Tuesday, July 30, 2013

The Lesson TRULY Learned

Master Po: Close your eyes. What do you hear?
Young Caine: I hear the water, I hear the birds.
Po: Do you hear your own heartbeat?
Caine: No.
Po: Do you hear the grasshopper which is at your feet?
Caine: Old man, how is it that you hear these things?
Po: Young man, how is it that you do not?

Anyone here should have learned this particular lesson WELL long ago, 
even before the early '70's when this first episode was aired 

There are those reading this who believe they DO KNOW the answer to Po's final question, but they are just kidding themselves. How can someone else know this? Simple, just read what they write day after day after day - and, the fact is, it only requires a handful of days, at MOST, to discover the truth - They Have No Clue "how it is that they do not!" and even less of an interest in knowing.

People who are ALWAYS talking about "ideas", "theories", "conjectures", "conspiracies", "complaints", "criticisms" and the countless other diversionary tactics the mind (Life) uses to keep all people quite Asleep-on-a-Slab in the Cold Room, could not "keep it up any longer", ANYMORE than could someone who discovers their daily diet, of "whatever-the-hell-that-crap-IS", has maggots growing on the inside. Do you really believe that after their Realization they would (COULD) keep it up any longer?

There are those reading this who expect to be TOLD the answer to Po's final question, and to them, here is the only appropriate response: Find Out For Yourself! And remember Grasshopper, they will KNOW YOU by your fruits, and that means, your writings.

Noises coming from the cold room

There are several AM radios in the cold room, all tuned to different frequencies, but they all sound alike from a distance. Each radio merely modulates the whole set of frequencies, so it's impossible to be certain what is actually coming from any one of them. They have all merged together and sound like Noise.

A hundred or a thousand or a million radios each broadcasting its own "style of noise", does not a Human Conversation make, and any one who would suggest otherwise must have already "passed over" to the Zombie realm, and now dwells in the cold room, or be very near to it.

The best conversations consist of the fewest voices, and even better than that, the fewest ideas. It can even be stated with some degree of certainty - coming from one's own experience - that One Idea, developed and contributed to by a small number of voices, each of whom "are on the same page", is the most potent use of the human intellect, and in fact, this is the case even in the external world of invention and creation of products, although this piece is about the intangible world of thought and ideas.

Once the "central notion", or "central thread" has been determined, and all participants agree to honor and support the Effort to diligently maintain it, it can and usually will proceed well, so long as one or another person doesn't start tossing out irrelevancies (usually for the sake of gaining attention and nothing more, full of "I, Me, My" and a lot more "I's"), forcing the "core group" to either ignore them, or coax them back, or teach them out right. Generally, as is usually the case, the "central thread" goes nowhere, gets changed or modified within a very short time, and then the "experiment" in developing a "Long Thought" is over, and the "core group" must find a new venue.

This is the "death of the previous incarnation" which must 
lead to the "birth of the next incarnation". 
The Birth of the New starts right Now with You.

Final Hint: the "one idea", or "central thread", always being developed here - the "Long Thought" - is that man is asleep but can know it, by First: Discovering why (how it is that) he keeps falling asleep unknowingly, while simultaneously arguing over the notion that he IS, virtually always, quite asleep; and Then: Discovering how "neural energy" clings to - gives mass, power and force to - "ideas", "notions", "theories" making them "APPEAR" to be yours... which they are not... coming as they do from a larger "thought sphere" surrounding all humans.

 Zombies can't awaken, because they don't know they are asleep, 
and don't WANT to know it... do you? 

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Flesh, blood, bones and a motorized mouth

If humans (their nervous systems) were designed to rise only to the level of "remember when consciousness", there would be no need for the growth and expansion of the upper ends of the nervous system wherein thoughts are made, managed, manifested, and Consciousness Is King.

In fact, most people today have ONLY risen to that low level - and not a bit more - and now with Wireless Internet Everywhere (soon to be neurally implanted, if Google has its way), people do not have to be, or aspire to be, anything more than mere talking robots: flesh, blood, bones and a motorized mouth, from which everything humans (seem to) want to know can be almost instantly remembered, retrieved, and disseminated from the "file o' facts". Even the "dumb" can appear "smart".

Human bodies ("born of woman") are capable of little more than simple "remember when consciousness", whereas Human BEINGS ("Born of Consciousness") are capable or much more, and few there be who Hear and Understand; all the rest simply "don't remember".

Now all of this is like having (being) a small 2-door, 4-cylinder car with 13" wheels (ordinary human), AND a brand spanking new, hi-performance dual overhead cam fuel injected six  (HENS) still in the box up in the attic above the garage. What is the need for all that "extra power", anyway, when the speed limit in the city - which is Everywhere - is only 45 mph? And what's more, the box has a "serious" combination-lock, and not until you can Open it up and Install the contents, completely and correctly, can you EVER utilize it.

