Sunday, January 30, 2011

What's my name?

You walk into a scene and find a grocery store literally demolished,
and a woman holding a bat standing in the middle of a huge mess of
dented cans, exploded milk cartons, and squashed cereal boxes.

You think something here is just as OBVIOUS as hell. Yet, in reality,
you have NO IDEA how the woman got there, nor her relationship to the

This is the case with humans, each moment of their short lives, as
they come upon "sceneries", especially those they already 'recognize'.

It is the STORY that connects humans together with other humans - NOT
their bodies, nor your physical sensations of the images/sound of the

One might say, nobody in the world 'KNOWS' you at all - including you
of course - because you are NO DIFFERENT than everyone else is in
relation to you. Because you - and everybody else - is NOT their
bodies anyway.

Here is how the conundrum starts spinning: a person has a brainstorm
of the 'presently impossible' (you know, like time travel, or
immortality, or invisibility, or immovability, or incredible
light-ness of being), AND, a way to make it manifest (you know, like
building the waterwheel and feeding the "family/group")

(For anything to be true, and real, it must take on the
fortunate/unfortunate formality of actually occurring. Fortunate for
the very few, and Unfortunate for the massive many.)

There are anomalies all around - law-conforming, but intentional
inconsistencies - where the pressure has built-up so much that it will
be released, at least in surprising ways, if not Novel.

Heh-heh-heh. He said, Novel. Like a Book. Of Stories.

Hello my name is...

I was imprisoned [my age goes here] years ago, and only because
technology and genetic science progressed enough, I was suddenly set
free into a world I have never seen before. Now, the state and my
attorney want me to be compensated for the time stolen/lost...

How can I introduce mynewself to anyone in this world, being an
absolute stranger to them all?

The ONLY thing I share with them is their image and their sensory
feeling. I look like them, but I am a stranger on a strange planet.

This conundrum - which is what it is - is played out in the lives of
every person ever born. However, nobody realizes it EXCEPT those who
have physically lived it. (wrongfully imprisoned and suddenly set

This totally IMAGINARY scenario - never played out in non-human
kingdoms - is the Seed Event that starts humans on the path to
Enlightenment, and all its incarnations.

Question: Are you more than your physical body, and if so, what Are
you but your story? The story is an Anomaly within the 3D universe,
for the very reason that 3 dimensions are not enough to hold, to
contain, thought.

Thought - your story - is way too elusive to be captured in matter,
and it moves too fast to be seen. No image possible. No sensation
No residue. Nothing left behind.

Stories (and the pseudo-people who transport them) are carried by the
Light of the Universe, but the 3D image/sensation (residue) is part of
the Earth, nothing more. It dies, dissolves, disappears.

What if 'enlightenment' is realizing Eternality is a species-specific
concept. That is, the Species is thinking about Eternal Life -
individual humans are not however, but only 'think' they are. That is,
they know of the concept, 'Eternal Life', so they believe they already
understand its full meaning.

Enlightenment is, being set free and fully compensated for the lost
time, which (in fact) is more than enough time to achieve the methods,
skills, of leaping the 'crossover' point between the End of the body
and Start of the eternally conscious EternalNow.

The "A-ha!" moment, of oldDeath and newLife, releases the combined
potential of one's time on this planet, coupled with that of every
other living human, out and into the Universe at the speed of Light
squared, skipping the 'light fantastic' across the silent, still,
glassy ocean of mind.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Only mankind has a future.

Animals don't have a future, only the eternal now. "Future" is an outgrowth of thought, spun out across time like a spider's silk thread.

That, is the Topic I am now crucifying.
Or, which came first, the Jesus or the crucifixion?

Humans can take any topic and literally Crucify it.
Political topics, Religious topics, Scientific topics, even Financial topics, and Crucify it. What, therefore, does "crucify" mean?

In one case, nailing the fleshlybody onto a CrossHairLocationMarker, and stabbing it in the side until it bleeds out.

In the other verbal thought-based case, ...

