Friday, May 27, 2016

Life is a serio-comedic affair

And, it is due primarily to the Impreciseness of Language.

If someone was to try to tell you or anyone how to enter a state of "walking meditation", or "unadorned consciousness", or "enlightenment", or "nirvana" (call it what you will, and there are probably 50 other names/phrases to pick from), and how to maintain that state always and everywhere, and how to quickly return to it if and/or when necessary or desirable, they couldn't do it beyond simply saying to you, (after you've read the above 'setup')
"Just do it - Awaken - and do it often."
Many have tried, and though the quantity of books in print number into the hundreds of thousands or more (not to mention the millions of audio and video tapes available now), they all say, basically, the same thing: after all the blah, blah, blah..., "Now folks, Just do it, and do it often." Well, with the one big caveat: there will always be thousands of words defining the Hows, Whys and Wherefores. This is all due to the impreciseness of language, and after all of that blah, blah, blah, nobody will have the faintest idea WHAT to do, WHY to do it, or HOW to do it! After fifty or a hundred or a thousand years LATER (mind you), the sad and hapless "followers" will still be arguing over the tiny details, the meanings of all the words, and Facebook and Yahoo groups will have millions and millions of Sleeping, Sheep-like members!

The reason for some of this should be obvious. In order for humans to increase their numbers cooperatively they need to have a common "set" of words for the objects in their world, which are perceived similarly, due to the similarity of their nervous system's five ordinary senses. All ordinary, normally functioning humans can perceive a tree, as a tree, and then they can grunt, or make other kinds of mouth-noises to, even if only quite temporarily, label that perception, and they can teach that noise to others, who over time - extending for decades or even centuries - can refine them into what more modern versions of themselves eventually compile into their "language", their "mother tongue". Then, they invent and develop Writing and appropriate-to-the-task Media for transmitting and storing it for later use. But for communicating "feelings", "sensations", "consciousness", "awareness", "enlightenment", "nirvana" and all the rest of the non-objective (non-physical, can't touch 'em, i.e., subjective) aspects of "being human"... well, surprise, surprise... we are virtually out of luck, and so the really BIG PROBLEMS begin for those who want to delve deeper into those aspects and "talk about them with friends".

You see? Language is the problem for humans who want to break out of the box of their own ignorance. The "solution", in case someone wants to consider this a bit deeper than will now be detailed, is to invent your OWN LANGUAGE based not upon words that must be spoken or written to be communicated, but upon "sensational feelings", or "feeling sensational!", that have almost no possibility of being communicated, and just let it go at that. This "epiphanic mind music" (so to speak, in my "lingo", having a long-time interest in experimental, avant-garde Jazz Improvisation of all kinds) has a mysterious (to everyone else, not so much for oneself) way of "re-organizing matter and energy" inside and outside the physical body. From one real view, it keeps them at the height of personal, subjective, physical "health" as much as their genetics and native intelligence allow. But it also, mysteriously, extends and expands their Mind, to encompass greater and greater periods of human time - to "see" into the past, and into the future, of oneself in particular AND mankind in general.
Even - to some degree - Life Itself.

Language, and its often misused, misshapen, malformed, mechanical, and overly mouthy use by humans, makes IDIOTS, even ridiculous idiots of all and everyone, at least until one or another of them "wakes up" to what Life has been doing through Humanity (and their language centers) for the last many thousands of years. That's when they discover the "Secret: STFU" about practically EVERYTHING, but that which actually matters to them personally.
This could be called:
taking the RIGHT things personally, and not
taking the WRONG things personally,
(which is, apparently, an acquired skill to say the least!)

As for the serio-comedic nature of Life - after all the above is grokked, and much more you'll just have to grasp for yourself... Everything that ordinary humans are talking about today (and are posting billions of tweets, messages, and emails into the Cloud like there is NO tomorrow), that they honestly believe is "Really Serious Shit" which they will gladly come to blows over if someone disagrees with them... from politics, to religion, to science, to climate change, to fracking for oil and gas, to wars, threats of wars, famines, radical pseudo-religious terrorism of all kinds, and all the rest of it... can easily be seen as silly, humorous, laughable, and not worth the time it takes to think about it, talk about it, or write long essays about it, UNLESS you can actually do something about it. Thus...
Awakening, because you know you Need To,
is the ONLY Serious Matter worthy of one's further consideration.
An Awakened People is Beneficial to Life,
and it is beneficial to you.

