Friday, August 30, 2013

Pay Attention!

The simple viewpoint: Be there, ALL there, and well, Pay Attention.

The complex viewpoint: Payment is a principle
and one must know HOW to pay,
and one must know WHAT is paid
and one must know what is expected FROM that payment.

(The basics are these: nobody can get anything that he does not pay for; things cannot be given, they can only be bought, and this includes knowledge; it is magical, not simple; it is a cosmic law.***)

What is going on here, for several years now, is not something that anyone needs, but simply a long unbroken discussion about that which everyone believes they already possess, and therefore should not have to PAY for it. That is, even when some potentially "New Information" is shared, people who believe they already fully understand all that and MORE, are not inclined to Pay Attention very long, and will in fact, check out very soon. If there WAS something "New" there, they will never receive it - again, because they did not, or could not, Pay Attention.

Often, the "New Information" is intertwined with apparently old, ordinary information, so as to be received "along with", and then, if the receiver WAS actually Paying Attention - i.e., knew How to pay, What to pay, and what was expected From that payment - they will be able to extract the New from the old (or, as other's have said: the Wheat from the Chaff.)

Old information - wherever it is to be found, on whatever mundane, worldly topic - is the chaff: possibly useful for the physical purpose it is intended, like fixing toasters, or building chairs; but regarding the Aims and Intentions of what is being presented here, almost daily, it is useless at best. 

New Information is always about one thing only: reaching Higher Levels of consciousness, "enlightenment" if you will, while still alive and able to appreciate it fully. Just because a person is walking around, talking to themselves and others, making todo lists, paying monthly bills, driving cars, and countless other physically useful activities, does NOT mean they are fully AWAKE, and Conscious. 

There is nothing more obvious in the world than this, but only to the ONE who understands it correctly, and for that understanding, there was an almost continual Payment being made, over and over and over, but with greater "payback" than could even be imagined when they began so long ago.

Only then, can such a person answer the questions: 
HOW to pay? WHAT is paid? and what is expected FROM that payment?

Strangely, the simple already know:
Be there, ALL there, and well, Pay Attention.

Class Dismissed, 'till next time.
***from "The Fourth Way" P.D.O.

Thursday, August 29, 2013

In the beginning...

In the beginning - that is, your "beginning", after your physical beginning, when mr. sperm met and married ms. egg - was the word, and thought, and speech. And looked at in a particular way, practically all child-speak is hostile; that is, parents act as the instigators/invalidators in this dynamic (the negative, or denying force, to the child's continual active force). This is especially true and easy to see once all the goo-goo baby-talk ceases... "Hey Johnny! Stop throwing food on the floor! Stop hitting your sister!". Later, the grown-to-full-size-child (some call them adults, but they are all just full-sized children in so many ways) continues this outward instigating/invalidating (that was "inherited from parents") of everything they see and hear.

And so the human race of Speech becomes the 
New Generation capable of doing unto others, what was done to them.

Everyone's head, today, is a metaphorical cosmos of "core ideas", little sub-versions and assorted fragments of the "core ideas", and clouds and more clouds of debris fields swirling about the cranium - both within and without.

If you can look just a little askance, you can see it
You can certainly HEAR it.

The sun - or, one's sense of oneself, and what one thinks and feels one truly is - is the "core idea". Spinning wildly, but seemingly orderly around that core (most of the time), with arms spiraling outwards, are words which have grouped together quite mechanically and quite semantically and congealed into several - quite distinct when seen, though hidden when not - "points of view", which are little sub-reflections, sub-versions, clones of the sun. And when one or another "point of view" temporarily transits "into your view", you think it and believe it's you thinking. Hah!

Thoughts come and go like uncharted
planets, comets, meteors, asteroids,
in an unknown solar system you have been thrown into
by forces completely unknown to you and everyone,
once upon a mini(mom n'pop)bang-time,
at the original "thought of your conception."

