Monday, October 28, 2013

Success is Assured

Your success is assured, if you don't screw it up. 
Life has made everyone capable of achieving all that any human can attain in one lifetime, and you don't need bible training, koran training, talmud training, fourthway training, buddhist training, or any other kind of training to achieve that. You were born with all that is ever necessary, and you can thank your parents for that.

First, of course, you need to Believe it - without undue, and really unnecessary internal argument - and the proof you don't already have that necessary level of CERTAINTY in your belief, is when you continue to doubt that others may have this capacity, even if you think you may. You are not unique. You do not have more than others, they do not have less than you, although you may KNOW more than others, including the TRUTH of this assertion, as well as WHY it must be so.

Second, of course, you need to Realize that what was taught by the masters and given to their nearest and dearest, did NOT find its way into books, manuscripts, yahoo groups, and facebook pages... not by a very, very long shot! Their teachings were always oral, and specifically for those in the room at the time. As is always the case, there are some who leave early on - but not TOO early to understand point one for themselves - and some of them may even start something new elsewhere, and it is ALWAYS something new, and must be. Those who stayed around for years and years may have known something as well, but perhaps not. They may have only been allowed to stay around so that new people who came into the groups could feel "comfortable" in this strange, strange setting. Some stayed primarily to assist the master in his endeavors - paying the bills, upkeeping the meeting place, sending out the fliers, setting up and down the refreshments and chairs before and after - and they were fine with that. AND, it is usually just for THEM - the four or five or so, his "nearest and dearest" - that the master continued for all those, perhaps, many years. Were it not for THEM, he would have just shut the whole thing down.

Third, of course, you need to UNDERSTAND that you and your "issues" need to get worked out, as soon as humanly possible, so that you can begin the Exploration of Life, the World, and the rest of the universe that is possible for those who get started, so long as it's not too late. By the time a person reaches 30 or so, s/he should have started because 30 or more years is necessary to explore the outer reaches of these higher realms. And besides, it's simply MORE FUN having MORE TIME in which to discover all these new and wonderful things. The mundane level - of people and their trials and tribulations - is fully comprehensible so long as one starts rightly. But if one gets side-tracked by "pseudo teachings", "faulty religions", "phony new-age technologies", and never gets on with the EFFORT to understand themselves, and to really explore their own nervous systems - to Know who and what they Are - they might never have the opportunity to do so.

So, while Your Success 
is always assured... 
The future is never assured.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Metaphorizing the metaphor

If it can be agreed that today, humans consider that their religions and philosophies represent the highest (most meaningful) thoughts possible for present-day humans, then the cause and genesis of such institutions must be explored.

First, there was just casual talk between and among humans of their day, who were involved for most of their waking hours in the activity of just staying alive and well; when getting fed and fucked were the most important activities of the day.

Later, this talk morphed into ideas, which later morphed into rules, then laws, then religions and philosophies, and later psychologies.

All religions and philosophies are just laws, rules and ideas stemming from those earliest days in mankind's evolution from non-speaking hairy apes to talking naked apes.

Religions and philosophies are metaphors for literal, direct, in-your-face instructions given verbally by one man to another, as he taught him how to: fish, fight, fend for himself, and live independently, by feeding others, fighting for others, defending one's family, and living together.

The general population will always believe (note: believe, not Think), that the next step in this evolutionary progression, would be going back to the beginning, the source of all that teaching, and so we have libraries, and bookstores containing millions and millions of yesterday's records. But, in fact, it is not going back, "unmetaphorizing the metaphor" (as if to understand the original teachings), because that direction is devolution.

Evolution of consciousness 
is going forward, 
metaphorizing the metaphor.

Now, today, every today, a singular entity wakes up from his slumber, hungry, horny, and faced with the exact same predicament his earliest ancestors were faced with. It's not that a sleeping creature must return to the womb to awaken, it's that He must emerge from the Womb.

Future Man, is the Womb Man - 
post-cross, post-resurrection.

Friday, October 18, 2013

That Thing you do...

You people, that is.
With language, that is.

You start wars for no good reason, and then later end them.
You create families and tribes, and then later rape, kill, and exterminate them.
You build villages and cities, and then later pillage, plunder, and burn them down.

What a special breed humanity is, and all of this is done - you know this, everyone knows this - with Language. As soon as humanity was able to talk to themselves, they started concocting all manner of schemes, plans, strategies to first gain the upper hand on the natural world of plants, animals, and weather (that's right order of course), and second, others of their own clan, or group (that can be right order too, depending), and third, those NOT of their own clan, or group (that may not be right order at all, but it has become ingrained, if not hard-wired into our species.)