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Poking through the "brain/mind" barrier

There are plenty of facts about what a human body is, but there are no facts about what a Human Being is. For one thing, thoughts, feelings, and sensations, are properties of the body - which of course includes the brain - whereas Consciousness is not a property of bodies and brains, but the Essence of Mind. Mind is that potential state of Being Human, that few know about, care about, or are willing to devote their lives to investigating. Therefore, human bodies are not interested in Consciousness, only Human Beings are.
Which are you?... Too soon? 
Not "appropriate enough?"

Read "in the right way" one can see the secret that eludes all mankind as to the direction of his own evolutionary possibilities. Awakening the Mind enables the Enlightened One to hear the thoughts, feel the emotions, experience the sensations of Being Human  that are always and everywhere concealed from the Sleeping Many.

We have all heard, and perhaps "know something" about the "blood/brain" barrier, and what that means for what is called "normal mental health" - and as all should know by now, as goes the brain's health, so goes the body's health, and vice versa. Well, consider the "brain/mind" barrier, and what that means for what can be called "higher spiritual awakening" (to use three terms most people can't "get past" - i.e., they continually get hung-up on them to their own detriment.) The brain is totally cut-off from the rest of the body. A hand does not "know" there is a brain, nor does the blood. Could it be that the brain does not "know" there is a mind somewhere? A Mind that can perceive more than what the mere brain is presently capable of perceiving... but only when "trained".

If you are not having three or four ideas daily, if not more often (from "just good thoughts" to "epiphanic mind symphonies"), such that you would Send Them Out To The World, because to keep them to yourself is simply "NOT RIGHT", then perhaps your "brain/mind" barrier has become more like a steel trap door, than the bubbliciously amorphous film that it was when you were a child, allowing you to see higher and lower worlds with ease, if not "beings therein" without even trying. The sooner one starts poking holes in that steel trap door the better!
Perhaps you could use a laser beam
Got One? Not Yet?

Only a few - here and there - are not only willing to tell the world their "Truth", but have absolutely no fear, no shame, and no guilt about doing it, and so they do it often, if not very often, if not way too often in the opinion of some - here and there. These are the ones who, in fact, are the most verbose on the planet, having acquired and developed their natural ability to think and speak, but have evolved it intentionally over many years to FOCUS, like a laser beam, on as few "topics", or "ideas", or "concepts" as possible, so as to burn a hole through them so completely that others, who are, let's say, prepared, might walk through and See What's NEW, for them, which has the amazing side-effect of transferring some of that "skill" or "talent" or "art" (of FOCUS)  to them, so that they can proceed on their own.

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Esoteric Parties

Americans are being forced to witness a spectacle of almost unbelievable magnitude - given its national and worldwide implications - as the current contenders for the "White and Oval" are being selected, and it's like watching a slo-o-o-o-w m-o-t-i-o-n multi-car collision on the Interstate, while listening to the hundreds of dummies and puppets on the side of the road feverishly gasping, groaning, crying, screaming, yelling, cheering and complaining about their own individual (extremely limited) perspectives on what THEY think is going on, and WHO started it, but this calamity of considerable proportions DOES have a very interesting UPSIDE.

The Upside is not readily apparent to almost anyone, but a few here and there can be seen smiling, and beaming over their Great Good Fortune for having been born into a human body and alive at this time, where they can be a personal witness to Life-on-Earth's struggle to create consciousness in a very small and select species we have named Homo Sapiens Sapiens - that subspecies of Homo Sapiens that includes all modern races and who are presumed to be "wise" (an almost laughable suggestion).

