Saturday, September 20, 2014

Hangout with the gang - UPDATE (too late!)

In case anyone wonders 
"Wha' happened?" 
"Where is everyone!"
Here is a bit o'news: We are opening our weekly video-conferencing "hangout" to those who would like to investigate what we've been doing there. We are not arguing dogmas, doctrines, strongly-held beliefs or otherwise, but rather, experimenting with Discovery, Invention and Creation, up there between the ears and behind the eyes. Frankly, Honestly, Seriously folks, it is more interesting, and way more fun to share information in real time with those who are capable of hearing, thinking, and more importantly responding, than it is to "Talk to the Hand" (i.e., posting to blogs, and email/message groups). Which is not meant to say that this place is shutting down - no way - but that all the "good stuff" (the really good stuff from my viewpoint) is being saved and then expressed inside those "hangouts," and this place is going to be for less frequent messages.

Here are the links to the Invite: 
and, "Critter Comforts" and "The Sixth Sense" for those who care.

If interested in attending,
SORRY - it's too late.
Already Happened!

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