Thursday, April 28, 2016

Attending to one's "thoughts"

What's really going on with The Human Species is one thing only: neural activity of the strange kind. Nothing else. Human neural activity REACTS to the inputs from the five primary senses and the several other secondary senses, to produce what are called (by them) "MY thoughts about that". But, come on humans, don't you GET IT? It's all meaningless mind activity having NOTHING to do with what "Being Human" - a prerequisite, leading up to "The Becoming of a Real I" - is all about. In fact, it's just the opposite. All that random, mostly irrelevant mind activity - generally, unobserved, but still taken as "MY thoughts" - stirred up by 1) watching TV and the Internet Websites you love so damn much, 2) watching everything else out there in the world at large, and 3) watching (to some very, very small degree) all that goes on inside your head and body, is AT BEST only partial reality, and not even close to Real Reality, so how in the hell can you trust any of it, and how in the hell can you get upset about any of it? At Best, you should just laugh at it, and laugh it off, like so much water off a duck's back, and keep on waddling toward the Real Goal in life.... The Becoming.
What all the "Wannabe People" are doing - singling out this or that Thing, Company, Government, Institution, Agency, Event, Human, etc. - is simply pointing limp-wristed fingers at a presumed Villain, Enemy, Culprit, or Criminal, without ever even suspecting "Who or What the Villain actually is". In fact, the longer they point, the less chance they have to DISCOVER the truth about their perceptions about "reality", which is nothing more than a blurry TV show produced by Life Itself for its own purposes, without YOU in mind. It doesn't give a DAMN about you and your internal state of mind, nor what you "think" about the World Life Made. YOU are just a bystander eavesdropping on the NOISE that LIFE MAKES. The JOKE is always on humanity - the so-called "wise person" ("thinking ape"), which is kind of a cruel joke humans played ON THEMSELVES once upon a time.
The Ordinaries think and believe they absolutely MUST HAVE a dog in every fight.... and if they don't actually perceive there to BE a fight, they make one up, and then push their damn DOG into the FIGHT. Guess what the DOG is in this little metaphor? Got it? Some ordinaries have a whole pack of dogs in made up fights, and they actually think and believe most seriously: "Oh what a smart and clever human I am, and pretty damn evolved too!" What a bunch of losers The Ordinaries are, who don't yet know this. We Peeps - here and there - kind of have to laugh at them, under our breath of course, lest one or another of them throw their hapless DOG into another FIGHT.

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Paying Attention goes a long way here

What ordinary humans out there in the physical world never realize (too many distractions for most to SEE IT), is that everything going on OUT THERE, indicates and sometimes even illustrates the ways and means - the manner and method - of Individual Conscious Evolution (whatever that is, eh?), which, since one's birth until they actually begin evolving for real, remains pretty much on the same horizontal, or slightly declining line as it started so many decades ago.

Since that was fairly unclear, try it this way: Look Around (stop staring so much) and notice what humans everywhere are doing in their continual attempts to achieve their aims and goals, and you will soon discover what WORKS and what DOESN'T, even as they continue to FAIL achieving anything like what they set out to achieve. This is, for the most part, why the 1% have such a "bad reputation" with the 90% - they seem to have achieved it ALL, while the rest have achieved almost nothing (and NO! this is not "the fault" of the government as much as the 90% would like to believe and proclaim loudly). The obvious clue here: If you want to be rich and successful.... Look at what the rich and successful have done... duh!

Okay, another try: Life is running this Human Melodrama - top to bottom, no denying it (genetics trump psychology) - so the LAWS in force driving Great Nature, and thus Life Itself in all its glory, are also driving Human Nature... so, Pay Attention, Look Around, Watch and Learn how LIFE manifests ITS aims and goals for this planet, through the lives of Humanity.