People can be stupid at their jobs, certainly not Expert, and still survive. Musicians at heart can be paper salesmen even if they couldn't sell ice to an eskimo.

You can be a "bullshit artist" in the Education area, or the Sales area, but not in Real Artistry - playing musical instruments, playing stock markets. Try to quantify both types. That effort reveals that ALL human endeavors (that require other people) can be executed, however poorly, by BullShit "artists".

Only Real Art can never be bullshitted - even by fakers, frauds, plagiarists.


It is not that radio and television and phones are the Cause of man's present-day delusions (though they certainly ARE once you can realize it simultaneously - thereby keeping two opposing thoughts in your consciousness at the same time, holding it "out there" like a PinealGland in carnation).

Radio, TV, Phones are the Anomaly - there should not be such devices on this planet. They certainly don't exist at 'lower levels' of animal life, though species communication seems both obvious and strongly typed. It is the Strong Nuclear Force operating though the species.

The 4 forces.
Gravitational Force Gravitas
Electromagnetic Force Photon light, en-light-ened
Weak Nuclear Force Weak Gauge Bosons ordinary consciousness
Strong Nuclear Force Gluon Higher Thought

Civilization - that within which YOU LIVE with everyone else still alive - is Language. You must keep these two realms separate within you, lest they try and succeed at hooking up, the way a male plug does a female socket.

This is the Primal Law which enables all matter and life to exist.

Where are you in this reality? You do not exist in this reality, BUT because of Language you 'think' otherwise.

The two opposing concepts have merged into one overriding weak electrical force of 'personality'. Cracking the atom, is tantamount to Crucifying the Adam, that is, our prototypical human being fully ascended. Real I. Really.

Ordinary humans (ordinary consciousness ) is fully engaged in running a scam, a con, on Life. Trying to see how much they can 'get away with' before they die. Of course they usually don't put it that way, but how could it be otherwise.

Ordinary humans are not dwelling on mountaintops in caves, or meditating under bodhi trees, or walking on water - they are in the civilized world (or trying very hard to get there from where they now are), with a ticking clock POUNDING in their heads, keeping a certain cadence and setting the rhythm of all they do and say.

The 'saying' part comes late in the story, though early in the lifespan. (You see, by the age of 7-14 or so, the mind starts to decay and loses the effectiveness it had before, and it becomes all downhill from there - crippled almost at the 'get-go'.
The Glorious Anomaly is when the Oxymoronical Paradox is Solved.
Time and space travel is possible only in the Mind, BUT the Long Con humanity is playing on Life itself, finds a way to Actualize Reality.

Otherwise, "reality" doesn't exist, and all is mindstuff in potential.
The Cosmos is in Potential until the Anomaly Occurs - that is, takes on the formality of actually existing, In time, In space.

It is like coming out of invisibility to Enlighten the Universe.
It is what Light does at its own speed, defining the edges, and colorizing the planes and surfaces, and filling (materializing) the coordinates.

No matter what your 'life' seems like to you, it is no more than Stuff you Own/Rent and are forced to take care of by someone who feels this way and that way about that Fact of Existence you can't deny once you actually HAVE THE THOUGHT on your own, not by hearing/reading it.

Yes you have just read/heard it - blame me for that - but do know this, whatever Thoughts arise in you now and forever, they stim from that Little Big Bang.

(You are nothing and you don't exist, until - here comes the paradox, the oxymoron, the anomaly - you DO, in reality.)

--Paradox: A statement that may need to be solved and is generally composed of contradictory words or phrases. e.g. "I don't play solitaire because every time I win, I beat myself!" "This sentence is false." "Grand-father paradox prevents going back in time." (If I back-up far enough to see where thought emerges, I won't have (there won't be) the thought that I backed-up for.)

--Oxymoron: Words or phrases that are accepted, but are complete opposites of each other. e.g. "Jumbo shrimp", "The silence was deafening." "Talking outloud with other humans is possible."

