Friday, May 31, 2013

Consciousness is Everything

Just as: clever, cultivated, cultured, educated, erudite, knowledgeable, learned, lettered, literate, scholarly, well-educated, well-read, is NOT necessarily a manifestation of "consciousness (as in awake)" - though it might be - it is not necessarily a manifestation of "not consciousness (as in asleep)", either...

...anymore than: ignorant, illiterate, shallow, uneducated, uninformed, unlettered, unschooled, untaught, unthinking is a manifestation of "not consciousness (as in asleep)" - though it might be.

From the outside in, nobody can really tell for certain.
However, from the inside, everybody has the ability to tell for certain, though that ability must be developed before it can be of any particular benefit to one.

Just being "awake" is of no particular use except when the person understands something about that, and the "other thing", and why they are usually the "other thing", and hardly ever - if ever at all - "awake".

Once a person begins to learn from experience what's going on with their own evolving consciousness - from that of a child, to that of an adult, to that of an Awakened Man - they will very often find their use of language steadily improves with age, though their willingness to waste time and resources employing it will generally decrease, sometimes by "leaps and bounds". What that may mean is that, though useless and pointless internal chatter will decrease, hugely, their intentional output of "useful and pointed" discussion will increase. But, that is subjective of course. Your mileage may vary.

Now, of course, the Race or the Game can begin for Real - and one can leave the ordinary level of simplistic imaginary pursuits, worldly facts, figures and fake ideas, and enter the higher level of more complexity, more integration, more sophistication, more intelligence, and the most important of all - More Fun of the non-serious kind. Almost as much, if not more than one experiences during ordinary bodily sex, given the scope and magnitude of "epiphanic mind-music" generated by such personal examples (best, un-reported) that one might begin to accumulate on a regular basis. The Symphony is beyond the beyond.

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Mixing metaphors for fun and profit

Ask anybody, even yourself right now: When you are not *thinking* - there are no words coming out of your mouth, or onto your keyboard, or banging around inside your head so that you can *hear* them (which means you are NOT watching TV, listening to the radio, reading a book or email - just sitting there, not *thinking* about anything) what's going ON in there?

Do you immediately reply something like, feeling, or sensing, or whatever is left of you, in there, when you are not thinking? What word would you here use?

Fact is, there IS no time when you are not thinking, except thinking is the wrong word here, it's a huge mixed metaphor.

That is, the metaphor, "thinking" is used by 99% of the planet to describe as best they can their inner mental chattering, daydreaming, etc. But they've totally mixed up their metaphors.

That is, there is a word that much more precisely describes what is going on in there, and if people would only start USING that word, instead of the wrong word (thinking), they'd discover a new reality. What word would you then use?

But, sitting around thinking about what that *other* word is, or waiting for someone to actually tell you the word, is precisely like opening your mouth and waiting for a roast pigeon to fly in it.

Good searching, er, uh, thinking... yeah that's the ticket.

S-uper EX-erc-eyes

(with thanks to JC and GG)

Overlay Jester/Gram onto Man-in-Balance at Line-Level
And then attempt the exercise, sans thought.
Note the flow of energy from 1-4-2-8-5-7
and the Three Eyes 3-9-6.
Energy flows from
Lt.Ear to inner eye to outer eye to Rt.Ear to inner eye to outer eye
and round and round and round.

Three Circuits tightly arranged and connected at Six Points
Each Crossing is like a "beat on the drum".

There is no sound there.
Thought can be heard there.

Hearing leads to thinking leads to speaking.

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

If waking up for REAL was easy...

...then everybody would be doin' it, right?

If it was a natural outcome of making it to at least 15 or 20 years old, with one's brain on full-functioning-mode, and possessed by a fully-operational "mother-tongue on board" (that is, Language - could this be a play on, "baby on board?") and ready to rumble... (though mostly, stumble) then everybody would be doin' it, right?

If everybody was doin' it, wouldn't this planet be a "god saved" Heaven on Earth, a Paradise, a Garden of Eden beyond the dreams and imaginings of literally EVERYONE alive today or in the past (who most certainly are NOT doin' it, being quite DEAD!) Well, of course it would!

Hey, maybe NOBODY IS DOIN' IT! With the possible exception of me and you, right now in this very moment (are you checkin'?), as I write with MY "head brain", and you read with YOUR "head brain", though I personally don't use that term anymore, preferring Intelliigence (with three "i's" - could this be a play on, "Third Eye?").

Intelliigence goes far beyond ordinary worldly intelligence, which has become - due to certain evolutionary "requirements" few know about (known by those "of Intelliigence" of course) - totally consumed with "facts" and "figures" regarding "people" and "things", which (pointing just for a second back to those "requirements) has contributed both to the dumbing-DOWN of even ordinary human perception and comprehension, but to the increasing incapability to reverse this problematic situation. That is, waking up for REAL is simply NOT in the cards and never was, because civilizations capable of managing exploding human populations (where there are NO predators) would be impossible, thus self-defeating for Life's greater interests. (Of course, for one or twenty or a few more in any generation to wake up for REAL, is quite alright, and useful, because they will be able to talk and write about the "possibility" so it is not totally forgotten even by the masses.)

Hey, really, you can't teach old people new thinking. Once it becomes TOO LATE, it's TOO LATE, so if all this talking and yammering on is no longer seen by you as the most significant thing your MIND does on this planet, even above your gardening, going to movies, working "for da man", playing baseball with your son, or even - dare I suggest it - SEX with your loved one (though that's a stretch, I know) - then I have one suggestion:

Stop trying so hard. Stop Thinking about all this waking up bullshit, and move into your own Future wherein lies "Conscious Intelliigence above words". That may be the only thing left for this planet of human boob-tubes, wasting space and cluttering up the place.

The S-upreme EX-perience

"S-EX" is also known as the "little death", in almost the same way as "sex" is known as the "little death", and for similar reasons. (Confused much?)

We humans are in the same relationship to the fleshly version of "sex", as we are to the neuronal version of "S-EX" - if that slightly arbitrary distinction can be drawn.
  • The fleshly version of "sex" can not usually be fully appreciated until the virgin (in this general physical, tangible context) has reached a certain age where the "sex act" achieves climactic orgasm with a partner of at least similar desire - and almost every human is capable of this due to the explosive use of the most refined fuel in the organism at the time, prepared by the healthy body simply by being alive. All the other lesser versions, shower-room and elsewhere masturbatory sessions, that many such virgins experiment with, never result in a "little death" of anything, just a reasonably pleasurable release that causes a certain degree of enjoyment, enough so they continue experimenting. 
  • The neuronal version of "S-EX" can not usually be fully experienced and appreciated until the virgin (in this specific non-physical, non-tangible context) discovers the possibility of redirecting certain finer energies that are part of the primal flow circulating through us all the time, that would normally contribute to ordinary sexual release, to areas of their intangible "world of the mind" they are already privileged to experience to some degree, and now strongly desire more refined pleasures of "bliss and enjoyment" that may transcend even the best "physical sex" they may have ever had before.
But what "dies" in these two highly subjective experiences that can rightfully be termed "the best things about being human", with or without clothes? There will be no attempt here to describe the subjective experiences of either kind of "sex" because that would be silly. However, the notion being pointed to here, has to do with the "sense of self" that does seem to be so tightly integrated into all aspects of simply being alive, that it is like the "white" on rice, or the "sweet" in sugar, though it CAN under certain circumstances "disappear" from the scene. 
  • Great bodily sex (physical and usually requiring another human present) tends to allow one to uniquely experience "becoming one with another person", in a moment that can last many, many moments - seemingly "moments without end" (until they inevitably do of course) - without snapping back into one's ordinary desire for a smoke, or some other distraction so as to "come down" into ordinary life. ("Boy, that cigarette never tasted sooooo goooood!") 
  • Great mental sex (non-physical and never requiring another human present, even your "ordinary self") tends to allow one to uniquely experience "becoming one with the universe", or more precisely perhaps, "becoming one with one's higher self", or even more precisely, "becoming one with Life Alive", but all these are just words falling so far short of anything useful as to be use-less... except to those few people who already have a certain sense about The S-upreme EX-perience, and their extraordinary DESIRE outstrips all other bodily desires by orders of magnitude.
This "skill" (of dying to oneself) starts as "craft" (of language usage - correct spelling, grammar, syntax, etc., and regularity and consistency of exercise - being able to think and speak with certain precision). It may soon move into "talent" (of concept creating, connecting, weaving, becoming almost automatic and without unnecessary fits and starts). Eventually it may arrive at "ART".

