Sunday, June 30, 2013

Sex and life in the city

All the "higher" animals - not including the human animal - are built for totally unrestrained sexual impulses and activities - they want what they want when they want it, and there is no internal "agency" inhibiting that drive.

Along with that little fact, is the corresponding fact that none of the "higher" animals - again, not including the human animal - exhibit speech, or have a formal language, and even if you suggest that apes do, or elephants do, or dolphins do, NONE of them exhibits the ultimate in having a formal language, which is the ability to write and read books.

Thus, only humans have speech and can write books (and diaries, emails, blogs, and/or scratch on stone tablets and pass them around to others), AND, only humans have a built-in "agency" which inhibits their sexual drive.

Therefore, the acquisition of speech, formal language and writing, only developed in humans BECAUSE of the somewhat arbitrary add-on to his nervous system inhibiting his, otherwise, unrestrained sexual drive, first appearing instinctually, and later hormonally, and even later intellectually. No longer - and NOT for a very long time - has man been able to satisfy his every wish/desire/need in that area, while at the very same time, his power of speech, use of language and production of written materials has increased exponentially. (Less sex, More talk.)

Apes, elephants, dolphins, and all the other uncivilized populations wherever they may be found, have nothing to say on any topic put before them, because their sexual drive is totally unrestrained... and as a consequence, their higher-order "talking parts" never got the highly-charged kick-start (and so... there is no "thinking about it").

Humans, civilized and city-fied, have everything to say on every topic put before them, because their sexual drive is totally restrained... and as a consequence, their higher-order "talking parts" DID GET the highly-charged kick-start (and so... there is an over-abundance of "thinking about it").

Yes, Virginia... there is a direct, observable correlation between sex energy and thought. Sex energy builds up in the nervous system mechanically, automatically, simply as a result of eating and breathing and walking around, and it usually goes into ordinary, physical sex. It is also possible to push that energy higher up in the nervous system to be used for other activities. More on this can be found here.

A non-verifiable proof follows: When was the last time you had a really "enlightening", "consciousness-expanding", "mind-blowing" thought? (NOT one that you read by Rilke, or Ramana, or Rosanne Rosannadanna, and riffed-on-and-on about... but one YOU had on your own.)  [Insert thought-response here]

Notice: Anybody, anywhere, can arrange their life in such a way, and coordinate their body parts in such a way, so as to locate a book somewhere, filled with somebody else's "enlightening thoughts" (B.F.D.) But, you can't so easily - if at all... okay, never - make such a well thought-out plan, and set up the circumstances of your life in just such a way, that it will reliably result in having one of your own really enlightening, "consciousness-expanding", "mind-blowing" thoughts. [Insert personal verification here]

Sex and the city, folks.
Sex and the city.

The more restrained your sexual energy - and today, it is the MOST restrained it has ever been in the longish history of mankind on this planet, and the older you get, the MORE restrained does it become due to the running down of hormones! - the more you talk about other people and their thoughts (yes, Va., even if only in your head), and the less able you are - everybody is - to create original thought for yourself, daily, with purpose, with intention, with as much creativity as you are able every time.

"Who ME?! Surely you must be kidding! My thoughts are always original, enlightening, consciousness-expanding, mind-blowing. Lemme tell you about it!"

Saturday, June 29, 2013

What's up doc?

Lest there be anyone passing through, who doesn't know what's going on here - and you wouldn't be the only one, okay - well, it's a directed (purposeful) investigation and exploration into the workings of that three-pound organ everybody has, but nobody knows. You've got it, but don't know it, so you have forgotten it. It is a case of, "Out of sight... SO... out of mind."

That is the problem. It is called, "Taking everything for granted." If there were not people like me and others, contributing to places like this and others, nobody would EVER find out anything about the contents of that GIFT between the ears (which it most certainly IS), let alone the FUN and EXCITEMENT that can be experienced by those who discover it on their own... one morning... and curl up on the floor in front of the fire, with a cuppa hot cocoa, and slowly, carefully, unwrap it, knowing full well they are NOT going to be disappointed. And they're right. Righter than they can imagine! It's the Gift that keeps on Giving, the more it is unwrapped.

Once a person begins unwrapping that mystery between the ears they are immediately alerted to the fact that, as energy flows through the organ - like blood through the veins - thoughts are apparently created; that seems to the only REAL function of the higher ends of the nervous system - Create Thoughts. What kind of thoughts created are less important in the grand scheme of things, than that they ARE created, and this Creation (inside an always-willing servant) is good for Life, though it only may be good for you.

