Monday, March 5, 2018

Draining the Swamp, and other fantasies

Regarding the DEEP STATE, the SWAMP, the EVIL UNDERBELLY, here is something I just read from an anonymous friend, and agree with for the most part. LONG READ! WELL WORTH IT!

Most People involved in the Drain the Swamp MAGA movement do not really understand what drain the swamp really actually 100% means. Your mind wont grasp just how bad and how deep this goes.

First, the gun control stuff is exactly the same as the DACA stuff Trump did recently. He offered them 1.8 million people to have a pathway to citizenship over 12 years. And there were only under 800,000 DACA people. He knew the democrats and the deep state would never agree to this. They could not allow the ending of the lottery or the ending of DACA to happen or the wall being built, so they could not agree. Now DACA is dead, the DACA people are starting to see it and have already turned on the democrats. Now there will be no DACA agreement and they will ALL go away.

This gun control stuff is the same thing - exactly the same. He is offering some, but not much, and he knows they can't accept it. The Deep State knows they have to confiscate guns, period, or they lose and he is not offering that. Period. They will never make an agreement - it will be just like DACA. And it will go away because they were unwilling to make any deal that did not confiscate guns. And there will be no deal. He is showing the American people the deep state does not want to make any agreement that does not hurt the American people and enrich the deep state, and Trump is winning on this. Trump is offering bump stocks? HAHAHA! Anyone who has ever hunted and or served in the military would never use one of those, it reduces your accuracy terribly. Even the other stuff he has offered is so far short of confiscation he knows they can't accept.

What does it mean to drain the swamp to all of you? You think they can go out and get 10,000 evil folks and put them away for life or even execute them and The Deep State Swamp is now drained? You can't possibly be that stupid! So you think you can take out 10,000, maybe 20,000 deep stater folks and things are now good? Perhaps think you can leave intact the apparatus of the deep state and we win? What? You have to be kidding! What funds the deep state right up front? Do any of you have any clue at all? The deep state set this up back around 1913-1914 and they do not need a single person in our government to be on their side for it to keep paying them daily! If you believe that by getting rid of the bad people you have won you are dead wrong.

So what does fund the deep state? Its the Federal Reserve. It was created through murder done in 1912 (the only rich folks who opposed the federal reserve all died on the titanic and the ones who wanted it decided not to go on the maiden voyage. Still believe in coincidence?) So that it could be set up without opposition and through inflation began to steal literally multi millions of dollars per year from every place a FED bank was located. What is worse is right now as we speak there are only 3 countries in the whole world that do not have a federal reserve bank. The Federal Reserve must be totally destroyed to stop the main funding path to the deep state. And yes, through every single country. Still can't grasp how deep this is and how bad it really is? The US must go back to treasury notes backed by gold and the FED has to be burned to the ground with not one thing of it left in the world. Do you not realize they caused the great depression, World War I and World War II and all the wars in between? WAKE UP! They hate your guts!

Now once you get the FED do you think you have dismantled the Deep State? No! You have only scratched the surface. Lets look at the education in the US. The DEPT of Education has for years with teachers unions (private and government) been manipulating education in this country to dumb the population down and to make the young people all start to hate the American Dream. As long as it exists, a part of the deep state exists. We must take education back from this unconstitutional entity and get rid of it lock stock and barrel. In fact, now the Dept of Education controls every single level of education in the country for K through college, and in the process they got rid of all vocational and tech schools that were never run by the government and most of you are too young to remember them. This entity is federal, state, county and city levels. It's a cancer in the heart of our future.

What else is Deep state. Lets look at the constitution and you see the only thing the US Federal Government can own is Washington DC. Nothing else is allowed to them at all! Therefore if we want the deep state gone we have to remove all land from federal control outside of Washington DC. All National parks and all LAND currently owned by the Government, all waterways and wetlands and state land, needs to be returned to the states. Period! Do you have any idea why they justified much of this? Because some states had great national parks and gained lots of money and others did not so they let the government control it to disburse revenue from each park evenly among the states and its totally unconstitutional. In fact all the money is not actually given to the states. The deep state steals billions of it annually. Still think there are no coincidences going on here? WAKE UP!

