Wednesday, December 31, 2014

A Resolution for a New You

Although this is being pushed into the eyesight of several tens of thousands of people who are, by their membership, supposedly "interested in this kinda thing," ninety-five percent or more will never even see it, or even read it, or even completely (if they can manage to get that far); not today, not tomorrow, not ever.

The reason the masses are asleep to who and what they are, who and what others are, what is life, being, Humanity, and damn near everything else, is NOT because they are faulty machines. If someone managed to escape their earlier 9-month enforced confinement, that preceded this many-decades-long, and just as enforced confinement (though this time in a maximum security environment, surrounded at all times by guards who do not have the confinee's "best interest" in mind) then they are capable of full-on, straight-up consciousness of the highest order, spoken about at length by many people who achieved it. One thing is certain, there are conscious beings on this planet and they are known to each other, though you and the masses do NOT know them, can NOT locate them, and most likely do not even believe there are any such beings. What is worse, in a sense, is that the masses do not even believe - in the right way, that is - that they could become such a being, while still upright and able to enjoy it.

What is needed is a New Way - not the old, tired, and don't-work-anymore ways, but a New Way. And - as some may have already guessed - it is now to be delivered, in part, in this replacement for that silly end-of-year "plan for the next year" that only reveals, to those just a little more Awake than the average bears still playing that game, that they are not now, and probably CAN NOT BE Serious about This Thing, sometimes referred to as, "The Game of Enlightenment."

This Resolution for a New You is already known by everyone, but they don't realize it yet. Many things must come to pass in order to discover who and what one is, who and what others are, what is life, being, Humanity, and Consciousness - which, when all of that has come to pass, one has access to all times and all spaces in the eternal now of existence.

Fancy words, perhaps, and revealing almost nothing at all to people who have not even begun to use everything they have at their disposal to consider such matters - i.e., the five lower senses, the three lower circuits, plus the higher emotional sense, and the higher intellectual sense. When a person can think and feel rightly about being alive, they already know who and what they are, who and what others are, and all the rest, and a new circuit is thus created.

And, as has been mentioned here MANY times during the last quarter - and missed by ninety-five percent or more - it all starts with what has become for modern man (i.e., since about 2500 years ago, and increasing year by year up till today), the most common and natural thing people do... TALK TO EACH OTHER. Get it? That specific event in the life of living, breathing humans with a language and means to communicate it to other similarly outfitted prisoners in the decades-long confinement in that maximum security prison is the starting point of this New Way. They tap on the walls, on the doors, they write notes, they send texts, messages and emails, and they talk endlessly to the other confinees, all for the exact same reason - without even a glimmer WHAT that reason is. Put another way - specifically the way it has been put here during the last quarter - when you get two or more conscious (or at least, more conscious) beings in a room together at the SAME TIME, in the same "head space" (which means they don't have to be in any kind of physical proximity, but it helps), who can quickly do ONE particular thing, and then do ANOTHER, something on a higher level immediately becomes possible, and quite accessible to all... though for the masses - the confinees without a clue, the ninety-five percent or more - it might as well be IMPOSSIBLE. The next steps are not taken, even though the way is clear simply by their having shown up, i.e., "arrived, on time."

The Resolution for a New You, has to do with just that: Arriving on time, then, Leaving something behind, and then Acquiring something new. Who Arrives? What is Left? What's New? Aaah, that be the question you can struggle with next year if you must, so as to bring the always-easily-accessible back door into direct proximity with the almost-never-accessible escape hatch - creating a temporary, but highly energetic atomic/cosmic "blackhole/wormhole" - and Voil√†, the next steps CAN be taken, ARE taken, and taken, and taken again.

It's a thing of beauty, 
but you shouldn't have to be reminded of this
AGAIN! Right?

Friday, December 19, 2014

Falling asleep on a higher level - RU?

Have you noticed while playing in these kiddie sandboxes, that most of the kids have become so involved and engaged in what they are doing with their shovels, buckets and other toys, that they don't even notice the other kids anymore, except when one of them encroaches upon their "territory," and then things begin to escalate, sometimes out of control? Have you?

Is it possible that people start off on the their journey to adulthood and maturity, quite well, but things seem to simply go off the rails, and for the next several decades - usually, till the end of "their time here" - they only BELIEVE they have reached adulthood and maturity, but in fact, are still operating at the level of a child? Of course it is possible! People are not naturally Waking Up, becoming (esoterically-speaking) Conscious and even (dare I suggest it) Enlightened, because their beliefs about themselves and others are getting in the way.
(when you hear something, it is being said in your head too)
(in a sense, the thought is coming out of all those within ear-shot)
(Who actually SAID that?)