Since our beginning - tens of thousands of years ago - there have been humans who knew about this struggle, and termed it The Great Awakening, or The Enlightenment (and other things, including "going somewhere", like Valhalla, Heaven, Paradise, Shambhala, and other mystical places). These "groups" (loose assemblies) of humans striving to become People - that is, fully Human and fully Awake - were always attempting to "spread the word" around the larger community in which they lived (their "masses"), for the obvious reason that they understood an Awakened populace is not a Dangerous populace (whereas the opposite is always true - a populace that is asleep is dangerous!)

These Groups of People, were the first "Esoteric Parties" - which, over time, has necessarily DEVOLVED (due to the pervasive sleepiness, and stupidity, and laziness of the masses, AND the continuing failures of those very parties that have never been quite able to accomplish their primary AIM) into what are now called "Political Parties" in the more civilized parts of the planet (whereas the less civilized parts have always been RUN and OVERRUN by the most powerful, and usually cruel tribes, gangs, factions, etc., and other less coherent gatherings of angry young men and their families). But again, it was always to control the masses - the sheeple in every generation.

Esoteric Parties - of which Buddhism, Christianity, Confucianism, Hinduism, Islam, Jainism, Judaism, Shinto, Sikhism, Taoism, and Zoroastrianism are the better known versions (and if you don't see yours, go ahead and add it now... like Fourthway, Advaita, Kabbalah, Scientology, and so many others) - have ALL been massive failures, just as the Political Parties have been. That is, their primary stated AIM is to awaken (or "save") the world - which is impossible of course - though the secondary AIM is simply to control the masses and civilize (or "enslave", or worse "exterminate") them, which has been only moderately successful. But LOOK AROUND FOLKS. Do you really see evidence of a world of humans that is becoming more Intelligent, more Kind, more Gentle, more Free, more Conscious, more Aware, more Human, or any of that? (Remember, anecdotal evidence is statistically meaningless.)

The Originals, perhaps only a hundred or so way back then - the First People - realized that all humans are ONE, and ONLY ONE, and there are no "individuals",  just parts of the WHOLE LIVING SOUL, that is Life-on-Earth. Humans today don't UNDERSTAND this, though some may be able to give lip-service to it, but they are not the descendants of The Originals. They are merely offshoots of the Esoteric Parties, trying to "spread the word", and failing.

Consider: membership in The Originals is earned by Action, not spouting Lip-service to ideas passed down from the old, failed, boring, questionable at best, and worthless at worst Religions, Teachings, or any of the Esoteric Parties. 
First, GET FREE of all of them.  
Second, GET MORE FREE, because this process takes quite awhile!
 But, it is going from the foggy, dim, and 
confoundingly BORING WORLD of the Humans (Sheeple), 
to the Clear Mind and Heart of The People,
which is STILL a very small Group of Friends.

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Mankind's Favorite Activity

What is the main thing most people do nowadays?  
Talk. A LOT! 
(to themselves silently, and to others noisily)
Why do they do that? Is it really to "communicate" with others, or it is to "move copious amounts of energy around their own brain", he suggested with a wink and a nod to the latter. Our brains consume and expend a lot of energy in one day, and in fact, the human brain is responsible for roughly 20% of our total calories burned each day, and that is a tremendous amount compared to the whole resting body.
We don't read and write poetry because it's cute. We read and write poetry because we are members of the human race. And the human race is filled with passion... a powerful, most energetic, and barely controllable emotion. And medicine, law, business, engineering, and most of the hard and soft sciences... these are noble pursuits and necessary to sustain life. But poetry, beauty, romance, love, and most of the plastic and graphic arts... these are what we stay alive for. (from "Dead Poet's Society", with some additions)
We can push this a little deeper, and look into these noble pursuits from the point of view of our evolution and consciousness. From one view, the only Noble Pursuit is for Self-perfection, and the only place to begin with that concept, is to think about the Meaning of the idea of "Self-perfection", and to first consider if it even exists for you. For most people alive today, or in any generation, there is no interest in this idea at all (since I now believe it is a "diminishing concept" - extremely potent upon one's first contact, only to dwindle rapidly as the months and years pass). For most everyone, their only interest is "just getting by", and if they can manage that easily enough, then it is to increase possessions, wealth, status, even fame. Of course, none of that has anything to do with "Self-perfection". For an interesting, somewhat "New Age" take on this idea, check out:The Noble Craft of Self-Perfection.