These bodies, or planetoids, or concepts - mechanically deposited sensations in memory - are continually smashing into each other, apparently non-destructively as in argument and debate and everyone talking at once, but also at times, quite destructively as in real "learning" and "realization", and especially "new realization". This process of thought-interaction, leaves particle trails, and waves, of broken phrases, and tangled, twisted logic-strings, that get knotted, clotted and piled up in closets, corners, under stairs, and in basements, as if by some slightly crazed hoarder. "Nothing is ever lost, or thrown away."

These amorphous, seemingly coherent (at times) threads are like ever-tightening asteroid belts that separate and sometimes strangulate larger bodies, or concepts. Really, it's a ZOO in there! This is why it can be said: "You don't really know WHAT you think, unless and until you can SAY IT."

None of this is true, of course. 
It's just the "telling of a tale", that overlays the known physical cosmos, with the beginning-to-be-known non-physical cosmos, that is "oneself". Thinking in this way will not help you, or harm you, unless YOU PERSONALLY can think this way, on purpose. Then, and only then, it will help your neural expansion that is the Key to Conscious Evolution in one life time. But again: 
None of this is true, of course.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Higher Perception, or Objective Reason

From one real view, the ability to understand language - the only tool the brain has to convey certain kinds of messages to other people (not all of course, but the subtlest of kinds) - requires a shift from one's ordinary "faith-based belief" in the reality of oneself as one is, and the reality of others as they are presumed to be, to the nearly permanent realization that NOTHING is personal, NOTHING can be taken personally.

The NOISE of LANGUAGE is out there and in here, all around and everywhere, but it is NOT coming from anyone in particular, and it is NOT meant for anyone personally. Not understanding this well, leads to the Masses tendency to take everything personally, and not just everything, but the wrong things, while never taking the RIGHT THINGS personally. Yes, Va., there is a difference. The "trick" is distinguishing which is which, in time!

Stand Aside - always and everywhere - and instantly you will see what is meant here. For example, firm believers in (the) GOD (of their religion) can be turned, not into simply an "atheist" or "non-believer" (as that is NO BIG DEAL at all!), but into one with Objective Reason, which is the ability to UNDERSTAND LANGUAGE. Nothing more, nothing less.

Friday, August 23, 2013

Doing the Neural Dance Three-Step

This "Three-Step" is not quite the same as 
the "Two-Step", of which we are all quite aware. 
But, it is the MOST intimate relationship possible in a Man,
known by some, and quite UNKNOWN by all the rest.

People can "do" in a physical sense, quite easily. Just ask someone to fetch you a glass of water, or water plus ice, or coffee with cream AND sugar, or fill out tomorrow's grocery shopping list. "Done," they say, and in minutes, voila, it IS Done.

People can NOT "do" in a mental or emotional sense. Period. Just ask someone to Rise to my oft-given "Daily Challenge", and watch what happens. NOT A DAMN THING. NOTHING!

Evidence of consciousness is the capacity to Think Something you have NEVER thought before, and then start THERE - engage in the neural three-step, and simultaneously from ABOVE (the key idea here), watch your "path" as it is inscribed on your own neural dance-floor, creating a "map" of sorts, which you can then, voila, give to someone else (though giving is not the issue; being ABLE is the issue), so that THEY can learn - if they must, or perform if they already can - the SAME DANCE... and then - the proof of the pudding, so to speak - is to do a DANCE for you. Similar to the Bees - you know them? Not exactly, of course, because Humans have something Bees Don't!

Evidence of consciousness is not so easy to accomplish for living humans, and absolutely impossible for dead humans. Only those few humans who CAN DO - without question, and without question marks, and without interminable excuses - are those you should listen to for more of that which they (seem to be able to) produce, Daily.

One question to ask of your self, then attempt to answer, is this: "How is it that 'they' come up with new and different things on a regular basis, and I (you, apparently) CAN NOT?" Hey, if you could you absolutely would, believe it! Once you have done so, even ONCE, you will never go back to the "olden ways" of your ancestors. It's like traveling to the TOP of the "Mystical Mountain" (affectionately known by many other names, including "Ms. Tickle", just to name one), while reclining in your desk chair, while looking out the window for a couple, or maybe five or ten minutes, realizing you are suddenly capable of "bringing something BACK!"