Life is growing and evolving physically, emotionally, intellectually, and individuals can too, but following one's "beliefs" and "theories" - gotten, for the most part, from those same FAILING humans - rarely, if ever, works out well. BUT, following one's gut - so to speak - and one's verified (as much as possible) understanding of how things work, will quite often set one up for Success. The expansion of consciousness - in scope and duration - is a possibility of our species, and a requirement to become a full-fledged, Person of a Higher Order (whatever that is, eh? could it be, One with a Real I?)

What ordinary humans - just trying to get by in life, by hook or by crook - believe most sincerely is that studying books about Philosophy, Psychology, Sociology, Spirituality, Religion, Business, Science, and everything else in between will in SOME WAY ("I hope, I hope, I really do HOPE!") assist them on their Quest for Consciousness and Individuality (whatever that is, eh?). However, and unfortunately for them, studying books of all kinds are NOT going to help in this Question - which it always is, until it starts becoming Answered.

Perhaps the best thing that can help one, is the careful (thoughtful and considered) growth and expansion of their "god given" capacities at birth - i.e., their entire physical body, including all their senses, their genetic predispositions, their basic intelligence and sensitivity, their inherent talents and skills, their curiosity and inquisitiveness, and especially their powers of observation and being present IN THE MOMENT, which of course means Expanding the Scope and Duration of that Presence, because it is ONLY in the NOW that one can SEE and KNOW anything. After the fact, or Before the fact, it is all just speculation, prognostication, prediction, theorization, imagination, fantasy, and other such useless (for the most part) formulations. 
Being in the Moment while Observing
Yeah...that's the ticket!

Friday, April 22, 2016

Rock 'God' Dies - World Cries

Consider this latest, greatest big time story sucking up all the air around the world - the death of a "rock 'god'" (sure to happen again, as it has happened many times before). Why do so many people fall into a strange, sad, teary-eyed reverie about this event? 99% of those, or more, never met the guy, never came within 100 miles of the guy, never shared a meal with the guy, never shared a word, or a thought, or a physical expression of any kind, YET they are "shattered", to use one of the popular claims lately.

Why? Because their mind knows something, and that "something" creates a FALSE EMOTION. That "something" is that millions of OTHER PEOPLE love him, and seem to feel it, publicly - in their words and actions - and that gives everyone permission to "enter His world". This is the opening to the pen  where the Sheep are herded (a place in their own brain), while humming and singing along to the sound of the Shepherd's pipe's MUSIC with lyrics, and now they can all "feel the love" too (another place in their own brain, but neuro-synaptically connected), full-frontal, without fear, without guilt, without shame. Now, they all can openly express their apparent sadness at the death of their 'god', without feeling SILLY and FOOLISH. Take a guess how many people on Twitter and Facebook, alone, tweet/messaged their "well wishes". Half a BILLION with a 'B'? Probably more. (How 'bout you... did you fall in line with the silly and foolish?)

The 'god' mention above was not without significance. These various incarnations throughout the age (which, interestingly, only go back a couple hundred years or so, consisting MOSTLY of the lesser-known, and only a small number of WELL-KNOWN) create a "world" around themselves - from very small, to extremely large - inviting EVERYONE to come live there with him (usually) via MUSIC. Music is that which binds people to other people in a way that nothing else can, although certain Speech of a "higher (hard to define) order" works quite well, and religions have been using both methods (tricks) for millennia, to create HUGE FOLLOWINGS - the larger the better.

Try to realize that all these many millions of people around the world are experiencing FAKE EMOTIONS about the death of their (usually young, or young-looking) "messiah", their "Rock 'God'". These fake emotions will not lead them anywhere they want to go, only where the masses inevitably go - straight to the front of the abattoir queue, just in time for the dropping of the Sword of Fate upon their skinny necks.

Seek FIRST and LAST your own inner strength, not via another person, or another person's words, sounds, or images. Forget all about that stuff, and the sooner the better. That stuff is another land, and YOU can't live there. You can ONLY LIVE in your own self-created, enlightened world of your own making.

