Thursday, March 31, 2016

Examples are EVERYWHERE

You could hear a HUGE sigh of relief, as the Republican front-runner not only slipped and fell, but couldn't get up even after a couple tries. Ever since last evening, every news outlet (online, cable, radio, etc.) has been even more active than usual - if you can believe that - all of them reporting THE WRONG INFO and in the wrong order (just as they all did the day before, and the day before that, etc.), making absolute fools of themselves without any hint of shame, in order to "drive home their real point": "If you can't live with the guy, and you can't kill the guy, then pollute the eyes, ears and minds of as many people (sheeple) as possible."

The Noise makers are certainly having their day, again, which will extend through the weekend and probably into the next week or more (or until the NEXT predictable trip and fall onto the floor - *splat!*), squeezing as much energy out of the SAME STORY LINES as they can... just like dogs returning to their vomit. Yes indeedy, there's a few people (more than a few... MANY) that actually GET OFF on such thrice-eaten meals, and like "man's best friends" do, they return to their word-vomit more than once, twice, twenty-three times or MORE... to sniff and taste, sniff and taste, just to see if there's something there "worth" sucking the juice out of once again, so they can lick it lovingly back off the floor to repeat the process once more... and grin that favorite Grin of theirs... "yummm, tasty!" (Yeah right.)

This, you see, is the actual way the human brain operates. It only needs a very small bit of an idea, or a thought, and it can run it UP and DOWN that flagpole many, many times (while being stared at by the "inner eyes") to see if there is something worth considering again, for another tasty treat. It's all about squeezing the last bit of energy out of the vomitus, THUS keeping the brain operating (in everyone) 24-7-365 without even a silence break. And... guess what... NOBODY even gives this uncreative, boring, and quite ridiculous mind activity a second notice (until they are trying go to sleep at night, and can't stop thinking about the same things over and over and over! "STOP IT ALREADY!") but then, by morning time, they have forgotten all about this! In fact, they (the sheeple) "Eat It All Up!" again and again and again for the rest of their short lives.

They watch it, they talk about it, they think about it, they tweet about it, they take sides, they get into fist fights, they think about killing things, etc., etc. But they NEVER even begin to realize what is actually happening to and through them. Somebody somewhere once invented "meditation" as sort of a temporary, very short-term "solution" to the extremely over-active brain, but unfortunately for damn near everyone, even THAT wears off pretty quickly (like "new car smell"). More than 90% of people who start meditating, give up on it very quickly. (Prove me wrong!) But the brain keeps on chugging along, going faster and faster with every new smart phone, website, social media venue, chat room, and you-name-it!

Clue to what's going on: hydrogen 24 (created simply by eating, breathing, moving around, and receiving external and internal impressions - all the mostly mechanical functions of being a human) is being circulated around the brain in sufficient quantities to enable ordinary "thinking and feeling", so that a little bit of THAT interaction can be (under the right circumstances) pushed UP to hydrogen 12, and in a very few People, up to hydrogen 6 and higher... which is a quite rare phenomenon that CAN'T be adequately described to sheeple (nor even most "budding People") because they don't possess the first three-legged requirement: self-observation, non-identification, separation-from-suffering, the teetering stool of potential all humans are blessed with possessing AT BIRTH, though nobody knows that, or can even verify that, UNTIL the store of creation of hydrogen 6 reaches a certain level... but that's another STORY LINE nobody can chew on, until they CAN.

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Hand-wringers and Hair-pullers

People all over this land are feverishly wringing their hands, tearing their hair out, and expressing copious amounts of anger, negativity, and hostility directed at people they don't even know, all over the current state of their own country and the rest of the world. The online social media venues are full to capacity of people who are clamoring to "get their words into the thought stream" (kind of like this little tidbit, but having a much different purpose).

What the masses, whom I have been calling "Sheeple" (not from negativity or hostility, but from extreme dismay), DO NOT UNDERSTAND (and CAN not, due to a serious lack of knowledge) is that, in REALITY, there is nothing going on "out there" in the imaginary world they believe so strongly exists. There is ONLY the lightning strikes, seismic waves and eruptions, tornadoes, hurricanes and cyclones swirling around their OWN "in here". That's it. Nothing more than that. Sans these masses, the world is a very calm, quiet, and beautiful place, and "NOTHING to get hung about".