Life is Alive and Growing & Expanding, and Mankind is at the leading edge of that expansion primarily and specifically in the higher neural areas of the brain, the "highest" ends of the nervous system. (The Young - say, 7-35 or so - are at the leading edge of that leading edge, having the most active sex drives and neural activity - the Young are usually the most creative; while at the same time, the OLD - say, 35-80 or so - are the waning and fast-receding edge, due primarily to the running down of their hormones, their sex drive, and neural activity).

You see, from Life's point of view it doesn't matter WHAT people are yammering on about, it only matters that people ARE YAMMERING, CONTINUALLY, because that is the way finer energies are moved throughout the Living Being that is Life. It is simply healthy circulation throughout the entire organism, for the Benefit of Itself first and foremost. Humanity is the embodiment of Life's "thinking about itself", and that's a good thing... for LIFE, though it only may be good for you.

Of course, it's NOT such a good thing for humanity in general - all this mostly mindless yammering on and on about virtually nothing of importance - because it is tantamount to burning out the circuit LONG before it might otherwise have become so burnt to a crisp. The secret here, of course, is NOT to learn how to "stop thought", how to "meditate", how to "anything in particular", but this: Change your inner INTENTION with regard to what you think, say and do, and think, say and do it with as much Originality and Creativity as you can bring to every situation.

INTENTION is everything. The INTENTION in everything written here, is first to discover a "Pearl", and then to cast it before the "Swine" around me, hoping beyond HOPE there may be another "Pearl-caster" out there, looking to Stand Up and be counted.  (I am not calling others "Swine", they reveal themselves by their reactions to what is cast. Remember, it is just an expression, from Matthew 7:6: "Do not give what is holy to the dogs; nor cast your pearls before swine, lest they trample them under their feet, and turn and tear you in pieces.")

"Swine" (they are born and thus) stay "Swine" until they die, or until one or another discovers on their own, the Secret of moving neurally, from the Dead column to the Living column. Then the Fun Begins!

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Investigating "reality"

People come at this stuff from two different perspectives:
(Yes, there are others, though they are not covered herein.
Watch them, Listen to them, Read them, it is easy to see.)
1) they are trying to discover the higher as they "see it", or
2) they are trying to explain the lower as they "see it."

People want to talk about higher beings, higher places, higher states, and so many other intangibles, or they want to talk about physical matters, earthly matters, people - themselves and everybody else - and their many issues and problems, governments and their faults and flaws, supposed conspiracies interfering with their lives, etc.

People either want to know the wonders of the higher, or
Fix the flaws of the lower, with crossovers back-and-forth, obviously.
(One day it's this, another day it's that, with no relief in sight.)

In both cases, there is always the belief that it requires other people to help them discover, explore, explain these things and more, so they talk to other people, buy many books, join many groups, talk to more people, buy more books, attend seminars and retreats, spend way too much money on all these things, and after all of that, they're still "hard at work" talking to other people, but since "push" has come to "shove", they are more confused than before. The fact is - when it is SEEN (not in quotation marks) - this investigation does NOT require other people to push or pull you.

What is required to explain the lower matters and concerns, is simply the understanding that one is as one is, fully and completely, and all right as they are; any apparent separation between them and others, them and the higher, them and the lower, is due to consciousness as it is at this level, and let it go at that... and then, stop explaining! What is required to discover the higher, is simply the experience that one is everything, fully and completely, and all right as they are; there is no separation at this level and let it go at that... and then, stop discussing!

If a person could remember these two things, simultaneously, without thinking about them, they could see the order and harmony and majesty of the Universe in real time functioning perfectly, and they could experience Life itself, which is engaged in all the same things ordinary people are engaged in, but without the fragmented, sequential, binary, yes-no, off-on awareness common to ordinary man.

Stop torturing yourself hearing/viewing/reading other people's tortured minds (wherever you find them, including the Internet, including here - I'll certainly understand) trying to Explain "the truth of it all", from "western views", "eastern views", "new age views", and all the strange/weird "outlier views". Instead, and for a long time, learn to Hear "the truth of it all" from the only one that knows - having been "working on it" for many thousands of years - "simply" (though it isn't simple) by getting centered in the calm Middle of Yourself, where all the REAL action is.