The ART of energy transformation and transmission without thinking about it; merging left & right sides of the brain, merging higher emotional and higher intellectual circuits, revealing a new-found ability to channel the "Big Guy", and sometimes even to the higher "ideal" speculated by some, written as: "Chanting the World".

NONE OF THIS happens mechanically. It requires the same thing anything useful requires - EFFORT of a certain kind and for a long time, without giving up due to simple-mindedness, and opposite-thinking and negative-thinking and making inane excuses for doing nothing. Mankind in general has only evolved to the level at which they have acquired language, and this is where most are still now imprisoned - in their heads, full of thoughts spinning and spiraling out of their control - and where they have long ago lost even the DESIRE to escape.

Monday, May 27, 2013

Life chooses your body-suit before birth

Can you handle it? Or will you be "handled by it"?
If you haven't yet learned to laugh at yourself - your antics - as you oscillate between variable-length FITS of fretting and struttingdepression and exhilarationjoy and sorrow, and the thousands of other states beFITting your particular body-suit, then always remember there is someone out there, someone you know, who never forgets to laugh at you... is laughing now.

But simultaneously remember, if you are able - and you should be once you've achieved that capability often and everywhere - this is STEP ONE to getting off the Fickle Finger of Fate wrapped around your spine and up and up, deep inside and out to the edges of your brain, feeding you a specialized cocktail of sweet/sour/salty/bitter juices throughout all your "fleshy parts" and not-so-fleshy "allotted years" - if that, and if you are lucky - until either:
  • a) you are no longer needed for the "Work of the Hand" (Life's "Hand-I-Work"), or 
  • b) you don't need IT - that is, you have achieved that level of true independence pointed to by the mystics of old, and some even today, including herein - and can STEP AHEAD (into the highest ends of the nervous system in the HEAD, into the Third Eye.)
Remember that way over nine-tenths (99.9%) of the suited-up creatures on this planet have absolutely NO confusion about their FATE, and their POSITION, in the Great Scheme of Life. It is only the .1% or so of the Life's finger-puppets who have reached that level of UTTER CONFUSION (i.e., ordinary thinking about oneself, ad infinitum) that some actually imagine:
  • a) they personally are NOT subject to the Great Scheme of Life, or 
  • b) they can STEP AHEAD any time they choose to do so (like right now, eh? how's that working for ya?) 
Realize too, that the chances of getting free from the firm grip Life has upon one - from long before one's birth - are about the same as the percentage of UTTERLY CONFUSED finger-puppets making up silly stories about themselves until everyone is blue in the face from boredom (.1%)

This is why is it called - by the mystics of old, and new - The Work
And if it wasn't Work, everybody - 100% of the .1% born in bondage - would already be free.

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Elastic Stories

Time is elastic, and don't you forget it... as if, right? Like forgetting that you just won the recent 600 million dollar Powerball lottery, or that you just received your 3rd opinion from yet another renouned oncologist that you have about 3-4 months of breath left, if you're really lucky.

The "second" - that peculiar instant of time we all "know" so well, or not so well... depending - envelopes you like a 3-sizes too-small cheap suit, or white on rice, but it is elastic, it can expand and contract, but always (until the balance shifts, being the particular thrust of this communiqué) due to external circumstances of very great, or even sometimes not so great, emergency or calamity or some other instinctive or emotional upset, like the sudden death of your near-and-dear loved one, or a near-fatal and near-death (often) automobile collision, to name just a couple.

We've all heard the story about a guy, any guy, tooling down the interstate in his 2-seater top-down sports car, that is run off the road, and while losing control begins a couple wildly exciting - for the occupant, and spectators alike - counter-clockwise 360's in the middle of the road, only to be flipped over the highway, ejecting the occupant across a couple lanes of traffic, who lands backside-against a tree, yet not even knocked unconscious, who, upon hearing the sound of his - to him - quite out-of-place-for-the-surroundings radio still blaring in the overturned, windscreen-sheared sports car, gets up and casually turns it off, and returns to the relative safety of his new-found-friend, the tree, awaiting whatever is to come next.

No concussions, no broken bones, no contusions, no bleeding, yet from the perspective of every witness, a scene which would most assuredly be a tangled mess of broken glass, twisted metal and bloody body parts, "Uggh! I thought that guy was most definitely a G-O-N-E-R, so you can imagine my amazement to find him alive, whole, and lucid!"

The story the guy tells, is actually more interesting than anything the spectators could recount, but he is almost loathe but certainly reticent to detail it, for fear the information imparted to him then could be diffused, dilated, leaked out or even lost.

But, to hear him tell it, "Time is Elastic, and the second expands, to be filled, fully filled, by consciousness, giving it more than enough time to consider the situation in detail, from many angles, even as those 3 or 4 seconds (from the vantage point of the spectators) seemed like 30 or 40 at least, if not more."

What if, one could do this for oneself at will - create such circumstances internally that the second could expand, or contract, as desired... much more information would be available and potentially extracted than is ordinary in the non-elastic time we usually live. Information is Energy, but that is for another time.

US Highway 1

Do you realize, that an hour-long discourse on the history of US Highway 1 - from it's northernmost origin in Fort Kent, Maine to it's southernmost terminus in Key West, Florida (and all the points of interest along the way) - is not substantially different from an hour-long discourse on the history of enlightenment - from first learning about it as a concept, to it's hoped-for, even longed-for, even imagined, ending point of SUCCESS (and all the points of interest along the way)?

If you say there are substantial, "meaningful", differences, between talking about a friggin' Interstate Highway, and something so sublime as Enlightenment, then you may not have even begun to find out what's going on, regarding "talking" and "thinking" and "writing" about stuff, whether it be the ordinarily mundane, or the extraordinarily mystical.

None of this mysticism stuff - recognizing or getting or keeping enlightenment - is about the study of recognition, attainment, or enlightenment, i.e., the "thing studied"; it is about the study of the thing doing the studying; and until you catch a hook in the mouth of that fast swimming oyster, the pearl of great price may forever elude you.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Waking up Asleep

Buddhism, Taoism, Nondualism, Gurdjenskyism, and most of the other name-brand "-isms" - mysterious-to-most, mystical-to-some, and RIGHT-ON-to-a-few - (excluding the fraudulent attempts at revealing something significant, like L.Ron.Hubbardism and loads of others, including probably all the New-Age sillinesses out there) are all about Waking up from sleep, and staying Awake, or at least "still asleep, BUT on a Higher Level - that is, more Awake".

Most people fail at this because they can't come to grips with the concept "WAKING UP" - not in the slightest degree necessary to realize when they are awake, versus when they are asleep. In fact, most people who say or think they are "pretty much" (if not permanently) AWAKE, are quite asleep after all, and don't even know it. They, in effect, may have woken up - once upon a time, for a moment or ten or twelve - but, soon enough, or sooner, they fell right back into a deeper slumber than before, proved by their continuing misunderstanding, and miscommunicating, whenever they attempt to discuss what Being Awake means.

Some of most tragic losers think being awake is moving objects around the stage and claiming "powers" - ESP, telekenesis, clairvoyance, talking with dead people, magic tricks, spells and readings, channeling benevolent reptiles, et cetera, et cetera! If this sounds like a bit of a "dig" against such claimants - that number in the tens of thousands or more - it is, particularly since they all should know better but don't, and so they gleefully pull their cons and scams and parlor tricks on the unsuspecting public, usually for cash.

Some of the other tragic losers believe that being awake is all about states - tingles and shivers up the spine, hair raising goose bumps, and all sorts of other "mystical sensations" they don't even have words for, including seeing moving wisps of smoke hovering across the living room floor, or hearing strange and odd voices coming from out of nowhere, being taken aback by floating and moving orbs of light,  hearing non-ordinary sounds all around one, or feeling wisps of air blowing across their skin when the windows are closed - hey, the list goes on forever. Yes, all these things are interesting, but they have nothing to do with the notion of Waking up, Staying Awake, and being able to increase it with experience.

