Thursday, January 26, 2017

All News Is Fake News

99% of those who read my stuff consider all of it to be in the same realm as the currently "understood" concept circulating all around the globe: FAKE news. Why? Simple. I only post them to so-called "esoterically-bent" websites, blogs, Yahoo and FB groups: primarily of these types: 4thway, new-age, nondualism, buddhism, and a few others, which are seemingly based upon a very strict adherence to what THEY call "Real News". They usually call it something else, like, their codified "work language", their "scripture", their bibles, their teachings, etc.

My stuff is NONE OF THAT, purposely, which is why they consider it "FAKE News" (falseness, lies, phony, made-up, alternative, conspiratorial, etc.) I already know their "work lingo" and choose NOT to use it, period. My preference is REAL news from the start: Math, Science, more math, and more science, and a lot of nervous system experimentation. That which is based upon verification from the get-go, wherein you don't move "forward" unless and until... Another way of saying this - which has been said for millennia - is...
"Let experience, verified over time, always be your guide."

As is becoming usual these days, the following FACT must apply: ALL news is fake news. The interesting thing about that, is that this was ALWAYS true, as far back as humans have been fascinated by what GOSSIP can do, to themselves and especially to their audiences... it endears them to the speaker, the apparent source. The "better" the gossip, the more tightly connected to the speaker is the audience. It's a transfer of energy, from zero to something that approaches a variable maxi-sum (particularly witnessed in cults and their ilk), meaning, the more the gossip is believed. Of course, "better" is the keyword in all of this, because it covers an extremely wide scale (you figure that part out... I won't steal your thunder.)

This is a dangerous quirk in our human brains - gossip and the way it affects intelligence - that has been known of course, but NOT by the masses, NEVER by the masses (by design). Those who have always understood this, even at a fairly young age - at a deep level where this strange, dynamic, electro-chemical subprocess occurs - have discovered it is where our faulty thinking center exists. This "left brain, right brain, socio-political transfer of energy dynamic" has become, in 99% of humans on earth, their chief limitation.
"Control the dynamic, control the WORLD!"

The nervous system oscillates from being calmed to being excited - active phrases, not passive phrases - signifying the "near-zero state" and the "near-maxi-sum" and since it has always been active in individuals from very soon after birth, humans sense this oscillating dynamic continually. Consider yourself this moment... are you calm, or are you excited, or where exactly are you, and how did you get there, and can you move at will? You are always approaching one or the other or hovering/oscillating/circulating around the movable center line of a kind of "perfect stillness" that is all but non-existent in most people - the 99+%.

People discover some bit of gossip (all so-called news about humans, is gossip, just as the quite recent "Russian involvement in our election process" nonsense was about humans, and humans alone - i.e., GOSSIP) but it absolutely stimulated every human brain within ear and/or eyeshot when it first crossed their (gross chainlink-like) screen of consciousness (rather than the much preferred fine mesh-like). That started a chain-of-events leading to mainstream media - mostly from the purveyors of FAKE NEWS: CNN MSNBC, ABC, CBS, NBC, NYTimes, WashPo, HuffPo, Dailykos, etc. - pushing the news on TV, radio, internet, which of course caused a ground-swell of Humanity getting extremely worked-up and excited about it, as it wrapped the globe five times by the following morning! Such is the reliably negative effect of GOSSIP on the dimwitted masses who will believe anything they are told, which necessarily binds them even tighter to their chosen leader-of-the-moment, while even more strongly resisting their chosen imagined opposition. This is a corruption of the zero-sum game.

So, the "problem" is not about "the news", or "All news is fake news", but that "***All minds are weak minds***". Thus, the dynamic will never become resolved in anyone (which, if they could, would enable them to always straddle the center line - like being able to hang ten at the absolute crest of a gigantic, 150-year long, big-wave ride). The resolution of the dynamic will likely never be achieved, and Humanity will live out their short 50-75 year rides on a damn belly-board near the shoreline, in the chaotic soup... IGNORANT and ARGUING about what is "true" and what is "fake", and making everyone's lives worse than they were before.

