Tuesday, August 30, 2016

"The Terror of the situation"

Someone recently mentioned the phrase: "The Terror of the situation**" - which has a very definite, though quite obscure meaning to practically everyone (look it up if interested)... including those who casually use the phrase, especially those who bring it up so as to "talk about their self". This piece puts a slightly different spin on the ball.
The past is dead, 
yesterday is dead,
"The" is in the rearview mirror, and 
though there is no "future", per se,
this upcoming period is the "NOW"   .

Humans don't understand SHIT, and if you still claim to be one, too bad for you. The brain can be changed, wiring can be rewired - it's simple; you pull a connection here, and there, and reconnect them elsewhere. That's technology. That's your life in action, and it most often goes on behind the scenes (i.e., subconsciously, outside your awareness.)

Talking about one's life - howEVER one remembers it - is the fool's errand that Life demands from its hapless humans, and why? To keep them in their place of course. Every "look back" sees the same damn thing as previously, but the words that are applied to that "look back" will very often be slightly altered, just a bit, so that even YOU don't realize it. After enough times of this casual "remembering yourself", what you say you remember, may have never even happened at all! From a realistic point of view, "you" are not "you", "you" are someone "else" and you don't KNOW any of them. But they are all still sitting there at the switchboard, forever fiddling with the wiring.
It's a human ZOO in there.

Some guys I once knew, when quite young, had bikes, and rode for hours everyday all over the city, and once got "almost mugged" by an old guy. Both freaked out, but one started crying outloud, shrieking and even wetting his pants. That's how they both told it to me at school the next day. A few decades later we met again for a drink, and when recalling the story, all laughing out loud, the pants wetter said the other guy was the pants wetter! When he was quickly rebuffed, by both of us, saying,"NO WAY... It was you.... how many times have you told that story anyway?" He said, many times over the years, and he was certain he wasn't the pants wetter. As for me, I never thought about it even once, not the rest of the day, or anytime thereafter, till remeeting those guys.
Brains are a bitch. 
Can't trust 'em.
That's where "your life" lives - in that bitch of a brain, and nowhere else, because the past is nothing more than trillions of randomly wired and rewired neural connections that get FRAYED over time, and even rewired again, sometimes over and over - due primarily to this casual "remembering yourself", and "talking about your life" - to suit the more recent telling of "the story". THAT is the TERROR.
You are not who or what you think you are, 
but something else entirely.
And that goes for everybody else!

**The terror of the situation, in Gurdjieff’s phrase, is that we’re consigned to a world run, for the most part, by sleeping people; people who are never awake at all.

“Most people are other people. Their thoughts are someone else's opinions, their lives a mimicry, their passions a quotation.”Oscar Wilde

Monday, August 22, 2016

Thoughts and thinking

It is the easiest thing in the world for humans to talk about thoughts (ideas, concepts, theories, from whatever source) - and once someone can talk, they will do it, from morning till night, and in their day and night dreams... they talk, talk, talk - about thoughts. Duh, right?

Even those without a seriously considered opinion can chime in, and often do, if only to show they, too, have a brain and something to say. Such is ordinary conversation.

And it makes absolutely no difference whether anybody knows what they're talking about - and most don't. Just look for a few minutes on the cable news shows, or the many Facebook and Twitter feeds. An extremely large amount of silly and nonsense talk, but an extremely small amount of intelligent talk. All that matters is that the activity continues without interruption, all over the globe, and in that way humanity mechanically evolves, and technology grows and expands, providing bigger and better mediums-of-transmission, as well as spaces-for-socializing, for more and more longer-living, louder-talking humans.

But what is not easy - what is never easy, and can never BE easy - is to talk about thinking, not simply theorizing about the definitions of the words, or the mechanics of the operations of the constituents of brain matter, but what, precisely, Thinking Is - and especially, what precisely is going on, when you personally are Thinking. And, can you understand the difference between daydreaming (without any effort), intentional thinking (requiring considerable effort), and "revolutionary thinking", which is the kind that never happens by itself, nor even with considerable effort. "Waking Up" doesn't produce it; "Getting Enlightened" doesn't produce it; "Grace" doesn't produce it; "Warm Hugs" from your guru doesn't produce it; in fact those things (or states of being, or conditions) only properly result from the longish-term, intentionally enforced, creatively enhanced simplicity which is, "revolutionary thinking."