Out there in the rest of the natural, non-speaking world - sans language - there is perfect order and harmony, as there has always been even from the very beginning over 3.5 billion years ago. 

Out there in the rest of the human, speaking worldwith over 7,000 different languages - there is no seeming order, only extreme chaos, confusion, disruption, pain and suffering. All because of Language, and specifically because the species being USED by that language (yes, being used) has never learned the hows and whys and wherefores.
Enter the Ways.

If all humans RETAINED the "Original Teaching" they were given pre-birth (yes, pre-birth - at the time of their mystical sperm and egg hookup), all of the difficulties mentioned above, and countless others, might have NEVER gotten so out-of-whack with each and every succeeding generation. The Ways teach one thing, and teach it well - "REMEMBER YOURSELF" (but not just the "self", per se, the ALL and Everything)

One could imagine that humans are still not quite fully capable of retaining the "O.T.", but only in the "beginning stages", even today. That, coupled with their ever-increasing numbers - breeding like rabbits as they do - and the utter lack of skill, talent and understanding in most humans in general, their innate capability to RETAIN the "O.T." was virtually bred OUT OF succeeding generations. If that is indeed the case, perhaps humans have "DEvolved", rather than EVOLVED. Here it is, second decade of the 21st Century - and over Six to Ten Thousand Years or more in total - and neighbors are STILL killing their neighbors; cities, states and countries are STILL destroying other cities, states and countries, including - in too many cases - their own!

Language has a "mind of its own" - or certainly SEEMS to, the way it runs roughshod over everyone. People say and do the strangest things; more often than not, it is against their own self-interest, and without even realizing it, even AFTER being told about it by those they should really have been listening to all along. 
People are not the problem, per se. 
Rather, it is that people everywhere are being USED BY  language, 
and they lack the skill, talent and understanding to 
monitor and control themselves "just in time."

The Ways not only teach "remembering", they teach children how to THINK, and how to SPEAK, so as to maximize the usefulness of their higher intellectual circuits which were MADE to RETAIN the "Original Teaching." Oh, in case you didn't already know, the "O.T." only consists of about four little words. You heard them. You felt them. You sensed them at a deep, deep level. They literally ignited the highest, newest, freshest part of the neural circuitry where Language eventually resides in one. BUT, you and everyone else too, forgot them almost before you were born. 
The Ways teach one how to remember, 
how to retain, how to realize,

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Body Consciousness - Conscious Bodies

Consciousness can't go very far, do very much, without a body. 
Bodies are required to live in dimensional realities. 
Therefore, we have bodies, here on Earth. 

Without consciousness, we are just pulsating, 
extremely sophisticated and organized protoplasm. 
With consciousness, we are "gods"... well...
perhaps as near to "gods" as our ancestors dreamt. 

Today, with "technology" - in the fullest sense of that term - we can, and should transcend the gods, one person at a time... because it can't/won't happen everywhere all at once. 

Today, "technology" includes all the thinking, feeling, and experience over millennia, that mankind can bring to bear on any question, any idea, any consideration that may spring to mind. And that includes all the "mystical/wisdom teachings" that have gone before, because it is clear the authors of many, if not most of the concepts one will find therein knew things modern men of their day, as well as our day, had absolutely NO CLUE whatsoever.
About our origins, 
our destinies, and 
"the work" in-between.

WE humans are semi-lifeless, semi-conscious organic lifeforms roaming this planet for food, sex, shelter and to some degree - since we are considered "higher mammals", like dogs, horses, elephants - social interaction, though without consciousness, that interaction amounts to little more than tolerating certain other's presence in one's midst, with regard to their suitability as food/fuel, and/or sexual partners, and/or additional places of shelter.

Consider: "god" did not create 
Organic Life on Earth; 
Laws did, Physics did.
"All Hail Physics!

However, once organic life "exists", anywhere including here, evolutionary forces take over and after trillions and trillions of cellular interactions and iterations, "consciousness" takes a foothold, and after a few tens of thousands of years, "god" is created! Yippee! 

Now, there is on planet Earth, a "first cause." Please realize (or argue, as is your wont) that "god" is merely a word that was created by MEN, as a conceptual contrivance to "explain" that which he does not and can not yet comprehend. It "calms" his internal confusion and suffering regarding "the unknown and unknowable." It is truly, if anything ever was, an Alien concept - through and through.

Later, when men evolved 
neurophysiologically capable of attracting 
consciousness to his neural shores, so to speak...
The Lighthouse was Ignited!

Get your motor* running, 
head out on the highway*
looking for advention* and 
whatever comes our way*
Born to be Mindful, 
Born to be Mindful.