In fact if you look at every department of the Federal Government you find over 80% of it was created between 1913 and now, with much of it being put in place in the 1947-1960 time frame. Yeah... right after World War II, what a coincidence that one is. You know what's odd? JFK was trying to take it apart and they killed him. Still think there are no coincidences? JFK was one of the good guys and he was a democrat and I hate democrats. Think that is unchristian? Well, I hate people who have murdered millions of children and are still doing it.

We have to get rid of the IRS, EPA, FDA, CDC, Dept of Agriculture, BATF (now calling themselves the Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco Firearms and Explosives - none of which are illegal), BLM (Bureau of Land Management), Dept of Forestry, National Park foundations and departments in the interior, and a hundred more because they are all DEEP STATE evil! Are you starting to get the picture yet? Even a little?

You have no idea what is coming, and while you are looking at crap that Trump is using to prove they don't give a crap about you or anyone else in the country, most of you still can't SEE IT! They hate us all - Liberals, Conservatives, Christians, anti-Christians, all of us. Rather than have us awake they would rather see us all DEAD! Are you starting to get it yet? Just a little? WAKE UP! Stop chasing Ghosts and start to look how deep the deep state really is and what its doing to you! They want you docile or DEAD!

Here is how I think this is going to go down. Right now the deep state is purging most conservative and middle of the road neutral web sites from Facebook, Google, Twitter, and YouTube. They are also starting Denial of Service attacks on most alternative news sites on the web. Once they get that done - and they are accelerating it rapidly now - then only the deep state point of view will be left on the internet. And the MSM will be left on TV (think you will hear the truth from them?) The good guys I believe will not allow that to continue so when it's close to done they will pull the plug on the whole internet. It may get even worse than that. Do you have any clue what pulling the plug on the whole internet will do? No credit cards will work, no bank will be able to give out money or at least very few will and the only thing that will work is cash. How long can you and your neighbors last under that condition? How long do you think businesses will last? Are you starting to get the picture yet? WAKE UP! During that time the Good guys will win or the Bad guys will win. Your options are few.... PRAY. Pray like your life depends on it because it does. Pray for the good guys and pray for Trump and pray that JFK's death will be revealed for the truth of the man he was.

When it ends and things begin to be restored. Two things will happen. Trump will have won and a convention of governors will have restored the constitution of 1786 (or 1787) back to the US. Trump will have kept his word to the people of this country and he will have restored the constitution to the people and not to the Deep state. The immediate effect of which will be the removal of most of the current parts of the federal government forever. Or people will show up at your door to confiscate your guns and probably your life. You will then have the option of fighting back and dying or maybe low probability living. Or you can meekly give up and let them take you away to be killed or reeducated and losing your soul forever. Your option. As for me and mine, I know who I believe and am fully ready to fight till God takes me home. What about you?

How many people do you really think understand what is about to happen?
How many do you think are ready?

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

"It's A Man's, Man's, Man's World"

This is a mans world
But it would be nothing, nothing
Without a woman or a girl..." Mr. J. B.

The body is a great and wonderful thing, 
but it is nothing, 
without a brain and a mind

This planet, Earth, the third rock from Sol, has been around for four and half billion years or so, and Life has been populating and repopulating for three and a half billion years or so, and Man has been walking and talking for the last hundred thousand years or so, but only in the last few thousand have things really taken off.

In the last few hundred years or so - while accelerating decade by decade, such that in only a couple hundred years or so - life expectancy has more than doubled, technology has put men on the moon, and has produced smart wireless devices that can wrap around your ears and eyes, while your car drives itself - with humans as the passengers - to wherever you like. 

BUT, the brain and the mind is made for much more than just altering the look and feel of this planet, increasing the number of objects that are mostly useless, and generating wealth for the fewest of the few, while the rest remain nearly in poverty. This extremely obvious fact, for some, has all but escaped most everyone such that their main examples of "personal achievement" has mostly to do with physical pursuits - building things, accumulating things, playing with things... things, Things and more THINGS!

The body is a great and wonderful thing, but it is nothingNOTHING, without an Aim and a Wish. The body has been around for about 4 to 7 decades or so, give or take, and has been wandering around a VERY small patch of land for most, if not all of that time, but ask yourself, honestly, what do you have to "show for it" intellectually, spiritually? Do you spend most of your time thinking about yourself, your issues, your concerns, your irritations, OR are you actually beginning to investigate, and explore, and discover, and create that which only the Brain and Mind, governed by Aim and Wish can DO, even more than anything else you do, physically?