Such people are those who never engaged their higher thinking center, but only allowed their instinctive/moving center to run wild like so many untamed horses - as it certainly does in everyone - which dragged their emotional and thinking centers BEHIND, like a couple rather rattled ranch hands who left the corral gate open - "Oooops! Wha' happened?!?" - rather than the other way around, TAMING and RIDING those winged steeds like they were meant to be. It's a classic case of "putting the cart before the horse". They have allowed the most automatic reactions to perceptual experiences be described, and then believed (and then remembered, and repeatedly reported, even sometimes codified and made into YouTubes) by still-childish emotional and intellectual centers that never acquired the discipline to Intelligently Investigate themselves, without their prior beliefs polluting all their efforts and apparent results.

Now, don't get the wrong impression. All of this is happening this way for a reason. Life conceals what is Best and Useful and Worthwhile behind the fake, and false facades of phoniness, so that the Best and the Brightest in Humanity - who want more out of Life than comfort and money and entertainment and security - will have to make even MORE EFFORT to uncover the Real. That strengthens their power, and will, and resolve to continue at all costs and never give up, and never to settle for some success.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Spiritual Skepticism

Ordinary skeptics doubt the efficacy of much, if not most of what humans believe today, and that is a very good thing because it can lead many to a state of Independent Thinking, and a new level of Spiritual Thinking, only this time with Certainty, not Theory.

Those who have become indoctrinated by their parents, teachers and peers - usually, but not always, unwillingly - to "accept" some codified line-of-thought (usually called, Bibles or Holy Writs) based upon "faith", "belief", "fairy tales", "alien visitations", unspecified though certainly altered brain states, stories of unverifiable events and undiscoverable places, and so many other factors, is the primary constraint keeping even ordinary humans from progressing intellectually. Thus, most people today are intellectual midgets on a slow growth path to becoming intellectual Giants (their birthright) if only they can live long enough to achieve it - like a few hundred more years - which is very doubtful unless: enter stage right, the future of Science and Technology and effective Life Extension  technologies.)

It is necessary to "give up" EVERYTHING before one can intentionally acquire what actually IS NECESSARY (this time around). This is almost impossible to do on one's own - though it can be done - because it is hundreds of times easier to unwillingly acquire whatever is being PUSHED into one by others (including, all that you now call "my memories and stories about myself"), than to willingly eliminate the "bad juju-juice" that infected one. But, thankfully, should one achieve this intentional elimination, the slow growth path quickly becomes the Fast-n-Fantastic-Path.

This is like - although it is really exactly like - becoming intentionally UNCIVILIZED in a particular way (no, you don't become a MADMAN or a CAVEMAN, certainly not to other people - perhaps only to yourself), in order to become consciously CIVILIZED, as necessary, in a new part of one previously untouched, untainted by all that previously acquired indoctrination. A Place which has been pointed to, hinted at, a number of times herein over the years.
First, you must "get really small", 
then you can pass through anything
even "death" and "life".

From Here To Eternity

Everything mankind might "want" to do technologically - ever since "technologically" became an active working principle in his life, just as "religion" did long before that - he can do "spiritually", once he understands the "math and physics" of it all, which necessarily means when it becomes an active working Principle in his daily life, and not just a pastime, or professional occupation, of certain types of scientists, as it still is today.

From another viewpoint, who needs "Enlightenment" when you understand the math and physics of life and death and all the rest of it? (That would mean that "Enlightenment" is just a function in one who did, so the word is then quite unnecessary - being then, an aspect of Being.)

Of course, "math" and "physics" are just words for most of the people on this planet. This has been quite true for all of his short existence here, except for the "few" (or the "few of the few", or even fewer) who bothered to make certain efforts - unknown and unknowable by most - to penetrate their vast secrets and essential meanings, particularly as they regard Being Human.

So, get to the bottom of, "math", "physics" and "spirituality", 
and you've gotten to the bottom of Everything and All the rest.

Let's say, just to play a game here (which, by the way, IS the Prime Directive of this site), that Words ARE Magic, in the sense that when used "correctly" (suggesting in a most serious way that someone Knows the Method), they connect Quantum (non-local) energies with Physical (local) spaces, such that worlds can be "shaped" by "thought". Now, of course, this does NOT suggest that someone merely chanting some "name" of "god", or any other similar "pseudo-tech", would do the job for anyone with a voice who cared to use it (they'd just be making guttural sounds and little mouth noises), but ONLY for someone who UNDERSTOOD the "math and physics" of  "spirituality" and all the rest of it.


Sunday, May 12, 2013

Fear of the Truth

People are absolutely AFRAID to tell the world what they REALLY think - deep down (high up), about the "essential matters of their being alive for all these many years" - but have no problem at all talking about their subjective opinions and feelings about living life through a fake, and faulty persona (accidentally acquired due to continual interactions with ambient society, and the genetic propensity to model the verbs of their actual interactions with others and things, into nouns that can serve as maps which predisposed one's future interactions - this can be called, re-mapping the brain) that covers, though only somewhat, their FEARS, and so there is almost nothing that can shut them up about all of that subjectivity. Most of what passes for "conversation" in human societies is nothing more, and often a lot less than nonsense and silliness to kill time - which is exactly what it does, especially in those that time kills, slowly in some, much more rapidly in others.

Everybody is hiding behind something, rather than expose "their Truth". Anything but THAT! So the best that most can do - ever, even when pushed from behind - is re-publish links to the hard-work of Other People who, in many cases have done the same thing, on up and down the line. Most of what can be found "out there" is plagiarized bullshit masquerading as original thinking; even though it is just aggregations and accumulations of pages and pages of previously published material.

Only a few - here and there - are not only willing to tell the world their "Truth", but have absolutely no fear about doing it, and so they do it often, if not very often, if not too often. These are the ones who, in fact, are the most verbose on the planet, having acquired and developed further their natural ability to think and speak, but have evolved it intentionally to FOCUS, like a laser beam, on as few "topics", or "ideas", or "concepts" as possible, so as to burn a hole through them so completely that others, who are, let's say, prepared, might walk through and See What's NEW for them, which has the amazing side-effect of transferring some of that "skill" or "talent" or "art" (of FOCUS)  to them so that they can proceed on their own.

Since most people become bogged down, very early in life, by "the media", and by "entertainment" - all diversions - they begin to seek it out, becoming expert "Seekers of the Silly", actually preferring it over anything that even looks or sounds like "News from Elsewhere", as all that is too scary to even consider because it may upset their apple carts full of half-baked beliefs, theories and stories that OTHER PEOPLE packaged up and pushed out into the world specifically for just such fearful people. The main reason the fearful people eat all that stuff up with RELISH, licking their chops and giggling with glee at the end, is because it is so "easy on the eyes and ears" - that is, they can "check out" while it is occurring (no thinking, no feeling, no consciousness, just automatic reactions from the nervous system - i.e. sleepytime), and still be able to offer up their (supposedly) interesting Opinions and Reviews after-the-fact, thereby holding up their imaginary "end of the conversation" (which of course they are, curiously, not even a part of, not really).

All of this would be laughable except for the effect it has on society and civilization, because since humans are just naked apes with big brains, after all, they have become EXPERTS at mimicry, and are quite content just copying other people's looks, manners, morals, preferences, beliefs, theories etc. Originality and Creativity seems to be being weeded out of the human species... well, except for the Few of the Few referred to above, who safeguard, strengthen, develop, and surpass themselves, as a Lifestyle, a Conscious Aim, quite unknown by the masses who remain totally clueless about all of this.

But, not to worry, Life is not suffering in ANY WAY by this apparent descent of Humanity into unyet charted maelstroms of doom and gloom (yeah, right, as if!) In fact, it is in this way that the "Cream of the Crop" grows, even if it seems like the "Riffs and the Raffs" devolve even more, but it's not true. Even the "Riffs and the Raffs" are evolving, only more slowly, offset by the "Cream of the Crop" who are evolving at a much faster rate, intentionally. Overall, things are getting MUCH BETTER all around the world, even as the collateral damage seems to increase daily. One can not worry about that which one has NO POWER to change or alter. One should only be focused upon that which one CAN change and alter, which is their own mechanics, stupidity, and tendency to fall dead asleep at a moment's notice.

