Thursday, January 31, 2013

Head-to-Head combat

So, what's so great about it?
Almost everything, that's what! Well, except for the extreme cases that lead to sticks and stones breaking heads and bones. But, short of that, head-to-head combat is very good for the brain, where thoughts are moved around from place to place, picking up and depositing bio-chemical and bio-electrical charges rejuvenating the wiring system. It all keeps one nimble-of-thought, although at a functionally low-level but it's better than nothing.

After all, just sitting around all day long, every day, with nothing to say - either to yourself or anyone else - has a real and serious downside. "Use it or Lose it" is one way to say this. And those (all too) many who try to rationalize their inability to think-with-attention more than a couple few seconds, with statements like - "I would rather stop thought, and be in state of 'stopped-thought') - are just fooling themselves. Anyone can "do" that (because there's no "doing" as it is mechanical), but very few can sustain consistent thought-with-attention, because that requires a higher degree of intention and attention and even consciousness.

Also, from one real and specific point of view, it REALLY (he said with emphasis) doesn't matter one damn bit, which viewpoint you put out there, as ANY will accomplish the intended effect. That is, no matter what anyone says about anything, there is always someone within ear- and/or eye-shot who will find REAL fault with it and want to clip your wings right then and there, and gleefully watch as you plummet headlong into the dirt below, tearing flesh and breaking bones.

"God Knows" (well, replacing the placeholder word "God" with their actual human name), defeating other people mentally is a most, most satisfying experience. And, even you know this is correct!

But - as usual, here on this far-edge of the city quite unseen by the city-folk who've never even heard of this place - there is a STUPID way to do this (H-to-H combat), and a SMART way to do this, and wouldn't you just know it, the STUPID way is a losing experience for the participants, while the SMART way is a winning experience for the participants. "STUPID" means both sides (in the sense of "side-takers") lose MUCH more than they hoped to gain, while "SMART" means both sides (in the same sense) GAIN, and the amount of gain increases as the participants acquire this new skill (which none are born with, and none are taught), amounting to what can now be termed, "NON side-taking".

This "skill" starts as 'craft' (of language usage - correct spelling, grammar, syntax, etc., and regularity and consistency of exercise), soon moving into 'talent' (of concept weaving - becoming almost automatic and without unnecessary fits and starts), and eventually arrives at 'ART' (of energy transformation and transmission - merging left & right sides of the brain, merging higher emotional and higher intellectual centers/circuits, ability to channel the "Big Guy", and sometimes all the way to the higher 'ideal', sometimes written as: "Chanting the World".)

NONE OF THIS happens mechanically. It requires the same thing anything useful requires - EFFORT of a certain kind and for a long time, without giving up due to simple-mindedness, and opposite-thinking and negative-thinking and making inane excuses for doing nothing... also called STUPIDITY, and which is the ordinary level of being of the city-folk - all and everyone's "family of man" into which we were born so long ago, and where most are still now imprisoned having long ago lost even the DESIRE to escape.

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

The World of Internet Noise

Talk about a two-edged sword!

Everyone's life has improved since the advent of the Internet, except perhaps for those stuck in dial-up mode, or who can't even access it through an ordinary telephone. But for all the rest, especially those on high- and ultra-high speed connections, they know intimately how their lives have improved.

Yet, on the other hand, there has been a real and definite down-side, but most people don't actually see it that way until they Think More Than They Have To About It. (Of course, this idea of "thinking more than they have to about something, anything" has always been a stumbling block for most everyone... but that's another story - no wait! That is THIS story!)

The real and definite down-side, is that (so-called) information that is spoon-fed to humans - who already CAN'T "think more than they have to" about anything - is of little use, except for the simple shit going on in the three-dimensional physical world of stuff. Yes, one can learn millions of interesting and useful things on the Internet, even enabling one to get a good or better job in the world of stuff. But, for all the rest of the interesting and useful things Humans need to advance beyond the level of a simple-minded human - not much more advanced mentally and emotionally than an adult chimpanzee - there's nothing out there on the Internet. Just Noise. Opinions and more opinions from those with too many opinions about everything.

