Thursday, April 25, 2013

Prison Life on Planet Earth

If you were trying to break out of prison do you think the prison library would have books on the best escape routes? Would you attend the latest seminars on "Super Secret Escape Routes of the Ancients"? Is your attitude: "Hey, they're time-honored methods, passed down for centuries, so that's gotta make 'em good, right?"

What do you think, the guards are idiots?
You're in prison, remember?
And I'm talking high security here.

Do you think your cellmate knows a way out? If so, what's he doing here, much less blabbing it to anybody who shows so much as a passing interest? And, the authorities, the guards, and everyone inside that place all try to seem like your best friends... but are they really?

Now, you ARE in prison and the prison is alive!
It's everything you perceive, think and feel.
It is Life itself and it's keeping you down on the farm.

"What a crock! BS! Hogwash!" you say? "I can change anytime I want to, if I really wanted to. In fact, I'm in an ongoing pursuit of ways to improve myself right now, have been for years in fact!"

Yeah, and you could just up and walk right out of your cell, anytime you want, if you just wanted to bad enough - riiiight.

"Well hey, just who are you to insult my living quarters mister smarty pants! I'll have you know that this is no run of the mill, shabby hoosegow! Why, just look - over here I've got my diploma hung up on the wall, and on this wall I've got altruistic intentions and good thoughts. Why there's even a porcelain altar in the corner for my spiritual attainments. Maybe it ain't finished yet, but this cell ain't so bad, lemme tell you!"

Life's ordinary answer to those unhappy with the feel of their prison cell is to redecorate, and redecorate some more so that the cell is never quite finished. Why not just go the whole nine yards and get out? Oh wait, I forgot. You're not really in some kind of prison, are you? I mean, you look around your head and it's not like you see some kind of bars or walls or such. Boy oh girl, are you dense.

Well, if you aren't in prison, then do this one little thing for me - it's a really simple thing - come on, just humor me. Go off by yourself in a nice quiet spot where you won't be disturbed and sit down and for a full two minutes STOP THOUGHT, don't think about anything else - zero, zip, nada - just stop all thought! Hey, it's only a couple of minutes and it's not like you won't start thinking again when you're done. I promise, you won't hurt yourself.

"Ahh, what's the point, I could do that if I really wanted to. That's so simple it's not even worth trying."

Is it? Do it again, then, this time for twenty minutes. It won't kill you, but maybe you'll learn something! Do you really like your cell that much?

What? What's that you say? You actually do want to get out? Ahh! Now that's a different story.

Lemme ask you something then: Can I bring you a cake?

Friday, April 19, 2013

Command of the Language

If someone does not believe that there is a direct connection between one's "command of the language", and their "command of themselves", then they have not even begun to evolve.

Reading fourthway books, or sufi books, or buddhism books, or science books, or religious books - or what has become so much more popular these days, scanning and skimming the Interwebs for essays, blogs, news clippings, you tubes, and wiki pages - is all about gaining "command of the language", however (he suggested most strongly) that which one reads, views, and worse believes without personally verifying anything, has to do with their "command of themselves"... and most people alive today have almost none of that, and very little of the former.

Gaining a level of Command of Oneself always comes with rules - made up by oneself, for specific purposes, aims, goals in mind - which are Absolute, no backsliding, no rationalizing or justifying failure, the way a King maintains command and control of his Kingdom... at least until he starts exhibiting weakness, and the citizens overrun the Kingdom and take him down.

In the area of the highest ends of the nervous system, where there is only a small patch of territory to command and control - "the land of speaking and writing" where all the little "i's" live and run around chaotically - one Rule that can be established quite easily, is to Never reference another person, living or dead (yes Ginny, including yourself), and Never quote other people, or even talk about other people's words and/or actions, and Always refer ONLY to your own internal operations at the, (yes, Ginny - you got it!) highest ends of the nervous system. This small territory is where Originality and Creativity blossom, and let it be known right here and right now... it is always Springtime in this Valley.

