Wednesday, September 30, 2015

POPE leaves America, Americans thank God

Now, we can get back to the really important matters, like WHO is going to be the Republican Candidate - Trump, Carson, Fiorina, Rubio, Bush, Biden... - and the Democratic Candidate - Clinton, Sanders, Biden, O'Malley, Webb... You know, the really important stuff that draws advertisers and lots of extraneous talk by nearly nameless and mostly faceless news commentators and talking heads. You know, the really important stuff!

Oh wait, maybe nothing has changed AT ALL! The same nameless and faceless ones - in the news media, and everywhere else in Life - are still talking a blue streak about whatever has caught their fancy and captured their usually scattered attention.

It may not actually be a stretch to suggest - with a straight face - that the SUBJECTS really don't matter at all, Popes or Politicos (they only seem to, to the ones all caught up and captured,) and that what IS of much greater importance to the life of Life, is the movement of neural energy in as many human brains as possible... and you know, since the mid-to-late 20th century, and much more since the last eight years or so (the Internet and Smartphones, you know, don't you just love 'em?) IT HAS INCREASED EXPONENTIALLY. And that, friends, is a very good thing! NOT because the participants are "getting to the bottom of anything" (far, far from it) but because Life is vibrating at higher frequencies, and the music is getting louder and louder, such that even the dimmest bulbs on the planet are beginning to talk more about everything. Such is life. Such is Life on Earth. Movement of energy is life, cessation of the movement of that energy is death.
Life does isometrics.
Life pushes against itself and gets stronger thereby.
It's a beautiful thing.

Friday, September 25, 2015

POPE hijacks a country

A Guy who likes to wear pointy hats, shiny shoes, and gaudy dresses, hijacks American TV and the whole world goes ape-shit. It is kind of funny how people so easily defer to other people - for whatever reason - and if enough of them do that, it creates a "ground swell", and today, there are Billions with a B who will instantly go ape-shit if given a chance. What can you really say about such people...? That they are blessed thereby? Or, that they are demonstrably clueless, and perhaps even somewhat idiotic? That would be my bet. Having fallen for another person's "schtick" - by whatever name it goes, from Scientology, to Catholicism, and everything in between - does NOT seem to be the way to "Greater Knowledge", "Higher Consciousness", or "Expanded Being" but a deeper level of delusion, and belief in fantasy ... but then the Deluded LOVE company, and what a company America is (and many other countries, it would seem.)

Obviously, the above was a slanted viewpoint, and "Obviously, from a NON-Catholic, or angry, disgruntled EX-Catholic" some might suggest, but that is a cheap shot. To them I would say, "Use that gooey stuff filling the five-inch gap between your ears, and SEE if you can SEE my point here, because I can absolutely SEE your (and all the others so "deluded" - if we can use that term) point of view." Would you have the same response - and I mean SAME, no difference in any appreciable way - to some clerk behind the counter at the grocery store, or a cashier behind the counter at the fast-food joint?" The only acceptable answer, of course, is "No, of course not." but then you would drag out all the reasons for this difference. But I am not buying it. Hey, even Mr. Pope in Pointy hats, and shiny shoes, can do it (or appears to, anyway) so why not YOU (or anybody)? It is to THIS QUESTION that people everywhere should consider, most seriously, with that gooey stuff, along with thousands of other questions and ideas that haunt men's minds.

Consider, if you will (if you even can) WHAT does the Pointy hatted guy know, understand, teach, that any adult human with at least a normally functioning brain and body (not so thoroughly damaged or corrupted that thinking and feeling is no longer at the adult human level) can't know, understand, and teach - if s/he has a mind to do that? But then, considering that "Either you get this, or you do not - and therefore probably CAN not" - why would s/he set about "teaching this stuff" to others WHO SHOULD BE ABLE TO KNOW IT ON THEIR OWN ANYWAY? At best, really, a person becomes a "reminding factor" at certain times, places, venues, circumstances where someone else could reasonably be expected to REMEMBER for themselves that which they have just been reminded. If everybody, adult and normally functioning, with all their "wits" in tact, were "Walking Buddhas" (for that is what I like to call such people) what need would there be for Religions, Philosophies, Teachings AND Gurus, Masters, Sages AND Pointy hatted authority figures? NONE, I say. NONE.

Minor Update 6pm New York Time
- Madison Square Garden -
Mr. Pope celebrates mass for the World at large - and there are probably millions, or some such, who, not being Catholic, have never seen such a spectacle - and it certainly brings chills, and thrills to the human beings within earshot, and especially eyeshot, and most especially to those IN THE ROOM! No shit. But the question people do not bother to consider is this: How is it, that I am reacting to this spectacle? And precisely in which ways - if any - does it differ from a rock concert by your FAVORITE Rock God or Goddess? ("We both wear dresses") And where do you feel it, and how do you react to it, and how much of it is INTRINSIC and how much of it is simply an add-on? Tradition, Ritual, History, Belief, etc., etc., all have something to do with this, of course, but if you can separate all of that (which is an add-on - babies and very young children know NOTHING about it) from the Being In The Room experiencing just the EVENT-in-question, it is possible to discover "SECRETS" about human nervous-system functioning that could be, let us say, USEFUL if not damn near BENEFICIAL, and not just for yourself alone, but for the World at large. 
Post Script: for those who thought all of this was just a "negative rant" against something or other, it certainly was NOT, Okay? I would make the same statements about ANY Religious personage (authority figure) who presided over hundreds of Billions, with a B, dollars in land, buildings, property, and untold (and unknown to the rest of the world) treasures consisting of objects, gold and other things - A Great Hoard to be sure - and rather than just converting the Whole Damn Booty into Food and spendable cash, immediately if not centuries ago, and proceeding to spread the entire world with all of it, particularly to the poorest in the world, the "exalted" authority figure keeps the dream/fantasy (Opiate of the Masses) ongoing, with absolutely NO LET-UP, even to the point of trying to extend and expand control over others, by modifying and modulating the "schtick" so as to attract even more people into the fold. Actually, in the world today, the Pope is the primary example on Earth... I can think of no others, so... Mr. Pope, please do the RIGHT THING for once in your sorry, sorry excuse for a life on Earth... Okay?

