Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Apex Predator Syndrome

All normally-functioning humans have beliefs. Some are almost close to correct, though most are miles away from it, but All humans "believe" it doesn't matter!
"I believe what I believe, and thus it is settled!"
This flimsy belief makes humans the Apex Predator on this planet. Not his bone structure, his naked fleshly covering, his small to medium size, his spindly to chubby shape, or his moderate strength. Beliefs, which are the Apex Function of the human brain, make him what he is today. It is also, perhaps unfortunately, what makes him fail so miserably at the chief achievement he was made for - "Self Perfection, Transcendence, Cosmic Consciousness". Running around killing and enslaving other humans for fun and profit - including those below his level - is not the pinnacle activity of his existence. HOWEVER, there are powerful BELIEFS in all humans that support that activity, even to the point that in many of them it is a central tenet of their primary "fantasy world-view".

This faulty belief is at the top of the pyramid of beliefs in all humans, and all other beliefs support its apex position, which is why they are so adamant in their belief ("It's settled.") Which of course means, "No further discussion is necessary, requested or even allowed, and if you attempt to change my mind, I might get medieval on your ass!"

For the masses - the great 95%, who are not even interested in "Self Perfection, Transcendence, Cosmic Consciousness", and other such silliness - it really doesn't matter, because they are not even TRYING (making effort) to go anywhere "esoterically spiritual". But for the rest - the lesser 5%, who ARE quite interested in these "esoterically spiritual" directions and endeavors - it is the most toxic belief they can have, because of the way it acts as a final WALL through which the aspirant can never otherwise pass. The sooner they discover this, and excise (or exorcise) it, the better things will be for them in these certain, usually quite time-consuming pursuits.

There is an idea that reads: "Blessed is he who has a soul, blessed is he who has none, woe and sorrow to him who has it in conception." (mentioned here, because there are so many GIG/PDO people here, though there are similar ideas in Christianity, Buddhism, Islam, Kaballah, etc.) "In conception" is where Humanity does reside, must reside until Real Success is achieved (i.e., the full and complete flowering of the Concept, a New Birth), and Real Failure is always possible in those who continue to harbor toxic beliefs for too long, meaning, they totally miss the point.

Enlightenment is a JOKE, that nearly 100% of Humanity simply don't get. Maybe 1% do get it, which is why they 1) don't take themselves seriously, 2) don't take the world seriously, and 3) don't take LIFE seriously. Everyone else, takes all these things so seriously that literal and figurative wars are continually being fought in order to PUSH one main (set of) idea(s) upon the minds of those they 1) wish to follow them, or support them, and 2) wish to defeat, or kill. But, remember, it all starts with a Fantasy Belief: "I believe what I believe, and thus it is settled!" This is where the masses and then some live, and they are the Sheeple who run the world and get run over by it, as all of them have Masters they do NOT even suspect.

Now, for the 5% - interested in these "esoterically spiritual" endeavors - who say "I am seeking in order to FIND", they have it in conception only, and the Apex Belief is still a controlling part of their makeup. It must be excised, or (the much better term) exorcised (yes, it is like a demon, or entity that has taken hold of them and won't let them go!) Consider certain "followers" of GIG, PDO, JMC, LRH, JZK, DRH, and so many others: they are always heard/read speaking/writing through their hapless followers, who thus never achieve Real Independence of Thought, but remain forever subservient to someone else's thought. 
"If you're one of the many hapless 'enlightenment buyers', you've been shafted."
Do realize, however, finding and excising this crippling belief is impossible until it is SEEN for what it is: "calling the spade A SPADE". "I believe what I believe, and thus it is settled!" is a WALL at the borders of one's understanding. That is, one lives in a very small high-security prison cell with no windows to the outside world, and surrounded by thousands of armed security guards, and a high, thick WALL around the edges. Escape is only possible, when one 1) discovers they are not actually FREE, 2) discovers (creates/invents) the key that unlocks their own cell door, 3) navigates the convoluted corridors of the highly secure prison undeterred by the guards, and finally 4) punches through (impossible), scales (highly unlikely), or tunnels under the WALL. Uh..., did you get the JOKE?
The apex belief can never be dissolved until all the sub-levels have been cleared. The AIM is to get to the bottom, the foundation, completely clear of all beliefs, in order to discover what the pyramid is actually made of. Then rebuild oneself from the ground up: By first becoming completely Uncivilized, one can then become "Newly Civilized".
The chief feature of "the not-awakened not-conscious, not-enlightened" is that they have an over-abundance of BELIEFS - one could even say with a straight face, they are MADE OF BELIEFS, top to bottom. The chief characteristic (if it can be called that) of "the enlightened" (who know a thing or two about thing or two), is that they have NO BELIEFS.
"I believe that I am, Now, after all these many decades, quite Awake!"... is just as toxic as
"I believe that Drumpf should be Dumped because he is a racist and a nazi!"
(Which one do you think is the worst, and why, and how would you dissolve it?)