Hey, all land- and water-based flora and fauna know this, 
but HUMANS... not even close! (It's their brain, gang!)

Of course, since all this violent atmospheric/climatic activity is also occurring in everyone else's head, and because they all share a COMMON LANGUAGE (or a workable way to translate other languages), there has developed a "common belief system", a "common concensus reality", about how to act and how to think, and anyone who dares to deviate from that, must be "living in a different world", which unfortunately sometimes means: they must be bad, excluded from the group, deported, killed, destroyed, or worse - if such a thing is possible.

Such are the human brains in the 21st century.

Nobody is immune from all this; not even the "self-identified Fully Conscious", or the "self-identified Enlightened Beings" supposedly walking amongst all the rest of us. Just watch a few hours of cable news (cnn, msnbc, fox, etc.) or listen to AM talk radio, and watch how your own "in here" is kicked around, knocked about, neurally and emotionally manipulated almost against your will. Notice how you can be "convinced" of almost anything, by almost anyone, unless you make serious effort in real time, moment by moment. This is sleep overtaking wakefulness, and everyone is subject to it. AND, everyone is a master at doing it to themselves and to others. Humanity, in the 21st century, is the primary responsible party for the current state of Walking Sheeple still standing, and don't you forget it.
Consider, if you will, just the last 24+ hours of the barrage upon human brains regarding Donald Trump's campaign manager accused of physically assaulting a reporter (an extremely debatable, near non-event that took about 20 seconds to unfold): There has been millions of words spoken and written in just that short time by "people" (sheeple) who have a strong position and a desire to make it public. WHY? That is, if you still fail to realize it: WHY are human brains in the 21st century so [configured, designed, constructed, malfunctioning, broken] (take your pick!) that MILLIONS of humans worldwide are literally MADE TO "speak their mind", both to themselves and to others.... even when they don't really want to, as is the case for a very large percentage of them?

This is MUCH MORE than just a "thought experiment".
It's a HUGE CLUE to the neurally nimble and aware.
(remember, humans ARE fauna, with an over abundance of flora therein)

Post-it note later in the same day: Donald Trump "does it again", regarding the ages-old Abortion Issue, and now the moaning and groaning and gnashing of teeth begins anew... most likely for ANOTHER 24+ hours... which is the absolute FAVORITE ACTIVITY of these sheeple who just LOVE to comment and criticize everything under the sun, starting with their OWN INTERNAL thought-processes!

Thursday, March 24, 2016

The Five Inch Gap

It is so obvious what is happening in the secondary world of thinking, talking, writing, texting, messaging, blogging, tweeting, etc. about what's going on in the primary world of Presidential Candidates jostling for position, Radical Terrorists blowing themselves and others up, Dueling Husbands creating photos that speak tens or hundreds of thousands of needless, pointless words, Media Broadcasters lying, obfuscating, prognosticating, speculating, covering up and exposing, all of that and so much more.

Believe it or not, many millions of people worldwide are thinking about these things, talking about them, writing about them, and forming soft and ultimately hard opinions about them, all the while FAILING to realize what is actually going on inside that five inch gap between their ears.
 (If they only knew... If they only knew... sheeesh!)

There are surely many, if not MOST here (reading this message) who believe they are somehow "ABOVE" all that kind of thing - having risen to extraordinary heights of human potential by following their own particular favorite "teaching", from whatever source floated their boat so many years ago - but the fact is, EVEN THEY are following all this stuff even if they have reduced the amount of "opinion-making", "argumentativeness", "negativity" and even "hostility" that surrounds these kinds of topics. You see, once you actually DO, the neurochemical activity occurring between your ears and behind your eyes - where "X" marks the spot - is a movable feast-in-the-making (not unlike that of a gourmet chef continually preparing specialized electrochemical coctails for a few favored guests), but not until the SETTING has been properly established can the TABLE be appropriately SET, and only THEN can anyone DINE on the abundance therein (i.e., The Meal Is Served!)

