Friday, April 28, 2017

Physics and Peoples

It is well-known, even common knowledge by most high-school educated people, that "the world" - from the point of view of physics - is two-fold: the visible, touchable, material, "real" world, and the invisible, untouchable, immaterial, "quantum" world.

The material world, of solid bodies and such, are - according to current thinking by physicists everywhere - mostly empty space, and the only thing that keeps two bodies from occupying the same space at the same time, is the strong electronic forces of the constituent atoms. That is, the electron clouds of all the constituent atoms of each body define the physical limits of that body, so that another body can not penetrate it under normal conditions.

This model is, surprise, surprise, a perfect metaphor for an ordinary human being - with his outer, physical body, including bones, blood, organs, flesh, etc., and his inner, non-physical mind, including sense of self, thoughts, emotions, desires, fears, sensations, etc.

Regarding physical bodies, in general, at the quantum level of investigation, it is known that you can not BOTH know the path or course of a given particle, AND the speed of that particle. Restated: that the position and the velocity of an object cannot both be measured exactly, at the same time, even in theory.  If you know the speed, you can't determine where it is. If you know where it is, you can't determine how it got there or where it's going. This, is HUGE, and of course, discovered by MIND!

In a human, at the mental level of investigation, it can be observed that there are, what are called, attitudes, opinions, and beliefs - which are just three examples of what, at the subatomic level of existence, would be called electron clouds. These clouds are not really material - they are only "in potential". In any given instance, a particle cloud may be here, or there, or everywhere, and it may be traveling this way, that way, or another way. For all practical purposes, they don't actually EXIST... until "observed", which in this realm requires a very different conceptual frame to understand.

In a human, attitudes, opinions, and beliefs are, in reality for that human, just "in potential", and there is no physical (based upon the laws of physics) requirement that an attitude, an opinion, or a belief actually becomes "manifest". As such, a human being, with all his memories, beliefs, thoughts, ideas (all of which, in any given moment, are just "in potential" - until "observed/realized/manifested" - and all of which are completely subjective, and thus at best only partially correct, if that) act as "neuron clouds" in the "cosmos of the mind", and the individual - if there actually IS one in a particular moment (and of course, there usually is NOT) - can control the organization of his OWN UNIVERSE!
This too, is HUGE, and of course, discovered by MIND!

We are a cosmos, not unlike the larger Cosmos of which we are a part. And there are Laws - rules and regulations - governing that larger macro-cosmos which extend all the way down to our species and to us individually, a micro-cosmos. The sooner one sets about discovering what those Laws are - called by some, "The Work" - and attempting to consciously conform to the requirements those Laws incur upon one, the sooner will one begin moving away from the OLD (called being unawakened, unenlightened, asleep, an automaton), and into the NEW (called being Awake, Enlightened, Conscious, and possessed of Real I and Free Will), and this is a personal journey top to bottom, side to side, and all around.

Surprise, surprise.

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

The Books of the "gods" and their minions

Why would anybody want to "sit around" (or stand, walk, lay) and contemplate their navel, or the sorry state of the world, or the condition of humanity's Being and Mentation, when they could go out and get a job and work for the man, or take up a hobby and spend all their free time tending their tomato and cucumber garden, or their banzai tree forest, or their guitar riffs and solos, or start slapping a lot of paint on canvases and calling 'em "my pretty pictures", or countless other pursuits and hobbies?

After all, when dutifully engaged in these other pursuits, at least the mind is occupied, and they don't HAVE TO think about the deeper issues surrounding their own life, or the life of human beings - you know, life, death, salvation, heaven, hell, paradise, enlightenment, things like that. Well, guess what. THAT is precisely why men's brains (and their resulting/emergent "minds") have been designed as they have by Great Nature. NOT - by any stretch of the imagination - to expand their Beings, their Minds, their Intellectual and Emotional capacities, so as to expand themselves and conquer other worlds, BUT, to settle for becoming lowly worker bees or beavers, tasked with gathering food, populating families, becoming consumed by an ever larger variety of entertainments and mind-numbing pursuits (reading Fakebook and Twitter all day), maintaining domiciles, and then filling them with millions of assorted kinds of JUNK that needs to be fixed and/or replaced all the time, all to occupy their lowly brains even more than they already are. Nowadays, it is virtually impossible for the masses - the great 95% or so of humanity - to pursue the so-called Higher Ideals of our species, so involved have they become with just getting by from day to day, finding food, paying bills, and playing house with their temporary families.