When a person discovers they are ASLEEP, and not AWAKE - even as they are, right now, sitting in a comfortable chair, staring at a computer screen, their brain firing off comments, criticisms and complaints about hundreds of things going on in their own lives, very few of which they are even AWARE of... including what they see directly in front of their own two baby blues (your coloring might vary), they AWAKEN to a new level of appreciation - PASSION - regarding their own "Self-perfection".

While this is a very significant event in one's life, and very rare if you want to know the truth, it often does not go much further than a realization that "Something has got to CHANGE!" but then with every passing month and year, forgetfulness takes its inevitable toll, and they end up on Facebook and/or Twitter, whiling away their precious free time with "Liking" and "Sharing" other people's efforts. But, as for pushing their own mental capacities beyond what is easy and simple, and taking on some of these more meaningful questions about being alive in a human body... that rarest of gifts on this planet, at least... and engaging in some of the ordinary noble pursuits, not to mention, again, The Biggee... well, sadly, not so much.

Wondrous days are ahead for humanity, especially those who first discover an abiding INTEREST and overwhelming PASSION about Consciousness, and its relation to their own "Self-perfection". But, modernity takes an early and long-lasting toll on the level of energy for this sort of thing, turning what were born as budding Buddhas, into boring Bozos, trying to one-up and over-come everyone and everything, rather than their own silliness. Even our, apparently, shrinking brains are still quite capable of comprehending ourselves, AND the universe, if only we will Giddyup!

Monday, May 16, 2016

Dots and Trees - The Big Mystery Words

Human brains have been in existence for over 100,000 years, and have not changed appreciably in all that time, besides some noticeable shrinkage (about 150cc., a chunk the size of a tennis ball - what did it do?). What has not been noticed by science, because it's too late for the scientists investigating this (having already lost the ball), is that our brains were designed for, and quite capable of, mind-to-mind (or brain-to-brain, if you prefer) communication. There was a window of development possible, but apparently the window closed to a degree that real examples of such phenomena are very few and far between; anecdotal at best, make-believe, fantasy and lies at worst.

However, small and larger groups of nearly, or clearly conscious humans, who have been, let's say, "brought up on" occasional to frequent experiences of this kind of non-verbal communication, will be able to realize - each in their "own time" - that others there, in that time and place, were also "getting something" they could not ordinarily get simply by reading or hearing some words. Something has been communicated that does not evaporate that night or the next night, but remains even after months, and years. Except that, during subsequent events of a similar nature, more is added, sometimes even apparently subtracted, or even shifted in relative significance - let's call that, "cleaned up a bit" - such that the "picture, of dots" (the "forest, of trees") has become more clearly into focus. That is to say, their understanding of what is being communicated expands.

