Friday, May 29, 2015

"We are all in a fix"

It is one thing to mention that "we are all in a fix", and people go, "yeah, yeah..." (as if to say, "yeah, and I could write a book about that!") but then their voices trail off and that is the end of the non-started-conversation... and that - in a nutshell - is the problem with ALL delayed-reaction email/message groups. Just watch right here. After this post, there will be almost no followup, and if there is it will likely have NOTHING to do with the core issue, "we ARE all in a fix... and what can we do about that... here and NOW?"

No one really wants to start such a long, and soon-to-be quite boring thread about this, YET, that is exactly what NEEDS to occur, because people have become quite accustomed to, and satisfied with giving simple-minded expression to the ideas (all the really good ones, and even worse, the Great Ones), but they are quite incapable of expressing deeply-felt and intelligently-communicated "higher knowledge" gleaned from their "higher being perceptions and observations" of the MANY, unseen, and for most, unknown ways and manners in which we are IMMERSED IN A VAT OF MOLASSES while believing - incorrectly - we are flying free as a bird... clear skies ahead! (You WISH!)

You would be SHOCKED... and you should be. What one knows about their human situation - their condition, their humble beginnings and even before that time, their life of ordinary development thru maturation and inevitable decline, and their possible, potential but rarely achieved NOWS and FUTURES - wouldn't even fill a thimble, a doll's thimble... hell, a doll's doll's thimble - yet there is a 1000 gallon drum of knowledge available, containable, and USABLE by one who DARES to get out of the bath of idle, comfortable, mostly meaningless and time-wasting chit-chat, small-talk, one- and two-liners of little importance and meaning, and the thousands of aborted conversations that were never even attempted, let alone started, to learn how to STAND UP in the fast moving stream-of-life that surrounds one and DISCOVER what CAN BE KNOWN about that which one NEEDS to know about being alive in a Human Form.


Of course, we are talking about locating A Face-to-Face Conversation with others in the room - you know who they are, they know who you are, and "we are all together right now and know it." - who might actually know more about this and other things than you do. The Journey is long, but it can be made shorter!

By the way, many people SAY there are people out there, somewhere, who know much more about the human condition - for the problem that it is for those interested in Real Enduring Change - but they won't make the EFFORTS necessary to seek them, find them, and learn to work within their "headspace." As people should already know, much more can be expressed and heard by those in the room at the time - even to the point of being able to understand and actualize for oneself certain key ideas - than can EVER be expressed and heard by those simply writing and reading messages that are cut short, because the conversation never develops, nor CAN develop. It would take many pages to adequately flesh out this "in a fix, and what now?" idea, whereas a short ten or fifteen minute riff on the idea could reveal 10 times more to everyone in the room... and then - the fun part - it's YOUR turn.
You either GET THAT, or you do not.
You've either BEEN THERE, and done that, or you haven't.

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

The Peter Principle

Everyone should already know this principle, especially those who are still - after all these many years - wedded to their favorite (or not so much anymore, but as they often say, "Hey, what else IS there?") Yahoo or Facebook delayed-reaction chit-chat and time-wasting groups where absolutely nothing relating to Real Work (The Great Work of Conscious Evolution our species just happens to be on, in case you didn't already know) occurs on a day-to-day basis, whereas most of the willing participants actually believe otherwise. HAH! The Joke is on them.

Consider the following, and think about your personal involvement in The Work: The Peter Principle is a concept in management theory in which the selection of a candidate for a position is based on the candidate's performance in their current role, rather than on abilities relevant to the intended role.

It is a long way from an ordinary, educated person, knowing virtually nothing about The Work, to the one who has found some books, done some reading, even gotten involved for a short time with a group of other people, and knows what is next - development of consciousness up through certain levels of understanding well detailed by many people in the past. Moving from one level, so to speak, to the next level is usually never attained by most of the people who embark upon it. That is, referring to the management theory above, they have reached a level of comfort and self-satisfaction but have not acquired the talents, skills and understandings necessary to move to higher levels in The Work.

There they stay, and MANY are left with wasting oodles and oodles of time on Yahoo and Facebook (and elsewhere) trying to calm themselves with regard to their realization (only partially understood at this point, of course) that they are no longer moving forward "on their way." It is truly as if they have one foot nailed to the floor, and for the rest of their lives all that is possible for them is spinning around this way or that way. Sure, the local scenery changes to some degree, and they still have their typical wild swings of happiness and sadness, but they have stopped moving vertically.

Wherever a person is today - right now - psychologically, spiritually, intellectually, even emotionally, that is the level at which they have become quite complacent and contented, and the more you are that, the LESS you are interested in moving up to the next higher level of development, or evolution, or self-perfection (or whatever you like to call your short trip-in-a-body on this planet.) When one has become satisfied with the state they think or believe they have reached, they lose any desire to reach for something higher, deeper, broader, more fun, especially with regards to what is called (by some) The Great Work of Conscious Evolution.

