Monday, November 18, 2013

Tardisian Explorations

Many people have experience hanging around with other people who say they want something higher, beyond, outside of ordinary human experience, not so much because it is perceived as "better", but because it is perceived/conceived as "The New and Extra-ordinary." They are those who want to travel in unknown ways, and are called, "The Seekers of Truth."

What people don't understand about Tardisian Explorations, is that once the ship lifts off into the previously unknown and unknowable, any deviations from the Way There, will break the connection so completely that the ship instantly returns to the starting point - well, a moment before that, before anyone had even noticed, let alone entered the room/booth - as if it had never even appeared, let alone lift off, at all, and all who were once in the ship have already forgotten themselves so completely that they even forget about their now, and perhaps permanently, "lost opportunity" as well.

Once you get into the ship and it lifts off, you must always be on guard lest the "crash and burn" subroutine (well... "return to the starting gate") gets activated, and you return to a point JUST BEFORE TAKE-OFF, and all memory is instantly wiped. It is tantamount to, yet again, never even finding the ship, never entering the ship, never lifting off. It is tantamount to, yet again, marking time on Planet Graveyard (third rock from the Sun) you so wanted to escape before your time is up.

In case someone is confused about the metaphors hiding literal truths here, Look Around, Listen Up, maybe it will come to you, like it did for Amy Pond (and you know what happened to her!) Good Luck with that.

A little clue that will likely be missed, again!
When someone actually gets their chance to "power the tardis" (supply the energy to operate the control system and "run the booth" - you know, the room that's bigger on the inside), they either a) run it to places and times unknown by anyone, including themselves, or (much more likely, if not damn near always and then some), b)  they instantly break the connection, all the energy (the "seed") spills onto the ground of their gross and mundane world, as they break into a story about american flag protocols, or neighborhood holiday decorations, or some "great man" posing as a car manufacturer with a vision... yada, yada, yada.
(Heard it all before, must we hear it all again? Especially... HERE?)

It's not so easy to run the room, and not until one can actually do that, will they discover how it happened in the - for them, if and when it ever does - first place, such that they may, if lucky, be able to operate the Control System and monitor the MCP for the next journey into the internalmost spacetimes (the "tiniest example" of "getting small" known to any man). They should (as they say) "be so lucky!"

Why? Because, when one flubs the dub too many times, the booth does a permanent disappearing act before they ever even catch the "windsong" whispering its presence, like just another silent mosquito that GOT AWAY!

This is really just a case of an extreme lack of imagination, originality, and creativity. It was given to us at the instant of our sperm/egg marriage ceremony, then, as children it gets weaned out of us through living with family members, the neighborhood kids, and especially the educational system. By the time a person reaches his late teens, and early adulthood he's lost most of his capacity for higher development... and is usually never able to recover it again.

A Friend has reworded the "famous" acronym in this way:

Friday, November 15, 2013

An Internalized Worldview

For most people on planet Earth - you know, the third rock from the Sun - the physical world is Way Larger than the inside of their house, and Way Way Larger than the inside of their own head. After all, this is so obvious that to mention it here or anywhere, opens one to ridicule: "What are you talking about? Of course it is larger, just 'look around!'"

Of course it is larger...
UNTIL You look around!

Until one has actually LOOKED, and SEEN this for themselves, the external world - with its billions and trillions and zillions of bits, pieces, parts, constituents, details, features, characteristics, attributes, specifics, aspects (that about covers it), most of which is virtually UNKNOWN, and the rest is totally UNKNOWABLE - certainly appears larger in every possible way. Right? Even with all that you know about yourself: your name, address, job title, and thousands of details about yourself, your likes, dislikes, and many other things, all of that pales in comparison. Like the ratio between Zero and Infinity. So, again, which is larger, the external world, or your internal world? "What are you talking about? Of course the external world is larger, just 'look around!'" 

It is due to this obviousness, that most people alive today, and in every generation, are more interested in the external world, of things, people, places, movies, restaurants, clubs, and stuff to do - which includes everything about their physical body (the clothes they wear, the tattoos, make-up, health aids and dietary supplements they apply to it) - than the tiny in comparison "Internal World of the Mind."

