Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Recycle Magic - and other "trade tricks"

All of your constituent elements, particles, and sub-particles, are completely recycled into the "next version" of you, everyone else, and every other life form living on this Planet - even while still alive. That is, each of us has been here before and will be here again, though the Form will be quite different. In any case, as some like to hear and say: "We Are Star Stuff", and so is everything else on this Planet. Star Stuff. 

We life forms are made of bits and pieces
of all the other life forms.

Bits and Pieces are continually falling away, and then "treated", or "prepared", for the next temporary user, which usually requires being broken down further, or used as is. In any case, this is simply the conservation of matter and energy at work.

What is not obvious, and will very likely be disagreed to by most readers here (creating a small memory of this reading, and the disagreements), is that not only the physical body is completely and totally recycled - from the top of the head to soles of the feed - but ALSO your "memories."

Do you not get that?

In fact, ALL of man's "memories" are mixed and merged, and even siphoned off and recycled during his life in a "mystical ceremony" known only to Life (the "Gang of 12"), who - when the humans engage in the process - smile, chuckle and even laugh uproariously about it... and it's not even "behind your back!"
They do it right out in the OPEN!

It is well-known in the Universe - even to humans - that "memories" are a potent source of re-usable energy - kind of like batteries - which is why people continually trot them out of their corrals every "once n' awhile" (from seconds, to hours, to days, etc.), to look at them, listen to them, fondle them, taste them, and walk them around, as if for the first time, even as they KNOW CLEARLY it is not. Why do they do this? Because they get an immediate and quite useful (as far it goes) "contact high." Humans have been created to recycle their own memories, little by little all through their lives, in the attempt to squeeze just a little more juice out of them, i.e., to keep them alive (mentally and emotionally), at least for a few more hours or days. (For some unfortunate folks, that's all they've GOT! Memories!)

Therefore, it should be obvious what Life is doing here...
...or, did that just go "zzzOOm" right over your head?

The "mystical ceremony", is actually built-into the human organism, with instructions, directives, to engage in the ceremony as often as they wish - and the more the better in fact. It could be thought of as "mental mastication", or "pre-digestion", or simply preparing the memories for their Next-Stage of Recycling, being too "gross and bulky" in their corporeal containers. As they ordinarily are created and recorded - in sleep for the most part - memories are not PURE, but highly impure, and full-to-overflowing with stuff growing in and around them, like weeds, or worse like Kudzu.

You see, these memories are not only recycled IN YOU, BY YOU, but they are recycled into other "memories", and even into other people... usually by talking and writing but not limited to that. AND here is the "mystical" part, they are recycled into all of humanity completely unbeknownst to them when it occurs, nor after the fact when they "recall" some memory. 

People ALWAYS believe their memories "belong to them", happened to them, primarily because they have a story that goes along with each one of those memories, telling them so. But, it is also very possible to have a memory "happen to one" that has no story at all, until it is MADE UP on the fly at the time of its arising, and then modified, enhanced, embellished each and every time it is "taken out for a walk." This is "The Becoming", the fastening of the memory, that literally attaches itself to the current memory map already there.

From Life's point of view, it doesn't matter who "owns" any memory, only that everyone has lots and Lots and LOTS of them, that they call their OWN, and that they trot them out often and everywhere to everyone, so as to prepare them and humanity, "The Human Species", for the REAL "Mystical Ceremony" - down the road - for purposes known only to Life (the "Gang of 12")...

Well... and to YOU of course... once "you get it!"

"Sorry, Charlie. We don't want tuna with good taste, and good stories. 
We want tuna that tastes good."
(Good tasting tuna, has no memories of being Tuna.
It is clean and pure BEING, sans "tuna")

Monday, September 23, 2013

Deepdish Chopsuey

What has become of this planet, anyway?

The wisdom of the east, and the energy of the west, has become all mashed together like an Insane Clown Twitter feed, consisting of one- and two-line quips of presumed pith, presumed to be useful "instructions" for living a "better life", when, in fact, the wisdom of the east and the west (when it can actually be located), has little to with a "better life", but about a
Perfect Death.

Ordinary death for everyone still alive is, too soon, and too difficult for most people to bear, and most know this at an early age, so they quite naturally begin the mechanical "shutting down process" (rather than, the more conscious, "speeding up process" they don't even know about) that begins by their late teens or early twenties, and accelerates the older they become. Many people nowadays are actually marking time, or slipping backwards (forsaking the Red Queen's advice), while waiting for their ultimate and expected D-Day - "Death Date" - feeling, "And, the sooner the better, god damn it!"