Life is Alive, and you are in it, and it is in you. Listen and See. Life is speaking through mankind, including you, whether or not you can presently recognize this occurring for yourself.

Stop focusing on things you can't touch - like "gods", "demons", "angels", "mythical creatures", "mystical beings", "ghosts", "apparitions", channeled aliens from other planets and/or times, and all the other extra-sensory manifestations too numerous to name here. Start focusing upon your own consciousness - that knows your name, address, birthday, etc. - as it flits from thought to thought, feeling to feeling, crossing from one to the other, back and forth, day and night with no end in sight, being led around by the nose by all of this random nervous system activity, and Learn to stand aside this parade of elephants passing you by.

And, oh yeah, before it is forgotten again: Life is Alive, and you are in it, and it is in you. Listen and See. Life is speaking through mankind, including you, whether or not you can presently recognize this occurring for yourself.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

"We've only just begun..."

As everyone today knows ("for sure, no question"), people who are not in bed with eyes closed, but walking around, eyes open, able to read Internet pages, are Awake, and therefore, people who are awake are Conscious. "What could be more obvious than that?"

But, as a few of us know quite well ("Yup, QUITE!"), just walking around with eyes open, able to respond to your name, and talk about stuff, does not mean you are Awake, and certainly does not mean you are Conscious. ("I repeat, YUP!") In fact, very likely, and most of the time (nearly 99% of the time!) one is Asleep in the sense a few know quite well. ("Again, yup, INDEED!") In fact, those few also know that in relation to some kind of Permanence with regard to Awake AND Conscious, "We've only just begun" and there is still much more to learn, discover, invent, create, and many other things, just to "get in sync with" Great Life flowing through and around this planet, keeping the living alive for another second, hour, day or longer. We know we are "out of sync" because, while we know NOTHING, we believe (almost all the time) that we know a LOT, and even a LOT MORE than most everyone, so we must certainly be very nearly if not fully, Awake and Conscious most if not all the time. Right? (Ask yourself... Ooops, there it is.)

No big deal though. This is just another case of the LAW: Either you get it, or you don't. Those who don't are not reading this kinda stuff, or anything similar, and if they ever "accidentally" came across it, or overheard such a conversation at Starbucks, they would not be interested enough to eavesdrop, UNLESS they were "right on the edge" of "Getting it." (Of course, the "edge" is "miles" wide and "days" long, and one might have NO CLUE just how close they ARE, until it... "bites them on the nose", or "itches their eyeballs", or "tastes like chocolate".)

So, for the few: What NOW? You know that being Awake and Conscious is much preferred over the alternative, one's ordinary walking-around-with-eyes-open state of mind, but continually must realize you CAN'T DO IT! Here are a couple things you can do to turn ordinary "transience" into extra-ordinary "permanence"... well, given that the "GAP" between them, is also "miles" wide and "days" long, and one never has even a CLUE how close or far they ARE, until it... (well, you know.)

Consider that we all are just "one neuron" away from making the neural connection(s) necessary to start a chain-reaction that can last for minutes, hours, days, lifetimes, so one must try to be open and alert to All and Everything, without restriction, without agreement, without disagreement - with Acceptance. If Life is feeding you something - no matter "who or what" has been suited up and tasked with Successfully Delivering your "meal of the moment" (that is, whatever is being received by the senses, and stimulating your feelings and thoughts) - know in advance that it carries a GIFT that only a FEW (YOU) are capable of realizing/recognizing "in that moment", and then unwrapping it sufficiently so as to "light up" that "one neuron", until it... (well, you know.) And then, don't stop there, keep unwrapping because this GIFT keeps on GIVING the more you can UNWRAP IT.

Sunday, June 23, 2013

The glorious anomaly that is language

All higher animals, particularly mammals, could have developed a complex language similar to humans, except for the one BIG thing that didn't happen in their evolution that did happen in ours - verbal speech and writing. In that only one species developed a complex language - so far - Life is still trying to evolve at least one more, perhaps many more, and that evolutionary process is accelerating though humans don't live long enough to see it occurring, though it can be KNOWN by those who can KNOW it. Think of "them" as higher beings with more evolved language capacity and skills who are now, and will be making themselves "known" to humanity, one person at a time. Perhaps they will have invented their OWN LANGUAGE based not upon words that must be spoken or written to be communicated, but upon "sensational feelings", or "feeling sensational!" Or maybe it will just be Visual.