"What lies behind you and what lies in front of you,
pales in comparison to what lies inside of you."
Ralph Waldo Emerson

Here's another one:
Our minds are finite, and yet even in these circumstances of finitude 
we are surrounded by possibilities that are infinite, 
and the purpose of life is to grasp as much as we can 
out of that infinitude. 
Alfred North Whitehead 

Of course it is larger in there... JUST look around!

It is due to this obviousness, that only a few people, here and there in any generation, are more interested in the "Internal World of the Mind" than the external world of stuff. Virtually ALL their spare time - if not most of their non-spare time - is spent investigating, searching, exploring, experimenting, researching, considering, pondering the operations of the Control System, and the Master Control Program running the show behind the scene, always unnoticed, unsuspected, spinning out the scripts and plays and activities in which we all - from pre-birth to post-death - are unwilling, and certainly unknowing, participants.

And if you doubt even a word of any of this...
JUST look around!

Thursday, November 14, 2013

What's on YOUR neurons today, eh?

I don't know about you... but,

That's what those wispy, almost impossible to notice, totally errant thoughts are called by some (in the archaic literary sense - traveling in search of adventure), flitting, fluttering, and tripping their own light-fantastic in there, particularly in the way they escape one's attention, until they become SO noisy, and SO obvious - like landing on your eyeballs, or crawling up your nostrils, or buzzing within an inch or so from your earholes... that THEN, you notice them, right?

But behold when you catch one of them. If you ever hold them up to further scrutiny for a few moments, you will likely discover they hold clues to the universe in there, out there, that most people never even imagine would be the case, until that fateful day when IT happens... you know, the Great Experience...
you know... meeting one of the
 Great Mosquitoes in the Mystery.

Fear and Loathe NOT the Great Mosquitoes, because they only come around, like "blistahs on your fingahs", when the AXE, that is your life, has for a long time been played like there really WAS no next time, no next day, no tomorrow. When you've put everything on the line - to meet the G.M. eye to eye, and nose to nose - you may actually be allowed to experience HIS Great Experience... meeting you.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Magic Lawnmower Ride

The Greatest Thrill Ride on Earth!
Better than El ToroMillennium ForceBizarro or Intimidator 305,
even more thrilling than you-name-it, etc., 
and it is - you guessed it, right? - 
Human Body Magic*
*Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic. A.C.Clarke

The only reason the aforementioned "E-tickets"  are considered that (including all the other kinds, like parachuting out of airplanes, bungie jumping from high span bridges, scaling up the side of vertical mountain faces, you-name-it, etc.), is because the human body, and particularly the human mind, is capable of perceiving that experience, enjoying it immensely, and then living to report it, and even to repeat it, often.

Of course, none of this is possible for most living humans, EXCEPT when participating on these aforementioned thrill rides and experiences. That is, they can't do it for themselves - without the addition of "equipment" - because they don't have access to the Control System. The Control System is located in the brain, primarily, and other places in the body, secondarily, but to coordinate these places requires information and understanding outside ordinary human understanding. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of "methods/techniques/practices" for accessing the Control System, but generally they amount to little more than theories that can't even be tested, let alone actualized for oneself, without someone Holding Your Hand/Mind as the case may be.

So now, what to do, what to do? 
For one thing, start realizing consciously what is going on with you, in you, around you, anyway. For example, just walking to the store - a simple 15 minute excursion into unknown and uncharted territories in this part of the galaxy (in truth) - is like flying, sailing, surfing, skating, truckin', groovin', and any-other-thing you might like, can you but just DO IT. See that?

The mind is more than any Earth-based experience
and it is a shame that more people don't already know this, 
well enough to make use of this knowledge.

The Control System - "levers, switches, dials, wheels within wheels", or put another way, flesh, blood, glands, organs, veins, arteries, cells of all kinds - and the Master Control Program running through it, non-stop, from birth till death, or longer - which is hyper-threaded and neurally-interlinked "programming code, routines, and subroutines" - are beneath the ordinary, everyday, walking-around level of conscious observation possible for most humans - but not IMPOSSIBLE - and that is the secret that must first be dealt with, face-to-face, in order to successfully access, and then later master The Control System.