The Glorious Anomaly

If your cat or dog or other favorite pet suddenly started talking to you - on that one truly Weird Day -  first in small words that you understand, and later in sentences that actually made sense to you, and obviously made sense to the pet, would you consider that Anomalistic? Or Natural?
  • It could be quite Natural if it started occurring thousands or millions of years hence, but you would never know about it. It's certainly not occurring in our present generation, that's for certain!
  • It would be highly Anomalistic if it happened to you, say within the next few days or so. And then the fun would begin worldwide. Both of you would become celebrities, go on TV, be interviewed by David Letterman (the "stupid pet trick" guy, who'd very likely have to rename your segment to "SMART Pet Tricks") and you would become RICH beyond imagination putting it and yourself on display for the rest of the doubting world. Well... at least until the the Powers-That-Be would take your pet for "further study" and you'd probably never see it again.
Got all that?

Now, similarly, if, on one weird day, you started SPEAKING THE TRUTH without concern, without reservation, without shame, or guilt, or even a hint of LYING THROUGH YOUR TEETH, as is ordinarily the case - come on, you can see that right? - would you consider that Anomalistic? Or Natural? See above.

What's funny, is that you seriously believe your pets do NOT converse with you at all (and no, Virginia, if they can't give you a proper review of "Django Unchained", they can NOT converse with you), but that you just as seriously believe you DO SPEAK THE TRUTH already, any time you choose, and that "All I have to do is open my mouth and/or put pen to paper, and then proceed to Say What I know. Hey, I'm no liar!" (Come on, you can see that right?)

Does anyone see the strangeness here, or the weirdness?

You would NEVER believe there are actually animals on this planet who talk to humans (even with easily accessible YouTubes), but you IMMEDIATELY believe there are people on this planet who DO speak the truth, and you can even name a few (including yourself... at least sometimes???)

Ok, now for the issue-at-large looming in the room. What do you think or believe might be required, for you to begin SPEAKING THE TRUTH, unwaveringly, unashamedly, without concern, without reservation? You already "KNOW FOR CERTAIN" that it is "possible", but just try to write down in words and sentences that could be posted publicly for all the world to see, just how you accomplished that "trick", or "feat of intellectual discourse", or whatever you'd like to call it. Just TRY.

I know I would love to read it, we all would.
(waiting... waiting... waiting...)

ps- I shouldn't even write this, but thinking, "Well I could do that, but I don't WANT to." is NOT even a  proper response to this challenge, except to a childish thinker who has learned NOTHING! If you COULD do it - SPEAK THE TRUTH - you WOULD do it. And OFTEN. And that's a fact jack. And believe me, it would be GLORIOUS!

pps- I shouldn't have to write this either, but thinking that "SPEAKING THE TRUTH" has anything whatsoever to do with reporting so-called "facts" you got 2nd or 3rd or 33rd hand from books, TV, radio, Internet, your all-but-broken "memory" of past experiences or conversations, or anywhere else, is in any way related to "SPEAKING THE TRUTH"... well... good grief if you do, that's all I can say.

ppps- In case you are still wondering, there is only ONE THING of which a person can SPEAK THE TRUTH, and knowing what that "ONE THING" is, is standing in the Doorway to the Ultimate Escape Hatch, that is this "Glorious Anomaly."

Got all that?

Friday, May 10, 2013

The Human Path

"Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic"  A.C.Clark

It is said, and almost everyone today realizes (in their own limited way) that Humans are Social creatures. But "sociability" is an animal-level drive/emotion/striving. Yes, it has become quite elaborated, and sophisticated in the human species, but only because of the development and growth and expansion of language. Preening, picking fleas off pack mates - a highly useful bonding mechanism in the higher mammals, to be sure - is NOT unlike casual, even hyper, even overheated chit-chat on a large variety of quickly changing "mini-topics" like what occurs daily everywhere on this planet, from schoolyards to cocktail parties, from street-kids in-da-hood to boardrooms on a break, "up and down the human social ladder".

This common level of "human sociability" is behind group-think, political party affiliations,  religious organizations, spiritual groups, sports bars, and coffee houses - everywhere "up and down the human social ladder.  The "Prime Directive" of each group and member (though none actually Know and Realize this) is, "Fix each other by any means possible, or eject them" - that is, "Fix 'em, Kick 'em, or Kill 'em", and it is the solution to all perceived problems of real and imaginary infiltration. But such groups always desire to increase their numbers over time as much as possible (even to brag about their size and position on some List somewhere), then fix the stragglers (applying the Rule: fix, kick, or kill), in the effort to enforce loyalty in the membership. The stragglers and hangers-on can now be expected to Toe the Party Line, dutifully.

There is another level rarely seen on planet earth, also part of the "Human Path". It appears Opposite to the above common level - at least to the few here and there who ever come across it - and it could be described like this: A few "friends" gather around an IDEA, and rather than attempting to increase their numbers and fix everyone or anyone really - as that is NOT in the "game plan" - the IDEA is about providing (revealing) a technology, or methodology, to the entire membership for successfully and eventually permanently RESISTING the ingrained drive to become just another PART of a larger PART of a larger WHOLE. This is the "Game of Independence" (or, in another context - becoming a  Hermit on a Higher Level.)

"Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic"  A.C.Clark

Of course, once you see what is being presented herein, and in ALL the previous pages in this ten-year opus, you will SEE and FEEL the MAGIC and TECHNOLOGY that is Life on Earth, in a way that can't be imagined prior to that, because it is STRANGER than one CAN imagine.

"E", "A", "L" and other lies my father told me.

Enlightenment, Awakening, Liberation are words, first and foremost and only. (Just a little "eye-candy" when read, and "ear-candy" when heard - though only in some, not everyone.) They are not things, and can't be measured. They are at most, transient neural-firings sometimes resulting in little mouth-noises, and/or chicken-scratches upon some material (stone, papyrus, paper, email). Whether they "last" a moment or two or two thousand years, changes nothing regarding their intrinsic reality. They don't exist, because they can't be measured.

Thus, nobody is, nor ever was "enlightened", "awakened", "liberated" (or any of the other synonyms for same.) Nor is anybody any other particular "feature" you might care to name - such as intelligent, stupid, friendly, hateful, arrogant, angry, happy, or horny. Words can't be measured, only their effects can be, and the effects of anything, are not the same as the source of the effect. (A gunshot in the distance is one thing, the movement of air impinging upon my eardrum and nerve-endings resulting in quickly jumping up from my chair to look out the window is something else entirely - and countless things could result in that particular result.)

If it can't be measured by another man, then it doesn't exist for the other man - though, "something" may exist for the first one, but since he chooses not to describe it to somebody else, it remains - for all practical purposes - non-existent.

Thus, given the "acceptance" of the above, what are so many hundreds of thousands of humans doing, accumulating into small-ish groups and talking about those terms? How about: re-mapping their own and others' brains?

Brain Re-Mapping

How is it that the mind of man (though the best word here, is brain - but most people seem to prefer the phrase "mind of man") is so easily mapped by words? It can read a detailed account of someone's travels to a faraway place to which they have never been, and after a little "quiet time", it will almost literally believe that it has been there, knows the scenery, knows and understands the place. And, that's not entirely incorrect. It HAS partially been there, by virtue of the re-mapping of the brain via words.

The same is true when it hears about higher possibilities, higher powers. 
After hearing and reading and talking and thinking about such powers, 
it will now think it understands them, possesses them, and can DO THEM.

Perhaps, that is the way language was able to develop at all, in the beginning. Non-human brains do not have to ability to be so re-mapped. They are closed systems, and open-ended expansion of the highest parts of their cortex is apparently impossible, except to the little degree necessary to become a fully functioning creature of their own species. Birdies learn to sing the songs of their parents, cats learn to kill for food, etc.

Some human, somewhere, somewhen, must have uttered some sounds, heard by others in his small-ish group, and "meaning" was transferred from the one uttering to the other(s) hearing by virtue of other "supporting" sounds, that served to "flesh out" the first utterance(s). The sounds, by themselves, are literally meaningless, just mouth noises - incomprehensible to ALL - but in the mind of the first guy to utter it, it "means" something, and he was able to transfer some portion of that "meaning" to his listeners. He, in effect, was re-mapping their brains, in the same way a farmer maps (and re-maps when necessary) territory around his "property", and fences in certain areas. Then he applies a name to those fenced-in areas - a designation, a signpost, a "Name" - to each of those areas ("south-40", "north-20", "horse-corral 1", "pig-pen 3", "chicken-coop 2", "main barn", "my house", "farm-hand quarters"). After a few years, decades, centuries of such neural re-mapping, and voilà, you've got an up-and-running-on-overdrive "civilization" brewing.