Human Life is not about JOINING groups, movements, crowds of followers, flocks of sheep into pens of death. Human Life is about Becoming Human, and the sooner one realizes the connection between Birth (alone) and Death (alone), the sooner The Way (escape) is revealed.

Thursday, April 14, 2016

The Biggest Outrage

This routine is not for those who, after reading it, top to bottom - a couple times if necessary to comprehend the strange way this author composes such things - STILL don't see what the outrage is, and in fact say out loud, or sotto voce (in a low, soft voice so as not to be overheard - can't have that!) "Hey, that's just what humans DO, and it's FUN, and everybody DOES IT, so how could that possibly be viewed as an outrage?"

Briefly, the Biggest Outrage is this: the almost non-stop, forced, transfer of neural energy throughout one's brain, 50% of which is natural and quite necessary for normal body and brain functioning, in the same way blood being forced through your veins and arteries is necessary... but this is about the remaining 50%, which often is bound up in thought-loops, dreams, nightmares, and seemingly useless/worthless drivel, or worse yet, it is then forced out the mouth and/or hands, primarily for the "feedback of some kind, ANY KIND, from others", and secondarily for the "strong positive emotional and intellectual support and agreement from others", and nowadays, tertiarily, for the outrageous variety of "likes", "smileys", and other inane emojis that people add to anything written, "just for the fun of it!" All of this has a LOT to do with the proper, and oft-times improper development of personalities that seem to cause more problems than solutions... again, another story.

This referenced activity is OUTRAGEOUS, but not for the Sheeple running rampant all over this planet, whose primary function on earth is converting a large variety of foodstuffs into digestible material for many smaller organisms, and whose secondary function on earth is the mechanical and automatic refinement of the courser energies contained in those food-, "air-, and "impression-stuffs" into SPEECH, which includes thought and writing.... just like the thought and writing that is magically appearing "now". And, all of this referenced activity seems perfectly natural, normal, and necessary to one and all... "Hey, that's just what humans DO, and it's FUN, and everybody DOES IT, so how could that possibly be viewed as an outrage?"  Well, that is only PART of the story, the obvious part that anyone can see. 

For those few who feel it IS an outrage, and a BIG OUTRAGE, they have already begun the arduous process of "cutting back" on the excessive chit-chatting with themselves (and others, including friends, families and strangers) on most, if not all subjects.... including politics, religions, sports, entertainments, domestic and foreign policies, etc. They have already discovered that special 50% contains the best and tastiest and most delectable chemicals (nutrients) for the care and feeding of parts of the brain that (they have also previously discovered) have literally BEEN STARVED nearly to extinction for the last many decades of ordinary life lived sheeplishly. And THAT, dear friends, family and strangers, is The Biggest Outrage. (Okay, okay... a little more: 75year lifespan? Near decrepitude, possibly even Alzheimers or some other debilitating brain or body disease, in the last few of those? Out-bloody-RAGEOUS! Gee... could there Bee... a co-co-conNECTion?)

To clarify for the sheeple one last time: To have been born into a human body which has at least 10,000 generations of experience bound up in its DNA (given 20-year generations, as they were probably pretty short in the distant past, with people starting to have kids at 12-15, and 200,000 years on this planet), without even a clue to one's inherited-by-birth, and enforced-for-life Servitude to a Master that owns you: body, brain and all that you will ever produce (most likely... but with exceptions - though that's another story), with your only "reimbursement" being another day in Servitude... and then you are CUT DOWN like a young sapling long before your designed-by-birth ascendancy to the status of Mighty Oak, having been so wired for that attainment in your DNA. So, ask yourself an HONEST QUESTION: How many Mighty Oaks have you dined with, drank with, danced with, or even done the dirty with lately?