For most all humans, it's just another case of being,
"All dressed up and no place to go!"
"Not quite fully dressed yet, but when that's done, everywhere to go!"

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

This way, That way, or T'other way

Some people believe certain friendly higher powers or entities are reaching down into our world of humans (and all the other beings of course, but these pieces are always about humans) and helping them, assisting them, helping them, beckoning them, and yes, helping them some more to reach their ultimate, if not inevitable status. They often say, or at least think: "Hey I am just covering my bases. This is what I WANT TO BELIEVE, and hope it is correct." "This way"

Others believe that's just some silly fairy tale story, not even ready for mass distribution - but of course it was, and still is - and that in reality, the World/Cosmos has no specific interest or even knowledge of humans on Earth or any other planet, beyond the Laws of Creation and Maintenance that preceded our arrival in Africa about 200,000 years ago, and so we are "On Our Own" every day, and in every way. They often say, or at least think: "Hey, I don't want to believe in fairy tales, and consciously choose NOT to believe in them when it comes to my own understanding of self and higher possibilities. This is what I WANT TO BELIEVE and hope it is indeed correct."  "That way"

In both cases, we have entered the inevitable territory called, "Believing in something - whatever it is - so as to 'feel good about it'." Nobody believes that which makes them feel worse (if not depressed and suicidal) except those who ought to be in some kind of medical or psychological therapy. People ALWAYS move towards that which makes them feel good, if not joy (well, if they are ABLE, that is!) Better to find out - while still alive and fully functioning - what IS true and correct, and leave the fairy tales and belief systems for the children who still love to read their picture and talking books, and later think about them, and tell them to their friends and loved ones. "T'other way"

All of This, "T'other way", is about the "Realm of the Three Ways": of the body, of the heart, of the mind, which has been and is being thoroughly discussed and amplified and expanded over the last hundred years or so by various people who either discovered it on their own through their readings - usually - or personal relationships - occasionally - but however one discovers it, the World Opens Up Exponentially!

The nervous system of all humans (which is an OPEN system, unlike animals and lower that are CLOSED systems), grows from the base of the spine to its constant, temporary arrival at the "horizontal line of ordinary consciousness" common for everyone in this time and place (beyond which few ever experience). The energy that has developed each apparent person moves upward, with every breath of the lungs, and beating of the heart, but in fact reaches no ultimate conclusion - since we are an OPEN system. It runs a certain course through the nervous system - like sap up a Tree, from the roots to the topmost branches and leaves (where it grows, reaching for the SUN) - and it stops at an invisible line that can't be "seen", only "known" (which is not unlike that between the lower atmosphere and each of the higher atmospheres: from the ground up, the 1) troposphere (which includes the planetary boundary layer or peplosphere), next: 2) stratosphere (which includes the ozone layer), then: 3) mesosphere, 4) thermosphere (which contains the ionosphere), 5) exosphere and also the 6) magnetosphere, and beyond that, 7) "deep space") and at that line the energy is diffused... into creating and maintaining "you", your "personality", your "quirks and features", "you".

Without understanding it, people derive their imagination of some superior state of consciousness, their ideas about the gods, from what's beyond this invisible line in the head brain where the energy from living life (from food, air, impressions) is spent, and thus not used for "T'other way". This area above the line fosters a need and desire for the new - new social, political, religious and other conditions, as well as what appears to be one's personal needs. He buys a new car and golf clubs; she changes her hairstyle and wardrobe; they are always buying things or adding to their always "too large" collection of the unnecessary trappings of modern life. These are not examples of people's individual problems. They are manifestations of the same urge. They are representations of the real need all of humanity has for something NEW. "T'other way".

These voices at the "Higher Ends of the Mental Pathways" (H.E.M.P.stretching for the "Sun in One", are just like the leaves of the trees growing a little bit farther up the trunk, their body. The authentic results of this urge are not usually evident in one individual's lifetime, and a person attempting to evolve beyond ordinary consciousness must find that ordinary change ("If I just got a Corvette and new clubs", or "If I became a blonde and wore Gucci") will never make his or her life any better. A new car, or a new anything, will alter nothing. Nothing is available at or below the line - that is the limit of ordinary consciousness - that can aid a person in "T'other way".