As such, given that there is presently only one language-using species on this planet - that everyone "knows about" - language has undergone a "short-handing" process, that enables the conversion of experience gained via the five senses to thoughts and words that can be spoken and written and now transmitted instantaneously around the world. But this "short-handing" process has unfortunately become its own opposite: a "dumbing-down" process. Just look at the teenage chat rooms and text messaging sweeping the world today and even accelerating.
(LOL, anyone?)

Grammar, syntax, spelling, and most importantly nuance and context has been all but left behind in favor of "talking more" and "saying less", such that only the Best-of-the-Best have a chance of achieving the level of consciousness that is their birthright. (The misuse of) Language is siphoning off ALL THE BEST that is being human, in this one specific sense: ENERGY, extracted from the food, air and impressions of simply living life and mechanically gathering experiences of all kinds, and then THOUGHTFULLY (which means intentionally, creatively, with as much originality as possible - today, and hopefully more so tomorrow...) wrapping that experience in the kind of "short-hand" Life wired into the brains of human species, which includes metaphor, symbolism, aphorism and other "devices" for transmitting large ideas with, sometimes, extreme brevity without losing their "essential elements."

Why? This should be OBVIOUS squared to those "B.o.t.B" who already understand where this is going, while forever remaining obscure at best in all the rest. Here is the "short-hand" reason: to activate the higher-ends of the nervous systems of more and MORE people, day by day, so as to enable them to convey more and MORE Real and Useful and Meaningful Knowledge to those of nearly - or better - fully-functioning Intelligence, to AID in the AIMS of LIFE.

Life is evolving its intelligence and consciousness through mankind, but not ALL mankind (which would be unnecessary, as all-mankind is simply a "cauldron" - petri dish - in which to "grow" cultures wherein the cream rises to the top), just the "C.o.t.C" who already understand where this is going.

ps - there is no intrinsic, "stupidity of language"; just a stupidity of language-users, and that is one's OWN FAULT, not anyone else's, and certainly not LIFE.

pps - before someone goes off half-cocked in the wrong direction, this ENTIRE BIT is not about language, per se - either its correct or incorrect usage by people - but about a "point" (a "place", "in time"), where language in one is created, stored, recalled, interconnected, refined, massaged and transmitted to others in new and different and sometimes unique "out of the box" ways, in order to convey the best you have to offer as much as you are able, hopefully improving daily! That's the only thing Life wants from you there, running for your life... and when it's done with you, "That's the end'a little girl."

The Great Inquiry

It is literally impossible to know reality when you believe you already know it, just as it is literally impossible to awaken when you believe you are already awake.

This belief - as in all beliefs - acts as a physical barrier through which one can never peer, and even if someone catches glimpses of something, it is never the whole due to the LAW: that which is seen only partially, is seen as something else.

That is, you can't partially see REALITY; what you are seeing is imaginary due to the influence of the limitations of the five senses and the disconnection between those perceptions and the place where UNDERSTANDING occurs, forever unknown to all who keep trying to know it.

You can't know anything about HOW and WHERE and WHY until you can plug the huge leakage that is your ordinary modes of experience... like unnecessary arguing, talking, anecdotalizing, talking about yourself, telling others what kind of person you believe yourself to be, how you imagine you arrived "here" in this time and place, and thousands of other BELIEFS that are unfounded at best and LIES (told to oneself and others) at worst.

Get over your "Inquiry into Reality" - which is code for arguing over irrelevant details of misunderstood and misperceived perceptions - and move into Inquiry into ENERGY LEAKS. For those who don't understand this, that is what the Fourth Way, for one, starts with, runs with, and ends with.

Stop the leaks, and then you can channel the "best of you" into the WORK of UNDERSTANDING.

ps - The only thing that should matter to one (who once caught a glimpse of Real Experience, Real Freedom, Real Independence), is increasing originality and creativity in the only place where that CAN occur, such that "that place" expands beyond the borders of the steel-caged cell(ular structure) one was born into, and now has a hard-and-fast "Death Sentence" not only pinned to the wall in front of one - wherever one looks - but signed...  sealed... and delivered by... guess who.

Go on, GUESS!

Friday, June 21, 2013

The "believers"

The problem for people "possessed by" a normally functioning brain (and "possessed by" is the right phrase here), is not WHAT they believe in - they can't help it (even though they say they can) - but what they DO because of that. "I believe green people are inferior in every way - they're not much more than mindless beasts - and if any green people move into my neighborhood, they'd better WATCH OUT, that's all I can say!"