It's the neural equivalent of an orgasm (here's another reference). Here is how/why: the TOP of the mountain is the ultimate "clean room" - there is nothing there but Sky and it extends for Eternity. Getting there is "half the fun", but getting back - now THAT is the "Challenge for the Ages" (i.e., your personal ages, grok that!) Many have arrived; Most have not come back. Well, they "came back", but they didn't bring anything new BACK with them, but simply trotted out some more of the same old thought-forms they went up there with. What that indicates, is that they never reached the "clean room", but only got to the debris matter, the detritus of previous climbers, who may have left a few of their old thought-forms near the top, but they only grabbed a few of somebody else's old thought-forms on their way back. You can spot those types in a second, once you know how to do This. They start quoting from some living or dead guru-type.

In any case, the "clean room" always remains perfectly clean, no leftovers. And you can't leave breadcrumbs for your journey back, just in case you might want to return any time soon. You WILL FORGET, and so the only help you will have to return, is the "taste", the "smell", and the "neural quiver", that you have learned is the "neural three-step".  Look up how taste and smell are "connected" to memory, and then discover how the "neural 'quiver'" (both senses of that 'term') activates yet another area of the unused landscape between your ears that is, right now, quite INACTIVE. It is like the influence a Real teacher (of something useful) has on his "followers", and the transfer of energy increases the size and scope of the Active Neural Landscape.

But, time to go now...
I could, but won't, go on.
It is up to you to Do This on your own up there.

(Final note: One is creating one's OWN opus, and it may require reusing the same "maps" many times - as is continually done herein - before others start making their OWN internal connections, such that the "ENERGY of Awakening" begins to flow in a, let's say, less impeded manner.)

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Get a job, keep a job, get paid, retire

Most of humanity aspires, from a young age actually, to get a job, keep a job, get that weekly paycheck for 50 years, and that government pension for the next 20 years. There it is. The ordinary life of a simple human.

Where WE live, it's bigger on the INSIDE!
Now there's absolutely nothing wrong with that because it is they who "keep this world humming". They build the roads and buildings, and cars and bicycles, and grow the food and transport it to the stores, and make the clothes we all must wear in ordinary "civilized society", and so very much more.

THANK GOODNESS for the job-holders and paycheck-collectors, for they make life on Earth so much better for all the rest of us who never aspired to ANY of that, EVER. We are, the "Who's - yes, some are doctors, lawyers, farmers, artists;

We are The Who's of Whoville.

Job holders - the dutifully employed for their entire lives, or more - are primarily interested in the care and maintenance of their BODIES, so that they can buy things for their bodies, like food, clothes, cars, houses, trinkets, and so very much more, and when possible go on a fun-time vacation every couple years or so, sometimes even Out Of Town! "WhooptiDO!" Their rightful belief  is that when you have taken care of the BODY, all the rest - heart, mind, soul, spirit - will take care of itself. And they are right; this IS a rightful belief. The only "problem", which even they themselves know so well, is how much TIME, EFFORT and ENERGY is required to accomplish all or some (hopefully enough) of that, leaving very LITTLE time and energy at all for the "higher pursuits."

The rest of us - The Who's - know all that too, but we accomplish it expending as little time, effort and energy as possible (just enough), even "ZERO TIME" (which has a "special meaning" once grokked), when we can make "taking care of the needs and desires of the body", just one of our "good habits" - the kind that happens (sort of) automatically, (sort of) mechanically even, but the important part is that IT IS DONE, coming as a result of UNDERSTANDING the consequences of failing to do it. What's even better, is how little time, effort and energy is required to accomplish what the job-holders (sort of) accomplish expending five or ten times as much. 

The Who's know that a "REAL LIFE" is possible for all men; a much, Much, MUCH BIGGER LIFE than is ordinarily lived by most, but only a few ever achieve it to any degree. One of the main reasons, is that most people everywhere are too tired, too burned out, too exhausted by the end - if not the middle - of the day, to have ANYTHING left for something else. That is, they are not in balance, and to do THIS kind of thing, you have to start IN BALANCE, in order to be able to "shift your weight" in such a way that you have even MORE available time, and energy, by the end of the day, than at the start of the day. 

