Thursday, November 27, 2014

Choicer Bait (for this Turkey Date)

Regarding recent news coming out of Ferguson, Mo. - which some might even call disturbing (the many who can't help "taking sides", and even defending it to the death!), but others enlightening (the few who can, and don't) - if you (the one currently tasting this choicer bait) didn't feel/experience yourself moving from the many (your usual abode - admit it) to the few (not so often - admit it), and soon afterwards (no more than a few seconds, really) find yourself newly eloquent, or extremely fluent on the topic in question, then your "way" is not the Real Way out of the nearly barren pond of minnows in which all humans reside, but just more of the same pond forevermore. (Hey, if not then, then when?)

Perhaps you heard, if you actually are able to Hear yet (and, if not now, then when?) the creaking of the back door opening just a tad, as you began slipping out the back, failing to realize - yet again - that a back door is NOT an Escape Hatch... here is the sound of the back door in creak-mode: "Of course, I had an enlightening moment, since MY way IS the REAL WAY, but ah'll be damned if I'm gonna prove it here, to you of all people (or even to myself... since I'm quite sure I know what I would say... well... if a gun was held to my head.")

Life inserts these minor bookmarks into the thick, thick, thuper-thick Book of Life (Larry hath a bit of a lithp,) marking all those "Wake Up People!" moments, that the many (99%) will miss, yet again, and only a few (1%) will Awaken within, thus slipping through that particular Escape Hatch revealed only for their sake, apparently, since only they were able to slip through unnoticed by the rest who stayed behind. Funny thing about the 1%'ers, but quite unknown by the 99%'ers: they've discovered how to recognize others of their kind, while everyone else still sees mirrored images of themselves (i.e., clueless without a care for consequences.) It's the same as a person walking through the party-house after the big bash last night while everyone is still sound asleep sprawled all around the place. They are clueless behind their eyes - trapped inside their silly dreams - without a care in the world, while the Awakened are quite able to locate all the other Awakened Ones.

Monday, November 24, 2014

Minnows or Sharks?

(Perhaps a companion to: "Flightless or Soaring?")
Having moved away almost entirely from all these, somewhat stale, and oh so similar watering-holes (fishing-ponds) with the prevailing conclusion that, either the bait was wrong or the fisherman inept, it was decided during our last "hangout" to revise the bait and see what happens. At the end of the, quite typical for us, 3 hour meeting, all proclaimed: "Boy oh boy, it's another b.o.y!"  which has occurred so frequently over the last few months, usually just a wink, and a nod suffices. Of course, that is code not for this particular water-hole, but the still-standing fishermen, though there may be found the code-breaker somewhere down below, so keep alert little fishies, keep alert.
That is, Be Alert outside of your school of sameness,
if you really expect to See something NEW.
There is a phenomenon known to some called, "mind-blown!" or even "spaced-out," which has been suggested elsewhere has nothing to do with being "dopey" or "out of touch" (as in being too high on drugs to know what's going on.) Originally, it referred to a state of extreme lucidity in which consciousness expanded and time itself was perceptible as another dimension, which was either the result of, or synonymous with this expansion of consciousness. Thus the "space" being referred to was the perception of an additional dimension, which seemed somehow intrinsically spacial, yet distinct from normal space - thus "time" - as the "spaced-out," or "mind-blown" ones were now operating outside of time, or had expanded their now, or were partially in the next dimension above time, sometimes even referred to as eternity. Hey, it works for me - often, every week, and then some - and is certainly worth considering during YOUR next "hangout" (if you ever make it to one, that is, even as your chances for finding or creating one are dwindling day by day.)

Who knows, one or more of you might 
actually proclaim your time together as:
"Boy oh boy, it's a b.o.y!"
(having discovering what a "B.O.Y." actually IS!)

Friday, November 14, 2014

A "Flyer" on the Wall

Having released our "Flyer" into the dusty and windy climes of delayed-reaction email/message groups for the last couple months or so, we have been rather surprised (not really of course) by a couple things. Of the ~12000+ members of the 10 groups in the experiment, only ~30 people have been able to "figure out" how to get to the next step. Of those, only two have actually made it to the time and place in question - well, nearly, but not exactly, on time, and not quite ready to roll. As for the rest, they were asked a couple "vetting" questions in advance and either failed to reply or answered in the "negative" ("no," "not interested," "wrong time," etc.) and so were removed from the final invitee list. (Yes, it is necessary to "qualify" for admittance - surprise, surprise - as seats are limited.)

