Wednesday, July 12, 2017

The Only Help You'll Ever Need...

If your AIM is to Awaken (some call it achieving enlightenment, others call it reaching nirvana, and other things too), and to stay awake, even as those around you are slinging sticks, stones and words at your every thought, feeling and action (from the government, and all the way down to your family, friends, neighbors and acquaintances), you are going to need HELP.

Not just the occasional, accidental, drive-by, run-of-the-mill varieties served up like non-nutritious fast and junk-food tossed onto a plastic tray by minimum-wage workers, but the purposeful, intentional, well-prepared by those more conscious than you are, and thoughtfully designed and delivered delicacies that must be paid for in a variety of ways, but once paid for can produce just that kind of "gastro-neurological experience" that "lasts a LIFE TIME!" (That is, it is pertinent to you and your circumstances, and connected to your "GUT as well as your MIND" - which is ONE in any case, whether or not you already know that!)

Consider: There is a steel trap-door separating the upper floor of your usual abode, and the attic you have never even visited, let alone know is there unless you've been accidentally alerted to its existence by certain previous experiences: Like psychedelic drugs, for one; Death of loved ones and/or others; Extreme illness or accident, etc. But, even though what may have been experienced seemed astounding, to say the very least, it quickly dissipated as does all experience over time, and can hardly be recalled after some variable-length period of time. That is, ordinary personality takes over, tries to explain, understand, categorize, label and put it all away into a corner of one of the rooms of your usual abode, so that... Now, all that is "remembered" are stories about it, the anecdote(s) you tell yourself and others, usually at the drop of a hat. You may say these memories are MUCH MORE distinct, memorable, recallable - and you're right - but they are anchored in the past, and surrounded, and protected, by language that is NOT occurring in this moment.

The trap-door (an "escape hatch" for those so-inclined to squeeze through), though hard to find and harder to get through, is not really made of steel - of course - it only seems to be, since when it is finally discovered for yourself, you realize it can not be opened, or penetrated, or side-stepped, so it might as well be steel, and you only have "fleshy fingers" and "vaporous thoughts and feelings" to work with.

The Attic is something else entirely - not "in this world", not "of this world" - and should not be cluttered up by the refuse of ordinary life of thought-centricity. It is a "clean room", and one's conscious intention and attention will be required to keep it that way, because like "The Tardis" it is bigger on the inside than it is on the outside (and that one is for you to decipher!)

Oh, and by the way, if the subject line's ellipses left you "wanting more"... well, it's just this: Be Always Awake and Attentive, because the Only Help You'll Ever Need (to get everywhere, to achieve everything, to experience everything, and many other such "setups") is all around you. It is an Infinite Ocean of Living Energy that ordinarily can't be Eaten & Utilized, until it is "Cracked" - kind of like an egg; kind of like an atom - so that its potent inner juices may be absorbed into the higher ends of your nervous system (the operational home of those "fleshy fingers" and "vaporous thoughts and feelings") which is always just this side of the door to the Attic. You will need the power of 100 men, or more, to punch through that barrier, because just hoping and waiting, believing and waiting, planning and waiting, is NOT working out for anyone.  (What one "needs" is a "steel hard rod" made of "method and magic" and pushed straight into the center of the brain. NOTE: there are 3 links in this chain - "steel hard rod", "the eye sees only what the mind is prepared to comprehend", "HENS house".)

Just, Look Around. Many billions of people struggling to get by - and even the richest of the rich are included here - because ALL OF US will soon be dying an untimely death, in the midst of a mostly unsatisfying life.