Yeah, yeah, that last sentence makes absolutely NO SENSE, but that does not mean it is nonsense. What it means, when to you it DOES, is that SENTENCES are the "coin of that secondary realm". Every swinging keyboarder and mouthpiecer out there (yes, including you) uses SENTENCES that are always ON THE MOVE, and it is they (those pesky sentences) that are the ingredients of that MOVING FEAST of words (which seem to be almost never-ending, once the first couple words, or so, get from your language centers to your finger tips or mouthing lips, revealing the astonishing observation that "I don't actually KNOW what I'm going to say NEXT!"), that can either be full of SHIT (and remember, the one who first notices it, tastes and sometimes even swallows it first), or HI-OCTANE "Time-Travel Fuel" - a rarefied, highly refined combination of sounds, movements, gestures, glances, pauses, stops, starts, intonations, whispers, etc.,  MOST OF WHICH are totally missed by the audience/observers... as is the MEANING... unfortunately for them.
So, bottom line for the moment:  
Pay Attention, Look Around, Listen Up, Don't Get Overrun by the noise.

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Who's watching all this SHIT?

By shit, is meant: the Descending American Political Race to the bottom or lower, and the Escalating European Terrorism problem before toppling over, to the bottom or lower. It is not the multiple tens of millions who are at work most of the day, trying to feed, clothe and shelter themselves and their families, etc., but the multiple tens of thousands of writers, directors, producers, technicians, and on- and off-screen reporters, commentators, and opinion-makers, who are Creating and Spreading their seemingly complex-sounding thought streams round and round (the heads of) those same multiple tens of thousands, so as to, primarily, SELL ADVERTISING space and time, to make bucket loads of dollars, euros, and other such representations of wealth.

As for the multiple millions out there on the fringes, the workaday masses... they certainly KNOW what is going on to some very small degree, but for the most part, they don't THINK about it anywhere near as much as the producers and creators who are responsible for pushing these non-stop thought streams of partial facts and mostly lies and ridiculous predictions out to the masses... FOR MONEY!

Why is all this really occurring, which is The Big Question to consider in everything you take in from your own internal ramblings with yourself, to the apparent "OUT THERE"? Is it, as some naively think, to "educate", or "enlighten" anyone? HARDLY! Don't even believe that. In fact, it's just the opposite, but no one would ever admit it, since most don't even have a clue what's going on. It's the never-ending (certainly not in our life times) DUMBING DOWN process of the sheeple (which also includes the producers/creators named above, of course), who don't know what to think about anything (mainly because they don't have, and can't have all the necessary information to even approach "objectivity"), and thus they need to be TOLD WHAT TO THINK by the producers and creators of the so-called "fair and balanced" (bullshit) NEWS in that small part of the "civilized world" of which they are a part.

"Increased neural activity" in as many people as possible, is The Name of the Game of Life as lived by humans, and it's been on the increase for a very long time, but especially over the last fifty years, and much more so in the last five-ten years, and will increase year by year for the foreseeable future, as evidenced by the corresponding increase in the amount of digital data and cloud storage systems. Of course, this is NOT the case in the non-human world with whom we share space on this globe, but in humans... ABSO-freakin'-LUTELY it's the case, because Life knows the clock is ticking here on many levels, not the least of which is what's going on off-planet - solar storms, large meteors and comets hitting earth, failing (for whatever reason) and falling satellites in geosynchronous orbits driving all the world's communications, etc., etc. - and People had better start THINKING ABOUT what is really important, and focus much less upon the SHIT! This probably can be done, but not without a few more major disruptions in the world-as-it-has-become since about 1950, and is only getting worse with each passing day, week, month, and year.