This is not as rare an experience as you might think. Whenever you have many humans in the same physical location, who are predisposed to higher experiences, including these kinds of mind-to-mind transmissions, many things become possible that are ordinarily impossible. And, once this has been experienced by someone, they can not be convinced otherwise, so there is no point trying. Everybody realizes that just buying a book and going home to read it over some weeks or months, is NOT AS "beneficial" (fun, exciting, profitable) as attending a small setting of 10 or 20 "like-minded folks", who have come there for a long weekend, or several in a row, to be "taught something interesting", or "introduced to hidden secrets" (whatever brings them there). The reason is that human brains, even today, are capable of non-verbal communication at a higher frequency of vibration than ordinary speech, which requires lips, tongues, vocal chords, a surrounding atmosphere ("in space, no one can hear you scream"), the same language, and nearly the same understanding and facility of all the words used, the rules of grammar and syntax, and many other things as well. One is highly efficient, refined, wordless and enlightening, while the Other is gross, clumsy, noisy and verbose as hell, and for the most part ineffective at best, and totally confusing at worst.
~~~~~~another view~~~~~~
Humans are drawn to other people for one thing only, and no, it is not sex. It is for their mental capacities, and no, it is not for their chit-chat and casual conversation, it is for their higher brain functions where conscious effort is involved. But nobody would agree to this, even if they read it on Facebook or Twitter, because nobody believes anything on those two social dump sites (and for very good reasons). They MIGHT believe it, perhaps, if they read it on National Geographic or Discover Magazine (offline or online versions), but they would still remain "unconvinced".

Why do you think Sanders and Trump, in particular, regularly draw tens of thousands of yelling and screaming followers to every event? No, it is not for their glowing, uplifting, or rabble-rousing, stick-it-to-the-man rhetoric (though most will say it is). It is because all humans have an "instinctive knowledge" (in their genes) that whenever you put many (more than two or three) semi-conscious human brains in a room together for whatEVER reason (who can stand up and walk around without collapsing on the floor), a strange phenomenon can, and often will occur to all of them, that even when it does occur, very few, if any, will recognize it for what it is... (here it comes)...

Mind-to-mind transmission of a higher frequency energy, that each and every human is drawn to, and can actually perceive, although, just barely because the capacity to perceive it is in a part of their brain they ordinarily have no conscious access to. The Work of becoming "conscious" or "enlightened" (two of the Big Mystery Words humans just love to drop into ordinary casual conversation these days), is precisely about activating parts of the higher end of the nervous system where such conscious perceptions are not only possible, but controllable.

Thursday, May 12, 2016

"O frabjous day! Callooh! Callay!"

He chortled in his joy.
From what can easily be seen of humans, they ALREADY know what makes humanity tick, what makes LIFE tick, what makes "the world go round", but they can't connect all the dots. They notice a dot here, a dot there, a couple of dots around the corner, a few more at their Thanksgiving family gathering, etc., but their memory is too short, too fragmented to be able to connect all the dots and SEE the Picture (for all the dots), the Forest for the trees.

That, let's call it a "partial ability", makes most humans quite capable (even as they were born and raised by normal, ordinary, reasonably educated parents) to socialize well with others, take and keep a job, get married and have children, and reach the age of seniority and Social Security with a couple decades more of life left. But for the other Big Thing - that which must not be mentioned, or even named, yet goes by many names - not even close.

The Big Thing starts with SEEING the whole picture, the whole forest - in the beginning, only in flashes that don't evaporate into forgetfulness the next day or week, but keep getting clearer, and Clearer, and CLEARER... until Voila! or Eureka!

Even television shows and movies - which today number in the thousands - and cable news shows to some degree, display a degree of comprehension about human life in the 21st century, and how to make it with others and the rest of the world. But, of course, that's as far as it CAN go. Beyond that, everything enters the world of fantasy, strange bizarre beliefs, conspiracy theories, and outright lies. The main issue here is that Those Who Know don't speak about it, while those who don't have all the microphones, and megaphones, and social media dump sites to feed.

One thing that is so clear, after the SEEING, is that there is no more desire or interest in arguing or even discussing the Really Big Thing (that which must not be mentioned, or even named, yet goes by many names), while everybody else - before the SEEING - readily name it, discuss it, engage in arguments about teachers, masters, gurus, methods, techniques, mantras, movements, diets of one sort or another, and on and on.