Ordinary sleeping people "possessed by" a normally functioning brain can't help WHAT they believe in - gods, angels, benevolent reptiles from other solar systems, unicorns or whatever - because the macro- and micro-forces controlling all of that are completely OUTSIDE their conscious control!

Therefore, the Work - as it has always been known and practiced, from the beginning - is about Consciousness, "Work on Consciousness", and NOT ABOUT thoughts. Beliefs are thoughts, they are NOT conscious in origin nor in manifestation; there is no consciousness involved, just sleep. In sleep they are "created", "stored", "recalled", and shoved into the faces of other sleeping people "possessed by" the same malady.

"If you are one of those kinds of people, you - in my opinion - are Green People, so stay out of my neighborhood if you know what's good for you! We will kill you and then eat all the evidence of the crime." This is the esoteric idea: "You must Kill the world (of "green I's") and Eat the evidence (no lingering residue). Everything "external" to you - including ideas, beliefs, suggestions, directives, commandments, all of it - must be either "allowed to pass without touching you AT ALL!", or if that's impossible for whatever reason, internalized in real time, and not allowed to devolve mechanically (automatically) into mere thought and belief - which is the ordinary result... We have a name for that in my neighborhood - SLEEP.

Friday, June 14, 2013

"Tech" and "Meth"

There is "Tech" for the external world, where there are hundreds of millions, at last count, working daily on something or other, perhaps they just call it, "The Technology:" to "heal the planet", or to "save humanity" (but always, to "get $rich$ by trying".) However they justify their worker-bee mentality, their in-the-box work-ethic, they're usually just "working for da man" for a fat, and getting fatter paycheck. ("Hey, someone's gotta pay for this shit, I certainly can't afford it!")

There is also "Meth" for the internal world, where there might be a few hundreds, if that, working daily, hourly, if not minute-by-minute, refining and adjusting "Their Method:" to "extract", "accumulate", "integrate", "orchestrate", and "symphonize" a New Mysticism - becoming a "Mythical Being". This can't happen (never happens) by accident, because all that happens by accident, is becoming excessively, if not permanently distracted - daily, hourly, if not minute-by-minute - by the "so-called" concerns of the planet, the species or whatever, and forgetting all about "one's Self".

All one's "higher-order" attention and interest must be single-mindedly directed at accumulating essential hormones and neuropeptides from the ever-transiting blood - zzzip-zzzip-zzzip - that fuels all "basic-order" neural functions below the natural fire-line that keeps the body and brain alive, and the "higher-order" neural functions that can peek above the snow-line and nurture the burgeoning "baby", wherein all these catalyzing molecules of internal transformation achieve lift-off.

"Numb-nuts", "Rug-rats" and other assorted imaginary "Pseudo-entities" - having never "taken wing", and don't even imagine it is possible - can not appreciate that which has never been personally discovered. That would be like suddenly acquiring an overwhelming craving for a rare fruit that only grows on one island in the middle of the Pacific nobody has ever even charted let alone visited.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

The sketch artist

All these written messages people upload to the Interwebs these days, are sketches - usually impromptu, ad hoc, "sharpened charcoal", "pen and ink", or even "brush and color", but renderings of things SEEN. Not portraits of people's faces, or landscapes or seascapes in Nature, but mind's-eye points-of-view of something seen in their own neural landscape; often, for just a moment, if that.

Sometimes, all that was seen, in that moment, was a flickering of light - as it were - in the corner of the minds-eye, that was so interesting, so intriguing, that the effort to bring it into greater focus becomes an all-consuming force that drives the mind, at least until the thing is fleshed out, and it may not even start immediately, but the sensation, the taste of its occurrence will last quite a long time.

Some are completed successfully even at the time, or nearly enough, to put on a "hard comma", if not a final period (the wrap-up), and pin it up on the wall. Some are impossible to complete at that time - for various reasons - but they are never lost, the neural connections that once flickered, will flicker again, sometimes as part of another, larger, sketch that does reach completion. But in any case, once the neural connections are made, they are never lost, and can be accessed instantly - even wordlessly - and they accumulate. "Ahhhh, the accumulation!"

This, is just a sketch, of what Originality and Creativity in Thought is all about.
It is not right, it is not wrong, and there is no debate. It is what it is, and I wrote it.