It is a kind of thinking without words, with energy alone, that answers all questions before they even need to arise and consume your fragile attention, and taking you down long, lonely roads of confusion, and discontent, and hours and hours of Facebooking and Twittering into the wee small hours.

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

The two BIG MYSTERY words

The chief failing of ordinary humans as it regards their attempts to comprehend the UNKNOWN, is the way they NAME and DEFINE what they don't fully comprehend, long before they have even SENSED one bit of it. And then, making matters so much worse, they TALK TO OTHERS about it using those same words and definitions, which - once you begin to realize what's happening - literally pollutes their minds, who then, quite polluted, set about polluting others, and on and on it goes.
And you wonder why the confusion-of-the-masses is 
so widespread and growing every day?

This is like approaching a wall-sized TV screen of, let's say, 100k by 70k aspect ratio - about 7billion peoples, err, pixels - and noting JUST ONE OF THEM, conclude by that measurement that you fully comprehend the entire on-screen image (on-stage humanity). "How ridiculous!" you would say. One would have to stand way back, WAY BACK - perhaps in space AND time - in order to even begin to GROK what's going on there. Time and Space travel would be required, and well, we just can't DO that.

But, in a way, we can! The Unknown Exists but it is always The Unknown. The more you think you know, and the more you TALK about it with those shoddy, misnamed and misinterpreted, words in use by the commoners (those with whom you are talking and who are talking back), the more out of reach does the Unknown become for you - that is, you don't get smarter, but DUMBER!
And you wonder why the confusion-of-the-masses is 
so widespread and growing every day?

Bless the Unknown, the Unnamed, and stop trying to wrap it in English, or French, or Russian (particularly Russian - jeez, eh?) Rather, sit at the feet of the Unknown, be satisfied with your ABILITY to keep your damn hands off it.

(Big caveat goes here: in the Scientific Method, it often requires naming what is only conjectured, even for a long time, or until the Method can "absolutely" - or for the time being - reject the conjecture, and then it becomes necessary to do it all again, with another, perhaps better or refined conjecture. The first paragraph is about that which is - for the time being - outside the scope of Science... as in the two big mystery words**)

**the words: "God" (is the same as) "Love"
Both of these mystery words should be exorcised 
at your earliest convenience knowing in advance 
NOTHING will be lost, but potentially EVERYTHING gained.

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

The "fringe" and The Fringe

There are many "on the fringe of society" - and the number is actually increasing not decreasing (whereas one might think otherwise, given organized education being available to more and more everyday) - quacks, nutcases, conspiracy theorists, and believers in everything the middle-of-the-bellcurve finds unworthy of their further investigations, including but never limited to those assorted gods, goblins, ghosts, grays, spectres, sprites, other-worldly aliens (at least not the ones the bellcurvers follow, worship, pray to, vote with, fawn over, "friend" and later "UNfriend", etc.).

Then, there is The Fringe, of which the middle has absolutely NO CLUE, nor do "the fringees" who are embedded in the middle, and if ever informed about it, they still have no interest. That's the good news, particularly for those of "The Fringe", because it sets the stage for further unimpeded - by the Mob and "the fringees" (sheeple, hummers and wannabe "people") - investigations by those of "The Fringe".
Got that? (Don't look where the MOB is looking, 
look in the "Here, Now"... does that make it any better?)

Now, "the fringees" AND the middle-of-the-bellcurve MOB (which extends out to about the 47th percentile on each side - thus encompassing about 95%) are ALWAYS about "elsewhere and elsewhen", while "The Fringe" are ONLY about "Here, Now". For them, it always comes back to "Here, Now", and because there is no time, no space, between "Here", "Now", well you get the picture, right? This is the most, and at the same time least energetic place one can exist, since this is definitely NOT a 2-dimensional representation, but a 4- or even 5- so it "wraps around itself".