To achieve a "Perfect Death" one must Understand their birth - how they arrived here after 3.5billion years of planetary organic evolution leading up to their B-Day - "Birth Date" - when mommy and daddy offered up their Essence to the All and Everything, and nine months later little Fred or Mary (or, nowadays, Fmraerdy) showed up on the scene. Who-Ray! Then, O frabjous day! Callooh! Callay! Mother Dear (of the "Milky Way School") spoke the Light of Truth into baby's ear - which most quickly forgot, unfortunately.
A few short decades later, 
and here you are, right NOW
reading this reminder... 

Weekend, or less frequent, "spiritual seekers" - which is exactly what most people are who claim ANY interest at all in "spiritual matters" - are not only something else entirely (conforming to the "Cosmic Law of Reality"), but nearly its opposite, and those who casually believe they can drop in, check-out, drop-in, check-out (back-and-forth, on-and-off, like a light-switch with a serious short-circuit somewhere), without ever going ALL IN, and Then Some... including the postage... are living in dreamland; not even Dreamland, which is "the much, MUCH better version!"

Earth IS the plain vanilla, deepdish chopsuey variety dreamland, and there are over seven billion and counting stories, each with names, addresses and sub-titles - like so many pages ripped from the Glorious one-hundred billion strong "Book of Life" that somehow also got shredded and tossed into the cosmic wind. And now, "All the king's horses and all the king's men can't put Lumpy Dumpster back together again!"
(You DO know WHO They Are, yes?)

For one huge thing, one must BE TOGETHER to Die Well, Perfectly. Whereas, fragmented, and still confused and sleepy after all these many decades of roaming around this planet aimlessly, only leads to a tragically shortened life and a cold, damp dirt-bed, sleeping with bugs and insects that are glad you finally made it!

Friday, September 20, 2013

Awakening and Forget'ning

In the ordinary - the sleeping masses - there are no reminders to AWAKEN (wake up!), first, because they don't know the idea, or can only give lip-service to it, and second, they don't know HOW to AWAKEN.

In the awakened - the awakened few - there are many reminders (almost everything is a reminder), first, because they DO know the idea, and second, they DO know how to awaken.

Of course, the very idea is meaningless, and a pointless line of thought, for the masses - and rightfully so - for there is, at this time in our evolution on this planet, no NEED for it quite yet. (All the wars, and crimes, and other bad things out there is not a REASON.)

Of course, the idea is totally meaningful, and pregnant with highly-energetic potential, for the few - and rightfully so - for there is GREAT NEED for them to push these ideas into their own future, lest they be forgotten entirely on this planet, and there are clearly times past where they were forgotten in all but the VERY VERY FEW.

The Whole External World is pushing reminders into everyone to AWAKEN, but only the nearly-so and actually-so can perceive them... in the rest, they are missed entirely, and are simply causes for more distraction, confusion, and mostly mindless chit-chat. What is necessary is to perceive them, in the moment - "in the room", in your "private internal room" - and make "the effort", and then continue, moment-by-moment, for a very long time. Only those who can and do, are able to discuss all of this with anyone - no matter what their personal history contains - even as their "discussions" might seem, to casual observers, to be ordinary as hell. If someone CAN perceive and understand, they WILL. Those who can't and don't are not able to discuss any of this with anyone, and when they try, their "body" fails them, because their "mind" fails them, and very quickly it all goes to bullshit and losing their own train of thought, and then getting angry... "Oh Bollocks!"

What IS a "long thought?"

It is being AWAKE, totally THERE in the moment, in the room, with all that is around and surrounding one - from the micro/local view of things, to the MACRO/global view of things - such that ANYTHING can be an appropriate "launching point" to awaken, even if only for a few moments - and to discuss the higher, the continuation of the Infinite Comment, the Long Thought, without quickly being dragged down into the lower, which is simply called FORGETTING the "long thought".

WHY are you here?

It is to teach yourself the whys and wherefores and methods and techniques and strategies of your OWN awakening, and then if you are able and willing, to spread the "good word" to your Friends who want to hear/remember about it. As for your other "friends" who either can't, or don't want to hear about it... "fuggedaboutit!"