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Politics of Energy Transfer

Humans are the ultimate cause of all their supposed problems on this planet: those within themselves individually, those with others - from family to friends, strangers and enemies - and those regarding the care and maintenance of the world-at-large, Great Nature.

We are now, if you believe the "reports" (mostly from the purveyors of FAKE NEWS - CNN MSNBC, ABC News, CBS, NBC News, NYT Politics, WashPost, HuffPost Politics, Dailykos, etc.) in seriously dire straits... and it is ALL DUE to the misfiring, and malfunctioning, brains of these 3-brained bi-pedal naked apes we call "people" (though they are actually no better than SHEEPLE.)

So what now? And who's job is it, anyway, to "fix the world"? You do know the answer to that question is as old as old itself. One must start at the beginning, at HOME, where the HEART is born and still beating. (That really is the best hint that can be given to the dimwits who haven't even begun the process, but... unfortunately... they won't get it! No way!)
Enter: The Issue:
Left brain, Right brain, and the Politics of Energy Transfer.

First off, briefly, the Universe is a zero-sum game. Energy and Matter, trade places, and due to various quite well known Laws, no energy can be created, or lost. Everything that ever was, is still here, right now, only "changed". Less energy here, means More matter there, and vice-versa.

Second, all life within the BODY of life - the one and only HOME of Humanity, where his HEART is - is that of the Politics of Energy Transfer. It is never a zero-sum game, but it must ACT as though it is. To wit: Lions and Gazelles are in a zero-sum game: If the lion wins, the gazelle is DEAD. If the gazelle wins, the lion goes hungry. Zero-sum. But, in fact, there is usually something "left over" in the transaction that can "help others". Lions feed family another day, and gazelles have babies another day, or NOT.

Same with human social transactions. For most of our short history on earth, it's been a losing proposition for 99% of us, while 1% have accumulated practically all wealth, safety, security, and long life. That's Politics. But only in the last couple hundred years, has humanity reached a level of mental and emotional sophistication that they can change the Zero-sum game into a game where there are winners and losers. We are NOT at that point yet. Close, but no cigars for anyone.

Same with any living example of a human brain - brought up to WIN at the expense of someone else LOSING. All humans are brought up this way, because we come from lower predatory animals - which we all most certainly ARE at present.
In ordinary, healthy human brains: the left brain controls bare-naked language (naming and describing things) and analytical thoughts (more complex in structure and composition, including math and science equations); the right brain controls emotions (simple and complex) and creative thoughts, though usually sans-words, though capable of producing beauty, art, music, mathematical and scientific insight, etc. And in order to operate at the "peak of human activity" both brains are in a continual energy tranfer process that can neither be slowed down or sped up without consider effort developed over time, and with extreme knowledge aforethought. Or INJURY, but one should attempt to avoid that.

In order to reach perfection of the classic human being, in any given time and space - like today, for example - requires knowledge and experience, which are contained in the two halves of the whole brain/mind complex. And, therein lies the problem that everyone has: the innate inability to access the knowledge and the experience at the right time, in the right place, without destroying the positive immediate effects of each... and this requires "personal politics". As in, "I'll give you this set of facts (left brain), if you'll give me a beautiful, creative, inventive, discovery (right brain), so WE (I) can move forward, without guilt, without shame, without regret. Thank you very much."
And now, for the conclusion of the moment 
- which will necessarily be modified over time -
more facts, more experience:
Politics between people is a give and take, with opening plays, and middle-game plays, and closing plays, and there is always a winner and a loser, though, in Good Politics, the aim is for BOTH to feel quite certain they each have made a good, if not Great Deal.

But individually, in your own little country (or company) between the ears, where there are billions of inhabiting residents of, mostly, unknown names, descriptions, skills and talents, the complexity of the energy transfer paradigm are virtually UNKNOWN to all. That is, nobody really and fully comprehends HOW to think/say/write a previously UNKNOWN "work of language", nor HOW to create/invent/discover an UNKNOWN "work of art". These things "just happen", and usually "just in time".... case in point: this entire set of paragraphs being slowly pushed out to this minuscule community.

