Thursday, July 22, 2004

Flora and fauna

Inside and outside live worlds of flora and fauna - non-speaking members of the organic life you've become quite accustomed to. There are plants and bushes and trees and stuff out there. And there are little animals walking around and doing their business. And you tolerate all of it. Any ordinary human would, afterall.

Some of the little animals become pets, and because you're an ordinary human, you treat those pets quite well, you pet them, you feed them, you pamper them, you take care of them, and you all co-exist in a wonderful and enjoyable way.

But, there is quite an extraordinary thing that results from having pets, especially those that you particularly enjoy being around. Your presence - to them - is more than just wonderful, and pleasing; for them, it's quite life changing. That is, the better you treat your pets, the more you alter them, the more you change them, and the more like Franken-kitties and Franken-doggies they become. They won't leave you alone!!!

They hang around you, they follow you everywhere, they want your attention all the time, they beg for your petting, and stroking, becoming almost equals with you - "if only in their own eyes".

After a few years, with all your many pets you've taken such good care of, they become your entire life - you can become a slave to your own, loved, and well-treated pets!!! And who would want to suddenly, without warning, pack all their immediate belongings, and escape the rail car, leaving all their beloved pets behind to fend for themselves? Almost no one, that's who.

The better home you make for your pets, the harder it is to suddenly leave.

ps- bet you think this was about cats and dogs, huh?

Sunday, July 18, 2004

A shot in the dark place

If you are not consciously trying to determine what's going on -within you, without you, all around - then your mind is being used to receive a poorly-reproduced AM radio station, and chances are great that your lips and tongue are operating as the speakers.

Your "I" is the receiver of an "am" radio station (har, har), which is operating 24-7-365, and "you" take what is broadcast through you, as "[insert your name here]".

This, by itself, causes almost no one any great concern - not buying it for a second, afterall - certainly not your mother, or father, or sister or brother, or bosses or friends - just ask them. Afterall, they might say, "What difference does it make, my life is humming along quite nicely, I'm in control of my life and destiny?" Or, conversely, "What can I possibly do about that, if true; in any case my life is a shambles?"

People are not concerned that they are mere mouthpieces for a greater, worldwide transmission being played through humanity, that they not only can not quite hear, but certainly do not understand - sounding more like some dead ancient language than their favorite "mother tongue" - just garbles, and gurgles, and creaks, and groans, and mere whispers when detected at all. People are like puppets, entertaining puppets, sometimes handsome/beautiful puppets, but puppets nevertheless, and if they are ever (lucky enough to be) informed about this, they will immediately doubt it, or feel offended taking it as an insult against their (presumed) "humanity".

It's only the occasional person here and there that is "rightfully" disturbed by this condition, that considers this ongoing, seemingly unceasing, barely-even-heard, and hardly-even-comprehended transmission to be, let us say, irritating in the extreme.

Such people, while feeling irritated about something as unnoticeable as this by everyone else, can sometimes believe they are wasting their time trying to "do anything about it", because try as they might (utilizing whatever "tricks" of the "enlightenment trade" they become privy to - like meditation, repeating the name of God, chanting a meaningless word or phrase, self-remembering, self-observation, meditating, sensing their fingers and toes), even after decades of knowing the truth about their ordinary minds (that their minds have been taken over by an apparently >>pirate radio station<<, since they can no more locate it, as shut it down!), puppets they remain - still churning out the same nonsensical "I am" music they remember (if they're particularly alert) from their early youth!

Usually, those who try to do something about this, never ever discover the secret, never ever discover there IS a secret to discover, because - and this is a biggee, if you're still listening -they think they've already... FOUND the secret, but it's not THE secret, it's just the call letters of the particular "am" station they're listening to, and they then believe they KNOW something. But, alas, just knowing the call letters of the radio station their inner device is tuned to receive, is still knowing nothing. Some stations call themselves, W-BUDDAH, and others call themselves, W-JESUS, and still others call themselves, W-4THWAY - but one thing remains the same about all the stations: each has a particular, let's call it, genre of music that is played 24-7-365, and each person who is wired into receiving that station, "resonates" (as it were - or, "so they say") with the doctrine (the playlist), yet nobody can "control" (in advance) which station(s) they resonate with.