"Direct Connection"

"While it probably seems that humans have a 'direct connection' to all parts of their 'being'", they don't, and the evidence is overwhelming, particularly in the higher ends of their nervous system - the most recent forebrain particularly - wherein thoughts, that can be acted upon with attention for an extended period are occurring all the time, even while sleeping (i.e., 24-7-365-75+/-). As for the rest of the nervous system at the middle and lower ends - the body proper and all of its instinctive functions and operations - almost all of it is automatic and mechanical, and thank goodness or we would not be able to live here for very long.

Becoming "conscious" (awakened, enlightened, etc.) opens the "direct connection" so that one can learn to utilize ALL the features of being human that, for most people, are locked up as if in a high-security prison, stifling their every effort to open the connection and keeping it open, and in most people it remains closed for a lifetime. Circumstances, of course, can result in the connection opening - death of family members, near-death experiences, extreme emotional and physical events - but they are NOT ENOUGH to keep it open permanently, for after a few hours, or maybe a few days or weeks, it closes again, and the person is left trying to reconstruct memories, to compose stories and descriptions of "what happened", and then - even worse - telling, and re-telling, to anyone that will listen, "My story" (yawn!)

Herein lies the secret to the SUCCESS that only a few, here and there, know fully. Life does not need your help to describe anything. Life already knows quite clearly what is going on here, in you, outside of you, all around you, before you got here, after you're long gone, and it leaves its imprint upon your nervous system second-by-second-by-second, so that you MAY - if lucky, or talented, or skillful, or crafty, or sly - make and maintain a "direct connection" to all the aspects of being human (or better, the Human Species as a whole, or even better yet, Life Itself). What is more likely, of course, is: probably NOT.

Yes, there are people who suggest otherwise ("Hey, I'm connected! Have been since 1993!"), but they are fooling themselves while trying to fool you. One's life imprint only seems personal, unique to you alone, but it isn't. Life is imprinting all humanity all the time, so your efforts to OPEN and maintain that "direct connection" to your being, the Human Species, Life Itself, literally changes, enhances, expands and extends the highest ends of the nervous system wherein thoughts, that can be acted upon with attention for an extended period, including Speaking and Writing. When that finally occurs - connected, open, permanence - all chit-chat and chest-thumping around and about "My Story" evaporates in a puff of smoke never to be seen again... and all those around you that have had to endure it, issue a collective sigh of relief... "aaahhhh"

Thursday, April 18, 2013

One Little Thing

While it probably seems that humans have a "direct connection" to all parts of their "being" - whatever they imagine that word to represent - they don't. Not even close. Animals - non-humans - actually have more of a "direct connection", but they don't and can't KNOW IT. The connection is fully integrated into individuals and is virtually identical, in cause and effect, in every one of each species. Humans, on the other hand, can seem very different to others, and they even applaud those differences, but it is just personality operating through extremely similar nervous systems, and so it is just a superficial difference.

Humans, however, can KNOW about the "direct connection", and even under certain circumstances expand, widen, broaden, heighten the connection. And that is all to the GOOD for the one in which it occurs, and may even be GOOD for the rest of the species, though that can't really be known for sure.

There is no possibility for non-humans, but to be born, to procreate, and then to die as they were born. There is every possibility, however, for humans to die NOT AS they were born, but something else (some call it, "completed" or "perfected" or "awakened" or "enlightened"), because of one little thing, the conscious part of the brain, wherein thoughts occur and can be acted upon. This one little thing, however, usually remains a little thing, and over the years and decades actually shrivels up like a prune in some, even leading to an early grave in others.

Access to the "direct connection" that the conscious part of the brain affords is miraculous, surprising, awesome, glorious, and looking around this planet of seven billions and growing, maybe even anomalistic - in that it just doesn't seem to happen AT ALL, ANYWHERE. Just look around you. How many other Real Living Friends do you have, after all these many decades, who have also achieved the "direct connection" and KNOW IT? (And make no mistake, KNOWING IT, means being able to talk about it.) Perhaps Life doesn't actually need or even want too many humans to achieve access to the "direct connection", so that those who DO ACHIEVE IT can actually KNOW IT, and expand it consciously.