Easy to say; Impossible to do, until it is "do-able"

Any time is a good time to do THIS kind of thing; but really, you are going to need MORE time, and MORE energy to really "get anywhere" (especially, way out of town - like "Sky City.") 

Perhaps you could find a use for a 
Time and Relative Dimension in Space vehicle?

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Sleep, is forgetting one's place

You can't tell yourself or anyone one thing you were thinking yesterday, and that means "verbatim", start to finish. Watch it now, or you'll lie to yourself about that, though the correct way to say that (to understand that) is: your brain would be fooling you. 

Saying you were "thinking about your aunt mary or uncle fred", is NOT saying WHAT you were thinking yesterday, verbatim, only the "subject matter"... and almost anyone alive can "do" that. It's just another case of "B.F.D." But to be really significant, one must be able say "B.F.D." to oneself, with understanding. And if you are "one of those types" who believe they CAN say what they were thinking yesterday, verbatim, then they are not doing This Work, or ANY Work. They're still deeply in imagination about all of it... but then, hey, they have LOTS of company! (Many billions of them at last count!)

The conscious part of the brain (or mind, as most would call it, usually preferring to say "MY mind") - where consciousness is active in one, where one can think about thoughts, ideas, concepts, actions, and talk about it - has no memory of itself or what it does, outside a very short window of possibility, not fixed in anyone but fairly knowable from active observation over a long time. Within that short period (6, 12, or 24 hours or so), it either becomes semi-permanent, or disappears entirely. 

The conscious part of the brain only has memories of bodily - sensory, physical - experiences, but no memory of its own functioning. That's why you can remember for months some physical experience in all detail, but can not remember for more than a day or so, some extremely lucid mental experience. You have been "thinking" non-stop for decades, yet you have no memories of any of it, except, perhaps, for those rare "enlightenments", that some people have, and spend the rest of their lives remembering, in thoughts, the mental experience. Surely everyone realizes that even though other people read them, over and over, NONE get enlightened, though they both may enjoy reading them.

The mind can remember only that which has a physical component, 
never when only a mental one.

Sleep, is forgetting one's place, in the Grand Scheme of Life in general, in the grand scheme of one's own life in particular, in the grand scheme of time's unfolding hour after hour, and in the grand scheme of thought trying to wrap experience in order to remember one own Life.

If you are just one of the billions 
who enjoy their sleep, and 
their fictional mental life, more than 
Seeking an Awakened Life
then the joke is on you.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Are you conscious? (Seriously. Right now.)

Are you conscious or mostly semi-conscious?
  • Can a man with no discernible (by doctors) electrical activity in the brain be said to be Conscious? Nope. Not Conscious. 
  • Can a man with no discernible (by you) thought activity in the brain be said to be Conscious? Nope. Not Conscious. (And do realize that even while asleep, there are subliminal thoughts, just as there certainly are while reading this right now
  • Can a man with thought activity flowing through the brain (as it does 24-7-365-80), none of which he is aware of in a "conscious way" (so as to be able to clearly remember all of it: what triggered it and set it in motion, what thoughts actually occurred, in order and how long they lasted, and what trigger terminated the thread so the next could begin) be said to be Conscious? Nope. Not Conscious. Certainly not the way in which all the ancient, and later, Schools of Enlightenment discussed it... including right here, today.
Thought-centric consciousness is all that most men can know, will ever know, unless and until they rise above that level, to achieve Consciousness Sans Thought, which is often called, simply, a Higher State of Consciousness. Until then, they are practically, operationally, not conscious of their thoughts, their feelings, their sensations, their actions, as they go through the day, living their lives; amazingly, not killing themselves or others in the (mostly somnambulistic) process.

The brain has NO memory of itself, unlike the body which has exceedingly good memory of itself. This is why it is quite easy to report in some detail what you were doing between 9am and 10am, this morning... even between 3pm and 4pm yesterday... and even between 7pm and 8pm the day before (though you may have to think about that - but if a cop is asking for your alibi... well, you know how that works.)