Many times - actually too many times - such a completed sketch, is grabbed by someone, some really sleepy someone, torn down off the wall, and scribbled upon, here and there, using different styles, different colors, and changing it to suit themselves - "the rip-off". Even worse, sometimes someone will have the nerve to tear off pieces, small pieces, jagged pieces and then rearrange them to make some new sketch, that they, somehow in their confusion, believe is now their own... then they sign their name to it! "The signed rip-off."

Sometimes, worse yet, someone will grab another's sketch, tear it down off the wall, sign their name to it, put it up on their own wall, stand back and admire it, and feel, somehow, "fulfilled", but it's just another rip-off, and they don't even realize it.

If you didn't Originate or Create what you are now pinning up on your wall (like yet-another youtube link, wiki-page, googled-page, blog-page, etc., i.e., a work of SOMEONE ELSE), then you are, in a real sense, stealing from yourself, and it's a double, in that you still don't realize what's happening. You give yourself a pass. This should cause a really Baaad TASTE in your mouth, and the sooner the better. It was an opportunity to BE original and creative in that "special place/time" behind your eyes, and you Blew It!

Believe this or not: once someone finds out how to "get started with This Thing", there is no turning back - sometimes called "back-sliding" in some circles, sometimes referred to as "falling off the wagon" in other circles, sometimes labeled "losing their work" in still other circles. But, it is an acquired Taste with a capital "T", that is more pleasing to all the senses than nearly EVERYTHING available "out there" in the world (except that which comes from others who've not turned back either.)

But again, this sketch is for me - to SEE, to flesh out by wrapping in thought, to add to the Infinite Comment of Life Itself - and any others who know who they are. But, it is not for the rest - not that they can't view it, they certainly can - because like ALL CRITICS who can only (just barely) talk the talk, but not (at all!) WALK the WALK, the best they can do is rip-off, steal, plagiarize bits and pieces from others' work, rearrange those pieces, scribble upon those rearranged pieces and then pin the monstrosity upon their OWN WALL - claiming no one "owns their work" or something like that -  then stand back and admire it, and feel, somehow, "fulfilled" by their own utter Lack, but it's just the double rip-off again.

Of course, this is for the 1%'ers who can already do this, and do it regularly, and not for the 99%'ers who not only CAN'T do it, do not WANT to do it, and even (amazingly!) find reasons NOT to try. (Excuses, one and all.) Such people can be challenged to do what I am doing here - for years and years, like so many others I know who do it better still - and (amazingly!) give themselves a Huge Pass for not even trying, which is the same as FAILING... though they don't realize it for themselves. Haha!

There is a NEED in the evolving human being for more originality and more creativity between the ears, behind the eyes, to extend and expand the neural pathways necessary to give some kind of "meaningful form" to it - in this case of course, using Language, thought-forms, though there are many other ways as well - that can be "willingly shared" with others who CAN use it, even if not immediately but when they are ready.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Organic Cauldron on Earth

It is clear that there is no purpose to this "petri dish" (here on Earth) but squirming and flopping around, like so many 3-celled worm-like critters looking for food while avoiding being eaten.

This is the Primary Law of the Organic Cauldron on Earth (Eat or be Eaten), originally seeded by Life Itself, 3+billion years ago, in order to breed, first, a well-functioning BODY to carry out the Primary Law (great success on that point!), and much, much later, about 50+thousand years ago, a well-functioning BRAIN capable of containing and using LANGUAGE (small success on that point!), in order to usher in the next level of development which must remain UNKNOWN to all the currently living language-using systems of the day (who today are called, humans), in order to maintain Good Health. Well, good for Life, naturally, though not so good for the language-users (and getting even worse for many of them), including a lot of the non-language-users (collateral damage). Just look around.

LANGUAGE is necessary in order to keep the language-users ASLEEP to what is actually occurring on this planet - both "out there", and "in here"; i.e., keep them arguing over randomly-arising, ever-changing sillinesses - so as to NOT interfere with the right-order functioning of the Larger Organism of which they each are mere nano-parts, quite incapable of seeing the Whole Being.

LANGUAGE tends to become highly fragmented over time, sometimes very short amounts of time, and new branches can actually become "pinched off". Viewed like a "Tree of Thought", this tree is stunted, at best. Many thousands of years of growth has only resulted in a juvenile tree, not even strong enough to support its own weight, let alone the weight of the "high fliers" that might nest there (Enlightening Thoughts, that have "taken wing"), and ONLY THEN, breed and feed and nurture many "babies", thereby extending and expanding the Ascending Nature of Thought that is possible in those brains that can conceive it. (And do remember, this is not about ordinary binary "thought", but about Thought without quotation marks, with four-dimensional Consciousness - a four-dimensional consciousness would be a continual awareness of time, but not of "time and/or space.")

