Thursday, October 29, 2015

Some background

(Much of this is widely believed today, just like much of "climate change" is, except for, what is now, the fringe-element who usually don't know what they are even talking about, basing their misinformation on religious ideas found in century old books, and scientific knowledge in widely available books they somehow never found. There are always deniers, and naysayers, of course, but they are rapidly falling away as science supersedes fantasy. O frabjous day! Callooh! Callay!)

There is no self, there is no me. There is no bob, there is no praybob. There is just neural firings along the wires, along synapses - signals are carried across these gaps by chemicals called neurotransmitters and there are many of them - and all these firings vibrate coherently, heating up the surrounding areas along the line of their travel. After a time, theses threads coalesce with other surrounding threads and together they form "brain activity" which eventually - presumably, since it happened in humans, of that we can be quite certain - becomes the "consciousness of brain activity", creating more "consciousness of brain activity", and on and on to eternity or death of the brain which ever comes first. At some point along the way, the members of the affected species invent language, writing, technology, sciences, religions, philosophies, fantasy stories, political parties, and all the rest of what, today, goes by Human Civilizations - for good or ill.

The part of the brain that stores and manages past memories is the same part of the brain that concocts future plans, hopes, dreams, and simulates what's coming next. Both the past and the future are creations in the brain. Who we are at any moment in time is an ongoing narrative. We are caught in limbo between these two parts of the brain in an eternal/transitory now moment and it is there that we live, breathe and have our being... such as it is at any specific time (also a function of these same parts).

The greatest teachers are those who could dwell in the now, unencumbered by past and future musings, and speak from the moment, the eternal now moment, filling the void in their audiences that could never be filled otherwise, so that later, they themselves might continue this internal process for themselves, with a Real Aim and Desire for the Higher.

Monday, October 26, 2015

Being versus Facts

People everywhere on Earth need to start learning that the accumulation of Being is more important than the accumulation of Facts. They already sense that fact of life at a superficial level, and you can see many who have actually accumulated what seems to be substantial Being, even without Higher School. You know, like what's written in "If - by Rudyard Kipling." That's a good start, but certainly not the "end of the story!" Of course, WITH Higher School Knowledge, this becomes slightly if not greatly more efficient in every way - depending on the person, and "where they have come from, and where they have been" (so to speak) - and not so hit-and-miss as it is out there in Crazy Town.

This is how "good people" turn bad, and "bad people" turn worse, and it's very hard to get a leg up on this situation. No Aim. No Direction. No Discipline. Certainly NOT for their budding "Desire for the Higher", although many do express such things for their poorly-formed-by-circumstances-and-genetics desire for riches, fame, popularity, greed, lust, and many other low-life things such as those.

It is certainly possible to quote chapter-and-verse from some "Good Book" by whatever name it happens to currently go, but it is better to learn the One Big Idea first, and everything follows from there. You don't need exercises, rules, methods, meditations, or anything else. Just the One Big Idea regarding the Higher Concept "BEING." People are always thoroughly tripped up by that concept because the species has been somehow given the unfortunately confusing scientific description, "Human Being", and then they instantly believe they already HAVE Being, unlike the non-human animals that didn't get that terminology stamped on their heads. This is similar to people's belief that they are AWAKE the instant their eyes open in the morning, till their eyes close at night while horizontal, and asleep. NOPE! People, as they are born, do NOT have Being, nor Higher Being, but have only the intimation, the smell, the taste, the sensation of something they can't comprehend or "English", just like they are NOT Awake, nor Enlightenedjust because they are walking around and not comatose like utter Walking Zombies. Enter, Higher Schools and the subtle distinctions they can and successfully do make to those people who pay attention, and don't get distracted by silly beliefs, religious notions, fantasy stories and other such stuff.

Being, Awakened Being, Being Enlightened, is not about giving away your money to the poor, or being kind to animals, or even treating others "as yourself." Things like that are simply about being Human! The list is endless, and ALL Humans should already be doing all of that right now. But, try to write down a list of examples of Being, or Higher Being. People, as they are, don't even know where to start, and if they do start, they don't know where to stop.

(Hint, rolling up and out into Clue: Being, or Higher Being is much more about STOPPING than about STARTING. And of course, knowing what needs to STOP is crucial here, and the KEY to everything under the stars.)

