Thursday, December 17, 2015

What's up with "ISIL", "ISIS", "Daesh"?

...(and all the other named & unnamed "groups" of clowns, misfits, and misanthropes everywhere)?
Over the centuries, decades, years, and now months - moving very quickly into days and hours, thanks to the Internet and Smartphones! - there has always been the need in the human species for such loosely structured so-called "terrorist" groups to stir up the populace, because without such in-everyone's-face threats of death, terror, war, rape, pillage, plunder and downright destruction of one sort or another (variously called by the populace : evil, wicked, bad, wrong, immoral, sinful, foul, vile, corrupt, depraved, villainous, nefarious, vicious, malicious, etc.) what would mankind think about?

Prior to mass communications a couple hundred years ago - from Pony Express, to Telegraph, Phones, Computers, and now Smartphones - staying alive until you were 30 or 40, gathering enough food to feed yourself and family, reproducing lots of little ones, and very little else, practically all "information" was literally handed down to you word of mouth... no more thinking required, given the way human brains are so easily programmed by whatever voice is blaring in their ears at the time. And that was it, what's left? Sure, Okay, Obviously - Life is tough for everyone but the rich and powerful and privileged (and even they have issues), but in general, all concerns WERE LOCAL, in one's immediate neighborhood, and could be dealt with locally. But today, everything is several orders of magnitude more difficult than they ever were before. There was THEN nothing like what we have TODAY with INSTANT WORLDWIDE COMMUNICATION broadcasting fear around the globe, including imminent destruction of civilizations, species, environments and damn near everything else... you know, like The Sixth Extinction, which for us today is actually looming large on the near horizon! Hell, this continual drum-beat is now dominating most nationwide media outlets, if not elsewhere, 24 hours a day, giving many millions around the world... here it comes, ready or not... MORE TO THINK ABOUT.
Good on ya' Life.
Think About It. Imagine a world without any such supposedly negative influences of any kind? People have tried, of course - hence their "heaven", "paradise", "nirvana", "shamballa", blah, blah, blah, and etc. - but these do NOT, and can NOT, exist on this plane, on this planet, probably even in this Solar System. In other words, they are made up terms, fantasy ideas, by ordinary humans who simply wanted release from the ongoing, never-ending fears involved with being alive in a human body - primarily the Big D.

Most of this reactionary "thinking" is no different from all other kinds of ordinary thinking, but in a few - a very few it seems - these usually external negative threats to life and limb serve to ignite parts of their brains where "higher level Thinking" occurs. Such as, but not limited to: "What to do, What to do!?!?" There is such a place (skill, talent, art, function, ability or whatever you want to call it) in everyone, but very few ever experience it. Why? Because ordinary human thought is always reactionary - reacting to stimuli of some kind, both internal and external. And as Albert E. suggested paraphrased here: "We cannot solve our problems (including ordinary reactionary thinking) with the same (ordinary reactionary) thinking we use all the time." Back in the day when parents, siblings and other similarly ordinary people pushed language, ideas and concepts into our brains, there was NO ONE AVAILABLE to teach "higher level Thinking".

That "PLACE" referred to above, is a mythical, even mystical - for most - suggestion of  "higher level Thinking" but few there be who have ANYTHING useful to say about it, and so, therein lies the opening premise: the need for negative external influences that serve to ignite parts of the brain where this "higher level Thinking" takes place... sometimes referred to by the fanciful term: Epiphanic mind music... or maybe I read that in a comic book, or maybe I made it up.

It is extremely rare to come up with, to create, to generate, Epiphanic mind music without some stimulus, even if it's just a thought - like riding on a light beam, or a bathtub overflowing, or a fire crackling in one's face sending sparks spiraling up the flue, or an apple falling on one's head. So, how does Life handle this situation, given that the Primary Aim of Life is not suicidal (killing off parts of itself indiscriminately to the overall detriment of the Being) but evolutionary (Growth, and Expansion, of Self and Being): It continually riles up the human species in every way possible, SO THAT a few here and there rise to the higher call of the species, and start producing Thoughts which benefit self and species, one's own and all others.
There have been many examples of this, in all walks of life. 
Go look for them, you will find them.
Maybe one day, "oh frabjous day", you will BE such an example.

