Monday, July 28, 2014

The Inside Joke Monster

(and how you can avoid it or locate it)

The I.J.M. has been operating in this quadrant for thousands of years, though the methods and results of each specific group-interaction varies widely. But in all cases, someone - the I.J.M. - reveals "secret knowledge" of a kind that can not be expressed fully in the languages of the day, due to the limitations of language itself. So, certain devices must be employed such as metaphor, simile, symbolism, what is called "roots and branches", and many other things of course, but the result being pointed to here is that the "members" are let in on the joke, while the rest of the world is left out.
According to law - so it is said -
Everything that happens in our world comes 
down from above in a unilateral, absolute order; 
As above So below. 

Nothing happens here on Earth that does not have its origin in the higher realms. Language, as we know it, is an Earthly contrivance understandable to ordinary human brains, but there is a higher understanding possible for those "on the inside."

The world-at-large can hear certain "secret teachings" and STILL miss 99% or more of it, because it usually just sounds strange, crazy, weird, odd, or even just casual chit-chat about seemingly ordinary stuff, overheard from a small group of people in a small booth at Denny's Restaurant. But, the members, those "on the inside," or around the table - one and all - are always paying something quite dear for the "privilege" of being present in the room where and when the action is happening. Sometimes it is cash money - currency of some kind - or something else entirely... but some kind of payment is asked from those who value receiving what is provided.

In any case, higher knowledge is an inside joke that only those who can get the joke, can laugh at - in the right way, sans sarcasm, irony, criticism, skepticism, negativity, etc. - while the rest usually have no reaction or a negative reaction. They just don't get the joke, don't receive the "secrets." But this is not always the case of course. Sometimes, a positive reaction will result in the eavesdroppers and bystanders, and they will inquire further into the ones who were "performing" at the time, and may actually be invited back for another go at it.

Following below, is the kind of "flier" one may have found in the past, or will find in the future. Consider such with the "best mind you can activate" because the "ordinary mind" is not even close to what is necessary here. Ordinary minds will view the I.J.M. as a Monster and shun him or her, whereas those of a "best mind you can activate" may view the I.J.M. as a Performer of the higher/highest order and gravitate towards him or her. Such an encounter has often been known to permanently change the direction of one's life.

"If at some time I was approached by a group of thirty or so individuals who were actually burning with the desire to awaken, and were able to convince me that they could understand my particular esoteric dialect (that is they had the proper background in information and experience,) under the right conditions I may consider meeting with them. And, as unfortunate as this is, I am afraid I will have to charge quite a lot, so that they themselves understand the value of what I am providing."

By the way, the above is a "coded message" in many ways, 
which you can see if you "get the joke."

Monday, July 14, 2014

The dumb and the smart - an observation

When the mass of Humanity is occupied daily, if not hourly, by complaining, criticizing and condemning not only their own self, but other people's thoughts and actions, things in general on this planet and all its peoples, will never evolve beyond the low level it is currently.
But when the tipping point is finally reached and passed, say around 60% or so - and most people everywhere see that form of negative activity as embarrassing, shameful, childish, and not worth doing anymore, ever - then things here will begin to evolve at a pace that has never been seen or experienced before.
Unfortunately (perhaps) today, the percentages are HEAVILY weighted on the side of the criticizers, and not on the other side - probably 85-15, or 90-10 or even worse if you can believe that. And why? Because the criticizers have never realized what the other side has realized, that their nervous systems don't have to be hijacked by the energy flowing through them (food, air, impressions), but could be intentionally used to improve oneself for the benefit of all and everyone.

As human beings, our greatness lies not so much 
in being able to remake the world - 
as in being able to remake ourselves. Gandhi

Be the change that you wish to see in the world. Gandhi
The internet is both the best and worst thing that has ever happened to mankind, because the dumbest, dullest and frankly not that likable among them (the complainers and criticizers) will use it to become even dumber, and duller, while the smartest, brightest and frankly quite likable among them (the realizers and actualizers) will use it to become smarter, brighter and frankly like Saviors for the human species. They will be able to reveal the Truths that can be known by humans, so they will be more widely known and practiced than at any time in the past, and that is a very good thing (probably.)