[transcript for those who'd rather read the words too]
It has seemed clear the last few years that the quality of conversation on these "enlightenment oriented" yahoo, facebook and google groups demonstrates, as a friend recently remarked, that most of the active participants have simply fallen asleep on a higher level.

Now that they have read all hundred plus work books and bibles, including several recountings of their favorite teacher's life as told by friends, family, and followers, and now that they have joined several of these online pseudo-groups, they have come to believe most strongly that they have reached a higher level of development, and have learned so much that there is no where else to go, nothing else to do. They have reached a state where they are no longer interested in disrupting the status quo, and the suggestion they consider mixing things up a bit leaves a bad taste in their mouth. And like the person mentioned earlier, "joining anything gives me the heeby-jeebies." Well that's just too bad.

But consider if you will how easy it is for someone to join one of these "enlightenment oriented" pseudo-groups, and then sit for hours per day or week, quite mesmerized by the reading and reviewing of pictures, videos and the like, while believing they are advancing their knowledge and being on This Thing, that some of us are actually involved in. But, it is much harder, if not almost impossible for those same people to get into a face-to-face meeting, including on a real time video chat, and to engage in useful conversations that don't quickly fall into associative thinking, idle chit-chat, and sometimes even into hurty-hurty feelings.

If you are not participating in such a thing right now, on a regular and disciplined basis, then it is very possible you have "fallen and can't get up", which in this context means, can't see the possibility that you actually have MUCH MORE to learn and discover, than you think you do. Try it, 10 or 15 times at the minimum - without fail, no excuses why you missed the meeting - and you will most definitely discover something about your personality, your quote-unquote work personality, and your imagination about the work and the system you follow, that you never even suspected before.

Or, hey, never mind. You've always got yahoo, facebook and google pseudo-work groups to wrap around yourself, so now you can sleep all the more soundly folks. But for the few of you that have suspected this in yourself for quite some time perhaps, consider this little test you can take. It's a thought experiment. Do you believe there are higher beings walking around this planet, perhaps living in your city, who know more than you do about almost everything, who can do more than you can do in almost every area of being alive in a human body, and who are actually looking for you and the reason they have not found you, is because whenever they show up you fall asleep and miss it. Consider the possibility that you are the problem, not the world.

Thursday, December 18, 2014

So, what the hell ARE hangouts, any who?

Stand up performance art of the neural kind
(although, to tell the truth, we are usually sitting quieting
waiting for the ambience to cycle up to operating temperature...)

In a short statement from a friend of ours (jm)...
"We want our brains to fire up into extreme fluency on demand 
   (with the sound the furnace makes 
   when the gas hits the pilot light)"
"We want to stay close to the gooey interface, 
   wherein hormones make neurons talk, 
   and language meets linoleum"
"We want to be able to express 
   the hilarity, 
   the absurdity, 
   the wafer-thin profundity 
   of having a 'mind' that is compelled 
   to 'make sense' of 'all this stuff' that 'happens'."

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Creation Stories

Creation Stories are one of the most significant creations on this planet, but they are not created by "mankind, the species," they are created only by An Individual Man, a particular adult human being who does it. They are significant creations, but they don't come from ordinary life; that is there is nothing in the external world of things and events that either points to, or would remind one of the significant elements of the Story. For example, if there was some creation story about a 12-foot tall "sky-creature," who came here on a winged white horse, and then interacted with the tiny humans of the day, seeding some of the females with his essential bodily fluids, and that is (supposedly) how "We (I) got here," you can be pretty certain that is NOT what happened... not even close.

But, even more significant than these large, species-wide, or planetary or higher creation stories, are the small, almost insignificant by those standards, Individual Creation Stories - i.e., mine is mine... yours is yours... and theirs are theirs. And, it is up to oneself to discover/invent/create (not necessarily in that order) the story, and not out of whole cloth, but from years and years, perhaps, of observation, experimentation, consideration, pondering and neuralizing the data for heretofore unseen and unknown inter-connections, -relationships, -linkages, such that one finally comes to, as in, Wakes Up To the Individual Creation Story, which answers such questions as " who am I", " what am I", " how did I get here", " where am I going" and a whole host of others things too personal to mention here, and most other places too.

It's one thing (and a very common thing) to not know or even care about one's own Creation Story, but it is another thing entirely (and a very rare thing indeed) to Know it, and to be able to Speak it, with a degree of certainty that befits an explorer who, after many years of traveling in some faraway land, returns one day to a small gathering and Tells The Tale. Only he knows where he has been, and what he has seen, and what he has experienced, and therefore, only HE can speak about it. If that is the kind of thing those in the small gathering want to know about, then HE is the only one who can reveal it to them.