One might ask, "What the heck does that have to do with my favorite teaching/teacher and all that it/he stood for?" All right, fair question - so far as it goes, which is not very far at all, but par for the course for ordinary minds to query. Well, it has everything to do with it. Namely. Humans do not understand the process by which they either DO ARRIVE into any particular time and place, or they DON'T, but in each case, with all their explanations, excuses, justifications and rationalizations firmly implanted, and well-rehearsed in their fore-brains, just in case somebody other than themselves asks... "Hey, wha' happened? Thought we would be (or wouldn't be) seeing you here!"

Time is a notion that is simply (or more complexly) outside our wheelhouse. That is, we can't think about it at all. Even with a detailed question like, "Okay, why didn't you arrive ON TIME like you promised?" Now, that one is tough enough for the questioned, but this next one is even harder: "Why are you here? How is it that you arrived here today?" That's the stumper. Even harder than that is this: "Why are you still wasting hours of your life, almost every day without fail, wading through the superficial silliness streaming by your eyeballs (again, with all your explanations, excuses, justifications and rationalizations firmly implanted, and well-rehearsed in your fore-brain), when you should really know by now, that it is long since past time to kick your addiction to it?" Answer that one with a straight face.

Consider, FATE didn't bring you here today to read the stream (i.e., the world streaming by your five lower senses), and DESTINY didn't bring you here, and WILL didn't either. A better word for what is happening to people all over this planet as they literally FALL into each moment, completely unaware and unconscious of the processes occurring within and without... is GRAVITY. And then when they arrive "into the moment" (you know, like this next word I am about to write for your eyeballs... here it comes...) they(you) are moments late and dollars short of a full comprehension. The now (today's version, right now, right here for example) only "dawns" upon people sometime after-the-fact, and even then, they can't remember what happened, having only a vague glimmer of a partial memory of, for example, what the first four words of THIS message/post were. (Come on, strain your brain!) And if you get that easy one, what was the rest of the sentence?

The Flyer suggests most emphatically (but with a soft touch), that the addiction to reading Yahoo/Facebook/Google groups supposedly discussing "the enlightenment game" (which has, for most people, supplanted their previous strong desire to read books,) is stifling their activation of higher circuits where Thinking, above thoughts and words and images, becomes a real possibility - akin to what is called, KNOWING.  Only then can one perceive the Thought of Creation which is embedded within the Thought Stream surrounding this planet. Each human is connected neurally to it by birth, but because of several decades of effectively walling themselves off from it, they have become confined to the cell of their ordinary sensory existence, and they can not perceive a bit of it. We humans are like bugs, insects, crawly things scratching out a short existence at the bottom of Death Valley, surrounded by High Mountains - far, far off in the barely perceptible distance - rising almost to the Sun, which is their rightful home could they but "Get There."

Regarding what is actually being pointed to herein, consider this famous unanswerable question: How is it, that the Six-foot tall five-bulb electric lamp cord becomes correctly situated in an available, and hot Wall Socket? That is, what is really going on here?

Thursday, November 13, 2014

The Work is not just one thing

And, this is true whether or not one is referring to the living or the dead: including Gurdjieff, Buddha, Jesus, Lao Tzu, Maharshi, Yogananda, or any other Awake and Conscious and Enlightened Individual (to use all three if it makes you feel better.) As for the rest of the naked planetary bipeds today, there are very few (pitifully few, perhaps) such Individuals. After all, The Work consists of work on all three centers, not just one or two or even zero - that is, the body, the emotions, the intellect.

What it is not, is killing the ego, or the personality - which can't be done anyway, except by drugs of one kind or another, or massive injury, leaving the poor fool in a sorry state at best. Taming it, perhaps, but with higher emotional intelligence involved.

What it is, however, is Awakening, becoming Conscious of the Thought of Creation, which is not just a 3-centered conception consisting of mere (in our case) English words, but a 5-dimensional or more conception spanning time and eternity - two more concepts scarcely understood by anyone alive (making five, including the other three.)

Furthermore, unless one is truly extraordinary in so many ways, they will not be able to reach the Awakened, Conscious Thought of Creation on their own, no matter how many chants they re-repeat, mantras they a-humm, movements they mangle, holes they dig and re-dig, questions they ask or re-ask yet again, or books they read fourteen times. Why? NOT ENOUGH DATA. Simple as that. Such an awakened thought requires more data than one person can acquire during their way-too-short life span of extremely limited sensory capabilities. The Solution is easy (can you extraordinaries out there think of it?)