--Anomaly: A shocking event that has happened, which defies knowledge, logic, or science and may never happen again. "Conversation is an outgrowth of Civilization which is an outgrowth of Talking."

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The future of winning

Only mankind has a future. Animals don't have a future, only the eternal now.

"Future" is an outgrowth of thought, spun out across time like a spider's silk thread.

Humans are Spiders on a higher level, and their silk is thought.

Spiders do not exist in the world from which they spin their webs and draw their sustenance.

Spiders build the Webs, upon which falls prey - followers of the scent, the shine, the sounds, etc. emanating from the Web.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Reality tv implies a reality.

Is physical life the reality, or is the "act of implying" the reality?

Humans are being squeezed through the gelatinous mass of the Living Creature that is Civilization. Some stuff sticks. Some falls away.

A Real Master of the Universe, would be able to create the world as he sees fit, to connect the inner world with the external world, by realizing there is no "out there", and merging the Two into One.

People mistaken believe that they are trying to become personal masters of their worldview - home, job, family, and every other physical thing outside of their skull - but their worldview is being pushed into them, creating an "in here", and cleaving the One into Two.

Once you Wake Up and start Looking Around you realize there is Too Much to take it all in, to take even a little bit in. That is because Talk separates you from the World... unlike the little animals who can take it ALL IN with every breath. They become fully what they are at birth, and never lose it.

Mankind unfortunately does lose it - the ability to silence the talk before the Shrine of Life, God of Life - and usually never reaches Manhood, which is in the sense I mean it, Godhood, or being as the little animals: what you Are at birth, but with something else, you Know What you Are.

God, silly little animal.

God, in the sense that I mean it, is Process, the Process of Life, the Glorious Anomaly.

Life is not supposed to be here, on this planet, and wasn't for 4.5billion years, and only here no other planet in this solar system, or elsewhere as far as we know, and we know how to find out, and can see back to the beginning. No Life There!

Just here, silly little animals scampering around this one globular mass of potential Being... another Sun perhaps?

Now, having taken all that in (didn't you?), consider thought, that is bouncing around your skull behind your eye balls and between your ears and between your ears right now!

Like God, thought in the sense that I mean it, is Process, the Process of Thought, the other end of the Anomaly.

God the Alpha, and its Son, O-Mega-Thought, the Big Idea, the Brainstorm.


Here is what is 'going on' with (between) people. Each human realizes unconsciously the Godhood in other people - this creates heroes in crisis situations, like the Federal Judge falling on the other man, a stranger, in Tucson - while simultaneously realizing they themselves are not The God.

Otherwise, being God, 1) there wouldn't need to be random shootings, 2) if there could be, you could instantly bring the injured back to life, thus making the whole Idea Moot - it just doesn't exist in reality, certainly NOT in 3D reality, but only in thought-realities.

This difference between one man and All Men, creates a unique tension that does things to the developing mind and utilization of thought for the next several decades of 'fully-functioning mental activity'.


Life is what you're doing outside of Church.
Church is the physical/tangible representation of Heaven.
Heaven is the verbal/intangible representation of Eternity (eternal life, enlightenment)

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Tiger Tiger burning bright

Tiger Tiger burning bright - is modelled in the Chinese (eastern) view of achieving excellence or enlightenment, exemplified in Chinese Mothers, but the evolution of that discipline temporarily ends in the minds of certain men, Teachers: Teachers of the Mystical Ways.

Such a Teacher would never discuss strategies with the students following his lead. He would operate as an Absolute, a Benevolent Dictator in ways that even the Chinese Mom would find un-imaginable.

(One obvious example is that the Chinese children do not actually fear being exiled from the family or from Life - whereas Tiger Teachers enforce that belief by PROVING it, over and over - telling people to LEAVE the group forever.)

A natural upshot in civilization, is the killing of other humans if they don't accept YOUR line of thinking about some (set of) topic(s). Today, even in the West - the US, the most politically violent region - and in the middle east - the most religiously violent region - this is as far as mankind has "evolved" from Tiger Mom to Tiger Teacher.