If you don't think, and don't believe this is a Big Deal on several levels, then it is because you have not realized your own Individual Creation Story. Until then, people - and this includes the mass of Humanity, the 99% who have no idea what is being pointed to here, and don't care anyway - will just sit around, aimlessly floundering in the fast-moving stream of thoughts behind their eyeballs (those pesky little neural lightning flashes), arising from who-knows-where, and disappearing to who-knows-where... Or, if they are a little more "advanced", aimlessly talking about their favorite subject of the day that has captured their ordinarily unfocused attention, including on the many "enlightenment-oriented" groups purportedly about some aspirational endeavor, and their named, or unnamed hero(es).

It is necessary to remember first, and realize second and for all time, that no one else can reveal YOUR Creation Story to you. That is a task for you alone, and it was "implanted" into you a long, long time ago (do you remember how it was done, and when?) Since you do NOT remember that initial "implantation scenario", nor the form, manner and sequence of that event, it is fair to consider that the last step on the way to the Discovery of that faraway land that you will then be able to set foot upon and begin to explore in earnest.

Lastly, for now, these highly personal Individual Creation Stories are, without doubt, the source of all so-called, by some, "Esoteric Teachings." Of course, it is up to you, yourself, to determine which is, and which is NOT worth your long time and great energy to pursue, sometimes for a life time.

Friday, December 12, 2014

Sam I Am, 'r U?

In the world we are now living in, 
Y-F-G groups** are for grade-schoolers and lower, while 
Real Time Face-to-Face Encounters 
are for post-grads and higher.

Nothing is easier - and nowadays, more common - than copying some "interesting-to-you" section(s) out of an e-book (or YouTube video(s), or Flickr photo(s)), and pasting them into a Post or Message to your Y-F-G group and then commenting upon the item(s). Everyone will think you are so-o-o-o special for finding it, and putting into the stream (or, the opposite - so-o-o-o UN-special, i.e., typical, routine, ordinary), but in any case, now people have something to write about for another hour, or day or a little longer... to keep that ALL-IMPORTANT stream flowing. 
This is a major distraction from one of the main values of having a three pound lump of gray matter containing a hundred billion neurons and a trillion neural connections capable of comprehending the Cosmos and the Thought of Creation!

"Really? Is all that chitter-chatter 
the best you got, Mr. Sam (U 'r I)?"

Can you even imagine two samurai warriors planning out a "meeting on the bridge" ("meeting of the minds") over email, or sillier even, pony-expressed letter-writing? That's what you've got here on Y-F-G. Delayed-reaction "pseudo meetings of minds" producing nothing but deeper imagination and confusion of tongues in almost everyone, such that the finest among you have already left for "greener pastures." There are no post-grads here, and if you honestly believe there are... then... then, well, look into it a little more.

Samurai Warriors do not need to KILL their opponent on the bridge, nor can they disregard or dismiss their opponent - there they are, ready to do battle against you. The Successful Warrior in This Thing we are doing here, merely needs to get to the other side - over, under, or through - and that requires much more sustained intelligence than is usually possible in a delayed-reaction encounter over email! The timing is all wrong.

Timing is everything, and the main reason people are sound asleep and unable to remain awake even when circumstances arouse them, is their faulty Time Sense. Awakening, is expanding the Time Sense, to include the Fact - and continuing Realization - that all of human history is in me, wired into my DNA, my genetic structure, and the future of human potential is possible, even for me.

Real I is a "point" inside the expanding and contracting time bubble which begins at birth, of about a second or so at most, but over the course of one's life time, expands into years, decades, centuries, and more. Some suggest that "point" is localized in the pineal gland.

**Yahoo, Facebook and Google groups

Thursday, December 11, 2014

The O.O.C.** and you, and me...

These occasional postings into several assorted, ostensibly "interested-in-enlightenment" Yahoo, Facebook and Google groups (the Y-F-G) - selected primarily for their sample size, which in this case amounts to over fifteen thousand subscribers - has presented only ONE major idea, and it is this:

Today, on this planet, if a person is going to converse with others about their "interest in this", then it is much better to engage with other living, breathing humans in real time - eye-to-eye, ear-to-ear, face-to-face (including videoconferencing) - than it is to chit-chat, argue, complain, criticize and generally quibble about mostly meaningless details over Y-F-G, that realistically - even over considerable spans of time - produce almost NO pertinent, or even relevant feedback to anyone. That is, these groups, for the most part, are a waste-of-time, and the sooner people Wake Up to that little fact-that-is-a-fact, and locate a small, tight "Conscious Circle of Friends" the better.

