Wednesday, February 16, 2011

"Don't miss Tonight!"

For all those who missed Watson whoop the asses of Jeopardy's "two best players in history!", all I can say is, "Don't miss Tonight!"

Most viewers will NOT Awaken as a result, however Humanity surely is, and the expansion of awareness towards 12/21/2012 is accelerating. Tho a few already realize this, the rest don't & won't, even after tonight; but this will be one of the most significant events in history.

That which mankind has sought for thousands of years is only a few days down the road - collectively - tho only a Few will ever achieve it. Down through history, a person here or there stands up and proclaims His Existence, and the world - collectively - is forever altered.

What is missing, then as now and forever, is merely one small thing, and when you SEE IT - actually See it - your worldview is Forever'd. Natural Language with which all humans actively engage 24-7 acts like a Wall between you as Yesterday's news and you as Tomorrow's NEW.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Follow the leader

What makes sheep, cows, dogs and ... men similar is their propensity to seek out and play follow the leader - not only physically, which can be easily comprehended (from misery loves company, to safety in numbers) - but in the specific case of men, mentally too. In fact, there, even moreso.

Pity the poor and dimly lit who follow their dead spiritual leader into oblivion. Why do they do it? The power of their dead leader compels them. They don't want to 'help' others (like they suggest they do), but only to secure their presumed place in 'heaven', defined - poorly or even worse - by that same dead leader.

Why would men want to give up their independence for the shameful captivity such leader-following always leads to (captivity)? That is THEIR big question, of course, but unfortunately they usually never even begin to entertain it, let alone conceive it.

Before looking out there, elsewhere, for examples of this, do realize you don't have to look there, because a shining example lives in the same house YOU DO. Care to guess who that might be?