One thing for sure that such Access affords is expanding conscious thought in a way that is non-ordinary, thought that is, as it were, "from the future" - not of, or from, the past, which is always the norm - and is more about That Which Is, in this particular instantaneous moment, than about anything that was, previously. It can actually be stated that such expanded conscious thought brings about possibilities that WERE NOT possible until that thought, those thoughts, took on the formality of actually occurring.

Now, after reading this and reacting - as usual - with the ordinary associative patterns of thought common in everyone on this planet today, there may be questions - ill-formed at best, and distracting at worst - having to do with the HOW's and WHY's of all this pointing ("HOW can one achieve this direct access?", or "WHY should anyone pursue something they already have?", etc.), but those kind of questions would be useless noise not worthy of your time.

Think MORE than you CAN about what is being suggested herein, as it does point the "way" to a higher vantage point in one, where the landscape of being opens up, the more expanded does the conscious part of the brain grow. It is like someone crossing over into another universe, and not being able to cross back, he sets about to discover a way to alert and enlighten his Friends how to do it too, without scaring the bejeezus out of everyone else who might be eavesdropping.

Such is, or may be, a "higher form" of language accessible via the "direct connection" to all parts of one's Being.

Friday, April 12, 2013

Critter comforts, and the "down syndrome"

Unlike all other critters on this planet whose "gifts" (genetically speaking) are always fully matured and utilized from an early age, humans are the only critters born with a special set of "wings" that, in most all of them - okay, 99.99% of them, give or take a few hundred, maybe - NEVER matures into their full genetic expression. Too bad too, because the few who can read this paragraph, let's say, with a "wing-king smile" as they do, are those who can see just how few there actually are out there, perhaps countable on only one hand.

It is a small, small group, and secret too, who learned LONG AGO not to continually shave their backsides morning-till-night, day-after-day, so as to LOOK LIKE the other crippled (shaved) humans with whom they must associate. Yes, the Winged-Kings fly high above the noise and chaos of this world, without negative thoughts and feelings about this world, content to just soar above the fray, but always scanning, looking for others of their kind with whom to "socialize", though up there time and distance are much less relevant than to the ground-bounders nailed to their respective patch of dirt... till it opens up and finally consumes them. Ho-hum, Hu-man.

You see (or not), the thing that defeats them, these hapless humans, is that same special capacity to sprout, that they feel compelled to shave the instant something arises, i.e., so as to feel "comfortable" around the other wingless, flightless ground-bounders. This is "like" a bird, who could never learn to fly because of its built-in, and unfortunately fully-expressed at a very young age, "down syndrome", called in this strange bird-land, "in-grown feathers"; and that is how humans look and sound to the Winged-Kings, like DODO birds... real DODOs... and isn't that interesting?

A whole garden planet full of flightless birds, that when one or another genetic ANOMALY rises up, and starts to sprout his wings, all the rest of the DODOs, clippers in hand, do their number on the guy, zzznip, zzznip. The fact that even ONE GLORIOUS ANOMALY makes it to the treetops, is miraculous, simply miraculous.

Unique among many.
Mysterious beyond belief.
The Phoenix Rising.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

The Techy's view of The Psycho's view, and vice versa.

This "gap" (being herein detailed) in most people's understanding is very similar to that "GAP" (much bigger, more significant) in their understanding of the Scientific/Evolutionary view when compared to the Religious/Spiritual view of Life, in and on this tiny blue planet and "known to men" as merely IDEAS that initially fell on Ears that were and probably still are Deaf.

Evolution of Intelligence in Humans has apparently HAD to go this way, into the Four Directions, so that a FOCAL POINT can be created in the "brain", which today is called simply, the "mind". Although few if any people argue about the existence of the "brain", many more argue about the existence of "mind". This GAP in people's understanding is what inevitably leads to arguments, disagreements, and even violence, but one will only realize this for oneself, when the FOCAL POINT has been created. Only from that vantage point can the four directions be seen for what they are, what they represent in our evolution of consciousness. Tiny Hint: the nervous system has, in general, four modes of operation called Instinct (tech), Moving (psyche), Emotion (spiritual), Intellect (science), and all four modes of operation are required in real time to KNOW/UNDERSTAND anything under the sun.