The main thing missing on Y-F-G is BEING - you all know that term, and even have some notion of its intended meaning - since lying, distraction, convoluted obfuscation, unnecessary talking, and lots of just plain old ordinary chit-chat is presumed by 90+% of those actively participating to be worthwhile ways to spend one's precious time with other living, breathing humans with a similar strong interest in these matters.

Another thing missing on these ostensibly esoteric "work language based" delayed-reaction email/messaging groups, is the near-inability by most to speak in simple English words, phrases, concepts, rather than in the particular "work language of the group". That is, in reality, if you can not express your highest and most meaningful (to you) ideas to another, presumably interested person who is OUTSIDE the framework of your "work language", then you do not understand it. This is similar to the concept everyone has heard/read before, that if you can't explain something to a child then you don't fully understand it. Another example of this is, if the idea can't be written on the back of a cocktail napkin, folded in half, then you don't understand it. And - you guessed it - there are many more examples not indicated herein... (thought experiment.)

And yet another thing... what we have learned/gleaned from the twenty some odd people from these groups who have attempted to make it to a weekly meeting ON TIME, with their BEING on, and their personality/resume/preparation left temporarily outside the door (where they can find it again quickly if that is their desire), who are quite ready to work for a few short hours with other conscious friends who CAN DO the same on a weekly basis... is that NONE, so far, has been able to make it to the second meeting, or the third, or the fourth, etc., and most never even made it... are you ready for this... to the FIRST! (Everyone always has an excuse!)

Not surprising of course, but very indicative of the way personality fears, concerns and general inability to simply overcome the technology and requirements of the room (the "rules of engagement") keep most everyone back at the beginning of the path they only imagine they are pursuing in their imagination. If you can make it to the FIRST, and then some, reply here with an email address, and wait patiently.

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

The obviously oblivious clueless...

...and other sundry sillinesses 

Lest anyone actually quibble with the selection of terms here, just check out "News Radio & TV shows" from both the right, left and upside down, as well as all the "Conspiracy shows" running non-stop on YouTube and elsewhere. The problem with ALL OF IT, is that the authors/creators of these shows do NOT have access to the WHOLE story, just a tiny fragment disconnected from all the other fragments and can not put it all together. Thus, they trade in partial-truths, pseudo-facts, and other sundry-sillinesses not worth one's time after all dontchaknow.

If you really do NOT see what is being pointed to herein, then perhaps you need to rethink something or other. The "malady", or "disability", or just plain old "childishness" of many people nowadays filling up the Radio, TV, and Internet airwaves is not lessening by the year, or month, or day (as one might wish) - not even a little bit! It is, of course, increasing everywhere and includes all the small- and high-minded Twitter, Facebook, Google groups etc., that millions and millions of people read and contribute to almost religiously... as in, daily (by most), hourly (by many), and minute-by-minute (by the tragically addicted)... including right here, if you can be honest enough with yourself to see it!

One reason for all this "backwardation" (versus "contango" - two terms which have been "ripped off" from commodities trading for this ad hoc usage), is that people are becoming MORE AND MORE gullible about everything (knowledge is cheaper, and less effort is necessary regarding its acquisition because it's not worth the paper, or air, it was written on.) That is, they are LESS AND LESS possessed of an Inquiring Mind about everything and then some (understanding that Higher Knowledge is perhaps the most valuable thing on this planet, as there is less and less for everyone, so more effort is required to obtain it because, intrinsically, it is worth so much more than ever before.

Don't believe George, or Jan, or Chandra, or Maruti, or Sid, or anybody else as you walk the esoteric path to Higher Knowledge, Expanded Consciousness, Enlightenment (or whatever you call, basically, the same thing), but look into, around, and through Everything with that genetically-created Inquiring Mind, that should really be getting Stronger, more Expansive and more Inclusive, as every day passes into the next one... rather than weaker, less reasonable and less objective, day after day till death.

One possible "reason" for this tendency in most people to settle for MUCH LESS, is their inability to understand the VALUE in Inventing, Discovering and Creating the NEW in all things, and then putting mind to neural activity and motor activity on a frequent basis.

Friday, December 5, 2014

What are YOU doing...

(or later today, depending upon where you live.)

Sleeping, like most of the masses (i.e., wasting time), or 
Awakening, like the few of the few (i.e., making time)? 

... (cont'd here)