Just not there yet, and still having NO CLUE why.

(Tiger Teachers certainly know why, and demonstrate/exhibit Mastery over the situation, so that student followers can observe what to look for... it being so very UN-OBVIOUS to the many who will never 'get it'.)

Ordinary thought is, shit, just clichés.

Ordinary thought only goes to clichés . Rachel remembers someone who died on 9/11, and besides deep feelings and sensations, she must talk about meanings, implied or explicit - but there IS NO MEANING in outside things, NONE. They just occur like raindrops falling on your head.

This is why the very idea of a "Bible" or "Holy Writ", is unthinkable, and thus unwritable, and thus unreadable - which is an interesting word here, because it is un-read-able for two reasons: 1) it was written, and 2) it is in a different, unknown language.

Everything that comes out your mouth, regarding "What is going on" or "What it is all about" comes in the form of cliché, somebody has already said it before.

Extra-ordinary, higher thought from a tighter web of knowledge and understanding, like sparks in a night sky, compose the IMAGE of the mechanics being driven.

When people suit up and be there - anywhere at any time - the physical surroundings morphing around them, is no more meaningful than a game of pool and raindrops. The 'dots' they leave on the surface of reality, being perceived by a brain that can neuralize them into an IMAGE, becomes something that can be remembered and talked about.

Everything leaves an impact upon the senses, but talking/thinking about the physical world is not consciousness. It is the absence of consciousness because thought is an automatic function of bloodflow in the head, like an electrical rainstorm behind your eyes, and for your ears (i.e. y'ears).

The 'so-believed' outside cooks the flesh from the outside, while the heart stirs it from the inside. Each human body is self-contained (and self-constrained) cosmic vehicle, of unknown design and purpose. There is no 'meaning' to the music of the raindrops falling on your head, but it does change/alter the vehicle, turning it INTO that destined magic carpet.

Talking for the masses who remain glued to this planet, where their vehicle returns to dust 6ft underground or up in smoke. Cliches are all you've GOT FOLKS, and the only mystical use of thought is as lubricant easing the refined wheels and gears and pullies and pumps into their MEANINGFUL proper alignment. Such a vehicle is capable of more amazing things than David Blaine or Cris Angel can imagine. But it IS in that arena where the mystical meets the Meat.

Interesting thought 'pumps us up' the way a deep inhale of air does. Ordinary thought that dribbles out your lips and fingers, is the exalation, resulting from the burning of the 'deep thought' that started it all (when Life spoke directly into your ear, and whispered the Secret).

There is nothing wrong with the ordinary mind being used exclusively for building and maintaining the physical world, all of which eventually impacts your nervous system. However, then there is nothing left with which to lubricate the internals of this combustion engine designed to travel through space and time, spacetime.

this is why you can't TELL somebody how to put their vehicle together or how to drive - only YOU can know that for yourself. The extra-ordinary thought of which I always speak, is not 'verbalized', is not 'Englished', but it lubricates the wiring diagram of your nervous system, the way a Master plays the piano or cello. The Telling is the Travelling, and you're already somewhere else by the time anyone might hear it.

Easy as shit

Ordinary human discourse, such as what occurs over the internet blogs, and radios, televisions, is what can be called, EASY AS SHIT, because everybody instantly agrees with all the definitions, though only regarding the physical level of existence, but at least that.

The human discourse always connects to the physical in some ways. Either they are talking about other people or other things, or their own self, or what they personally think or feel about them. See? Easy as shit. Anybody can do it.

Extra-ordinary, or Super-ordinary, or Higher Thought does occur but NOT/NEVER over the Internet, only within One mind, and possibly some others, though the frame of reference usually requires Art in some manner. Poetry, or Literature, sometimes including Painting, or Sculpture, sometimes Music.

Poetry of words make up Literature, and Painting of surfaces make up Sculpture, and Music gives it texture, dimension, resonance.