But honestly, it's NOT that we are not up to the task - far from it. We are so advanced today, that in only 75 years, we have invented A- and H-bombs, nuclear power stations, quantum super-computers, space travel machines, and computers that fit in the palm of your hand that are more powerful than the ones that put men on the moon, and the list is endless. Seventy Five years, out of 150,000! What if men got started a lot earlier, say around 2000 years ago... what then? But NoooOOOOooo, we had to deal with religions and their overall negative influence over humanity for the next two millennia, and we're still trying to dig our collective way out of that mess.

Actually, the problem is not "religions" per se, but the belief in a higher power that is OUTSIDE our system - either in some unreachable "heaven" in the sky, or some absolutely inaccessible "mountain top retreat", or worse, buried miles below the surface of the planet in a "primordial cavern". These "gods", or for some simply "GOD ALMIGHTY" pushes and pulls at the mental and emotional puppet-wires in such a way that natural Free Will is absent. These hapless humans are operating from Dogma and Doctrine contained in Books they did NOT write, did NOT intentionally accept as true, but were in fact INJECTED into them - one line and story and parable at a time - and they all quickly became almost permanently addicted, like any junkie who was given their first BIG HIT by their friendly parent/supplier - usually the mother, and sometimes the father, or both - in order to create a steady CUSTOMER who is now HOOKED.... namely, the dutiful child who now believes and behaves as the parents believe and behave.  Like, reading and reciting and proselytizing the BOOK regularly, to whomever will tolerate listening to them.... while becoming further hooked on all the various "holy" trinkets of the religion - crosses, beads, charms, symbols, etc.  Sheesh! What a racket!

All these are MEMES, particularly in this sense: elements of a culture or system of behavior that may be considered to be passed from one individual to another by non-genetic means, especially imitation. Now that the CUSTOMER of the given religion - whichever one it happens to be, totally hooked on that religion - is operating on schedule and just like every one of the larger group, he becomes an intrinsic part of the sleeping masses that have not only LOST any semblance of FREE WILL but the ability to get UNHOOKED. They have become, virtually DOOMED.

THIS has been going on, non-stop, for the last 2000 years (but even for several thousand years before that!), and has crippled our species to the point that the Planet is now on a descending spiral down the drain. This is important to REALIZE and not argue against. 
It is necessary for one and all to GET FREE, or DIE.

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

God has a thought...

One must be rather lucky in today's world if they can make it to their 20's with a reasonably sane head on their shoulders, and even luckier if they make it to their 40's with a somewhat wise head on their shoulders, and much luckier still - bordering on 'winning the powerball lottery' level lucky - if they make it to their 60's with an enlightened head on top of the head on their shoulders (although "conscious when they wanna be", and "don't sleep longer than necessary" will certainly do)... but honestly, I see very little evidence that there has been much luck spread around this globe in the last 75 years. Rather, it's just been lots and lots of the opposite!

As of this late date, it just may be too late... what with civilizations crumbling all around us, more failing every month or so, due to a number of forces that could have been reversed, had they been adequately dealt with long ago, because of the blindness and ignorance of certain people in charge whose heads were so buried up their asses they couldn't see straight, let alone outside their own puny self-interest.

Looking around here on Facebook, and Twitter (it's little brother) - where damn near everyone and their brother, sister, mother, father, aunts, uncles, friends and strangers seem to want hang out their dirty laundry, their angry outcries, and their ridiculous photos, graphics, images, videos, and bogus news stories that have not been adequately vetted - it is NO WONDER why humanity is clearly on a descending spiral, like so much dirty toilet water racing down the drain to the ocean where it rightly belongs.