Consciousness is not under control, and is a hapless puppet of every changing condition, and though you MAY remember driving to work (specifically because your body was involved), you CAN NOT remember everything you were thinking and feeling (what started it, how it proceeded, in order, and what stopped it so that the next "thread" could proceed) while taking that trip. Now, Think, Feel, Sense this for yourself. CAN YOU?

Clearly, things go better with consciousness - your body, your emotions, your thoughts, and for those who like these words, your heart, your soul, and your spirit. This is why we - who love consciousness - are "addicted" to thinking, talking and writing about these matters, because Clearly, thoughts go better when conscious, and the more one can do to bring consciousness into the thought (and feeling) "process", the better everything goes - your job, your relationships, your family life, your financial life, your spiritual life, and your free-time life, all of it.

That "Faraway Place" - most people never even reach out for, let alone journey to, let alone bring something delicious, if not spectacular back - is closer than Queen Anne Hill, and the Space Needle is to the City of Seattle. And all of it is closer to the "City in the Sky" than anyone imagines! Well, except for the few who do, who know specifically where "Sky City" is, and how to get there, "DAILY!" (which means, minute-by-minute-by minute!) They know that Consciousness is "THAT CLOSE", and it is only the ordinary somnambulistic life-style - the background noise of being asleep - that keeps one from making the Eternal Trek up the hill,  into the needle, and out into the cosmos, where all the real fun is.

And to stretch these metaphors, so as to lengthen that Long Neuron of yours a little bit more, Seattle ("you"), and Queen Anne Hill (your "mind"), and the Space Needle (the "stairway to heaven") are all in This Thing together. And all you have to do is Wake Up, Think More than you have to (beyond the point where ordinary thinking always sinks into confusion), and Lighten Up Bigtime, i.e., "Be More Conscious", in order to escape your own Gravitational Seriousness.

Monday, August 19, 2013

Travel to faraway places - daily!

 Why is it so hard to travel to faraway places, even if you sincerely wish to? 

Everyone has in their genes, the wish, the desire, if not the need, to travel away from home, to explore, to take in the New and (presumably) Wonderful, YET, for almost everybody this is SO difficult they have never done it - not even once!

Now, if all this is simply about traveling to Portland when you live in Seattle, the solution is easy enough. If it's about traveling to Palm Beach, there is a solution but it's much more difficult, and costly, and time-consuming, particularly since we're talking about DAILY! If it's about traveling to the "City in the Sky" - that you've never even seen or heard about - well, that borders on Impossible, doesn't it?

But, as in all things "Gloriously Anomalistic", 
there may be more to all this, 
than simply moving your body great distances, 
AND, on a daily basis no less!

Those who "know me" already know what to do, and perhaps even how to do it - though the proof of THAT tasty pudding is, like they say in the U.F.O. verification and validation game, "Show us the evidence!

First, you have to want to travel, 
Then you have to have the means, 
Then you have to make the journey and get "somewhere", 
Then you have to "bring something BACK", and... 
Then What?

Is this merely a "Thought Experiment", or 
Is this really a "Travel Experiment", or
Is this actually, actualizing a "Conscious Experience"?

Or, mysteriously perhaps, if it is actually the first, it IS the second
And, if it is both at once, it IS the third.
Unravel that, and Bring Something Back!

Almost final note: since you've never been there before, you will have no in-tact, pre-made, easily-accessible memories, because in such New Places, there are none. The ACT OF bringing something BACK creates new memories, but they are not stored up there, only down here, At Home. So, obviously, the dead-giveaway, the big-reveal that you've gone nowhere, is when it sounds like an... ANECDOTE!

Actual final note: in order to even cast off from the past - where all your memories dwell, and weigh you down, like so much excess baggage - you must Lighten Up Bigtime, bringing nothing with you, i.e., "Being Conscious", in order to escape your own Gravitational Seriousness.

Friday, August 16, 2013

"That guy is so full o'shit it's comin' out his ears!"

When was the last time you heard yourself think/say/write (something similar to) that little tidbit? Hmmmm? I'll bet money it was very recently if not within the last few minutes, while watching CNN or FOXnews, or listening to some radio personality, or, or... whatever.