LANGUAGE is certainly "good enough" to keep humans on a straight though winding course to their inevitable grave site for seventy years or so (BFD when you think about it, eh?), but they all are still arguing, complaining and criticizing about EVERYTHING and everyone, while understanding NOTHING. But again, this is right-order for LIFE's purposes which will always remain UNKNOWN to the arguers and complainers, but KNOWN to those "in the know", the "Winking Wons" who Get the Joke, HAH! ("As opposed, I suppose, to the Sleeping Losers?" said the eavesdropper.)

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Kitties, Puppies, Toddlers

Kitties and Puppies and Toddlers are not expected to exhibit all the characteristics of their fully mature and adult versions, even though in most cases in the wild the immature versions reach that level almost immediately in comparison to human toddlers that usually never reach that level, even after thirty, forty, fifty or more years. That is, almost all species become Fully and Completely what they were made for, and almost immediately, while one species - humans - usually never become so. Makes you think, even if you don't readily see this fact.

All the possibilities and powers of the mature adult are contained in the DNA of the immature versions of all species, including humans. There is nothing in the non-human species that "retards" development, so all reach full and successful maturity quickly. But only in human species, all the individual examples (toddlers, the little ones) are forced, by parents first, siblings and peer groups later, to engage in, what can only be seen as "detrimental" (i.e., "retarding") mental, emotional and physical activities that require so much ordinarily refined energy from the little ones (from the simple digestion of food, air, impressions from being alive, including their attention and awareness) that they can never accumulate adequate quantities and qualities of energy (from the blood) that is necessary for that kind of "extra-ordinary development" - sometimes even called, evolved development - that any human child should be able to achieve by the age of majority, if not sooner in some rare cases.

Life requires something specific from humans, that is no longer required from all the other species  because they have been here so very much longer than humans and have already reached their "fully evolved state"; that is, they are "closed-ended" nervous systems. Humans, however, are "open-ended" and still evolving in a particular way quite unknown to most, and that "something" can only be KNOWN - fully KNOWN and UTILIZED - by a few humans in any generation, maybe 1% or less, and for a very hard to detect reason.

There is such a thing as "burning oneself out" before one's time, by the overly excessive misuse of one's ordinary, genetically wired-up intellectual, emotional, and physical capacities. The "opposite" of that ("enlightening oneself up"), would be something like: RATHER THAN becoming a "jack of all trades" (though, it's usually just a few in reality of course), little humans should be taught to specialize, in order to become a Master of One, and especially of Oneself. How obvious, eh? 

All Humans are capable of evolving from birth, but only a few here and there actually do, because the rest - the great 99% mass of the terminally distracted eavesdroppers and bit-players on the sidelines of Life - become quickly consumed and absorbed by the "outside world", the "environment": TV, radio, movies, Internet, all kinds of social groups, and the tens of thousands of ordinary pursuits having absolutely Nothing whatsoever to do with the intentional evolution of consciousness, but Everything to do with mechanical forgetfulness of their birth-right.

Thursday, June 6, 2013

"Trippy Consciousness"

In the primary reality of physical life - of things you can touch with your hands, and sometimes even hold - survival instinct and the need to replenish (feed) rules. War (the physical aspects of it, including "terrorist attacks") brings out the best in humans, because at that time, survival of all is felt more profoundly than at other times, and is why some people will fall on a grenade to save their mates, or will actually save "an enemy" rather than kill him.

In the secondary reality of mental life - of thought, feelings, sensations that can never be touched with your hands, nor held by them - destruction and the need to destroy other ideas rules. War (the mental and emotional aspects of it, including all "threats of war", and today "threats of terrorism") brings out the worst in humans, because thought sees all other thoughts which are different as bad, wrong, needing to be destroyed, and is why some people will actually kill "a friend" or "a loved one", who thinks differently from them.

Funny, huh?

But there's a third reality, missed by all humans, even if they might "know it" as an idea, because they usually always miss it in "real time" - where the Action is. It is the irrelevant background, the apparent environment, upon which is played the "life of man", and War is caused and talked about and continued and stopped NOT by humans, but by Life itself - for it's own, secret to most, purposes.