Can you see that humans as they are now, are too focused upon the details, but do not see the bigger picture? The details are usually too limited in scope, duration and significance, and gathering more and more details does NOT make the picture come in clearer, but more fuzzy, and as far as life is concerned, "The fuzzier the better", or, "The fuzzier things get, the Funnier it is". That is, there is nothing SERIOUS going on here on this tiny planet that an Awakened Being needs to be concerned about, for, as everyone should know, THIS is the Goldilocks Planet ("Not too hot, not too cold... Juuuust Riiiight!"). Only the Sleeping Sheeple are concerned about the dream, and it will never end, sheeple. Never. What do you think all these "Teachings", and "Holy Bibles", and "Spiritual Writings", and thousands of other seemingly credible sources of "Higher Information" are all about... at their CORE?
Sheeple... Awaken!

"Make the World Great Again?"
Dream on humans.
Dream on.

A little tid-bit for your March 22, 2016 enjoyment: 
The playbook for the Islamic State, according to Abu Musab as-Suri, in a book written several years ago is this: Start out with small and large and very large terrorist attacks, create as much Islamophobia as you can, play on that as much as you can, and that allows you to recruit underemployed and disaffected young people in Muslim and other communities, and you can build on that so that eventually you will have an insurgency and a civil war. That's the playbook for the Islamic State. And we, out here in the Civilized World get to see it unfold for our very own eyes and ears. Lucky Us!
Minor footnote:
Brussels goes ballistic and the city is all but shut down, which only HELPS the Bully on the Block that all the others are trying to take down. Good luck with that, sheeple. Hey, think there might be "somethin' afoot" here?

Sunday, March 20, 2016

In, Out, which onea deez?

It is interesting how, as time ticks forward, a little bit every day, the lying and the forecasting and the fear mongering increase geometrically, soon to be exponentially, especially as the "feared end result" begins to seems "almost a certainty".

The OUT THERE - where 99% of people on earth live - is about to scare the SHIT out of them, and upset the world order, and bring us closer to worldwide economic collapse, if not WW3 - or so the liars, forecasters, and fear mongers would like everyone to believe. Just remember this, the 99% can still be wrong as shit - which is usually the case in these kinds of times - while the 1%, who already understand their body is temporary, transitory, and a thing of the past, while the mind - even while still in its adolescence - can rise above the body, and survive whatever happens, without being brought down to the level of the roaches and other creatures that can survive just about anything including the Sixth Extinction.

Cheer up America, Europe, Australia, and what few truly civilized countries there are in the OUT THERE, and try to "GET" what is being suggested here: One must achieve a certain kind of separation from mental and emotional suffering,  rather than blindly, if not willingly following the herds who can't do that, because once you have become one of the herd, you are lost, and every day one is LOST, one is ten steps farther away from Real Escape than the day before.

Dig it dudes and dudettes:
There is no OUT THERE,
except for those OUT THERE,
and  Real Escape requires an Awakened Mind.

Friday, March 18, 2016

Election Madness

People think this Crazy American Election Process is a big deal in some way. That it could upset the "balance" on Planet Earth, if not the Civilized World, but they need to take a double dose of a strong Chill Pill. With all the heat being generated in the brains of the multiple millions on the sidelines - the bystanders, eavesdroppers, reporters, commentators and ordinary opinion-makers everywhere - it very likely is not even causing a minor blip on Life's EKG, if one could be taken, which of course it CAN'T, nor its EEG, which is also out of the question.

One has ONLY one's own infinitesimal brain to check in this case, and whether you LOVE or HATE what is going on in yourself or out there in the world, it makes no difference either to the Civilized World, Planet Earth, or Life Itself. So, ask yourself, what are you really LEARNING from all the time you are spending listening to opinions being generated in your own brain (regarding elections AND everything else going on in your life), and then spreading those opinions to other brains, including your own so "you" can discuss it with your other "yous"? Have you fully understood the PROCESS by which this noise is occurring in you? Have you fully understood the downside for spreading your mostly idiotic opinions about this or that candidate you either do or don't like very much? Have you also begun to understand HOW TO USE the noise not just for FUN (which is easy: even red, brown, black, yellow, and white necks can do THAT), but for real, enduring PROFIT in your own quest for consciousness, permanence, enlightenment, and/or any of your favorite fall-back terms? IF YOU CAN NOT answer "Yes, yes, by all means YES indeedy!" to all of these (without actually mouthing/vocalizing them of course) , then what are you really waiting for? 
This is the TIME of your life, 
and it doesn't come around every day, or every month, 
but it is most definitely here right now BIG TIME.

