but I fear most would just ignore it, without even a further thought, so I won't. But, I could!

Even those who might read this, and be thinking - right now - "Is he talking about ME? I am not a 'fact pusher!'" (go on, check...) ought to simply re-read their OWN last 30 messages sent to any public forum where there are PEOPLE reading them, and be honest.

Unless you have become thoroughly WEENED off the NIPPLE, believe it or not, someone who CAN SEE, WILL SEE little drops of mommy's milk around your lips and trapped in your beard and/or mustache if you've got one, just as EASILY as reading or hearing your words.

In case there is some lingering question regarding what the OPPOSITE of "fact pushing" (being a FACT PUSHER) is, it is "thinking independently" (being an "independent thinker" - that is, being FULLY WEENED) - not in imagination, but in the sense that a new neural "TASTE BUD" has developed in you, whereby WHENEVER even the tiniest urge to PUSH ANOTHER FACT arises, that radical taste bud flares up, and flashes ALERT! ALERT! the way rotting meat, eggs or curdled milk does.

It only takes a few - seriously, just a FEW - real 'awakening moments' of this kind, to pull the intellectual death-march back from the inevitable brink - hopefully just in time - and to establish a NEW ENLIGHTENING march to the land of Independent Inquiry into the Nature of Mind, Thought and Consciousness. But then, this isn't a FACT, is it? So, if you're such a PUSHER, you didn't read this, you didn't hear this, I wasn't even here... so there's that fall back position for ya.

HINT: there are NO FACTS in that land. NONE! So when you next feel the urge to trot out some FACT regarding this or that regarding what WE are presumably here (/GA) for (expanding consciousness), see if you can begin to sense the newly burgeoning neural taste bud engorging with refined life energy and kick-starting something!

The old problem of "us" and "them"

Of course there is no such problem, but the thought made up in the minds of men, identified with, and acted upon out there; which is the same thing acted out by the bodies of animals (without their realizing the "problem thought")

The only difference between the Fringe and the Mob, is that

---the MOB sees the world as a damaged place, a pain factory, a problem that needs to be fixed, REAL SOON if not sooner, and "I am the one who can, if not actually DO THAT, endlessly talk about how it should be done!"

---the Fringe sees the world as a perfect, harmonious balance of forces, and the only "PROBLEMS" are those between the ears of the humans who populate the world, and furthermore, there is nothing I can do to fix YOU, and nothing you can do to fix ME, so we should just "make a pact", a "mutual guarantee" that we will talk about ONLY OURSELVES, and keep our neural hands off everyone else.

This is a total SHIFT of perspective, and it doesn't come easily, instantly, or even permanently - that is, we backslide over and over again, but with one HUGE distinction, the FRINGE always TRIES to widen perspectives with each backslide, called "expanding consciousness", rather than - like the MOB - "revert to the mean", which suggests falling back into old patterns of blaming the OTHER GUY rather than seeing our own part in the event(s) - called "going back to sleep".

Overabundance vs. Undernourishment

You know what modern man has an OVER-abundance of: thoughts: about other people, about other things, and about one's ordinary life (how I am treated, how my hopes and dreams are working out, how my past attempts have gone awry, etc., etc., that is, everything but the next bit...)

You know what modern man has an UNDER-nourishment of: refined energies intentionally directed to the higher regions of the mostly starving neural areas wherein originality and creativity are manifested, especially as it pertains to this one particular question: HOW IS IT that Life is so arranged that mankind has such an OVER-abundance of thoughts about everything BUT, why do I think in the way that I do, and lack any originality and creativity therein? And, furthermore, what can be done about this?!?

Hard to English, perhaps, and harder to See for oneself in the moment-by-moment life one is in fact being pushed/pulled through 24-7-365, but the OVERabundance results in the UNDERnourishment, and thus unless one finally - after all these DECADES? - "wakes up", "deeply realizes" this state of yellow-circuit (intellectual center) activity, one remains just as they always were, behind the eight-ball hoping the player-on-deck (Life) misses His next shot! But, seriously, don't count on it!

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

The City and the bushes

What's the diff?
Just this:
--in the city, everyone is a follower - looking left, looking right, for directions on what to think, feel and do next.
--in the bushes, everyone is a leader - looking nowhere but within for directions on what to think, feel and do next.

This may seem strange to read, and hard to accept without immediately arguing, but remember this: arguing with what everybody ELSE says, is exactly what being a follower means! Not knowing a damn thing about the life of the revolutionaries in the bushes outside the city, everyone has a false and incorrect notion of what human life means.

City life for modern-day humans is a tragedy, primarily for their lost opportunities, regrets of nearly all past failed attempts, and bigtime HOPES for something better, which never comes, never CAN come. Misery LOVES company, and you only have to look at your experience in the City where some continue to hold-out for "improvements" that CAN NEVER happen because there is nobody REAL in the city. Just sad, miserable children groping for a mental connection with people they can just barely tolerate.

