Friday, August 21, 2015

"Cold Turkey"

Everybody should know precisely what is meant by this phrase, but we're NOT talking about 'tepid', 'lukewarm', 'room temp', 'warmish', 'half-assed', 'unenthusiastic', 'apathetic', 'halfhearted', 'indifferent', 'subdued', or any other so-so attempt to point to what is being suggested. NO! Cold Turkey, in the sense of "Stop It Now, burn all bridges behind you, and don't wimp out!"

Having gone "C.T." on Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo, and Google venues for social-bullshitting, many things have come more clearly INTO FOCUS, than they ever did, or ever could, before Kicking the Habit.

"What?" you ask? Well, that's for me to know and you to find out (as they say, since I have kicked and you haven't,) but here are some hints: 
            Nobody is sitting on the edge of their seats anxiously awaiting your next glowing post (of photo, youtube, or clever one-, or even multi-line witticism), and Everyone takes an "out of sight, out of mind" attitude about this, and very quickly you are forgotten. 
            Another thing: what is much more important than "holding up your end of some inane conversation" on these social venues, is learning to Think Clearly, and be able to convert that Clear Thinking into writing and/or speaking, as you wish. BUT, carrying on back-and-forth chit-chat that starts out weakly and goes nowhere FAST, is never the point of all this Clear Thinking... which, by the way, can't even be done while still ADDICTED. If you don't realize this yet, or argue with it in any way, you are addicted, and the post you surely have NOT been anxiously awaiting is right here -----"The End"

Friday, August 7, 2015

"Do you REALLY want to be President?"

Which is the other way of asking
"Do you have the FIRE in your belly, 
or are you doing this because someone told you you should? 

And, of course, this is NOT about the current runners for President of the good ol' U. S. of A. Such, is just an example of what a few (that is, not very many at all) people on Planet Earth - the Prison Planet of the good ol' System d'Solar - must contend with when fully-engaged in their quest for the Great Prize, which goes by so many names it's hardly worth reminding anyone anymore (if you don't know those names, you are not even reading this; if you do know them, then you should have already jumped to the end of this piece saving at least a few minutes reading time.)

The Fire suggests something like, More passion, More fight, More emotional investment***. No one discovers the Great Prize who plays at this thing as some kind of part time hobby, they only do on the weekends - if that - or worse, once a month at "The Farm (or "The Ranch", or "The Getaway", or "The Facebook Groupers" or whatever they call what they are doing with their short lives) - where they practice an over-abundance of "religious/spiritual correctness," and "word-perfect retelling of lines and passages from their favorite book(s) of choice at the time," never stepping out of line, or acting "imperfect" in Any way, to Anyone... you know, lest they get Booted, or Banned, or Exiled!

No! The Great Prize is ev-ry-where, and there for Ev-Ry-One to discover for themselves, if they are able... under, around, behind, above, even inside every rock, table, mouse, computer screen, eyelid, eyeball, tongue, throat, hand, fold of gray-matter, strand of neural networking, and countless other places spread around the three-, four- and perhaps even five-dimensional spacetime continuum we somehow found ourselves trapped within for a fairly short period of time, bouncing off the walls, floor and ceiling, always looking, always searching for a suitable Way Out we can somehow squeeze through. (Good luck with that.)

You know what is really funny, sad, hilarious, strange, crazy, bizarre about so many of "the few" who claim to be "On The Road To Find Out?" Their readiness, and extreme willingness to ADMIT to the world, the year, day, hour, even MINUTE of their "Enlightenment,", achieving "Self-Realization," entering "Nirvana," scaling the levels to "Man Number 6, or even SEVEN!" and how they do their "exercises," "numbers," "practices," "meditations," "thought-stoppings," and countless other (supposed) PROOFS of their many attainments. (Usually, you will find them listed within their "About Me" link on their website.)