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Thinking in terms of energies, forces, processes

People always think in terms of ideas, concepts, words, and never in terms of energy, forces, processes. Could they do this, they would not hold words, concepts, ideas in such high regard, NO MATTER where they "believe" they came from, because the "ability" - which is more like magic than craft, art than science - can only be developed in a thinking creature with an open-ended nervous system which is *capable* of that specific development, and only humans qualify, but not all humans.

This ad hoc division between humans - presented only to make this particular point, and not to be taken as fact (though it is correct) - means that, those who are engaged primarily with lower circuits in the nervous system can "think" ONLY in words, concepts and ideas, FACTS, while those who are engaged primarily with the higher circuits can also Think (without quotation marks) ONLY in processes, forces, energies. It is "above ordinary thought."

Those primarily engaged in the lower circuits - the reptilian, and mammalian brains - occupy their time with the tangible, earth-based pursuits, like sex, food, sports, jobs, homes, families.

Those primarily engaged in the higher circuits - the neocortex - occupy their time with the intangible, intellectual pursuits, like pondering, considering, consciousness, awakening, enlightenment, liberation.

Each has its place.

"The end of the world", NOT

Humans are wired up to behave in the way they behave, and it is only the mind of man that misinterprets that behavior (via thought/speech). The struggle to stay alive (versus roll over and die), is hard wired into living things, lifeforms of all kinds, and Life is certainly not suicidal, regardless of all the human (only - for animals are certainly not doing this) doomsayers out there railing on about "the end of the world", and "armageddon" (which, by the way, has much more to do with their OWN inevitable end - death - than about the end of life on earth).

Also, humans are wired up to expand and stretch and push their nervous systems in a way that animals are not designed to do, because human nervous systems are "open-ended", rather than "closed-ended." This particular "striving", if you will, is precisely that which leads men to make up religions, philosophies and spiritual "teachings", and "believe in them." ALL of them have one thing in common, the expansion of the nervous system in the living (still alive) human, BEFORE inevitable death when contraction and dissolution take over. When this expansion actually does occur, it is more than just a rarity, because it NEVER occurs naturally, and certainly not "accidentally" without attention, intention, and forethought.

Humans ARE, for all intents and purposes, just animals - behaving just like ALL other so-called higher animals on earth - but with the added "blessing" (or "curse" depending upon your mileage pursuing these ideas) of "conscious thought". Humans can THINK ABOUT their situation here on earth, while animals without that capacity can not. This "thinking about" their particular situation is NOT what separates man from Life, for man can not become separated from Life, except at death. Men, "thinking about" their situation all the time, is designed into the mechanics of the nervous system - it is a necessary and crucial element for that expansion mentioned above - and it reflects upon its thoughts and actions, primarily to adjust that activity for future benefit if deemed necessary.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Radar and You

Living under the radar of life

If living with the cross-hairs of Life focused upon your eyes and center of your forehead, and your ears and the top of your head, was working out so well, there would be no need for higher information - about evolution, about enlightenment, about liberation, about anything.
  • Animals are points, lines and planes; three dimensions of organic tissue, directly wired into the nervous system of Life itself, all possible organic relationships and connections in manifestation.
  • Humans are solids and hypersolids of many dimensions of neural connections.
  • Animals are real, humans are imaginary - in potential.
New information requires New Intelligence to make use of it. There is no possible value to you, in knowing how to live off the land on Mars. The information is certainly knowable - in time, from our view - but even if you knew it, you could not make use of it.

Same with all ideas about evolution, enlightenment and liberation. These ideas do not exist in life, but in their necessarily stepped-down in vibration, potency, forms.

Hermits, are such examples of New Information vibrating at a lower rate of frequency, of which ordinary intelligence can apparently make use. That is, any human can attempt and to some degree succeed at becoming a hermit, or a hobo, or a mystic in the desert, or a zen monk in a mountain cave. The idea is one of living outside the Radar of Life itself, becoming physically disconnected from it as much as possible while (in some cases, just barely) sustaining life.

The New Information - the source of the "Hermit" concept - is beyond the ability of ordinary humans to incorporate and make use of. If you want to see if your nervous system is capable of hearing, making use of, and incorporating New Information, describe the manifestation of "Hermit on a higher level"... (how are you doing...?) That is, knowing in advance that EVERYTHING you already know about "hermits" (the hows, whys, wherefores) are NOT IT, but only a miserably out-of-focus representation in three dimensional matter and two dimensional thought, about the one dimensional concept, the point: "Hermit".

To any animal, sans the capacity for thinking, a "hermit" is absolutely no different than a tree or a boulder - a neutral thing. To a human, a "hermit" is a world of possible physical and non-physical relationships and connections impossible to distinguish except by the one engaged in that process.

Life is alive

Life is alive, like you are alive

And like you, there are not two million or billion or trillion discrete parts of Life - each one separate and running around "doing its own thing" - as there are no separate parts of you. All the systems, organs, bones, tissues, fluids are connected and work as one organism, one system.

That system - which is you - is only "so large", and no larger. Same is true of cats, worms, bacteria. It can only access that information for survival that it needs based upon its size. Larger systems require and can access more information.

The size of each creature is directly related to what it sees. The cat, the dog, the worm; each sees exactly what it needs to see. And Men also, ordinarily, see only that which is necessary for them to see.

If one could expand his size, he would then see that which would be natural and necessary for a creature of larger size to survive. Man is the only creature on this planet with that possibility.

Ordinary consciousness can see only that which is absolutely necessary for its survival. But if you make yourself larger, then you must see more. Because the larger you are, the more you must see to live.


In the organic world of living things, all new information is incorporated into the genetic structure of the DNA. New information created out of the interactions of genetic tissue is immediately incorporated into the genes of which future generations have direct access. Closed-ended nervous systems are perfectly adequate to contain all new genetic information.

Humans are open-ended nervous systems because they need to be, as all new information is incorporated into the neural structure of the Brain. New information created out of the interactions of neural tissue - thought - can be incorporated, given some time, into the neural connections of which your future "generations" (the New Man, vibrating at higher levels of being) have direct access. Open-ended nervous systems are required to contain all new neural information, because real NEW information is vibrating at too high a level of frequency and can not be used, or incorporated at that rate, UNLESS stepped down tremendously.

Monday, May 6, 2013

One's world "view" (part 3)

Third: (part 1 and 2 are here)
If you want to KNOW where the stupidity in the world lives - and I mean TRULY KNOW - then you only have to look in one place! (mirrors come to mind in some - how about you?)

(I should stop right here, because those who already KNOW need no further explanations. But since there are few who already KNOW, I will say a little more.)

I understand that the WORD "stupid" causes great internal stress for most, especially when writ large on their own bathroom mirror, like this:  >>S T U P I D<< but if you can focus consciousness upon the POINT in your own head where "stupid" falls, each time you hear/read the word and it disturbs your imaginary "peace of mind" - particularly when applied to  >>YOU PERSONALLY<< - you might be able to SEE SOMETHING about where the "stupidity" lives in the world. It lives in only one place! Not in the trees, in the caves, in the oceans, in the mountains, in the animals, in the birds, in the clouds, NO WHERE ELSE on Earth or off-world can "stupidity" be found! (That's the good news.)

The "other bit of news" some, surely, should be realizing, is that this CORRECT. What very few can yet DISCUSS with any clarity, is what that means? That is, what does it mean that STUPIDITY exists in only one place... between YOUR EARS, and no where else, like it or not.

The WORLD is not stupid.
LIFE is not stupid.
YOU (people individually, and humans generally) are stupid, because you are alive, and still talking - after all these years - about the three-dimensional world in which you have been imprisoned without your prior permission, where the inmates run free and piss all over and foul up the place without regard for anyone else! And, what is more revealing about that is... you are not even PISSED ABOUT IT!

How do you know that you are not pissed? Because you continue TALKING, instead of becoming Way Smarter than you ever were. (Talking about the ills of the world, about things you personally have not witnessed or verified, and have absolutely NO CONTROL OVER either way - except in your deluded imagination, also called stupidity - is NOT "being PISSED". What that is, is pissing away your birth-right without even realizing it!)

Final insult (for some only - not the few): There is a "place" where higher intellectual functioning, and higher emotional functioning takes place, and even now IS TAKING PLACE in some (a few), and they alone are capable of discussing these matters, both with a straight face and non-seriously, which is a feat in itself. (Hey, talk is cheap, but such "feats" come at a high price, but few there be who can pay it.)