All righty then, wrapping up; ask yourself honestly, after all your decades of studying the broadcasts of W-4THWAY (or W-XYZ or whatever), and all your morning sensing and weekend dance classes, and occasional - but no more than 2 or 3 minutes PER day, if that -observing your "self" and remembering your "self, and all your reading of copious books and papers about the Laws of This, and the Laws of That, and Reciprocal Maintenance, ad nauseum, and all your hit-and-miss "participation" on various "spiritually-based" Email Lists, have you learned how to control the radio, to even turn any of the knobs this way or that or OFF, and have you finally discovered how to take back control of your OWN MIND from the "evil pirate radio station out there" (he said, smirkingly)?

You think you have? Sure you do.

(Hey, I've got a bridge for sale, by the way.)

Sunday, July 11, 2004


Conversation between humans may be the highest form of humanity possible, yet it almost never occurs because all participants believe it's already occurring. That is, self-talk is taken as real-talk between two or more humans.

Self-talk could be considered asleep in mechanical i's, feelings about i's, day dreaming. Real- talk could be considered awake in conscious thought, thinking about thinking.

How is it that casting calls for movies even exist? There are no such phenomena in the animal kingdom. And not just because animals are not humans, or because they're not all that "interested" in entertainments - they are on entirely different scales of existence, yet each at its own scale is prototypical.

Humans speak, and so do animals, but the scale of that interaction is either 1) self-talk, or 2) real-talk. Same holds for entertainments, though what that would be "called" or how that would be "expressed" remains unknown except to Consciousness of All, Global Organic Consciousness, Life itself.

Self-talk is hormonal, arising from instincts and feelings. Real-talk is neuronal, arising from intelligence and thinking.


Conversation between humans may be the highest form of humanity possible, yet it almost never occurs because all participants believe it's already occurring. That is, self-talk is taken as real-talk between two or more humans. That is, mistaking the unreal for the real, and then glorifying in it.

The mass of humanity engaged in self-talk right now on this planet, is at the same percentage as it was, say, 200 years ago, even 2000 years ago, ok... even 8000 years ago. That percentage is not a theoretical concept, it's a physical instinctive feeling at the core of one's temperament, one's DNA. We have Human DNA, and at the core of it's operation is the need to feed - instinctive material food and air and impressions, as well as (for the more civilized human), mental food, air, and impressions.)

Self-talk, or talking to oneself, or simply, commenting about everything - the running commentary - conforms to the same laws of attraction/repulsion, expansion/contraction controlling the instinctive operations.

Real-talk, or what might even be called, 'the meeting of minds' (but not all the way to various supernatural phenomena such as 'thought-transferance', 'extrasensory perception', 'telepathy') is Information of the Highest Variety (often just called Correct, The Truth).

Real-talk is what might be called from history, Teachers and Masters and Gurus - but not all the way to 'channelers', 'kooks', and 'lunatics' - conversed about to their "friends" (let us say, for lack of any better word); which is to say, they "chose their words intentionally, precisely, and informatively, seeking the Highest Law of the moment - Correctness.

Real-talk is always correct, though never permanent, as it's malleability is what allows it to exist, even if only temporarily, temporally, in any generation.


Real-talk is timelessness, correctness, and permanence. It's the TRUTH, damn it!

ps- fishes and men, men fishing, men talking about fishing, which onea deeze?

The Literalists

Many people pass through the various kinds of work-groups, but the number that stick always remains at a very small percentage in any generation. There are no real work-groups of 10's or 100's of thousands; but 50 or 100 at most, and of that, only 5 or so are at the same level of >>conversation<< as the leader.

The leader can't have a bunch of ill-informed deputies handling his affairs, but he can tolerate 50 or 100 or more who merely want to be deputies - unhallowed usurpers of the throne, who seek only to do the bidding of the deputies, with whom they can talk at varying degrees of tension and attention.

Conversation is what real work-groups are always about - both the unperceived and usually imperceptible inner self-talk, and the always seen and usually intolerable outer talk about self. The intolerable outer talk represents the clothes and bodies of the herd, being led at first - upon entry to the group - by no one, and later, by some one.

The Literalists are the mere and many bit players with few if any speaking parts in any given scene, talking about their feelings about being alive right now - they are the commentators, the running commentary, the background noise.