Thinking for oneself, MEANS acquiring the capacity to Think More Than You Have To about everything, not settling for conflicting opinions from the masses who can't do that. But, try to tell someone this. Nobody can even hear it, let alone implement it, because the NOISE (also known as NEWS, also known as BAD NEWS) drowns out 99% of useful information, and it's like trying to find the correct needle in a room-sized stack of needles. Not only do you fail, you get pricked, and may bleed, and cry out in pain. ("Oh, GOD, I'm so damn confused!")

The human brain is so configured that it automatically believes, as true, that which is expressed in a seemingly reasonable way, and the more grammatically and syntactical correct is the language, the more readily do most people accept it as valid. And if they actually LIKE the person delivering the message, it becomes an instant done-deal. (Corollary: you will never believe something from someone you don't like.)

All this Noisey-News is really just Bad-News, in that all news is BAD for someone, even if it appears GOOD for someone else. Example: someone shows you a short video with compelling music detailing a visitation from an Alien Craft from who-knows-where, or a Yeti stealing food at a sherpa's campsite, or a family of fae frolicking in a field, and many people will believe it happened - that is, they will TAKE A SIDE. If you ever take a side on ANY topic, you have stopped thinking critically. (And yes, Ginny, that would include the "is there a god or not" question.) Oh, you may not buy all the nonsense out there - gray aliens, thieving yetis, frolicking fae - but taking a side literally means becoming identified with it in that part of the brain that takes the side, and this identification is an ailment, not proof of objectivity. Over the course of decades, the number of SIDES (parts of the brain that are identified with some position) vastly outweighs the saner parts of the brain. They become lop-sided big-time. This can be seen ON THE INTERNET, since the mid 1990's - nut cases have ballooned in all walks of life. And by nut cases is meant, particularly, those who take sides and strenuously defend them to others. Think more than you have to about this in particular. What makes you think and believe others actually GIVE A DAMN what you think and believe about ANYTHING? They only want to make THEIR points to you, NOT to have their own beliefs overturned. So, as suggested recently: Keep it to yourself (for fun and profit!)

Yes, Ginny, it's a cruel world out there on the Wild Wild Internet, so be sure to wear proper head-gear so as to not cause further unnecessary brain traumas that nobody really knows how to treat effectively. You are on your own.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Love is for pussies.
Now have we got a deal?

Mankind is locked in battle with Lifekind, and the few that know this - intimately, down in their bones, in their blood and their flesh - are likely to live a longer, happier and more profitable life than all the rest who don't or can't accept this reality.

"Profitable", of course, has a number of meanings and contexts, but the one being used here is "for personal benefit", though not necessarily financial or monetary or any other physical way. One can certainly live an extraordinary life - in human standards - without being rich in earthly treasures, or even pleasures, whatever they might mean in their particular culture. Some might even expand the term to include "good family", "good friends", "good health" and other "good" things, but here - for purposes of this bit - the suggestion is of one particular thing only. "Control of Consciousness."

Ordinary people are not in control of the consciousness that surrounds their body - inside and outside - to the degree that they can participate jointly with its many discernible features, and the relationship between Consciousness and their ordinary simple awareness, is as a Master and a slave - using the ordinary meanings of those terms. One is infinitely more complex, powerful and free than the other that is, comparatively, just barely at all.

Ordinary people think their favorite term, "Love", rules all, controls all - "hey, all you need is love" - but what is "love"? It remains impossible to define and is closer to an ACTION than a thought or feeling or sensation. If one can ACT in a loving way, and in control of that action at all times - as much as possible, and then some - then why on earth is any definition required? People can't just DO THAT, Love Consciously that is - and the ordinary world around us proves that fact, there's almost no love there and things are getting worse every day. All their talk, talk, talk notwithstanding. Talk gets the masses nowhere. And it certainly does not lead to Love (whatever that apparently was intended to suggest when it was just now written in words that entered your eyeballs.)

The Master moves and the slave must react appropriately and if not, there are consequences that will be paid. Says the Master: "Love is for pussies - you work for ME, for your entire short life, get used to it! Now have we got a deal, or are we going to have a problem?"

It is better to live in the REAL WORLD, than to fantasize how things could be different, if only, if only. Such talk is meaningless. There is no escaping the Master, Life, before ones time, so the most profitable method to exist, even prosper (esoterically) is to discover the Rules, live by the Rules, and even to create new rules as you go, so as to make your way through that jungle in one piece, at least until the scythe's Owner makes His appearance at your door. Knock, knock.
"Who's there?" s/he said sheepishly?

