Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Knock knock...

(your response goes here... good question, eh?)
In case there is someone reading this today who either hasn't seen the above before, or who never realized it before (that's even worse, since you should have many decades ago), that is what face-to-face communication of a higher-order is all about. And, fortunately for us in the 21st century, face-to-face means more than just close physical proximity, but also includes video (and non-video) conversations, particularly wherein everyone "in the same headspace" knows everyone else present. The kind of conversations people get into most of time are not that - not even close - and without being told, one should already understand this perfectly well.

Written texts have their place, of course, primarily for matters "out there in the world" - like learning computer programming, or automobile repair, or air-conditioner maintenance, and countless other things - but with specific regard to the ONE THING that is of most importance, 99.9% of those written texts might as well just remain on the bookstore/library shelves for all the "good they do." In general, without someone to talk to - often, and on a regular basis, who knows A LOT MORE than you do - confusion and frustration will be name of that reading game, while wasting much more precious time than is necessary. Sure, a little confusion and frustration is useful - in fact, VERY useful - so that the "confused & frustrated one" must discover and work "muscles, tendons, sinews, and NEURONS" that have never worked before. One gains strength and power and a certain "talent" for not wasting time on IRRELEVANT NONSENSE, in order to rightly consider the RELEVANT SUBSTANCE.

With regard to the ONE THING, it is not how well you can read the English (or other) language, and then write essays and posts and messages on the thousands of (and growing daily) Y-F-G** groups, or worse, just pushing out mindless, inane, one(two, three, whatever)-liners just to remind everyone else, "Hey! I'm still heeeere!" (well... thank you very much for reminding me.) No. It is about something of a higher order where mankind is concerned. Speaking one's Truth. Thinking is good, Writing is even better, but Speaking one's Truth (particularly to one's Friends) is priceless.

Speaking on your feet (or, as usual, in your chair) about things you actually know something about, with the intent to expand your OWN understanding and comprehension of what's going on here - with Life, Being, Humanity, Consciousness - is worth much more than justifying and rationalizing your continuing INABILITY to do that on a regular basis with Friends that matter. If you don't believe that, then you definitely need to experiment with this for a long enough period of time to discover what is actually being pointed to herein. (Final note: "wise person" means something else, than a "bearded one" sitting out there, at your feet, who's always ready, and more than willing to give you a firm whack with a flat wooden stick - though, in truth, there's nothing wrong with that! Oh, and one more... "flat wooden stick"... work on that one for a couple minutes and see what shakes loose.)

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Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Zen and the Art of "Hanging Out"

 (...language maintenance**)

What we in the conscious circle are doing - week by week for years and years, unlike so many who have never attended... not even ONCE! - is surfing the light fantastic, discovering thrills and chills the ordinary 3D body is not accustomed to experiencing. Not from roller-coasters, not from base-jumping, not from sky-diving, not even from sex-with-alien-babes (well, that one's pretty close.) Not from anything out there in the physical world that requires a ticket to be admitted, or you can't get there from here IN AN INSTANT! bzzzzzzt!

We are learning, every single time we meet, that there are concepts that can be comprehended and expressed wordlessly which resonate in everyone within that head-space (whatever that means - you figure it out), and that new sounds, tastes, shapes, colors, angles, curves and turns in the road suddenly appear, seemingly out of nowhere, that were never even dreamt of existing before. It's not a big deal of course - certainly NOT to the casual onlooker, bystander, eavesdropper, or drive-by "here-today, gone-tomorrow" looky-loos (who might seem interested, but whose actual intention is only to browse, and then walk away mumbling negatively to themselves), because they do not have the (ten-) sensory apparatus to appreciate all of this - except to the circle of friends who, by their Will, Attention and Consistency, make these occasions Sacred by their Presence.

But then again, you don't need to be 
reminded of this yet again... 
do you?
(Zen and the art of) **language maintenance: in order to not allow oneself to, as it were, be continually "stopped-out" by the guard-at-the-gate (samurai-on-the-bridge) who seeks to keep one from realizing higher truths about who and what one is, who and what others are, what is Life, Being, Humanity, Consciousness, and especially those millions and millions of ordinary experiences, and memories about them, that continually want to be re-membered, and re-expressed, that actually CAN BE transcended... but aren't. And so... like dirt and debris in the pond, they muddy and roil the otherwise calm, clear waters... And so... not being able to do any of that - i.e., being yet again "stopped-out" - they continually fall back into their old, tired, and overly-well-worn patterns, forever "trying, and trying again," and never seeming to get anywhere.
What can you say but, 
Ho Hummmmm.