Friday, January 29, 2016

What every physicist "knows"

Humans are physical organisms, through and through, but quite uniquely have "access" to certain subjective experiences. These can not be proven to exist, or even that they occurred, except that someone SAYS they do exist, and did occur. There are people who say they have been taken up in spaceships, and probed. There are people who say they have met Mary, the mother of God, or Jesus, the Son of God. There are people who say they can read other people's minds from a great distance. There are people who say they can move objects up an incline with their mind. Saying something does NOT make it True.

Animals also have subjective experiences, but they do not have "access" to them, so they don't tell anyone about them... be thankful for that... you can only imagine what this world would then be like... very likely MUCH more dangerous!

Physicists know all this, and deal with it. Psychologists, Priests, Rabbis, Philosophers, New Age and older Gurus, Rishis, Roshis, self-styled Masters, Magicians, and many others - even quite ordinary, everyday, routine people - do not seem to know this, and believe all manner of strange, subjective experiences, supplying the "reasons" and "rationales" to things that most people on Earth don't buy for one second... yet.

There is one area where believing things without sufficient, rational evidence, is dangerous, and that is the "Game of Enlightenment" (which it is, or should be). Many people believe they are "self realized", even signing their name as "Self-Realized Ralph", but there is no point listening to them any longer. They have fallen for the same silliness the UFO believers, and GOD believers, and Ghost believers (and many others, of course) have fallen for. They believe that which means nothing objectively, but only subjectively, and there can't be any Objective Proof for such things... yet.

This is not to say, categorically, that certain subjective experiences a person has had did not exist for that person, but that their explanation is faulty, often to the point of being laughable. Generally, people lack the "English" (or whatever is their mother tongue) to be able to speak about these experiences in a way that can be adequately communicated to another walking around human being who appears conscious and alert. It is partly, the "confusion of tongues" thing, and partly only seeing 1% of what is going on in whatever realm, while there is 99% that they simply can NOT perceive... yet.

Such, is what all the "Great Teachings" are all about. Passing on "New Information" to those who have an overwhelming urge and desire to KNOW IT, and in some cases the 99% can be spoken about... in the right setting, in the right time and place, i.e., when conditions are optimal. You can't teach cosmic truths to a TV audience hosted by Oprah, or Deepak Chopra, or Eckhart Tolle; all you get is a mish-mash of ordinary bullshit that SOUNDS silky smooth and perhaps even enlightening (to the untrained eye/ear), but is simply:

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Regarding the US Presidential Race:

The outcome will directly or indirectly affect 322.9 Million Americans, and 7.3 Billion humans worldwide at last count, and there is NOTHING anyone reading this, or not reading this, can "do about it", but a) Pray, as the religious/spiritual, perhaps even childish types suggest, b) Bend over and kiss your rear-end goodbye, as the fear mongers repeatedly suggest, c) Bury your head in the sand, if it isn't already there, as the pseudo-awakened/enlightened suggest, OR d) GET OUT AND VOTE for your favorite candidate, as the establishment talking heads suggest. Unfortunately, NONE of these has any chance at all to alter that which is going to happen anyway! Things will fall into place quite nicely without anyone's actions/reactions or beliefs/disbeliefs or wild theories/speculations.

What will occur, however, and quite reliably if you catch my meaning, is a very entertaining show all around. The players have taken the stage - minus a couple/few who will drop out or be added soon enough - and all of them can be expected to behave the way humans behave these days. BUT if you have been "doing your homework" you may be able to USE these dizzying days before us all, for your own personal BENEFIT. Which is to say, you have learned how to transform oodles (a scientific term) of "free energy" floating around these Disunited States of Fractured/Fragmented Media outlets - numbered in the several thousands at last count, where 90% of them are under some kind of Corporate Control - into "New Information" that can be used for your own accelerated transformation of Being. Or, so it has been suggested by certain people here and there and then and now for centuries... if you have been "paying attention." 