Personally, what I do is speak from all "four sides of my mouth" (not just "both" as the saying goes), and this is very hard to hear, read, handle, digest, comprehend, agree with and even criticize - particularly in those operating from only ONE MODE. People are often left with wondering "WTF just happened?" and then their "brain" begins to fill-in the gaps they missed with, usually, mis-information, mis-feeling, and mis-sensation, so that they feel as though they "GOT" nothing at all. "God DAMN him that mutha!" And usually they are quite right - They "GOT" nothing at all.

And that is quite all right with me, you betcha! My purpose in all this is NOT to pull you up or push you down - to see what I'm pointing to, or to keep you from seeing it. No, it is to cause you to make bigger EFFORTS to free the mind, free the mind, and thank your "god" you've Freed Your Mind.

What is being pointed to here - the Focal Point - is where ART resides in one. In a spacetime continuum where technology, psychology, religion/spirituality, and science/evolution branch OUT into the external world where live men who can be relied upon to ARGUE THE SHIT OUT OF IT, which - as indicated here recently - is the Really Good Thing.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

"Freedom of Will"

The question as to whether it exists at all, and if so in which species, and further in which individuals therein, is one which has been hotly debated by humans for millennia, but it is still an unanswered question - and NOT, a final and absolute STATEMENT this way or that way.

Let's say it does exist, but only in humans, and only in a few people here and there, and only in/under certain circumstances, and then begin to scratch a little deeper.

All life forms on Earth have choices presented to them day by day, but it is always their "instinctive responses" that dictate. End of story. To argue that is simply to go back to step zero, and drop out of this particular inquiry.

Certain life forms on Earth have a degree of intellectual and emotional complexity and sophistication whereby, although their instincts usually rule under all circumstances - and rightfully so, thank you very much Mr. Instinctive Circuit (or we'd have died unnaturally a long time ago) - a few here and there can and do actually "create" choices where none existed - certainly NOT for the masses, nor even for most of the others - and manifest from that new possibility, to Express a Higher Choice (at least, higher for themselves). Such humans are called Enlightened.

Enlightened Humans - and there are only a few, remember; certainly NOT everyone all the time is Enlightened (and rightfully so!) - have the un-natural ability (not available in most until they are Taught something by someone who knows, or Learn it on their own) to CREATE choices and then express their "Freedom to Act" in their own best interest for that time and place. The rest of humanity does not create anything, but only react - time and time again - to their instinctive auto-responses and only THEN do they sometimes "explain themselves", however poorly and sometimes idiotically. Most humans alive today are simple idiots, childish in their reactions and responses to external and internal events. To suggest or even think otherwise is just silly. Look at this world today; wars and threats of wars, famines, crimes of all kinds, and on and on and on. Schoolyard thugs duking it out with others weaker than they are, for millennia. (But again - if you can SEE IT and appreciate this - rightfully so!)

Hence the need for "religions" to act as "higher authority" once the parents kick their children out of the house, and sometimes even sooner when the parents are as childish as their children, as are most parents sorry to say. To look at ordinary Humanity today it might seem that it is devolving, rather than Evolving.

This piece is not about how you - reader - might learn how to Create Choices, but only that the idea of "freedom of choice" MUST EXTEND from that rare ability/talent/skill, called herein, Originality and Creativity in the Emotional and Intellectual circuits, which (ability/talent/skill) as early suggested, is NOT "god-given", but must be Learned somehow, someway, sometime, and it is THAT which Evolves, at the expense of the devolving moving/instinctive circuits which have a very short lifespan... seventy years or so... and then the final resting place... and end of possibilities.