The Book of 500 years ago, was the literal Birth of a new species on this planet, only taking shape today in Smartphones and Bluetooth. We strap on the 'tech' to become a willing Cyborg - part human consciousness (mostly), and part robot (tiny).

Talking about Chinese economic practices or American political environments, or Tragedies in Tucson, or your physical ailments, is all subterfuge (an artifice or expedient used to evade a rule, escape a consequence, hide something), keeping the mini-man-mind fully occupied with stuff-and-nonsense, so as to free-up special circuits known only to a few. The iCircuits.


People are so eager and willing to talk about the duplicity, and hypocrisy of other people, but never their own stupidity (that makes them do that).

Thursday, January 13, 2011

The anomaly

People are vibrating off these events - a shooting in Tucson rattles the cages of shitloads of people, and their mind/mouth/hand activity.

NOBODY knows what actually happened in Tucson, EXCEPT for the fact that you 'heard about it' first. Fact. Face it. Don't forget it.

The World is a total mystery to you, EXCEPT for the fact that you 'heard about it' first. Where does that leave YOU? Anybody?

The 'sound of humanity', its Note, if you will, can be Heard, by the One Speaking, so literally EVERYBODY is 'clammering' to Speak, and if they've got nothing (intelligent) to say, then they speak anyway - gibberish, gleefully, sheepishly, with a grin.

The 'sound' is background noise, and if/when you are contributing to it, nothing else can be Heard. The Glorious Anomaly is that you can't Hear yourself Speaking, but you Can. Get it?

The human mind is Tuned to a certain Frequency wherein it Vibrates on a Global Level, a Hum, or a Note if you will, a Sound. What makes this Instrument Sing its Song - not unlike a guitar or piano, plucked, strummed, vibrating like a massive swarm of insects covering a large area?

You can't listen to these fucking people out there, but then Where Are You then? All the questions you're asking can only be answered by YOU. Get it?

The Glorious Anomaly.

Again. Your mind is a tuned instrument over there on the table, behind the counter, on your right, or left, or above you, or behind you. Silent, always silent.

Eventually: it wakes up, Awakens from that Silence, speaking the Word of this 'short duration personal savior', whether it be a Woof, or a Moo, or a Tweet. The Sound is the Anomaly - you can't hear it but 'thinking you do' speaks itself INTO THE WORLD, Chants the World.

Speaking is the absolute Anomaly, that Plays the Instrument on the table.
The progression is 1) insight, 2) imagery, 3) sounds, 4) words, 5) object/instrument.

That is to say, instruments do not suddenly exist, they can't be found under rocks, at the bottom of the sea, at the center of a cave. That world is absolutely Silent, compared to the level of which I am now speaking.

The Glory that IS the Anomaly, is not simply the brilliance of the rising sun, but the Speaking of its Name. This is both the most Creative act and the most Spiritural act.

Who is it that would be so 'bold' to Stand up and DECLARE Himself/Herself as the Speaker with a Name?

Humanity lives entirely within the limits, of silent meat in a lump at the back of the cave, to One who lights the Fire at the Center campfire. Where are you or anyone?


What can be called simply ordinary consciousness sees one's own life and everything in it, materially - property, bank accounts, possessions, or spiritually - family, relationships, affiliations.

That is to say, remove all that from your life, and what is left is You, silent meat in a lump at the back of the cave. Pre-humanity but with all the Potential of a Living Breathing God.

All this is wired into every human body in the DNA, the needful desire to speak 'the word'. But until the 'word' is 'heard' it is UNKNOWN and remains so, regardless of all the chattering you do here (twitter/facebook etc.)

The world of mass communication is electronic and everybody is suitably wired in. All the money on the planet is going toward increasing the bandwidth and improving the devices that 'jack in'.

People are mimicking what their bodies are already doing now, naturally. All parts of the body are in direct communication with the Source. But are all parts of you(r mind) similarly known. I think not!

People know this which is what drives the increasingly improving connection to the Source of the News (Information). All that News is Objective and non partisan, it just IS what it IS, the News. And it is coming at you at the speed of Light Squared, into Wires and into your Head (Eyes and Ears).