We will not - ever - bore you with details as to the How's, Why's and Wherefore's of achieving all this, besides simply offering the following: Change Your Mind. And by that phrase, heard so many times before and usually, if not always meaning, "change your opinion, change your theory, change your belief" or something like that, is here meant Change the OPERATIONS of your mind, such that someone is always Awake and In charge, a state that is so rare as to be virtually non-existent in most people for their entire, and quite short life.

If you don't feel yourself actually flying, about 6 feet above ground level, every time you simply arise and walk around - which you most certainly are unless you're a littler person - then change your mind. If you don't feel yourself surfing the planet even as you are sitting there in your seat, chained - as it were - to your computer screen, then change your mind. If you don't feel yourself traveling to unknown places and times, every time you venture out to the physical world, or into the non-physical world, then change your mind.  And finally (for this little bitty ditty here): If you don't feel yourself channeling the Master every time you open your mind, mouth, pen to compose yet another thought, then Change Your Mind!

Get your motor* running, 
head out on the highway*, 
looking for advention* and 
whatever comes on our way*
Born to be Mindful, 
Born to be Mindful.

Monday, November 11, 2013

At the Feet of the Master

The history of language use in human groups has always been about one person speaking, while the others listen, until that dynamic changes and another person speaks and the others listen. It is more than just obvious, or even pragmatic (can't have everyone speaking at once), and it is not just about teachers and their students.

In the beginning of language use in human groups - the unknown beginning, though perhaps it is knowable after all - everyone in the small group did not just stand up and suddenly start speaking out loud to the others, who were also shocked and surprised they were doing the same thing - "Ohhh, the cacophony!" Very likely, one person began to talk, and the others heard the sounds and saw the movements associated with some identified meaning, and after a short while these coordinated actions caught on. Soon, others in the group could mimic the actions and communicate similar, even new meanings to the rest of the group.

"The Teacher" taught the students, and the students learned well. 
"At the Feet of the Master" had a very simple beginning. 

The Master Speaks, and the students listen, and then one of them rises to Speak and the others listen. This whole process, that is certainly more than 10,000 years old, is a dynamic, ever shifting process, always and must be.

The real beauty of the process in human groups, is that people very quickly learned to LOVE speech because of the hearing, and what happened in those who listened well, and the effect that listening had on their nervous systems going forward. Though they didn't realize it at the time, the Dynamic Process under investigation here, was the primary contributor to human conscious evolution, that was eventually spoken about as a separate topic, primarily for those who, even today, shop for Bibles, Systems, Philosophies, Religions, Teachings, and especially those who AUTHORED them - if possible - and who may even claim a certain higher degree of expertise/understanding than all the others who would find them.

Listening is fine, and necessary, for a long time perhaps, but eventually one must "rise up", must Stand on their Own Two Feet, rather than continuing to sit down on their own rear haunches; in order to Speak the Truth that they are now, hopefully, capable of speaking.

Thus and therefore - so to speak - the Aim and Purpose of human life is to BE THE MASTER, not being satisfied to remain the ever recurring, never really learning, and likely never actually escaping student in the wings (wishing he'd grown a pair of his own). And certainly not being comforted by showing up late, sitting down on his haunches, leaving way too early, all the time hoping beyond hope that THIS TIME, he will be suitably entertained (code for "enlightened") so he can LEAVE, once and for all.

This is real meaning of going it alone.

Friday, November 8, 2013

The POWER in words

Everyone thinks/believes (and readily gives "lip service" to the notion that) there is "power in words", but nobody understands this correctly.

Yes, there is power, but it's definitely NOT in words... however, on the other hand, Yes, there is power in words, but it's definitely NOT well, or even efficiently used by those who get hit by it. The power is misused, misdirected, misunderstood, and consequently humanity today is less evolved in certain important aspects than a hundred or five hundred or one thousand years ago. Today, this POWER that is everywhere, has become channeled into the wrong things, rather than into the most important thing - Awakening.

Now, before reading the rest of this... do the 'right thing', and take a five minute, or five second break, look away, and compose your OWN rendition, your OWN bit, discussing this notion... ...waiting... ... alrighty then...