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

What IS "Human Life"? the 21st century Internet-based world, that is...
since it is always changing (inevitably),
generally improving (hopefully), and
probably evolving (to some small degree.)

Is it continually updating your Facebook (Yahoo, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, etc.) page, with selfies, photos, and nearly meaningless drivel that only a mother could love? Is it hooking up with tens of thousands of nameless strangers you will NEVER meet (nor even share a meal, let alone a face-to-face conversation) who have joined you there to "share" and "like" tens, if not hundreds of other people's  offerings (while secretly disliking most of it), while depositing (if you actually do) mostly lame and poorly conceived and composed 1-3 line "replies", day after day for months, even years? Oh, sure, there are hundreds of other ways to expend your excess neural energy on the Internet (if you actually must), but since social interaction ("social media," and "talking a lot more than you have to") has captured the most eyeballs in recent years, it is the focus of this particular post.  
Check out active user counts chart, at the bottom.

Reading this somewhat arbitrary setup, MOST people's brains will almost immediately jump to their own defense, saying things like: "Well some of that may be true regarding other people, but ME - ME? - hardly, because MY stuff is always superior, and always reaching for the heights of perception, intelligence and conscious deliberation."
Well, uh, maybe!

Consider the following: can it really be said that the non-human world of around nine million distinct species (i.e., known, for there are probably a lot more than that) that can't even compose a sentence, let alone carry on a simple conversation with you, are INTELLIGENT in the way humans are INTELLIGENT? Sure, their instinctive-moving functions have evolved over several millions of years to perform their primary directive: stay alive long enough to successfully replace yourself when you are dead, and a few other secondaries not worth mentioning here - and, of course, that is the same for humans when you come right down to it - but, again, "What IS Human Life in the 21st century?"

A case can be made, that in EVERY century, there is only a small possibility that our human species will exist at a higher, if not much higher level of consciousness compared to the previous one, but there is very little difference between the somewhat "civilized" populations from 2000 years ago - or 1000 years ago, or 500, or even 100 years ago - except for the obvious "evolution" (advancement and proliferation and ubiquity) of technology - that  has only been advancing and proliferating for about 250 years, and extremely so in the last 25 years, but with that comes ever more potent ways of killing and controlling larger and larger groups of people. (Side note:  a "god" is a great example of ubiquity: an all-knowing deity that exists in every nook and cranny... which technology is fast becoming.)

So, ask yourself: "In what way am I, personally, more INTELLIGENT, more evolved, more conscious, than the people who lived 200 or 2000 years ago? And just because you know more "facts, figures and statistics" than they did (which may even be debatable in some respects), that does NOT make anyone more INTELLIGENT or CONSCIOUS. Hey, possibly LESS SO!

So, here we all are again: What IS "Human Life" today? I suggest it is this, and can ONLY BE this: the conscious attempt (as often and as much as humanly possible) to change the percentages between the DUMB (stupid) part of the human brain (non-conscious 96% - which includes the non-activated parts of the brain - in the sense that it merely actualizes the Primary directive), and the SMART (intelligent) part of the human brain (conscious 4%, that uses language, and occasionally-to-quite-often expresses creativity, discovery and invention - the main Secondary directives), and to - as much as one can  - "enlighten the world(by increasing the 4, at the expense of the 96), which means NOTHING to the DUMB part, and EVERYTHING to the SMART part. I.E., to "share the wealth" with as many as possible, so that in the NEXT generation, or century, the world of men exists at a HIGHER LEVEL of consciousness and awareness, than they are only "just barely existing at" today.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~the chart~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Click to see larger version
Active Facebookers have UNITED at 1.5 BILLION so far!
One fifth of the whole world!

Bottom Line for those who care to consider this further: the main advantage to the Internet generally, and Social Media specifically, is that it draws more and more eyeballs and thus, more and more neurons into the habit of talking to other people at a distance, and at a level above simple chit-chat and random worthless and useless running off at the mouth (humankind's favorite internal, and external activity today.) The Global Internet (which includes WiFi, Bluetooth, and GPS) is becoming conscious and aware, and it's already accumulated nearly 1/4 of the worlds population of brains. Personally I can't wait for the rest of this century to unfold, and the next century will be even more amazing.