Hey, perhaps we are "On Our Own"
until we get ABOVE THE LINE,
the World of Real Help

Monday, July 22, 2013

When the World is enough

When the World is enough for you (not, "this planet" or "this solar system", but This Universe), you usually won't need gods or religions or even spiritual teachings for a "source of 'Inspiration'", because in fact (and this really should be axiomatic to everyone... though of course it is NOT, and never has been, likely never will be), there is more than enough "higher information" embedded within every observation one could possibly make of and about the World - which of course includes Oneself - to literally be OVERFLOWING at the edges with oodles of Inspiration. And, of course, the Inspiration of which this piece, and this blog is always about, is Inspiration to Know and Understand ALL that a human being alive today CAN understand. The More one knows, the More one wants to know. It's "Mathemusical"... maybe even "Mathemagical"... maybe even "Epiphanical Mind Music"...

It's all there, everywhere; and nothing is or can be excluded, so the question for today might be stated: Who ARE THEY, anyway, that continually refer to gods, religions, spiritual teachings, teachers and their proffered beliefs as "Self-Evident Truths", "Holy Writ", not subject to question, and then criticize others who not only don't accept that for a moment, but Push Back against it with clear, consistent, and reasoned arguments? Perhaps THEY have an unjustifiably large ego, and think more highly of themselves than in fact the circumstances deserve.

In any case, this "Pushing Back" should never go on for too long (a couple sessions, maybe three or four at most, and most definitely NOT with close friends and/or loved ones - and it doesn't in those who quickly learn the right lesson), because ordinary people, out there IN the World, OF the World, usually can't be "converted" anyway (and in this context, "converted" means to See something NEW), and so they soon change strategies preferring to converse only with those who can Contribute to a line of thought, Advancing it - ever forward, ever upward - rather than the typical, dragging it down into inanities, arguments over word choices, disagreements regarding their own considerable misunderstandings about what was initially presented. It quickly becomes tiresome as we all can easily verify.

The World IS Enough for any human of "right intention and right effort" to become all they were meant to become by Great Nature, which on this planet means reaching "Objective Reason" about life, death, existence, eternity, the alpha and omega. These six small words hold more potential energy for transformation - in those of "certain capacity" - than everything going on, or observable, IN the world, because there is absolutely NOTHING IN THE WORLD that can even touch these Big Six, because they are above and below ALL OF IT.

THAT is where "This Thing" meets the "The Roadway" - the friction point, where mind, thought, feeling, sensation intersect somewhere only YOU can locate, and profitably keep from evaporating unbeknownst to you by the "ordinary and continual" LACK of Attention and Intention.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

The Flow of Energy

Energy flows through living systems in the form of oxygenated blood. 
Any mammalian living system works this way.

That takes care of the needs of the human body, including the brain, and all the functions of the brain. However, although this same energy from the sun is necessary to keep the brain functioning, it does nothing to activate the Higher Ends of the Mental Pathways (H.E.M.P.) in the brain that, for almost everyone on the planet, are quite dormant. These potentially active neural pathways are like places you have never been, but could visit so long as you "do the work". In this rather mundane case, that "work" is, travel to that location, set up a temporary "camp site", and "visit" - take in the sights, sounds and surroundings, and stay awhile. Once the "work" has been done creating that new set of pathways, you can visit many other places, because now you have "acquired a taste".

"Acquiring a taste" to travel to "exotic and foreign" places - which is what all the potentially active neural pathways are, in most people: Exotic, Foreign - is NOT a pleasant thing. Just like jumping off the 10 meter board for the first time, especially when you can't swim (hey, if that was pleasant, how about the 30 meter, or the 90 meter?) But, it is thrilling. There is absolutely no doubt about that! Gallons of new energy are pumped into places that have been undernourished for years, and merely fed a trickle - just enough to not dry up completely. But, now one begins to "recognize" as Exotic, and Foreign, that which heretofore seemed quite normal and ordinary. That part is the surprising part. When the ordinary is now seen, felt, sensed as Extra-, or Non-, or simply Outathe- Ordinary, "new worlds" are now in one's reach.

Unfortunately, we can see many people around us whose H.E.M.P. has dried up (and some here could take a double meaning here), and there is ample evidence of that. One big piece of evidence from others as well as yourself (hey, especially yourself), is the desire, willingness, and activity of telling everyone around you, at every opportunity, "what kind of person you believe yourself to be (right now) and how you got that way...", and then smile sheepishly so as to appear, not vain about that report, but Humble. (You may have to look hard for that last bit, because people today don't even bother trying to appear humble anymore. "Hey, why should I? No one else does!")

But, don't misunderstand: activating one's own H.E.M.P. - which one can call Enlightening Oneself - does not appear to others as simple humility - bowed head, hunched shoulders, soft voice, hands folded at the chest, and a never down-turned smiley-face - but in fact, can and often does appear to them as an expression of greater ego. ("Egads!" you say?) 