The nutjob fringe, and the rest of the MOB in the middle, don't even LIVE in the HERE AND NOW - couldn't locate it with a flashlight and microscope, being the only things they "know about" to use in that investigation. Whereas those of "The Fringe" ONLY live here and now, or put another way, People are only ALIVE "Here", "Now" - not "elsewhere or elsewhen".

Final note: Though it is possible to discover "The Fringe" without having to travel through the world of "the fringees" (though it does occasionally happen), it is quite rare. Most simply remain sound asleep in the MOB, and never get the (higher neuronal/hormonal) "tickle" to pursue something else. Most of those who manage to get started, get thoroughly caught up with the nonsense of interest to "the fringees", and like so much quicksand in one's path, it completely stifles their forward movement, and they spend their remaining days, usually, all bogged down, flailing their arms, and yelling for HELP that never arrives. The world of "the fringees" is an unending quagmire of bullshit passing for "really interesting stuff, you betcha", but it's not and never was.

That world as you know it out there is a monstrous subterfuge consisting of unregulated MOB RULE (the powerful/dominant and the powerless/submissive), and the BUFFER ZONE, herein called "the world of the fringees", which keeps otherwise ordinary people from ever discovering "The Fringe" and more particularly making use of it for their own benefit. Some people do discover it, by accident, or by some "gentle" nudging by others, but usually it so irritates their thinking brain - their common neural map of "the world as I know it" - that it both frightens and angers them: 1) because they begin to think, "Crap, if this is true, I'm a dead man!", and/or 2) they begin to feel offended, insulted, belittled, misunderstood, confused. This is NOT the fault of the one who reveals the "new reality of The Fringe", but of their incomplete, or improper foundation and preparation for this kind of stuff.

Thursday, August 4, 2016

Get Extricated!

Having read the prior message about "Getting Connected" a scant few may have focused almost immediately on the phrase: "(Have you) already somehow extricated yourself from the prison you stepped into so willingly when you first "came online"?
If not, I can wait...
Anyway, the hardest thing sheeple, hummers and people can do - at this time in our time line - is INTENTIONALLY pulling our arms and legs (and head and torso) OUT OF the huge Tar Baby our dear, dear Masters of the Family (you know them.... the parents) dumped in our lap so many decades ago...when just beginning our formalized "education"... because the harder one struggles, the deeper, and more firmly is the GRASP and PULL of that cute, squeezable, even adorable Tar Baby.

In this present case - in our time line - the Tar Baby is everything outside your head that is connected to the electrical grid, both the DUMB grid (toasters, refrigerators, desk lamps, electric clocks, etc.) and the SMART grid (computers, smart phones, networks, Internet, etc.) and today, for many BILLIONS of sheeple, hummers and people - who are trying to EVOLVE their consciousness (even though few of them even realize that is what is happening, since LIFE is controlling it for the most part) - it is wrapped around each one, like a thick, viscous, tar field that one can no more EXTRICATE oneself from than they can climb OUT of their own skin and live.
But there is aTrick here
There is absolutely no possible way to discover WHO and WHAT and WHY you are, by thinking about it, even if you think/talk/think/talk/etc. until you've bored even yourself to tears, not to mention everyone else, including your friends who unfortunately won't tell you (so thank god for strangers, who WILL, OFTEN!)

There is only one possible way, and the ancients, the mystics, the holy men, and others have known about it for millennia! They even invented a word/phrase for it in their own native tongue. "Waking Up", which became "Enlightenment", "Nirvana", "Cosmic Consciousness" and many other fun words to say in mixed company to impress others.

Yes, there IS an "essence need" to Know these things, but it is absolutely not the job of the brain to accomplish it. It's job, of course (once you Grok It, Crockett) is to interfere. There is a "something" outside the brain - though "connected to it" in an inconceivable way - that is surrounding the entire organism, that is MUCH larger in size/space, and MUCH longer in life/time, than the minuscule "mind of mere minutes" we have access to. Some call it, Consciousness, The Mind, or Life, or Nature, or God, but it doesn't matter what the brain calls ANYTHING. Only that it calls it something, so as to be thoroughly dazed and confused thereby. For the mystics, however, they all knew they must "get out of the way", so as to allow Real Awakening to come upon one - which it will when this is fully achieved - and they were able to achieve it. The "merely mind" can't KNOW SELF, only the Awakened Mind.