Fringe life for modern-day humans is a success story, primarily because the residents have discovered something about the human mind, the city folk don't even suspect. DON'T EVEN SUSPECT!!

So, why do I continually PUSH, DAILY, on the one waving nerve-ending which CAN HEAR what I talk about, when 99% (of those here, and of those i's inside your own head) can't even hear it, let alone SEE it? This is my question to YOU because you are here right now.

You may avoid addressing that which I write, and I will never complain directly, however I will continue to provide DETAILED information why you can't, and why you won't, and why you continue to diverge from the Single Thread being here transmitted directly to that one waving nerve-ending which I CAN SEE, even if you can't.

Whatever drives your activity here, it can be RAMPED UP to a level far-surpassing its present frequency of vibration. Fact!

Confusion of tongues

Even if you and everyone you know speaks English - however well or poorly - you don't understand them, you only think you do. The confusion STARTS at the level of ordinary conversation, just like that which is going on here, or elsewhere.

We hear their words, believe we understand what they said and meant, but we don't, because the other doesn't either. Mouths open (hands write) and words come out (get writ), but NOBODY embeds the "KEY" which cracks the CODE that these "mysterious mouth-noises (pen scratches)" actually are, except the most superficially perceived film at the surface - called grammar and syntax. Deep down, into the MEANINGS, into the Driving Forces that PUSHED OUT those sounds and scratchings, we perceive NOTHING!

Not here, not anywhere; but is ANYONE aware of this to the degree they understand what is actually going on here, at a deeper level than just ARGUING: "What the hell are you talking about? I understand EVERYTHING I say to others, and MOST of what they say to me!"

You see, at that instant, the conversation is OVER! Their capacity to "think more than they have to, think more than they CAN" is truly non-existent. There is a specific reason for this.

THIS THING that I am doing here is providing the KEY to deciphering my messages, which are, of course, IN CODE! Fact is, EVERYONE's messages are in code, but few - ok, NONE - contain the KEY to deciphering them. And furthermore, NONE can detail further what I am even suggesting here. There is a specific reason for this.

Consider just this bit: "Love others as yourself", or "Do unto others as you would have them do to you", or the famous "Jesus SAVES" - and I could go on forever with these so-called pithy lines suggesting this or that remedy for the human condition - are WORTHLESS. They might as well be dropped from the language, as they don't include the KEY to deciphering them. So what happens then? Thousand page books are written to explain each phrase, but even THEN, the essential something is MISSING... and the authors don't realize it, nor their still-confused followers. Fast forward to 2012 (6-8 or 10,000 years into this latest experiment) and the human condition is WORSE than its ever been!

More later, but as someone once suggested... "Think on these things."

Monday, July 2, 2012

Group Thinking Experiment

I say, that if only 3 or 4 people of serious intention and reasonably energetic life force collaborated, with as much effort as possible, they could achieve more than ten times their number of just ordinary inclination and energy, and probably more like a hundred times, but who can know?

All thought that is not directly ABOUT the mystery that is thought and speech - the glorious anomaly that is that uniquely human activity - is useless. Oh, for the great masses who are quite asleep and live in the corporeal world of things - matter, stuff - who could never consider this information beyond the minimal effort required to actually READ IT or HEAR IT, let alone consider it, should that opportunity arise one day, their "thought and speech" is absolutely USEFUL but only for the purposes which Life dictates and has wired into all human DNA - grow populations, rule the planet, build civilizations and institutions, and TALK A LOT!!! Which is simply, to move energy throughout the system. That is, the MOVEMENT of LIFE ENERGY, from the bottom of Organic Life on Earth, to the top and then some, as required for the general Health and Well-Being of LIFE ITSELF and none other.

Just as humans eat food to keep their brains alive at least one more day so they can DO IT AGAIN - though from their point of view, it is for 10,000 other reasons - Life eats HUMAN FOOD (expended energy that is) so it can LIVE for another DAY (which is certainly longer in IT'S time than 24 human-sensed hours. Life is recirculating itself, for itself - EATING and BEING EATEN is the primary rule - and mankind is doing the same thing, only doesn't realize it, or what is more important, REALIZE HOW TO DO IT for personal evolutionary ascendance UP THE WORLDS.

I say, part of any revolution - which this most certainly IS, escaping the Prison, moving out of the CITY, advancing to the Bushes and SURVIVING - is the rewiring and retooling of language, the revolutionization of human speech. That is, learning HOW TO "wrap experience in words", or "make your words FLESH", or "Being the Words".

Intelligence versus Stupidity - is that even a QUESTION?

How does "consciousness", or even "being Conscious" relate to such terms as, Intelligence, or even being Extra-ordinarily Intelligent, or to Stupidity or even being Extremely Stupid? This may seem like a pointless question, since the truthful answer, on all accounts, is "I don't know." but since THAT is highly unlikely even within the minds of just ordinary people, what comes NEXT, I say, reveals the relationship in a particularly interesting way. You see, this is all about a particular MOMENT-in-time, when an unseen "mike" is held to your head (near the mouth, usually) and an unheard "question" is presented... and then THE MOMENT we are investigating is "ENTERED".