There is something humans call, being "Worldly Smart", and there is something a few might call, being "Revolutionarily Intelligent".

  • The "Worldly Smart" have tens or hundreds of thousands of facts stored in their brains (or pc's or smartphones) about three-dimensional, physical matters, and are almost completely occupied with collecting and sharing all of it... (but virtually nothing of the other...) 
  • The "Revolutionarily Intelligent" have a lot of that stuff too, but they have also acquired a taste for, and the ability to recognize and retrieve, let's call it, "News from outside three-dimensional constraints." (Hey, talk IS cheap, but such "News" comes at a high price, and almost no one can pay that!)

One's world "view"

Clearly, one's world "view" is obscured by thought...

The world is operating juuust fiiine.

  • Insects are NOT complaining; 
  • Animals are NOT complaining;
  • Vegetation is NOT complaining; 
  • Mountains are NOT complaining.
  • Oceans are NOT complaining.
  • Atmospheres are NOT complaining

Only humans are complaining, and what they are complaining about - mostly (ok, nearly 100% of the time) - are the thoughts and actions of OTHER humans. Jesus Included!

The world is operating juuust fiiine, and that's the PROOF. (humans are Still Complaining)

The key to this, is what are HUMANS FOR anyway, in the grand scheme of Life on Earth at this time? Don't answer too quickly because the First Thought is always the Easy (mechanical) thought, and is usually the Wrong thought, and that's the ANSWER. (humans fill the air with Wrong Thoughts)

Humans, particularly in the Westernized Internet-driven world, have basically become googli-eyed Googlers - carbon-based (organic) search engines (as distinct from the silicon-based computers where all that stuff is stored), accumulating and aggregating huge amounts of (so-called by them) information from around the world that, in 99% of cases, was created by OTHER PEOPLE, other googli-eyed humans. Nothing wrong with that, people do need their hobbies, but such humans - Googlers, with their eyes bugged-out in HORROR (most of the time) - are in a retrograde descending octave (intellectually and emotionally) without even the capacity to realize their sorry plight. They have practically devolved into naked chimpanzees with a big-brain and not much else. Organic Robots serving Life's Greater Plan (they all know nothing about.) The INTERNET is not the world, not even close; it's a fantasy world to occupy teen-aged, and younger (childish) minds, not unlike TV occupies them, and before that Radio and Comic Books, which curiously have still not completely died out (but nearly so as everything moves to SmartPhones).

I understand most people can't see this, because their eyes are bugged-out in HORROR and it causes them to "fear for the future", but if they can palm them back into their eye-sockets where they belong (and learn to keep them there) and clear their minds of useless thoughts (once and for all), they just might SEE what is happening within their species, within Organic Life on Earth, with this planet Earth, and that all their "fears" are completely baseless.

Look, the Internet is a really GOOD THING, but only in the hands of responsibly enlightened folks of which there are surprisingly few these days. For the rest - the 99%, the Mob - they use it as a baby-sitter, to keep their idle minds running on drivel which is all they can HANDLE at this time.

Sunday, May 5, 2013

"Final Test"

Nobody knows what you were doing thirteen minutes ago, not even YOU! Oh, with a gun to your head you do, eh? But you might be lying and the "interrogator" would know, so don't try it.

If you are VERY typical, your mental response was regarding your body. Everyone but the truly, ordinarily dozing, doodle-head could provide an ANSWER that was reasonably correct, at least to the degree necessary to not be called a liar by the interrogator. Perhaps you were just reading OTHER crap on the internet or emails. Perhaps you were watching TV or listening to music. Perhaps you were sipping your coffee or tea or beer. Perhaps, perhaps, perhaps...

But, please notice, the VERY typical ALWAYS gravitate - as in falling down into the ordinary, like apples falling down into the dirt - to the BODY. But, in this "Final Test" - as usual - it is never about the body, your boring body - hey we've all got one, so who wants to talk about THAT? It is ALWAYS about the mind, your amazing, extraordinary three-pound lump of gray and white goo between your ears (called the most complex organ in the known universe) that got really "excited" (in the sense that the frontal lobe neurons fired up in that peculiarly unique way while reading the subject line and the first few words here), which INSTANTLY blocked out of short-term consciousness and memory the "Right Answer" to my statement/question: "Nobody knows what you were doing thirteen minutes ago, not even YOU!

Whatever the body was doing on this planet - operating for the most part mechanically, and thanks for that! - the conscious part of the mind where thought occurs was not doing that, it was doing something else, and that something else is almost always just outside your view, like a stranger who lives in your own house, of whom you've only caught minor glimpses at best. By the time you turn your head to observe him straight on, he's already gone.

Rape and Rape

There is Rape and there is Rape, but most people are only identified with the common definition - rape of the body, primarily of the female body, primarily knowingly taking by force - but can scarcely even consider the other Rape, which is in fact more common, more dangerous, and as long as it is allowed to continue the human race is very likely doomed. This is the Rape of the mind - primarily of the child mind, primarily by those closest to it for the longest period of time, and what is much worse, unknowingly taking by force (for what else can the child do in the face of this?) - and because of this early influence it re-organizes those young minds in such a way that even more Rape by others may continue long after the child leaves home - first in the school system and the social system and then out there in the world at large - effectively turning that unfortunate child into yet another Rapist able to commit the same offenses that were committed upon him or her, and yes, there are many female Rapists of this kind, though not nearly as many as the male variety.

While the Rape of the mind by those unknowing people who do it is tragic, it is worse than bodily rape because of the extent to which the seeds spread worldwide. It would be like a bodily rape producing hundreds or thousands of such similar "evil-doers" to continue the crime, but thanks to the physical aspect and social interventions, most rapists are stopped early before being able to do more evil. But, the rape of the mind is almost NEVER stopped, and in that world, "once a rapist always a rapist" because as was earlier stated they commit their crimes unknowingly - in the offender as well as the offended - and the only time they are discovered is when the one raped turns physically criminal in some way ("the guy joined the KKK", or "the guy joined the CULT", or "the guy joined the NRA", or the "guy joined the NAZI PARTY", etc.) And, as you should by now realize, nobody really sees what's going on, and both actually believe otherwise - like, they are doing some kind of service - so there is no one to stop it, or even interfere with it.

Now even stranger, almost everyone on this planet can be physically RAPED by someone larger, stronger, more dominant, and short of the unfortunate one getting raped pulling a gun or knife in time, will be raped. Same is true in the rape of the child's mind, BUT if a person is lucky enough (and this may actually BE luck, because it is not taught well or correctly anywhere), quite the opposite is true. That is, no one who "KNOWS" (what is being pointed to herein) can be mentally raped by anyone. Period! And it doesn't matter what the "offender" is telling the attempted "victim(s)" in this case, one who "KNOWS" will never be turned. Such minds are then well on the way to something spectacular and can start the Real Investigations suitable for an Awakened Human Being on this planet - which is, "how is it that Life is behind ALL RAPES of ALL KINDS, yet only a tiny few can resist?"

Think about it.

Saturday, May 4, 2013

"The Only Absolute Truth is Silence"

Life (Mr. Big Guy), speaking out of several billion sides of Its Mouth all at the same time, saying "Ooooh, look over here!" "Noooo, look over there!" and causing waves of reverberating echoes in the brains of the terminally unwary that are truly deafening (and enlightening) to behold. It is like thunder in an worldwide electrical storm, but amplified only to the degree necessary so that every person on the planet can hear it. Omnitaneously. One can, if quite attentive - listen up! - actually hear heads-and-necks snapping this way and that way in order to catch a glimpse of the "next big thing". (Do you hear the sound of your own voice? Hmmm?)

If you really want to know who gets scammed by this tactic, this strategy of Life's to seduce-by-distracting you and everyone, all-at-once, time without end: you only have to look in the mirror... (Do you see the face of confusion? Hmmm?)

Better than all that continual, never-ending, moment-by-moment, totally automatic, and intellectually tiring whiplashing and necksnapping just to find the "something" going on out there, is the "Passion Play" going on between your own ears. As Life, the Pusher, injects Its particular brand of "Joy-juice" through your nervous system, there you are, trying to regain some kind of "equilibrium", and maintain The Only Absolute Truth (Silence, remember?), but, sadly for most, submitting yet again to the Call of the Wild Guy ("Lookee here--->"), but, as always and everywhere, Failing. (Right on schedule though, so you've got lotsa company! There's that!)