This piece is about the possibility of Learning something you at present have ABSOLUTELY NO CLUE about, and if that is incorrect (according to you), then demonstrate it to someone: tell them what you intend to do, and then do it without letting up, no backsliding. It is like acquiring a new "taste for something" - a "something" heretofore unheard of - but this acquisition is on purpose, not by accident. And, perhaps strangely to one who does acquire it, the "something" now "Newly Exists" where before it did not! (Like acquiring a taste, even strong DESIRE, for a particular fruit that NOBODY has even seen, named, located, tasted or enjoyed... but YOU... NOW!)

It is a PROCESS that must be first initiated, and then continuously fueled, and then carefully nurtured until it matures to the degree that it "Stands On Its Own".

THAT is what Evolves, as the rest falls naturally away.

Monday, April 8, 2013

A bit about "This Thing" (in here) and "that stuff" (out there)

"Here" and "there": two very potent ideas when you think about it.

"Here" is very close, sometimes if not usually too close for comfort, and often impossible to "well-consider". "There" is farther away, sometimes if not usually too far away and often impossible to "well-consider". So, in both cases, it is hard-to-impossible to Well-Consider ("this", "that", "here", "there"), yet... human brains do just that - usually in over-drive and open-mouthed. The brain fills with energies (some from in here, the rest from out there) and then quickly flushes that energy into action of some kind long before ANY useful "nutrients" can be extracted, which - unknown by most - is the REAL REASON FOR HUMAN BRAINS: to move energy throughout the nervous system of the local container (you), and all the other containers (them), of which ALL are but a part of Life Itself, or put another way Organic Life on Earth.

"Here" can not usually be avoided, being in-your-face, sometimes in-your-eyes and/or in-your-ears, but always in-your-mind and even in-your-heart, but "There" can almost always be avoided, forgotten, never to be perceived again even unless and until it becomes, "Here".

When "there" becomes "here", people often have "conversions" - like when some gun-rights supporter loses his children in a theater massacre, or a gay-rights opponent learns his son is quite gay. Their "conversion" seems real enough, and the cause - when and if it becomes generally known - shows other people what is truly going on. Biology runs this planet and our human species. As goes one's biology often so goes how they feel and what they think about almost everything, including their own lives.

This is why that 17-car pileup in the next town - in which you actually know not even one person - "affects" you almost not at all, yet a two-car fender bender in your car affects you GREATLY!!! The number of examples one can list are endless, but the results are always the same. The closer to "in here" the energy flows around you, the more you are affected directly, and the farther away, the less so.

Another unknown REAL REASON for human brains is to expand your UNDERSTANDING of these two practically (operationally) unknown terms "here" and "there", so as they move much larger quantities of energy through the brain, one can extract finer qualities of energy for oneself... a quite unknown process, but which can be learned when "pointed to" by someone who Does That.

Can you see and appreciate that this energy flow can be reversed with no change in the apparent outcome? The flow reversal is seen as ambiguity by men, an unrecognized manifestation of higher, complex reality. For example, the question of whether life is evolving or not, or whether God exists or Not, the answer is NOT the point, nor is it the real reason for human brains wondering about it, and coming up with various divergent and arguable "points-of-view" on this or that side of some made-up argument; Thinking about the issue is the point! It is learning HOW TO Well-Consider without quotation-marks.

ENERGY MOVEMENT IS THE BENCHMARK OF EVOLUTION. Movement itself IS creation, its direction is moot, since reversals have no effect on the results.

Friday, April 5, 2013

Just another slow news day on Planet Earth

From the animals point of view, and lower, all the way down to microbes and possibly lower, as well as Life Itself and higher if such exists for it, it is always a very slow news day. Everything on Earth is moving perfectly in balance with everything, and since Life is the most conscious organism here - of all the life forms it encompasses - as well as the most long-lived - at over 3.5billion years so far - it probably passes by almost completely unnoticed, like a lazy day at the beach while the waves lap onto the shore, while IT (Life) ponders and considers ITS "higher", "better", "faster", "cooler" possibilities.

Only humans "see things quite differently". Only humans, stuck in the middle without a clue as to what's happening, find it necessary to comment on what they see and hear going on out there and in themselves, boring EVERYONE within ear and eye-shot, but few will ever mention this so even your friends keep bending your ears with stuff that wasn't even worth hearing or seeing in the first-hand place, let alone their 13th- or 16th-hand version (yawn!), but you nod your head and say, "oh, uh-huh, yes, you go girl!" and so it never stops!