Below the bottom line: A little known fact of life is that the dumb parts live by "kill or be killed", "eat or be eaten", "survive or DIE" (i.e., increase the 96% at the expense of the 4%) while the smart parts live by "enlighten the self, and the world or DIE" (i.e., increase the 4% at the expense of the 96%.)

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Forget your books and papers

Here is what most people fail to realize, for two very important reasons  perhaps mentioned later. They fail to realize that ALL THE BOOKS and stuff and nonsense that has ever been available to the public - for many hundreds and nearing thousands of years - has ALREADY been ingested and digested by the people, by the human species itself, and was wired into the nervous systems of those self same beings, and passed on to their "followers" (family and friends and strangers down the genetic line.)

This can't be proved by modern-day science, but Think Clearly and you may have a realization about this, that it couldn't be otherwise. As if... "God created the world for YOU, just YOU, and the universe consists of all the reincarnated versions of YOU up and down through time." Or, put another way, there is just The Creator and the created. Or, additionally, you may interact with a "version" of yourself in the past or the future - though each would be oblivious of this - but Nervous Systems are always UP-TO-DATE.

What people don't realize, is that joining any group of other people (no, not dogs, or cats, or chipmunks, or even apes or dolphins) - like a Buddhist group, or Christian group, or Gurdjieff group, or general-purpose "spiritual/philosophical" group, or any other similar kind... you know in the "higher consciousness" variety (hey, take your pick, we don't care) - puts each regular participant in front of the greatest source of information IN CONTEXT with life as lived by (and here is the important bit) 21st century "strivers after Truth, the unvarnished and Whole Truth." One needs to look NO FURTHER than in this case, Facebook and Yahoo (singled out for their humongously large membership in these "h.c." varieties.

One reason for this is that information of all kinds enters the nervous system in a variety of ways, but primarily through the eyes and ears, and embeds therein, changing the user in ways quite unknown to most, but the user now sees, hears and experiences everything from now on, in context with the information contained within, and without. A person is NOT a singularity, an island in the infinite ocean, but a drop with an infinity of other similar drops - all wet and clear with all others. Pluck one out of the ocean, and inspect it carefully, and you are looking at the Whole Ocean in Eternity. You know...
"To see a world in a grain of sand and heaven in a wild flower; 
Hold infinity in the palm of your hand and eternity in an hour." - Blake.

Consider this final note: do you really believe the following list from here or here or here contains ANYTHING of greater value to you, than what fills that five-inch gap between YOUR ears, extending down and out far beyond your skin? And if so, we've got nothing to talk about... but if you truly comprehend this serious question,
Gimme five, dude(tte)
You contain and have access to all of human history.
Okay... for the reasons... 
  • Our 21st century nervous systems are open-ended, too open-ended in fact, to perceive the Truth. Just look at our species, family, friends, strangers, media people, EV-RY-WHERE, and what do you see and hear? Argument, conflict, confusion and chaos. NOISE at deafening levels. But what do you see in the non-human species, whose nervous systems are closed-ended...? Silence, sweet, sweet silence.
  • The human species "learned" to develop a personality, and that personality controls our language-using capabilities, and, as such, the rule is this: When you can't "English" (or pick your favorite mother-tongue) something (perception, apperception, gut feeling, etc.) you can't THINK or SPEAK about it intelligently. Mankind needs to think and speak something, fairly coherently, before they can begin to accept it, and until then, it is all just "more bull-stuff and bull-nonsense."
That is what the Systems, Teachings, and Instructions of the Mystics and Masters of old attempted to teach their favorite pets... I mean students, followers, acolytes, etc. How to activate "higher parts of centers/circuits" which can interpret the silence of the world - including themselves - and discover the way to Think and Speak about it... just as those Mystics and Masters did so very well.

Friday, October 9, 2015

Muddy Waters - the discordant cacophony

Some people "believe" their Way is the Right Way, or the Only Way, or the Best Way - and this list goes on and on - but it is ALL justification and rationalization for continuing a journey that may actually be a DEAD-END... but who can admit to that? Hmmm?