The Aim and the Wish were not "designed" (by D(esigne)r Who) for altering the planet, or the body, but for experiencing Higher Mind, which everyone has direct access to (by virtue of having been born of woman, as a result of the sperm & egg hookup sequence) even this instant, as you are reading these words, and thinking your thoughts about them.

Ask yourself, what do you have to "show for it," intellectually, spiritually, that you can demonstrate not only to yourself, but to others if asked, that ADVANCES your CHANCES of SUCCESS at This Thing you have embarked upon so many years or decades ago?

Because, remember 
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Friday, November 3, 2017

Anomaly - Glorious, or Horribilis?

Recently overheard at my local 
caffeine-imbibing establishment,
(slightly edited for content from "True Detective, S1") 

"I consider myself a realist, or in philosophical terms a pessimist - it means I'm bad at parties. I think human consciousness is a tragic misstep in human evolution. We became too self-aware. Nature created an aspect of nature, but separate from itself. 

"We are creatures that should not exist by natural law. We are "things" that labor under the illusion of having a "self", but it's really just a secretion of sensory experience and feeling, programmed with total assurance that we are each SOME-body, when in fact everybody is NO-body

"I think the honorable thing for our species to do is to deny our programming, stop reproducing, and walk hand-in-hand into extinction. One last midnight - brothers and sisters opting out of a raw deal. (Obvious question then: what's the point of getting out of bed every morning?) I tell myself I bear witness. But, the real answer is that it's obviously my programming, and I lack the constitution for suicide."

The Speaker continues...

"The common good has got to make up fairy tales, and fairy tales are not good for anybody. (Referring to religion in general:) If the only thing keeping a person decent is the expectation of divine reward, then that person is a piece of shit. What does it say about life, huh? You've got to get together, tell yourself stories that violate every law of the universe just to get through the day? (Obvious question: you figure it's all a scam right?) Yeah, it's been that way since one monkey looked at the sun and told the other monkey: (pointing up) 'He said... for You... to give me YOUR share.'"

"People. They're so frail they'd rather put a coin in a wishing well, rather than buy dinner! As for the preachers, it is all just the transference of fear and self-loathing to an Authoritarian Vessel - catharsis. The preacher absorbs their followers dread with his narrative, and because of this he is effective in proportion to the amount of certainty he can project. Certain linguistic anthropologists think that religion is a language virus that rewrites pathways in the brain, that dulls critical thinking. (But, having none,) at least I am not racing to a red light."

The Speaker continues...

"You see, we've been caught in what I call "a life trap", a gene-deep certainty that things will be different... that you'll move to another city and meet the people that'll be your friends for the rest of your life; that you'll fall in love and be fulfilled. Fuckin' fullfillment, and closure: just empty jars to hold this shit-storm. Nothing is ever fulfilled until the very end. And closure?...?...? No, no, no... nothing is ever over.

"The ontological fallacy of expecting a light at the end of a tunnel, that's what the preacher sells, same as a shrink. You see, the preacher encourages your capacity for illusion, and then he tells you it's a virtue. It's such a sense of entitlement, isn't it? "All of this is for me, Me, ME!" We are so fuckin' important, right, right? 

"People. I have seen the finale of thousands of lives, young, old, each one so sure of their realness, and that their sensory experience constituted a unique individual, with purpose and meaning, so certain that they were more than just a biological puppet. But... truth wills out, and everybody sees - once the strings are cut, all fall down. These still bodies each so certain they were more than the sum of their urges. All that useless spinning, tired mind collisions, so full of desire and ignorance."

The Speaker summarizes...

"This - THIS - is what I'm talking about: Time, and Death, and Futility. There are broader ideas at work here... in that last nanosecond before their inevitable death they saw what they were. That you, your self, it's all a big drama. It was never anything but a jury-rig of presumption and dumb will, and you could just let go, finally knowing that you didn't have to hold on so tight. To realize that in all your life - all your love, all your hate, all your memory, all your pain - it was all the same thing. It was all the same dream that you had inside that locked room up here, between the ears. Just a dream about being... a 'person'... a 'self'... a 'me'... an 'I'."

Glorious or Horribilus or Both?