To be clear: all of this - top to bottom - was a POSITIVE message for those who can hear it - the rest can't and probably never will. It is this: YOU TOO can be a Walking Buddha, if you can learn to, and practice the art of, SEPARATING fiction from reality, lies from truth, stories from facts - which means, engage your brain, all parts of your brain, even those parts that are now quite dormant and start Thinking without Imagination clouding your every thought.

Friday, September 18, 2015

Truth... from the GURUS?

(known and unknown)
Do you think THAT is a good question, or a sarcastic indictment, or something else entirely? How about, a Cat or Dog suddenly realizes there is something waving erratically behind him - just over this shoulder, and then over that shoulder - and starts a chasing fit, that goes on far too long?

How can this be related to the human brain - that somewhat complex web of neural fibers and connective tissues that consumes most of the energy generated by the body, outputting copious amounts of electrical activity, almost enough to light a small light bulb (between 10-23 watts) - and its activity on Internet Webpages where countless other Cats and Dogs are still actively engaged in their own, mostly unsatisfying (to say the least) chasing fits that most definitely have gone on far too long?

And then, someone suggests there is TRUTH that they might be able to perceive from the books and writings and mouth-noises of other... Cats and Dogs? If that was actually true, don't you think someone would have been the first to realize the question is ALL WRONG, and told his nearest and dearest about that, and that would have started a ground swell in humanity, not unlike the "hundredth monkey phenomenon" where one monkey FINALLY realizes something about the brain/mind/heart (or whatever Mr. Monkey "calls" it) and the Human Kingdom, in this case, rises above that level of chaos, confusion, and erratic chasing-of-tales into a "higher" level of new and interesting and fantastic stuff to discover and find out.

But is that new level evidence of higher consciousness? Perhaps it is just evidence of more connections in the neural fabric responsible for "higher thought." But, hey, "Who ya gonna call?" G. is dead. K. is dead, J. is dead, B. is dead, as are most, if not all of the other guys you know about (usually) who you could call - if only you knew their number... (right, as IF!) - so... maybe it is time to STOP CHASING TALES, kitties and puppies, and start to actually/actively sneak up on the mystery that is all around and inside your own skull.

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Not this, not that either...

(yes, shades of "neti, neti")

Overcome your addiction to Twitter, Facebook, Yahoo AND all the other venues where you continually dump your stuff and nonsense, ("Who ME? You callin' my enlightened contributions to the global thought stream, stuff and nonsense?") and don't backslide until you experience a sudden urge to take another hit off the "bong" (or whatever your preferred delivery system happens to be,) and STOP! for a instant. If you are quick enough - and this takes practice - see if you can hear that "softer voice" in you that whispers sub-vocally, sub-thoughtfully, even sub-sensorially, "not this, not that either." (You see - but only once you do - the contents of that "bong" is NOT what you say/think/thought/feel or even imagined it was all this time. Get it?)

The taste of this realization is sweet, and in the experience you will wonder how it is you never discovered this Freedom before, which is especially meaningful once you have granted permanent privileges to that "voice" to Be Here, and There, and Everywhere - in everything you think and feel about yourself and the world around you. It is the Freedom to be in two places at once, and like some quantum particle, Know what you are about to do (say, think, feel) before it happens. It is like being able to VISIT the entire planet-of-you-in-the-world, without being observed... or impeded in the flow.
There's another world, unseen, unknown,
while functioning deeply embedded in the fog of war...
uhh make that, life - yeah, that's the ticket!

Thursday, September 3, 2015

Giving Better than you get

ALWAYS, being the rule not the exception. In life, where all the peeps live, the rule is this: "Fuggetaboutit, and if you don't like it, keep it to yourself or we'll be takin' it outside!" Such is the way Yahoo, Facebook, and Twitter have "grown up" to become the primary venues for supposedly "sharing one's thoughts."

What one sees, especially on all the (supposedly) "Enlightenment-related" groups on the Internet - but most other places as well - are poorly conceived, and sometimes even poorly constructed thoughts and ideas that have been presented, primarily, merely to let others know "I am still alive... hope you haven't totally forgotten about me... HERE I AM!" That is to say, like children they crave and expect attention from as many people as possible, for that apparently adds to their "sense of self" (-importance and -esteem.)

Here's a strange thought: "ALWAYS give BETTER than you get, in all situations," because that requires presence of mind, depth and breadth of thought and feeling, and a general desire to "Be the most conscious one in the room."

Consider: is it even surprising that if you approach someone, and ask them, "Are you conscious and awake right now?" they will ALWAYS answer in the positive (if they don't try to knock you out for "getting all up in their grill," but within about five or ten seconds AT MOST they will "flub the dub," revealing to the more conscious one's in the room that they are, in fact, sound asleep like a flesh-covered robot who can just about pass a Turing Test, merely simulating a conscious and awake Human Being (by walking, talking and able to "assume the positions")? Hmmm?