Friday, March 27, 2015

A New Technology

What some people can do with their minds is as far out of the realm of possibility for the masses - and even for the "creamier top layers" - as running up the side of Mt. McKinley in a day, or jumping out a Cessna Skyhawk at maximum operating altitude without a parachute, or diving at maximum depth with sperm whales for a couple hours or so... oh, and LIVING!

In fact, the mental feats being suggested herein are more difficult than the bodily feats listed above... and LIVING makes it even more difficult.

What those mental feats might be, can not be described here or elsewhere, only discovered in real time by oneself, usually after years of gradual preparation, not totally unlike what would be required to scale the mountain (over the course of several arduous and perilous weeks), or skydive (unassisted and without a parachute), or deepdive (without a special suit or vehicle), but at right angles to it. Right Angles, meaning, in a direction you might be imagining right now, but 90 degrees skewed this or that way (way, meaning, dimension) that can't be perceived with the five lower senses, again, without first experiencing this movement for oneself (movement, meaning, into the already activated  higher senses.)

Do know, there is a technology to this, and it has to do with the potential in all human beings to develop their nervous system - from the DNA outward, including the production of certain chemicals throughout the body, and activation of certain neural processes throughout the brain - into the "hyperspatial time-machine" it is destined to become, though not necessarily for someone stuck here in the 21st century, but perhaps for those in the 25th, who long ago became "un-stuck". Hard to know about any of this in advance, of course, of course, but glimmers of what is being suggested herein can be picked up by the developing, and MUCH MORE receptive nervous system (by the higher senses), given the right foundation, practice and determination to achieve it.

Those very few who have been, at least, paying attention over the months - since September 4th -  know that this has to do with bringing ones "preparation" and "practice" into real time activity with other conscious brains in the room with a similar aim (you know, People, especially those in the "conscious circle"). Chit-chatting on twitter, facebook, yahoo and elsewhere just ain't gonna cut it, no matter how many years you have devoted to it, and step one of becoming UN-STUCK is going cold turkey. Those who can't get that, are simply those who can't get that, and there is nothing to do with them. Those who CAN, on the other hand, CAN expand their consciousness in an unknown way, in an unknown direction - call it, at right angles to where it is right now (sitting on the sidelines commenting, criticizing, and condemning, most likely going on in you right now, and during the last few short minutes of mind activity.)

By the way, those same few KNOW what to do next, 
if only they can DO IT, and then DO IT AGAIN, and again... 
for a long time.
(Take the first necessary step onto the  
Way that is no way.)

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

"Everybody was kung fu fighting..."

Well, except for those who never showed up, and those who did but sat in the background mumbling, grumbling, sighing, snorting and wondering, "What the hell is going on here?!?"

This Thing a few here are doing is a lot like kung fu fighting, (that particular form of exercise with a spiritual dimension stemming from concentration and self-discipline) in that, in the first place, NOBODY is born knowing anything about it, and in the second, that it requires patience, energy, and time to achieve mastery. So many (perhaps even too many) people would rather read books, watch videos, listen to tapes, and chit-chat with their neighbors on Facebook who also don't know very much, rather than getting up early on a Saturday morning - every week, without fail, for years - and stepping out onto the mat for a few hours with those who actually do know, to participate in some serious kung fu fightin' goin' on.

Those who possess kung fu in an area, including in This Thing, implies skill and some degree of mastery in that area, which they have worked long and hard to develop. Someone with "bad kung fu" simply has not put enough time and effort into training, or seems to lack the motivation to do so. There is not much that can be done for such people, as they are usually quite content to dream they have attainments, when in fact they are still quite deeply entrenched in their imaginary pursuits.

It is certainly best to train with those who possess kung fu, than to spar with those who have none - that much is obvious. But what is less so obvious, is that those with none can not even determine who has, and who has not attained mastery - to them, everything and everyone seems the same, lacking. So, who ya gonna call, when, in general, there is nobody out there advertising their willingness to share what they have attained, and fewer still who would want to talk to you anyway?

All right, all right all right! We are NOT even talking about kung fu, are we? What we are suggesting is that This Secret Art - that is many thousands of years old already - is concealed from view, just like anything that must be protected from the trampling by the masses who might accidentally stumble upon it and, misunderstanding everything and everyone, walk or run away with a "bad taste in their mouth" (bad kung fu), who are ready and quite willing to spread their confusions, and/or contusions as the case may be.

When you get several masters in a room - which is rare enough, and few there be who've even had the experience - and everybody is "kung fu fighting," it is absolutely NOT LIKE some of those chinese martial arts movies popularized a few decades ago and still being pushed on the populace today. First of all, there is no bodily contact, although there is a tremendous amount of neural contact, and since most people only have their ordinary lives of chit-chat over coffee and donuts to compare it to, may seem too "up close and personal" for their liking. All right?

If you have a mind for some hyperspacetime travel in the comfort of your easiest easy chair, there is a place you can go - and these are the co-ordinates to that place if you can ferret them out of the discourses contained herein. If you've got some moves you want to try out, or learn, or perfect, then there is no time like the present. Good Luck!

Thursday, March 12, 2015

You aren't what you eat

If you WERE what you eat (what a idiotic thought that has somehow gotten into common usage), then consuming a chicken would turn you into a chicken... right? Or a head of cabbage (we've all known someone who might as well have become one.) Or, if you take this out of the physical food realm, and into the neural food realm, if you WERE what you read, then everyone who read a Buddhist book, or a Gurdjieff book, or a Krishnamurti book, would become - after several re-readings of course - a Walking Buddha, or Dancing Gurdjieff, or Sitting Krishnamurti (the other one: "Tell them that there is nothing to understand.")