In order to hear it spoken out loud, in your presence, you will need to accomplish something that very few have ever been able to, because they are too fearful, too shy, too weak, too argumentative, too negative, too angry, too identified with their "self and i's," or worse, too identified with their favorite living or dead guy/gal, and too many other things to mention here... (still thinking?)

Solutions to the problem of increasing available data are extant, and there are those who are an intrinsic part of their own living versions. You are welcome to discover more about this, but you first must make THE effort mentioned here and elsewhere many times before. We await your responses.

One final thing to consider: master (hey, even expert) fishermen do not need to remain at the same pond, stream, river or part of the ocean, to know whether or not there are any viable fish in there. A few drops of the line reveals much. And though there may be a lot of critters swimming around down there, they are quickly discovered to be "of the wrong kind, variety, maturity, plumpness, tastiness, inquisitiveness, curiosity, etc."

Catch the drift before the fishermen 
depart for other suitable locations.
(some fishees want to be hooked!)
(and if they look down far enough they will.)

Monday, November 10, 2014

Life is real only when I am...

In this moment, 
and this moment, 
and this, and this...

"Moment," is code for (the fabled) "Conscious Circle of Humanity." This place - referring now to Yahoo/Facebook/Google groups and all similar places where people are reading, posting, chitting and chatting with other similar hairless bipeds about who knows what! - is not the "Conscious Circle of Humanity," no matter how one might try to convince themselves otherwise. It is a gaggle of children playing with words (in their personal sandbox of words - between the ears,) trying to construct sand castles (ideas, theories, suppositions, and other big mounds of "hopium") that don't immediately topple under their own weight, in order to while away the hours while believing they are still "on the way." For them, it is all just a hobby.

So where ya gonna find One?
Yes, there is a conscious circle, and you too can be admitted therein (while you are still alive), but you must "do the work." Yes, there is Work involved, because it doesn't just happen - even though many believe the silly idea, "when the student is ready the teacher will appear," which is only half true, and just barely. The half that is true, is simply being able to read between the lines and rise above judgment, criticism, doubt and fear, even without the supposed "benefit" of teachings, like 4thway, buddhism, sufism and others. I know a few who did. 

Leetle teeny hint for those still (rightly) considering: yes, there are three centers, or three circuits, but there is a 4th and a 5th, and perhaps a 6th, and they go by different names and descriptions. The "conscious sphere" is up there, out of the way of the noise of the lower realms but not disconnected from it. The sphere "takes form, shape and structure" over time and could be "seen as" (grokked as)...

Thinking Feeling Sensing
Higher Thinking, Higher Feeling, Higher Sensing
It is "comprised" of highly-charged, highly-energetic, highly-magnetized particles that "Come together, right NOW, over 'me'" (shades of John Lennon, who probably knew about this, without KNOWING he knew about it.) But, more later for those who "have an interest, and know how to make themselves 'known'.

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

The Neighborhood Park

Anyone who has been around these delayed-reaction email/message groups - particularly the "enlightenment game" bunch - should know that the main thing going on with all of them, is hiding. Hiding behind this or that piece of supposedly useful information produced by somebody else - usually a long, long time ago - in order to appear as someone of equal stature. Oh, most won't admit that, because that would require coming out of hiding, but they know who is being called out here. So long as the group has some high-minded moniker - like AdvaitaForEveryone, or ZenBuddhistPhilosophy, or GurdjieffWork, or EnlightenmentNow, or WhatEVER - then all the members, who consciously chose to join and hang around for sometimes years - can believe they are coming out of hiding (even though, in fact, 99% don't even realize they are now, and have always been, IN hiding.) Another way this has been expressed over the years, is "Asleep on a higher level."

It all reminds one of a neighborhood park (with a clever name), that has a rather large fenced-off sandbox, and there are always many children in there with their shovels, and their pails, and their smiling faces, and they are all simply doing what children do: PRETENDING. It's cute while it lasts, unless it lasts way too long (some of them have been there for decades!) But the children in the sandbox will never figure it out. That would require an adult in the place, who can usher the children out of the sandbox, and into more suitable surroundings for those who honestly want to Grow Up.

Growing up simply means: retire from your delayed-reaction email/message groups with fancy, esoteric names purporting to "discuss" (which often turns to disagreement, argument and more confusion) the "enlightenment game," primarily because they never found (or were never invited to) more suitable surroundings... namely face-to-face conversation with their grown up peers, who consciously choose - each and every time - to Be there on time, to leave their personalities at the door, to stay for the duration, and be fully prepared (even technologically) for active participation in order to elevate themselves and the room. When this happens - and it's not hard, but it is an effort - it's something to behold, and few there be who have access to such a place.

