Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Cause and Genesis

Whenever this phrase appears in writing, most people instantly connect it to the Bible stories - the hows and whys about how God created mankind and all that - but this bit is not about that story, but another story, perhaps you've heard it echoing subtly between your ears, perhaps not. This bit may tickle some parts that have yet to be tickled (or, maybe not - mileage varies), but ONLY if you stay long enough to catch the light as it mysteriously jumps OFF the page INTO your eyes and is INSTANTLY converted into electrical signals, and then... and then... the wind whispers up and up through the leaves of that great, dark, damp forest between the ears, and eventually emerges at the top of the bright canopy (sooner, or later, or never - mileage varies) a mere, as-yet-undiluted, extremely faint outline that may suddenly come into clear focus. "VoilĂ !" and "Eureka!"

The Cause and Genesis of mankind is one thing that very possibly can NOT be personally known, and almost certainly can NOT be told - not by you, and not by anyone you know - and if you hear it told by someone, cover your ears quickly so as to not defile the virginal territory, up there, in here, as it is quite liable to permanently pollute. (Just a suggestion!)

The Cause and Genesis of mankind does not require Aliens from Alpha Centauri, or the Pleiades (or elsewhere - i.e., "off-world") a million years ago populating this planet with their seed - though making up stories about it, "discussing it with a straight face", and getting into minor and major arguments over it, is certainly appealing to some, BUT a massive waste-of-time for others. It also does not require believing in the Bible, or the Koran, or the Kabbalah, or Zoroastrianism, or any other so-called religious or non-religious holy or unholy book. It also does not require believing that the Theory of Evolution is (pretty much) settled scientific fact - and that our modern species sprang from evolved chimps and apes, whereupon arose the "Y-chromosomal Adam" who lived in Africa approximately 338,000 years ago, according to a recent study, and is the most recent common ancestor from whom all male human Y chromosomes are descended. You do NOT have to believe this, but you can Look and Listen much more deeply - and silently - than you are naturally accustomed to look and listen, to find out more for yourself.

The Cause and Genesis of YOU, on the other hand, is something that not only CAN be known, it MUST be, before you (your body parts that keep your brain parts alive and functioning) fall into the ditch, grave, or crematorium, as the case may ultimately be for you (if you die unconsciously that is... but that's another story.)

The Cause and Genesis of YOU, did not begin before your mother's story, and her mother's story, or Eve's story if you buy into that one. It began in that Sacred Cosmic Coupling of your parental units at the moment of conception when HIS genetic make-up merged with HER genetic make-up, thereby connecting a new "potential you in the near future" with the entire rest of the human species in the past, all the way back to that first mysterious coupling you don't really know anything about. Does it really MATTER if you don't know about that first coupling? Or, the five hundredth coupling? Tread lightly on this one, as there are  holes and traps and dangers afoot. There is only one coupling that truly matters to the one reading these light waves - your parental units, and when you get "really proficient at this thing," the second "higher coupling" of "higher centers," ...but that's another story.

The Cause and Genesis of YOU simply requires a serious commitment to self-observation - Looking Around, Listening Within, and stifling all the automatic and mechanical arising of "way-too-much-talking," and for a long time of sustained blissful presence in the real world (not to be confused with the imaginary world), so that you eventually learn-by-doing to THINK with ENERGY, "sans thought."

That is a mystery - and it is a mystory - and it can also be KNOWN.

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