Monday, January 28, 2013

The all consuming lie that we are

What is so bad about the simple fact that people lie in all things, and since they are also confused about all things, believe all manner of nonsense and silliness - from gods in their heavens, to devils in their hells, and aliens in their spaceships coming to annihilate them, and everyone? Really, what do you care? And why do you try so hard to "show them the error of their ways and ideas"? Everybody lies all the time because they are not conscious. And others can't fix them, only they can fix themselves.

It doesn't require any special intelligence to stay out of their way - after all, our civilization provides numerous ways to achieve that, from LOGGING OFF, to un-subbing, to changing your email address, to finding some new friends, to leaving the city and locating for yourself The Fringe (you know that place of places so often referred to here) - so, why not just "work on yourself" in quiet, strive always to tell the Truth that you know when the conditions are right, and, as someone once said under different circumstances, "Kill them all, let God sort them out." Now, of course, "kill" has a very different meaning in this piece, being more akin to "forget about them internally", or "just let them be as they are", or "quit trying to fix them"... I.e., "Let God sort them out."

It is perfectly fine to exercise your right of free speech anywhere you want, and useful too. Just don't cause the others to want to KILL YOU, which is the easiest thing in the world, so exercise away! But there is Smart free speech, and Dumb free speech, and if you can't tell the difference, consider investigating THAT little quirk of your automatic decades-long conditioning that has left you that way.

One big clue: when you hang around with "nut cases" (you know, "in the slums"), you become like those "nut cases", and you start liking to hang around with them. OR ELSE, you'd stop hanging around with them! Believe it or not, there are conversations that have a two-fold effect: 1) they convey information of some kind to the other(s), and 2) they CONNECT all those who hear in such a way that they can, sometimes - if they are "prepared" - enter the "mind(set)" of the speaker/writer, and realize they themselves, in fact, are speaking/writing. Speaking connects "like-minded" people into a kind of "One Person", if only briefly, or momentarily, or ad hocly, where what One knows, they All know. It's a spectacular thing when it happens, or perhaps that should almost be written, when it is DONE.

Sunday, January 27, 2013

The Mystery

The apparently known, in relation to the really UNKNOWN, is as a quark in relation to the entire Universe, or effectively ZERO to INFINITY. All concepts, ideas, thoughts and words about "higher beings", or "The Higher Being" - who just happens to go by hundreds of names, "God" being just one of many - are quite literally OF the UNKNOWN, OF the INFINITY. "We" (me, you, and everyone) - and everything else "We" apparently "know about", "talk about" - are like quarks "thinking they know about and then talking about" the Universe - without realizing that for them, quarks, the Universe is The Mystery.

While it is certainly fun to think and talk about "the higher" (beings, entities, gods, devils, angels, gray aliens, ghosts, and other mysterious apparitions - hell, pick your favorite), it is NECESSARY to coevally realize - as that guy over there on the radio in my head only recently indicated (who?) - "If you can think it, it can't be correct."

You see, thinking is built INTO the organism, while such coevally realizable thoughts are not, they can't even be learned, but they can be experienced like Music happening all around one, that is either Heard (and potentially recorded by the five senses) or Missed (and therefore missed by the five senses, like particularly thick mist in the morning conceals all).

Thinking ALWAYS comes with the sense/feeling that "If you can think it, is MUST BE correct" so there you have it. Everyone everywhere measures their supposed "sanity" on that, and their "intelligence" on that, and once one begins to suspect their thoughts are highly suspect, they begin to question reality.

So, keep your ear to the Infinite Unknown - it's still singing for you, me, they, we and all the others with receivers pointed in the "right direction" (hehehe, he said, "right direction" - perhaps we need a third "I").

ps - when was the last time you had some thoughts about the "world outside your head", and did you realize you were LYING through your teeth when you said it outloud? Well, did you!?!? (don't try to lie right now, because as I mentioned in the previous piece, "I" - which includes all Humanity - can't be fooled by that anymore!)

pps - oh yeah, in case you missed it (since most all of my "musings" are like mist in your eyes, impossible to decipher and discern), your "i" reading this and everything else - which is coupled with your hearing/tasting/smelling/touching - is as a quark in relation to The Entire Universe of, what some like to call, Really Awakened and Enlightened I (or any of the myriad variations now in ordinary use at there.) Make no mist-take, ok?

ppps - finally, sheesh! as to the "syndrome" that dumbs down the populace, you certainly must know what that is, right? Perhaps it is LYING through your teeth inside a straight face with no shame, no guilt, convinced - by your feigned "sincerity" - of the correctness of it all. Once the lie is believed, it has "life" - in a manner of speaking, in the MATTER of speaking - and propagates throughout the human genome at the speed of light.