This it NOT a problem for the humans, because 99% of them are NOT WHERE THE REAL ACTION IS - being stuck-in-the-middle like they are - so, for them, all this idle chit-chat - about local, and not-so-local affairs they get so concerned about and just HAVE to discuss - is all they've GOT to think about (yawn!)

Humans don't really WANT, and certainly don't NEED, what they don't KNOW about, and since humans KNOW NOTHING - certainly not what Life is conjuring beachside - they have no interest, "I'd rather just watch some TV or listen to the radio or watch a movie online." Ho-Hum, Hu-Man.

Only humans, apparently, have not discovered the SECRET of CONSCIOUS IGNORANCE - in the real sense of "ignoring that which is of no particular use" - i.e., not looking here, not looking there, not looking everywhere for some more nonsense to titillate their senses, because they can't do it for themselves, with Attention and Intention. As someone said: "if thine eye offend thee, pluck it out", i.e., before dumping the "mini-load of little consequence" on yourself or someone else, especially your friends who usually won't even complain... 'cause they're your friends... so you can keep on doing it... since no one ever complains... Ah, Humans, what a funny lot.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Another day, and another failed opportunity...

...To exercise the *only part* of the organism, or nervous system, or living human being, that has an opportunity to evolve in one life time, since the body proper (flesh, blood, bone, organs, skin, hair - all your guts and gore and gray matter) has NO POSSIBILITIES beyond this life time to Rise Above this life time.

If you do not yet realize - at a deep level of realization, that you can taste and smell - that dragging out old **snapshots** for others to look at, and marvel at your "wonderful life", is just about the most boring thing you can pull on them; see, just ASK them to tell you the truth if you're still unclear about this. These "mini-vacations" from Living Reality - you know:  looking back into the dead past - are almost completely devoid of Life and Energy. They are just wilted, faded, and frayed - not only around the edges but from the inside out - snapshots of places, events and things you were not only NOT THERE FOR, but NOT AWAKE FOR (as proven by the fact you've dragged them out again), so, therefore, a Double Whammy on you!

What all people really want - just ASK them to tell you the truth - is to GO ON THAT VACATION at the time of its first occurring and SEE IT ALL for themselves AT THE TIME, in real time. THAT is what people want... that is what they are made for... to be IN the moment when it undergoes what A. N. Whitehead called "the formality of actually occurring", to actually BE THE OBSERVER, and NOT to be continually dragged OUT of it, which is all most know of their ordinary, run-of-the-mill life they know so very well by now, SEE?

People want, NEED, to be there for the Creation of the new, so they can experience for themselves what that concept signifies (for that *only thing*), since people have absolutely NO CLUE, none at all, even as they argue and disagree until they are blue in the face.

Creators Create the new.
Reporters Repeat the old.
What are you, then?
A repeat of a repeat of a repeat?
Or, the new, Anew, NEW each and every moment.

**snapshots**: an over-arching metaphor for something the nervous system does, and saves for later...
by the *only thing* being discussed herein.

(Blink, and you might miss it!)

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Squeezing out the Evil

The machine can do everything, except for ONE BIGGEE: Squeezing out the evil. And only in that way can one Rise above the Machine. And do know, that if this is not accomplished in one's present life time, there may not be another chance - oh, there may be, but this can't be known beforehand.

So, what IS rising above the machine? Maybe it was only 6000 years ago that it was first accomplished, or maybe it was only 2000 years ago. Maybe it was some guy who lived back then who, somehow, GOT - full-frontal, in-his-face - the mental realization of what is happening here on Earth and in "Heaven" ("Kingdom of God"), and that "squeezed out all the evil" - as the machine (his corporeal body) was being crucified and killed on a cross (so the story goes) - which enabled The Full and unadorned Thought of Creation to exist in his awareness and perception, all-at-once. Once the ToC is all there is in one, that is the first guy that "Awakens", "Arises", "Ascends".