Here's a "bottom line" for those who abhor them: regarding your normal-ordinary, day-to-day self, don't talk about ANY OF IT, EVER, unless you must. Regarding your Extra-Ordinary, Exotic, Foreign Self, don't talk about ANY OF IT, EVER, unless you must. Then - once that is mastered - "acquire a taste" for "TRAVEL", be it to "exotic and foreign" places and/or times, or just "normal and ordinary" places and/or times. (Words are put into quotation marks for a reason!")

Monday, July 15, 2013

The E-ticket

In relation to the E-xperience of Lifetimes
...the full-on "Mind-Expander 2.0"...

Humanity in general would rather settle for the kiddies Merry-go-round
But this is only an A-ticket ride.

For the somewhat adventurous ones out there, perhaps they'd like The Scrambler 
But this is only an B-ticket ride.

For the Daredevils, perhaps they'd go for the Incredible Hulk
But this is only a C-ticket ride.

Naaah... they all (including Mr. Disney's supposedly D-, and E-tickets) suffer from the same thing. They are grounded in Earth space, Earth time, and Earth gravity. As fun and thrilling as they may be to some Earth-bound humans who ride them, they are all more like climbing inside a carbon-fiber brain-cap inside your own skull - that completely prohibits even proper blood flow, let alone the possibility of real mind-expansion... let alone Mind-Expansion 2.0...

UNLIKE... the great and glorious "Whoooosh!"
Sometimes, when all the internal and external forces and circumstances line up "juuuust riiight", a piece of "information", which may be in any form your senses can perceive, including the brain itself and it's hundred trillion or more neural connections that are always trying to "go forth and MULTIPLY" - often it is words, and/or sounds, and/or images, that are heard and/or read generally, but not always of course - that "shoots straight to the center" (like a "steel hard rod"), and all the hairs on the back of the neck suddenly stand at attention, and propagate all the way round the head, down the body, and throughout all the cells and neural pathways of your nervous system - how far and wide is anyone's guess - but your personal experience can be termed, for now, "The Whoooosh!"

Or, perhaps, "The Whiiiish!"; or, "The Whiiirrrl!", but the "up-shot" is that after the moment(s) of simple experiential realization, floods of thoughts and feelings and sensations may circulate around the updraft, confirming you have just been "Let In On [the joke, the insider's info, the secret, the bit... and you get to name it!"] In any case, it can often lead to your brain firing up into Extreme Fluency and a Vivid and Rapid Imagination with the sound a furnace makes when the gas hits the pilot light... and the "Whiiirrrling" ensues.

Strangely, perhaps - or it's actually a foretaste of greater things to come, afforded to all people... - "mini-whooooshes" do occur in ordinary life about ordinary things, including one's own daily existence, and personal historical record of memories, and just sitting around "thinking about stuff." Cleverly written books, and certain kinds of movies are also great sources of "mini-whooooshes", and they can rise to the level of "1.0", though usually it's more like .3, or .5, because a real 1.0 would be SOMETHIN'... Really SOMETHIN'.

(Anyone notice the E points horizontally, and the W points vertically? Just sayin')
The only true experience lies in a Vertical direction, 
and that is possible only when you are in focus. 

Thursday, July 11, 2013

The Case of the Missing Blind Spots

"What if I told all of you that you're partially blind? That right now, you think you're seeing the world as it truly is but in actuality you're missing something. Every time we open our eyes, light shines on our retina, and nerve cells called photoreceptors interpret the light and transmits the information to our brain, and that's how we see. But there is a small area on the retinas where there are no photoreceptors. This is called a scotoma, and it is present in the fields of vision of all normal eyes. Since we all have them, how is it that we never notice a black area in our field of vision? The reason you never notice your blind spot is because your brain is great at guessing what should be there, and automatically filling in the blanks. Sometimes we know what we want to see and our neocortex turns that expectation into a kind of virtual reality, which means that some of the world we see is really just an illusion; a scary thought when you realize how vulnerable that makes us. So how do we uncover our blind spots? How do we ever fully see the truth that is right in front of our eyes? Well, a good place to start is simply to open your mind. Because as Henri Bergson said, 'the eye sees only what the mind is prepared to comprehend'".

Now, the above is certainly interesting, and many already know about it, but what is more interesting - and which many fewer even suspect - is that a similar thing is going on (or NOT going on) inside our neural network of thoughts and ideas and beliefs about ourselves and the world. This can be easily seen while reading what other people have to say about certain "non-ordinary" subjects (of the intangible, thought-centric world, none of which can be touched - as distinct from the tangible, object-centric world, we all can touch if close enough), and then attempting to discuss them, especially with the one who first wrote them, but also with others. There are huge blind spots, or gaps in our capacity to understand what other people mean to say, and even what we personally mean to say. In general, everyone is pretty much "in the dark" as to all human thought about "non-ordinary" subjects.