The Symbolists are the key players, the stars of the play, whose talk literally directs the entire life of the story. (Without the participation of talk, the story would disappear.)

Conversation between humans may be the highest form of humanity possible, yet it almost never occurs because all participants believe it's already occurring. That is, self-talk is taken as real-talk between two or more humans.

ps- this was a line thrown into the lake, baited with a worm, uh I mean a lure, wearing a coat of many colors.

pps- Conversation is a garment, not a thread.

"Stop. Look. Listen."

Do you realize that you and everybody else are quite literally 'zoned out' for most of every day? Yes, zoned out. And, of course there may be softer, kinder, gentler words to describe that condition, but really, why bother?

Zoned out, and not even aware of it.

Ordinary people just like you are quite unaware of this condition, and even when it's pointed out to them, they remain unfazed, unconcerned, sometimes even unbelieving, and occasionally quite insulted. This is not a flaw in them, necessarily, because all over the globe, approximately six billion people suffer from the same condition, yet, YET, everything get's done, quite on schedule, and if you can be honest for a moment, you realize that things in general, are improving for most of humanity, little by little, year after year. Improvement, worldwide, conducted and coordinated by zoned out humans. (Note: Humans live twice as long today as two hundred years ago, and are more healthy for a majority of their alloted years, and 21st century civilization has practically become the standard way-of-life for the entire globe, notwithstanding pockets of nearly uncivilized, and even barbaric groups tolerated by life here and there (possibly in the same way the body tolerates warts, moles, and even some benign cancers); etc., etc.)

Amazing when you think about it for a second or two - since that's about all the time ordinary people *can* think about it. Yet, all of history is filled with ideas that men live in a dream, that they do not perceive correctly what is going on within and without them, that they are removed from a direct confrontation with life itself; that they are, to update the terminolgy, zoned out while still walking around conducting serious business, running nuclear reactors, state and country governments, and entertaining each other in ever more clever and technologically bizarre ways and means. All of this, while quite zoned out most of the time!

Those few in every generation that catch a glimpse of this for themselves (beyond the oddness of the fleeting sensations that hit everyone sometime in their short lives, leading them to suspect on their own that they are zoned out most of the time), sometimes begin to search the world (or merely their neighborhood libraries and bookstores) for a solution to their partially perceived "problem." However, the bigger problem, never glimpsed, never actually realized, is that their perceptions, while seemingly true and correct to them, are made while in their customary zoned out condition; while quite asleep, they think and even conclude, that they are quite asleep.

No fully awakened human ever walked into your life and after somehow magically waking you up, made you realize your condition - and only when awake can you realize your condition. Yet, you believe you are asleep, living in a thick fog, not perceiving what is going on, and at least one or more giant steps removed from the direct confrontation with life itself you believe you want - but that perception is short-sighted to say the least.

All those descriptions you've read or heard about, of mankind living in a dream or in a shadow world or of being asleep weren't bad. But to see it OUT THERE is one thing. And that's the only place people EVER see it. First, while suspecting oneself is, let us say, a bit distracted, a bit absent-minded, a bit clumsy, one begins noticing distractions, absent-mindedness, and clumsiness in everyone else. And then, they become, let us say, *more convinced* of the world-wide, zoned-out condition they suspect in themselves.

But to see it OUT THERE is one thing.

To see it in your own mind is something else. You realize it is a miracle, with a capital m, that you even got here alive and in one piece. But then you realize it's no miracle, because everybody else is in the same condition. Everyday life, in all parts of the globe -from the barbaric non-civilized parts (of radical islam, yuk, yuk) to the highly sophisticated civilized parts (of New Yawk City, London, Paris, or Rome) - is a dream-world, populated by dream-characters. And it doesn't matter one iota that the president is dreaming he's the president, or that your wife or husband is dreaming they are your spouse. Everything is getting done, quite on schedule, from designing highway systems, traffic flow patterns, and the automobiles that travel them, and it's only rarely that you even hear about massive interstate automobile pile-ups with hundreds dead... right? Right?

To see it in your own mind is something else.

The idea that humanity lives in a fog, a daze or in a semi-state of sleep is the ordinary, zoned-out mind's perception of what is going on. The alternative is beyond that.

