Thursday, May 25, 2017

Vacation Destinations

The whole external world one has previously "passed through" is "in one", mapped onto the brain in areas one can only accidentally retrieve - perhaps that's a good thing, because those memories would constantly interfere with one's state, given the way the normal brain is continually making comparisons, associations, and noticing relationships, etc. Under the right circumstances, one can remember, or be made to remember one's very early childhood or even much earlier, and probably could be made to trace everything that happened from those days onward - clothes worn, other people present, furniture in that place, words spoken, feelings felt, etc.- and speak about them. But as one is ordinarily, one can NEVER be made to remember anything about Milan if one was never there, or Sydney, or Nome, because one was never there, and never watched movies or read books about them.
Same, of course, with "so-called" new ideas, which indeed are merely new places - not out there, but in here, being quite unfinished (site not located; foundation not poured) - though one does NOT have a clue where they might ultimately exist because the "map" has not been "encoded onto the new neural territory".
All words are in one. All ideas are in one. All possibilities exist for even ordinary humans, but few there be who can access the information directly. So they have to "share with each other" words, pictures, descriptions and subjective claims of what it all means, which is the way "those who supposedly know" try to remind other humans, of some "place" they've never seen, and never been, and may not even have suspected... but - as usual - the words, pictures, descriptions and claims of this as-yet-unknown location usually just distorts, if not even spoils the whole thing, making it even harder to grasp the "wholeness" that would otherwise be possible.

Sure, "teachers" MAY be able to convey the "suggestion" of this new, and apparently desirable "place", especially if they have in fact BEEN THERE and DONE THAT, though most never have, and are only "sharing" hearsay, from someone who got it all as hearsay themselves, who also got it as hearsay too. That is, the image and the reports they bring to you personally - "from their lips/fingers to your ears/eyes" - is so out of clarity/focus, in so many areas of the entire "place" that even if you were to struggle for years to figure out "what the hell they were talking about" - describing their memories of that place that was somehow constructed in their own heads - it would still only be a very poor representation of the reality of that wholeness

Try to explain your childood- through teenage-years home in Milan, to someone on this list - take ten paragraphs if you need them - and NO ONE will have a clue what you are talking about, as that "place" could be anywhere on earth, but for a few nouns and verbs and adjectives you might have used. Same with [enlightenment, nirvana, consciousness - take your pick]. The internal locations of these large concepts (like Milan) are totally UNKNOWN to you or anyone because, in this case, Milan just happens to be on Jupiter. ("What, did I forget to mention that?")

That is, unless you are being TUTORED by a once or current RESIDENT of the ACTUAL NEURAL LOCATION, called "Milan" - having himself set down "roots", even if only temporarily, before moving on - you are getting something that is much less than worthless, as it may be incorrect as well, and you usually can NOT know this in advance. Imagine spending years trying to decipher a set of maps, diagrams, footnotes, and associated terminologies that, in fact, were totally made up and had nothing to do with anything useful to an aspiring human trying to actualize their Personhood.

Bottom line, though I could go deeper... Know Your Own Nervous System's makeup - its circuitry, functions, systems and processes - first and foremost, and forget the purveyors of hearsay who have NEVER BEEN THERE or DONE THAT, but nevertheless hold their hearsay in too high regard (that's just childish imagination!) in favor of finding Vacation Destinations within, that you can rightly value highly, due to your own personal visitations... AND such that you can revisit when desired, or totally leave behind when and if that suits you. (You can't leave a place until you know it.)

For myself I want to visit
 The Singing Towers of Darillium

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Fake News is "dangerous"

The reason fake news is dangerous is NOT so much that the news is incorrect, or unreliable, or upside-down - which it usually is. If that was the only problem, there would BE no problem. It is certainly not a problem for the entire rest of the animal kingdom (of which ALL humans are merely a small part), and for a very obvious reason (they don't have sophisticated BRAINS with which to decipher our language.) But it most definitely IS a huge problem, and dangerous too, for 99% of humans on this planet, who supposedly have sophisticated brains... except that... (hopefully, you already know what I am about to write here...)

If not, here it is: Ordinary humans - the great 99% - are incapable of VERIFYING news of any kind, particularly about the world-at-large, of which they are not directly able to track details to the necessary nth degree, but also the world-in-small they SHOULD be able to track (it's between their ears, after all!), but don't know how. In particular, the "soft kind" of information - psychological, philosophical, religious, political, etc. - is totally UNVERIFIABLE the first time it is heard or read, UNLESS one has personally discovered or invented or created that knowledge for oneself.... by their own efforts... but again, they don't know HOW. And yes, one can "invent" and one can "create" information, but that too requires knowing HOW.