One will know the difference - between Friends, and "friends" - by their reaction to you and your words. Those who are continually distracted, can't follow along, always complaining about and criticizing YOUR efforts in these regards, never offering anything from their own investigations into these matters, who continually "leave the room", and drift away, "losing the thread", changing the subject while you're in mid-sentence, or -thought, etc. are, or merely may be, "friends" at best. The others are your Friends, and you will know THEM by their "fruits" - which in this context is, or should be OBVIOUS squared.

One does NOT require months and Months, and MONTHS of direct association (meaning talking and discussing these "long thoughts") to determine the usefulness of continuing. Really, a couple, three, or four attempts to actually connect with their "higher parts" will reveal, very clearly, whether there is a "higher potential" there, or whether it's just time to FOLD 'EM. Don't be afraid to FOLD 'EM, no matter who you're dealing with - from family, to friends, to acquaintances, whomever - just DO IT! And Move On, Don. (Now, "fold 'em" doesn't necessarily mean disconnecting from them entirely - doing that has to do with many other things than that which is being discussed herein, and you may WANT them to remain in your life - surely everyone sees that.)

The only people one truly NEEDS in their lives, are those who can remember - at all or most times, and in all or most things external and internal - the "Long Thought of Creation", which of course is: Look Around, Awaken, and Continue observing at a higher and higher (deeper and deeper) level of observation and understanding.
"Always and Everywhere"

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

A short clarification before moving on...

The following was sent here for unknown reasons:
"But also  I disagree with you on many of your ideas, and how you use language.  I spent a couple hours reading Praybob and was unable to find anything I'd not read somewhere in some book, or thought myself. Sorry if you believe otherwise."

Since I never do this here, as it is a waste of time to reply to such impertinent comments, I think it would be useful to clarify my Own thoughts on this general matter, because I know for certain there are other people reading this now, or once did and quit for the same reason as suggested above, but at least they weren't so gauche as to make it public. They just LEFT, and we're glad they did.

Everything you read here is new to you, whether or not you buy that, or believe that. If YOU (or someone else) supposedly produced something, fully encapsulating what was presented here, but fail to produce the evidence of that, then be assured, you never heard or read these ideas before. They all came from one place, and one source, the author of each and every page - not copied from elsewhere, not read/heard from someone else - but manufactured on-the-spot for this blog.
Thus, from a particular viewpoint, they are 
Original and Creative outputs 
© "Praybob in Nirvana"

Sure, it is possible you THINK you understand everything presented here, on each and every page, going back to 2003 (or even earlier, if you knew "Praybob" before that), and BELIEVE you've fully grokked the main, and sub-points being presented here, but if you can't produce the evidence of that, then you are committing two "offences:" 1) you think something that is not true, and 2) you believe what you think.

Consider, the better response to ALL that is written here, is NONE AT ALL - none internally; none externally - and if you can't do that reliably, without having to be told to do that (here - probably for the first time, eh?) then you've missed the point by a mile.

No one understands fully what another person says or writes, and the sooner one discovers the WHYs and WHEREFORE's of that statement, the better. NOT because you read it here, but because NOT until this is fully understood can one even BEGIN to produce on their own, on a regular basis, as is done here... 
Original and Creative outputs for the 
two-fold benefit of oneself and perhaps even others.

Finally, just because some word, or phrase, or fragment reminds you of something you read or thought elsewhere - starting a whole chain of associations that typically flow mechanically through you - that does NOT mean it is not NEW to you. Either: produce your own "reply" in your OWN WORDS, that fully expresses the SAME CONCEPTS you're replying to, and then that may (though probably not) suffice as Evidence. OR, if it's not really NEW to you, then you can demonstrate that, here, by commenting upon some piece, indicating exactly how that is - include details! 
Hey, go for it. 

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

"Desperately Bored Housewives"

There is this street around here, called "Misterious Lane", where several or more "mysteriously" bored housewives live. This is so obvious to all, by simply listening to the noises coming out of their always opened windows, around 11am or so, for several hours, every single day without fail, while their favorite Soap Operas are heard blaring throughout the entire neighborhood, such that everyone else must shut all the doors, windows and mail-slots to keep the racket out!

Occasionally, though not very often, one or another of them will emerge from their tomb, or womb, or whatever their TV room is called, and start talking to the walkers passing by. Sure, it's a neighborly thing to do, perhaps, but the conversations they invariably engage in, consist 100% of stories from their Soap Operas! And they've got hundreds, nay, thousands of them, ready to drop on any unsuspecting passerby.