Fact is, there IS only one thing to talk about anyway - since every other topic is simply about physical life in a human body, and the majority (99%) of what will be discussed will only be of interest TO the human body - and that is, the Human Brain, or Human Mind, and Consciousness, which is either absent or present (since it can't be both at once), and how to understand what is going on in THAT REALM, with Eagle Eyes on the Precious Prize: increasing it (in scope and duration - "wakefulness"), at the expense of decreasing it ("sleep"), since you can't be both Awake and Asleep at once.

The mysteries surrounding all of this are unending, which is part of the joy of consideration: what does it mean to be conscious, what are the signs and clues, how does it emerge, is it omnipresent, does it disappear at death, is death even real, is life even real, and when is it real versus imaginary. There are no fixed "answers" to any of this, but there IS A WAY to approach the questions, without going thereby Fast Asleep in the process. The Big Mystery.

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Connections, and the MPP

Clearly, obviously, the world in which I live is not the world in which you or anyone else lives - and exactly the same is true for you and everyone else - and the only real (physical) connection between "my world" and "your world" are the words that describe objects that appear to me in "my world", such as my HP monitor, or my xfinity broadband modem, or my overweight 16 year old, orange male cat asleep over there in the corner of the room, etc., etc.

And immediately upon reading each and every word above, particularly the descriptions of these objects, you the reader had an instantaneous, though possibly only barely perceptible image of the "monitor", the "modem", the "cat", the "corner of the room" arise in your mind, i.e., "your world". As such, we are connected, and that is just about as far as it goes, for 99% of the people you know, or will ever even meet. As for all the rest, there is no connection whatsoever, and that's fine with me. It could be suggested, or even claimed, that all humans are connected, because they are humans, part of the human species, part of Organic life on Earth, but no human can directly perceive that connection if it actually exists. Some will claim it, sure, but they can't prove it.

However, because we have reasonably similar healthy brains in our skulls, our minds ARE connected, in the same way the nodes in a massive quantum computer network are connected. Life is that Massive Parallel Processing quantum computing machine consisting of more than seven billion human brains, plus the several billions of non-human, most likely mammalian "brains" (The MPP), and we are part of that MPP just as surely as we are part of the atmosphere, the light, the water, Life on Earth, the planet, the solar system, the galaxy, and possibly even further out to the edges of the universe - even though no human can directly PERCEIVE those connections. Some will claim it, sure, but they can't prove it. "But Bob," said Carl Sagan before him and Neil Tyson today, "we are stardust," the latter even adding, "We are not just figuratively, but literally stardust." Okay, got it.

My effort for 30 years - here and elsewhere, in small physical groups with a leader where all are dedicated to this, yahoo groups where they are sort of interested in this, and facebook, more recently, where they are not very interested at all, although many seem to like to talk a lot about it - has been to define and describe the technologies, the methods, the efforts required, and signposts or clues along the way to a personal realization of those specific deep and wide connections.

ONLY in that way, can one increase the size of "one's world", NOT by adding rooms to your ranch house, or floors to your mansion, or acres to your spread, or cars in the driveway, or furniture in the living rooms and eight bedrooms, or thousands of "friends" (mostly pseudo-) on Facebook and Twitter, and/or especially $$$ in the bank. ALL OF THAT STUFF is merely alternatives (read: distractions) to actually beginning the long road that started in the cradle so many decades ago, when Life spoke directly into one's ear - probably voiced by one's mother even before birth - and breathed Language into that part of the brain where one's present capacity for reading and comprehending these very words was initiated, and eventually - quite quickly actually - flowered into an ability to respond "in kind" via speech and writing.

This milestone is the first necessary step to what can become, in everyone, anyone, the awakening of consciousness above the ordinary level at which humans live their entire lives from the time they open their eyelids in the morning, climb out of bed, stumble into the bathroom for a pee, hit the kitchen for some ice cold water, feed the cats, and start getting ready for the day, and THAT LEVEL is the best level one attains for the rest of the day (all the soft and/or hard drugs, drinks, or stimulants one consumes, ingests, injects, or inhales notwithstanding), until they flop down into bed later that night, and wink out for several unconscious hours, only to do it all again the next day, for a little more than a handful-and-a-half of decades, and then they retire for the last time.... having NEVER perceived their connections to their species, all the way UP to their connection to the far-flung universe, and all the way back DOWN to themselves sitting there reading this WORD, and every damn thing in-between.