More appropriately, what you eat simply becomes YOU. The roasted chicken dinner is ingested, digested, broken down into constituent particles and goes to feed the cells throughout the body. It becomes what YOU are, rather than YOU becoming what it is. Same thing in the neural realm, watching videos, listening to audios, and reading books by all your favorite people. The material comes into the organism, mixes with the thoughts and feelings that were or were not kicked up during that process of ingestion, and then during the process of digestion which only proceeds minimally at best, the misunderstanding and confusion replaces almost all of it. YOU have not been changed by the material, but rather the material has been broken down, fragmented, fractured, disassembled, and distributed to various unknown parts of the neural map of the moment, such that it almost disappears entirely from short-term view and rarely enters long-term memory. So, one will - if they didn't give up entirely, which is the usual case - start the re-reading process over the course of sometimes years, and even then, not much of significance occurs. All of it has simply become the "YOU" of before.

If a person could listen, read (i.e., "eat" all that presumably delicious neural food) in a new way, perhaps something could change, but that would require getting out of the way when the material is being ingested, so as to not allow ordinary mastication (argument, criticism, and the running commentary) to take place. It could be described as taking Big Gulps and stifling the burp - "I believe I ate the whole thing!" - though an ear-to-ear smile, on the face or in the brain seems perfectly reasonable. But who can do that without becoming quite ill? Nobody...  but those who can, of course, and then DINING takes on a new meaning at a higher level.

After years of interacting with people on delayed-reaction Internet groups (Yahoo and Facebook) ostensibly organized to discuss those very matters Messrs B, G, and K devoted their entire lives, including much more recently over video conferences - you know, face to face and real time - it has become clear, over and over again, that people not only do not listen, they CAN NOT. This can be easily observed by their responses to what others have said or written to them. One knows whether another has heard what was presented, and one also knows when another has NOT heard a word of it, and this is usually because they were "masticating" non-stop during the process of ingestion. Their little mouths and lips and tongues and nostrils were overly active, but the ears and eyes and higher up the neural circuitry were dozing. That is, they only heard the noises their own nervous system was making while masticating, while completely missing the "noises" coming from the speaker or writer.

It is not so easy to read or listen or view material from the external world, without the internal noise all but obliterating the message beyond recognition. In fact, the effort to HEAR/SEE without altering the observations is another way to describe The Work, or This Thing we are doing here.

Monday, March 2, 2015

Been there, Done that! (NOT!)

My first wandering into these Yahoo and FB groups - consisting, ostensibly, of nearly fifteen thousand "seekers of truth" (a small minority, who believe they've started, and usually, a long time ago) and "lookie lous" (the greatest majority, who haven't really even started) - was Six Months Ago. After three months of less than desired results, and a three month hiatus from all such groups, it is clear that the effort must begin again.

Unless the reader of this particular piece is already doing what I am now offering each one the opportunity to investigate more closely than ever before, then it can be stated - categorically - that they have NOT EXPERIENCED what we experience each and every week that it continues, over two years now.

You see (or not... as usual in most cases), unless one is running their own "Conscious School" - a concept only a small, small few have even a clue about, which means, investigating certain ideas that ordinary humanity is absolutely INCAPABLE of investigating for several reasons which will begin to become very clear once one actually does BEGIN this "Search for Truth" - then they have missed, are missing, and most likely will continue to miss an aspect of Human Life open only to those who have achieved REAL Success, unlike the masses who only rarely achieve "some success," which is tantamount to reading a FLYER on a wall, cocking their head this way and that, shuffling their feet here and there, uttering a sub- or even actually vocal "Hmmm..", or more typically "Harrumph!" and then moving along never even coming across the idea(s) in the FLYER ever again. 

Close, perhaps, but no cigarrillo. 
Solly Challie.

Hanging around bookstores with no one in-charge, open and even closed group-meetings (on or off the Internet) with someone apparently in-charge, and even private kaffeeklatsches with the old-timers, and Mr. Big Guy in-charge - in the hopes of picking up some useful/necessary information, advice, directions, methods, rules, procedures, and other comforting nonsense - is the first hurdle a person must rise ABOVE (move beyond, as soon as possible) so as to actually GET STARTED in the right way on the "Search for Truth."  The second Test - which it is, especially nowadays - is to get off Yahoo and FB. Cold Turkey is best, but severely limiting ones time and energy there can work too, but not for too long, or else one WILL pick it up again sometimes with more involvement than before. It's like stopping smoking - it's an addiction: just like Yahoo and Facebook have become for so many of these "seekers". (Clue: one is then backsliding in a serious way, and it may be becoming "too late" for most people to ever begin in the right way.

Other people can't help you, and even if they could you couldn't understand them rightly because you still believe.... "Other people can help me." Look around honestly. Right now, at the place you saw/read this new Flyer presented just today, and jot down the names of those people you would seek out and ask to become their student in the belief that if they would accept you, THEN you would really begin to Move, Big time! In the right way. Go ahead, fear not, blush not.

The ones we are always looking for, are those who upon reading the paragraph above, instantly Get It, and even if they "Looked around honestly," they would generate ZERO entries, and then ask themselves:
"Right! So WHY the hell am I still reading this 
delayed-reaction pseudo-spiritual Internet group, 

Final note for the "potentials:" We are creating a conscious school... week after week after week... unlike any that has ever gone before, and your active, continued presence/attendance in one is required, because only then, can you discover what a conscious school really is. By the way, again, "it is a concept only a small, small few have even a clue about."

We can HEAR YOU. 
Let us know you can HEAR US!
(message or email - you know the drill)