Friday, August 29, 2014

Cause 'n Effect, vs. Enlight 'n Discovery

Remember the old bit about the guy who lost the key to his car,
standing under the street light and looking only there
because the light is better? 
Well, anyway, there is nothing one can do out there in the world that will reliably cause any great positive changes in Humanity in general, or in someone specifically. We only think it might because we believe "cause 'n effect" is how such changes would occur. However, the only positive changes that will take place in Humanity in general, or in someone specifically, are those that come entirely from within: "Enlight 'n Discovery."
One can post drawings, photographs, you tube videos, pithy quips and aphorisms, copy-and-pasted sentences and paragraphs from presumably more highly-evolved people, and all of it will, from very likely, to most definitely fall on deaf ears, and blind eyes... mainly because Everyone in general, and most people individually are deaf and blind when it comes to what This is all about: 
"Enlight 'n Discovery."
Oh, one could suggest to oneself and other people (until blue in the face) that one must learn to meditate, chant, pay attention to one's breath, remember oneself, and many other kinds of so-called "advice", but it will come to nothing, as usual, because everybody in the world already knows about these things - hey, they have already heard it ALL before - and yet Humanity is still on a descending octave toward the grave, having accomplished NOTHING but the destruction of this planet and most of the species that live here.
If one person can awaken, then all people can awaken, and it only takes about "this long" (a few seconds of Real Seeing, that becomes Constant Seeing) and what prohibits this is not something one did or did NOT do in their lifetime, but what they SAW versus all they never even imagined or speculated or conjectured about. That is, their highest potential for This never fully activated, and that is exclusively an individual thing. The enlightening of our species will occur only when enough people are enlightened - how many, specifically, is unknown, but it's at least one. And you must know right now, without being told about it, WHO that one is.
And, you can't stop there... 
there is much more work to do.
It is necessary at some point to fully realize at a deep level that what you "think" you are ("you" - i.e., "me, myself and I") is personality, through and through, made over years and years of accidental causes and resulting effects, and that "YOU" is too fat, bloated, heavy, dense, and thick - not "small enough" - to squeeze through any "escape hatch" that presents itself. No, only Real I, made over months and months of conscious intention and enlightened discoveries, is capable of LOCATING an "escape hatch" and making the requisite effort to step on through to the other side.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

The Secret Book of Stuff

(you never heard before)
No matter how far our species progresses in its long "journey to the stars,The Secret Book of Stuff  will remain out of one's reach - as if it never existed, or was never even written. It has to be that way, of course, so as to not stifle that part of each person's brain responsible for "thinking" (in the ordinary way), and Thinking (in the extraordinary way.)

Nothing of significance is achieved by a species that can not 
Think in an extraordinary way.
It remains only at the level of the animals.

The same thing can be seen out there in the world. Hyper socialism, in all its varied forms - that is, giving everything to everyone whether they make effort or not - usually produces the opposite of what might have been intended. People may live a little longer, but they never progress past the stage of a rather sad, and defeated child at best. People NEED to struggle. They need to smarten up, about everything "known," and "unknown," so as to begin, and succeed in their long "journey to the stars."

Struggle comes in many forms and flavors, and it looks very different to different people: what is experienced as extreme struggle for one, may be experienced as the opposite for another - if not actually FUN. But, the result is the same, though in different degrees - Smartening up - because as humans are born, they are just about as dumb as the other animals on this planet. They certainly would die as infants without many years of parental care. But, at a certain crucial point, children need to be "set free" from their overseers so that they can learn how to survive and prosper entirely on their own - in both ordinary and extra-ordinary ways - even if that means losing easy access to regular meals, reasonable shelter, etc., so that they are forced by necessity to discover and implement viable solutions. And... the younger the better! This always requires activating higher ends of the nervous system - from the bottom of their feet, to the top of their head, and all points in-between - so as to bring greater consciousness, awareness and understanding to every moment in their heretofore semi-conscious (if not nearly un-conscious) life.

This, of course, is when the REAL FUN begins for one as they set out on their celestial journey acquiring/activating those skills, talents, and other gifts that Life bestowed upon each and every one, though only a very few ever succeed at This

They soon begin to WRITE 
- which means, think, speak and write - 
"The Secret Book of Stuff " 
(they never heard before)

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

The Weirder and Stranger the BETTER!