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Two Paths tangled up in blue

("Blue Sky Thinking", that is)

Human beings are born to parents who have NO CLUE about heaven, hell, gods, devils, nirvana, paradise, enlightenment, awakening, consciousness or any other term that fits into this general FIRST PATH that humanity has been on since the birth of our species hundreds of thousands of years ago - or once a very small group somewhere, gathered by the campfire after downing a couple fat jack rabbits, started "musing" over what becomes of someone (like "me", like "you") after death (that strange state of being that leaves one still, silent, and rigid to the point of stinking up the place... "So, let's burn him, or toss him into the deep part of the cave, or off the cliff, or into the open jaws of that pack of wolves over there"). Quickly, they all realized they were just "blue sky thinking", though they had no such concept, nor would they for many centuries to come. That is, they knew they did NOT know what happens after death, and they did NOT like that very uncomfortable feeling in their groin, chest, and head. Animals don't seem to care, much... but humans... VERY MUCH!

A very few of them, having now "acquired" (thanks to mom, dad, siblings and peers) magical, or mystical thinking - which simply means they now had a language which could be shared using many discrete-sounding words, each with a simplistic meaning that could be "spoken" (from grunts, groans, whistles and clicks, to other "more refined" little mouth noises) naming and describing all kinds of objects in their midst, primarily, and a few rudimentary feelings and thoughts, and thus began the process, that survives even today (having changed very little), of MAKING UP STORIES about death (and everything else of course), and fitting the few facts they had into them, usually to "benefit" them in some way, or make them "feel better about it". But, it was all MADE UP. JUST STORIES. And they all, quite dutifully and semi-responsibly PASSED THEM ALONG TO OTHERS. These were NOT scientific thinkers, mind you, just simple observers with the mental and emotional capacities of children and teenagers, at best.

That evolutionary "marker" is the beginning and the end - the alpha and the omega - of where humanity has "progressed" in the last ten thousand years or so, when the language (the "ideas") used in the group, tribe, collective, could be adequately shared amongst themselves on a semi-regular basis - you know, between hunting, planting, foraging, fucking, repairing their huts or caves, and avoiding being killed, or eaten by some human, and/or non-human predator. Not having much "free time" back then, there was not much "philosophical sharing" going on. That is the First Path, and everyone starts out there, even today. "Talking out their asses" about that which they can have NO CLUE, in between the 99% of time they are engaged in simply staying alive another day. And for most of human history, that meant only 15-25 years if they were extremely lucky. Ain't no time for thinking about the "Big Ideas."

Even though humanity today - at least, in those few fairly "civilized" groups - has plenty of "free time" - they, in general, are still engaged in the same First Path started lo those many millennia ago (which means, staying alive another day - "Fuck tomorrow, or next year, or after death!") In the last few thousand years or so, perhaps a few humans here and there, actually "hit upon" the entrance to the Second Path, which is NOT ABOUT STORIES HANDED DOWN and passed along, but about FORGING A NEW PATH internally. That is, THERE IS NO SECOND PATH, except in the being of the explorer who discovers a crack in the system, which is called:
"The Natural World of All and Everything" 

Do you doubt there is a CRACK in the SYSTEM? Try the Second Path for a few months - not passing on your damn "stories" about what you did today, what you thought today, where you went today, where you imagine you are going tomorrow, or after you die, why the world is so fucked up or all right as it is, or the excitement you felt when you became Awakened, Enlightened, Saved, Realized, etc. Those are just stories that humans have been passing on to other brains, who have dutifully passed them on to other brains, who have done the same, ad infinitum for millennia. Forging a new path, internally, and exploring, discovering, gathering, summarizing, recording, incorporating, forgetting, and Increasing Being, Consciousness and Understanding... for your own purposes... NOT TO IMPRESS YOUR FRIENDS.

By the way, the Second Path must occur within the First Path - side by side, intertwined, like strands of DNA. It either IS or IS NOT occurring at the same time as... say... opening a notepad, staring at a blank white page, and composing the, perhaps even only temporary coordinates of the journey now being undertaken, IN ORDER that you may indeed traverse that new, previously unknown tributary, in this part of the River of Life, to See and Experience what can now be Seen and Experienced. 
The All leads into the Everything and back into the One, 
to do it all again, and again, and again.

