Sunday, February 21, 2016

Cruz and Rubio NOT ELIGIBLE to run

Best Thing I saw on YouTube today, and 
quite pertinent if you care about the 
Next U.S. President.

(By the way, I've scanned ALL the mainstream news 
sources since this video was released, and
NONE has picked up this story and reported
VIDEO: THIS is why Cruz and Rubio 
didn’t attempt to have a court decide 
their eligibility in the past. 
They would have been ruled ineligible!

Please listen to the whole thing, but the
Cruz and Rubio bit is at 8min 55secs.

From the US Constitution, if you've never read it:
No Person except a natural born Citizen, or a Citizen of the United States, at the time of the Adoption of this Constitution, shall be eligible to the Office of President; neither shall any Person be eligible to that Office who shall not have attained to the Age of thirty five Years, and been fourteen Years a Resident... 

So, unless the Constitution has been deemed irrelevant, Cruz and Rubio fail the necessary tests. Natural born is not the same as "naturalized", because it has to do with the citizenship of the FATHER, not the physical location of birth mother. Where the person is born is not as much an issue as whether or not the FATHER was a citizen at the time of the birth. Citizenship is "handed down" from the FATHER, not the mother. Therefore, Rubio is not eligible because Rubio's father was not a citizen at the time. And Cruz is not eligible because Cruz was not in the US, and his father was not a US citizen at the time. Watch the VIDEO from above, watch it in its entirety, and find out for yourself.

Oh, and curiously, if you can believe it: Barack Hussein Obama does NOT pass all the tests required to be elected President of the United States of America.  Specifically, Obama's father was not a citizen at the time - Look it UP! Therefore, apparently, damn near anyone can run for that high office, proving to me that things are changing around here BIG TIME! We are using the "anchor baby" rule, a man-made rule: any child born in America (on American land) - even if born of ISLAMIC TERRORISTS - is now called NATURAL BORN CITIZEN, and can run for that high office! Wrong!

This is getting weirder and weirder as time passes. And those who have actually READ and tried to comprehend the US Constitution, especially this passage being argued, must be going nuts the way the media and the masses have totally IGNORED the most important issue.

Friday, February 19, 2016

The News Media

Every day and in Every way, the news media shows itself to be a collection of really dim-witted bobbing heads all trying to "one up" the other guys' previously made - though usually quite poorly - point of view, because it makes them feel good in a certain place and in a certain way, though just barely registering on their internal "glee meter". That's why the conversation keeps rolling on, as our brains keep on keepin' on, to take yet another hit off the bong (so to speak.)

There is much more going on with this, of course, but the main point is that the human brain needed "something" - way back when, some several if not tens of thousands of years ago, and continuing even more so, almost exponentially, today - to stimulate the growth of the language and speech centers, and attuning the hearing centers to register thought and speech from "out there". A "something" that connected the "intellectual, dry and mostly electrical gray-matter being" to the "emotional, wet and mostly chemical blood&guts being" just coming along, evolutionarily. That is, thought that comes out the mouth and is heard by both the speaker and some listener(s), makes one "gleeful" in a rather insignificant, yet also quite important way. Thinking, and Speaking, and Listening (with intention and attention that exceeds the general, typical, ordinary state of somnambulistic automatism of that human being) is FUN, big time, and in a very useful-to-the-species way. That is, EVERYONE enjoys this activity, almost more than any other activity, and that is especially true today, in our generally sedentary world.

(Note: if all human brains on Earth suddenly went silent - maybe from a strange virus that appeared on the scene, perhaps a weird Zika variant, or a bizarro GMO - the speech and listening centers would quickly atrophy, reverting to their older pre-language capacities, and after a few short generations we would probably revert to the primarily lizardly/mammals that were here in the very beginning of our life on Earth. Our brains might even start SHRINKING, and later perhaps, even our SKULLS!)