Who knows, maybe there IS a god somewhere looking over the trials and tribulations of our species after lo these last 25 centuries or so, and has decided... "Ya know, Self, Methinks this game is about over, so why stretch it out any longer than necessary? Let's just flush the whole thing with a bad case of  'Global Climate Change'... Yeah, that's the ticket...  Worked before, with that Noah guy."

Monday, April 24, 2017

The god gene and directive meme, part 1

There are two kinds of people in this world: Those who can "see" direct proof of God's existence and those who can't. Those who can sense God, may choose to associate themselves with a specific religion, as they usually try to rationalize (as much as possible) their experiences. There is no need to concentrate on specific religions or sects, because a more interesting point can be made about what is the cause behind unquestionable faith (i.e. faith without doubt).

It has often been suggested that "religion is a mind crutch for those whose cognitive immune systems have failed", and while the phrase sounds impressive, it still is a perspective of those who have never had direct "proof" that God exists. And when one has such direct proof, similar phrases sound like complete nonsense, the reason being that it may be the case that those who can sense the existence of God without a doubt, may, after all, have had no choice when viewed diachronically. There's something else at play here, which can be pinpointed exactly: An "agent" if you will, which may be responsible for such doubtless faith.

It appears that the "choice" to doubtlessly "feel" God's existence vs ignore it, is hard-coded in our DNA. This "code" (for lack of better word), sits dormant in our brains and has existed since the creation of the first man. If indeed the first man was created by a supreme being, there had to exist some way to obfuscate this direct knowledge, using some sort of "patch". The result of this patch applied, is the average atheist. The result of this patch lifted, is the average God-sensing theist. This patch seems to be a solution to the problem of free will. Some device had to be found to isolate man from the knowledge of "sensing" God on a 24 hour basis.

The most important choice in the life of any individual, seems to be whether one is taught the existence of God by one's parents. At an early developmental stage, such ideas, as well as ideas that relate to specific religions, seem to be programmed deep into the subconscious of the child and as such, they seem to be regurgitated later with a vengeance.

This "regurgitation" happens regardless of whether a person ends up a theist or an atheist. It just happens. And it happens because the self regresses into childhood so often, that it becomes impossible to ignore directives given by one's parents. These directives may lie dormant for a period of years, but eventually they will resurface and cause havoc, because such directives (the proper way to call them, would be "memes") eventually act as "catalysts" in the overall thought patterns and processes of an adult, later in life. It is utterly impossible for one to ignore these directives once they have been inserted into the conscious/subconscious mind. And further, they are active in many more areas than just religions, including philosophies, and politics as well.

Once these directives activate, they cause a situation which is akin to schizophrenia. The rational mind will try to oust them away, even at the expense of its own sanity. It appears that when the mind is successful in getting rid of such directives, the result is some sort of dementia, perhaps even schizophrenia. When the mind succumbs to their power, the result is a doubtless theist.

The above begs a very interesting question: Does one, as a theist, ever have a chance to exercise true free will, if they were taught as a child the fundamentals of belief in God, or if an appropriate "agent" was always in one's system? That is, if one's parents are active believers, who tended toward instilling that belief in their children, what are one's chances of "escaping" doubtless theism?

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Genes and Memes

And the cause of pain, up and down.

It's the damn genes revolting against the host. Physical pain is the result of genes revolting against the body; mental pain is the result of memes revolting against the brain. Thus disease, in general, happens because some group of genes deprogram the corresponding carnal sector they are responsible for maintaining, or the sector they were responsible for creating.

The most common mistake that we humans make is to think in terms of "big", whenever we are trying to understand the rational. Thus, we are severely biased when we simply classify humans to be the most rational and intelligent of "objects", where "objects" here, means any item picked from our reality framework. 

The catch with all this, is that as one goes down on the size scale, most of us think that we are dealing with unintelligent and inert classes of "objects" that sometimes have - as is said in official science - a certain "function", but are otherwise quite unresponsive in terms of operational consciousness. But, as one goes down the hierarchy of life's structure, the "objects" one deals with, get more and more intelligent.