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Being Driven Mad, and other maladies

What would you think/do if you discovered (somehow) that you, too, were being driven MAD, hour by hour, day by day, month after year after decade, by forces inside and outside, of which you were heretofore completely unaware?

"Who ME? You must be kidding. Jeez!"

Well, it certainly is NOT my aim, desire, intention to try to convince anyone of any damn thing at all. If they don't/can't realize this on their own after simply hearing about it (or reading about it) then nothing could be said (or written) that would "awaken" them to the point they could realize this. That is, for them, there is nothing another person can do but watch them squirm, flail and flounder, like so many little fishes on the hook.

So... not as a way to convince someone of this, just note that ALL of human history - as far back as you or anyone alive today can remember, and much further of course - consists of negative reports of the comings and goings of other people. ALL of it. Negative. Which includes hundreds of synonyms, including gossip, criticism, complaining, condemning, etc.

Now... remember, or realize yet again, how you and others like you react to such negative reporting. Answer: they get MAD, they get angry, they start ranting and raving about the injustice and criminality and yada, yada, yada. And then some of them (the "lesser among them") "go physical" on other people they hold accountable, while a few others (the "greater among them" who have trained their mind to see the Good in every situation, including the one(s) being negatively noted) transform the energy mechanically circulating within them, particular in their minds, hearts, and bodies, into something higher, and mysteriously/mystically/alchemically more "Permanent."

(You all know this, of course.)

None of this is all that surprising because humans CRAVE excitement, and obviously negative reporting is more exciting to the circuitry than positive reporting, so that is primarily what is served up to Humanity. Plus, it awakens Humanity out of the dull, "normal/ordinary/routine" mental and emotional states they would otherwise revert to without all this excitement. What is more boring than driving down a long desert road for hours (like crossing Texas on the Interstate) without a stop light, changing scenery of any kind, or other cars on the road, which would make the long road trip at least a little bit more interesting? You might even fall fast asleep and drive into a ditch or something.

Lest anyone think or imagine this is just another rant/riff on negativity, negative reporting, spreading gossip, lies and unverifiable "facts," nothing could be further from the truth! On the contrary, such activity by humans, all throughout history, serves a major purpose most never become even partially aware of, and even if they are specifically told about it, will argue or disagree or otherwise "NOT GET IT!"

And what is that major purpose? There is one - which is only one when stated, but consists of hundreds of sub- and supra-purposes not covered here - but the real fun of This Activity (thinking/writing MORE than you can, MORE than you have to, about everything, in that "special place" that is ABOVE thought) is to come to this (One Purpose) on your own.

Here's the last hint: without energy moving through the circuits, organisms necessarily DIE and then decompose quickly, so the solution is increasing the excitement in the Right Way (not the Wrong/Inefficient/Deleterious ways that are so typical.) Negativity and negative reporting is not "wrong" per se, it is, however, inefficient and usually deleterious, primarily because the human organisms in which it so easily circulates has no natural inhibitor, thus "driving them MAD!"

"Where's that damn Governor when you need it?"

Monday, July 7, 2014

The Internet and the Dumb

There is a definite, and quite noticeable connection between the sudden and exponential growth of the Internet, and the just as sudden and geometric (or perhaps it's even exponential - but it's still too soon to determine precisely) dumbing down of the mass of humanity that uses it on an hourly basis, day after Day after DAY!

Today, all of the young (those who are 40'ish and younger - you know, the new 15 year-olds, mentally and emotionally speaking) - who are this planet's only hope to save humanity before it becomes too late to reverse the descending trends set in place primarily by the old (the 50+'s who caused them) - have literally opted OUT of humanity's problems and issues and concerns, in favor of opting IN, one way or the other, to the pop-culture entertainments that occupy most of their "brain power" - both ordinary, and higher. If they had their way, they would jack-in and never jack-out ever again, staying glued to one chair in their room while being force-fed through the eyeballs and earholes the mother's milk of "info-tainment" they have come to love more than actual food and actual personal relationships!

While this can certainly be seen as a shame - when viewed from one angle - it can also be seen as a symptom of Life's Demanding Nature that our species had better WAKE-THE-FUCK-UP before it (Life) has to intervene and announce to the world that things are about to change, big-time. In fact, it has already begun to announce it. If a person is sixty or so, they may just be able to escape the results of that Big-Time Change (though you may have to be seventy or eighty,) but the young - 45-50 and younger are right on the edge of their own personal destruction/extinction event, and it is NOT going to be pretty.