So, how is fake news dangerous
As an obvious example in the world-at-large: Just look at America, right now. The STATE/MEDIA pushes the narrative IT wants out to the masses (via TV, radio, Internet, etc.) who eat it up like it actually tastes good. Of course, there are some few humans who GAG on it... and rightfully so!
As an obvious example in the world-in-small: Just look at yourself, right now. The BRAIN/MIND pushes the narrative IT wants out to you (via books, transcripts, audios, videos, etc.) and you eat it up like it actually tastes good. Of course, there are some few I's that GAG on it... and rightfully so!
What is going on here? Obviously, the ordinary human brain is constructed - by design and plan from "above", or cause and effect from "below" - to immediately AGREE or DISAGREE with whatever the language circuits "decode" (usually incorrectly, as it turns out) from, primarily, the sound and light waves that presented the information to your hearing (as in the sound in your head right now) and/or your reading (as in this very post.) THAT IS VERY DANGEROUS, because once some information, of any kind - but particularly the "soft kind" (unlike the "hard kind", like instructions to tear down and rebuild a Holley 4-barrel carburetor) - is taken for True and/or Correct, or False and/or Incorrect, it is difficult to change the mind on one's own. Even if your best friend, mate, spouse or date has alternative views, or (eeek!) opposing views, it is still very hard to change the mind.

Thus, such hapless humans are stuck living in an UNREALITY of their own (brain's) making! And, furthermore, they can't really be helped by the external application of simple logic, any more than a lifelong drunk can get permanently sober by being PREACHED to before they have already "hit rock bottom", and even then don't count on it happening. (It would be like turning a "Never Trumper Schumer" into an "Always Trumper Schumer"... yeah, like that could ever happen!)

Now, for the paragraph that will either get this author kicked out, or banned, or worse - laughed out of the clique, the "in crowd"... it's happened before... honestly. Groups of humans who are following - either publicly or privately - a "psychological system", and/or a "philosophical system", and/or a "religious system", or a "whatever-they-call-it-today" simply can NOT hear alternative viewpoints about THEIR "thing", especially when the viewpoint is specifically "If you haven't figured all this stuff out yet, you NEVER WILL," followed by the kicker: "Come on, it's just not that complicated!"

Humans stumble horribly on their use of language and it keeps them treading water for a lifetime, and they fumble even worse when reading and/or hearing the words of other humans. Language is the issue, Words are the issue. And their endless, sometimes insufferable penchant for arguing over the meaning, sense and significance of those words and getting bogged down in interminable discussions that usually go nowhere. Words, themselves, are a hindrance when not used rightly. BUT, they are like jet-fuel in a rocket-car when applied rightly to any situation.

When you come to a "stumbling block in the road" ("which way should I go, what should I believe?"), don't just stand there and ruminate and wonder and ask poorly constructed questions of all those standing there beside you doing the same thing (like on a Facebook, Yahoo, Google, Twitter forum), THINK FAST and "jump over" it, or "go around" it, or "EAT" it, by first realizing what the blockage IS. Imagine trying to tell, oh I dunno, a fourthway person, or a buddhist person, or a scientology person, or a christian person, or a jewish person, or a muslim person, that their system IS the stumbling block in the road. They won't hear a word of it, and will become angry or upset (and in some cases hit you, or kill you) if the matter is pursued, which is tantamount to turning and running away.

These stumbling blocks are What and How you think about the apparent (only, because it's not real) stumbling block. What all these blockages are, are "energy pellets" and they can be EATEN... when you know HOW
Remember Pac-man? Pac-Men awaken in a few months give or take a year or so. Humans usually never do. They just talk, and talk, and talk, and argue, and get frustrated, and ask silly questions, and get even more confused, while trying desperately to convince themselves they are still "on the road to find out" .
 Unfortunately, perhaps, most humans remain 
right where they originally became Blocked.

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Saturday, May 13, 2017

Sex Talk

Talking and thinking about "this stuff" is like having sex - and, then there's the problem of premature ejaculation. You climb on and start pumping away, and perhaps you have an enlightening thought, and it explodes into an orgasm of awareness, consciousness, understanding, and then, just like in physical sex, for moments, hours, days, you don't even want to remember it, let alone talk about it, or think about it.