And, yes, all spoken and written works are stories... 
but then, there are stories and there are Stories. 
You are the only judge that matters.

Thursday, April 7, 2016

Technology Alert!

Technology (Life's Great Invention for keeping humans busy like bees, or beavers, or sheeple) will improve, must improve, NOT because humans actually NEED IT TO - hardly (and you should be able to come up with your own examples yourself) - but because LIFE needs it to, so that more and more human BRAINS (being the central concept of all my many messages here, there and everywhere) which are not only quite capable of "working harder", but the harder they work, the MORE ENERGY will be passed from brain to brain to brain, to the nth power... and given all these "New advancements", almost instantaneously... all around the global sphere we inhabit.

Although Zuckerberg doesn't understand this, Facebook's new announcement of Live Video on Facebook- being touted as the Next Big Thing (yawn...) that you simply CAN NOT live without, not for another second! - is nothing more than a) a way for Zuckerberg, et al, to become richer billionaires by selling more ad space, and b) a way to occupy more time in human brains with activities that only SEEM useful, interesting, enjoyable to the willing dimly-lit users-at-large (numbering around 1.5Billion today), but actually (objectively) wastes bucket-loads of valuable, and precious moments of time that can never be recaptured, while strengthening the connection between the technology and one's own internal neural functioning - i.e., making that brain (the person) even more mentally captured, more emotionally enslaved, than they were before if you can believe that... as well as making that imprisonment an increasingly desirable thing in those unfortunate humans. (They can't leave the prison with no bars, because they DON'T WANT TO!) Seems complicated, perhaps, but it's NOT, once you realize what is going on... with Life and Humanity. More and More sheeple WANT to use it, making it Harder and Harder to resist using it... just like any street drug out there. 
Yes, the world is already ADDICTED to Technology, and when and if the "plug" is pulled, billions will immediately go into WITHDRAWAL, the likes of which you do NOT want to see, witness, or be part of.
This is ALL ABOUT the "idea" of FREEDOM, and where humans are concerned, there is no such thing as FREEDOM. Humanity - the species - is ONE BIG THING, like a blob of electrified grayish gooey jello on tectonic plates that cover the entire surface of the globe (reminds one of the structure of a human skull... look it up). The Big ol' Blob on our Good ol' Globe. Each human is connected to all other humans, tenuously, it may seem to most people, but in fact, nevertheless, actually. Freedom means Independence, and no individual human is Independent of all the rest, and it is that intrinsic connection that binds everyone to the Central Agency controlling all life on earth.

Technology Alert! People don't need more and more useless kinds of technology to Awaken, Attain Higher Consciousness of themselves and the world, Reach Enlightenment or Enter Nirvana. (Though each and every person would DO WELL to start an active investigation of these ideas on a personnel level...  see what "makes them tick!"... to see what "makes YOU tick!") They don't even need BOOKS written by dead people (especially) or even still-living people (particularly... "Hey, who ya gonna call, anyway?") As stated hundreds of times in hundreds of ways herein over the years... What People Need, is FREEDOM of thought, INDEPENDENCE of feeling - which means, BREAKING connections to the herd, the flock of sheeple in whom most people feel "safe, secure, warm and cozy, and everything is juuuuust fiiiiiiine".  The HERD is not your friend. The HERD is your enemy, in the sense that the herd has NO CLUE about any of this, and wouldn't be interested, even if "The Great Unknown Transcript of the Century" was hand-delivered by a tall, bearded man in a white robe, with a loving smile, and a halo on top. (He'd probably be shot as an intruder... but that's another story.)

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

The Ongoing Distraction

I just love how the world (of children masquerading as "adults") strives to DISTRACT everyone within ear- and eye-shot with utter NONSENSE that really has nothing to do with the "Primary Problems" confronting humanity. Clear enough?