Just watch CNN, or MSNBC, or FOXNEWS, or any of the other opinion-based sources of "infotainment" (entertainment parading as information, all for the primary purpose of collecting AD DOLLARS), and notice how the bobbing heads jockey for position in the ongoing conversation stream, for hours on end, without even a bathroom break, while each and every one of them maintains their HUGE PASTED-ON SMILES as they blurt out their next, supposedly "important and significant" bit of the imaginary PUZZLE being fleshed out before the audience's eyes. Most of the points being made, are a god damn JOKE, not worthy of a group of pre-adolescents discussing their favorite and not-so-favorite teachers, classmates, pop stars, parents and the rest of their tiny world. But, do note, they are loving every moment, and seem hyper-stimulated between the eyes and ears, where all those sound and light waves are converted to a certain kind of electrical energy that is quickly consumed by the bucket-load in that "Certain Place" and in a "Certain Way", that damn near nobody on Earth has a clue about!!!!

(Uh... but just because damn near NOBODY has a clue about it, 
that does NOT mean NOBODY has a clue about it... 
and therein lies a SECRET for all those who care to SEEK IT.)

Monday, February 8, 2016

da Rubio de Bacle (an inside joke?)

Very recently, the supposedly learned, educated, semi- (or better) talented talkers, and tweeters, and writers, have flooded the major news outlets with the JOKE that occurred (for all our - the insiders - entertainment), and the tape-loop of the JOKE has been played, and replayed thousands of times so far, and will probably be repeated many times in the near future.

However, what has been missed by all of them, including those on the sidelines who haven't said a word, or had a thought about it (as damn hilarious as it was... though, perhaps only to the insiders), is the FACT (for some in the, let's call it "increasing one's self-awareness game"), that this robotic thought-based tape-looping that is so damn hilarious when spoken aloud to other people, is totally missed by EVERYONE when it occurs silently in one's own head. Ever notice THAT?

THAT is what is the most hilarious part about all of this. That it happens so frequently in EVERYONE, yet is totally missed, to the point of being unknown by those same EVERYONE. (Here is where you should insert your own realization of how true that is.) The next most hilarious part, is that very, very, VERY FEW realize this, even after being reminded about it just now! But then again... perhaps this whole piece was just an INSIDE JOKE for Insiders.

All these tape loops are harmless enough of course - they are just a major, major leak in the plumbing, and massive drain on the rather limited energy stores from which all thought derives - but they are highly suggestive of a brain that is not even capable of Waking Up to what is really going on in that five-inch gap between the ears, and Awakening From the dream that has almost, if not totally captured the imagination of the human species at large. These self-running, stimulus-response, automatic thought streams take up SO MUCH TIME (that, as was suggested above, is mostly missed by everyone) that to really utilize the human brain for that which it COULD BE used, is simply out of reach for most people. That is a shame... but then again... perhaps this whole piece was just an INSIDE JOKE for Insiders.

Following is a point of clarification for those out there who still don't get it: it is NOT just the five, fifteen, twenty or more word, too often repeated Tape Loop that is the silliness here (like what we saw being played out, and repeated, FOUR TIMES on TV the other night, without any apparent irony or self-awareness from the perpetrator that it was even occurring), it is the short, medium, and long or even longer Stories that continue to be repeated, over and over and over again, mostly to oneself alone, but also on a variety of external communication outlets... without ANY AWARENESS. You know the classic example: a twenty-year smoker or drinker, finally learns from his family doctor that he is going to die real soon if he doesn't immediately QUIT those damnable and highly toxic tobacco sticks and/or alcoholic beverages, and never use them again, and then for the rest of his days, he goes on this verbal TIRADE to anyone and everyone within ear-shot, that they too must STOP IT NOW. The person has become "stuck on a meme", and can't get the thing out of his head, and it plays in there for years and years, while the person remains totally clueless about all of it... unless he begins to find out, but lacks the skills to deal with it properly, and jumps into an empty well out of frustration.

(Enter the "teachings", if one is lucky enough to encounter an appropriate one that even KNOWS ABOUT THIS! Sometimes, it is better to stay asleep, than to Wake Up too soon, or in the wrong way.)