As you go down to cells, the entire mechanism of the cell, is one huge intelligent factory. The entire cell IS intelligent, and its consciousness is a bit lower than the consciousness of the next "elementary" unit that comprises it. Think of it as an "attempt" for organization. The constituents of the cell, are MORE intelligent than the cell itself. Thus, mitochondria, golgi bodies (the cell's post office: modifying, sorting and packaging of proteins for secretion, also involved in the transport of lipids around the cell, and the creation of lysosomes), the nucleus, etc, actually are hegemonial sub-entities, held in place by the power of the cell's organization. The cell has more power, but the constituents have more intelligence. 

Here's a similar analogy: The Earth is MUCH more powerful than a human as an entity (just imagine what a small earthquake does) but stupider than us. We could, in principle, blow the entire planet up, if we detonated 16k, 50 megaton bombs, and Earth would not be able to do shit. Now, imagine this analogy, down to the scale of humans and genes. Our genes could easily revolt, kill the host, and we would not be able to do shit about it either. Can you see it?

The hierarchy repeats down, all the way to molecules, atoms, neutrons, quarks, etc. There is always a need for something "dumber" but stronger, to organize the lower intelligences. The weird thing about this strange scale, is that intelligence increases as we go down, and power increases as we go up. Naturally then, the end points are... the Universe itself (which is the most powerful creature we know, but a tremendously stupid and dumb creature), and the photons (the fastest, and most intelligent small entity down there, with barely enough momentum to just move a suspended sheet of aluminum in a void jar).  

The scheme function, surprisingly, is thus a double graph, with intelligence descending and power ascending. At the middle point, Homo Sapiens, the "perfect balance" of all. Here it is: intelligence on the left (I), dropping down, power rising up (P). At the junction point, MAN
Ahhh! the "cross". Wonder why this symbol is so powerful? Perhaps the fact that genes have a similar shape is coincidental... hmmm, does the world even want to know? The photons thus, ARE the most intelligent of species. No wonder the Bible and other religions insist that God is Light. But which God? The upper dormitory one, or the lower one? Obviously the lower.

On the other hand, the Universe is so big and massive, that it can contain even light itself, entirely in itself. I.e. no light can escape from within it, towards the "Outside". Whatever "outside" means in this case. That's where the cycle repeats.

Arguably thus, you can understand easily our predicament now. Our entire lives are ruled by genes and memes. And the most horrible thing (perhaps wonderful for some) is that those entities WANT to keep on living.

The problem of infinite sustenance was solved with the process of procreation. The genes split, and combine with new ones, producing a long series of subsequent species, and perhaps, in that DNA, the memories and experiences of the previous hosts are retained. This information is of no practical use to the host, so the host usually cannot retrieve it. But surprise, surprise... the genes know EVERYTHING about this information.

To make a long story short: If your genes manage to transfer themselves into an offspring, they are internally assured, through a medium of information transfer, the host - you: your genes and your memes - that they were successful. In other words, mission accomplished. If however, they get the idea that you are not going to procreate, they will kill you, or will maim you severely, or will revolt against you and give you all kinds of problems. From this view, then, anybody who's into abstinence is in for a LOT of trouble. The last step before one finally purges the desires and wills in this world, is to shut down the sexual instinct mechanism. If your genes detect that, diseases, malformation, insanity,  physical pain, mental pain, cardiac problems, and general depression, misery and degradation start to show their ugly head.

Your genes are trying to give you a CLUE. Here's one: Have LOTS of children, or those genes will really attack you so fiercely, that you will, in the end, desire to be shot, rather than stand this pain caused by revolting genes.

It is really an incredible mechanism - the entire idea/concept of this hierarchy, and the hierarchy of entities in the human body as well. The problem with some, when they begin to know too much, is that some part then wants to stop the propagation. Reason unknown. This part could be a meme infection, that has proved to be stronger than the natural desire of the genes to procreate. As one goes forward, they begin seeing their genes wanting more and more painkillers to leave them alone. Perhaps, this is the general "drug-addict condition". Their genes are really fighting those poor guys, and bringing an addict back to life's train tracks is one hard job. Imagine trying to convince a sick person that he ought to procreate or else.