Obviously, the Goal or Aim for one is not necessarily to be completely understood in every detail by other people, or even to completely understand every detail from others, but to be able to fully communicate that which one wishes to communicate to those one wishes to hear and understand it. All the rest (the great majority, usually) will never understand and that is just the way it is on this planet.

Firmly held beliefs, thoughts, ideas, that have stopped forward movement, and have thus become hard-to-impossible to "upgrade", are just those blind spots in one, making the job of understanding oneself and others virtually impossible. The blind spots act as barriers in one's attempt to hear and think something New! 

It also makes the following notion very difficult to fully comprehend, and even more difficult to actualize. To wit:  "A body (of thought) at rest, tends to stay at rest; A body (of thought) in motion, tends to stay in motion." The secret idea is this: "Keeping Energy In Focus, It Remains In Transit." One should be able to feel the energy of this going straight up the spine (into the "HENS house") as if it were a steel hard rod straight into the center of the brain.

The only true journey lies in a Vertical direction, 
and that is possible only when you are in focus. 

Sunday, July 7, 2013

From beyond the grave...

(oops, typo, that should be "esoteric level" - this is the "instantaneous shift-point" for the few here)

This piece is about the necessity of Finding, Meeting, Knowing a LIVING person with whom to discuss certain "higher matters" - even if only "at a distance" - because books alone don't cover it, can't cover it, never will cover it! The entire human species (minus a tiny few here and there) does not comprehend this to the degree necessary to benefit by it, which is why there are many millions of books on these topics being sold and distributed throughout the world... and being BOUGHT by many more millions of people... when there really only needs to be a handful, if that, so long as they were produced by LIVING persons who could speak from "there into here."

People nowadays in certain countries are having fits of pique over the indiscriminate use of the "N-word" (and others - the "C-word", even the "B-word"), and there is more than enough "righteous indignation" surrounding all of it. But the real (beyond the) esoteric suggestion was always for the "I" word - forget all the others! Got that?!? You see (or not), the exo- and meso-teric levels can never exclude the heavy and frequent use of "I" words, because the leaders, and close followers WANT you to, and NEED you to "spread their word" far and wide (to attract new, dollar-donating followers), and that must always include telling "personal anecdotes" regarding your experiences with them. For all of them, it's "I, I, I" out the ying-yang. Only in some few esoteric groups does the elimination of "I" words gain importance, and from BEYOND them, it is almost verbotten.

If a person realized how many times per day they use the "I" word, coupled with the prior knowledge of what is about to be revealed - perhaps for the first time to some - they would literally be horrified. Every indiscriminate use is tantamount to nailing your personality to the past, which is precisely the opposite of what a Real Explorer of consciousness wants to do - get FREE of the past. Having to "go back" with a claw-hammer, and remove each and every "I" from your supposedly personal "My Story" is nearly impossible, since it grows longer and heavier every day, and by now is so beloved by you, it should have long ago become quite repulsive... like rotten meat. All of this has little to do with psychology, or morality, or sociology, but much to do with Physics, and the electro-chemical transference of energies from lower to higher levels, and conversely from higher to lower levels. This is how the "I" gets created, bolstered, maintained, only to grow bigger, heavier, and become much harder to get FREE from (remember your TarBuddy?)

If a person doesn't already get this - in a deep and abiding way - then very likely it is too late to turn that ship around (Mr. or Ms. Titanic). Because, like "gods", "angels", "space aliens", "sasquatches", "ghosts" and so many other imaginary beings, if you already BELIEVE they are real, physical things (you may or may not have met personally but could), then discovering the non-reality of your "I-being" is orders of magnitude more difficult, requiring an Effort-over-time that should have been started in your 20's at the latest.

Saturday, July 6, 2013

A New Model of the Slumberverse™

This is a non-consensual reality wherein all the inhabitants are fully enclothed (as in, no skin showing) in layers upon layers of dreams, beliefs, theories, ideologies, fables, myths, and other assorted fictions that can assume a minimal degree of realness, but only when "present"; meaning, when it is "active in the mind of the inhabitant". This activity creates a short-term state called Nearly Awake, and they can think it, talk about it, act upon it... and then, almost immediately, it goes inactive again... back to the Slumberverse children, until another arises to take its place... usually in mere moments... wait for it... wait for it.

To all the inhabitants, it is like a light-switch being flipped on-off-on-off, a few times a second, like a strobe at an underground rave, leaving all the inhabitants DRUNK by their confusion, writhing about on the floor in pain. This is called, the Suffering of Not-knowing.