If you are a sane person, your body has no question as to what it's doing or as to the reality of food, sex or sleep. It just does what it does, and has nothing to say about it.

You get above the body and are into the world of (the mind of) Man. And now the whole idea of a shadow-world or daydream-world can be explained fairly simply - it is the world of the mind and what gives the mind the ability to even come up with the idea of a shadow-world (and to agree to it) is the unexecuted possibility of being conscious beyond the mind. Otherwise you couldn't even come up with the idea. The mind alone could not come up with the idea that what we perceive mentally to be Life is not a true representation. It could not otherwise conceive of the possibility that though we may be walking around, we are not fully conscious.

Beyond that is where the notion comes from. Beyond that is where you do not stare at Life. It is where there is no inner dialogue and nothing to say about Life. Because anything you say about Life is part of the mind's imprecise reflection.

The Direct Way

Getting out of the city, where everything is named, is to separate from the hormones driving the mind. Hormonal energy circulating up to but not past the port between the older, non-conscious parts of the nervous system, and the newer conscious parts - the cortex and frontal lobes - is responsible for most, if not almost all, ok 99% of what passes for thoughts, in you and everyone.

Whereas in the world of men and their ideas, everyone talks about everything and everyone, directly - by name, and description, and definition, and apparent personal meaning, in the outback where the explorers dwell, they talk about everything and everyone, indirectly - always mindful of names, but never utilizing them except as ad hoc, in the moment, fuel for further explorations.

Explorers know how to re-burn fuel that has already been spent, turning charcoal into diamonds. (Oxygen, air, burns everything it touches, leaving a charred after-image of itself.)

As we are, there is no separation between the body and the mind, being entirely integrated, and only, for the sake of discussion. But an explorer must create a separation - from the hormonal energies driving him, and keeping him deep in the city, as a mere charred after-image of himself - to leave it with all the diamonds he can carry.

The direct way is a conscious forgetting, until needed, that which is always, unless otherwise, unnecessary - the city. Memories, created by older parts of the nervous system, are the remnants of spent fuel - but only fuel for the explorer, as only the explorer can crack it.

The indirect ways are always a mechanical, non conscious forgetting of experience - into memory. (This is the source in his intellect of such teachings as, stilling the mind, stopping thoughts, remembering oneself - an attempted forgetting on purpose of the present, by "letting it go".)

No one puts a memory into memory - it, that, happens; Life is alive.

Life, the memory of life - short and long-term - wherein mankind dwells, is the source of that energy that awakes the dreamer hibernating in older parts of the human nervous system, and keeping him there. (Men may be Lifes' short-term memory; not that it has another cache to store them, man is the store.)

The direct way is focussing upon that port, or juncture between the older hormonal energies swirling their designs upon your dna, and the newer almost mythical, but certainly mystical neuronal energies just now bubbling to the surface of the higher cortex.

Everything that passes through the mind, unless it's consciously engaged in problem-solving - for either external or internal purposes - is from memories, short, very short, and mid, to long term. What kicks up the dust in that dustbin, are hormones - the physical counterparts of the body on an internal scale (as the flesh, bones, organs on the external scale.)

Everything going on in that way - often just called daydreaming, or living in a dreamworld - is, and can be named, and stored in memory. Each human has direct access to the memory of the race, and at deeper levels, of Life on Earth. And, if he chooses to name something never named before, it doesn't matter whether he knows what he's talking about or not. The name, becomes the thing, for all - of which he is still a part.

The indirect ways, start by talking about everything directly, naming and describing everything, filling copious books in libraries and stores, with the purpose of that thought being to eventually stop all talking and stop all thought - "being present", stopping thought, meditating, focussing on and "living in the now", nirvana, enlightenment - thinking much less than one is ordinarily able (because everyone knows, man talks and thinks too much, so much that it could be said to be a/the source of his spiritual confusion.)

The direct way, must talk about everything - much more than one is ordinarily able - but only indirectly, slightly askew even to you saying it for the first time.

The direct way, is intentional epiphanic mind music generated by the increasing connections between the named and as-yet unnamed. The more that is unnamed in you, the more you live in the dreamworld. The more connections that can be made the more you are awake.

The direct way must be continued, by someone...