Humans are LARGER than the LARGEST LIVING THING on this planet, yet (damn near) nobody realizes this, let alone has begun to seriously perceive this, nor do they even have a clue how or where to begin, nor how to continue, nor how to overcome the extreme resistance to forward movement that only increases with every advance one makes. These are now, and must always remain MYSTERIES that the MASSES are excluded from discovering.... NOT because they are not "worthy" (which they are), and NOT because they are not "equipped" (which they are), but because they are NOT SUFFICIENTLY INTERESTED.

It's a very big and important thing to be able to control desire and interest, so that your ordinary carnal desires and interests (sex, food, drugs, alcohol, caffeine, sports, entertainments, negativity, hostility, stupidity, childishness, foolishness, and countless others) don't TRUMP your Desire and Interest for the HIGHER.

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Whence cometh the "civilized world?"

Life evolved the "civilized world" for its "human brain power", which - once it evolved to the level that civilization requires and demands of its constituents - Life easily co-opted for its own use, the way an anonymous hacker easily turns millions of home PC's into "zombie machines" for his later - usually, but not always nefarious - use.

Life needs all that "brain power", operating synchronously and harmoniously producing a massively parallel processing machine of, currently, many billions of nodes (players, humans), and doesn't care a whit about the thoughts that may or may not be flowing through it for the entire duration of that co-option, since Life is utilizing the "deep brain" rather than the "superficial brain". That is, since Life IS those billions of human brains (co-opted for its own use), it can utilize all that "brain power", even as there are superficial thoughts occurring throughout, such that the individual humans don't even know it's happening... just as the home user of the "zombie machine" doesn't even know their PC is being used by the hacker (that is, the user can still run his word processor, email program, and browser, even as its "deep brain" computer power is being heavily utilized by the hacker.) Observe yourself - if you can - and you will discover that the brain is operating on multiple levels simultaneously, even while you are unable to perceive any specific thoughts or feelings occurring therein. The issue is your ability to PERCEIVE at those deeper levels, not that there is no "deep brain" activity going on.

The same thing is going on within the entire human species, totally unbeknownst to those billions of hapless and quite oblivious humans, walking around and carrying on their day-to-day activities out in the world, including when they're all wired up to their TV, radio, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, etc. But, there is an upside - there always is, though it's harder to perceive than the downside - and it is this: Life is not suicidal, is not hostile, is not stupid, is not criminal, is not cruel,  is not even warlike, and Life is operating at a level above that of Humanity, and the entire Organic Life on Earth, which means it KNOWS what humans can never know, and is working on AIMS and GOALS that humans can never understand... well, until they are able to raise their level of being able to THINK and FEEL and SENSE without personal bias or preference, and at a speed and depth of perception/conception that is really unknown on this planet at present (not an easy thing to do by any means, but possible nevertheless... just ask those who CAN).

Two final points: 1) you can't refute any of this, certainly not with so-called "scientific facts", and 2) if this is true and correct - to the degree you can even comprehend it - it explains virtually ALL the so-called "extra sensory perceptions/experiences" some humans believe occur.

Think about it.

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

When will the humans learn?

All their brains do these days - these strange, silly, dangerous, confusing and wildly exciting days - is wrap mysteriously arising, confoundingly conflicted feelings they seem to be having (due mainly to events occurring in the external world, and brought to their eyes and ears via... you guessed it... TV, radio, and the internet... and the resulting flood of hormones flushing parts of their brains), in thoughts which somehow attach themselves to these feelings and are quickly delivered to the widest audience possible. That is all their, so-called, higher brain functions (where lucid, sane, conscious, aware thought is produced and spoken and/or written) are capable of producing, besides making shopping lists, preparing reports for their bosses, and carrying on mind-numbingly boring chit-chats with people they have almost no interest in being with. So, they shield and cloak themselves (i.e., HIDE) in SPEECH and/or WRITING.

Now, don't get me wrong: this is NOT a criticism of any kind, period. It is merely a statement of facts based upon decades of observations of humans in physical, face-to-face settings, and humans on Internet forums and websites. This is what they do: TALK a blue streak about that which they FEEL strongly about, until, very quickly, it all just peters out... usually with a whimper. But they never address the GORILLA in the room: "What's actually going on here?" on planet Earth, with all these millions and now billions of people spending 1/3 to 1/2 or more of their daily "awake time" staring at screens, blowing smoke into the twitter streams, chit-chat rooms, forums and groups they are subscribed to... and yes, you could include me as well, EXCEPT THAT 1) I only spend 15 minutes, 2 or 3 times per week, at most, and 2) the only thing I ever talk about is this question: "What's actually going on here?"