The Dominant overcomes the Submissive. The Complex consumes the Simple. Over and over and over, fighting it out between your ears and behind your eyes, till you die, The End... (Do you feel your life draining away? Hmmm?)

Oh yeah, better luck "next time", except for the fact there IS NO "next time".

ps: "There you go again!"** (Ronald Reagan, 1980 Debate with Jimmy Carter)
pps: "Insanity: doing the same thing** over and over again and expecting different results." (Einstein)

***same thing, again?: Rather than Changing the situation (one's mechanics) in some Meaningful, if not long-lasting way - hell, go for Permanence if you are able - humans continually submit to the Call, and make another Noisy Nonsense Comment About It. Like THAT is going to matter somehow.

Friday, May 3, 2013

The "encouragement/discouragement" problem

Regarding what are often referred to as, "higher attainments" - like going to heaven, reaching nirvana, entering samadhi, becoming physically enlightened with a capital E, awakening with a capital A, you know, that kinda stuff with a capital S - most people think it is much more advisable, and acceptable, to be one who Encourages others in their "quest."

But there is also another faction, very few in number, who think that the worst thing one can "do" for another, friend or otherwise, is to Encourage them in their "higher pursuits" as it quite often serves to dampen that part, those parts, that need to be strengthened (again, with a capital S).

The idea, is that when one discovers the ITCH for themselves, and then makes efforts to Investigate their Need - without having to be encouraged by anyone, their own EFFORT is their only necessary encouragement - they progress at a much faster, and more reliable rate, than the others who seem to constantly need encouragement.

It is actually better to discourage others about this kinda stuff, rather than give anyone false hopes that they may (or will) achieve anything at all, as the chances of that are so small, so infinitesimally small, that only a couple, three, or thirteen ever get anywhere with This Stuff in any generation..., if you need it, there is your "encouragement": So far - by actual count - only 6 have gotten anywhere in this present "generation", so if you're still alive there are about 7 more seats left.

Good Luck Butter Cup.

"The only absolute truth is Death"

Sounds like kind of a drag to start this little comedy bit, perhaps, but when you think about it with "higher parts" of centers, or circuits, how can you argue except by introducing unverified theories and speculations based upon stories told to you by other people, either in person, or from some book or website.

All these unsubstantiated  theories and such - since they are not even based upon hard or even strictly soft science - quickly fall apart under even casual scrutiny by most everyone but the gullibles (who live EVERYWHERE! including between those ears and behind them eyes.) "Oh, what a flimsy tapestry we weave when first we practice to deceive ourselves." The practice is called "believing" (as distinct from the other thing - verifying), but amounts to jumping the shark of one's own Active Investigations (a "something" that once had Great Promise, but now after so many missed opportunities, has devolved into a weakness, a shriveled thing.)

Hey, if someone tells you that when you die you will go to a "heaven" and live eternally with those you love, and the lions will lie down with the lambs, etc., why even bother to D.W.A.I (Do The Work of Active Investigation)? And so, little by little, year after year, a Process that can protect one from the Big Bad ol' Fox Pass (B.B.F.P.), becomes the agent of one's own demise (the faux pas, or fuck up): Premature Death by Life's Hand (P.D.L.H.) This devolution is tantamount to "short-circuiting oneself" while alive, with a Big ol' Shit-eatin' Blissed-out Grin (B.S.B.G.)

NO, Virginia, everything is not going to work out A-ok, even if you believe it is.

The body is finite and destined for a long dirt-nap in the near future - maybe tomorrow - and beyond that absolute truth, there can be nothing else, except so-called religious and/or spiritual and/or mystical, theoretical and metaphorical thoughts, feelings and sensations (perceived by the body, made of DNA provided by your parents, and theirs before them, all the way back to a theoretical "adam") that must be "interpreted" by a brain (also, part of the body, made of DNA), in that minimally conscious part of the fore-brain that is not particularly capable of doing that - at this stage of human evolution - any more than your pet dog is capable of perceiving "Doggy Heaven" and enlightening his brothers all about it, also being incapable of doing that. "Woof woof, w-w-w-Woof!"

Though this existentialist viewpoint has been around for a long time, that does not negate its validity as something to at least "consider", and "ponder", and "inquire deeply", and to avoid dealing with these obvious, though perhaps "difficult" particulars by calming oneself with comforting stories does no one any good, except perhaps calming oneself down with easy ideas that are, mostly bullshit, requiring NO EFFORT AT ALL. Is that, in your own mind, an example of "any good?"

Thursday, May 2, 2013

The not so great "inquiry into reality"

All of Humanity - of which there are hundreds of thousands, if not tens of millions, if not several billions of small-to-large accumulations of human brains at any one time, talking up a blue-streak about "this and that" (herein called, for brevity, "petri dishes percolating", a really funky inside joke, sure to bring a chuckle to the few who Get It, if not a sneer from the rest who definitely do not) - is wondering out loud "What the HELL is going on out there?"

Hence, the extraordinarily rapid, and even increasing, proliferation of TV & Radio news channels, Internet blogs & chit-chat rooms, all dedicated to attempting to provide some "insight" into that "BURNING" question they all imagine they are "inquiring into", with their characteristically straight faces denoting a "healthy" degree of Seriousness. By the way, it is only "burning" because they can't make any inroads, nor gain any insight at all, and they ALL know this (without being able to ADMIT it) - hence, the "burning", though even still it is at a very low-intensity and not worth a damn.

Unfortunately for those (the 99%'ers) who get caught up in the worldwide scam Life is running on people, they never actually BEGIN the process (which it is) being referenced herein. This Life-driven scam, suggested above, completely distracts them from the Real Deep Inquiry only humans, with mature brains - having long ago "grown up" (in several senses of that term) - can experience, and benefit from, although it is, apparently, only under certain special circumstances that it can even begin, let alone fuel the Real Burning required for transformation, given how few there are who are actively engaged in it (the 1%'ers). That is, people with an authentic interest in growing in directions that most people do not even realize exist.

To wit, in case someone needs a lighter moment, there is no "out there" to investigate, because it is the "IN HERE" (between the ears and behind the eyes, in a certain "somewhere" all too few have located), that needs a Real Deep Inquiry, to achieve a level, or command of Consciousness that even fewer have experienced, beyond simple, ordinary, automatic, reacting to some imaginary event "out there" (person, place, thing) they have completely misapprehended as usual, being Asleep as it is called by some - from birth till death, and that's THAT!

So much for the >99%'ers. There is nothing you or anyone "can do" about them. As for yourself, THAT is the OTHER story few have even read the opening lines to, let alone gotten to the second, third, thirtieth and all the other pages. As soon as someone realizes what the Real Deep Inquiry requires, and Where To Look, and How To Look - and how NOT TO LOOK, especially at all the multi-car collisions happening around one continually, they natually feel compelled to comment upon - they can reach the second page where the ACTION is, where the MEANING of Life resides, where the SECRETS of the Cosmos are revealed to one, and et cetera.

Hey, write your own damn story.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Clued-in and With-it

Where do you think/believe information about the world comes from? Hmmmm? Do you even begin to realize that whatever you think you "know" about the world (and of course, by extension, you) is all Mis-information? It's not unlike the situation where an AM radio station can only pick up AM signals, and since humans are only capable of transmitting their so-called information over AM, that's all anyone can receive and then think about and perhaps re-broadcast to other people. You are AM (radios)

But Life transmits over FM, a bandwidth humans are not capable of receiving - no matter what someone here or there claims to the contrary - so whatever you "know" is all just mis-information. It suffers from being several dimensions shy of a full-boat - dollars short and days late, at best, which is never good enough. Ordinary mis-information is globally available and receivable by EVERY human with an ordinarily functioning brain, but that brain - as it is, as you are - only receives ONE DIMENSION, and there are at least four or five more, depending upon the point of view.

Mis-information is like someone saying, "grass is green" and because their brains can process it, and agree with others on the same simplistic definitions of the terms, then it is ACCEPTED as is, no problema. And that is true for everything else received by that same brain - no matter the apparent resistance, because once received it is accepted as Information, to talk about, discuss with yourself and others, agree however passionately, disagree however vehemently, whatever. Once Life knows you accept ALL OF IT AS IS, it knows it doesn't have to bother with you anymore. You have simply become "well-domesticated" and part of the herd ("part of those who HEARD").