*motor = higher ends of gray matter, 
*highway = neural pathways,
*advention = adventure/invention,
*our way = Mindfulness in all things.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

"Impartial self-observation"

Many people have this notion - who knows where they got it from, certainly not from "working on themselves" - that they KNOW their "SELF", that they "know themselves", that they have "realized their self", that they are "self-realized", that they have "seen who and what they are", etc., etc. - but if you ask them to describe their findings, they clam up, they can't do it. They usually say they *won't* do it, or that it *can't* be done, that their "self" is beyond words (which is the big cloud of confusion they hide behind,) and then they point you to their "My Story," (and, how many such "my stories" have YOU read??)

Nothing is beyond words, where things human are concerned, and even where things spiritual are concerned, as the entire "spiritual" world is entirely language-based. Babies don't know a thing about the "spiritual world"; they simply don't know anything about anything - physical or otherwise - and must be told about everything... and therein lies "the beginning" of the unknown realms.

The joke, really, is this: Whenever somebody uses the word, "self" (as in, "I know MY self", or "I remember MY self", or "I observe MY self") they are telling a monstrous fib, that even they would realize could they but get out of the way of that "self-thing" they believe they have "access" to, but don't in actuality.

There is no self, to remember, to observe, to know. "Self" is just a word pointing to a unending process, that started at conception or earlier and is still ongoing (kind of like the "Big Banging" which also is), and NO PROCESS CAN BE SEEN, NO PROCESS CAN BE KNOWN, except from the outside, and there is no outside for ordinary consciousnesse confined (as it was, is, and likely will remain) to the same cell in which it first arose - in you - due to the "marriage of sperm and egg."

The very idea, "remember yourself", said with a straight face and with all seriousness is a dead giveaway that the person has absolutely NO CLUE WHATSOEVER what's going on. Same with people who use the capitalized word, "God" in a sentence, always meant to be taken quite seriously. They have both seen their days - and that was yesterday! Today, they're empty calories incapable of stimulating the nervous system to the degree necessary to cause the excitement The Ways point to, which is what has always been referred to as, "enlightenment, nirvana, awakening," and other strange sounding notions.

A workable definition of the reality behind the ordinary conception of "enlightenment, nirvana, awakening," is that it represents heightened neural excitement. It is excitement at such a level that there is no self-calming counterpart. It is excitement above the level of consciousness at which ordinary humanity is stuck like glue, and everything at and below that line then becomes the dampener (the Line itself is "support" - for those above it - and "resistance" - for those below it) which affects everyone embarking upon The Way. Everything below the line - while being crazy, confusing, scary, chaotic, dangerous, etc. - nevertheless, has an extreme self-calming effect upon one's Desire for the Higher. That calming effect is necessary for humanity - individuals in general, part of the status quo, in order to keep everyone "in their place in line" (in the abattoir queue) - but is absolutely NOT necessary for those of "our lineage", "our bloodline"... not by a long, Long, LONG SHOT!

Ask somebody who "claims" to be able to practice consistent "impartial self-observation" how to expand their consciousness above the general line referred to above, in order to access the excitement that would represent, and watch their cats grab their tongue as they go utterly silent, eyes rolling up, and around and around, stumbling, scrambling, staring into space looking for something, ANYTHING to say...
...Still Waiting...

Monday, October 14, 2013

Fixed Ideas

Any "system of thought" which you "hold dear" - having accumulated and probably read piles and piles of books, manuscripts, journals and other assorted written (and in today's Internet age, video and audio) materials by a variety of authors and their supporters and critics over many years and several decades - gets deposited into your cerebral cortex, which must by their very nature - being primarily "words of a language" - become fixed in you. If they were NOT fixed - but malleable, movable, changeable - it would not be a "system of thought" but merely fragments of something, wherein even the fragments could change without anyone even noticing. How could anybody "learn" anything if information manifested in your brains like that? Mathematics, Science, Religion, Philosophy (and so many other things of course) consist almost entirely of fixed ideas, and those who know them well enough can sometimes receive higher degrees at educational institutions.

Regarding the physical world, all ideas about "settled matters" MUST be fixed - at least for the time being - and so they become fixed IN YOU. That's right order. "Earth is round and spherical, NOT flat like a table", is a fixed idea and that's right order, or your next trip to your parents home might result in falling into the infinite abyss! "2 + 2 = 4" is a fixed idea, and that's very good, or your next paycheck may be totally ridiculous, and your bank accounts fall to negative amounts!