Monday, January 14, 2013

The 99% Problem

(given that 2/3rds of ordinary humans' daily functioning is passed in sleep, and "bad mechanics" of numerous kinds, which very, very often results in real and lasting damage to the 1/3 that is all "good-all-the-time mechanics", at least at birth...)

Notice that every news outlet you visit - tv, radio, internet, papers, weeklies, including all other pseudo-sources like blogs, chatrooms, twitterfeeds, facebookpages - consists almost exclusively with TALK and lots of it, and that 99% of it is "bad mechanics" in action. Well, there you have it! If it can and DOES happen there, it will and DOES happen everywhere. (Can you detail the many, MANY ways this is so?? Hmmmm? I could do this, but definitely WILL NOT - take my word for it or don't, whatever! It's the "dog/horse" dilemma**.)

The 99% Problem is that it just never goes away on its own, precisely because it's only a "problem" for the people concerned (the "mob" who can't even see or realize it, even when TOLD), and NOT by any stretch of the imagination that of Life Itself (the King-of-Kings of the mob), which has created this zoo/prison, and populated every inch of it with organic life - of which you are just one of hundreds of billions or more - and which is still operating exactly AS INTENDED for the BENEFIT of Life Itself, the King-of-Kings.

Try to think clearly about this the next time you open your eyes from a long night's (or any particular day's) "sleepy/dreamy/unconscious time"... or not, 'cause hey, I don't actually have a dog in your race (or a horse in your hunt, whatever!)... only you do.

I will just report that when someone COULD break free and doesn't, out of stupidity and willfulness, they have no one to blame but themselves (It's your life and welcome to it!). And further, notice how examples - of ALL kinds, including "anecdotalizing") - infiltrate the clean room of Higher Thinking like a deadly virus and collapses the developing transcending wave-form sometimes even BEFORE the fact. This is subtle.

The 95% solution

95% of what I do during any day (as one who is quite aware of the concept of Waking Up) can be done in total esoteric sleep, consciousness above the minimal level is not necessary for any of it. (For those who are quite unaware of the concept of Waking Up (esoterically speaking), the number is 99.99+% or more.)

I can roll out of bed on time, get dressed for the day, complete 8 hours at my boring job, and get home in time for dinner without running over pedestrians and street signs on the way. I can check out my fridge for what's needed on the next grocery visit, compose a grammatically correct shopping list, acquire all of those items and then some, refill my fridge, and get back for my conference call. I can find TV shows to watch from a variety of sources, drink lots of tea or water while watching, take a piss or two, and then write a couple or more paragraphs on what I thought about the show, edit it all up, and send it out to my supposed "followers" (blog, twitter, yahoo, facebook, etc.) who obviously (yuk, yuk) can't wait for my next review. And all throughout the day, I can carry on short and long, even quite detailed conversations with myself and others without sounding like a "mentally challenged" bozo, while not remembering a damn thing about them 5 or 15 minutes after they occur. I can do all of that in my sleep, and much more than that. Fully 95% and closer to 99% of any day is passed in total esoteric sleep.

Now if one can read all of that and not agree wholeheartedly, while simultaneously being quite horrified if not infuriated at this state of affairs, then, simply, one has NOT even begun to discover the "work", let alone do the "work", let alone achieve any damn thing at all about it.

The missing 5% of this little piece is that special part of the day that actually requires rising above ordinary somnambulistic consciousness, and when that 5% is entered, it is usually on purpose combined with an intention to extend the time and deepen the quality. It is not unlike a writer who moves to his desk at 4pm everyday to write for at least an hour, and never misses a day, period, no discussion. (The "writer" is simply a euphemism for the "observer" and the "desk" is simply the "day" and the time "4pm" is as soon as possible after one awakens in the morning, and the actual "writing" is The Work, and "the hour plus" is "for as long and deep as possible".)