Take this "US Presidential Hiring Process for filling the main chair in the Oval Office" (PLEASE!): Billions of human brains (trapped for all time - as if, imprisoned - inside human skulls) that have absolutely NO PHYSICAL EXPERIENCE (only vague impressions) of the REAL (also known as the external) WORLD, but nevertheless, are in TOTAL charge of storing, maintaining and using LANGUAGE... and there it is, sitting around in there, all day and all night long, totally in the endarkened silence, with NOTHING TO DO, but yammer on about "The State of Life" on Earth, My Homeland (and all the other ones), and especially in MY Host body. 
"What the hell is going ON here?"
People want to KNOW!
Let me suggest why Life Itself invented/created in thought, and then employed human brains (and their host bodies) to build instantaneous wide-spread communications (telegraphs, telephones, networks, televisions, radios, computerized intra- and inter-nets, artificial communication satellite systems, world-wide webs, basic cellphones, and lately, extremely powerful smartphones, with many more amazing things to come in the very near future and beyond), and do remember NONE OF THIS was done by one person alone - not even close. Many hundreds of thousands of separate human brains (with bodies attached), across the world at large, and over centuries in time, were required to: 1) get started on something, 2) develop, modify, enhance, improve, maintain all of it, etc. 3) distribute everything successfully, 4) educate other people on: a) how to take their place when they die or move on, and b) how to use all these new technologies for fun, profit, and benefit, including but never limited to, wasting boat loads of time, 4) ETC., Etc., etc.
So... Here's why: To enable individual humans, all over the globe, to personally perceive, with some clarity, what is going on within a HUGE SAMPLING of other human brains - a power than humans did NOT have until the mid-19th century in a very limited way (with telegraphs and telephones), and more so in the 20th century in larger measure (with most of the rest of the technological advancements), and now, in the 21st century in a much more expanded way (powerful smartphones and social media websites like Twitter, Facebook, Yahoo, Google, YouTube, and countless other social media venues in which to VENT their distracting silliness all day and all night long!)
And - if you haven't already guessed it - the reason for this NEWLY ACQUIRED POWER of perception in ordinary humans, is so that a few of them, here and there, once in a great while, MIGHT be able to intuit, interpolate, those external "findings" into their own internal neural functioning, and begin to SEE THEMSELVES in a new way. What?!?  When people begin to realize, for themselves, that all their "complaints" and "criticisms" and "condemnations" about OTHER PEOPLE out there in the external world, are absolutely NO DIFFERENT from their own internal functioning (i.e., other people have the same damn complaints, etc., about YOU, Kiddo!) ONLY THEN will a global shift of consciousness take place. Not.Until.Then.
LIFE ON EARTH is the Central Agency involved in all human actions on earth, including this ridiculous Presidential Race to the bottom (or Oval Office, take your pick). And, furthermore, all the lame and inane TALKING - and rambling on, almost without purpose - about the players, their wives, husbands, supporters, protestors, previous and current statements they've made or didn't make, theoretical and hypothetical plans going forward, etc., is nothing but.... you should have guessed it by now.... DISTRACTIONS.  LIFE ON EARTH is controlling and monitoring the PROCESS of Awakening Higher Consciousness in Humanity, to serve ITS purposes, not necessarily individual purposes. And, it has methods, and techniques, and plans that humans - individually, and at large - are not privy to, and most likely couldn't comprehend them anyway, not until long AFTER THE FACT, and then only to a small degree.

The only issue is one's OWN HUMAN BRAIN - imprisoned in that five-inch gap between your ears - and what is going on inside that three pound organ from your own, quite limited point of view... and learning to EXPAND that viewpoint to include the whole entire human race. THAT is what all people everywhere - who aspire to "grow up" OUT OF THEIR childish ways and INTO THEIR mature, conscious, enlightened adult ways - should be constantly, continually, daily, THINKING ABOUT from their highest, most potent and powerful parts located within that same THREE POUND ORGAN.