The machine can do everything

Humans have the "idea" - as un-well-formed as it is - that they are somehow "above the machine" because they are different from the animals and other so-called "lower" life forms that share this planet.

Life, from the viewpoint of planetary life forms, IS THE MACHINE, and it includes absolutely everything that any life form can experience. This may be hard to take, but all a person's so-called "higher experiences" are part of THE MACHINE; from seeing ghosts in the closet, gods in the garden, angels in the clouds, or hearing disembodied voices in the other room, commandments from dead relatives, or spiritual wisdom from entities on Beta Reticuli... etc., etc.

The machine includes everything, and the machine can DO EVERYTHING.

So - in the outside chance you can accept the premise - what could it possibly mean to Awaken, get Enlightened, enter Nirvana (or any of the other myriad terms that seem to point to Rising Above The Machine)? First of all, it would mean MASTERY over LANGUAGE, because one's present-day lack of mastery, has led and will continue to lead all of Humanity over the precipice, which includes living a sorry-ass, and sometimes even disastrous life, and of course the "Big D" at the end of their allotted days - a word most can't even hear without somewhat recoiling.

You see, humans - unlike the rest of planetary life on Earth - are MADE to rise above the machine, even at an early age, and all the "problems" one "sees" (with nearly closed eyes, and ears - due to not yet Arising) with Humanity and all the rest of it, are made up, DON'T EXIST IN REALITY, only "exist" in words, thoughts, ideas, and energies that have become so "stepped on" that they have absolutely NO NUTRITIOUS COMPONENT (being now, just "bad, or even dangerous street drugs"). Thus, humans remain exactly as they were born (or, actually, much worse) because they can't THINK for themselves.

Case in point - should you care to have a stick poked in your privates: the extremely common human tendency (simply for having an undamaged brain, plus an intact language center) to scour the world (i.e., to get "Google-ized") in order to locate "juicy tidbits" of (so-called by them) information, which only SUPPORTS their views, that they generally agree with, believe and now choose to PUSH onto their "customers", is NOT by any stretch THINKING for oneself. Remember now, it is all just "bad, or even dangerous street drugs". It is simply the lowest form of "repeating in words", parrot-like, that which someone else may or may not have THOUGHT for themselves because they are just parrots as well.

Now, there are literally hundreds of possible example cases to demonstrate how and in what way humans are more like apes and parrots, than like People and Gods - just to stretch the most extreme scale that immediately comes to mind, where humans (homo sapiens sapiens) are in the middle somewhere. Most humans only aspire to be "mo' better apes" and "mo' better parrots", acting JUST LIKE everyone else acts (so as to "fit in" and not be shunned by them), and thinking JUST LIKE everyone else thinks (for the same damn reason, don't you know?!?)

Monday, April 1, 2013

Rather than... This.

There is a deep, almost primal motivation to express oneself through their organism - what is in one, what one is all about, what kind of person one is - and so they start looking for a place to express it... a place they feel somewhat comfortable, a place they can visit often enough to keep returning regularly. Most if not ALL of these places are fairly innocuous and anonymous - no one really knows the other people, what they are all about, who they are, what they want - so the depth of expression is just barely superficial, if that. There, it's the chit-chat of the masses that rules.

However, if one is very lucky, and makes a certain effort, one may locate a special place to hangout, where...

RATHER THAN: continuously wasting their highest and best thoughts, feelings, energies on strangers who don't really give a god damn - who only want to IMPRESS you and everyone on just how wonderful, special, and unique they are...

THIS: one could learn how to gather and hold close their most creative and original thoughts, feelings and energies in order to push them even Higher, and Better, for that special place, and bring ALL OF THAT to the group, each time, every time, because those people have *earned* the right to be there, in your presence, when you express it because you value them that highly to speak to them in that way. No one can make this happen from the outside. It can ONLY begin from within, and be strengthened through continued effort. The LESS you do of the former, and the MORE you do of the latter, the stronger and more powerful you become. It's mathematical. There, it's the birth of the benevolent king.