Of course, and as usual herein, this and all other posts are about ONE THING ONLY: the functioning human brain, and the interactions of those billions of brains upon the General Life of Humanity and the rest of the world. People EVERYWHERE believe either, that they are puppets, zombies, geniuses, idiots, machines, super-beings, vampires, demons, or simply intellectually and emotionally damaged boys and girls. Yet, of the billions alive today, very few have EVER achieved a significant realization of Who and What they are in reality. This lack of understanding has, per force, led to the low state of man's being over the centuries, which - even today - seems to be accelerating in a downward spiral to the bottom, and perhaps extinction. And, for those who don't realize this, FACEBOOK (and Twitter and Yahoo and many, many other less popular venues) illustrates quite distinctly the degenerating effect all this "social networking" is having on the entire user base (of human brains), and it's becoming worse monthly, daily, hourly! Look at what people USE these outlets for: mindless chit-chat, one-two line nonsense messages, uploading inane photos and videos, and very little IN-DEPTH conversations that could be engaged in by the entire memberships. But, don't count on this occurring in your life time. Humanity may not even outlive the 21st century, judging by what's transpired in just the last 15years! And - as per this very message - what may occur in the next FOUR or EIGHT!

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Buddhist monk

Unless one is a Buddhist monk in deep meditation, or some other brand of "world-avoidance" (a notion sure to raise the hackles of at least a few here who have AN OPINION...hey, it's either this or something else, right?), they are going to have an opinion on what is going in a) in the world, b) in their own country, c) in their own state, city, town, campsite, or cardboard box as the case may be, and d) quite possibly, other parts of their general environment perhaps extending into the seas, up the mountains, down into the caves, and out into the solar system, galaxy, universe! (sheesh!).

Having an opinion on what is going on out there and in here, even a strong opinion, is not a bad thing except when there is "too much invested" therein. It's quite like having all your eggs in one basket (and then you trip and fall, and there goes breakfast, lunch AND dinner... oh, damn!)

Consciousness is like that. It's a very fragile thing when fully invested - compared to Identification, which is like a bunch of rocks surrounded by hard places, or like a group of life term cellmates in a large maximum security prison. Rocks, surrounded by Hard Places. (Not a fun place. Hell, perhaps?)

Consciousness is free to roam, and roam it most certainly will - at the least provocation and then it is gone - but Identification hangs around, like a bunch of older relatives that are just a little "off their game", or worse... sitting around, arguing over who is WORSE, Trump or Clinton, Cruz or Palin, Bush or Obama, Manning or Brady, Hitler or Stalin, Gates or Jobs, Mexicans or Muslims, "My God" or "Your God", Rug-rats or Teeny-boppers, and on and on and on to infinity. (Not a fun time. Hell, perhaps?)

Consciousness can't be grasped, or clutched, or held on to - like a loved one you can't stand to be without (we all know about that identification) - or even easily extended, though it can be done. Identification however, sticks to one like white on rice, and once stuck, it is very difficult to separate the White from the Rice, without discoloring the White, or destroying the Rice.

Bottom Line: if you want to know more about either of these predicaments of being born a human in the Aristotelian logical sense, there are many ways to proceed, but proceed one must, or perish. And be assured, Humans, in general, perish before their time... Super-Humans, the somewhat rarified higher form, have another fate.

Thursday, January 21, 2016

"Clean and Sober"

Having been a very long time smoker - and I don't mean Marlboros - and nearly as long a pursuer of the "psychedelic arts" - and I don't mean composing "trippy" audio/visual pieces, and I don't mean ingesting/injecting/snorting man-made chemical concoctions, but the all natural varieties (know what I mean?) - and only recently (within the last few years) gone totally and absolutely cold-turkey on all of that - an action I have spoken about here more than once (here, here, here, and here), for its obvious benefits to a man or woman, and mankind the species - I can now say, the world-in-general and my life-in-particular is a much more interesting, fascinating, colorful, exciting, surprising etc., etc., experience than it EVER WAS while still "hooked on the stuff" referenced above - and I do NOT mean "hooked", as in, can't get off it, because I did that intentionally several times during each and every year to "get clean", and quite ready for the NEXT time.
Those people out there who have never partaken of these "psychedelic arts" may not fully appreciate the Great Great Advantage it has been for so many others who are still alive today, who have done them in the right way: not too often, and not too much, but for personal growth and exploration, and have become "psychedelic artistes"...

Some have suggested, that a life lived without the psychedelic experience would be much like a life lived without the sexual experience, and only those who HAVE HAD BOTH, know and understand what is being suggested herein.