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Man's inhumanity to man - #3 of n

Periodically, life stirs the pot with a big stick and this time - just to pick one in the last few hours, in the days of the lives of those living in "the (not so) good ol' U.S.of A." - Los Angeles,CA. gets whacked, although the stick wasn't so big that it KILLED anyone... this time... but this may be a precursor to what is to come in the near future... count on it! Namely, The LA Idiots (you know who you are) have just given "An Easy Plan" to all terrorists out there (that anyone can implement) who want to create fear and trepidation to what is fast becoming, a silly, silly country (even sillier than before - if you can believe THAT):
Threaten schools, using email, even, and 
cities will shutdown immediately! Pathetic!
Now, what has begun in a big way, is finger-pointing, starting with the first news conference in the morning announcing the shutdown, and quickly followed by another city - New York, who received the nearly identical email! - saying Los Angeles all but "wimped out", saying that they realized quickly this was nothing but a childish HOAX, and they didn't agree with LA's decision. Good Grief, now we have shown ourselves to be totally subject to the New Meme: "Out of an abundance of caution (read: "fear, and lack of good intel on the matter at hand")." This may be the beginning of a coordinated The Boy who cried Wolf  Scenario.

Imagine if you dare, 50 coordinated hackers, commandeer their robot computers - yes, they all have 'em, all around the globe - and distribute emails routed through foreign servers, around this country and others, directed to the Powers-that-be in those 50 cities, carefully worded THREATS of their coordinated attacks, that actually sound serious in many if not all respects, and using children as the intended victims. Voila!

The countries, and their media outlets - as well as most of the others on the globe - are instantly hijacked for a whole day or longer, while millions of people suffer the consequences that never even happened. And then, after the inevitable "All Clear, People!" is issued, the hackers DO IT AGAIN! Talk about bringing down a country without even firing a shot! And then... wait for it... The next email attack is REAL, but nobody knows where or when, and all of them are driven MAD!

This kind of sounds like a bad-dream scenario, though not quite a nightmare scenario, which plays itself out on that part of the brain that lies in wait, 24-7-365, for SOMETHING, ANYTHING qualifying, to those neural patches, as a THREAT. (You know who you are, neural patches, and if you don't, isn't it about time you start finding OUT?) That is the delicious, scrumptious time Life on Earth is always waiting for, lying in wait (just like those neural patches do) when millions and millions of people all around the planet are vibrating, resonating, harmonizing IN SYNC, their brains linked by the same news reports circulating the globe, and thousands of other nearby neural patches spring into ACTION... (you know, just like this post here, and the many millions of others today, and in the near future.)

"WTF you say?"

You know what is being suggested here, don't you? Well, if you have been, even minimally, paying attention, you should know. But I won't ruin the fun if you don't get it, even though I have been discussing it for years now.

These are the times of our Lives, get used to 'em.

Friday, December 11, 2015

Everyone Lives in "America"

(Just some seemingly random, but interconnected thoughts)
And their name is Erica, which in Old Norse means "eternal ruler", "one ruler", "ever powerful". Make of that what you will, but as far as you "know yourself", don't you agree?
"Qui moi?" says the Frenchman,
"Wer mich?" says the German,
"Que me?" says the Mexican, 
etc., etc., etc. (according to google)
Yes, even You Live in "America", and your personality is proof of that - at least to anyone who can understand what is going on with human genetics, neuroscience, personal self-interest and preference, fear of not being liked or well thought of, etc., etc., etc. The inner life of these "Americans", amounts to nothing more than monologues by a tyrant, or worse, the dialogues of a tyrant and a strawman. EVERYBODY is in this condition if they are not presently conscious without thought, or if not "without thought", then, at least not within thought.