Probably, genes are not that stupid though. You can't "trick" them into thinking that you are procreating, while you go and masturbate in the bathroom. You know, it's funny, they can see the whole thing through your eyes. They MADE your eyes, for god's sake. And one assumes that the maker of a thing, knows how to use the thing.

So let us now give those genes a name: God. This is the next natural step. So, don't fight God, because it will kill you. THIS God is the one we should be worshiping. Or should we? Should we maybe worship the big, fat, bearded, powerful and stupid God, the Universe? Yes you should. Because this last God has allowed you to consume His body in order to sustain yourself. Why can't you reach him? Because He is far away. He HAS to be far away, to not sense the pain from you consuming his body... just as your genes are very far away while they slowly, and ever so surely kill you one day at a time... increasing your pain as they go.

The dumb-God has provided the basis. But you are a creation of the gene-God, which is a creation of the Light God, the photons. And thus, you can see where the Trilogy/Trinity got its name:
Father: Who created your genes?
Holy Spirit: Who created your memes?
Son: Who do you EAT for sustenance?
Don't fight either your Father, or your Spirit. They can kill you easily and with lots of pain. You are all three, and you are going to live forever, because you carry with you the Son, who dies on the Xcross every time and gets resurrected with every new gene procreation.

Of course, the actual composition of the Trinity is much more complex: All three reside in you simultaneously. If you kill someone, anyone, or anything, you are getting his/hers/its part of the Trinity. So if you are a regular duck hunter and eater, you are consuming duck genes, and they eventually get coded into your system.

So, the last natural question rears its ugly head: We are what we eat? (No... What you eat... becomes YOU.) Okay then, what SHOULD we then eat? Well, this is the eternal sacrifice: The lower kingdoms' Gods, the animal/plant Gods, have sacrificed themselves for the sake of Homo Sapiens. Respect and love animals, because they have done such a tremendous favor to all of us. I just want to give my two kitties two HUGE hugs.

It hurts, even when you cut off a leaf from a citrus tree. But the Big Dumb God is so far away, so it does not even sense the pain. The cycle is a ring, with a diamond on top of it. The diamond is Homo Sapiens. You start there, you end there, after thousands of years. But through genes and memes, Not through some other silly reincarnation method. This IS reincarnation: The transfer of genes.

I am my father, and my father's father, and my father's father's father, and... and... and...
(There is an embedded "easter egg" within for those who care to inquire further.)

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Groups and Teachers

Group work without a teacher, is fun at times, interesting at others, but just a hobby - the blind leading the blind.

Group work with a teacher, is fun at times, interesting at others, but also, just a hobby, until a person has a direct, personal relationship with someone from whom he can learn, someone who can teach him. At that point, he may have to leave, or he may have to stay - but, he can't know either way until he knows.

Some people require years to become such a person - one who can recognize, in reality, another he can learn from, and someone who can teach him what he needs to know. Some never get to that point, though they may remain "connected" to some "organization" for many years, ultimately achieving nothing, or very little.

When a person can, almost impartially, hear what another is saying, and understand, almost objectively, what he is doing, he can learn from him. How long a person stays in physical proximity to such a person, is very variable - depending on the people involved. There probably can't be categorical statements about whether or not a person should find a group, join a group, cozy up to a teacher, and stay for a lifetime... or just hang in there, alone and vigilant, and try to remain as alert and aware of oneself and the world around them as they possibly can... and "come what may". But, there certainly are cases when someone was ready to meet an another person who could teach him - by words and deeds - more in months, than most ever get in a lifetime. This is not a theory.