Maybe that's what premature ejaculation is - in the brain - you get to a point that you don't want to think about this stuff anymore because it 'brings you down' from where you know you are when orgasmic. Talking to others about personal realizations seems to eventually confront the question of 'why are you doing this? Why are you talking to these people about this?'

People who talk about this stuff, with their friends, in 'work groups', email-lists, newsgroups - and there are THOUSANDS of 'em - are engaged in public mental masturbation, with premature ejaculation being the desired, though unknown, culmination of the event.

Why do I's talk to themselves, and with other people anyway? Reacting to the external world, is I's talking to other I's. There is no out there, consisting of people and things, withwhich your internal I's are conversing. I's are simply talking to themselves - always and everywhere - and "you" are simply, painfully, eavesdropping. If you're trying to exit a large apartment complex, and one of the closest gates is blocked off, and you're forced to go to the other gate - way out of your way - it is only because of the knowledge, first - of that first gate - and second - that it could have been open for you, but wasn't, that caused your inner I to react to it, possibly negatively - complaining about the apartment manager or something. (If there was no gate there that you knew about, then you'd have no prior expectation, and would just drive past that spot unperturbed.)

What causes the I's to talk to each other? If there is nothing going on for consciousness to consider, and nothing is presently 'known', then the I's will have nothing to react to. If you drive to the first gate, and can keep from 'knowing' it is not open (effectively, is NOT there) you can sail right past it without a reaction.

What does it take for the I's to talk to one another? The 3rd force in that triad is knowledge. There must be the knowledge of other words, for words to react to them. But there is no, True knowledge or False knowledge - just 'the knowledge of'.

You cannot put pen to paper, without there being a conversation in your own head. One I doesn't talk, two can talk to each other and speak and write. It is one thing to have conscious thoughts, quite another to speak them, because consciousness does not want to speak them because it's tantamount to sleep.

Perhaps, one has got to be like the Kama Sutrans, and hold back the ejaculation/orgasm. Just as there is 'running', in the moving center, that will effectively 'stop thought', there is also 'running', in the intellectual center, that will do the same. But, like a comic trampoliner, there is also 'running off at the mouth on purpose'. Not letting the lesser I's gain a foothold, nor a word in edgewise.

If being a terrific, world-class, trampoline artist is (a form of) "Art", then is a comic, clown-trampoliner (you've seen 'em - they can hardly mount the damn thing, yet perform all the same stunts as the 'expert', but with a comic twist - trip-ups, slips and falls - full of intentional inexactitudes leading to frequent, apparently painful, small calamities), a 'sham'? In truth - both are equally skilled, and the comic MAY even be MORE skilled! Both can perform the same routines. Yet, one can add the intentional 'errors' and, this being the interesting part, LIVES to trampoline another day.

It is quite known by ordinary people, that it takes as much, if not more talent, to parody a 'serious work', without killing yourself, than to perform it seriously - straight. Comic trampoliners, comic high-divers, comic-brahmabull riders, comics and comedians in general - do something WELL and then add a twist of comedy making the end-result appear faulty, or less than the more serious thing it parodies.

But, the comic KNOWS the real truth. Appearing the buffoon to the world, he actually surpasses all.

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Escape Hatch

Humans who have suspected there might actually BE an escape hatch somewhere (that has been installed by "higher forces" or "upper agencies" to enable a certain few - here and there - to OPT OUT of the world of sheeple, who blindly and stupidly follow the loudest voices, the shiniest baubles, and the glitziest entertainments, and OPT IN to a new world above the fray) have always sought out other MEN (and sometimes, yes, women, and even -rarely- children [in the case of reincarnated buddhas, lamas, and other gurus]) for guidance, but their seeking has always failed, sometimes dramatically, and sometimes long before their inevitable DEATH was even necessary due to following WRONG ADVICE.

Only a few humans ever truly realize, in time, WHERE that escape hatch can be located. Oh, it exists of course, but not as a hard-and-fast place, or fixed point-in-time, and it isn't a moving "X" on a vast watery surface... but it IS a definite intersection of the second, third, and fourth dimension, of which the first two are clearly Past and Present, and the third is the Future. Humans simply can not deal with these overlapping dichotomies (2-3, 2-4, and 3-4), simultaneously, in real time, because they perceive time linearly, not spatially (and definitely not hyper-spatially). Humans, in general and in each generation, are what is called by some, Asleep to reality as it is.