Another view: If you picture the brain as a planet, like the earth, then the gray matter is the dry land mental system, the white matter is the watery oceanic limbic system; the core structures of the old reptilian brain, beneath and supporting all of that, is everything else, the cerebellum and brainstem. Now, the more conscious part of the brain - the gray matter - could be viewed as the western hemisphere, especially America. The red and blue areas of America - which are the central states and the coastal states - could be seen as the tyrant and the strawman.

From the center outward does the tyrant extend his power. The tyrant does this by establishing loyal oppositional outposts, created with intentional inexactitudes built-into their charter. The strawmen, setup as mirror images of the seat of power - the tyrant - have a reflective/refractive index greater than 0 but less than 1, i.e., they are not perfect mirrors, more like "fun-house mirrors." (at 0, no visible refraction occurs.)

Operationally, you can think of your self, your consciousness, as a tennis ball, totally battered around by forces unknown to you - but nevertheless known - from one side of the court to the other side, endlessly. With a certain kind of effort, you can triangulate your attention, such that you become the official courtside referee, thereby no longer participating directly with the ping pong game on the court. Becoming proficient at this, you can move your attention even further and higher into the audience in the round, and with another extraordinary shift of effort into Mr. Blimpie in the sky; each shift removes you further from the play on the court.

Operationally, Life demands/requires of your ordinary routine consciousness a minimum participation in life, that is you are minimally interested in everything existing in life, until you are not so, and consciousness will find something else, you don't have to go looking for it, you never do.

Being asleep, confused, distracted, and talking about things ad nauseum, is the most natural thing in the world, for a human, especially a living human - the dead don't do much of that anymore. The mystics knew this, that's why they said, waking up is going against life.

Whether you know or appreciate this or not, the body is there to keep the brain alive, NOT the other way around, and all the forces of medicine and science will be brought to bear to do what is necessary to keep some one individual - his brain - alive, perhaps to complete some work or task that he might have been working on for decades, even if it means being literally hooked up to machines for the rest of his life, just to keep the brain alive. (Note: if the brain were "like dead", no neural activity at all, and body parts started failing one by one, there would be absolutely NO effort given to restore those failed parts.)

Everything that can be said about the quantum world of "quantum things" can be said about the people world of "people things", like electrons are really probability patterns of interconnected relationships... and so are people, persons, you, me, she, he, and the other one over there in the corner half-asleep and ready to nod off (going WITH life).

People think there is a tower of babel here on earth, even amongst those all speaking the same native language, that everybody is talking, talking, talking, but nobody is understanding anybody else. But there is no such tower. It's only the ordinary, walking around, routine consciousnesses that are confused by what other people say and mean, and are confused by the fact that they are continually misunderstood by everybody else.

Those with a non-ordinary consciousness are not confused by what others say at all, they know perfectly well what they are saying, why they are saying it, where they are coming from, and they have absolutely no reason to argue with them, to try to fix their presentation, or anything like that. In fact, the tower of babel, only exists for the babble-on-ians.
Thus it is, that "Americans" become 
true and genuine 
Citizens of the World
(yeah, I know: "Free to be you and me" wink wink.)

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Less religion, More science

In reply to, "The next 25 to 50 years."

the world needs now is less religion, more science.
It's the only thing that there's just too little of.

Religion - believing in fantasy stories, believing in heavens and hells and paradises... All of that is easy as hell. But Science - scientific thinking, critical disciplined thinking... now that's hard, and why so many people simply cannot do it. But this crazy world would be much better off, if all people everywhere, from a young age and onward had access to all things scientific, and no things religious. Religions are only necessary for those with weak minds who need to be put in their place, and told what to think and how to act by the powers that be. Like sheeple: go forth and grow loads of wool... and stay in your pens.

Look into it… removing religions from the planet, say a couple thousand years ago, and strengthening scientific inquiry and viewpoints would most likely have resulted in not less love and compassion for all living things, but much more of all of that, and much more, that we can't even imagine yet. The idea of no or many fewer wars will never be realized in a world where the majority of people identify themselves as religious, while only a small, small minority identify themselves as scientific. Look into it

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

The next 25-50 years...