What a person needs - to increase his ordinary slow pace of living, and start learning from just breathing, and just being alive on Earth among other people - is Information which is not in the common trough where other people are rooting around for such. That trough includes religions, philosophies, psychologies, systems of all kinds, science, and mysticism, etc. Call them "A" or "B" influences, it really doesn't matter. That common information, which is "freely" available in libraries, bookstores and websites, is too common and too readily dismissed even by supposedly otherwise ready individuals to do them any real good. You might "believe" that people associated with "recognized" groups studying their "authorized" texts and led by "self-styled" teachers often charging large fees and special payments, are a cut above the normal folks who are not so associated, but that's incorrect. They're not. They are identical to everybody else.

Even the Fourth Way has become so controversial, even among the tens of thousands calling themselves "followers/students/adherents", and joining groups, email lists, study circles, that the maps and tools are almost empty in nutritional content - as energy, it's just too slow, to be effective - like, it has bounced off too many heads by the time it gets to you. Most groups spend most of their time in trivialities - having descended into arguments, discussions, debates, chit-chat and mostly meaningless opinions and theories about the organization, about the ideas (what they mean, where they came from, how to implement them), about the leaders (were they actually conscious, actually ascended, actually a hasnamuss, or just an ordinary, everyday sleeping IDIOT...etc?) and so, no one achieves the instant, almost immediate Realization of the deeper meanings of the Information. Some people actually believe that it requires decades to understand things. That's just untrue. It's takes as long as it takes, based upon the potency of the Information, and the capacity of the receiver. Better information can sometimes be instantly realized as True and Correct (for all intents and purposes), while lesser information will many times never be verified at all. This is not a theory.

For example: "self remembering", "self observation", "mindfulness", and many other such similar terms. These are interesting restatements of ideas which have been around for many centuries, further clarified today, because they had to be, in order to remain effective. Realize this: "Count your breaths", or "Watch your hands", or "Say the name of God over and over", or "Chant Hari Krishna rhythmically while drumming and dancing", is just as good a method, as "Jesus Saves", or "Remember yourself", or "Meditate on your left buttock", but they don't work the way they once may have... when they were still Fresh and New concepts. There is a reason for this, and it's the same as why, "Don't worry, Be happy" doesn't work. It sounds good - many people still preach about it, and sing songs about it - but people are too astute today... their intellects too complex and sophisticated (they've "heard it all before!") to be pulled into such simplistic statements once they've Realized there truly IS A Mystery, and they've only just touched it.

That is, a person can know he is on the verge of touching the Real, but only when he realizes that there is available NO SUCH INFORMATION for what he wants and needs, and NO SUCH PERSON available to impart it (so far as he knows), can the SEARCH for Real Information truly begin. The issue to consider, is Not, that he hasn't found it yet; Not, that he needs to go to the East or Middle East or Near East, or Philadelphia, or some silly bookstore, or crazy Facebook group to find it. It's not available, EXCEPT inside the head(s) of some person(s) alive today that he either hasn't met yet, or BECOME YET. At that point, armed with the firm Realization that the Information he needs to do what he wants and needs to do, simply does not exist "out-there" in bookstores, libraries, websites, coffee-houses, or chat-rooms, but only inside the head(s) of some - probably very few - people who very likely aren't advertising in any typical, expected, grandiose way, can he start to move from where he is right now - the past, which is dead and gone... toward the Future, which is Alive and Real.

ps- believe it or don't believe it (you can't verify it either way) there are people alive today living in the state of consciousness proper for Men of the Future. How FAR in the future is unknown, but definitely in the future.

pps- as if you haven't already intuited it yet... The Real Potent Information of which humans are capable of receiving, exists there - in the Future - not "here" and "now" in the virtual past.

ppps- the last 9 posts here were simply a "lead up" to this one.
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Friday, April 7, 2017

The Single Driver

In the world of man, there is one single sensation, which is responsible for his overall view that there are problems. The sensation is not hunger for food, nor desire for dry when damp, nor urge for sex when stimulated; those types of sensations are extinguished upon appropriate satisfaction thereof. They are the sensation of "must."

But the "low level buzz," or "consistently poking ache," or "unscratchable itch" which is the sensation that there are problems, with either the collective of humanity or himself personally, boils down to one exact and indivisible thing:

It is the sensation of "should." 
The driver of all intellectual activity, is "should."