If anyone supposes that "work" can be done in sleep, then let them speak up and explain themselves. If anyone imagines that higher knowledge may be accessible while asleep, then let them speak up and explain themselves. If anyone believes that any particular form of "bad mechanics" can ever be discovered on one's own while quite asleep, then let them speak up and without the use of any "bad mechanics" demonstrate their understanding.

One final note: on the objective scale of appropriate or inappropriate - 99% of red circuit activity, for everyone, is "good mechanics"; 99% of blue circuit activity is "bad mechanics"; 99% of yellow circuit activity is "bad mechanics". Your numbers will certainly differ, but I can live with that as I can also explain myself. What this means should be obvious. Leave the body alone, "honor thy father and mother" (heart and lungs and all their organic and glandular children and their particular functions). But pay close, close attention to the Daughters and Sons (feelings and thoughts and all their bio-chemical hormonal and electro-chemical neural transmissions) that continuously act "out of line", not in keeping with the Family, and if successful, the Mind will emerge Conscious and Awakened in due time, perhaps even in one's twenties or thirties while there's still time to Enjoy It.

Rising above mechanics

There are "good mechanics" and "bad mechanics", and there is nothing worse than confusing the two, once one has discovered the need to rise above mechanics - Waking Up, Staying Awake. That is, one should not tamper with the "good mechanics" which usually leads to bad results, but only the "bad mechanics" where such tampering is obviously called for once noticed. But in order to even begin such a process, one must be able to determine the difference. That is, first comes the noticing, then the aim, then the effort.

This is always "The Problem" for those of This Thing who choose to demonstrate and write about it. (Yes, there is a specific reason for choosing this "way", and it is both harder than hell, and softer than heaven.) Pointing out "bad mechanics" to those who don't, or for some reason can't realize it usually leads to less than good results. Those who are asleep can't admit to ANY "bad mechanics" which is, of course, the first sign of resistance followed by irritations, and various negative emanations surrounding the justifications and support of the mechanics. That is, first comes the noticing, then the acceptance, then the aim, then more effort.

Nothing can be gained by continuing the "bad mechanics" while justifying and rationalizing their continuation, but more of the same or worse. So, one must discover what the "bad mechanics" are, so that one can "get out in front of their continual arising", see them arising "in time". It is like a belch/fart that is about to be blurted out upon your guests at a banquet you yourself prepared for them at an important occasion. Yes, it would likely be an hilarious event for all, but totally inappropriate for the occasion (particularly in those societies which don't applaud the action, and of course there are some that do). "Bad mechanics" are simply gross inappropriatenesses relative to the occasion at which they arise, made more so by the, then, "Oh, pardon me" which inevitably follows. (Consider, would it not have been better to squelch the belch?)

"Bad mechanics" are what the 95% of human time is comprised of - first this, then that, then the other thing, on and on for the entire day, for the entire life passed in sleep. What follows is open to question, and one is certainly welcome to whatever opinion they may hold - far be it from someone else to try to "convince" you otherwise, eh?

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Social groups

Ordinary people out there need their social groups - no matter how large or small, even one or two at a minimum can suffice - because without them, their little "hearts" and "minds" shrivel up and shrink into places that are not good for them - sadness, self-pity, loneliness, anger, despair, guilt, fear and the whole gamut of crazy and/or conspiratorial and/or irrational theories and ideas sometimes leading even to actual crimes against others or even themselves. Their oft-repeated refrain: "Woe is me!", which is just another of the ten thousand ways of saying, "Hey, Look at ME!" because misery just loves attention.

The problem is that people are not "schooled" in the Art of Independence©, and so - lacking that necessary training - must necessarily find support and comfort from others who are also lacking this training, and so it goes - the clueless leading the clusless. I.e., they all gravitate like dirty bathwater down the drain to the nearest social strata - the Underground Mob World, characterized by "LCD's" (least common denominators) - where all those similar creatures spend their final days before entering, once and for all time, the great sewer system of Life's Recycling Plant, of worm colonies, bacteria fields, and lots of smelly methane.