Although Man believes his existence to be three-dimensional (the primary reality), his perception, his consciousness, and his individuality, is based upon a two-dimensional attitude (the second reality). Man knows that his life is a two-dimensional existence within a three-dimensional possibility, and this is precisely what drives all his "attempts" at enlightenment - to See with a tripartite consciousness.

Trippy, huh?

Very rare.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Watching Humans

Once there was a Society of Swiss Watches, but none could display time accurately - which is odd, because that's why they were made. They could display a lot of other things, like how many numbers were on the dial, what color was the dial, what shape was the dial and case, what the case looked like, and many other useless things having nothing whatsoever to do with the time. But, although they all automatically, mechanically, displayed "a time", none of the "times" matched that of any other "time displayer", so there could be no consensus. Without consensus, there is no Time. The Society of Swiss Watches - the finest watches the world has ever seen - was worthless, useless, pointless, and "time-less".

Once there was a Society of Simply Humans, but none could tell the truth accurately - which is odd, because that's why they were made. They could tell you thousands of millions of other things, like how many youtubes they watched before breakfast, how many google searches they ran while watching the morning news shows, how many yahoo groups they read and posted to, how many glasses of beer they drank before noon, how many books they read last month, how many times they exercised during the last 3 days, and many other useless things having nothing whatsoever to do with the truth. But, although they all willingly told "a tale", none of the "tales" matched or agreed with any of the other "tale tellers", so there could be no consensus. Without consensus, there is no Truth. The Society of Simply Humans - the finest and most sophisticated creatures the world has ever seen, who actually made the Swiss Watches and much more - was worthless, useless, pointless, and "tooth-less", because all of them were "Truth-Less" and just full of nonsense. Oh, and they couldn't tell the accurate time either, not understanding what it is.

Of course - as everyone knew, not as "truth", but as "belief" - humans have no consensus about anything else in their tangible world of the  three-dimensional matter of and outside their bodies, and so the most dominant form of speech on this planet is today, as it has always been, argument, disagreement, criticism, and complaint, which is bad enough, but they have even less consensus about the intangible world of fourth- and higher-dimensional matters behind their eyes. This creates considerable strife and confusion for the Society of Simply Humans. Clueless about the "out there", and Clueless about the "in here".

Perhaps it is time for one of them to Wake Up and learn how to "set all the time pieces" so that the rest of them could "get along", and Keep Accurate Time for a change, even if for only a day or two (since, truth be told, the Society of Simply Humans is running OUT of time), until they all forget again - which is to be expected of course - until another one has to Do It again.

One last thing for those who already see it: what's the difference between the two Societies? At least the Swiss Watches don't go around bragging about their finery, their workmanship, their beautiful dials, their numbering systems, their "bling" (how many and what kinds of jewels were used in their manufacture), unlike the hapless humans who literally CAN NOT STOP bragging in one way or the other about every aspect of their manufacture (including but never just limited to their "bling" - all the crap they own), which is of course responsible for everything they do, say, think, feel, believe, conjecture, theorize, and did I mention, DO! Really, is there any reason at all for human vanity when you get right down to it?

Finally, it's not so hard for my cat, my dog, my watch, to resist the "vanity urge" - they simply Be what they were meant to be, at all times, without fail. Same should be true for humans. Are you a cat, a dog, a watch, or a human? Answer carefully.

Saturday, June 1, 2013

The "tower of babel"

People think there is a "tower of babel" here on earth, even amongst those all speaking the same native language, and that everybody is talking, talking, talking, but nobody is understanding anybody else. But there is no such tower, of course - either literally or figuratively. It's only the ordinary, walking around, routine consciousnesses that are confused by what other people say and mean, and are confused by the fact that they are continually misunderstood by everybody else.

Those with a non-ordinary consciousness are not confused by what others say at all; they know perfectly well what they are saying, why they are saying it, where they are coming from, and therefore they have absolutely no reason to argue with them at all, either to try to fix their presentation, modify it in some manner, or anything like that. In fact, the "tower of babel", only exists for the babble-on-ians.

The ordinaries don't know who "they" are.
The non-ordinaries know it all too well.
Another way to say this could be,
"First, know yourself, Then you'll know others."

In case someone thinks, and is ready and willing to say publicly - right now - that they ALREADY fully understand and comprehend everyone else, including themselves, then my question to them would be this: "Ok, so what the hell are you doing HERE?"