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Between a rock and a hard place

Image result for between a rock and a hard placeIf someone you didn't know personally bad-mouthed one of the many "social media venues" that you don't even use, and may not even have heard of - citing several reasons in their opinion - would you take offense? Well, if you are "ordinarily normal", of course not... why would you? But - and this is the big but ("I like big buts and I can not lie") - if someone you did know personally bad-mouthed your particular favorite you visit several times per day (you know, like good ol' Facebook here), would you take offense?

Can you see what would be going on with regard to your various reactions? Can you also USE that information - in the moment, when it counts - for "personal growth" and something higher (if you can imagine something higher)? Can you also see that over the course of the last several decades of your life, if not much more, it has ALL been about "taking sides" - about this, about that, about other things - an action which has guided, pushed, and sometimes even altered your more, let's call them, "intelligent responses", and that to believe you have grown, and perhaps even reached "something higher" is simply not correct, and part of the LIE that people everywhere tell themselves because they want to beLIEve it?

Consider how well "the guy with the blond comb-over"** is doing, both Nationwide, and in the early causus and voting states. Time after time he tells stories about this and that and other things, and huge numbers of people, either beLIEve him without question, or they absolutely do NOT, but in all cases, both groups are "taking offense" or "taking pleasure" in one or the other side... the two halves of the same coin that are always in a "state of being flipped", until caught, revealing the "side now being taken" that will estrange those humans from what is possible in that 5-inch gap between the ears.

For example, a LOT of people do NOT like Twitter - just look at its stock price for one clue - naming certain things like: too short a message length @140 characters; too loud, noisy and NEGATIVE; too difficult to carry on "long thoughts", or even "real conversations", etc., etc. BUT - another big but coming... - have they yet come to realize the glorious similarity, and near synchronicity of their own, internal (mental) "Teletype Stream" and the manner in which it presents "thoughts" to your prefrontal cortex, and the "Twitter Stream"? (Get an account, if you haven't already, and USE THE DARN THING for a couple months at least, and "Get Realized!")
"Observe, Listen, don't react, and
Learn, and possibly even Awaken"
That seems to be the Middle Way, Today.

**And here's an "exciting thought" for both sides of my setup above: 
What if "Mr. Comb-over" selects "Ms. Diva from Wasilla" as his running mate? 
Exciting times we live in. 

Thursday, January 7, 2016

"What you think, you become"

If we are to believe, and attempt to actualize the above claim - which has been repeated and rephrased hundreds, if not thousands of times and different ways over the centuries (one of the first, apparently, was Buddha... or maybe not, eh?) - then we first must accept the utter impossibility of it! A better way to phrase the attempted notion is: "As you are now, what you think, becomes YOU." That is why the world of men is so screwed up in so many reportable ways today, and only getting more screwed up with every passing day.
Thoughts don't corrupt people, 
as much as People corrupt thoughts.
Look at what is going on in N.Korea, or Syria, or Iraq, or many other places too numerous to mention: People (i.e., their brains, top to bottom, and nothing but) corrupting what could be useful, helpful, even enlightening thoughts, into REASONS and EXCUSES for acting in the most stupid and disgustingly horrendous ways possible for our species. We, as a species, are still murdering, slaughtering, gassing, beheading, starving other higher life forms - including humans themselves - at a rate that is beyond shocking (well... except to those who see/know what's going on here). It has been noted elsewhere that due to the runaway extinction of species caused by thoughtless and stupid actions of HUMANS all over the globe, we could lose 50% of all species on earth alive today in just the next seventy-five to one hundred years. And that number may, if not probably will, include humans themselves.

What is going on here? It's rather simple when you see it. Human brains are not "perfected" by reading other people's thoughts and ideas. That is, reading books by Gurdjieff does NOT awaken anyone; reading books by Buddha does NOT enlighten anyone; etc., etc. Sure, it gives people plenty to think about, talk about, argue about, and get into long, interminable conversations about stuff and nonsense on the already charted "social media territories", but that's about it! (hey... how many are you on?)

Human brains can not BE "perfected", because humans are merely examples of so-called "higher (meaning, 'intelligent') creatures" on Earth. With very rare, if any, exceptions, all exist with one primary directive ruling their lives: "Eat or be eaten," "kill or be killed," "survive or DIE."