There is no advice or instruction or inspirational words from your favorite cartoon character that can pull you UP into higher levels of yourself. Only that information, about the muck and mire of your ordinary life - personally gained and verified - that you use consistently, may result in you pulling your old and tired self up and out and into higher levels of a New You.

As you are right now, you don't know a thing about the HIGHER - how could you - but you can know almost "all and everything" about the lower - your current, day to day world of sleep, imagination and the mechanics and automatism ruling your life. Books, and email and messaging groups will never tell YOU what you need to know - believe it, or live forever in your imaginary beliefs. Ordinary Friends can't help you - they are just the casual ones you drink shots with at the neighborhood bar, or eat pizzas with at the local Denny's. But the Real Friends you share your Essence with, one way or the other and usually FACE-to-FACE (in case you didn't know this already)... 
Now, THAT is another matter entirely!

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

There's GOLD in them thar hills...

(But you've got to DIG for it...dig it?)

The reason we left Facebook and Yahoo over a couple years ago should be very obvious to those who have ever read even a couple of my weekly posts into these two above named so-called "social media venues," yet the number of people who UNDERSTAND even a word of any of it remains extremely low, almost surprisingly but, in truth, not so much, even after over 8 months of me being the primary "pusher man" of the (reverse-)notion to "KICK YOUR HABIT, chillun!" (even as the "hit count" per pushed post is always over 100 each and every time.)

The reasons for this are many, and have almost NOTHING to do with the content, style or demeanor of my various posts (though some will, and publicly do argue with that - hey kids, to each his own "argument"), but almost EVERYTHING to do with the genetic organization and ordinary functionality of the nervous system, especially up there between the ears and behind the eyes where conscious thoughts occur, though mostly (90+% or more) "under the radar." (What? No radar operator at home, or on the job?)

In any case, the condition has been going on so very long in the masses - especially since the advancement of the Internet and easy access to "self publishing" (mostly) non-sense and silliness into these groups setup precisely for that purpose - that most of them justify and rationalize their continued involvement there and have become quite satisfied with their "level of being" as presented and displayed there for all to see. ("Hey, everybody else is doing it! I am just following their lead.")

Consequently, those same "most of them" find no real urgent need or desire to find something "higher", where "higher" means precisely this: STOP wasting time crafting your hopefully well-worded one and two sentence "replies" to what other people previously replied to someone else (who, most likely, did the same before them...), and BRING IT to the VC, (i.e., VideoConference) and do it face-to-face like a Real Man or Real Woman.

And for all the "geniuses" out there who feel the overwhelming need to reply to this tidbit (like M.L., M.P., and S.G. last time) well, don't bother... since for 8 months I've been saying that writing snarky one- and two-line replies to what others offer on FB and Yahoo, particularly on those thousands or more groups ostensibly set up for discussing "ideas relating to expanded awareness, consciousness and evolution," is just plain cowardice, whereas face-to-face Conversation, where the participants are always attempting a "higher order" of intelligence and presence, is bravery... so, therefore, your written replies here will always go completely unnoticed except by the eavesdroppers and bystanders you feel some sort of "special affinity" with... you know, the high fivers and other "insignificants" who can't seem to quit their drug of choice either... (yes, it IS a drug, people... Yakety yak, don't talk back), and once and for all time Move UP to the mountains - beyond the hills even - where the GOLD is.

For example: (new-age ideas, perhaps, BUT achievable nevertheless)
  • Humor: How to use it profitably
  • Eliminate boredom
  • Convert stress into profitable energy
  • Put daydreams to action
  • Use passion in your life
  • What to do before you get mad
  • The end to personal hostility
  • How to live the life you've always wanted
  • How to win in a "no-win" situation
  • Recognize and alter self-defeating behavior
  • Increased freedom through increased responsibility
  • How to solve any problem
  • How to expand and enrich your creative powers
  • The lost art of having fun
  • The miracle of the human brain and how to exploit it
  • The art of forgetting
  • The art of silence in conversation
  • Understand more than you know
  • Four-dimensional thinking
  • Extend your neural limits
  • Navigate uncharted areas of the brain not ordinarily available
  • Experience "another dimension" to life that is normally invisible
  • Stop living in a trance when you can neurally prance
  • and, et cetera, et cetera, et's all there for the Digging.

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

CASH PRIZE... come and get it!

Since we have only interested about .01% of the 20k+ members of these 10 FB and Yahoo groups to get off their comfy, delayed-reaction, simple-minded, written venues (cold turkey works best), and try getting fully engaged in a real-time, complex-minded, verbal venue, just like (believe it or not!) the one we have been running for a couple years (where we discuss in glorious detail the secret and hidden intricacies of consciousness and intelligence that most humans on Earth have absolutely NO CLUE about) for one time only (at 1pm GMT, 5/16/15) we will offer a Cash Prize to the first 3 people who actually show up, stay the duration, and contribute some of their "vast experience" to the rest of the group.