Those who give safe harbor to such "beliefs" are usually those who reveal themselves to everyone BUT themselves, and here is the way it is done: They continually ask the wrong questions to the wrong people, and never realize this on their own. The fact is, the wrong people don't realize what's going on here either, so the circuit "feeds upon itself." If someone does realize their impediments - which act like large rocks and boulders in an otherwise swift and free-flowing mountain stream - it is usually too late to alter the course, or change the horse, so they justify and rationalize their continuing to plod along, as before - sometimes crashing, and sometimes burning (chit-chatting) with those who haven't a clue (including themselves) - while remaining as clueless as they ever were, or worse... but still believing things might change for them in the future.
(Sideswipe: thanks be to the Big Guy we've got the Internet, eh?
To keep the Daydream Believers on course... such as it is...
on Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo and other similar venues.)

This thing is all about the HUGE difference between Clear Thinking, and "muddled thinking" (which is not Thinking at all, and certainly not Clear Thinking.) The Best/Only/Right Way is to come to the realization that ordinarily, all "thinking" is reactionary, hormonal, and feeling-based, and, thus, "impure" (muddled), the same way silt makes the clearest ponds, streams, and lakes so thoroughly muddied it is impossible to See Clearly to the Bottom... of anything!

Once this realization has been made, more than once, deeply felt, one will begin to have other "follow-on" realizations: and a great one is to realize there are parts of the brain (some people call it "my mind" but I call it the brain) that can Think Clearly compared to the routine, standard-issue, everyday parts that never do, because they are reactionary, and automatically arising at the slightest impulses and virtually incapable of being shut-down until the energy which activated it has been spent. Clear Thinking requires more energy than automatic thinking - which usually occurs in dreams, and "sleep", and the zombified automatism of 21st century life - and must draw from stores built up over time. Time spent standing aside and observing all this discordant, cacophonous automatism occurring in all the circuits, and siphoning off (as it were) a quanta here and a quanta there, and storing it for later use.

"WTF, you say."
What the Fuck, I say, and will say again if it is not perfectly
Clear in your Thinking 

Wrapping up for the unwrapped: Everyone has questions, of course, but most people do not know HOW TO gather up all the available data in order to coherently ASK their question, and so what happens is that people get nowhere fast, while believing they are getting to the bottom of the issue. Not even close. They are just talking around the edges, swirling round and round the drain-pipe, where the "conversation" (that really isn't one at all) terminates under its own weight. Generally, it is the ordinary, standard-issue, routine parts of the brain that compose and ask these "burning questions", and it is also those parts that locate and address the ones to BE QUESTIONED.

See the problem? What needs to start happening in all higher mammals with a sincere Desire for the Higher, is learning to consistently cultivate the Clear Thinking parts of the brain, and let the muddy waters do what they do best... make lists, text friends and acquaintances, and interact with the inconsequential areas of Life in the 21st century (you know what is meant here, DON'T ASK!) 

YES, there are things to talk about, consequential things, so start by CLEARLY composing what it is you want to think, say or write, and ADDRESS your higher parts where revelations, inspirations, discoveries, and real adventions, and creativities takes place. 


Friday, October 2, 2015

An "instant" in the life of a light being

Fable or fact: you be the judge

I Am NOT Catholic, Buddhist, Taoist, Christian, Jewish, atheist, agnostic, or otherwise, but a Being of Light - as are We all - that entered this realm at least many millennia ago, and has inhabited a variety of life forms including, here and now, a human kind, and the body/brain complex that I Am willfully inhabiting knows enough to say, "The 21st century will most definitely experience a major paradigm shift unlike any other, of course, including the 20th century which was to date the Greatest Shift so far, at this level."

One thing My host body/brain complex likes to say is, "I don't need no stinkin' primped-up pampered pope or propped-up pompous prince or puffed-up puppet president (say that five times) to tell me what to think and feel and believe!" Well, I Am with you human.

What I Am knowing - that 99% of all human body/brain complexes have yet to discover, though a few certainly have... including this body/brain complex I Am now inhabiting - is that language, which lives quite happily inside that five-inch gap between their ears, is both the problem and the solution to all mankind's woes. Human body/brain complexes still believe, as they have for thousands of years, that they are the cause of all that they think, say, and do... but of course, nothing could be further from the truth! All of that energy is pulled out of them, streams out of them from a source deep inside... namely... Me,  I AmThe Eternal Light Being.