Talking about yourself - endlessly telling stories about your "life in my body", your "life in this world", and telling everyone what kind of guy or gal or trans you are, health-wise, wealth-wise, social-wise, religious-wise, political-wise, and otherwise - is the most time-consuming activity of the ordinary sleeping mind, and if you don't KNOW THIS WELL, then you are still doing it daily, hourly, moment by moment! 
Get Over Your Self, and Wake Up! (It's easy!)
Here's how: (well, today's rendition, tomorrow there will be another): Realize there are two "parts" or "functional aspects" of the minuscule "mind of mere minutes" you think you know, but don't, not even a little bit. Two Parts, almost like Two People, almost like a Partnership that is ever-engaged in working out the "details" of "being alive today" (and one of them is a tyrant - guess which one). What to do, where to go, who to see, when to leave, when to arrive, how to do this, why should I do that, and the thousands of other "ME" questions (which, taken all together, are known as "talking about oneself" to "the partner.") This is a TRAP. It is a TAR BABY and you are embedded in it from the time you can compose reasonably coherent sentences your parents can understand, until you actually WAKE UP (known as "escaping the trap", or "killing the partner" once and for all...phew!!!) Till then, and for all your mortal life here on Earth, from the outside, "YOU" can't even be perceived, you might as well be a ghost. This follows in right-order the unknown and unrealized LAW - which can  also be stated as, the lower can't SEE itself, only the higher can. So...
Get Outside Your Tar Baby, and Awaken! (It's easy!)
Here's how: (you didn't think I was really going to go into this today, did you?)
Okay, abandon Facebook, Twitter, Mainstream News Media,
and all the mental and emotional gyrations your brain
is experiencing for the next [days till election].

Monday, August 1, 2016

Get Connected!

It is the unstated GOAL of Facebook and Twitter (because it is unknown to Mark Zuckerberg-FB,CEO, and Jack Dorsey-Twitter,CEO) to turn all of Humanity into drones - like worker bees and ants and termites and other insect-level know-nothings - whose function is NOTHING MORE than "Aggregating & Disseminating" the crap and shit that passes for "News Items" flooding the Internet, the overall effect of which is the further Dumbing Down of the masses to the level of Sheepledom - which is where they want to be after all: their "Home Sweet Home".

The current user community of these two websites (facebook.com, twitter.com) approaches TWO BILLION and is growing daily. The sleeping, dim-witted masses are being fed a steady stream of left-leaning "lies" and bullshit - while missing most if not all the right-leaning "fair and balanced" truth - so as to turn those Sheeple into willing slaves, one and all. "Please sirs, may I have another?" The CEO's may not be doing this personally, but the massive user-base is doing it to themselves. It's a spiral that increases speed and power as it grows.

If you doubt this for one minute, just look at your OWN "contributions" to the Internet over the last 12 months. Be honest. Does it consist primarily of "aggregating & disseminating" the work of others, OR (and this is the extreme rarity) does it consist primarily of "Original Content" produced solely by yourself on topics of your OWN CHOOSING, on a regular basis?
Be honest, if that is still possible for you.

If it is not the latter - and for your sake I hope it is - then you have been duly warned, and alerted to what is coming next. This ENTIRE election season in America is a turning point in World Economic and Financial Systems, which will absolutely affect every human still alive after 1/20/2017... and the election is only [97] days away. (countdown clock to the big day)

So, your task if you choose to accept it is this: Get to work and stop being a slave to the Internet Masters who control you (or not, because you've already somehow extricated yourself from the prison you stepped into so willingly when you first "came online".)

Perhaps it is useful to clarify the above somewhat, because "Hey, I love cute kitty videos just like the next guy, and important text-over-photos about the Candidates, and other kinds of apparently inspirational stuff too." Sure, keep 'em coming, just remember you are still "Part of the Greater Game" being played on you and everyone.