This is the OPENING PLAY of the Grand Energy Transfer system that has every living human brain/mind complex on the edge of their neuro-biological, electro-chemical seats for an entire lifetime... unless and until such a person can "step out of the game!"

And then, Voila as some might exclaim, or Eureka, or Whooopee. All the other pieces on the game board take on a new significance and importance for the Game at Hand. The Left and Right (brains and peoples) Merge into an automatically functioning machine that "pushes one forward from the past", instead of like before, always "pulling one back from the future". Hard to describe of course, and there are better ways. They may appear in due time.

But when a large (presently unknown) number of humans achieve a certain level, within themselves, where they are their OWN KING of the WORLD - no longer dependent upon outside sources of energy, being quite capable of creating their own as needed, just in time - there is no longer any need for external presidents, or kings, or masters, or overlords (unless greater Beings invade this planet... which could happen, but I personally do not expect it soon) to indoctrinate their minds with their foreign forms of control. They will, effectively be made impotent, and we will chase their asses out of here!

Friday, January 13, 2017


What's up with "Globalism," the idea that is so attractive to the Left, and repulsive to the Right?

Perhaps the theoretical ideal of a "new world order" - a "global governing power", a supposedly "perfect society without poverty and war", where everyone is closing in on one light brown skin color, and one homogenous, hard-to-determine sex, and one global religion that is actually NO religion - is intrinsic to the human mind, and may actually be wired into our DNA.

It comes from the human desire for self-perfection which is most close at birth, and then begins to drift away like a rowboat that somehow became detached from the dock. Every day and in every way it drifts farther and farther away until by the time one is about 3-7 and starting to speak coherent sentences and even long paragraphs to their first/primary teachers (parents) they have not only lost sight of it, but any clear sense of it. But THAT loss is never fully lost, even in later life, and especially near the end of their days, approaching death, when the human begins to rediscover the power and majesty of the Lost Idea(l).

So, once humans started populating the world and bunching up into tightly packed groups that become increasingly difficult to maintain (feed, clothe, house) and control themselves (much like the "many i's" - thoughts - that bunch up in the mind over time making one's life more and more difficult to maintain and control), is it any wonder that some of them "decided" to attempt to ENACT ON EARTH that which was born in them at birth? Perhaps not.

The problem for all centuries of course, is that the IDEAL can ONLY BE realized within one's own being first, and not until most of the members of any larger group have achieved their version of SELF CONTROL (if not "perfection") can they possibly enact anything like an external New World Order, when the masses in large numbers can intermingle easily and without constant fighting, wars, famines, poverty, etc., etc. That is, the 21st century has still not produced a large group of humans who can LIVE PERFECTLY without overlords and masters requiring the heavy use of punishments, prisons, etc., to keep them in line. (Well, maybe the Scandinavians have come close, but they are too socialistic, and too homogeneous (white), and almost in-bred in their acting and their thinking. Well, except for recently with the thousands of Muslims raping their women every night, and throwing heavy wrenches into their "perfect" society! So much for that failed experiment.)

Thus, the rise of the Overlords and Masters (all the various "ruling families and dynasties") who have tried but failed, miserably. They came really close in America by 2016, but Hillary was too much of a loser to pull it off. Thank God for that, eh, and Thank God for Trump.

BUT, never fear, they are still trying and probably won't give up trying until they finally DIE, and then perhaps, maybe (but don't count on it) humanity at large will REDISCOVER their True Purpose - "Self-Perfection" in the correct sense of that term. And, hopefully, they'll give up on socialism, communism, fascism, nazism, corporatism, racism, sexism and all the other "isms" that tear families and societies apart, in favor of a more "perfect capitalism" (even improved where it is more efficient and useful to the greatest number) where everyone has a REAL opportunity to perfect themselves, in their own time, and at their own pace, without being lorded over by evil masters who want to control their every thought, feeling and action, and steal all their accumulated wealth and prosperity, and then move on to the NEXT country and do it again.  

(Sounds like a horrible remake of "Independence Day"!)