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

"Fantasy World-views" the short version

Mankind is a doomed species. Deposited into a foreign womb as a virtual non-entity, birthed into a straight-jacket / human-suit of only 5 extremely limited primary senses, then confined inside a crib / babybed for the next 2-3 years, and then launched into this prison planet environment for the next tens of decades forced to discover how to live mostly on their own, or perish. Some of the more fortunates have parents, but they are not much help no matter how much they try.

Human prisoners have two innate aims: creation of bodies (which includes males and females), and creation of technology (which includes the arts and sciences). As for the first, they can't help themselves, so they have managed to increase their numbers to over seven billion so far and growing. As for the second, they also can't help themselves, though those who are direct participants are dwindling rapidly for various reasons, but cyber is the main reason, as it operates in two directions - micro-miniaturization of physical and electrical parts and rapid prototyping and deployment of robotics and artificial intelligence. That is, while everyone everywhere is still screwing for fun and more physical babies (and yes, some for profit), fewer and fewer are actually creating physical technologies, leaving more and more of them unemployed and unemployable, thus they end up on welfare becoming a drag on their economies. This is bad for all of humanity, except for the very rich who are thus immune to it in their castles, high-rises and super-mansions ensconced behind their walls and motes so the underprivileged can't get in. However, there is one huge exception where the playing field is the same for all, and it operates in one unique area of human existence.... the mind. Only here can a physical/material pauper be a mental/spiritual giant, and physical/material kings, queens and robber barons may be (usually are) mental/spiritual midgets.

To explain: Human brains somehow evolved (by accident? [from below] by design? [from above]) to create what they now call "My Mind", and that "My Mind" is quite capable of producing worlds. Yes, WORLDS. But these worlds are not out there in the 3d space, but in the Null space between the ears. Hence, they both "exist" and "don't exist". They are like Schr√∂dinger's cats. I call them "fantasy world-views", not to be confused with "personality" or "personalities". They operate like their 3d counterparts out there in the cosmos, in many significant ways. But, unlike out there, they are also "self-maintaining", which is a feature that physical/external technologies have not yet been able to achieve. But human brains are quite capable of this, have been for centuries, and thus in each normally functioning human there are thousands of "fantasy world-views" in there.

These "fantasy world-views" consist of bits and pieces of words, sounds, images, feelings, sensations, all swirling around a toroidal, cyclonically generated consciousness that creates points-of-view, that humans have named, "me", and "I", depending upon their frame-of-reference in the moment. Each point-of-view - containing an "i" - "exists" as it were, and interacts behind the scenes with all the many other "i-centered" points-of-view. There is a constant and continual struggle going on in there, and the struggle produces what humans typically call, personality.

There is no Real I, no Real World-view - not yet, in the 99+% - but thousands of "fantasy world-views" each one populated by an imaginary "i", and a fairly large number of words, sounds, images, sensations that support the "i". These views compete for ascendancy all the time. They are created out of snippets of experience gathered by the primary senses and by a process not known, congeal into somewhat structured entities. These "fantasy world-views" seem to "exist" for the host, but can dissolve into nothingness in the blink of an eye. The process is virtually unknown, until it is observed in full in the process of occurring. It can happen when one joins a cult, or leaves a cult, or converts to a religion, or leaves their religion, or joins a political party or leaves/switches their party, etc. These events (the dissolution, sometimes followed by a new creation) are HUGE, but the masses never quite realize in what way, nor what they can (learn to) do with them.
There certainly IS something, but that's for later.
There is much more to this story, of course, both to flesh out the several individually mentioned parts above, and to connect them, as well as expand the whole into the next "level", but I will withhold all of that for now.
PS: "the long version" is NOT for the faint of heart, or easily bored of mind
but the rest should be able to plow through it successfully.
"this is the long version in case you missed it"