For them, it is always like walking out of the confines of their warm, dark, and cozy bedroom where they have just spent the last nearly 8 hours of their daily life (totalling one-third of their entire life!) into the blindingly bright and crystally clear expanse of the world as it is, and this sudden transition figuratively blows their hair back, and they immediately go right back to sleep on an incrementally higher or lower level, which simply means... "back to the bedroom". This condition/syndrome/disorder goes on forever (in "human time", which ain't very long), and any supposed quest for the escape hatch is set back another day!
"Oh well, there's ALWAYS tomorrow."

So... why don't humans realize this? It is the INTRUSION of random thoughts generated by energies that are totally UN-regulated and UN-managed, into the mirrored surface of the "enlightened world" of UPPER LIGHT and HIGHER AGENCIES (mentioned above, with a twist). You know what brings DOWN even the best "high" (LSD, Shrooms, Hash, DMT, etc.)? This same INTRUSION, which is why all those "educated in the ways of the shaman" always advise, "keep your damn thoughts AT BAY!"
LOOK around, 
Don't Think About It. 

This "fabled" escape hatch - if it even exists at all, regardless of the "where" and "when" - might be imagined to be like the pull-down laddered path to the ceiling door leading to the attic... if only it could be that simplistic. It is more like a crack, or fracture in the structure (of the brain) that can only be seen at all, when the light from above is ON, and not that 100-watter, like is often found in home attics, but a 2500-watter, which is only possible if enough electrical energy has previously been pushed up and into the storage capacitors awaiting the "fabled" escape event which turns it on, revealing the crack.
First, you must "get really small," then you can pass through anything.

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Magical Mystery Tour

Compared to what people know about what is going on with their own body-of-fleshly-parts - moving around one's home, preparing to go outside, driving cars and arriving safely, keeping oneself reasonably healthy, and a huge number of other even more complex tasks that no other creature on this planet can perform (let alone think about) -
what they know about what is going on with their own 
body-of-neural-thoughts is a 
total mystery

People know full well how they got here ("born of my parental units"), where they then began living ("604 Euclid Ave, Seattle, Wa"), when they started school ("1972"), how long they stuck it out ("until graduating high school"), their first real paying job ("bank clerk"), and too many other things to be detailed here. (But hey, you know the drill!)

BUT, the only thing people know about their mind - their body-of-neural thoughts, as it were - is that when they open their mouth words come out, and when words are not coming out, thoughts are bouncing around in their head somewhere, and, that everyone on the planet can "do all of that" without even thinking about it! (HAH! People think without even thinking about it!) And, of course, it shows, judging by the extremely low quality of what can be heard coming from the masses, no matter what they do for a living. People are having thoughts, sure, but only under extreme circumstances of effort, will-power, and training, can they compose 6 paragraphs in a row, and show them around to their friends and not get laughed at due to all the errors of spelling, punctuation, grammar, syntax, logic and many other things. (But hey, you know the drill!)

People - even rather young children - can do, easily, and almost without thinking about it at all, what those same People can NOT DO, even with extreme effort, copious eye-squinting, looking up, down, left and right, hemming and hawing, and considerable foot-dragging.

  • Proof: ask a person to put an IKEA kitchen room table together without the aid of instructions, and most can do it reasonably well (there certainly are exceptions to every rule, and some couldn't manage that if offered a million bucks!) 
  • BUT: ask a person to compose a simple written piece (or worse, oral piece) discussing a topic they have never thought about before - particularly one that is pertinent to the AIMS and DESIRES of people reading a blog like this one (hey, you know the drill!) - and you will VERY LIKELY get back nothing but rationalizations and justifications for not doing it. 
Building a usable table requires a little thinking and 
a lot of precise bodily movements. 

Generating a thoughtful piece on something new
requires a lot of thinking and almost no bodily movements 
(just a little transcribing.)

What if remaining a total stranger to your own body-of-thought - vis-à-vis, the kind of higher matters pointed to herein since day one and long before in fact - is tantamount to giving up before even starting the Tour (the Magical Mystery one), that involves journeying up the streams and tributaries of your own nervous system, into that fabled place where thoughts (from the Global Thought Sphere) connect to the sounds and twitchings ("heard and felt" in your own tiny head) which are then "used" in sentences (just-in-time) that make enough sense to other humans that they don't ignore you entirely.