Keep your eyes open and your ears perked up.
You never know who might appear...

It can happen.

Monday, November 3, 2014

Two Month Experiment Concludes

Everything about this Earthly "prison planet" is endlessly fascinating. Everybody knows that, even if this or that part still makes one angry, depressed, and off-their-A-Game... but that's all right, so long as their ordinary mind and emotions are thoroughly occupied from morning till night (and then night till morning) reacting to it. What that has come to mean for the masses (you know, the 99%'ers) is automatic thinking and feeling about everything, utilizing 99% of the energy generated by the food, air and impressions that come into their body during each and every day, until dead and left for the living to dispose of.

Do you understand that? Your thinking and feeling centers/circuits are prisoners of the physical world, and therefore you have, maybe, 1% or less time and energy to "consider" the Higher "FREE ZONES", which is more than just endlessly "fascinating, interesting, enlightening," but "mind-blowingly epiphanic," if not even orgasmic in their potency. The "Music of the Spheres" is more beautiful than any Bach (or pick your favorite) piece.

This, one should know by an early age - EARLY - but most don't, even after many decades of reading, talking, and wandering around their assigned cell on this prison-planet, while meaninglessly rearranging the furniture, pictures on the wall, and floor coverings in an "effort" (of sorts) to change something. And with the passing of each and every day, month, year and decade, they have less and less interest and energy in pursuing it. The masses are doomed to live out their days (their daze) on this prison-planet, never even discovering that the KEYS to their FREEDOM were always - from day one or so - (as if) in their back pocket to use, at will, to escape... but, sadly for them perhaps, they never even knew they HAD that back pocket. Perhaps the joke was on them? And, they didn't "Get It!" Get it?

The masses judge their "success in life" in terms of possessions, primarily, and some semblance of satisfactory business, family and social relationships, but, what about SUCCESS of a HIGHER ORDER? What of that? Most can't even think about it, let alone talk about it, let alone make real progress daily, and for the rest of their lives. They are quite satisfied with the status quo in almost everything, and because of that, they mistake falling behind as some sort of "success." A few, however, can't stand such a menial life, and must find a way to rise above the walls and escape - not in imagination, but in Reality.

So, why "preach to the choir" (those 11000+ members on the various Yahoo/Facebook groups I post these things to, who are ostensibly involved to some degree with these essential matters)? JUST BECAUSE one is membered-up to one or another such group, and read or post once in a while or all the time, that alone does NOT mean anything at all. 95+% of them are not regulars in any case. In general, people everywhere are equally beggars/beginners in relation to the Higher Knowledge that is not ordinarily accessible by the masses whatever they do. Either they can't recognize it, or can't use it (limited senses, limited circuits, limited experience, etc.), so for them it doesn't even exist. For the few who CAN and DO use it (having expanded/extended their senses, circuits, experience), we are always looking for you... to join a face-to-face weekly gathering of a small number of people who also CAN and DO. Either one already understands what CAN and DOES result from being in the presence of similarly "prepared persons," or one does not. Believe this or not: Yahoo/Facebook delayed-reaction email/message groups are NOT the way, never were, never will be. They are semi-enjoyable (perhaps, hopefully) diversions from facing reality head-on, because they push fantasy and imagination and a lot of "conscious" and unconscious lying to the willing diners who keep coming back for more of the same. But what is served up is less than nutritious, often being days or weeks late to your input table. Not tasty. Ugh!

Regarding the experiment that has ended (until we begin again), we received many "replies," of a sort, numbering about 30 in total, and after a simple "vetting question" or two, only TWO finally showed the courage to step up and be there; 25 who initially said they would be there, never followed up on the day/time, nor emailed the reasons (lame excuses) why. Many said something like, "Oh, I am beyond all of that... i.e., not interested in such as that, unless you tell me precisely what the topics are in advance and what I will get from it." REALLY?!? But, that is the dead (completely transparent) giveaway that they are NOT beyond a damn thing at all. Chatting up a Yahoo/Facebook group is the painfully stepped-down, delayed-reaction version of Real Time, Face-to-Face Speaking with a small number of semi, or even actually conscious men and women who know each other and are trying to be present to the room, and active, non-negative, non-judgmental participants. What happens in the best case (which for us regulars, is weekly, for over a year now) is something new and exciting to all the senses and circuits.

More to disregard and dismiss later... (yeah, bet'cha can't wait!)