Humans are the only known creatures who can actualize the above directive ("What you think, you become"), and CHANGE THEIR BEING, from a totally self-CENTERED creature, to an OTHER-centered creature. Change of Being - as everyone reading this should be thinking about (acting upon), hourly, daily, for the rest of their short lives - requires certain kinds of Efforts, unknown to the masses - the 96% - but of vital interest to 4% or fewer who, somehow - by hook, crook, theft, invention, discovery, creation, mutation (i.e., whatever Works!) - do what the machine does not want to do, and for a long, long time. Sure, there are books out there that will TELL YOU in gloriously anomalous detail what that means, for you personally (although, what the HELL do they know... really?) After all, "What you think (as you are now), simply becomes translated and interpreted by your brain (as it is now), and thus, simply becomes MORE OF YOU. That is NOT, change of being. That, is believing what you like, and what you want, to believe. It changes nothing... anymore than eating loads and loads of bananas, turns you into a BANANA (from the oft-stated silliness: "You are what you eat..." which sounds a helluva lot like "You become what you think."
Yes, all of this can not be stated enough
to impact the many, or even, the few.

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Charted, versus Uncharted Territories

Here's a flash for those who may be a bit, let's say, late to the party: The world, for the most part, is a mostly finite space, and for us today is Charted Territory, and what humans are doing (i.e., yakking, blabbing and yammering on about stuff, day in and day out to themselves, their friends and even strangers, into Facebook, Yahoo, and Google walls, groups, forums and chat rooms, etc.) is attempting to Chart, for themselves, that external world inside their own tiny brains (i.e., setting, and connecting dots, neuralistically speaking). People are made to do that, and THAT is right order and we couldn't survive well without it. And humans everywhere today, know a tremendous amount about those charted territories, even if objectively speaking it wouldn't really even fill one thimble - in a planet-sized container of thimbles - even on a good day. But, even still... "Good on ya, Nature" (i.e., the Life Force that drives our every thought, feeling, action).

Now, for the UNcharted Territories: there is a nearly infinite space in that 3 pound ball of goo between the ears and behind the eyes (the brain) that most people have absolutely NO CLUE about, even after living with, and within it, for many decades! Believe it or not!

Yeah, right, I get it: ISIS is an interesting topic; the upcoming American Presidential election is an interesting topic; gun violence in our cities and towns is an interesting topic; and there are thousands of others to "think about" (if you can really call it thinking, because it is mostly echoing and ruminating over what other people have said or written before us, and then reacting to it). But, in any case, it is precisely because of those external topics that attract and distract most human brains for most of every single day of their short, short lives, that they FAIL (miserably) at investigating, exploring, or discovering a damn thing of significance about their own vast and uncharted internal territories, that have - in all humans - the inherent capacity to produce glorious mathematical, scientific, musical, artistic (and many other kinds of) "masterpieces", sometimes even before the age of TEN or TWELVE, and often by the age of about twenty-five or so, and there are too many examples of such things to mention here (but it's an enlightening idea to Google, in depth).

Investigation of the UNcharted territories - in here, where the real action is (or CAN BE, when you've learned HOW) - is a pastime/occupation/advention that people should be taught at an early age, the earlier the better, if only there were people around them who could DO THAT... but, sadly, there aren't any to be found out there in the Charted Territories.

One last bit: we all know about the existence of what are called "Idiot savants" who are amazing in one particular part of their neural processes but at the extreme expense of simple thoughts, feelings and actions that even preschoolers, and certainly young adults are already quite adept at without giving any of it a second thought. Then, there is the idea of "Prodigies", who exhibit similar extraordinary skills and talents, but without the debilitating aspects of mental retardation or autism spectrum disorder in "idiot savants". Well, try if you can to consider the less known, but still quite possible (though extremely RARE!) "Genius Savants", and what that has to do with what is being suggested herein. One possibility is the equally rare (found only in the few of the few - of the few) but precious ability to truly "KNOW ONESELF" for what ONE IS... not in pumped-up, hyperbolic, imaginations/thoughts/delusions of grandeur, fueled by stories from out there in the Charted Territories... but in the OTHER THING. You know... the blood-and-gutsy, where the rubber-meets-the-road... i.e., the "other thing".
Idiot Savant: a person affected with a mental disability (as autism or mental retardation) who exhibits exceptional skill or brilliance in some limited field (as mathematics or music) —called also, savant. And, a person who is highly knowledgeable about one subject but knows little about anything else.

Genius Savant: how about, Prodigious Consciousness at the highest level possible in that human "in his own time", "in his own place". Hey... Believe it or not!