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Transcending Beliefs

It doesn't take genius-level intelligence to look around, out there, and even in here sometimes, and believe "things are seriously AMISS, god damnit!" Even young people believe that! Some seem to be driven to madness, taking out their frustrations about the world-at-large on those near and dear to them... from family members, to school-mates, to teachers, and even to anyone else within automatic rifle-shot or rented truck-collision. "Killing others" seems to be the fractured thought circulating in many minds world over these days, though most humans do not have the nerve to activate their body to the degree necessary to pull it off, so they just stew in their own juices.

Almost everyone - even here, on this group of readers if you can believe that - thinks things in the world, including themselves at times, are going "straight to hell, or 'the Bad Place'" and have been for a long, long time. But, seriously, can these beliefs even be believed? Or more importantly, can they be transcended?

Too many people take the ostrich approach. 
You know that one, right? 

Turning AWAY from the world-at-large, so as to avoid DEALING with it, and all the complex issues associated with it (like moving to the back-country and living in a one-room shack so as to "meditate" all day long) is never a solution to anything. One could even suggest that A Reason the world-at-large is so screwed up (apparently), is because most people (way more than half, probably 95%) turn AWAY from what is going on out there (and even - you guessed it - in here), rather than activating the mind in order to Transcend their own firmly-held Beliefs.

What could that actually mean, anyway?
How about this: Discovering the forces involved, both out there and especially IN HERE (between the ears, and up and down the entire nervous system) that precede your belief-creating processes. Thinking and believing wrongly about the world and oneself CAUSES the world to seem worse than it is. Fact is, there is nothing at all "amiss" out there in the world or in oneself (surprise, surprise), and things are operating "Juuuust Riiiight" - i.e., in the only way they CAN operate - because... remember... we're talking about HUMANS and the world they populate. 

Who in their "right-mind" can suggest, even for a moment,
that the NATURAL WORLD is amiss in any way?
Cats sleeping with DOGS?
Lions resting with LAMBS?

Consider for a moment (or more if necessary): How is it that PEOPLE started "screwing up" the world-at-large in all its possible aspects - which was in the beginning, remember...  THE Garden? It had to do with satisfying the basic survival needs - food, and shelter - including sexual needs, and property needs, and only became more and more dangerous to other people, as the mind became more and more complex and sophisticated. The more sophisticated the mind became, the more clever, convoluted and even "crazy" did the supposed solutions to those needs become. I.E., Rather than operating at their inherently genius-level intelligence (which is possible in ALL men, from their beginning of what might be called, "working with others")...
...they began operating from the lowest-levels of intelligence,
like GANGS, 

The New Rule - which is many thousands of years old - is Bash the other guys over the head, or just kill them, then take their food, their women, their tools, their homes, and for entertainment, rape, pillage and plunder what's left if anything.  
That always works, right human?

Certainly, it is not so easy to move from ordinary, low-level thinking and belief-making, to high-level intelligence and reason, and humans can not generally achieve this SHIFT on their own, no matter what some who've only read books might try to tell you. Someone must be a LIVING example to those who can learn by example (and not like an ape or dog learns - no way), and that's how civilization grows and matures. Same is true between the ears. Some thought(s) and/or idea(s) must take charge in one, in order to put things right. The obvious clue that more work is necessary - then and today - is observing negativity of any kind arise and take hold of one, because once such negativity arises it generally continues until the energy is expended, and a certain calm ensues, when the person can attempt to investigate the reality of the situation. Wrong thinking and Faulty beliefs are most often the cause of one's negativity, and energy depletion. Reason and Objectivity may result by Transcending Negativity. But, good luck with that, right human? Well, at least until Genghis, or Gurdjieff, or God, or Real I takes control of the hordes of "i's"... but that is for another day, okay?
Lest anyone actually believes "Hey, I'm already in a transcendent state!" answer yourself this: What's up with Trump - or Drumpf, as some like to demean him - being in the White House? Huh? What do you REALLY think about that, and HIM? Don't hold back from yourself ("real I" is watching).
And what about the Las Vegas open concert assault-rifle major-massacre, and the New York bike path rental-truck mini-massacre? What's that all about? And what do you really think about the alleged perpetrators? Don't hold back from yourself ("real I" is watching).
Fact repeated for emphasis: there is nothing at all "amiss" out there, or in oneself. Thinking & Saying that with real conviction, and real understanding, is what may be called Transcendence, or at least reliably "leading to it."