It is necessary to "GET" something before one dies like a dog, and it is this: The entire world OUT THERE is mapped onto one's neural circuitry, which in turn TAINTS all our perceptions - up, down, left, right, silly, sad, angry and otherwise - such that humans do not KNOW reality, since they only partially receive a tiny percentage, a mere sliver at best, of realty. There is NO OUT THERE - no Clinton, no Trump, no America, no Australia, no England, no sun, no earth, and no "you", and no "me" - there are only neural synapses firing billions of times per second, in billions of brains on earth, most of which can't be perceived (he said with a smile: MOST? how about damn near NONE!), yet we are constantly "thinking about" those partial experiences (to the point one thoroughly believes and accepts as FACT that there IS AN OUT THERE) and they are pushing people around like any slave is pushed to do this, do that, do the other thing, and then... when they reach the front of the queue, the SLAUGHTER queue... fall down into a gooey mess on the floor and go back to the dust from which they were formed. You have to get to the bottom of this situation before it's too late to get to the bottom of anything but that puddle on the floor. And that which is so befuddled, right now - and for all your life - is THE SAME THING you must use to become UN-befuddled... to "GET IT!"

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

The Thinking Thing

The Thing about Thinking, is that it ONLY occurs in the past about the past, or about the future, but never in the NOW. Thinking is not a property of the NOW, only of the past and usually about oneself. Therefore, humankind can never stop thinking (in the ordinary bullshit sense of lamenting over the past and planning for the future). Thinking outside the past and the future is a function, NOT a feature, in that once harnessed, it can produce an exponential increase of power and intelligence in one, yet, until it can be harnessed - which is rarer than reliably predicting the WINNER of the next US Presidential Election results - it's all just the geometric expenditure of nervous energy and decrease of power and intelligence, and limits the possibility of using it for higher purposes. (Just look at all the news shows and social media pages - never-ending talk, talk, talk, and more idiocy in one place than you ever find elsewhere!)

But, dig this: EVEN IF one knows this with the mind, one will still willingly participate hourly, daily, for the rest of one's life, actively engaged in this kind of ordinary thinking, because people, as they are, do not know HOW to disengage before dying (when one is finally and completely disengaged... death is a still and silent place).

Ok, Here's a hint why we can't now and don't disengage on our own (spoiler coming, don't read UNTIL you've come to your own HINT...) Engaging in the activity of ordinary thinking (i.e., when nobody is home - the key feature of ordinary thinking and ordinary human life) and listening to the continuous commentary being live-streamed into your own and everyone else's nervous systems by good ol' Life Itself, activates YOUR OWN brain, in that part which translates the energy into understandable concepts, that in turn activates other parts of the brain, in a progression that is, frankly, ENTERTAINING and FUN, sometimes funny, sometimes sad, sometimes thought-provoking, and activates hormones and other chemicals that vibrate sympathetically... which is also, fun, funny, sad, depressing, anger-producing, etc., which makes people feel, if only momentarily MORE ALIVE. Partially alive to be sure, but certainly NOT Fully Alive as can be only a Fully Conscious and Aware Human Being. And... oh yeah, we are not supposed to disengage, because we humans serve a higher purpose, and that is to "be pumps" in a larger machine that requires the movement of a certain kind of partially rarified energy throughout, which is not completely unlike the way a combustion engine requires the movement of gasoline, a highly rarified form of crude OIL, which requires igniting, pushrods, pistons, crankshafts, cams and other bits and pieces not named here. And, oh yeah, oh yeah, oh yeah, humans have something similar going on, though who can figure that one out?

Friday, March 11, 2016

My Favorite Sandbox

The reason why my focus has been on the US Presidential Race to the top job - at least since Trump jumped in - is because it is a public venue that draws millions and millions of eyeballs, and almost as many news junkies who can't seem to help themselves talking about it for hours and hours every single day since then. ALL the social media platforms have lit up with miles and miles of posts, tweets, messages, images, videos, etc., etc. Enough to fill an entire solar system!!! Or maybe just a large landfill or toxic waste dump - take your pick.