Revolutionary thinkers can hear the Mis-information but don't ACCEPT the information, which doesn't mean they agree, or disagree, or argue, or believe, because there's a Guard at their Gate, and mis-information doesn't possess the "pass-word". Revolutionary thinkers, rather, realize in real time it is MIS-information, short of the necessary dimensional expansion to be of further entertainment value.

Revolutionary Information, is at least 4D, and even 5D - depending upon how capable one is at reliably receiving 4D Information - and when someone claims "grass is green", Revolutionary thinkers don't stop there, don't accept it, but realize there is four more dimensions receivable before anything like "truth" begin to show its face.

Keeping "your shit" to yourself

To clarify: I really do wish people had learned - a long time ago - how to keep "their shit" to themselves, but before you go off all half-cocked and ready to react, a further clarification must here follow.

Nothing corrupts and confuses little minds (children's minds are LITTLE, in that they are still forming, but only for a fairly short time - perhaps a decade or so) like "the shit" other people shove into their young faces (children's faces are young, and pure, and clear, but only for a fairly short time - perhaps a decade or so).

"The Shit" is this: unverified and unverifiable notions and beliefs about all sorts of STUFF and NONSENSE - often religious and/or mystical and/or metaphysical - that can't be perceived, can't be touched - AT ALL! - by these little ones, who learn well from their similarly wired and previously infected environmental units (OP's) precisely HOW to push their own shit onto others just as they were taught. Payback! (Paying Forward is something else entirely!) It starts with siblings, friends, class-mates, BFF's, work-mates, spouses and really includes damn near everybody else they talk to, in person, in writing, everyone.

So, by the time people have reached late teens or early twenties, their still little minds (in this case, due to the FACT the shit-overload has retarded its completion, its potential perfection by gumming up the works) are not only NO BETTER than those who corrupted them, now they are even worse, being one "generation" removed from the generation that corrupted them initially (which of course goes back, back, back to grandparents, great-gp's, great-great-..., et cetera).

Everybody is so full of OP's shit, they can't tell or even determine the source of the nonsense, having become so thoroughly identified with it, and the sheer MASS of the MESS incapacitates their ability to Hear Real Information. This would be sad and tragic, except that it is NATURAL, and part of our ordinary genetic make-up, with no end in sight unless we EITHER 1) self-exterminate - personally, or species-wide, or 2) Consciously Rise Above It. Hey it's gonna happen eventually most likely, either through lifetimes of PAIN or this one life of PLEASURE.

The "shit" works like this: it is the action of ascribing "hard realities" to intangibles, and then attaching shocking, surprising, strange, weird images, such that this action (born and nurtured out of stupidity that was never transcended) RE-WIRES the fragile neural maps of those without the capacity to remain UN-IDENTIFIED. Someone should have told the children to NEVER buy into the bullshit being foisted upon them by OP's without a clue. Consider: Santa, Christ, Aliens from other worlds, Angels from heaven, Devils from hell, and all the myriad "creatures", above and below ground, without substance, that are GIVEN "substance" (always with a "name", and an "image", and a "place") by words ONLY! These words INFECT soft and young minds in such a way, that later in life when reaching ADULThood they are still as stupid as they ever were, only more so - in many more areas.

Last bit: rather than "teaching" stories of make-believe entities and places with corresponding made-up pictures and images, parents should have taught their children to NEVER believe other people's stories that they can't Touch and Feel for themselves. WAIT, as long as it is humanly possible, before accepting their stuff on "face-value" (i.e., pushed onto your own face), and if you can't verify its REALITY for yourself, don't pass it on to others. THAT is paying forward your UNDERSTANDING, rather than paying back the stupidity you were fed, on down the line to those who follow.

Other People

(you know, those walking nervous systems "out there" that appear nearly IDENTICAL in every way to what you see in your full-length bathroom mirror)

OP's don't really exist in the same way you (in your mirror) do, and everyone knows this, deeply, permanently, which superficially explains why there is still so much NEGATIVE energy floating around this planet due to the interactions of those same OP's.

OP's are full of spit and vinegar, primarily between their ears and behind their eyes - due to the interference by parents, family members, friends, casual acquaintances and total strangers - which necessarily requires a Conscious Mind to screen all of that stuff (like a bouncer at the door) from 1) entering, 2) polluting, 3) corrupting one's, basically, essentially PERFECT NATURE. And as everyone knows, nobody is PERFECT, naturally or otherwise, although newborns are as close as it comes and then, due to the aforementioned interference, begins the inevitable Descent into the "Earthly Quagmire" that is "People", especially in this part of the Solar Wind-and-Fire (in other places where "People" dwell - yes Virginia! - it might be quite otherwise), and culminates with the long, long sleep - or, put another way, the DirtBed-of-Final-Solutions to THAT particular problem/person. The Dead present no further problems for OP's or this planet - thank goodness, eh?

Now, for the pith of this daily rant: OP's are full of opinions, theories, beliefs, and are more than willing to Tell Them at the drop of a hat, or entrance of a microphone into their "personal space" ("Please sir/madam/fred/mary, tell us what you think about [this or that]") Here's a clue to the pithy-part. NOBODY CARES what OP's think/believe about any damn thing that has to do with Essential Matters... they only pretend to (a quite mechanical action) because they are not possessed of a "Conscious Bouncer". Oh, everybody cares about external matters - like how to fix broken toilets, or obtain the cheapest auto insurance, or keep from getting fired from your job - but about Essential Matters, like "SELF-PERFECTION", and all the myriad "similar" terms/phrases that have entered our many languages over the last several thousand years, the closer one gets to possessing a "CB", the less one will even enter conversations with other people about that kinda stuff. They don't want or need what I have to say, and vice-versa. It may all be "entertaining", or "amusing", just for killing time or whatever, but nobody is ABLE TO UTILIZE a damn bit of it, who could not utilize it already (that is, already UNDERSTANDS IT). In this "S-P" quest/task/journey/path, one is completely on one's own till mechanical Death or conscious Success, and only you can "be the judge" of that.

Something else, the "CB" is not a better judge, of character or otherwise, and judges NOBODY for their stated thoughts, feelings, beliefs, theories, because none of it matters anyway. Words expressed by humans are not real, like tables are real, rocks are real. They are completely INTANGIBLE, and mostly fungible in every way imaginable, and though rocks can hurt you, intangibles can not... unless the "CB" has not Awoken. So get with it!

Something about writing

This is not a comment about writing for those who want to be a writer, or want to be a better writer, or who simply want to write. It is a comment about one thing in particular - observing the PROCESS of thinking and writing in real time so as to learn something (according to me) wonderful, spectacular, mysterious, glorious and a bunch of other superlatives - that may (or may NOT) be a bit too excessive - and NOT about the content of the particular "message" being composed; however, when the PROCESS is operating in overdrive, and being closely OBSERVED, the CONTENT may also reveal words, phrases, points-of-view, connections, directions, never "SEEN" before (in that way) by the author, and sometimes it seems almost miraculous. It meets the only real definition that matters of the concepts - Originality and Creativity.

It is like DISCOVERY in almost every sense of the word, though these discoveries are more about the working of consciousness in a human brain, and the operations of neural circuitry and how it interacts with the older limbic and much older reptilian circuitries, than about things and places and people and institutions in the physical world.

This kind of three-dimensional (or, three-force) writing (PROCESS, OBSERVATION, CONTENT) can not be forced, pushed, pulled, even twisted to make something that doesn't fit, FIT, because it flows out of the nuclear soup that surrounds and consumes and oozes "you" out through your circuitry and senses, and at the end of such mental masturbatory manipulations you often find yourself going, "Wow, I didn't already know that, but now that I have written it, I see it was correct all along. Wow."

One unfortunate "downside" of attempting to master this technique - observing the PROCESS and not the ensuing CONTENT until it takes on the "formality of actually occurring" (this is VERY subtle and difficult to OBSERVE directly and correctly) - is that one starts to accumulate so much (actually occurring) material, that it becomes impossible to keep up and to make it PUBLIC which is certainly not necessary, but an added emotional benefit that would otherwise be missing if it was never made so. Publishing adds a benefit that can't be duplicated otherwise.