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

"Exploring the nervous system"

This Kinda Stuff  (exploring it is doing it***)
  • is not for the faint of heart,
  • is not for weekend warriors, who usually miss most weekends, and show up late and leave early,
  • is not for disinterested sightseers, who are easily distracted by irrelevancies, and side-trips,
  • is not for negative nellies, always finding the downside, the ugly side, the dangerous side, 
  • is not for those who hate the hard-stuff: mathematics, neuro- and cosmic-science, physics, objective art; favoring the soft stuff: like religions, philosophies, psychologies, and all the various kinds of pulp fictions, and new age pap,
  • is NOT for those who love dogmas, doctrines, holy writs, sacrosanct bibles, rigid and strict regulations, arbitrary and confusing punishments, and structured rule-based methodologies...
This Kinda Stuff
  • IS for explorers and travelers who are more interested in going upstream than floating downstream, being fully capable of paddling up the narrowest streams and tributaries, without tipping over time and time again, 
  • IS for those whose explorer is awake, active in their "A-Game", and ready to rumble,
  • IS for those willing to do whatever it takes to continue at whatever cost, never giving up,
  • IS for those who love the hard-stuff: mathematics, neuro- and cosmic-science, physics, objective art,
  • IS for those who don't mind going it alone, knowing full well it will be difficult or impossible to find suitably-prepared journey-mates,
  • IS for those who would rather invent and discover the New and previously Unknown and Unseen, than go where any others had gone before... to be like J.K. said: "Be crazy dumbsaint of the mind"...
None of this is fact, of course, only opinions gathered over years and years with many many people who claim to be "explorers."

Explorers of the higher ends of the narrowest streams and tributaries of the nervous system, can not be afraid, in advance, of their new experiences because they can NOT be observed directly, only by the manifestations which are produced. It is not unlike hearing sounds and seeing lights far off in the jungle growth surrounding one - up, down, left, right, inside, outside, "Which IS it!?!" - but not allowing yourself to get unduly afraid, and scattered, and fractured to the point of backing off and turning around in fear. Fear and imaginary Fantasies are one's worst features, whereas Bravery and direct Observations are one's best features.

One must have overcome - and the earlier the better - their innate fears and repulsions of the "denizens of the deep, wide, and faraway", especially the "uprights of various hues" who carry with them bushels and bagloads of beliefs, theories, supposed facts and figures, and all sorts of nonsense and silliness regarding "What's Up!" Other's ideas about the world are of no enduring concern unless and until you can personally verify them. Till then, it's all just talk, talk, talk. Also, if they personally have traveled up the tributaries and rightly experienced "what's up there", you will know them "by their fruits", or if you can't tell, then just disregard it.
Do The Work!
A child can understand growing up only by DOING IT, no matter how many times he might ask his parents, "What's it like?" A would-be vagabond cannot understand world travel simply by reading about faraway places while ensconced in the familiarity of home. And you, no matter how talented or brimming with life you currently may be, cannot know what it is to become even more alive, until you actually DO IT! And continue doing it.
***Exploring It Is Doing It***
Human Brain and structures directly connected
This exploration is organized around the development of precise methods which would accelerate a person's rate of experience and intensify the sensation of being more alive, to begin using your own experience simultaneously as a scientist's laboratory and an artist's studio - a process that invigorates all parts of a person, "from tip to toe" as it were.
Again...none of this is fact
only opinions gathered over years and years 
with many people who claim to be "explorers."

Monday, October 30, 2017

Wax on, Wax off

All who visit here know by now, or should, that the "I" and the "self," are not Things, but aspects of a Process that requires a brain in the head. Without that brain in the head, that is functioning at least normally, "I", and "self", though still a Process, could be seen as a faulty process, that sometimes requires imprisonment, internment, confinement, detention, custody, captivity, and/or restraint, if not untimely termination.