Put enough people in a dark box [room, planet, solar system, what-have-you], and feed them an unbroken stream of Slumberverse Stories, and they can actually stay relatively occupied trying to "figure it all out", for sixty or seventy or more years without experiencing the "Flinch of the Nearly Awakened" - believe it or not!

Earth is such a place - a Slumberverse™ - and the chief commodity of the inhabitants is language - "The Language of Dreams" and all the rest of it - in a continual in-out-in-out flow of partially digested mental excreta - from one to the others, and from the others to one - which, to the more-sensitive noses of the Nearly Awake, smells like the other kind of excreta they know so well.

Their motto, en masse - sounding a bit like the background HUM of high-tension electrical wires overhead, that can be heard for miles - is: "Does anybody really know what's going on here?" (And by "here", they actually mean, "in my mind.")

The antidote to this sorry example of a civilization is the aforementioned, "Flinch of the Nearly Awakened", which can be the beginning of one's complete disconnection from the Slumberverseand a few have actually flinched it. It is a shaking off of the layers and layers of "personal" histories, and getting Stark Naked in the face of a pained and writhing populace. But you can handle it. That is what turns "Nearly" into "Permanence".

Friday, July 5, 2013

"HENS" and Roosters

The "setup":
HENS are egg-producers - for creating "A New Life"
Roosters merely facilitate that end... oh, and Wake People Up (often, when they don't want to be!)

Now for the explanation for those who might need it.
"Higher Ends of the Nervous System" are for creating "A New Life"
Roosters (you) merely facilitate that end... if you learn to Wake Yourself Up (often, even when you don't want to be!)

Hopefully that clears up any confusion.
If not, here's the rest of the "bit":

Everyone is born with all the parts necessary for transforming and transcending their "self", due to the fact that our nervous system is Open Ended, rather than Closed Ended as are all other life forms here. As long as a person has the equipment - sex parts, body parts, brain parts, and they are functioning reasonably normally, like the middle of the bell curve of humanity in that time and place - any individual should be able to "do the Work", that is actually more Fun than almost everything else going on in this part of the solar system (even physical orgasmic sex as you usually know it), but you'll definitely have to VERIFY that for yourself! NO ONE can prove this to ANY ONE!

The Higher Ends of the Nervous System (which need no quotation marks for those who've experienced them - for the rest, they are just words, more words) are dormant in almost everyone alive today, period. In the others, they are active every day, or more often than that, and the idea that they "go to sleep" for days, weeks, months, years is so intolerable a notion, that they will do What Is Necessary to reverse that slip-sliding-away that the rest of humanity seems NOT to notice, or even care about, preferring to watch TV, news media, entertainment media, Internet silliness, and all manner of other inane diversions the masses so love to consume by the buckets, so as to think and feel what Everyone Else thinks and feels, and thus to NOT EXPERIENCE the "Higher Ends of the Nervous System" (note the quotation marks again.)

One smallish example we can all recognize from the lower realms of our collective nervousness: "Likes and Dislikes" (especially the latter) about the "World we perceive out there and in here."
For example, and there are hundreds more easily seen: just Look Around without blinders on...

I Don't Like:
  • poverty, greed and war
  • violence, murder and rape
  • destruction of the natural beauty that yet endures
  • that children grow up without love and tenderness
  • that animals suffer at our hands
  • religious dogma
  • that technology and medicine are not available for everyone
  • a lot of what is considered normal and inevitable in our world...
Can ANYONE disagree with any of that?
Of course not. These are human dislikes only, they flow unrestricted through the masses, and rightfully so - it keeps them quite asleep to what's really going on!

What the Higher Ends of the Nervous System are all about, is Understanding things as they are, NOT always Misunderstanding them, feeling badly about them, and then naming them, and then expressing those partially-perceived and scarcely understood feelings about them, and many more things that are "dead giveaways" to those who are beginning to correctly understand what it means to be Alive in a HUMAN life form.

There is simply no reason for anyone to be a living conduit for these negative and quite toxic views, which is why the idea of transformation and transcendence were invented. They MEAN something to those in whom they MEAN something, and mean nothing whatsoever to the rest. Either you get that, or you don't.

Final sweep of this tableau (picking up the crumbs, so to speak): People (all and everywhere): You've simply got to Lighten Up, and for sorta the same reason that a large balloon will go NO WHERE but down, down, down into a heaping pile of refuse if it doesn't Lighten Up, with some certain molecules which are lighter than the average bunch circumnavigating this globe of ours.

Hint: your head is that globe of yours - treat it well, time's running out, tick tock tick tock. The Lighter Molecules must be created by you, with an AIM, so as to reverse the mechanical daily backsliding, that is being quite asleep to all and everything.

Thursday, July 4, 2013

"If I was a [carpenter, painter, sculptor...]"