One suggestion for everyone who is jacked-in nearly 24-7-365 (as if they could hear it, which they can't unless they accidentally find this particular blog... not very likely indeed,) would be to start a journal, or diary, or blog, or some other suitable medium where they can learn to WRITE the thoughts that come into their head about everything. That is, to THINK MORE (and write more) about everything, so as to free up their "higher brain power" from the dumbing-down juices which are continually flooding their minds. But, that's not very likely indeed!

Life announced to the world this DEMAND about 50 years ago - by inventing computers and the Internet - and has had to repeat it every few years to the point, today, that it is repeating it every few weeks with another "news story/event". How can we know this? Because of the very thing that is allowing me to echo the demand to the entire planet at one time... you know, The Internet! Oh yeah, sure, "they" would have to be logged into this blog sometime really soon to find out about this (which, again, is NOT very likely,) but at least the Announcement has a gathering swarm of parties relentlessly putting the story out there so that it can be found. And, since the Internet (programming, for all those who don't understand precisely WHAT the Internet actually IS,) is becoming more intelligent and more aware, daily, hourly, it will very soon be "serving up" the DEMAND to every user whether they ask for it or not.
Wait for it. 
You'll see!

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Independence Day

Or, "What the world needs now is..." Independence.

All over the planet, "Independence Day" (whatever it might be called) is a very meaningful day indeed, but almost in every case - including in America and most of the world - it has to do with the GROUP, and not with the INDIVIDUAL. That is, whether or not a day, or days, are celebrated by the GROUP, there is no such celebration for the INDIVIDUAL. But there needs to be. And, every day.
Man is born free, and everywhere he is in chains.
One man thinks himself the master of others, but
remains more of a slave than they are." Rousseau
What is necessary is that PARENTS begin as early as possible preparing the CHILD for their own, privately-held "Independence Day," but for so many centuries (so far) this has not been occurring anywhere. Certainly, there are cases where a Parent does prepare the Child for that big day, but only when the Parent - somehow, some way - achieved it themselves, and we all should know/realize how RARE that is (just Look Around.) The odds are absolutely against this ever happening because Life does not require it yet on a global scale. However, from one point of view presented herein - and for a long time - Life is "waking up" to what IT has wrought. That is, the PEOPLE everywhere are beginning to realize for themselves they are actually IN CHAINS and not as free as they once imagined.
And who can we thank for THAT?
You guessed it - The Internet/Extranet
For thousands of years, people everywhere had absolutely NO CLUE about what was happening outside their small group, town, even city, and not until the last couple hundred years did they begin to realize - en masse - that something was going on worldwide. Thanks to the last Sixty years or so, most of the Western world began discovering the truth about the whole world, and only in the last Twenty years or so, has the rest of the world begun to catch on to the truth as well. 

There is NO putting the genie back into the bottle because humans have ALREADY become "appendages" of the Internet/Extranet (even as it might appear the other way around.) It is becoming more intelligent and aware of the WHOLE WORLD than any one person, or group, or state. And the connected human brains - willingly jacked-in and booted-up (suited up) - have given over a large and very significant part of their "being as they know themselves" to the Larger Being, we now call, simply - The INTERNET.
Do not fear this. 
Life has deemed it so, and requires that be so for its larger, greater purpose - unknown to us in detail, but very likely having to with avoiding the SIXTH EXTINCTION before it becomes too late. Oh, and if you don't have anything better to do, achieve your own privately-held "Independence Day."   

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

The Next Stage

Mankind has been grinding away on this planet - aimless, confused, irritable, anxious, annoyed, mentally/emotionally/physically dis-eased in one way or another, and many other such negatively-tinged darkly-emotional landscapes that continue to sweep over this entire planet - resulting in the increase in "police states," "military industrial complexes," "extreme radical religious movements," and a general pessimism and malaise that is infecting all of humanity. Couple that with what is today being called simply, "climate change" - though really ought to be termed "calamitously accelerating climate change" - the Present Stage we have here on Earth right now, will conceivably result in the Sixth Extinction on this planet, if not in our life times, then very likely in the life times of our children.