What if it is actually necessary to go on the Tour - Alone and quite Awake - so that the Magic of the Mystery can "do its Thing" on you, like a Master Chef preparing a feast for the Gods, that can be expected to kill you if you don't Please Them. (But hey, you know the drill!)

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Speaking - animal and human

As you know, or should, Speaking came first, and existed probably for 97+% of the time humans have been on this planet, prior to the invention of a coherent, sophisticated written language. So... Speaking, from the very beginning of our modern human history - about two hundred thousand years - and only then came Writing, from about fifty-five hundred years ago till the present... with very little change, besides more languages, and greater "confusion of tongues," including individual languages splitting into a large multiplicity of dialects... it's a madhouse! No wonder people don't communicate with each other.

And then, while all these disparate languages and dialects were circulating the planet (and the brains of men) - like great swarms of different insect species, subspecies, sub-subspecies, etc., all with different, sometimes almost unintelligible "songs to sing" - I suggest, EVERYTHING changed, and NOT for the better. Writing "dumbs down" intelligence between peoples - in a particular way, by revising the language used, so as to appeal to those of little education or intelligence - while at the same time increasing the development of technologies, civilizations, institutions, laws and of course "prisons" (of the body AND mind... like Religions, Philosophies, Psychologies, and Sciences.)  
So... writing is not "bad" for the evolution of the species, 
but it is "bad" for the evolution of the individual. 
(Yes, this does require further explanation!) 

Writing is fine as far as it goes, but the next level of SPEAKING is where one needs to reach (since, unbeknownst to the VAST majority of humans (97+%), we have only recently "just arrived" at the speaking level of the ANIMAL world, which is characterized by a continual stream of unverified "attitudes, opinions, and beliefs," a.k.a.: Fake news.
And what always happens with these "clouds of war"?
You guessed it. WARS.

Apparently, we need to stay at this lower level (where we are today - chit-chatting and arguing on Fakebook and Twitter and face-to-face) in order to "gather" all the drive and facility we can muster, in order to eventually "rise/ascend" to the Speaking Level of the HUMAN world, which is characterized by "personally verified facts and illuminated realizations," a.k.a.: New Information.
And what always happens with these "pearls of wisdom"?
You guessed it. WISDOM.

Thought - which, of course, is the movement of neural energy - comes first, only taking seconds, or parts-of-seconds, if that, and THEN the speaking and/or writing may follow, which could take hours, days, even years to "get right", in the sense of telling the "whole story" (until the "next update"). But, how does one KNOW? Or, KNOW anything? Because, though the entire thought may have only taken a second, or a few seconds, to be truly "completed" requires much more time - relatively speaking - and only then can it be recorded as completely as possible... for the moment, until the "next update". Then it can even be communicated to others.

If a person can't put down in writing what they actually think, then they don't KNOW what they think... revealing to one, that a "break" has occurred and it is very hard to recover from that as the gap only grows more expansive through the years. (How many times have you had a "Great", "Terrific",  "Enlightening" thought, and within mere minutes it was lost to you, forever?) People are talking ALL THE TIME - mostly in their heads, and outside their heads as well - but they are saying nothing 99+% of the time. That's because the break between thinking and writing has occurred, and was never "Fixed Or Repaired Daily" - being an absolutely required process, that needs to be initiated in one, and continued for a life time.
 ("FORD": the most famous of the car acronyms, in case you missed it.)

Say (or Think) your thought(s) first, into the "canyon of the mind", and once you can say/think it, then you will know what you Think, and then you can write it, and one ought to write every day if possible (to fix or repair, as necessary, the break) as that keeps the "bridge" open, and the energy flowing. The wider the bridge, like a water pipe, the more energy can flow. (Note: why do you think certain people in history were so very much MORE prolific in their written output than the rest of humanity? Answer: they HAD TO PRODUCE, like any real artist HAS TO PRODUCE.)

Just a thought, and this one only took a second or so.

Now, for the Real Independents out there, don't comment on MY presentation (what? to fix or repair it?), prepare your own gourmet delight for OUR edification. Final tip for the tip jar: All that everyone needs or wants to know, is within one. The "problem" is that there is no bridge from the "UNKNOWN and as-yet-unthought", to the "KNOWN and able-to-be-communicated."

Such is, the Speaking Level of Humans.
and there are pitifully few extant examples!