...or any other similar artsy, craftsy aficionado of the plastic arts, then the secrets of Human Energy Transmutation (referring to a deep change for the better, from a lower to a higher state) and the awakening, enlightenment and evolution of consciousness (and all sorts of similarly enticing terms that perk up the attention of perhaps 1% who come across them, while shutting down the attention of all the rest) could NOT be adequately communicated to someone else. No, only "If I was a writer, speaker, communicator of words...", but not just "any ol' words" (anyone with a language can do that - and look how 99% of them misuse it horribly), but specific words, artistically crafted so as to be received by the audience and "nurtured" by them after the fact. This could be called, leaving them with something to think about later, and often for a very long time.

But it is not only, "just talking" for the sake of talking, or gaining followers, or membership fees, or book sales, or seminar attendees; the listener/reader must "like the person" (or not strongly dislike the person) in order to hear and eventually understand them. There are several aspects of this.

Those you don't like, you won't believe. And ordinary people can never Teach themselves anything about the matters being discussed herein because they don't really like themselves mentally. If you really DID - like yourself mentally - you probably wouldn't even be interested in reading this or similar pieces, you'd be artistically crafting and "Doing your own Thing" somewhere else. Furthermore, people don't believe themselves, they doubt themselves at every turn. In actuality, it is their own self that is the only suitable source for the information necessary to ever understand what is really going on.

Most people think they do seek for New Information about their own inner world, and about man's intangible collective world, which is evidenced by their continually purchasing books, tapes, videos, and scanning the Internet for hours looking here, looking there, and dreaming. But what they really desire is simply to locate, and hopefully befriend new and interesting people who seem to be dispensing the kind of information they automatically find agreeable. But, again, if they don't like the source - too tall, too fat, too well- or poorly-dressed, unpleasing voice, and many other silly things - so much for that new information.

Those few on the right path must keep a clear distinction between what (who) their hormones like and dislike, and the expressions of such by their neurons. Feelings are one thing, and Thoughts about them are quite another, and automatic mixing can taint those impressions permanently. As they are, men have no idea what lies behind or beneath their consciousness, so collectively they concoct fables, stories, myths to fill in that void. This includes all descriptions of man's consciousness from Marxist to Existentialist, Taoist to Buddhist, Freudian to Jungian, Jewish to Christian, and many others. From the endless array, people gravitate toward and ultimately find one (or a combination) that satisfies them. Of course, a few never do, and become drawn to The Aim of igniting the higher ends of their nervous system above the level common in mankind today. Only then can one satisfactorily describe consciousness, though only to oneself, and only by the new and creative use of original (to themselves) thought. 

These new "lovers of consciousness" - philosophers of a new generation, mystics of the modern age - are always seeking explanations for human consciousness, and its ability to think of possibilities that had never been thought before. They realize it is not just man's capacity to think that makes him special, but his capacity to forever think anew. They have discovered that their excitement is unique to them alone, and that others have no interest at all. Today, only a few here and there carry on this long tradition of thinking about things in a way their - and most other's - natural, ordinary, common manner of thinking would never agree with. That is how they have come to like their self, to reach agreement with their self, to be able to teach themselves in a way that is hardly ever imagined or dreamed of by others.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Me and "Mr. Wonderful"

There is absolutely no possible way to discover WHO and WHAT and WHY you are, by thinking about it, even if you think/talk/think/talk until you bored even yourself to tears, not to mention everyone else, including your friends who unfortunately won't tell you (so thank god for strangers, who WILL, OFTEN!)

There is only one possible way, and the ancients, the mystics, the holy men, and others have known about it for millennia! They even invented a word for it in their own native tongue. "Waking Up", which became "Enlightenment", "Nirvana", "Cosmic Consciousness" and many other fun words to say in mixed company to impress others.

Yes, there IS an "essence need" to Know these things, but it is absolutely not the job of the brain to accomplish it. It's job, of course (once you Grok It, Crockett) is to interfere. There is a "something" outside the brain - though "connected to it" in an inconceivable way - that is surrounding the entire organism, that is MUCH larger in size/space, and MUCH longer in life/time, than the minuscule "mind of mere minutes" we have access to. Some call it, Consciousness, The Mind, or Life, or Nature, or God, but it doesn't matter what the brain calls ANYTHING. Only that it calls it something, so as to be thoroughly dazed and confused thereby. For the mystics, however, they all knew they must "get out of the way", so as to allow Real Awakening to come upon one - which it will when this is fully achieved - and they were able to achieve it. The "merely mind" can't KNOW SELF, only the Awakened Mind.