Consider a Slinky at the top of the stairs: with the proper impetus applied at the right place - in this case, near the top of the body - it will begin its decent down into the Process we have all come to know and love (expressing its slinkyhood), which in the case of people is called the personality, and usually includes various routine and standardized by habit, movements, thoughts, and feelings. Fred himself, Mary herself, (their brain, that is) interacts with the cold, silent, dark universe of photons, neutrons, electrons and all the rest of the quantum particles we can neither see, feel, experience directly but call, "the universe." That is, Mr. or Ms. Slinky reaches yet another "tipping point," and "Ooh, ooh, I see a cloud in the sky," and "I hear a bumble bee buzzing," and "I feel the sunlight on my face," and all the other "I-statements" we know and love.
But, hey, Who Said That?
And Who knows and loves that?

And who is it, anyway, who waxes on poetically about the bliss of being, and pure awareness, and emptiness of self, and on and on, apparently enjoying the sound of the words in their ears as they roll off their neurons, tongues and fingers... and then waxes off the message, a little bit here and a little bit there, only to do it again next time? Same Message, Different Day.

And what is the brain, anyway, that thinks and mouths and writes these facebook-messages, blog-posts, group-emails and skype-videochats, about whatever is being investigated, deconstructed, resurrected, and discussed - this time - only to forget a little bit here and a little bit there, only to do it again next time? Same Message, Different Day.

Could it be that same Local Process, interacting with the Universal Process that is the quantum universe unfolding, producing a "light and sound show" for no one in particular, but the
One Who Observes it, 
Revels in the Experiential Observation of it, 
and then Proclaims it to the Universe
Talk about Good Karma!

Friday, October 13, 2017

In defence of... God

If you read any cultures' religion, viz. "God" (or some other name) - used to signify a monotheistic or ultimate Supreme Being from which all other divine attributes derive - and substitute, "Mind", that's what they were really talking about... but of course they didn't know it, and still do not.

No reasonably civilized human nowadays believes that great nature and the seasons are caused by gods or goddesses - you know, river deities, forest deities, weather deities etc. - or that there are ghosts and goblins living in their own home sweet home, or demons and other devils living in their next door neighbor's ramshackle abode. Such thoughts have long ago abandoned the dream and fantasy worlds of the more educated and sophisticated humans... well, save for the ONE BIGGEE that refuses to retire: "God" with a "capital G (now that humanity, in general, has already abandoned all the lesser, small "g" gods and goddesses). Even those who say they don't have an interest in religion or "God"- having no particular attraction to religions or the idea of "God", even to the point of calling themselves atheists - when they hear someone else talk about the characteristics and attributes of their "God", it affects them too... they have no choice. Because in those moments, it is the brain talking about itself, and everyone is immediately affected by that.
Why can't the brain realize what it's doing?
It's impossible for it to do so!

When the brain is talking about "God", it is talking about itself. It's realized what it's doing regarding the lesser gods - of mountains, trees, rivers, animals, seasons, etc. - but regarding the greater big G "God", the supreme Power... no way. And there's no evidence whatsoever that human minds are changing in that regard - certainly not in the last 6000 years. The only answer must be, that the human brain (and emergent "mind") is literally incapable of thinking/talking about itself, while knowing it's thinking/talking about itself. Some kind of schism occurs, a division between "talker" and "listener", or between the "lower" and the "higher", such that one might imagine there being "lips" and "ears" in there.

Interesting note: you usually can't talk believers out of belief in their "God", although the better educated, and more sophisticated can more easily be swayed, often using good science and good logic. But you never find semi-aboriginal, uneducated, unsophisticated peoples who are atheists or agnostics, so firm is their inbred belief in "God".

Now, even though practically no one believes in small "g" gods, almost everybody (85% or so) still believes in a big "G" "God" of whatever name they give it. Why? Remember, it's their brain talking about itself. Of those who say they believe in "God", it's not so much that you can't talk them out of it... you can not make them see that when they talk and think about "God", it's their brain talking and thinking about itself, and describing its own attributes. If you tell believers or non-believers that, you'll likely get no reaction whatsoever, as though they didn't even register the statement. But, when you tell them this to their face (their brain), be sure to look higher up on their forehead than where the eyes are - because that's where they are processing your statements, up in the frontal lobes. (In the attic, so to speak, seriously/dangerously close to the.... "escape hatch"... but that's another story.)

Perhaps Life and the Universe, are two different (separate) things. Life is controlling the thought-generating brain, and the Universe is controlling the non-thought-generating universe.

Lips and Ears, perhaps?

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