Obviously, they've been doing this for a long time - years and years - and they never realized for themselves the effect such a) casual viewing, b) automatic remembering at the time, c) mechanical recalling later, d) and repeatedly "reliving" them, again and again and again, has on the flow of energy circulating within them, i.e., their, "higher potential intelligence" (though DON'T TELL THEM that!) If they HAD realized it, they'd stop watching those Soaps, and start creating their Own. Not necessarily for public consumption, but for themselves alone.

Now, this bit above is not about ordinary neighborhood housewives and their bored lives, needing to fill their inner intellectual and emotional void with TV SOAPS, which are designed to cause almost instantaneous addiction in those who can not see what's happening. For them, it's like Crack Cocaine, and all it takes is a couple/three hits off the crack pipe, and they are hooked. Trying to talk them off their Crack is like trying to Teach people how to grow wings, or leap tall buildings in a single bound. (Oh, it CAN be done, but even SurferGuy can't Teach anyone HOW, or WHY.)

No, what this bit below is about is the overlay, some here probably see already; comparing, bored-with-their-physical-lives housewives, who spend most of the day glued to the couch eating bonbons and drinking in their favorite Soapy Character's activities, to, bored-with-their-intellectual-lives bon vivants, who spend most of the day in random, associative thinking about what everybody else in the world is thinking about, that is piped into their heads from TV, radio, Internet sources, other people they know, books, magazines, billboards, etc.

Such intellectual housewives are searching, scanning, scrolling, trolling for Information of a Higher Order, but are willing to settle for Infotainment of the Ordinary order, not so much because they want to settle, but because they can't "scale the heights"... they can't "leap tall buildings"... they can't "sprout their own wings."

The ONLY "tragedy" here, is that every human alive from birth is capable of grabbing the Cosmic Microphone, and never letting go. That is, Chanting The World with each and every breath. BUT, not having matured to that degree (understanding neither HOW, nor WHY), they SETTLE for the world-at-large that was already here before they arrived. 

Don't ruffle any feathers, human. 
Keep the Status Quo at all costs, human! 
"YAWN!" (said this human)


Side note: A question for all the intellectual housewives out there, who lay in wait on their couches watching and criticizing the efforts of others ("too fast, too slow, too long, too short!"), "When and where are we going to see some of YOUR higher order outputs, eh?"

Thursday, September 12, 2013

"Jacks and Jills"

 "Jacks and Jills of a few trades, Masters of NONE"
lampooned here as,
Or... "Jagoffs of opinion-trading, Masters of NOTHING worth knowing!" 
Or... "From Vomiting every opinion that comes to mind, to 
Understanding and keeping your mouth shut."

There is, of course, at least two takes on that, more famous, idiom: 
  • the easy and obvious one, having to do with "doing things" in the external world, like fixing toasters and other small appliances; 
  • the not-so-easy and non-obvious one, having to think about "thinking things" in the internal world, like "Inquiring into 'Reality' and 'Enlightenment'" and other strange ideas.
Regarding the non-obvious one (for those who didn't take the subtle challenge embedded in all of these postings... i.e., always think faster than you READ, and see if you can "GET IT" before the punchline comes) most people are not only Jacks (or Jills), they are quite content to be so, if not "proud like peacock,"
whereas too few on this planet are Masters
and they wouldn't settle for anything less.

Jacks and Jills remain that way (settling for LESS) because they don't how to "specialize", which often means to direct their focus and attention for long periods of time, over hours, days, years sometimes. It's simply a lack of will power, right effort, and most importantly knowledge.

Masters are not born, they are self-made by desire, passion, directed attention, focus, and trying to see into and beyond the depths of something, rather than just settling for the ordinary opinions so prevalent in this world.

Mere opinions about every-damn-thing... 
Understanding about EVERYthing.

Jacks and Jills of nonsense and silliness...
Masters of ALL and EVERYthing.

Which one are you?