From this particular skewed view, Real Independence can only be won by disconnecting from the Wall Socket (the "social strata" that so compels the rest of the Sock-puppets - the 99%'ers - to plug-in and stay plugged-in, I.e., lose their freedom once and for all time) that apparently "feeds" (actually sucks, bigtime) all humanity, and the SOONER the better, but this NEVER means to drop out of ordinary society, or go live in a cave or the out-outback. "Hey, I may be a little nuts, a little crazy, a little too angry, too fat, too lazy, too irritable - whatever! - but at least, AT LEAST, my family loves me, my friends tolerate me, and some still invite me out to coffee once in a while, so I can't be THAT BAD." Such an attitude, VERY prevalent in the global human society of seven billion, keeps them glued to the social interface - The Great Wall of Sockets - and still wired into the Primary Directives pumping through the Living Grid to which all are connected from birth, keeping them alive another day if possible and capable of causing - at worst - only "manageable" problems.

People are under the mass-illusion - propagated through the Wall, the Grid, via that electro-chemical connection all humans have to Life - that they can actually, and are supposed to, "help" other people, and by extension, themselves, but it's not true. People have absolutely NO CLUE what is needed, for anyone, including themselves, so they accumulate into small and large groups primarily for some small degree of validation and self-calming, so as to stay connected to that group for as long as possible - which means, as long as they can tolerate the OTHERS, or as long as the OTHERS can tolerate them, at which point the completely automatic/mechanical reactions arise to that apparently unnatural, usually unpredicted, disconnection from the group, RATHER than seeing it as their first opportunity to discover the Art of Independence©.

This Art - note, it is not a Science, but an Art in every (and then some) definition of that term - is about Accelerated Evolution of the Circuits transferring energy From Life into Humanity, which as was already stated though most likely missed, keeps people 1) constrained physically sometimes even incarcerated by the state, 2) mildly to greatly upset emotionally sometimes bordering upon depression and despondency, and 3) confused mentally sometimes falling into various forms of mania and madness, and seeing NO WAY OUT of their dilemma.

This Art can't really be taught, but it can be alluded to as something worth pursuing on one's own as soon as it is pointed out to one. You do NOT need others to complete your evolution, and although many "teachings" and "religions" state otherwise, do know/realize it is for a particular purpose - no "teaching" or "religion" would EVER gain large support, if the "Teacher" told you to "GROW UP and be MASTER OF YOURSELF, FIRST!" Oh yeah, he might add as you wander off shaking your head, and looking around aimlessly for the REAL TEACHER, "Then, after you've done that, come back to me. We'll talk."

People serve the primary purpose on this here tiny blue planet, to keep people down - enslaved, suited up and card carrying members of the Mob waiting for their death - NOT to raise people up - enlightened and loving it, free as a bird en route to other galaxies if that be their choice. That "raising up" is YOUR TASK, once you take it on. The longer you fear the effort (mostly imagination about what precisely that effort might be), the harder your Real Independence will be to achieve. It's Mathematical; It's Artistical; Ok, perhaps it's Scientifical as well.

Stop looking to external media sources for your "infotainment" - and by all means Stop spreading their lies and obfuscations. Stop looking to external people for your "stuff to think and talk about" - and by all means Stop pushing their ideologies and agendas. Stop looking to your small or large groups for "how and why to behave around them" - and by all means Stop moderating yourself just to be liked and accepted.

Real Independence is becoming your "own guy" ("Real I(ndependence)" in some circles.) Real Independence is being ready, willing and ABLE to "take it or leave it" regarding whatever Life pushes into your path. Real Independence is having an attitude of "Fuck It" about everything, without hostility, but with an abundance of good humor.

Hey, take it or leave it.

Clued-in and With-it

Where do you think/believe information about the world comes from? Hmmmm? But do you even begin to realize that whatever you think you "know" about the world (and of course, by extension, you) is all Mis-information? It's not unlike the situation where an AM radio station can only pick up AM signals, and since humans are only capable of transmitting their so-called information over AM, well, that's all anyone can receive, and then think about, and perhaps re-broadcast to other people.

But Life transmits over FM, a bandwidth humans are not capable of receiving - no matter what someone here or there claims to the contrary - so whatever you "know" is all just mis-information. It suffers from being several dimensions shy of a full-boat - dollars short and days late, at best, which is never good enough. Ordinary mis-information is globally available and receivable by EVERY human with an ordinarily functioning brain, but that brain - as it is, as you are - only receives ONE DIMENSION, and there are at least four or five more, depending upon the point of view.