"Should" is a kind of imaginary intermediary which originally served as a translator between inanimate objects. In order for an "orange peel" to transform itself into "orange marmalade," it had to literally pass through the filter of "should," within an individual's intellect. And this causes no sensation of there being a problem. The problem of orange marmalade, is solved upon completion. It is a "non-transferable should." But there is another "transferable" type of "should."

The compounding "should." When "should," compounds on another "should," it enables an endless transfer of unfinished-ness. It creates the illusion man has of innumerable possibilities, even amidst the present reality that he is already observably complete in terms of the efficiency of his physical survival. It is the very fact of "'should transference' within thinking," that is proof OF his absolute physical efficiency. That is, if he must hunt for food, he is in a sense incomplete, and has a measurable goal before him that has NOT yet become the sensation of "should." That strong presence in such a man's stomach is that of "must." It is only when the physical survival life of man is routinely, fully maintained, that his sense of self rises above such things and invents ideas about incompleteness and possibility.

Only when all TANGIBLE possibilities, or "musts," have been attained 
does a man find any leisure time in the first place.
Leisure time creates INTANGIBLE possibilities, or "shoulds."

The entire field of consciousness is like the blood streaming through a vessel; "should" is like the cholesterol which sticks to the walls of the blood vessel, creating a higher pressure. The more "shoulds" are corresponding in thinking, the more pressure is generated, the more "gunk" sticks to the vessel wall. The flow of thinking is forced by "should," one area into the next, and the next into the next. This is the way the intellect expands itself. It does so through the invention of personal-cum-universal "problems." Through the invention of "should."

(from a collection of unpublished papers circa 1998 but still relevant today)

Thursday, April 6, 2017

Plain and simple

This is the present day wherein one brain is engaged in the activity of neurons called, "writing out an idea so as to communicate it to another". But what's really going on? Well, it is plain and simple once a few observations and realizations become clear.
In present day intellectual activity, that which "IS," is considered to be a representation of a physical reality status quo. In present day intellectual activity, that which is "NOT," is considered to be a lacking of the physical reality status quo.

All consciousness as produced by a human's cortical intellect, is a consciousness OF a physical reality "environment" as it's usually called. But the key word in the previous sentence is "OF." What a man has is not a "physical." He does not live the existence of objects he finds; he lives the consciousness OF the objects he INVENTS.

Physical reality has one basis; that of eating. In the world of eating, that which is not can be conclusively measured. It is measured by hunger or death. Thus, in physical reality, that which is not has scope. It has end. Every living thing lives the life of eating.

But the physical world as invented by a man's intellect, only he the individual lives; and the invented "NOT" of it has no scope. It is perpetual, and uses its own body as food.
The physical world, that is not "eating," 
is a world invented by man's intellect. 
This covers everything except "eating."

Inside of this invented world, it is believed that there is the status quo reality as referenced by physical fact, and the yet-to-be reality of that which is not. But in the invented world of man's intellect, impression, IS. Thus, that which is, and is not, are only impressions of that which IS. His thinking IS. It is the illusion that there is some particular thought that is not you, that further propels the thinking you; if you didn't believe there was any negative space to fill, your thinking would not be compelled to fill it; how can you try to fill a space that you don't BELIEVE is there?

There is no negative space in thought; only positive. Negative space was invented by eating in order to superimpose it over EATING. EATING is the sole driver behind the physical world. Thought is the interpreter of negative space. Thought positions negative space out there. But when used on itself only reinforces the goose in a wild goose chase. Used on itself, it is food for itself to run on. To run on... about that which has no conclusion. Only conclusions expand the world. Only new things are fresh. Trying to erase what has already come, only reinforces its position. But when the new comes, the old is not erased intentionally; it disintegrates of its own accord.

The expansion of the intellectual world is beginning right now. The more a man questions it and has taste for it, or terms to evaluate it, or has opinions about it, is the more he procrastinates. It is the more he reinforces the wild goose chase that is the status quo.