Those of whom such is repeated against them are (or should be) having a Big Ol' Laugh, an almost continual - if only internal - laugh-fest, since they presume (or should be, by now) it's happening in any case, whether heard or read by them, since almost every time they say or write (or - in those of more "advanced" observation and experience - thinkANYTHING of a slightly "controversial" nature, whole legions of "i's" rise up in someone out there (... or "someone in here?")  to counter all claims, and so the Laughter continues.

Who knows, maybe they (who Laugh) do it on purpose? Maybe they even KNOW SOMETHING, or at least are beginning to suspect it. Maybe, even, there is a "Secret Sauce" in laughter, about thinking, and talking, and writing, that necessarily must be discovered before one can ever break free from the chains of ordinary thought that strives (due to all forms of "external training" - i.e., parental, educational, and peer-group "brain-washing" for over a decade or more!) to be completely and unabashedly SERIOUS at all times.

Now, the Sauce is real, and quite "Secret", but the outward expression of the Secret (laughter) must always be held at bay, so to say, lest the joke be entirely missed by the legions of "i's" at the ready to cut even that down, instantly! This particular sauce is sweet, bitter, sour, salty AND umami (WTF! Ooooh, Mommy?) so is it really any wonder people are absolutely and totally CONFUSED by everyone?!?

"That guy is so full o'flavor it's comin' out his eyes!"

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Getting Small

Disclaimer: This entire website is not about finding drugs, taking drugs, or making drugs. Well... except for one drug - for fun - and maybe you've heard of it, it's a new thing, I don't know if you have or not. It's a new thing, it makes you small.
About this big. 

"I'm on drugs. I'm, uh, I mean, you know what it is. What's the deal, man? I like to get small. It's a wild, wild drug. Very dangerous for kids though, because they get really small.... And, you know, I'll be home, sitting with my friends, and, uh.. we'll be sitting around, and somebody will say, 'Heeeyyy.. let's get small!' So, you know, we get small, and uh.. the only bad thing is if some tall people come over. You're walking around going, 'Ah hahaha..!' Now, I know I shouldn't get small when I'm driving.. but I was driving around the other day, and I said, 'What the heck?' You know? So I'm driving like.. [ reaching up to a giant steering wheel ]

And, uh.. a cop pulls me over. And he makes me get out, he looks at me and he says, 'Heyyy.. are you small'? I said, 'No-o-o! I'm tall, I'm tall!' He said, 'Well, I'm gonna have to measure you.' They have this little test they give you - they give you a balloon.. and if you can get inside of it, they know you're small.' And they can't put you in a regular cell, because you walk right out."

Immediately after this show,
you should go out..

With many inspirational thanks and tiny edits to Mr. Steve - Banjo Man - Martin, a "wild and crazy guy!"
SNL - Season 2: Episode 14

ps - lest anyone try to suggest that Mr. Banjo Man invented the "getting small" concept, and we here are just "ripping him off", KNOCK IT OFF. Just because YOU haven't been around the block on bare horseback, in a really cool rodeo, does NOT mean we haven't. So... Wake UP as some might say. It goes back a long way before that! Earlier than '67, February, 18th at least, because we were already using it - with understanding, and personal ecstatic experience - about psychedelics, acid, mushrooms, DMT, ayahuasca, etc. And we - my Friends, "my kinda guys (and some gals)" - were using it in our conversations ever since, creating, and revealing, and expanding, and concealing ever new and surprising (thought) forms with which to "hitch a ride with The Light" at the end of the tunnel. (i.e., Not miss the damn train we were patiently awaiting for all these years.)

And not only that, and on regular occasions,
we were all getting

Friday, August 9, 2013

Quest for "Enlightenment"

What the Quest for "Enlightenment" does, is this: it starts the focusing process in a human to what is the most important aspect of all his "thinking about it" - and "thinking about it" he must - to ever begin and stay on course. The modern study of neuroscience (which, as an investigation into the workings of the brain, has been slowly proceeding for 6000 years or so), has increased exponentially since about 1950, due to the invention and rapid advance of computers, networking, software, the Internet, and the overwhelmingly wide-spread interest in religious and spiritual studies leading to "Enlightenment".