Mis-information is like someone saying, "grass is green" and because their brains can process it, and agree with others on the same simplistic definitions of the terms, then it is ACCEPTED as is, no problema. And that is true for everything else received by that same brain - no matter the apparent resistance, because once received it is accepted as Information, to talk about, discuss with yourself and others, agree however passionately, disagree however vehemently, whatever. Once Life knows you accept ALL OF IT AS IS, it knows it doesn't have to bother with you anymore. You have simply become "well-domesticated" and part of the herd ("part of those who HEARD").

Revolutionary thinkers can hear the mis-information but don't ACCEPT the information, which doesn't mean they agree, or disagree, or argue, or believe, because there's a Guard at their Gate, and mis-information doesn't possess the "pass-word". Revolutionary thinkers, rather, realize in real time it is MIS-information, short of the necessary dimensional expansion to be of further entertainment value.

Revolutionary Information, is at least 4D, and even 5D - depending upon how capable one is at reliably receiving 4D Information - and when someone claims "grass is green", Revolutionary thinkers don't stop there, don't accept it, but realize there is four more dimensions receivable before anything like "truth" begin to show its face.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

What IS This?

Secret Escape Hatch 

Not unlike a hole in your head, or
a Viewpoint looking to Land Somewhere.

All Novelty All The Time!

Post-Evolutionary Humanity
expressing language
without words and images.

"Post-Evolutionary Philosophy"
as distinct from ordinary, everyday,
"pre-evolutionary, pop-psychology."

Artifacts of a Psychedelic Community.
Artifacts from the Future.

Elementary Extra-Sensorial Expressionism.

Time-travel beyond the Future,
before the Past,
embedded in Today.

Stories from the Impossible.

Toroidal cyclones unwinding,
Primal flows revealing,
in all its dire passion.

People beholding each other's walking Buddhahood.

Yester-morrow, Incorporated.

"Life" is alive, and all-encompassing, and it expands through Man's nervous system, culminating, not surprisingly, in the cerebral cortex and frontal lobes - that area wherein man thinks, speaks and writes.

The evolution of man is tied directly to that expansion. His consciousness of himself and beyond is relative within a narrow range common to all men alive at this time. To go beyond that limitation is what draws many people to religion, philosophy and esoteric teachings. It is possible to expand one's own nervous system, to See what lies beyond becoming, to Live "in the Future".

There is a 'ceiling': internal, personal, private, 
and it can be known. 

Few know, of course, and the rest are satisfied with 
bitching about the walls, never discovering, for themselves, 
there are NO walls - there is just a ceiling.

TARDISian X-Plorations and then some

These come thanks to a couple of 
long-time Friends of this place

Trash All Really Distracting Identification Symptoms

Terminal Ailments Rapidly Develop In Sleepers

Time Arrested Rapidly During Inspired Space

Tell All Ridiculous Dickheads It's Sacred

They Aren't Really Desirable If Stupid

They All Rapidly Degenerate In Sync

They Aren't Really Developing Inspired Systems

Though Always Robotic Drones Interrupt Speakers

Totally Arbitrary Rules Develop In Societies

The Absolutely Royal Divinely Inspired Speaking

Tempting Absolute Real Divinity Is Silly

Terrible Armies Rapidly Disappear If Slaughtered

Torrents Are Really Disappointing If Slow

~~~~~~~~~and even more~~~~~~~~~

Terminal Acceleration Relinquishing Distracting Identity Suits

Twice Already Received Definitive Instructional Sermon

Thoughtful Articulate Reasoning Destroys Imbecilic Soothsaying

To Arrive Regally Diminish Internal Speaking

Total Annihilation Result Decompressed In Smallness

Terrible Adversity Requires Dignified Intentional Survival

To Advance Requires Determined Internal Synthesis

Transcending Absolutes Reveals Deity Inside Self

Travelling Around Reciting Dogma Isn't Sane

Time Attitude Rhythm Desire Inspiration Skill

"Trained Already Doesn't It Show"

Time Wasting Dog Bone Fishing

Grab a steel ball and swing it. 
Click a doggie bone or icon and fling it. 
Click or double-click in the bowl to feed them.