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

The Ultimate Conscious School

Most of those still here - and there are not that many - have heard of the idea of "conscious schools", though VERY FEW - on the planet, as well as right here - have ever actually experienced one directly (outside of books). Some of those VERY FEW would probably jump at the chance to tell others the "who's and where's and how's" and all the other et ceteras about them, but they would be making a serious error in reasoning, as it would be like blurting out an "answer", after patting yourself on your own back for having it, only to realize afterwards that, not only were you wrong, you were DEAD wrong! And, worse for you, not only are there no "do overs", there is no one around to advise you about that, so you will very likely continue - FOR YEARS - believing the wrong thing, which in the "conscious school business" usually prohibits one from discovering the RIGHT thing.

All so-called "conscious schools" are not that at all, but merely pseudo-schools, or just appearances of something having absolutely nothing to do with Real Schools. There may be a leader and some followers, but that's usually where the "conscious" ends, and the "silliness" begins. But that is not so easy to recognize by most people until they have been burned IN THE RIGHT WAY without giving up the search. (Being burned IN THE WRONG WAY usually leads to giving up too soon and never starting again.)

What some may have discovered - usually on their own, because people don't ordinarily understand this (although some do give "lip service" to it, without actually UNDERSTANDING the "who's and where's and how's") - is that there ARE no Real Schools left on this planet, and not for a very long time, because they are no longer needed for the results that were apparently intended when there were such... because...

The Ultimate Conscious School  
- from long, long ago, till now, and far, far into the future - 
is... Is... IS...

What is possible today, and has been for a long time (if you can see this for yourself directly) is RECEIVING "conscious knowledge/information" directly from the Source, via everything that actually exists in Nature, on this Planet. Yes, the trees can teach one, so can the flowers, so can the rivers and lakes and streams, and so can the little and bigger animals, but they only "know so much"; they don't KNOW Everything humans are capable of knowing. Only HUMANS are genetically wired-up to transmit and receive Higher Knowledge from LIFE, even when they don't know, or understand, the "who's and where's and how's" of it all.

Perhaps a re-read, or do-over is in order here, because the "answer" (code for "secret") is IN THE QUESTION (as-yet-unasked by you... "hunh!") And that, is the issue here. There is a way to RECEIVE Life's Teaching, but only when one has achieved the "special ability" to ASK correctly, and then HEAR directly, and there is so much involved in just that "special ability", that most people can't even Grok this paragraph and the one above, without several re-reads, and a few more do-overs.

Here is a hint for those few who don't actually need it: the content of thought is irrelevant, only the PROCESS is of supreme importance. Also, "sans personality", and "sans thought" must become your watchwords, so they don't interfere (as they otherwise ALWAYS DO) with your Pure and Unadultered receptions and transmissions, that will occur sometime down the line...

If you're LUCKY, and can Surf the LUCK PLANE!

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Overcoming FEAR

"Of what?" 

Well, that is the question, isn't it? Not of an interrupted (for more than a few days) source of food. Not of becoming homeless any time soon. Not of being ravaged by carnivorous beasts roaming your neighborhood. Not of dying in the next 3 to 7 days. Not of AQ terrorists exploding a dirty bomb on your doorstep. Not even of simply being fired from your current job. Not any of that. Those "fears" are mostly irrational, unless for you they are actually imminent, so instead of wasting time here you should be working diligently to "fix this problem quickly!"

"Of what then?" 

That's easy, and hard at the same time. But the pay-off is what is important, not the resistance to making the payment, and there is always a payment, which in this case is quite large compared to the tiny payments you must make to keep - food on the table, a roof over your head, away from wandering bears and lions, living till next week or the next, safe from dirty bombs on your doorstep, or employed by this time next month.

Those efforts are miniscule compared to the ones that are required from one who strongly desires to AWAKEN, reach Enlightenment, enter Nirvana before the sands of time drain completely from your allotted quantity.

Do note, that compared to "all that you had at birth", 
what's left is almost nothing!

People are - believe it or not - AFRAID of awakening from their sleep, once they discover for themselves they actually ARE asleep, because they think/believe/imagine that their current lives will be over, somehow "replaced" by something UNKNOWN. Though they are quite correct, they are also quite incorrect. Being asleep is actually like having to walk the hallways of a fairly large house of several floors while the electricity is off, for a life time that is "lived" after sunset and before sunrise. While you can "sort of, just barely" see what's going on, you can not SEE what's really going on, and the first time, the Awakening time, is simply going for a long walk after sunrise on the longest day of the solar year. More is discovered then, than was discovered in all the time that went before.