A revision to the hundredth monkey theory (whether or not you already accept it as a possibility) might be that as humanity evolves century after century, decade after decade, year after year, small or large groups of individuals - perhaps in different countries all over the planet, arising in different times and circumstances - have developed their neural processes to the degree necessary that a sudden intelligent leap can occur. One well-known example of this would be when multiple people (in this case two: Leibniz and Newton) who did not know each other (while doing it) "invent" Calculus at similar times in human history. This is, with some improvements here and there, the SAME Calculus used by mathematicians and scientists today.

If there was something to this idea then one might rephrase it (re-think it) as the hundred (probably thousand or million) neuron theory. As a person evolves year after year, various groups of neurons - perhaps in different lobes all over his "brain-net", arising in different times and circumstances - "get together" and start thinking about "something", from Enlightenment to Calculus and everything before and after - and "they" come up with an illuminating, if not even actually "enlightening" notion regarding whatever the topic seemed to be, which usually is not even named as such, until much later, if ever! But it can be spoken about, and often will be.

You could call these neural "Events of considerable Magnitude", sparks of originality and creativity, which are, more likely, Manageable electrical perturbations in the higher ends of the nervous system, where such "storms" can be Managed... or else, "all hell breaks loose", which in this context simply means the thoughts lose coherence, fall away as debris on the vast desert plain, sometimes never to be reassembled again. But when Management Matures, and the HENS start producing like they are supposed to (damn it!), Magic, Miracles, Mysteries, Mythologies and lots of other "M" words are created, and revealed, and expanded, and concealed... One of the latest to emerge in Earth Time is called... (do you know?)

Now, not to put too fine an edge on this cosmic blade, THE Quest for "Enlightenment" is where the rubber meets the road, and is precisely where most people fail in this endeavor. Just because a person says they are "connected" to some "higher Aim", or even "know of one", that does not mean they are, whether they are inside or outside a living group. Only that person can determine this Truth, and as soon as he mentions it - i.e., tries to prove his connection to himself or others - he's

(for the still novices: there are 6 links to click... don't miss 'em - no, not this one!)

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Realms, Organs and Brains, and You

The Realms of OUR World
  • The realm of the body: is the hard and physical (material) world all around, which necessarily includes any and all bodies - big and small, massive and microscopic - all of which can be touched and usually seen, and sometimes even held in the hand.
  • The realm of the mind: is the soft and non-physical (immaterial) world nowhere to be found, and no way to be touched.
Those who want to "live, longtime, and Prosper" more than anything else (when you "get right down to it"), are generally more interested in the realm of the body, primarily of the creature "comforts" (whatever that term might mean to them personally). All their thoughts, feelings, and sensations are geared toward the "betterment and/or enjoyments" of the body - and that includes drugs, alcohols and all other "state-changers" they might pursue (even to their own detriment). They are less interested in "higher matters" than all the Earthly pursuits of bodily pleasures, family, children, riches, recognition, fame, power and knowledge.

Those who want to "think, feel, and Understand" more than anything else (when you "get right down to it"), are generally more interested in the realm of consciousness. All their thoughts, feelings, and sensations are geared (as much as they are able) towards Understanding what all this means for them personally.


The Organs of the Bodies, and Brains

Some people view humans as having a body AND a mind. They see it as two things that are separate and different - not the same. Some view humans as having JUST a body, with no difference between what are called in dictionaries, "body" and "mind". This piece going forward argues that latter position most strongly.

A human body, has many organs (including what the dictionary calls "the brain", which is of course an organ), and each organ has "a brain" - a controlling "device" which keeps it functioning well for the betterment of the entire creature. Whether or not something "emerges" from that achievement - which is completely automatic in all creatures, though humans in particular can greatly interfere with that, starting from a young age - depends upon several factors, unknowable by non-humans of course, but VERY knowable in some humans, such that they can "interfere" with the body's tendency to behave in ways that ARE NOT in the creature's best interest - either for this actual life, or any potential "higher life" - and over time, reverse that tendency so that it becomes nearly, if not actually permanent while still young enough - in thought, feeling, and sensation - to begin and continue the Process of Conscious Evolution.

