Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Eternal life

"I may have to, ahem, 're-think' some of my positions." is a Key to Opening the Doors of consciousness.

What you think - your 'positions' - binds you to spacetime, and when too much spacetime is bound to you, you die.
It is as simple as that.

Re-thinking is re-booting, kicking off the Ship of State of Mind all heavy, useless ideas.
Like, the big one: The only certainty is Death and Taxes.

You'd be VERY surprised to discover you believe that 100%, and even your best 'theories', like I'll get saved, or I just won't pay, or I'll buy an island in the pacific, changes NOTHING.
You always believe you will Die, and can NOT free yourself from that. Too heavy, and it literally kills you.

Eternal Life spoken about by the Mystics, is your only possibility. Period.

Risk and Reward

Life is exactly like stock market trading. Reward and Risk.
All working in life, is about profiting, and are you just wasting their time and/or your own?
Or if you're ordinary (stupid), just masking your ignorance with logical-sounding sentences, which, unless you have no impulse control, don't make you look and sound foolish, and irrelevant in the Process.

What you RISK is looking stupid, profiting nothing and wasting everyone's time.
Your mask/shield is your Words, period. Lots and lots of words - said to others and yourself, as well as written in your books, and other media - Just Words.

Life is changing - you're not. YOU are just memories of a certain kind, all of which necessarily die at your Death.
Since there were no Real Ideas (call them memories, but, they are Actualized), nothing remains. Death, dissolution, and disappearance is your fate.



If a person actually had something to say here of Great Value, he would feel the Urgency and the Words to say it.
Not like 99.9% of twitbook users, who say a whole lot of NOTHING, mechanically, out of habit and only for entertainment and wanting to be "liked".
They thereby squander what extremely tiny potential they may have had, once such automaticity becomes regular (daily).

You see, the Mind is good for something - and that's NO LIE - but the few that Know this deeply, do feel the Urgency.
It is like an orgasmic welling-up of New Information that mankind needs to achieve his potential, starting with 'Me'.
Yes, when I start realizing daily I need New Information to achieve my Human Potential, the Urgency and Excitement accelerates.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

"There is no 'out there'"

"There is no 'out there'" is one of the simplest sentences in the English (or any other) language, YET it is one of, or THE, most powerful as well, and I have written hundreds of pages about this over the last 20 years.

To 'prove' my claim to you would require more than 20 years, perhaps more than 20 lifetimes. However, depending upon YOUR sense (understanding) of time, 20 of one is 20 of the other, and the BEST CASE would take no more than about 5 minutes to Read/Hear it.

This is/was the first line or first story of everyone significant who ever lived - from Buddha, to Jesus, to Gurdjieff, from Lao Tsu to Maharshi, and everyone in-between you never even heard about because their circle of friends did not include you and are not remembered at all.

Anyone who hears the idea, CAN (if they are able) build upon that Hearing something beyond magical, beyond metaphysical, beyond mystical, beyond scientific, beyond philosophic, beyond religious, beyond spiritual, which is why those people you 'know' about wrapped themselves in the 'magical', 'metaphysical', etc and all the rest.

That is how they 'introduced' themselves to you so you could hear/read this first line/story without shredding it to bits instantly. They needed a subtle subterfuge to distract you long enough for the story to enter and take ROOT, in the only place it CAN - is able to - to receive further sustenance from you by remembering it. There is no 'out there'.

But FUCK (no, not butt-fuck; mind-fuck maybe!), you don't have to believe me - I'm nothing... nothing is perfect... therefore I'm perfect. ;^)

Just watch what it does to (in) you(r mind) from this second forward, and the next 20 seconds to 20 minutes, 20 days if you are able... as you quickly forget all about it!! But know this, your time is being counted, and counted down, tick, tock, tick, tock, goes the beating of your heart, till death!

(See how elusive 'understanding' can be, and realize that while you KNOW each of the words in the first line/story, you have never heard/read them spun out in realtime before, in such a manner that you can re-hear/re-read/re-member beyond tomorrow.)

Now, WATCH!!