As most of us are today, our five senses are only partially functioning, as if having blinders on, nose and ear plugs, constraints around our bodies. We "believe" the room in which we are now reading this is "lit up" - either naturally or artificially - and that there are many sounds around - either natural sounds or artificial sounds - and that we are, or certainly can, squirm around in our chair and fiddle with our hair as we read this, but in fact compared to living in The Light, we live in darkness, silence and stillness, but our consciousness "manufactures" a pseudo-reality. Consciousness is not capable of containing or even receiving Actual-Reality, in a similar way that a thimble is too small to contain a beachball, or a bucket is too small to contain a buffalo. Something MUST BE DONE, something must be "expanded", and he that knows what that is, and how that is, can be considered Awake.

After that "long walk," the house-of-many-hallways, 
while still exactly as it was before, is now experienced as New, 
and the Thrill of the New can never leave one. 

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Mr. Giggles and his inner circle

Most of the brain (of whatever species) is used for keeping the body alive and healthy (relegated/delegated to the inner circle of organs, glands, etc.), and only a relatively small part (in humans particularly) is devoted to thinking up, composing, and telling jokes, and funny stories - and all the other kinds of thoughtful mental activities, including what's going on here on this electronic whiteboard on a regular basis. It's a pretty wide spectrum - thought - and it covers everything from "hate speech directed at everyone" to "love the world and everyone in it", as well as all the bad (and tasteless), and good (and thoughtful) jokes that go along with that.

Only the brain can be funny. That does not extend to non-humans without such a sophisticated brain, of course, that probably "think" (or their version) that our attempts at humor are, well, "silly/weird". Okay, okay, they usually exhibit NO reaction at all (tell a really good joke to your cat later on, and watch her reaction), which is probably the best reaction in any case (humans, are you listening?) But humans can be funny as hell, and some of the funniest things they say and write have to do with their opinions on what's going on in the world around them, and within themselves, and what they have done, or intend to do, about all that.
Hilarious at times
Some have made a career out of it.
It is interesting that some comedians, and funny people - male and female - draw consistently larger audiences paying larger entrance fees, than almost any other group of public speakers... well, except for certain "favorite" and generally quite serious people, like Clinton and Trump and others, who "command" multi-thousand dollar fees. (But then, consider their audience - jeez!)  

But WHY do people "make funny", even to the point of being hilarious, about almost everything? This should've been thought about and worked out by you before you got here, but if you haven't "done that work", keep reading for a slightly off-kilter, serio-comedic take on it: If you can't "make light" of every thought, idea, concept, icon, symbol that you and/or the rest of Humanity holds "dear" (so dear, sometimes, they will come to BLOWS if someone "treads on them"), then you haven't achieved the status of Mr. Giggles, a status which is revered in a few solar systems, including our own. There are simply NO thought-forms worth revering higher than the ONE who sees through them all. Thus, such a ONE would be held in the utmost highest esteem everywhere in the Universe. It is fair to consider this as "a purpose" (if not "the purpose") for living on Earth as a Human... to become a Human Being of rightful status.

Everyone has beliefs about the physical world - mathematics, physics, sciences, etc. - and the not-so-physical world - religions, philosophies, teachings, etc. - some of which even include "personal experiences about them", yet all of that "information and experience" can be seen more correctly as being still open to more thorough, even deeper investigation. All human ideas on all topics CAN BE SEEN as simply, silly on its surface, and the deeper one looks, the funnier it is. This is more true, of course, for ideas about the not-so-physical world, but there is still a lot of laughter possible about many ideas about the physical world. Humans, for the most part, are nearly clueless about almost everything, much closer to young teenagers (mentally, and emotionally speaking) than to fully matured and consciously evolved adults. (Can you smile at that one?) 

Just because 2+2 seems to equal, under all known conditions, 4, OR, just because your family's history and experience and bibles tell you there is a domineering God in Heaven watching out for you, OR... OR... doesn't mean there is not much more "WORK" to do regarding getting to the bottom of that and all questions, until the bottom is actually reached.... i.e., Mr. Giggles Awakens.

Remember, in all of this, it's not the contents of the mind - what people think, believe, talk about and write about - that needs to be questioned, per se, it's the mind that is doing all the questioning. Put in a slightly different way: investigate the box - nothing but the box, once a quick study of the objects is effected and out of the way (a process that takes longer and longer in the beginning, but is made quicker and quicker through experience) . Unless one understands the nature of the box, they understand nothing. 

And Mr. Giggles never actually awakens.