Which is: Okay, sheeple, it's another glorious day.... so... Gather up all the random shit out there on the Interwebs, and re-tweet it, and re-share it, and LIKE the hell out of it so your friends will do EXACTLY the same as you, and we can get that Big Ball a-Rollin' so that it can NEVER STOP - as long as the electricity doesn't run dry, and there is not a massive worldwide reduction in humanity's numbers.
But until then,
"What do we want?"
"More connected brains!"
"And when do we want it?"
Perhaps all this is still unclear to some, but it boils down to this: Life is doing ITS job, and so is humanity by becoming more and more jacked-in to the Interwebs, for the primary purpose of INCREASING the neural capacity (Brain Power) of the Entity called Organic Life on Earth. It is real and it is the most dominant force on this planet - perhaps not in this solar system or galaxy, but certainly on earth. There is a PLAN afoot, and it requires humongous amounts of human brain power to enact, and the Sheeple are the brains in question here, and every day they remain jacked-in (willingly, happily, "Glad to do it; Thank you very much indeed.") without a counterbalancing Voice to resist that, the greater is the possibility that the PLAN will fail.

You see, the obvious part of the PLAN is to connect all or most of the humans everywhere to the network, to co-opt their neural capacity - It is Life's Thinking Machine going on here, first and foremost - but just like in an individual brain, when thinking becomes TOO ONE WAY, it becomes unstable and can quickly fall apart. Thus the need for counterbalance.
Real People** act as the true and only counterbalance to this one-way (wrong-way) thinking that is going on on this planet at this time. The ONLY CHANGE possible here, is for sheeple to SNAP OUT OF IT! And then for hummers to SNAP OUT OF IT! And then for people to SNAP OUT OF IT, and join the ranks of the Real People for whom, in whom, there is NO going back, NO backsliding, No whining, No complaining, and no more daydreams about how the world needs to change a goddamn thing!

There is another shade of this that is worth mentioning and that is:
BEFORE the Interwebs (which did not gain real force and power in the world until after 2000 A.D., and hit the first significant crescendo in 2008 - with two major events, 1) the advent of worldwide smartphone technology into the hands of the common collective, and 2) the crash of the world's major financial systems, that are still suffering the effects and have NOT YET fully recovered (some areas of the world are still in great decline)...
THERE WAS all the great religions which have amassed at least 80% of the world's populations, disseminating their particular brands of group-think upon the masses. It is well-known to certain linguistic anthropologists who think Religion (all kinds, any kind) is a language-virus that rewrites pathways in the brain, and that dulls critical thinking. (He-he-he... he said "dulls critical thinking".) Hey, religions are just like the Interwebs, except they are not as effective, not as efficient, and their operations are not as quick, but both - Religions and the Interwebs - are currently IN PLAY, because of their necessity to the aims and goals of Life.
So, summarizing for the moment: Human brains are simply "too big for their own damn good" and NEED to be dumbed-down lest they explode themselves, and their planet, before it's TIME. Religion has been doing it for a couple thousand years, with pretty good success because the world was NOT as fast-acting as it is today. But now it's the Interwebs turn, because it has become absolutely REQUIRED, and it is proving successful, every day and in every way, only to get better and better and better. You wait: with "RFID tech" implanted on your wrist, forehead, above the ear, a few millimeters into your temporal lobe - wherever (and believe THIS, the masses will stand in line for hours to get theirs!) - you, TOO, can be jacked-in 24-7-365, with full-on voice-tech operation first, and thought-tech operation later on, such that mankind will be KEPT at a stable frequency of vibration that will achieve all the AIMS and GOALS of our dear, dear Master of the Universe...
Life on Earth with a Plan: Man 

**Real People: reviewing the scale of humanity from bottom to top: Sheeple - who are dead asleep to all of this and don't know it; Hummers - whistling past the graveyard of their lives thinking everything is A-Ok for the time being, but slightly Awake to the real "reality of their situation", that their house is on fire and they can't get out; People - who are Awake to this reality, but still can not keep from drifting off into daydreams, lies, storytelling, siding with politicians, protesting for change in the world, getting burned, and then putting themselves out, etc., etc.; and Real People.