Talking about yourself - endlessly telling stories about your "life in my body", your "life in this world", and telling everyone what kind of guy or gal or trans you are, health-wise, wealth-wise, social-wise, religious-wise, political-wise, and otherwise - is the most time-consuming activity of the ordinary sleeping mind, and if you don't KNOW THIS WELL, then you are still doing it daily, hell, hourly! 

Get Over Your Self, and Wake Up! (It's easy!)

Here's how: (well, today's rendition, tomorrow there will be another): Realize there are two "parts" or "functional aspects" of the minuscule "mind of mere minutes" you think you know, but don't, not even a little bit. Two Parts, almost like Two People, almost like a Partnership that is ever-engaged in working out the "details" of "being alive today" (and one of them is a tyrant - guess which one). What to do, where to go, who to see, when to leave, when to arrive, how to do this, why should I do that, and the thousands of other "ME" questions (which, taken all together, are known as "talking about oneself" to "the partner.") This is a TRAP. It is a TAR BABY and you are embedded in it from the time you can compose reasonably coherent sentences your parents can understand, until you actually WAKE UP (known as "escaping the trap", or "killing the partner" once and for all...phew!!!) Till then, and for all your mortal life here on Earth, from the outside, "YOU" can't even be perceived, you might as well be a ghost. This follows in right-order the unknown and unrealized LAW - which can  also be stated as, the lower can't SEE itself, only the higher can. So...
Get Outside Your Tarbaby, and Awaken! (It's easy!)
Here's how: (you didn't think I was really going to go into this today, did you?)

Monday, July 1, 2013

The leading edge

The leading edge of Life's Thinking, is where humanity spends their entire lives, but not each human, and not each moment. That is, where consciousness meets language, and communication becomes at least possible. is his "Eternal Now Point" in which all possible Futures are unfolding.

Talking about yourself, and "your world as you 'see it'", is THIS SIDE of the ENP (characterized by the continual "noise in your head"), and it is the receding edge of the wide gap to the OTHER SIDE ---> where all the real action is. The billions of humans engaged in that low level of discourse with themselves and others (the 99%'ers, boring everyone around them to tears!) creates the ordinary city-world we all survive in today (the "BORED leading the BORED"), which is called, "consensus reality" - where everybody can easily (or should be ABLE TO) agree on 1-2-3D things, but nobody can agree on 4-5-6D things - and whenever one is on THIS SIDE, one is Asleep. Whenever, means 99% of the time, until you "get good at what we're attempting here."

THIS SIDE of the ENP is as material as can be (even as the OTHER SIDE is immaterial) . It has dimensions, size, weight, shape, form and color, and can be measured, and touched. That is, you may not know when you fell asleep in the midst of all those salient features, or how long you were asleep (that is, merged with the past), but you can know when next you AWAKEN into the OTHER SIDE. And, you can "keep it up", for more and more time, becoming aware of more and more of that OTHER SIDE.

The ability to know this is built into human DNA but it is fractured, fragmented into billions of irrelevant sensations that keeps one quite asleep, and masks all Higher Sensations the same way light masks the darkness, and the Sun masks the shining stars in the daylight. When you wake up just a bit, you realize the ambient light all around you, like RIGHT NOW, is actually DARKNESS in relation to Higher Light. The fuller sense of that deeper understanding INCLUDES your "inner world!" which is why some call this, "Enlightenment." Just because light is shining in your world, in your room while reading this computer screen, it doesn't mean the darkness is gone. It is still there, all around. It is just this DARKNESS that consciousness is striving to enlighten, and is called, the "desire to Awaken."

This is an ACT - both a willful act, and a creative act, and very likely an ORIGINAL ACT - not unlike composing a sentence (or many) out of language (bouncing around in your head) for purposeful communication to others, that you have NEVER READ and NEVER HEARD before, that is "New to You". It is the act of expanding the moment, and filling it with nothing. The more NOTHING, the larger it gets and longer lasting and tastier too. This ACT is a wordless state that is like a hot stream of fire pulsing up the nervous system out the top of the head wherein Thought Creates New Futures.

Here, Then, are "Thoughts of Creation" emanating worlds of sentient beings capable of thinking them, but only once cleansed of the dense matter of history, or herstory.

Nobody needs to know, or even wants to know "your (so-called) opinion" about this piece, the author, or whether or not you think, believe, imagine you are on THIS or the OTHER SIDE of the ENP as you read it - except for you. Except For You! But there is a greater than 99% probability you were, and still are on THIS SIDE, and an even greater probability that you don't understand the why's and wherefore's and "What Next, then's?"

Here's how Life Wakes People Up - ever noticed?
It gets "in your face" a little bit, it "wakes you up", it uses a "loud voice", and takes "command and control" of the situation, and all this can occur in UNDER a second, and There You Are on the OTHER SIDE and know it.

"What's Next, then?" you ask...