Regarding the intangible world, however, all ideas MUST be malleable, to be of any enduring value to you (that is, you who are attempting to find out what's going on, to awaken), but unfortunately they are not, and that does include religious ideas, spiritual ideas, philosophical ideas, psychological ideas. They are presented to you AS (so-called) "FACTS", and what are sometimes called, "verifiable" facts, but all concepts about the non-physical world (of that which can not be touched, like "nirvana", "self realization", "enlightenment", "thought", "consciousness") are non-verifiable, for the same reason you can NOT VERIFY that Cinderella's ball gown was IN FACT, a size 4, and off-white in color, and her hair was IN FACT, shoulder length and jet black in color. And, oh by the way, SHE was an enlightened Zen Master of the highest order! (See? Anyone can say Anything about Anything... but that in itself means nothing whatsoever.)
Go figure...

Oops, you can only DO THAT in matters regarding the physical world (of that which CAN BE touched). In the non-physical, language-based, thought-based, made-up by men, mental world, no figuring is even possible! You can not add, subject, multiply, divide, or determine the square and cubed roots of such ideas and concepts, in order to produce Real Understanding of Enduring Value. You can, however, through an extreme lack of attention and awareness, become more and more confused over time as a result of those ideas shifting around, changing shape and form and color and meaning in there, thereby becoming misplaced, misnamed, misused, and misremembered, which usually leads (okay, ALWAYS leads) to more confusion.
Go figure...

Thursday, October 10, 2013

"Conscious Schools"

Many here have heard of such things, but few here have personal experience of such things, and only a few of the few have current experience of such things, but if a person can begin to understand precisely WHAT the term means, everything changes in an instant.

In fact, there are no such things as "Conscious Schools" EXCEPT in relation to those who do understand. For all the rest, they are just places to meet, talk, dig ditches, plow fields, make meals, socialize, gossip, and all the other things people do in life.

For those who do understand, they know what their own responsibility is, and they can move in the right direction anyway, so that simply being with their Friends - the real ones, not the fake ones - qualifies as a "conscious hangout", so long as each one always brings their "A-GAME": Awake, Conscious, Ready to Roll, and by all means, "sans personality", which is  another term that requires more understanding than life out there provides.

Those who do understand know that they don't "join", or "meetup", or "visit" a "Conscious School". Hardly! They know that the idea is pointing NOT to a place out there - in the foothills of some small mountain range in the East - BUT to a place between their ears, behind their eyes, where the Real Mountain Peak is, that place they have known about almost all their lives, and only recently perhaps had the words to express something about it to their Friends. They know it is There, at the Top, that they can PEEK above the ordinary level of consciousness prevalent in the rest of humanity at this time - so caught up in silliness, nonsense, arguments, disagreements, lies, deceits, wars and threats of wars - allowing the possibility of actually
"Getting Higher"

Thursday, October 3, 2013

"Bubblegum and Ass-kicking"

"I've come here to chew bubblegum & kick ass...
and I'm all out of bubblegum!"

Now (assuming some here recognize that sentiment), kicking ass out there in the physical spaces is a very serious matter indeed, with a fairly wide range of possible outcomes (to cause pain, suffering, dismemberment, termination, to name just a few), but there is one more worth getting into right here, and right now.

In fact, putting the sentiment a little differently: "I've come here to chew the fat & blow your mind... and I'm all out of fat!" (To actively motivate people to do something.) Speaking in metaphors, similes, symbols, analogies and synecdoches, while they may be considered by some as "hard to follow along" (i.e., fat), they can also make for more "enjoyable reading" in others, so it is quite difficult to be accepted/heard/understood by both groups at once. Someone is always feeling left OUT of the conversation, and they soon quit participating. Others find it neurally stimulating and so eat it up with relish. The rest are unknown to me in any case.

There is a reason for this, including all the fatty confusion and ass kicking, and you already know what it is. So I could, if I wanted to, just end this right now, so as to let you all work out the details for yourselves - in a "think piece" of your own - thereby discovering the PUNCHLINE for yourself, thus getting the JOKE, and being able to BLOW YOUR OWN MIND!
You know you want to!

For those who stayed a little while longer, preferring to be TOLD something they can argue with now or later (yeah, that's fun too, though not very useful in the long run), being ABLE to blow your own mind is a skill/talent few on this planet can perform for themselves, let alone such that someone else's mind is blown too.

"But why would I even WANT TO?" ask some.
"Oh, I can do that anytime I want!" say others.

Those responses are suitable for another one of your "think pieces", assuming you actually do it. So, when a few, if any, actually do attempt to activate their own Higher Ends of the Nervous System, wherein conscious thought operates, purposefully, intentionally (like "blowing one's own mind!") - a place few have actually even visited (i.e., taken a Tour around the whole Territory to survey the Terrain) - they might compose some written reply to this particular "setup", just to convince themselves...
"I did it!"
Note: properly "blown", one is a little,
if not a lot more AWAKE than before!