Humans are machines. Extremely complex and exceedingly efficient organisms that, when healthy, do exactly what they are designed to do - move around, eat food, breathe air, drink water, have sex, hear sounds (eventually called, words) in their heads and grunt some of them out to the world... and repeat... then DIE. YET - believe it or not - 99% of humans don't have a CLUE how their entire body operates, nor how their body and brain creates "the mind" and their "i's, me's, and mine's"... and of course, Thought, Talk and Speech that has, in the last hundred years or so, become their PRIMARY activity in life (talking to yourself and others about who knows what, or even cares?!?) ForGET about "waking up", "becoming conscious", "achieving enlightenment", "entering nirvana". All that is just PIPE DREAMS in those who are still UNFAMILIAR with what they ARE.

If YOU are in that 99% of humans that don't have a CLUE,
 go--> here and spend some quality time.

There are many causes for all this excessive output of talk, talk, talk, for no real useful purpose but "VENTING the SMOKESTACK" but there are no solutions - none, nada, so don't go looking. The issue is one of improper management of the energy production, and subsequent energy outputs. There is no overseer in that part of the plant, and so the building - that requires and utilizes all these outputs in the three primary stories, where all the ordinary living by the occupant takes place, and the two secondary levels (basement, and attic: the purposes and uses of which is yet to be adequately discovered or utilized by most humans) - is NOT functioning at its most optimum level of performance. Reach THAT, and all that smoke from your PIPE DREAMS begins to dissipate and REALITY comes clearly into focus.

If you want a place to start, just look at YOUR OWN personal time-wasting sessions on your favorite social media service (including, but NOT limited to... your own brain!) where you dump your daily dose of chit-chat (FB, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, etc.) and try to be "objective" in your determinations regarding the Whys and Wherefores, which simply means: without personal bias or preference, but simply observed as data, compared to other data you are quite capable of producing, including, the whys (the reasons for something), and wherefores (how it came to be), and then... and then...
You be the judge, jury, and executioner.

Monday, May 2, 2016

The Human Fallacy

It is interesting to note - when you can be at least honest with yourself - that humans (including you reading this right now) are nothing BUT activated neurons, billions of them at a time, all over your brain, that are operating ON THEIR OWN without any help or hindrance from "you". In fact, the only "you" that there is or can be, are those same activated neurons that you have "grown up with" since the time of your birth, or a few shorts months prior to that glorious moment in "YOUR" time line.

That is, there is NOTHING HAPPENING HERE! Just electrical activity between the ears and behind the eyes of many billions of similar humans, that coalesce in a certain, quite unknown way, to form what "you" call, ME, MYSELF, and I, with a hotlist of "likes", "dislikes", "preferences", "fears", and countless other possible responses to stimuli, with an extreme amount of imperceptible overlap. There is no Permanent Real I, but just a randomly created and accidentally modified group of sub-personalities that appear due to changing internal and external conditions - one for job interviews, one for shopping for groceries, one for dining with family, etc. All these responses are also coalesced into what psychologists might call, "personality" - or in some extreme cases, "personalities" - that "seem" consistent, due to their frequency of appearance and one's persistence of memory, because the stimuli is often the same, day after day after day. This belief in all humans that they are One, Real, Permanent, and Unchanging, is THE Human Fallacy.

When the stimuli changes - DRAMATICALLY - different aspects of one's personality sometimes appear, that are so shocking to oneself and those few that know you, that they are often regarded as anomalies. But they are not anomalies. They are simply infrequent.
~~~~~~and now for something completely different~~~~~~
Donald Trump is going to BEAT the crap out of Hillary Clinton (or vice versa), and your world (of changing i's, and accidentally-arising sub-personalities) is going to change for the WORSE or BETTER or NOT AT ALL! That is because the Trump lovers are going to react, and the Clinton lovers are going to react, and there will be strong reactions all over the globe, and THAT accumulation of human neural reactions to stimuli is going to CHANGE OUR WORLD, one way or the other.  
Hurricanes from Butterflies.
Get Ready folks. Get Ready.

Post-it note: We need to find a place where the opposite forces meet and cancel themselves out, like in the eye of a storm. In a hurricane the center is said to be the safest spot. We need to find the True Center of the Merger, amidst the forces at work all around us.