Unknown to all but a tiny few, is that one does not need to run toward the strange, the weird, the conspiratorial, the mystical, etc., etc., to find the Real, but only to LEARN (in the right way) how one ordinarily misses virtually everything going on around and within themselves, because they think and believe that everything is "so damn OBVIOUS (it's not worth thinking anymore about it."

No, it is not obvious, it only SEEMS that way to the ordinary mind of man. In fact, everything out there and in here is totally mysterious, and even when one gets closer to discovering the "truth," it recedes even further into the totally mysterious. All is Mysterious. There is more to find out. And learning to move within that scale of "the apparently known," to "the totally unknown," is what approaching the Real is all about.

Therefore, forget about the strange, the weird, the conspiratorial, the mystical, etc., etc. There is generally nothing worth pursuing there but a lot of confusing nonsensical silliness. Instead, SEEK to penetrate the obviousness of human life, and the world at large, because it simply is NOT obvious at all, but quite mysterious.

Very few people can even start to investigate the obviousness, because they can't even hear the questions, let alone see the blatant in-your-face signs. That is, when one of them suddenly arises in their thinking center - usually because someone else asked it, or pointed it out - they instantly believe they already know and understand everything about it, and so their personal investigation terminates before it even begins. This goes on for decades, with no end in sight.

For example, here is one that always causes a rise in people: "Why are you here... again?" People will typically ignore this question internally, due to such thoughts as, "Hey, that's obvious... I want to be here.") Really? Are you sure? Ask yourself: "Why are YOU here... again!?!"

Actually, it is harder to get to the bottom of this question than people suspect, because the real question being asked is this: "Why are you ANYWHERE... again!?!" People believe they know - "Hey, it's obvious... because I want to be here, I chose to be here." Really? Are you sure? But, once you begin to Do This Thing being pointed to here - investigating the obviousness of human life - you will SEE that nothing is obvious, especially - though never limited to - that which you think is obvious... because nothing is obvious, everything is mysterious and you won't get anywhere until you BEGIN to discover something about what is being pointed to herein for yourselves.

Monday, August 18, 2014

Never Fear! Ideas are here...

(to distract you!)

Can you understand that fully, or even partially - or... OR, not at all, thus falling back into the popular, almost firmly-held belief that, regarding that which has come to be called Enlightenment, "Ideas are Really Important," and "One can NOT achieve anything without them."

If you believe that "story" then you have considerable work to do in this regard, because the "higher ideal" is this: (watch it, here comes yet another "idea") Learning to disengage from your ordinary thinking brain - to "think with ENERGY," not words - at will, and very often, leads to Higher Truths, Deeper Understandings, than you will EVER find in an idea you got from a book, a video, or somebody else's mouth. If you don't understand that fully, or even partially... keep observing.

One can awaken in one lifetime, 
but only IN SPITE OF all these "ideas" 
that have been continuously thrown at you since birth.

Ideas are the primary DISTRACTORS 
to anything REAL one might be able to achieve while alive.

Most here and there are already saying/thinking, "WTF you talkin' bout, Willis?" Such people - and that includes most of the people alive today - simply do not understand how their ordinary thinking brain works, nor, more importantly, what their ordinary thinking brain DOES to DISTRACT them from getting to the "bottom of things," particularly, their so-called "THINKING." Only that kind of deep realization regarding the operations of their thinking center/circuit can UN-DISTRACT them from the glaze-over-their-eyes (read: 'identification') that comes over them every time they read a book or transcript, watch a video or listen to an audio... and then, attempt to "think about the (apparently interesting) ideas" contained therein.

One Huge Clue to all this is when they attempt to talk about the author/writer/speaker and his (supposedly important/meaningful) ideas. It is a dead giveaway, and most people can't see it, can't feel it, and certainly can't rise above that level of ordinary thinking on their own. Even when one who CAN see it, feel it, and rise above it, tries to "enlighten them" as to that ordinary thinking activity, they usually will NOT get it - and, not even close! Often, they just get angry, or miffed, or "off their game even further!"
but it is best to discover them for yourselves, 
rather than hearing/reading about them. Get It?

Friday, August 8, 2014


Let's say, just for the sake of this piece, that your "evolution" (such as you presently understand that very hard to define concept) is one hundred percent your responsibility. That is, you are in a pickle, always have been, and very likely will continue to be, and you are wired up to fail at this. Plus, you can't rely upon some "god," or spirit, or force, or grace, any other outside-your-physical-body "entity-of-sorts" to push you, or pull you, or provide any assistance at all, beyond what any other person born in the last several thousand years received.