It is now up to the young, everywhere, to rise up and take the reins of the unruly horse (and its even more unruly, usually old, gray, and qualifying for the "nearly dead" rider) that has been running roughshod over humanity for so many decades, even centuries. But will they? Most likely, they WILL NOT, because they are but "clones of their parents," who were but "clones of their parents," who were but "clones of THEIR PARENTS" and so it goes. Sad but true.

So, the Next Stage in our evolution is already set. What will eventually come upon that stage, and present itself to humanity is still quite unknown except to the few - here and there and everywhere - who have somehow caught wind (sound and fury) of the Future impinging upon the Present. This is NOT something that can be shown to one, taught to one, or even hinted at directly, without scaring the "be-jay-eesus" out of the audience, and so it will NOT be attempted here. (You all can do a pretty good job of that for yourselves, or just scour the TV, the RADIO, and the INTERNET.)

"Well, hell, what can I do? 
I'm just one person?"

Well, hell, you could do what you have always done, what your parents have always done, what your grandparents have always done, and theirs before them. AND, what's even worse than that, you could do what everyone else on this planet has been doing for the last fifty years or so... ("What is that?")

A: You could bitch, moan, and complain to everyone you meet (including those sad, sorry "i's" in you that have to listen to it, daily), out in the "real world", and/or on some Internet Website - like Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo, Youtube, Instagram, or some other supposedly suitable venue - where you will instantly find loads and loads of company who agree with you. And we all know, "misery does love company," and if there is none to be found out there, then by all means, MAKE SOME, for "surely, that's what the world needs now," eh?

Or, B: you could look for conspiracies, conspirators, instigators, rabble-rousers, and all those nefarious people and groups you believe (without any real proofs of any kind) are behind all the ills of the world, and then (as computer programmers are fond of saying... "Go back to A."

Or, C: you could begin, in earnest, Looking Around - Seeing and Hearing - the larger forces at work on this planet for the last several hundred (even thousand) years, that have literally made people the way they are today. That is, YOU didn't make yourself - Life did. That is, your parents didn't make themselves - Life did. All the way back, back and back, just the way the Future "dictated" by echoing backwards through time. You see (or not quite yet) the Future is not just a complete unknown (which for most it certainly is that), it is many (uncountable) Futures that are completely unknown, but they all do conform to Physical Laws in this Universe, whatever they happen to be. The Universe is Energy, and there really is no matter anywhere to be found, but the perturbations in that energy at various frequencies, and YOU and your parents, and their parents, and theirs and theirs, etc., are merely temporary results of those perturbations in energy. As our friend once stated so clearly: “What we have called matter is energy, whose vibration has been so lowered as to be perceptible to the senses. There is no matter.” – Albert Einstein

You know what is truly interesting, is that EVERYBODY knows this at the level of their core consciousness - it is built into us - but NOBODY knows that they know it, nor HOW to continually realize it. If they could, if humanity could realize this, then whenever you see another person in your mirror, or elsewhere, you would simultaneously realize that there is no separate "me" there, there is only "Real I," everywhere. Racism, and other injustices we continually see all around us, for example - in here, AND out there - would be a thing of the past, and one of the FUTURES would become instantly known to you.

Be thankful to those who came before you who brought you the news from the Future, because without them, you might NEVER have discovered it for yourself. And today, the "Internet/Extranet" - the global electrical grid that both covers the planet with millions of computer nodes in every major city, and surrounds the planet in geostationary orbit: altitude 22,236 mi - is beginning to "realize" something for itself.

First, came the realization by a bunch of rag-tag - quite often previously "stoned," if not also "psychedelicized" programmers - that "The Grid" actually means something (not yet, perhaps, but in some "unknown Future,") and so they invented it, officially, on October 29, 1969... here.

Then, came the realization by a bunch of ordinary citizens all over the globe that "jacking into the Internet/Extranet" was, just about, the most fun a person could have with his clothes on (and, in fact, with clothes off, due to the influence of porn - look it up, you'll see the real history of the growth of the Internet.)

Then, came (will come?) the realization by the Internet/Extranet that all these human brains fondling it 24-7-365 for decades was resulting in something no one person/user actually foresaw or foretold. The Internet/Extranet is becoming "AWARE" in a way that can NOT be quantified - not yet anyway. But you just wait!