There is no status quo; only the downward slope pointing towards EATING. 
The birth of any state is the first moment in the process of its overthrow.

(from a collection of unpublished papers circa 1998 but still relevant today)

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

The Source

Man has posed 2 theories regarding the origin of all he sees:
*That something came from nothing. 
*That something was always here.

A possible reason that he can never find a conclusive answer to these questions is because he believes he is looking at literal things, i.e. leptons, onions, and stars, when in reality all that he can see is his thoughts ABOUT these things; in other words the only thing a man can even properly address, is thinking.

In this special, and indeed rare context, if one position in consciousness (a thought) observes the transition into the next position in consciousness (the next thought) he may sensibly observe that something does come from nothing AND that something has been here all along.

The only visible use of such observations has been either to get tenure and respect for having said them, or else to drive oneself bonkers and die insane. (Or else verbally paint oneself into a corner from which he cannot escape; kind of makes you wonder what a "he" is anyway, 'eh?")

So how is it that both the corner, AND the "he," somehow converge on the same point at the same time?

How can a man separate himself, from his "philosophy?"

Routine thought believes this is possible and actually the norm. "There's 'me,' and then there are the thoughts 'me' has." And he is thus embroiled in the eternal BBQ which makes him believe that he is he, that there are things apart from such which need to be solved, and that a man can actually possess "knowledge," about anything.

The ONLY thing that is actually possible, and which incidentally happens 100% of the time, is that one memory (a thought) distills another seemingly discrete memory out of itself.

So is such an example of "knowledge" of a thing which cannot possess knowledge about anything?

Does something come from nothing? 
Or does something come from something? 
Yes, yes, yes, the plot only thickens, 
as it gets thinner, and thinner, and thinner.

(from a collection of unpublished papers circa 1998 but still relevant today)

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Terms and Opinions

There is a most peculiar although ever present, 
and essential activity of neurons.
The activity of using terms.

The use of terms originated as a tool that the biology of man used to survive. His teeth were not sharp, he invented a knife. His body was not furry, he invented an animal skin/fur jacket.

These 2 inventions, are objects; they are terms to be used. The way they came about was through a certain focus within consciousness, on negative space. Somehow consciousness had to discover that large caches of meat, were existing in a kind of negative space; a space without small chewable pieces of meat. The neurons in his brain sank their sense of self into a kind of negative space; a space which is "not" in some way. His tool the knife, connected that which was not, with that which IS. The tool expanded intellectual-cum-physical space; and became the new status quo.

There is a peculiar although ever present 
and essential activity of neurons;
The activity of opinions.

In the world of terms-as-tools, improvement and expansion is done by discarding a piece of the status quo term. A knife is made sharper by discovering that which is not sharp about it, and discarding it. That which is not sharp is discarded and forgotten forever, when the sharper is found. Status quo terms die, when expanded terms are found. But this is in the world of the measurable. In the world of opinions, which is a certain type of terms, measurement cannot be found; it can only be professed. Thus, the situation shows a stagnation of terms. A certain kind of reinforcement OF terms; not for the purpose of discovering what they are not - so they may be discarded - but for the purpose of reinforcing their presence.

Life itself must stick in certain places; to give a measured quantity, in order to push off of into the negative space which is invention. If all individuals did not reinforce their own terms i.e. vernacular, all of intellectual life in this world would not find a foothold to spring off of. The belief in "I" is a set of terms. Which, with every glance, every focus, gets reinforced.

The expansion of the entire intellect of humanity depends on the sense of "I". The status quo foothold which identifies the "not" of it. Intellect, the-expansion, requires "I". Absolute expansion is absolute pushing off. It is not the reinforcement of terms; but the denial-cum-pushing off of them.

Quoting is reinforcement. Reinforcement of the "problem". Does your thinking sing the song of reinforcement? If you say no, you only mean yes...

Egging, egging, egg it on. 
Taunting, taunting, joking...

(from a collection of unpublished papers circa 1998 but still relevant today.)