I asked a small group of people this same question recently after a particularly "trying time", only worded differently so as to confuse their already confused minds ("What have YOU learned, as to your PERSONAL efforts working with consciousness, during the last 3 days, 3 months, etc.") - but it was the SAME QUESTION of course - and I would BET $100 not one of them will even attempt a serious inquiry into it, unless prodded by one or more of the Fringe Revolutionaries still resident there, and even then probably not.

The reason for this inability to pursue a difficult question when posed by another, has to do with two things. One, the questioner's use of language always makes dealing the real topic quite difficult depending upon their "feelings" about the questioner, and Two, the one hearing the question ALWAYS nearly obliterates the actual "sense and significance" of the question in favor of an often nearly meaningless "personal translation" of what they heard or read.

What then happens is this: if an "answer" is even attempted by them, they ALWAYS TAKE THE WRONG side of the presented situation. That is, they try to "answer", in this present case, "what I have learned."

To which I must immediately reply: "YOU MISSED IT! Try again!" They may keep trying, but will also keeping MISSING IT! You see, you must GET THIS instantly, and then discuss CONSCIOUSNESS not as a TOPIC, but as an Eternal Moment in which you now are Conscious. Pulling words INTO THAT EVENT (across the "event horizon") is something no one can do, really, unless and until they WITNESS an example from someone can can do that. DOING is what what I am talking about here.

Consciousness is ACTION!
Not thinking about action.

Consciousness - the New and ONLY topic

Consciousness, the topic - when divorced from your own personal life and circumstances - is just EMPTY words. "Consciousness". Philosophers, even some psychiatrists, and now even neuro-scientists - not to mention Gurus, and Rishis and Roshis and other such "spiritual-types" - talk about consciousness, but in most if not all cases, their talk is not about themselves, personally in the moment, in the Right Here and Right Now, but only in the abstract - as a TOPIC. Thus, from one viewpoint, it is all just EMPTY WORDS.

One's life is "full of" this and that to be sure, but there is an abundance of regret (from thoughts-about-past-actions) and an abundance of hope (from thoughts-about-future-actions). In the middle of all that, in the right here and now, is none of that. No regrets. No hopes. We are quite literally a moving "point of energy-transfer" enlivening our physical bodies in ways we are mostly unclear, and our minds in ways we are even less clear about. That is, we are ALIVE - we are certain about that - but HOW and WHY we have no idea at all.

This moving point of "something" is our connection to the All and Everything - The Eternal Seamlessness - but how that is happening is a complete mystery. Thankfully, we have brains that produce thoughts on command to answer any question. So here goes...

Consciousness of one's connection to the PAST and to the FUTURE within the ETERNAL NOW, in the sense that one is an Eternal Being, one with all life here and wherever it may be found, is 1) something we as humans being DO NOT HAVE, but 2) CAN HAVE, but it doesn't come easily or naturally, because the only thing that does come easily and naturally is DEATH and the termination of thoughts... which point (if there is such) the GAME is reset, and one starts PLAYING yet again in a newly fashioned set-of-clothes (body). How many times one must play is certainly unknown and unknowable, BUT, to achieve everything possible in ONE LIFETIME, is certainly built-into the GAME. That's a fact.

HOW (to achieve everything possible in ONE LIFETIME)?
Can you talk about that here?
Will you talk about that here?
This place and this time is as good as it's likely EVER to get!

"Wings of Desire"

I have not given much energy here, but things have recently changed for the BETTER - so that could free up more time for Personal "Adventions" in the Fringe, for those with a "mind to do so".

One is here provided a Place and Time in which to unfurl whatever "wings of desire" they choose to Place here in this Time, and if they find others who resonate with all or part of that, so be it - if not, consider carefully, is there REALLY any reason to find fault with ANYTHING Placed here in this Time?

From one REAL viewpoint, there is nothing possible FROM ME that is not similarly possible FROM YOU or ANYONE. Humanity, taken as a Whole Being is channeling Life Itself

(with Full Consciousness and Spiritual Intention; that is, doing what "comes Naturally" for its own Greater Benefit, which is of course Thinking, through the highest circuits in MAN, and thus being manifested in his thought, speech and action),

and THAT is the only thing we humans are still not quite DIRECTLY CONSCIOUS of in our day to day existence. We may sense this, but we as yet can't "wrap words around our experience" of this, or practically, operationally, anything else when you get right down to it.

The distance between SLEEP - where we are right now, writing and reading - and ENLIGHTENMENT - where we want to be, where we certainly CAN BE - is just an INSTANT away, but only when we discover the Secret of "Cracking the Adam", over the head, as it were, and WAKING UP into the Eternal NOW.

Adventures await, and there are Inventions to create, so start your ENGINES dudes, and fill this here Gas Tank. There is much to DO, but more than enough time to DO IT.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

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