"The Fire is about an extra inner drive some have, and most don't.
A burning to achieve, NOT just "some success" but SUCCESS, at any cost. 
But it’s just an expression of course.
Just words that we toss around around to mean big things.
It’s easy enough to talk about it, and preach about it, and many people do all the time, but much harder to let it drive your daily, hourly, moment-by-moment activity.
  • It’s a big attitude adjustment.
  • It means that you’re tired of screwing up.
  • It means that you stop excusing away your weaknesses.
  • It means that you’re angry that you’re getting beat by your competitors.
  • It means that you are eager to try again.
  • It means that you find a way to get better.
  • It means that you’re putting in every ounce of extra effort you have.
  • It means that you get pushed down but don’t stay there.
  • That’s what “fire in the belly” means.
It’s not a sometime thing.
It’s an “all the time” thing.
An attitude of being invincible.
Not perfect.
Not powerful.
Just determined" (Internet bit somewhere)

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Life - ah Life - is a Con Game!

(a swindle, almost a 'magic trick', in which the victim is persuaded 
to trust the swindler in some way)
Regarding the predicament involving those few humans who discover the esoteric idea of "conscious evolution," it is necessary to realize that Life is playing a Global Confidence Game on Humanity-at-large (discriminating for or against no one; i.e., each person has an equal opportunity to be suitably, and totally CONNED, and this IS the name of the game) and just because someone is, or claims to be, "one of the few" does NOT mean they will get away with their "wallet" (purse, pocketbook, bank) in tact... and, of course, of course, we are NOT talking about money here, are we?

In the first place, this only affects Humanity, because the animal kingdom's "hands" have already been played out, successfully, and all animals are now a "closed system" (no further evolution of consciousness possible in their short life spans, thus "Cecil" was a PERFECT lion, and "Fluffy" my cat is a PERFECT cat, and "Rover" my dog is a PERFECT dog) whereas humans are "open systems," incomplete and still evolving as a species, being somewhere near the beginning of their game (although there does exist the possibility for enhanced, accelerated evolution as an individual.)

This confidence game serves many purposes, completely mysterious to the oblivious, but OB-V-US as hell, once SEEN with three eyes. (Two eyes just don't cut it, not enough dimensions involved, spatial and temporal.) The main purpose, from our extremely limited vantage point, is to keep us "in line," queued up, suited up, and satisfied up to the hilt with the status quo... of our potential as we might conceive it to be, of our very consciousness as we hardly even know it at all. Therefore, we are NOT INCLINED to revolt against the system which confines us, but to "go along to get along" - since birth and before, until this instant while you are struggling to follow this very message (and look ahead?) and all the next instants that follow...(can you do both?) - which is to say, to keep us believing that we are, right now, at the height of our intelligence, our powers, our degree of consciousness, and all the other things we believe we possess now, or at least could possess (but, in reality right now, DO NOT.)

The confinement is this: We are born into a human body - made of the after-effects of the sub-atomic quantum world interacting with the material organic world over billions of years, all to produce, in our case, DNA of the type we know as "human," and as such, are INMATES in a high-security prison of unknown design, unknown place, and unknown time, there to perform certain "ACTIONS" for purposes of which we are completely, totally, oblivious... but, CAN BE "elevated/evolved" to a point where it is actually quite OB-V-US! As heaven!

For one thing, the walls, floors, ceilings are made of steel, and though there IS a door, it can't be opened from the inside - well, not by us, as we now are and will most likely remain. The CON is that we are made to believe - due to the way we were MADE as suggested above - that there are NO WALLS at all, or put another way, that there are DOORS everywhere. HOW?

Simple. Language: our innate ability to acquire one or more at a very young age, and learn, shortly thereafter, how to use it/them at will, and then for the rest of our days to SPEAK THOSE WORDS to anyone, anywhere, any time, and an overpowering willingness to do so - even at the drop of a hat, or the sound of a human voice speaking (or writing) one's mother tongue forming a statement or question. Do Note: you are reading these statements right now on the Internet - Facebook, Yahoo, Blogger - and your brain is "keeping up, and looking ahead..." hopefully.
So... where are the walls?
(if you can't see the walls,
you can't find the doors,
and there are doors Ev-Ry-Where!)
Still don't get this?