You see - if you can, and I know many people can not, even when told to LOOK HERE-----> this whole Sandbox is NOT about the children playing in the box, nor is it about the chit-chat coming from the children, nor is it about the seemingly thoughtful, sometimes even well-formed but mostly not-so-much "ideas" that seem to be being expressed. NOT EVEN CLOSE! It is only about the brains functioning inside the skulls of those kids, and how the activity of the molecules bouncing around in those mostly unformed - or certainly not WELL-formed - brains, drag their fragile bodies around and around the Sandbox, causing each and every one of them to DO and SAY things which give the onlookers, and (idiot) reporters something to yammer on about for hours and hours every single day. All the talk, while NECESSARY for the movement of energy in Life's Body, is mostly meaningless and not worth the time it takes to produce it. It's all just the expenditure of nervous energy that wasn't used for higher purposes in the one from whom it is being expended.

THAT IS... all these human brains - nowhere near full maturity, and thus acting more like teeny-boppers*** at the mall making lewd and nasty comments at the passersby, while giggling uncontrollably - are controlling the show... but there is NO ONE HOME!

"No one home?" Right. No one home. They are nearly somnambulistic day-walkers carrying on inane conversations about who-cares-what, whose primary function on Earth (believe it or not) is simply to move neural energy around the body of Life on Earth in that area where humans reside. You see, if the nervous/neural energy were to somehow stop for a day, a couple days, a week or more, the whole of human civilization would come to a HALT. All services would shut down, and most people would never even get out of bed anymore. That would not be a very good thing. So.... it continues, and since the Internet and the Web, it is increasing exponentially, and thank goodness for THAT! (So Say We All, who profit from it!)

Remember who these bozos are - on the TV, radio, websites, papers, magazines, who are engaged in this non-stop running commentary about OTHER PEOPLE and their words and actions - they are PUPPETS on stage for YOU, and ME, and the few other people who know how to profit by their uncontrolled expenditure of nervous energy, without getting "caught up" (code for, remaining centered, not-identified, non-negative, and able to NOT TAKE SIDES in the apparent "argument").

Imagine a large sports arena, with several teams on the field at the same time, all suited up and ready to play their games for the huge audience spread out all around them, even up in the cheap seats where you need binoculars. Who ARE these "players"? Thoughts. Just Thoughts. And all these thoughts are operating by rules not of the making of the mouthpieces uttering them - far from it, the rules are absolutely HIDDEN for all time from those mouthpieces, primarily because they can't control themselves from automatically acting and reacting to those thoughts. So... the game continues, seemingly forever! But in the audience there are always a few people who wouldn't miss these puppet-games on a bet because they provide tons more energy to those willing receivers than anyone in the stadium can possibly perceive or receive for themselves because they expend it faster than it comes into them, being used by the gyrations of flailing arms, and wildly gesticulating hands, facial expressions, and all-over herky-jerky movements quite unbecoming of Mature Adult Human Beings.

***teeny-boppers: "a young teenager, especially a girl, who keenly follows the latest fashions in clothes and pop music." Sound FAMILIAR?!? (clothes and pop music is code for: thoughts, spoken and written)

Thursday, March 10, 2016

The Excitement grows and grows

There may be some within the sight of my words that have become a bit "distressed" over what is occurring out there in the world (not to mention what is occurring in here, between their ears... but that's another story), but there is a very good reason for that, and a way to USE that "condition" for consciousness.

Most will never come to this kind of realization, even after following their parents religion, or their own chosen religion, or some teaching they picked up in a bookstore in the '70's or '80's with a similar kind of "excitement" occurring between their ears, but they did not realize that at the time, and most likely are not now directing that "excitement" for their own higher possibilities for being Conscious in a Cosmic sense. As such, the "excitement" has reached a plateau, which is NOT SUFFICIENT for higher possibilities.