Whereas the kinds of ideas we investigate every week should (or could) stimulate those parts of your frontal lobes where they can do some good (fun, excitement, with occasional thrills and perhaps even some spills... or otherwise)...maybe, just maybe, a Cash Prize will get some of your juices flowing... who knows?

Actually, we don't care one iota WHAT stimulus brings people in our little experiment, since - given the parameters set down by the team when we began - seat-fillers with half-a-brain are good-enough, soo-o-o-o, full-o'brains are even better, and, there may even be a few with more-evolved parts than the run-of-the-mill, standard-issue Hominids out there, who have the courage to jump onto a swiftly moving roller coaster, and ride, Ride, RIDE THE WIND, as it is carried to the Top of the "Ms. Tickle Mountain" for a very clear view of the World never seen by most.

Final note: if ANYONE felt even the slightest bit "offended" by anything written above, try to remember what The Work is all about: Growing Up while you are still young enough to enjoy it.

Friday, May 8, 2015

Snippets from the Land of the Insane

You've all heard/read that bit incorrectly attributed to Albert E: "The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results." Well, some have suggested that I must be a glaring example of that, because I continue to post my weekly flyers upon your various walls (referring now to Yahoo and Facebook, consisting of about 10 walls and 20,000 members!), inviting new-comers to our weekly old-timers Campfire Conversations, but I don't care... they're wrong.

Not insane, but super-sane, hyper-sane even, because I know The Effort is The Reward, NOT additional seat-fillers with nothing to talk about but themselves and their personal, subjective views on every topic BUT the ones we discuss. 

We are not looking for people with good memories, who can quote - ad nauseum or ad infinitum, or (egad!) both - passage after passage from their favorite books, transcripts, and news reports from out there (i.e., they didn't write the stuff, they are just... repeating it.) Hey, we've already read all the books and news stories out there, and don't need to be reminded what's in them. 

We are looking for people who are less interested in being entertained, than they are in Being Entertaining. That is, Charlie or Charlene, we are not interested in fish with good taste (even those with proper quotation skills), but those who Taste Good (amuse and entertain on a variety of super/hyper non-serious topics... you know, "those kinds***")

***wherein one can achieve those states of extreme lucidity in which consciousness expands and time itself is perceptible as another dimension, or, as another friend composed: we want our brains to fire up into extreme fluency on demand, with the sound the furnace makes when the gas hits the pilot light; we want to stay close to the gooey interface wherein hormones make neurons talk, and language meets linoleum. [B.M. and J.M.]

NOTE: some browsers may NOT display Charlie's video, 
so just Pause it, and then Restart it.

Same Rules to Join Hangout Apply As Always:
Begins precisely at 1pm GMT Saturdays
THE EFFORT is the thing
Leave your email address HERE.

Friday, May 1, 2015

Campfire Dialogues

Over the course of the last 8 months, since September 4, 2014 to be exact, we have developed, or discovered, several reasons why the attendance to our weekly campfire meetings (where we discuss the WHYS and WHEREFORES*** of human existence, consciousness, and every(damn)thing in between (and, believe it not, with a straight face and a light heart)) has been so sparse, to say the least. But, if we revealed those reasons to you here, on this public venue, no one would get it (as in, "getting the joke", or "understanding the punchline").

Some would even take offence at the suggestion being made here that they are - for the most part - simply bystanders, eavesdroppers and onlookers (i.e., not all that serious) to the Great Work of Awakening being pursued by the few of the few. The reason is fairly obvious to those who are serious in the right way; you can't tell somebody who isn't serious, what they don't already know for themselves; they must discover it for themselves, and then be able to tell themselves (and others, should they indicate an interest) what they have discovered.

That is what these campfires are: at the "end of the day" (day being a very variable term), the group "elders" (another variable term) gather around the "fire of conscious light" (known as such only BY them), and quickly enter that most desirable state of mind wherein higher conscious (i.e., illuminated, enlightened) thought is experienced (sans words), in order to, as it were, "chant the world" to their brothers and sisters.

In such a "campfire meeting" the purpose is ALWAYS to raise the level of understanding and being of those present, such that what One Knows (and can discuss) they all know, or put another way, what The Room Knows each one of them knows. One thing starts to become very clear to those "in the room (around the fire)," which is that their personalities quickly fall away, and recede into the darkness where they belong, revealing the "Fire As Conscious Light" which it most certainly is.

Now, if you already have such a "thing" in your life, good for you. But if you do not, or you scoff at the suggestion being made here (for several months) that you are missing something of Great Value, then perhaps we should be seeking YOU out. What's your email address? (Leave it as a reply here.)

***(why indicates the reason for something and
wherefore indicates how it came to be)