There is absolutely NO difference - power-wise - in these two words, "hate", and "love" (or any other arbitrarily selected pair, trio, quartet, or whatever), no matter how they are used internally or externally. "I HATE YOU FRED" (expressed with scornful eyes, and harshly raised voice), is essentially (the essence of the phrase) identical to "I LOVE YOU MARY" (expressed with admiring eyes, and softly whispered voice), and if you don't immediately understand that, then you don't understand anything at all, about language - about words - and how it has been implanted in you at an early age (even before you could speak them intelligently, or use them meaningfully) by those who came before you, who were similarly implanted by those... etc., etc., etc., and how the language - words, and their "attachments"... attached meanings - has "grown and developed" for as long as you have been tending that
"Garden of Delights"
That is your mind
Yes, there is POWER, but not in words...
in YOU.

Right here and now, I am looking scornfully at my cat there, lying on the table looking up at me, and I am thinking and saying out loud: "I HATE YOU FRED", and don't you just know it, NO REACTION, except his typical head-bobbing gaze of curiosity! So this time, smiling, I try: "I LOVE YOU MARY", and it's just the same ol' thing! The only way to force a reaction is by certain movements, and/or loud noises, but words alone produce absolutely NOTHING!
Let that be a lesson, human.
POWER is something else entirely, and when a person is not "identified" with the actions and events and people around them in Real Time, they will not allow their OWN POWER to drift aimlessly into irrelevancies, including being PISSED that someone said "I HATE YOU", or something else entirely when told "I LOVE YOU." How one reacts to the world simply "doing ITS thing" (driven by forces unknown to almost everyone, and thus never taken into proper account), is always a function of your own level of being and consciousness, and what will result therefrom are Conscious Actions appropriate to the situation.

POWER is something that can and must be extracted from that which masks it, including words, phrases, ideas, concepts, either spoken or written. Power is everywhere, affecting everything all the time, and it's FREE and AVAILABLE to those "with a mind" to extract, refine, and store it.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Strange but true

Most of the people I know, who claim to have some significant understanding of The Work - you know, that nebulous concept that many have only heard about somewhere, but never really grasped for themselves - have almost no understanding at all.

Some call that, "waking up" or "becoming enlightened" or "reaching nirvana" or "self realization", and let it go at that - as though the understanding of all those concepts is "self evident" - but those are just words, more words. Understanding the Concept means something that has escaped their attention somehow. "Strange but true."

For one thingThe Work has more to do with oneself, than about other people. Other people are necessary parts of the equation, of course, but one can not judge their own Work by their approval or disapproval, no matter WHO they "think they are". One simply Knows what they Know, and has the Being to discuss it with those who can and want to discuss it. Just because you can't discuss it with some people does not mean you must Fix Yourself. "Hold your Work!"

Those who have forgotten, or never knew (or cared) about The Work, do not know Who they are, What they are, Why they are here (or anywhere), or What they are doing. They arrive by accident - always and everywhere, even if they (think, or believe, or SAY they) had a plan to be on time - and then they instantly forget The Work, usually in that instant. One big giveaway, is that one can't address or even discuss the question - put to them in all seriousness - "Why are you here right now?" The best they can do, if they even attempt to respond out loud (not realizing it was rhetorical), is from their personal point of view... "I just wanted to be here to kill some time," or "I wanted to listen to the other people and their ideas," or "I wanted to teach the other people," or many other things like that. None of those "apparent" reasons have anything whatsoever to do with it. The first best answer is, "I don't know." The second best answer is, "I have absolutely no idea."And they would not feel uncomfortable in any way saying that.

Those who Know - in their Being - about The Work, know quite well how they arrived here in this moment (i.e., including why they are even reading this blog!) and what they are "doing" while there (or here), and can easily discuss it with others who want to discuss that. Those who Know, can no more FORGET about The Work  than they can FORGET about breathing, and eating, and excreting, and feeling the warm and delicious and life-giving rays of the Sun on their face, and loving the hell out of it. For them, The Work IS life, and life only gets better, and Better, and BETTER with each and every moment that goes by because they KNOW - in their Being - what is going on with themselves, personally, and with other people in the physical world, and even with those "IN The Work"...

That is, they can recognize each other instantly, 
and the bond is permanent.

Those who Know - in their Being - about The Work  also understand and agree with everything in Life. They have "risen above" the need to argue, criticize, condemn, complain, or try to FIX either themselves, or other people, ESPECIALLY their Friends in This Thing we are doing/living/experiencing... and yes, even talking about on a regular basis because we CAN, and understand the need to do it.