There does not need to be any other "pseudo beings or entities" in one's World (of whatEVER name they are given, from God to Devil and "everythings" in between) to Begin, Continue and Succeed at this (P.C.E.)... only to "interfere" with the built-in, and mostly automatic tendency to "interfere".

Of course, THAT means to Know - in advance - what is meant by the term "to interfere". And THAT means to Understand something most people simply do NOT UNDERSTAND, primarily because they don't want to Understand, nor do they even care at all about Consciousness.

Ah, yes, and there is the "rub".

The World and You

The only question here is, have you already "done this work" (in the attempt to "get to the bottom of it"), or have you yet to do that, and this is your first foray into that potential morass for some, however enjoyable it may be for a few. Remember, millions before you have engaged in this "work" ("getting to the bottom of things"); but forget what "they" all said:
YOU need to Do It.

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Organic L.I.E.

Organic Life In Earth - which of course is where it lives, IN Earth (from a couple miles into the crust to four miles into the atmosphere) - currently contains and connects Billions and Billions of human brains (well, a little over seven at last count), not to mention (or even try to calculate) the greater number of non-human higher mammalian brains (not to mention everything else!), and You - Yes You - have access to all of it. Directly - in fact - though only Indirectly for almost everyone. It is the "Six Degrees of Separation" thing only expanded upwards and outwards - both in space AND in time - to encircle the entire globe.

It is a Grid of Life surrounding the Globe

This is how many people exhibit a certain facility, or capacity to Know Things that other people don't know, even as they themselves don't have even a clue HOW they know them. The World (Life) Knows Everything, at least relative to any one person. The relationship is as Zero to Infinity, if you can Grok that piece of info. Furthermore, it is not that one person - me, you, the other guy - happens on to something, and now knows something, and THAT "knowledge" is "added into" the Great Living Knowledge (Life). No, it is rather that the Great Living Knowledge contains everyone, and all organic life, for all the time it has existed here, and each person is Directly Connected therein.

Now, I can hear someone out there saying to themselves, or even out LOUD! like some kind of "boob talking to the tube", "You are full of shit, praybob. Bite me." but know this, Mr. Someone... just because YOU DON'T KNOW (and clearly, you don't), doesn't mean no one else does - consider that, a Law, and Try to Grok that one as well. The presumption here, of course, is that the "brain" (if you can call it that, a head of cabbage more likely) that reacted in that way, is no more than 20 years old, probably less, considering the emotional outrage of the tone, but if not, and they are 50 or 60 years old... well, then, "God Help Them", because they have long ago stopped "helping themselves", and we all know what that means, eh?

Life IS a notorious LIAR, and everybody knows it. Just consider the wars, crimes, injustices, and countless other words of similar or even greater impact when heard, read, experienced by even ordinary humans (not to mention those scandalous plants, insects, cephalopods, chameleons and others that appear "other than they are" to fool potential predators and/or prey!) And when somebody actually "gets that", Groks that, they see that L.I.E. (Life IEarth) is responsible for all human forms of LYING, not individuals who are just trying to "get by". The Organic LIE is that we humans are separate and individual entities who may do whatever we please to "The World and its contents", because after all, it is outside of us... right? That is because our ordinary consciousness makes us think and believe that it is.

Enter "Enlightening Oneself" 

Fortunately, because humans ARE evolving year after year, more and more have "enlightened themselves" (from merely naked-apes, to clothed gentle-persons) to the fact that they personally MUST BE the most conscious, awake, alert, intelligent person "in the room" wherever they might be in a particular moment - yes, even when ALONE! - and that Active Principle controls their every thought, feeling and action.

Yes, Life IS a notorious LIAR and almost everyone believes the LIE,
but there are a few, starting with YOU, who know otherwise. 

"God Helps Them" because they have long ago started 
"helping themselves", and we all know what that means, eh?

From the Great Organic LIE, to the Great Orgasmic TRUTH.