Let's say, just for the same sake, that the "evolution" of humanity (also hard to define) is one hundred percent your responsibility. That is - if you can't readily see that - humanity is in a humongous pickle jar, always has been, always will be, and our species is wired up to fail with regard to the kind of "evolution" suggested by the mystics of old, the masters of note, the names of which very few people alive today even know (let alone admire and respect,) but who lived on this Earth, walked around, and spoke quite seriously about "individual human potential and attainment."

Quick now... Test, if you care to read it and consider it: When you personally (as you are, right now, today, as you live-and-breathe, and hope to live-and-breathe another day) are in the physical "head-space" (which includes non-physical as well, like while on an audio- or video- phone-call,) is it your feeling, sensation, understanding (and other things too) that THEY are at least, if not more so, EQUAL to you mentally, emotionally, sensorially, spiritually, potentially -  and all the other "ally" words you can come up with, including... hell, even consciousally (ok, ok, consciously) - OR do you (as do most people alive on this tiny blue planet) see them as less so, if not much less so?
Walking and Talking Nervous Systems
One and All.
Same thing, Many versions.

Get it? Well, consider this, if the evolution of the world of mankind, our human species, is YOUR responsibility (just as your own is), then you must not, CAN NOT see them as less than you. In fact, being in the same "head-space" as other human beings - known or unknown to you, though in this particular way... eye-ball to eye-ball... ear-hole to ear-hole... that is, each one there sees and acknowledges the presence of the others also there, and can talk to any one or more of them personally (i.e., being in the same "head-space") - IS, when you come right down to it, the set and setting for ALL to ascend, even if only a little bit, but definitely to do that, to experience that (right now, today, as you live-and-breathe and hope to live-and-breathe another day.)

But, this is a Mission Impossible that only the few-of-the-few even care to choose to accept, because it necessarily involves the Active Mentation of the highest-of-the-highest parts of one's nervous system, each and every day for the rest of your life.

You need to always remember,
a "back door" is NOT an "escape hatch." 

"Back door?"  
"Escape hatch?"

All of this is somewhat easy to write, somewhat easy to say, but EXTREMELY hard/difficult to implement, but when you have 1) written it all down for others to read, and 2) said it out loud to one more people you admire and respect, then it is 3) EASY-as-HELL to remember when you have "blown it" - which means slipped out the "back door" - which is NOT the same thing as stepping through your own, self-created, "escape hatch."
Think about it.
It won't kill you, or
slow you down any.

Thursday, August 7, 2014

The I.J.M. - top of the "in-crowd"

Many people out there in the human kingdom will claim to know "things" that others - not in the in-crowd - don't know, and probably never will know without their help, if they will even give it. This is unfortunate, perhaps, but it occurs in all "walks (and talks) of life," from air-conditioning repair, to higher-brain activation, to other-world realization. In fact, such a belief is more widespread in the human kingdom than the other take on this: that anyone, even everyone when you come right down to it, can know these "things" once they have made certain appropriate connections (i.e., not unlike, perhaps, locating/creating and flipping/connecting certain "internal switches," or "neural gates") which, in effect, teases the "Music of the Magic" out of the utterly distracting background noise that is ordinary human kingdom functioning - clearly 97+% of what we can experience here.

So, those in the supposed in-crowd point to themselves, personally - or to their mentor, teacher, master, best friend or whatever they may be called at the time - and then suggest most strongly that you, the reader/listener/seeker (or anyone who wants to be in the knowing in-crowd) must "qualify" in some particular way, in order to be met by them personally. Of course, their time is important to them so they must do this, including asking for payment(s) of one kind or another to be paid. On the other hand, they could simply be much more open about the whole thing - top the bottom - and willingly reveal some of those "secrets they claim to possess" - you know, their "specialness."

Good luck with that, though. Most everyone in the human kingdom is unwilling, or incapable of such as this, so one is really - truth be told - ON THEIR OWN. The  I.J.M. is not to be feared, but to be pursued without fear. The I.J.M. is always just a molecule away, at "right-angles" to every thought, feeling, sensation clamoring for your attention every second of your life. 

"Death" is not the end, nor is "Failure" a possibility.