What came first: the story of a person who was Born in a Calamity, lived a chastened life for Nine years, and is killed in another Calamity/Tragedy (for a 'story' of 'calamity'/'tragedy' can only occur in post-verbal humanity), or [__And this is the question__].

It is like the DNA of the planetary organic life is primed with a special substance that evolves in a unique (to the rest of organic life) way. It makes coherent sounds that OTHER similar lifeforms can respond to 'intelligently'.

That word, 'intelligently' needs understanding to make personal use of it. Thinking is useful, but unfortunately for the many, not so much anymore due to the unintentional discharging, like 'grounding' oneself.

And that is what chit-chat, social intercourse at every level, is. Grounding oneself in the Wall of Sound that is Humanity (taken as a whole on this planet at this time). We ground ourselves mentally into the socket/source of Life as we know it.

Life is the Wall of Sound, people are plugged Into it and at-once they are grounded. It's like an UPLOAD of your mind into the Uni-Mind, called today the Inter-Webs. That is our 21st century New Mother and we can suckle at her teat as we will.

But this is a two-way connection. Though not from your eye to the cellphone to the internet website source of ALL your information. That ALL coming into your senses, plays the 5-scale Instrument that you are.

And from low Behold the word springs forth as a river to the Ocean of Mind. The force of consciousness evolving through matter at the speed of light squared produces new points of light in its wake.

The Glorious Anomaly.

How can the All give birth to the New.
Mentally it's as bad as, "This sentence is false."

What is funny about all this, is that until you start/finish Thinking about it (How is Speech even possible?), there is nothing Funny about Life at all. Certainly NOT for animals and all other non-humans. So Laughter(physical) as a function of Humor(mental) is Anomalistic on this planet, certainly so for over 4.5billion years!

Eating and Talking are more important than anything else to people right now. The beast Man, Talking Man, has become a New Species from the Men of Old, circa 2500-6000 years ago. We only 'know about' the world in that time-frame via words which could only be saved physically 5 hundred years ago, but are today inside my smartphone with the Googley Eyes.

This electronic personal robot with the googleyes, is today - at its stage of evolution - un-conscious. Being used by a person who is the embodiment of consciousness.

A certain very very small 'mass of humanity' has created a handheld robot, that has ALL Knowledge, but is not conscious. To connect to this Source, one merely needs to Consciously Utilize it. The use it is put to is almost unlimited but within very specific limits - it's exclusively 'of the mind', and not physical in any way. Though one end of the conversation could make another end MOVE PHYSICALLY. And as a matter of fact, that is exactly why it has been invented. To make OTHERS move, and to do MY BIDDING.

That last sentence is wired into each human's DNA, and informs every apparently conscious intentional action. The Primal Directive, that begins pre-verbally (pushing and shoving and physically moving stuff around), has evolved into cell phone calls over bluetooth.

To what end, you might ask.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

the sun also rises


December 21, 2012 - that's an always theoretical "When": A Super Cataclysmic Event in the eco-socio-financial markets, such that no one would want to play (there) anymore.

It wouldn't be the end of physical humanity, only his non-physical toys (those that live in his... head). Back to Nature once again, but in a "new Eden."

Consider it.

Future-tense-sensations vibrate in the now, like a strong shower in the morning washes yesterday completely away. Into the metaphorical layer as well.

Not only are the scales and dead skin of the body washed away but dead thoughts of 'yester - seconds, minutes, days, years', which provide thrust for the time/space machine growing behind your eyes.

You can Feel it.
The direct way

new model of the Universe

This world has points of exit as well as entrance, but ordinary humanity can not perceive the Anomalies which are happening all around, through which one can travel dimensionally through Time.

This Synchrony-in-reality is the Ultimate Escape Hatch for those so-inclined to squeeze through if they have to.

This is a theoretical escape hatch that can not exist until it is Theoretical. So much is implied in that sentence, that if you can't feel the love in your smile places right now, you are not following along.