May be the most important years in the life of Humanity on this planet. Runaway climate change is nearing the tipping point, and so is runaway economic turmoil where many countries are going broke or bankrupt, and so are runaway wars and terrorist attacks where millions of people are dying or becoming homeless refugees, and so is runaway income disparity where the Rich are getting Richer and the less so are rapidly becoming the much less so, and so is the runaway extinction of species where in just the next seventy-five to one hundred years we could lose 50% of all species on earth.

The time is now for the most intelligent among us - wherever they are - to dedicate their lives to solutions, rather than what the rest of the world is doing - who are quite content looking the other way, or into the holes in which they have inserted their own dimly lit heads. And by the most intelligent among us, is meant the Millennials, whose world will be that which is being pointed to herein - 25-50+ years into the future. THAT is the world they will be forced to contend with if they don't Stand Up and Be Counted, because it is as obvious as the nose on your faces, people, the ones who MADE THIS WORLD as it is today, are already in their retirement years... and really don't care about the world that far into the future, because... you know... they will be dead by then.

And what does all of this have to do with the events of just the last 30 days? "Well, harrumph! EV-RY-THING!!" What is going on in the world, today and for most of the last two thousand years of course, but especially today, are HUMAN BRAINS interacting with other human brains, in ways virtually none of them have the faintest idea about (and this is a Big Idea, whether or not you care to admit it). HUMAN BRAINS have CAUSED - by their lack of knowledge, foresight, intelligence, alertness, attentiveness, and many other features of ordinary human brains - absolutely all the problems on Earth that now confront all humans and non-humans alive today... except perhaps for some cockroaches and a few other hearty insects that can survive nuclear holocausts and worse.
"What to do, what to do?"

Well, how's "looking the other way, or 
staring into holes" working out for ya?

"We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking
we used when we created them." Albert E.

Thursday, December 3, 2015

Man's inhumanity to man - #2 of n

Periodically, life stirs the pot with a big stick and this time - just to pick one in the last few hours, in the days of the lives of those living in "the (not so) good ol' U.S.of A." - San Bernardino, CA. gets whacked. These mass shootings usually come from out of nowhere - that is, nobody realizes what's about to happen until it's too late to do anything about it, but hide, cower in fear, run away, or submit to the inevitable. "What a shame", says everyone after the fact, and "Our hearts go out to their families", and still nothing is ever done to change the situation in a meaningful way. In fact, it's getting worse, here and in most other places.

This is a comment on the BRAINS of human beings, because - and of this you can be quite certain - such things are not happening in the animal kingdom, even if someone tries to stand up and make an utter fool of themselves by suggesting otherwise. Only human BRAINS feel the necessity to GO TO WAR with other beings, and in the case of humans, that even includes NON-humans in some notable cases which they quickly rationalize and justify by pointing to a need for their land, or the food of their flesh, or many other things. To call this an issue of "radical Islamic terrorists" won't work, because those who are, can't stop it and won't stop it. To call this an issue of gun ownership, or gun legislation, is too simplistic because 99% of those who own guns would never consider declaring WAR on other beings. Damaged human BRAINS are on the increase, not the decrease, and this is easy to discern, and understanding the Whys and the Wherefores of this condition is everyone's responsibility before we reach the tipping point.

People everywhere are heard saying "There is nothing we can do about any of this!" and from one point of view, they are correct. But THAT point of view is tantamount to "All it will take for evil to prevail is for good people to do nothing."  Not only is Intelligence catching, so is Stupidity, and when a person "hangs around" the Stupids, they themselves become one of the Stupids. But then, just look at most TV, radio, Internet chat rooms, and Social media venues, and see if you can perceive this tendency bubbling up from the bottom. But... not only there... it is bubbling up IN YOU, in your human BRAIN, and although you are not quite aware of this moment-by-moment, it is, nevertheless, occurring. (Just look right now. See it?) Amidst all that noise, it is really any wonder that some people can so easily fall into a descending spiral of bad thoughts, sour emotions, and hateful rhetoric that actually SEEMS to make sense. This is the Land of the Stupids, and your only salvation is to rise above it and achieve the World of the Intelligents.