I am detailing an extremely narrow viewpoint to say that these special places are the most important thing in the world - when seen correctly - and I am elevating the importance of a moment way out of proportion to the way they are normally seen for the primary purpose of growing into it.

This kind of stuff

Those who read this kind of stuff, think about this kind of stuff, incur a real responsibility that others simply do not have. Interest must lead to Action must lead to Success, or that interest was not worth the mental stimulation once felt. It is then more like spilling one's "seed" on barren earth, than upon fertile fields.

The responsibility is to oneself, of course, not to others. Their work, if it is actually occurring, is their own responsibility to bear, and with their Success - just as with one's own - it raises the level of the world, the consciousness of the world, to meet their own even if they can't perceive any of it. Everything - and every Success - is connected, but that can't be one's motivation. We can't fix, repair, modify, or improve the world unless we first CAN, and DO, fix ourselves.

People nowadays are compelled to interact with other people physically, emotionally and intellectually but not for the reasons they suspect. Generally, any statements made about those presumed reasons are shallow at best, and not even in the right direction at worst. There is an empty place that must be filled, just as the universe abhors a vacuum - and will fill it, does fill it, with potential that may, under the right circumstances Grow and even expand and evolve... into stars, planet, life forms, intelligent species, and even "newly minted gods".

The Mind Of Man

Ordinary, everyday, routine people - like you, me, and the others out there - don't really have, possess or even have access to, The Mind Of Man. What we have, from birth and very likely till right now even as you are reading this, is "thinking and feeling" with a bit of a twist, controlled for the most part by continuously moving fluids throughout the organism - blood, hormones, neuropeptides, etc. - all of which colorizes the "thinking and feeling".

But The Mind Of Man... not even close.

"thinking and feeling" is what is going on in all people right now (who are not tragically brain-damaged), as they casually and without foresight spin their lives into their own "personal grave site", one missed moment at a time, while capturing, saving, and even better UTILIZING, almost nothing of the higher bits that were always possible to get from those fluids (both bio-chemical and neuro-electrical), from day one, that they all COULD HAVE gotten, had they discovered what "thinking and feeling" was doing to their highest potential - directly accessing The Mind Of Man (which for them, never was).

This is actually NOT UNKNOWN to many humans, but what is completely UNKNOWN even for them is answering the "in-your-face" QUESTION... "What now, friend? What now?" Simply knowing there is a problem (of sorts), does not mean one instantly has the solution, or even the beginnings of a solution because generally it only leads to more and more inane TALKING ("thinking and feeling"), which perforce leads nowhere.

Now, there are two basic directions one reading this might go - though you can't go in both-at-once, so "Choose well, friend. Choose well." The first is: find out, somehow, what to DO and then DO IT. The other is: find out, somehow, what NOT TO DO and then NOT DOING IT.

The first seems VERY correct, so 99% of "solution-providers" go that route, and teach that route - change diet, meditate daily, pray to god, watch your breathing, exercise daily - and so they get followed by sheeple who don't know any better.

The second seems only possibly correct, if even that, so there are hardly any extant providers at all, for the reason that it always sounds too simplistic like, "Stop Thought", "Look Around", "Awaken", and nobody can actually "do that", certainly NOT as a "regimen".

So, as asked before... "What now, friend? What now?"


***The DAILY CHALLENGE: to produce some form of intellectual contribution from the "BRAIN" (or "MIND", take your pick - you know, that intangible "bit of fluff" you know almost nothing about, really!) that serves to prove at least to yourself, that there is still LIFE in there, capable of producing a coherent set of ideas and concepts that are of immediate (right now) importance to you personally, on a topic of your own choosing, not someone else's (and may be of some value to others, though not necessarily), and you are not just a long magnetic tape of fragmented and fractured memories of stuff you've read, seen, heard, smelled, tasted, touched - produced mostly by other people, though not exclusively - that, because you lack Greater Will, can't be contained by you because there is no "STFU" switch in there.

(Hey, maybe this was just an "April Fool's Day Joke"... it's up to you then!)