The distress in many people today has to do with their "homeland" and the "leaders" who have driven it into the dirt over the last several decades, and their perceived "prospects" for the near and farther future, particularly about the U.S. Presidential Comedy Show that has such huge implications both nationwide and worldwide, and those many people are getting nervous, scared, and perhaps even overly agitated about it. There is a distinct possibility for a kind of "revolution in America" that those alive today have never witnessed. Of course, there are a LOT of people who would love to witness it, and some who would love to participate. (Of course, of course, the BEST way in which to participate in the revolution is INTERNALLY... but that's the other story*** ).

The Way to Consciousness is narrow, like the top of a fence running all through your human brain, that you can neither SEE from above (not yet anyway), nor stay atop for very long if you ever find yourself engaged in that Glorious Balancing Act. All the forces of life - both visible and audible out there in the 3D world of space, and the invisible and inaudible in here in the 4D world of time - are acting upon everyone simultaneously, and almost NOBODY can stay "centered", atop the narrow rail, conscious and aware of all that is occurring everywhere, and WILL fall into one or another "point of view".

One must be brave to watch the News Media today - more so than in the past, and it's getting "worse" every day - because that is where the preponderance of lies, idiotic statements and overblown, outrageous and some would say, dangerous rhetoric are the most obvious. Between the ears, there is a lot of confusing thinking to be sure, but most of it is missed - thank goodness, else one would go mad, MAD I SAY! - but the Noise Media is so "in your face" (TV, radio, Internet) that unless one actually lives IN NATURE, miles away from anyone, one is going to (want to be) subjected to an almost constant barrage of STUFF TO THINK ABOUT. The only problem, is that the carrier waves are bringing discordant spikes - peaks and valleys - that most people simply can not deal with it. They are quietly going mad, MAD I SAY!

Just look around, even today: March 10, 2016. This was and will be a day to remember in the longer story being told in America since June 16, 2015.
One is indeed lucky - from one viewpoint, and more conscious from another - if one can Ride the Rail and remain centered, balanced and moving forward without taking SIDES (falling off, yet again).

*** The "other story": the Real revolution (not the Fake one) is not a call to correct apparent ills of the world, nor the people in it, but for an expansion of personal boundaries. In this Way to Consciousness, one has no conflict with outward forms and institutions; instead, they seek to wrest power from their own internal powers-that-be. Atop the narrow rail that leads to Consciousness, one comes into contact with a kind of SEEING that is not about forms, objects, institutions, peoples, but of FLOWS OF ENERGY, from the extreme passivity of death and darkness to the extreme excitement of Enlightenment and Life...
but that's even ANOTHER STORY!

Thursday, March 3, 2016

The Fragility of Human Brains

People don't look at it that way, of course, of course, because everyone believes their own brain is working perfectly, if not super-perfectly, while other people's brains are damaged, broken, crooked, deluded, stupid, etc. But, the issue is not who is right or wrong on this. The ISSUE is, can you see how it is and why it must be that way that Human Brains are Fragile, and THAT accounts for the strange quirkiness perceived in oneself and others?

The Fragility has to do with not having a Real I, or Realized Self (as some would say). Therefore, the mass of "i's" constantly form and reform small groups of "i's" and when the small group is noisy enough, loud enough, it arouses the person to yet another shifting point of view.

Just today, last cycles failed Republican candidate (some would suggest is a Stuffed-Shirted PUPPET if ever there was one) came out AGAINST this cycles aspiring Republican candidate (some would suggest is an Empty-Suited PUPPET), in the hopes that certain people who were "on the fence" would shift sides. What a damn joke. (Meaning, it merely adds to the strange hilarity that is this years contest.) They don't understand what is going on with Human Brains. They are puppets, one and all, including those who, as a result of Today's Lambaste, do or don't shift sides... temporarily at best, most likely because of their inherently Fragile Brains.

Are you a puppet? Look deep. Think hard (and long, if necessary), and try to experience the rising of your Real I, for only that experience (not just occasionally, or frequently, but as your State of Will) reveals what is happening, not only within you but within everyone. But, some advice for those few or many who (in their fragile brains somewhere) quickly reached for their holy (or merely revered) bibles, work books, spiritual tomes, or clever youtubes... DON'T ANSWER too quickly, little puppet... because, really,  
Can a PUPPET know that it is a PUPPET?